You carefully cut the logs into a shortbow

You carefully cut the logs into a shortbow.

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You carefully attend the gay parade.

Runescape is dead and anyone who plays it needs to kill themselves.

yes, even with Bonds. Bonds aren't replenished in the AH by jagex, players PAY dollars for them and auction them there, if you buy a bond with gold, you're supporting jagex financially as a third party, through an extra layer of jewishness.

take a load of this fucking casual


You exchange your Rainbow Boots for Combat Boots




It still grinds my gonards that he has invisible bumplocks enabled after getting bitched out by the undertale faggots.

Fuck you Fagex, I don't wanna share loot with other people let me do it solo

Oh, even better, some nigger vol deleted the OP in the Mechwarrior thread. Probably asshurt over being called a kike.

This is what it will forever be known for now. Talk about salting the earth.

As a kike, he has no spine whatsoever and operates most comfortably in the shadows. This translates to a perpetuate state of duplicitous behaviors, as exemplified by all members of his race.
Kikes (noun) kike (verb) because they're genetically predisposed to it, just like they're predisposed to schizophrenia, tay-sachs, cystic fibrosis, and a dozen others after nearly two millennia of less than careful eugenics and interbreeding. See, some Holla Forums oldfags still know how discourse is done. The kike mods on Holla Forums have destroyed the board, but they can't destroy us.

I don't think it has to do with the jew thing man, I'm pretty sure he's just embarrassed about being told off by people who rub fish oil all over their dick

On one hand, you've truly introduced a potentiality that I hadn't considered (thank you, by the way). Because being so MOTHERFUCKING PATHETIC that you still feel (or are) inferior to the worst of the worst of the other races is so neurologically divorced from my mindset that it wasn't something that would have occurred to me. On the other hand, he's a fucking jew and I know how they operate. Or do you think that ✡Google✡ and ✡Facebook✡ covertly hiding right-wing content is just a pure coincidence?

I'm just saying, it seems there's a different causation than to what you are suggesting, especially if you consider the timing of the policy change.


Are you really implying anyone reads /meta/

When there's a boardtan collage request or a hunger game thread, yeah.

I'm implying that you should take your /meta/ discussion elsewhere


I almost had partial faith restored in Jagex since they had finally nerfed Zulrah right before this happened. Then they announced that event and claimed people would have no problem with it even though the majority opposed it in a strawpoll. I also realized afk splashing still exists to some extent which means looking at people in full plate armor shooting spells at rats every time you pass certain areas. What a fucking terrible way to handle your game.

There are currently 48852 people playing!

doesn't seem like people really cared in the slightest.

You what's the worst part about AFK splashing?
A good chunk of people sell those accounts and only waste the MASSIVE amount of XP you'd get from actually using magic just because it's easier to have a bunch of clients idling

I didn't say the game lost players over it, I just said people didn't want it in the game.

I never Metaluna I didn’t like. Also fuck you. We’ll talk about kikery wherever we want.

Mark's still mad.

and what i said is that even though people didn't want it and Jagex shoved it down their throats, they really didn't do much to show jagex that other than making a fanpoll and jumping into lava (AKA going with white robes to the gay parade to get permab&)

couple of months after and nobody even remembers it, wolf got away with it, and he'll keep doing it because the cucks who play the game enable him to.

I just wanted to make this thread for nostalgic purposes, I haven't played the game since 2007 and I didn't know a dev was a queer or whatever happened

If it's of any consolation, the person that is being referred to barely does anything of substance.

I feel and share your pain. Those were good times.

This game will never be good truly again. I quit a while ago, logged f2p to participate in the gay riots, and now I know that I'll never redeem a bond again.
I do still play f2p castlewars sometimes though

polite sage for off topic.

kek, you actually mean >>>/sudo/, which makes it funnier

I think Dungeoneering was their one last chance of getting back on track, shitty launch aside.
It was
I'm not saying it was perfect, it had a laundry list of flaws, bugs and gripes(especially the start of making every armor look like some impracticle demon's gear) with it, but it was pretty fun you know.

