Why can't they just let it die?

Why can't they just let it die?
Why do they have to make it more and more "so rundum XDDD" with each game?

Because they are making a lot of money with these games. It is not rocket surgery to figure this stuff out.

because casuals are fucking animals and publishers treat them as such

That thing is fucking disgusting.

I can see the cuts on the face.

Ever wondered why they all look the same?

This is volition right?

Gook scum are not human

they look like aliems

Only if you want an ugly baby, since plastic surgery doesn't change their genetics.

Look golems at our newest asian sensation, koreans! It's like Japan but good for you!

koreans are like japanese, but they can actually pronounce english words

At least this time it's on a supposedly new IP, but why the fuck are Volition so obessed with Johnny Gat?

Because it sells?

Probably fun to program

I was looking at those pics hot pocket

It's a mystery.

Says china.

Some people just don't know, when it's time to stop.
They can't even make anything worth to pirate.

gat was/is a popular character, hell some people have even said the only reason they bought the games is because of gat.

Because it's nice to have something open-world that's different to GTA and it's slow-plodding stories.

Single-player SR games were decently fun, so whatever lets them keep doing it is alright.


Looks like Saints Row

really doesn't.

It does, it is the same fucking franchise, same fucking colour palettes, same tryhard humour.

Then you mean it looks like 3/4, which are not saints row games.

What are they?



bit too young to have played the first two, huh?


So, you are. Do us both a favour and go play saints row 2. You'll see what I'm talking about then.

Will user continue to double down? Tune in next post to find out

rip Johnny Gat

So you HAVE played sr2 and don't acknowledge 3 and 4 as corruptions of the series so severe as to warrant not being referred to as real saints row games. Jesus fucking christ how far this board has fallen…

Here's a little tip for next time: You didn't argue that 3/4 were worse than 1/2 because the series continued in a direction that did not align with your personal tastes. I would have actually agreed with you on that. You instead claimed that they were not Saints Row games, which is factually incorrect.

They aren't Saints Row games

They all suck.

Jesus, next you're gonna tell me you have the Steam version of San Andreas and not the retail disc version. Hell, you probably don't even have gentlemen of the Row installed. But even then, why not just play it on the PS3 or 360 due to how shitty the port was to begin with?

Shiggy the diggy.

Technologically and technically speaking, Saints Row 3 / 4 are reskins of Red Faction Armageddon. They don't even try to hide it. If you have the steam version, just extract and drop the weapon files into Saints Row 4 and surprise, easy modding - granted the game will bug out because it doesn't have a proper skin but it will work.

Oh so you were just arguing semantics? I thought you were defending those games. Honestly can't decide which is more reddit-tier.

Hwites womyn are universally infinitely superior looking compared to those hideous insectoids.

She runs like a girl.

You run like a girl.

sauce on the right friend?


Notice that code LBPR-1012 that show when you click the video? JEWGLE it and you can find a torrent for the source vid. The girl is Ai Shinozaki.

They aren't Saints Row games.
The original story was completely thrown out the window, which shouldn't be surprised I guess given the fact that the story of Saints Row 2 was actually a complete accident., redesigns and flat out recreation of a character or two from the ground up (see Shaundi), and overall less fun when trying to add more of it ironically enough.
Honestly one of the only new additions I liked in Saints Row 3 was the whole divekicking into cars mechanic, and I haven't even talked about the amount of shit changed in Saints Row 4 yet.
Think of It this, say you made S.T.A.L.K.E.R, but gave it a Todd Howard makeover, just because it has the same name doesn't mean it's the same game.

While gooks can do great intros their sex almost always ends up mediocre.


Thats a japanese girl though, not a korean gook.

Inb4 you think they are loyal wives too.

gooks are the ones with nukes

I hate the super hero shit in SR4. It destroyed the open world and rendered the vehicles useless.
Agents of Mayhem seems to go in that wrong direction again. There's a group of characters, a hero system like Overhyped but it's not even a multiplayer or co-op game.

gooks are feminists.


No they are just offended that you insulted their favorite brand of asian but can't straight up admit it

Sorry, I was looking at the filename. I saw the actual code when checking the details for the file.

Maybe they should call her ai lmao

I played the alpha and I have no idea what you are talking about.


It's funny how they have faces made for plastic surgery, so many co-morbid problems the surgeon can sculpt a whole new face out of the malignant blob that walks in. The first pic makes me wonder how funhouse mirror her body must look with that tiny head on it.

Should have stayed that way. Actually looks somewhat manly for a Asian..

Where can I find a right wing weeb girl? Let's not kid ourselves, Japanese women dress better, but the wigs are poor emulations of white people. If you had a white girl who acted more feminine and dressed more like Japanese (excluding kimono shit) it would be great.

Join a local anime club/anime convention. That's how I've met tons of Holla Forums-tier girls.

Fucking what? I thought most of the people that went to those were nonbinary genderfluid antifa.

