Why are Brazilian games so terrible?

Why are Brazilian games so terrible?

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Because Brazillians made them.

Because Brazilians are terrible.

You wouldnt recognize a good game even it was your mom's boyfriend BIG BLACK COCK slapping on your face


Sopa de macaco

wrong question. the right question is, why do third worlders create third rate games? Look at who they hire at Bioware, Dice, EA studios in general, Ubisoft, etc.

uma delicia

Not all BR games are shit though.
Also Momodora is made by a brazilian.




I hunger for more of those memes as hard as marco hungers for monkey flesh

They're animals, what's not okay about eating them?
also 55channers have to go back to their containment imageboard

its not that its not okay, its that it looks like voodoo sort of food
a fucking head on your soup? yeah, that's fine, i mean if you wanna see that as appetizing, you might as well eat those eggs with birds in them

Ask and ye shall receive

voce gosta de piroca kkkkkkkk

no u.
Also the 4th pic is the best so far, and the 3rd one is in angola. Angola is just Brazil without whites anyway

Huezil does have a bunch of good games. Pics related.

And one for the Contra fans…

really? didn't knew it was BR too.

Interesting, one would think they'd speak some sort of patois like most former french colonies do.

You shouldn't eat your own kind.

wasted potential

Yup. It's from the same guy who did the "Sonic Sequel" fangames.

I still cant believe how much time i spent playing that game and remenbering my power rangers autism.

i heard it was pozzed as fuck, is it really?



When we gain independence and you don't have your gibsmedats don't come crying to me.

gb2 Bahia

Actually the monkey eaters are in the southeast.
People have been killing them because they're spreading yellow fever, and a few of the more BR of the BRs are cooking the bodies and then eating them.


They are BRs. it's cannibalism.

Hello my white friend.

devs are socjus yes

Why live?

This is why we should never had allowed the Empire die. This is what the Republic lead into.

Na boa, fera. Se mate.

Other decent games made by south amerifats.


feels good to be white

Scots aren't mentioned because you're hardly even human, much less white

It looks like a nuke is going off outside in the second picture.

But the UK is right there in the middle

That's socialism for ya.

Don't talk shit about balut.

Shit a literal subhuman. Post your skull shape so we can laugh.



Nothing wrong with eating things, it's just fucking weird to have animal heads floating in your food. On another note, what do BRs eat to generate electricity?

As a Scot, you do know that we're pure Neanderthal?

Holy shit, is this how the history books are here now?


Is that the video game adaption of Nutshack?

Tell me about Mark why does he wear the eyepatch?

I'm not sure what you mean exactly but Brazil's power comes from the usual places. Wind power stations, hydroelectricity, and a nuclear power station.
We also have solar power but it's too little to even metnion.

In a public school and some private schools in the cuck capitals, yes.
Although a public school in Brazil is less useful for learning than playing video games and watching anime all day.

The very person responsible on handling sprites on Sonic Mania is a brazilian.

Feel free to google it.

He's talking about Blanka, stupid.



woahw dude! it looks like a video game food

I was under the impression that you don't actually serve the head and only use it for the broth.
is that not so?

I just got back from Brazil… Rio, specifically. A lot of the dudes my age seemed to like vidgames, but most people I talked to only played LoL or Mortal Kombat. I did play a qt3.14159 at an arcade in King of Fighters, though. That was an exhilarating experience.

Shit, that flew over my head too.

Brazil used to be big into gaming during the sega days but now the country is 95% ASSFAGGOTS casuals.

Yeah I remember playing the genesis on my friend's house almost every day

How did you survive the heat? Or the niggers.
Last time I was there I almost melted.

It wasn't anywhere near as hot as it is in many parts of the States. Right now it's Rio's winter.

As far as the people, you got whites, blacks, and everything in-between. And from what I can tell, all of them commit crime. Seems like a real shithole in many of the areas. There were some okay spots. And quite a few lovely women. Much less obesity over there. Lots of nice legs and booties.

they're not that smart for the most part

Why were you there in the first place, though? Got family there?
Next time you should visit Canela instead, or maybe Bonito.

If it comes out DRM-Free for Loonix, I'll fucking buy that. You can notice how fucking important the genesis was for them

Besides, South Americans are pretty big in the modding and fangame scenes.
Enjoy your walking simulators I guess, white people.

Miyamoto is mexican, which is in North America.

Why are European (not including Ubisoft Montreal, Nordic or UK studios) made games often extremely ambitious, clunky and janky?
See: Piranha Bytes, Spiders Studio, GSC Game World.

Si el Español y el Francés tengas unblock niño con Sindrome seen Down, esa Lengua sería either Potugués. Hablad una Lengua real.

