"diverse" female character in game


Did you really need to make a thread to state what is basically a postulate of everyone on this board?


I like it. It lets me pretend that blacks are salvageable.
And vidya is about escapism and pretend, after all.


We're all well aware of this, user.

is a squirrel diverse enough for you?

You are an asshole

What are these women thinking? You don't create a beautiful hybrid or a child that has your features it's the exact same freak as your stupid commie bitch friend who also had a halfbreed. They look exactly the same and turn in to niggers.


you DO know that black male white female is the least common interracial coupling, right?

Move out of the city or commieforina.

commiefornia barely has any niggers outside of a couple cities. Instead you see half-spic hybrids cropping up

Well it's almost every good looking girl around here. Most kids are quadroons and not white despite following around a white mom.



do you happen to live in a big city, such as seattle NYC alabama or chicago?

Yeah no. You're telling this to yourself to make you feel better but the truth is that you don't have a gf because you're a fat autistic weeb

You are about twice as likely to see a cumskin male with a chink female as you are a cumskin female with a kangz boyfriend

I'm white, but I have to correct this statement.

Black male and white female is the MOST common interracial relationship. This is fact, look it up.

yeah, pretty big city in PA

fat weebs have more luck getting a GF than me, I don't have one because I'm 30+ and still live with my mom :^)


back to /n/ you go, faggot

then maybe you should move out, to a place thats less degenerate and isn't filled with niggers

and hey, looks like their are plenty of asian fish women looking outside their race if you really want to get laid.

He's a middle-aged shut-in with no understanding of the real world. He won't get laid niggers or not. Jesus christ, are you people pathetic.

true, niggresses and gays would very willing hook up with a white guy but who wants to fuck them.

Mercedes isn't black she's French


Yes, because the leftists do, too. Kill yourself.

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which is something that is quite common among black households

Imagine how much better the world would be if everyone left of hitler would cease existing

no, it's because you look like this, you utter trash

Uh but the world is round

not an argument

reminder that Nintendo is against diversity and removed Daisy's tan skin

Imagine how much better the world would be if King Arthur would return from Avalon and purge the mud-people from England, take charge as the first actual Englishman ruling England, and create a paradise for the white sons of England to return.

And then I could fuck her.

Even Peach's yellow skin was turned white.


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That's because there's nothing wrong with darker shades of skin, the real problem is the facial features. I mean, just look at albino niggers. They are disgusting as as fuck, even more so than normal ones since the dark skin helps to hide their hideous face.
Pic related. And these are he result I found searching for "attractive" albinos.


(good digits)
Imagine if Józef Piłsudski got back from the dead, make a repeat from May Coup and show every single, spineless neobolshevik lib-dem cuckold selling Polish factories, companies out for less than was in the canteen's register a real "Polish Death Camp"
Imagine if Emperor Hirohito got back from the dead, regain power, and execute in a line every single fucking spineless failure from liberal-democratic party for selling their own nation to fucking niggers.
Imagine if Hitler got back and put germany back on track, as a champion for nationalism instead of faceless, beaurocratic mass bent on imposing international communism+ where every corporation colludes with state to bring misery and niggers.

Who actually fucking does this? All I've seen is "u mad white boi" faggots.

uh, the people in this thread?

They look Slavic in terms of their bone structure. Their skin is marble white, which just seems so off. It's like a living statue.

Slav faces are more round.

user, stop talking about all of us.


Old Peach was hotter

Slavs have thinner noses, smaller lips and ears, and different ears. user is right; the aesthetic problem with black people isn't the skin, it's the facial structure.

different hair

Same thing

I kneel to no mortal man save the Son of Pendragon.

Speak for yourself, I'm not middle-aged yet, grandpa.

Said literally no one. If she's digging coal there's no need for her soul.

lmao niggers can't even create civilization, let alone a concise post

and she loves me a shitton


the dick-depraved kind

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sure she doesn't just want a green card or something?

yeah you don't need to ask

She's either after a green card or little bit of cash and security.

Have you ever seen a slav, user?

probably only memes of tatar-russian gopniks with fetal alcohol syndrome


So yes to the Filipino thing?

>mfw dominating the inferior black tea wit my superior stomach acid right now

Hey nice thread op.

Come on m8

Black tea is literally shitty old leaves with higher concentrations of fluoride than white and green. Black tea drinkers are the cucks of the tea drinking world.


Old Yoshi was hotter too.

It's everyone tactic admission that niggers are hideous.

Nobody, one user said he saw a lot of white chicks dating niggers and then every nigger came out of the woodworks to scream 'U mad white boi!?' because it's the only way they can soothe their simple chimp egos from the suffering of their inferiority complexes.

