Sonic Mania's Super Sonic boss theme

Sonic Mania's secret boss theme is fucking godlike. Also, can I ask for your opinion on something, cause I ain't exactly sure. The song definitely has vocal samples, but I'm not sure if they're from who i think they are or not. They SOUND like Crush 40 to me, but that could just be conformation bias on my part.

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Kill yourself if you don't like it

You mean that music? It sounds like ass and nothing like proper classic sonic music.
Also why the fuck super sonic's eyes don't turn green?

Eh, it's okay.
I like the fight in Iji.

Meant to post this, but my point still stands.

I actually prefer the regular final boss

So are Super Knuckles and Super Tails playable?

I don't really like it.

I've heard better.

>the ending is probably just to justify and shill for forces


So I've spent a little bit of time listening to some of the other tracks. Why is the music so terrible? How did we go from this:
[Stardust Speedway JP/EU]
or this:
[Chemical Plant Zone]
to this:
[Stardust Speedway Sonic Mania version]
and this:
[Chemical Plant Zone Sonic Mania version]
I know music is a highly subjective and contentious topic, but these new remixes are just shit. Hell, even the intro theme for the animation can't hold a candle to Sonic Boom

best boss theme coming through

How can someone have an opinion this insufferably shit?

You tell me, faggot. You're the one saying that the new music is so great. It's garbage in audio form. But, whatever, to each his own, and all that shit. You like it, that's fine by me, but I'll just put the music on mute and listen to older tracks as I play.


Everyone but you contrarian faggots thinks the new music is great, fucking do your friends and family a favour and publicly execute yourselves, thanks.

Wew lad. That's some broken logic.

Part of me wants to kill you, but then again it's not entirely fair to enact violence on the mentally handicapped.

Never said it had to be better than the original. I never even asserted anything aside from my own personal opinion. You shouldn't go around trying to put words into people's mouths, user, it makes you look foolish.

Enjoy those shit soundtracks cucklords.

That's cause it is.

The moment you beat the final boss, a portal opens up. Sonic and the gem, that most likely is Infinite, both are sucked into the portal. Not too mention the final boss theme is an arrangement of "Fist Bump" from the Sonic Forces OST. And at the end of Mania, Sonic strikes a pose that directly matches the one Classic Sonic makes in the Forces trailer.

It's a prequel.


Did sega force them to make a prequel?

Same, it sounds like proper final boss music. The actual final boss fight sounds more like a zone act 2 track.

     ∧_∧     ザッザッ      ( ´・_・`) .__          / つ=O===|__)ミ.・      し―‐J       ミ∵  ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄l;:;::;:;;;::::;::::;:;::;;;:::::;;::::::::::::| ̄ ̄ ̄                |:::;:::::;::;;;;;;;(´;ω;`);:::::.|             \::::::::;::;:;;; ;::;::;::;;::;::;;::ノ

Go back to the Youtube comments section you faggot

Where Metal sonic boss theme?

Sorry but there is only one Sonic theme that gets to be called godlike around these parts kid

Having a listen and I don't find them bad at all, just a bit overdone on the new effects. The new versions have a good swing to them but I think they would have benefited from stronger bass in the mix to emulate that 80's pop vibe.

Doesn't help that the originals were already great of course.

Andy Bane?

Speaking of music, do they still play that annoying loop whenever you change to Super Sonic? I usually avoid using Super Sonic in the other games, just because I'd prefer to hear the stage music.

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Nothin personal, goyim.

This tard is so bad at playing games, I'm still surprised how those 'reviewers' exist. Why do publishers even bother with giving review copies to people who don't play games?

At least the & Knuckles add-on got it right but holy shit was that a let down.


Christ, this boss fight looks tedious as fuck.

So is Super Tails in this game? I also heard the Super Emeralds appear in a broken state during Knuckle's story.


Your strawman is shit. The actual remix of Act 1 is much closer to the original:


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But is the game any good

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I'm getting Sonic Mania PC version, some of the first couple of mods I'll be looking for are:

Holy shit the 4th boss is a mean bean machine match

Adventure music > Genesis tunes > Mania > Unleashed era shit

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Your opinion is alright and I respect it.

Wasn't even good enough to be apart of Mania.

I preordered it and spent most of the time wishing I was replaying 2 or 3&K- what's that tell you?

I am still waiting for the delayed pc version.
So can you say more? Aside from that, what's your honest opinion about it?

The controls and physics feel just off enough that you'll be three-quarters of the way through the game before you realize what's been bothering you, the level design- classic trappings aside- is very much the usual mix of "hold right to go fast" and "hah! gotcha!" bullshit, and the Special Stages combine the worst bits of 2's tubes, 3&K's blue sphere mazes, and CD's F-Zero courses.

I see. Yeah, I was worried about the level design and CD's bullshit being included altogether. Thanks, user. :)

I won't debate that Mania has this since I haven't played it, but what games are you referencing as "the usual mix"?

The Advance/Rush series.

The controls and physics feel just like the Genesis games to me, and I've beaten 3&K at least a dozen times. I really like the way they remixed the old stages so far.

Of course it's still as easy as the previous games, but the new Blue Sphere levels are pretty tricky. I have no idea how Mark got even one game over, let alone 12

Awesome, thanks for your opinion too, still can't wait to play it. :)

Also note that I hate Sonic CD, so I don't think this has the same problems with level design as that had.

Ive never really played a sonic to the end, so i have about 4 game overs and im at metal sonic. why is it SO long?

You don't have to beat it all in one sitting. It saves your progress.

I see, thanks :D

I know, i just got it like 5 hours ago, only played for about 3. im talking about the metal sonic fight. You run from him, then do the little sonic tennis thing, then run some more, then you can kill him.

Oh I see. I just did that boss a little while ago as well, it didn't seem that long to me. You can use the drop dash thing to go faster. hold the jump button while you're in the air and you'll do a spin dash when you land

But the rebounding part takes forever for me. I guess i just need to git gud.


Those are spin offs made by Dimps

It was the only one I could find and I'm lazy.

>wasn't even good enough to be apart of Mania.