How come we're not allowed to have threads about shit that is part of board culture, like DSP...

How come we're not allowed to have threads about shit that is part of board culture, like DSP, because of the e-celeb rule, and yet mark is allowed to make threads about himself to get attention from the users?

Isn't mark an e-celeb? What's the cutoff point here?

meta threads are allowed under bumplock, in case any faggot vol forgets

we don't allow wrongthink around these parts

Mark is the resident fat boy we're allowed to poke fun at

No. He's the BO of a small croatian veterinary simulator enthusiast board, and most people hate him. If he regularly streamed his vidya or made videos and actually had a following, then he would be.

Sounds like a minor e-celeb to me

If most people hate him how come they don't move?

There are alternatives, are people here just redditors that need to stay on legacy boards because they can't tell their normalfag friends they go to 8ch and thus need to keep saying Holla Forums

And he's done none of these.

Every offshoot of Holla Forums has died. Mark has put a jewish curse on Holla Forums, so that no one can leave.


It's anonymous you retard. Also that definition would claim something like pixiv is social media, which is retarded because no one can spew their thoughts, opinions, or personalities there, only post art. Holla Forums is not social media, nor is any anonymous imageboard.

not every, /games/ exists. the only reason they die is either people stop going to boards because "too slow" or because people need that brand name recognition

Nigger really

And it's slow as fuck. The only reason it has activity is because it is the newest off shoot, but its PPH will continue to decline until death like every off shoot board. I'd like to get proven wrong

Fuck off. to equivocate something like an anonymous imageboard to shit like twitter, facebook, jewtube, or twitch is just fucking retarded.

An imageboard is exactly like a forum, it's the exact same thing as any other social media platform, yes, even facebook, yes, even twitter.

What's the difference? Anonymity? How does that change the fact that you're still interacting with people

Because no except tipfags (who everyone hates anyway) has any history or pre-supposed weight to their words. Mark regularly posts among us but is anonymous, he does not keep the trip on unless needed (usually). He does not regularly tell us about his life, and blogposting in general is frowned upon unless in friday night threads, which more and more peoplea re pushing to be removed. Social media like the aforementioned kind are all about you, the person. Facebook is about you, twitter is about you, youtube is mostly about the content creator and their life (though there are many exceptions). Twitch is almost never about the game being streamed but the e-celeb/ cam whore streaming it. As much as people bitch to the contrary, Holla Forums is about the video games first and foremost, not people.


Also you're objectively wrong, that might be your definition of social media, but it's not what it is. Just because the general consensus shifted from what it was 10 years ago that doesn't mean that chans or ircs stop being social media.

So you're saying the definition changed? Well shit, I guess I'll go ahead and change it right the fuck back nigger.

Are you really retarded or just pretending?

Good shit! Let's see how long this one lasts. Test bump

Well if anyone has anything else to say now's the time it would seem

like we need the trip to know when that fucking downsie is posting

good point! I will upvote it, then like comment and subscribe to your posts in other threads and other boards.
oh, wait, i fucking can't, because we're all fucking anonymous

>>>Holla Forums