Well they can't complain now because they're getting all the black afroed women they can handle in the upcoming AAA releases. I guess that assassin's creed game with a black woman protagonist doesn't count since nobody played it.

Can't wait for every normalfag to try and outdo each other in their pathetic attempts to assure everyone around them that they're attracted to the she-chimps.

No one will play the current crop of race baiting turds either if Mafia 3 is anything to go by.

He had those bedroom eyes

Imagine there's no niggers
It's easy if you try
All the jews below us
Above us Jesus Christ

Nope. She's half black, half asian. And so is her voice actress.


What's that image of forums where black women obsess over whitey?

Think again.

She has zero African features, which means she isn't half black. She's clearly modeled as Eurasian. Her voice actress, on the other hand, has several African features, as all 50/50 Blasians do.

This is Alyx's voice actress, for reference. Note that she looks like the typical "high yella/yella bone/laht skeen'd" mutt.

That's the thing. You can't make an attractive black character without completely removing all the negroid features. Niggers know this too, hence why they viciously attack any coon that has lighter skin than them or features human hair.

For the life of me I don't know why they choose to push niggers, and especially nigger females, this hard. They could have chosen spic or mudshit women that at least have human features, but nope, it has to be some screeching sheboon with an afro.

Even AI knows they aren't human.

thanks for the unsourced image macro m8

i'll be sure to repost it without ever looking into the real data

Those are the dumb ones

They did it for easy diversity points without having to put highly unattractive women in their games. "Look at all of these highly tanned european black women in gaming, how progressive!". Today, that just doesn't cut it anymore. Now they want realistic representations of women, which gives us shit like , Ass Effect Andromeda, HZD, etc.

Pic 1 looks like Wojak

No White male black female is

Incorrect it's white male asian female


for white women most popular interracial is latino male, white female, nobody likes niggers including blacked.com porn actresses who demand higher pay.

Not surprising as they're actually have some percentage white

Made up word, just like Hispanic. The proper term is Mestizo, which is a mutt race created by Spanish conquistadors raping South American featherniggers.

Fuck, sorry, it slipped my mind.

Th proper term is Spic

IIRC one even quit porn afterwards. The really hilarious part is that "actresses" that feature in interracial porn are either well past their prime and have difficult getting gigs anymore or trying to break into the industry and willing to take on any job. The problem for both of these categories is that starring in an IR video lowers their market value significantly.

Also, you have to read accounts of escorts and other assorted prostitutes that routinely refuse to have niggers as clients because they smell bad, are shit in bed, try to cheat them out of their money or get abusive. Niggers are truly cockroaches in human form.

Or wetback, beaner is also applicable.

Doesn't have any power to it. Mestizo specifically highlights their embarrassing genetic origins, and is a hard counter to that La Raza bullshit where they try to claim racial pride and purity.

As is Taco, Paco and U gotta go Backo

Do you expect La Raza to know what Mestizo even means

What have they to be proud about?

cheating the libshits and the entire US government out of money.

That the lefties suck their dicks

But that's a Jewish accomplishment. They're not cheating, they are allowed to steal by the (((establishment))).


No, I expect whites who have never heard of the phrase to go look it up, resulting in a nice scientific redpill on the origins of that particular breed of muds. If you just want a universal slur that upset muds, 'subhuman' probably hits the hardest.

Nothing, obviously. But that topic is a strong avenue for awakening whites on the issue of them being the only ethnicity that is specifically barred from expressing any pride in their culture or phenotype.

Britannia was a French term, nerd

Fair enough though Normalfags probably won't look up shit as they're nomalfags

I bet you like Illya more than Astolfo too.

I thought the guy who was known as the "father of Mestizos" went Dances with Wolves after marrying a Mayan princess and fought the other conquistadors. Romantic when you think about it. I'm pretty sure Mayan women back then were cute.

Because its mostly on who is the breadwinner. Because black men may have be more likely to have lower wages than a white woman, they can't provide as the man of the house. But then again we need to say same race data. At least compared to Asians. Asians are more likely to be more educated than whites and by the next generation could provide more than a white breadwinner. Also there's the whole thing with Hispanic not counting as a race and some Hispanic write in their race as white.

Only a sociopath use that word. It's a word that shows that the user is narcissistic mental handicap dangerous to society. At least You Gotta Go Backo have somemerit and notes the actual problems of the ethnicity.

Seriously, who drinks black tea when the other teas exist?
Is it an oolong? Is that your excuse, OP?

Are you sure those aren't irishmen?

Someone needs to tell the lefties that hybridization doesn't work like that.

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