I'm sick of CSGO. Too much bullshittery, too much toxicness, and I'm too old to play with 16 y/o old kids.
I wanted to play Quake… and QL is fine, but runs only on Windows and through Steam.

Sauerbraten is not the same anymore, nowadays there are really few players.
Xonotic doesn't seem right. I tried a couple of servers, one was modded and glitched, others were completely dead.
CS 1.6 is ok, but can't be played for too long because it gives me motion sickness most of the time.

What the fuck am I supposed to play to relieve some stress after a day of work?

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Play S.T.A.L.K.E.R.

you're doing it wrong

After work i usually play SP games like hitman, prey, DiRT rally, Squad or Nier.

If it really has to be online then you're out of luck because every single online comp game will have bullshittery and kids acting like retards spouting memes. You can thank youtubers for that.

i put squad in sp games… i guess try out squad with a group of friends, its bretty good. random people on public are usually alright too because of the learning curve of the game

If you want to play CSGO without the russians or kids you have to find a decent community server. Although it's really hard to find a decent server that has

I'm not trying to shitpost by saying this, but you might like PUBG. Everyone who's into Counter-strike loves it, but you don't have to rely on stupid assholes to support you.
There's a lot of bad stuff relating to the game, but that gameplay itself is great, and the cancer is relegated to stuff that won't ever bother you. I personally regret spending money on it, but only because of my principles against buying early access shit. They game is fun as hell.

B-but I need something to prove myself.

Well, I always have a rented VPS in the East Coast, the problem is I'm in the UE so I'm not sure I could host a CSGO server myself…

UT4 seems to be as dead as all the other Arena.

You don't need to host one yourself. Just shift trough the community servers


I'm not sure I want to play CSGO anymore.
I've already spent too much time on there and I don't really want to be associated with those players.
Also, playing on someone else's private server means sucking his jew nigger cock most of the time.

I've been playing bad company 2 and occasional Unreal tournament. Fighting games have been keeping the boredom away

That game is still alive? I'm surprised that EA has even kept the servers up this long.

Rainbow Six Siege.


As far as I know, there are still new people buying the game every day to play.
Even in SEA there are still more than a handful of full servers 24/24. I'm sure in other regions there are even more active servers still running.

That player unknown thing

I said Quake Live.

i could say xonotic but i dont even play it myself, i'm just a fuckin retard

Start by hanging yourself.