Spics a shit, I wish Holland colonized BR, it wouldn't have been so shit then.

Portuguese actually sounds really nice, this coming from someone born in the USA and who moved to Brazil early in life with my parents. Contrary to other latin-based languages, syllabes are pronounced loud and clear in a transparent, almost perfect pronounciation of the pure sound that the syllabes are meant to have, not this nasal, roll-your-tongue-over-and-speak-as-fast-as-possible bullshit with spanish or french. This being something I only came to realize when I was almost through learning portuguese.
If you don't think portuguese sounds beautiful, then you need to kys lmao
Portugal's portuguese is also shit for the same reasons as the other languages mentioned

After enough time in Brazil you become heatproof and you get used to what kind of shit niggers can do while learning how to avoid it.

Brazil basically de-autismed portuguese portuguese, it's why it's so much better while triggering pseudointellectuals.

Suriname used to be a colony of the Netherlands, it's only official language is dutch and it's still one of the shittier countries of south america, which takes a lot of effort.

Can you play the pipes?




Eating monkeys gives you aids.

Aren't Lecarde Chronicles and Momodora BR games?

Lecarde Chronicles is French, although from the devs' names, they may have Spanish ancestry.


this was pretty cool

It's from the same country that had 30 guys gangrape a 16 year-old. What did you expect?

Theres also this shit. Our culture is pozzed populist/socialist shit, don't expect anything deep from Brazil, we don't even have slav magic because our people are lazy as fuck, the only thing we have going for us is an open mind on sex.

My cousin just went to life in japan with her japanese uncle.
My sister immigrated to Canada.
I have a 2nd degree cousin on Poland. My mother knew polish.
I have 2 other cousins living in USA.
The whites are here, we are just stuck in a shitty place

Thats because certain parts of the country (mainly the south) had a lot of immigrants from around the world, so to be able to properly communicate, the immigrants and the natives got used to pronounce things slowly and clearly, go into any area without immigrant influence and the language degenerates into nigger-speak.

oh fuck I saved the thumbnail.

I was born here in Brazil, and even after 30 years living here i still can't understand half of what the northern people say.
Brazil is basically 26 countries that are all under one flag.

Lawbreakers is slightly above Bad Rats at the moment. Not even a week and it's failing this hard.

Me mata

At most Brazil was ripe for the picking as far as commies were concerned. Huehuehue land is just the USSR if communism survived. Why do you think Russia met them with such force in the late 80s until the USSR sort of stopped existed?
>implying most people here were old enough to remember when Putin was shitposting about the USSR while slowly folding them into Russia
Those were funny as fuck times.

England is on the list. You're just a part of that anyway.

You don't deserve those digits, not with that pic.


Titles are wrong.
There could be two variants of the left picture actually, the ones where they get paid money at the end titled "capitalism", and the one where they get food stamps titled "communism".

It's halfway between an egg and a chicken. What's wrong with it again?


You are at 8ch and you still have to ask this?
Duh. Really, brah?
It is because brazillians are brown.


How about this Brazilian gem?. :^)

You could use capitalism to drive automation just as easily as you could socialism though, and people can be happy under both if they're managed correctly.
It's almost like economics is a tool…:thinking:

It's funny because these pictures are correct but have the labels reversed.

Amerifats are so used to eat that shity burguer meat that they find it weird thinking that meat comes from animals.

Fucking disgraceful.



It's some deep delicia stuff.

That's fucking tumblr shit tier.

It's funny because in craphole socialist governments there is no drive for technological innovation and automation. Why bother? Every company owned by the state has no need to innovate to drive down costs and increase output. They could just get more workers.

God damnit guess I have to play it again.

However all we've seen from communist/socialist countries in terms of driving anything is the drive to catch up to western capitalistic democracies at the costs of human life and suffering. Many of them fail to do so.
But when they do, they don't seem to drive any further than using the populace as the machines.

Take China…sure they could invest in figuring out how to automate much of the manufacturing they've taken on. But fuck it, why bother when you have millions of little Ling-Lings that you can stuff into a factory for 16 hours a day.
And hey, we COULD look into fixing working conditions to stop our workers from wanting to commit suicide, because ya know socialist/communist countries are supposed to be worker's paradises, right? Nah fuck that..let's just install nets to catch them if they jump from the building.


uma delossia

no people were ever happy under socialism, only the ruling slaver caste ever was.

When did this monkey business start when people posted about how hue's eat monkeys? it feels like I missed a thread


It's not a normal thing in the whole country (not surprising since it's so big).
Someone probably posted it somewhere on 55chan and other anons that found it ridiculous must've started memeing it.