New steven universe game

new steven universe game.
how hype are you?

So hyped that I want to get dubs.

Sage goes in all fields.

I'm not interested but I am absolutely fine with them making their own games.
What title is Cartoon Network Interactive cloning this time?
Final Fantasy?

You know, I think I could stomach the show more if steven actually became buff and powerful like second pic, and wasn't the eternal winging retard he is.

t. faggot that has literally never seen the show and just listens to Holla Forums memes.

the first one was like paper mario, this one will be too.

that will never happen. that second pic is just edgy alternate universe fanfiction, even if it is the best possible ending.

You like big guys huh

didn't even know about this. I'm hyped


So this is the lol thread right?


The only good thing about SU are the lewds, and even most of those are pretty crappy.

huh, really makes me think…

Get the fuck out, Rebecca.

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She looks like a lego character

lol why are you mad, though? they aren't girls though :^)
they are all just agendered rocks, some act more feminine, and some more masculine. but they dont even have sex, whats the problem?

c'mon man, if you like shit, you like shit, but don't pretend its not towing the SJW line, why the fuck else would they flock to it as much as they do? because I guarantee it isn't because they misunderstand any of the plot or some shit

Even MLP is more respectable than Steven Jewniverse.



well there it is, OP is an even bigger fag than he was previously made out to be. You can go kill yourself now. You're not the OP of the furfag thread are you?

you're the guy from the furshit thread, aren't you?

That's nice and all, but you all should take a break from shitposting and check out some dubs.

unf, why are quartz gems so fucking hot? god i love them, they are the only acceptable waifus. all other gemfus are shit compared to quartz master race.

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steven universe is one of the most awful pieces of media I've ever seen. something about it, the artstyle, the premise, just irritates me on a level I can't understand. I'm so fucking glad it died because it used to be huge

I was hoping I was wrong. You're just addicted to shitposting aren't you? Here's another question to see how far this rabbit hole goes are you also from Holla Forums?

well that fucking explains it
feel free to turn this into a porndump though, apparently it pisses a lot of the crazier fans off to see their precious identity politics rocks sexualized

Holla Forums is pretty cancer, i basically just go there to talk about why bestiality should be legal, and to shitpost about DRUMPF

all quartz gems are sexy

u need a nap lmao

You really are just an amalgamation of almost everything wrong with this board.

Let's talk about the message of Steven Universe, because I watched it over the course of a few streams with a friend. And then I'll compare it to something immeasurably better and with a better overall message.

**>Bismuth is introduced as a weaponsmith for the resistance that the other Gems were a part of against their evil overlords who wanted to turn Earth into a resource colony.
>Plot is resolved with Bismuth being reverted to a gem and "put away", thus enforcing the above messages

Now, to turn to the better show/manga: Mob Psycho 100.

>The ultimate resolution of one of the big arcs (And the final arc of the manga) is Mob giving all his powers temporarily to the only nearby adult that he trusts, who nails home the overall message of the series perfectly instead of him just solving the problem

I just feel like they wanted to try something new with SU with the plots having real, dangerous implications that are reacted to that way from the cast (When they initially present a threat that might destroy the planet, the characters are not just screaming, they're actually clearly unsettled, worried, etc) but they nuked the whole thing with this inane idea that they have to tie back to this kindergarten ideal of "YOU ARE SPECIAL!" which robs all the tension. It's a few steps away from being really interesting and special, and there's a lot of work put in, which is a huge shame.

Anyone who still watches cartoon network, nickelodeon or disney in the year of our lord and savior anno domini 2017, you are fucking under-aged. Go the hell away, why on EARTH would you want to watch a jewy crappy animated cartoon in this present culture? Mark needs to delete every thread about a video game from the era I explained above. Mark, please purge, please. Please.

ehh, whatever. ive been a horsefucker mired in the filthy and shitposting for years. i have used it to increase my power. and now, i am shitposting incarnate.

I watch cartoons for the cute girls

Have you considered nothing is syndicated these days and it's not like back when you'd have several channels broadcasting enjoyable programming?
It got worse after obongo knocked out all the analog pirate tv