Dont believe , I've been there it's all land whales or girls between 18-22 who just happen to like the character with the least amount of clothes, taking pics with every single pre teen in the place



Fuck off, those are filled with sjw whales, full blown weebs, and attention whores who just want to cosplay and be fawned over by betas.

Wait, there's a difference between Jap and Nip?


Can people really be this retarded in this day and age?

Do you also believe the Earth is flat you glow in the dark CIA nigger?

The earth is hollow, you dumb fuck.

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Oh, this oughta be good. What's inside the hollow earth?

How could anything be inside it if it's hollow? Checkmate, mormons.

Nothing he's an idiot.

Flat is best, therefore the earth must be flat.

Gee, I wonder. Of course, you didn't know the earth was hollow, so I should have taken your stupidity into account in my expectations.

An entire race of humans that ride on top of giant spiders and fight each other.

No negro
don't you know WE'RE on the inside of the hollow earth? The sun is in the center of the earth!

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Did you miss that thread on /int/? The one where a hollow earth dweller showed up? There's somehow another sun and another earth in there and it makes no physical sense. Some /fringe/ dude showed up and tried to explain it as an alternate world portal in some Tibetan mountain. The language in that area (fuck if I could remember the name of the underground tibet) spoke some devolution of sanskrit.

The entrance that the dude ran his telephone cord to satellite phone nigger-rigged internet was somewhere near the top of Gangkhar Puensum, I think it was?

The earth's core :^)

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A really big jew

Is mount Everest his fucking nose?


That's the spice.

Bees and a giant tree

The Dark Continent.

It depends really. MIO a singer from like the 80s who did some shit for mecha anime can speak english fluently .

The African Kangdomz.

I could've sworn that at one point Volition said that Agents of Mayhem will have multiplayer in a few articles back in April in the form of special missions, just like Saint's Row. Did they really change their mind on this? christ, is this game really going to be that shit? I guess I am glad that I don't want this game. Also:

I just want a proper sequel to SR2…

Who cares honestly? The only one of their IPs Volition even owns any more is Saints Row, all of the other ones got sold off to better companies after THQ died.
Agents of Mayhem has zero hype behind it, hell most people don't even know it exists. It will end up bombing at first and will eventually make up the losses through heavy cuts in steam sales, then deep silver will make them do shitty SR3/4 sequels to the end of time.

let's see
it follows that the Saints Row series is not Saints Row, since 25% of the series is true to itself.
Or possibly this entire argument is retarded.

Saints row 4 was actually one of the most fun games I ever played. It has so many different activities that it doesnt get boring in the long run.
Saints Row 2 was good but faggos everywhere act like it's the holy grail of the series.


first day on the job, goon?

the only advertising I have seen for this game was in game stores, and even then, it was just a small poster while other more well known games took up it's spot.
In fact, I think that the only ad for it right now I have seen is now blocked off by beer bottle openers and little "collector" coin things for a call of duty game, I forget which game, though, I believe it's one of the more recent games though…

you make a compelling case

Didn't it come out that the entire series shifted directions starting with SR2 because Volition couldn't fix an error that resulted in the first game's finale?

Didn't Crackdown have multiplayer and' destruction physics (Even in the upcoming one)?

The Deros from what I've read.

I'd play the shit out of that game.

2 of the animators couldn't be bothered animating the true ending to the first game so they just made it so that julius was implicated as the bad guy when he was supposed to be seen fleeing an ambush at the end of SR1.

Even though that ending changed the direction, by some miracle SR2 ended up being a really good game despite this. They must have had a change of staff or something for 3 because its completely different. (although the original concept for SR3 looked like it was going to be significantly better than what we got. Publisher interference maybe?)

Fun doesn't mean good faggot.
Kicking a can around can be fun.
Probably because Saints Row 2 is in fact the best of the series.

My jaw is more womanly than the jaw of an asian woman.

They want to make money and nothing else.
Sometimes the developers you hold dearly because they made 1 or more good games aren't even good developers but they just happened to have talent working for their money making machine, or they've done it by accident.
This is the case on saints row, SR1&2 just happened to be good, I mean just look at how broken SR2 is, they obviously didn't care about the final product and the gameplay itself being good (although flawed) was a completely random thing.


It means that even mindless, retarded shit can be considered fun.
My example made that pretty fucking clear nigger.

if mindless retarded shit were bad doom wouldnt be good

I heard some podcast people talking about how 3 is the best in the series because of how it's "self aware" and kills off the "stereotypical straight white male Johnny Gat". Motherfuckers Korean, yo. His story in 2 was great.

3 was an abortion, and 4 was a joke. At least it's dead now.

For privilege purposes asian men are white, part of why i find asian sjws so funny. The only way they can escape it is to become a tranny.

4 and Gat Outta Hell were at least fun time wasters so i'll probably pirate this at some point.

Koreans are dumb.
They don't realise all the shit in the west is coming to them. Can't wait until they get enriched, then they can't say shit because they loved it happening in white countries which were anti native.
Retards should see us as canaries in the coal mine, as a buffer. Instead they are happy.

At least the Nips will at least fight it

That's probably the best case ever made for a flat earth