How does singleplayering fare in old RS? I can't remember anymore and I want some of the comfies

I don't know about that link, but OSRS is pretty much singleplayer RS. The one time I had to interact with someone it was to do shield of arrav.


Yeah, but try interacting with any of those 30657 bots people.
Try saying hi to anyone mining or fishing or woodcutting, try striking a non-GE deal with anyone, try doing a quest(that isn't shield of arrav) with anyone. Hell last I remember the minigames like fist of guthix and clan wars were completely deserted.
I remember one of the later quests, I think it was called Tears of Guthix or something(it was the one that led you to the demons that drop dragon claws), I was going through it and after I while I thought to myself just how better most of this shit would be if quests were more than a one man party adventure.

I always really enjoyed that loner feeling RS would have when you went out questing or grinding in some obscure location.

So did I, but not when the entire game is being a loner.

I'll have to check both of those out sometime when I get some freetime this week

now youre going to have to post proof because i've studied CF unironically, and it occurs largely in white populations read: non nigger populations quite plausibly because of the colder climate their ancestors lived in. kikes being desertniggers leads me to believe they would have a lower occurance of CFTR mutation because of this

Fuck man, the good times can never last. I was there when they removed wildy and free trade and I stayed. I was there when they released OSRS and I fell in love with the game again. I was there when they didn't poll the fag pride event got flashbacks of the wildy and free trade removal. It's only a matter of time now. Osrs will follow in the same footsteps as RS3 and I'll lose the only MMO I've ever loved for the second time.

Is OSRS the one with the fag dev?

Bing bong, baby.

My only beef
Didn't dungeoneering have a ton of shit that, pretty obviously, should have given construction xp but gave fucking SMITHING?

Having trouble maximizing the screen, ingame settings do naught

They're both with the fag devs.
After all they are brits called FaGeX

You might enjoy Holla Forumsscape

t. Abeliovich, Dvorah, et al. "Screening for five mutations detects 97% of cystic fibrosis (CF) chromosomes and predicts a carrier frequency of 1: 29 in the Jewish Ashkenazi population." American journal of human genetics 51.5 (1992): 951.
t. estimation of carrier frequency assuming 1/2500 europeans are CF patients, an assumption made from the data that 1/2500 european live births are CF patients, as reported by Quinton, P. M., Cystic Fibrosis: Lessons from the Sweat Gland, 2007
so no, it is more common in populations european than jewish
also your source doesnt cite any actual articles in its estimation of CF rate in jewish populations, so nice fakenews kiddo

bls note that my estimation of eurpoean carrier frequency is conservative as it is derived from live births, whereas CF is a lethal disease that kills many kiddos before partuition

Its actually a really nice area from an art design perspective. I have been trying to finish up my favor there recently and I really enjoy the area aesthetically.
Its biggest fault is that it is too damn big and there aren't teleports to the major hub. I dont know who came up with the idea to create a huge area with lots of empty space mind you and have no teleports, its completely idiotic.
It has nice resource gathering areas, but people hardly use them because they are either hard to get to, or too far away from a bank.
They really just should add teleports to all the hubs and condense the area.




All the MMOs I enjoy die.

Holla Forumsscape is fun though

Would be nice if they didn't use Teamspeak.


This will forever and always be runescape's legacy. Just for one event.

i asked a girl i always played with on the game to be my gf and she said she was like 30 and about to get married

You've gotten my interest. Is Holla Forumsscape one of those x100 xp get everything in an hour or two servers or what?

2x experience, no perks to buy, like a 100 quests and a very responsible staff… as far I know.

Hell, even has construction.

they actually added it?

And why would I want that?

You die the hero or you live long enough to have a gay parade.


I still will go for 99 mining/blacksmith when mobile client will come out.
Just mine some more each time you sit in the bus. 2 years later I will be done.

If you think that's autism you haven't heard of the people who got every single skill to level 100 on wurm's official servers.

Try harder, kikela.