I'm making a game

In this game you start off on the toilet. Your hands are on your thighs, and your character is pushing so very hard. The poop doesn't seem to budge inside of your anus, so your character yells for help. In comes an NPC, totally nude, with a butter knife up its ass, and diarrhea streaming down its legs. You get a dialogue option: eat poo or beg for help and eat poo

Naturally, after licking the poo from the NPC's legs your char gathers the strength to push one final time and shits out the most amazing poop ever. It is stinky and hard, yet maleable, so perfect for your end task. Which is of course: Nourishment. So now your character is tasked with finding the perfect seasoning for your double big mac quarter pounder without cheese poop. Delicious.

Thoughts? What would be a proper name for it?

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literally the best idea I've heard this year. Nice job OP

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i'd put 10bux for that

wow thanks for the feedback, i'll drink sooo much Mountain Dew™ and get on it right fucking now i swear to God!!!1!

We don't like jews here, sorry.

Yeah please do and come back and tell us how it works out, you are a literal genius

nominated game of the year

but i'm a just a mere goy, anonkun dasu dasu tee hee hee?

i'll submit it to steam greenlight within the next 42 hours.

This game is FUCKING AMAZING MAN. i'd buy it the second i see it.

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this so much

I see what you did there, you're a funny man user. That video game idea tho, amirite?

how fucking dare you? this game will be as big as Crash Bandicoot and Bajeweld you idiot. Open your eyes to see the truth and open your mouth to welcome my warm poop right down your throat

Right down the throat you say? Why don't mind if I do.

don't mind if i diddely do


NEGATED for genius game idea


Been a long time since I saw that comic. Why does it still make me laugh…