Rabi ribi

Anyone else think this game is shit? I got it because I am a huge fan of metroidvania/waifu games, but rabi ribi is just not good at all. Dialog is hard to follow and the play control is shit. After playing great metroidvania games like ori and hollow knight, rabi ribi just fails to measure up. Refunded it after 15 minutes

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Try learning english, it's a basic waifu moe plot. What about it could be hard to follow?
The gameplay on the other hand is great.

Choose one.

It is boring. The combo system is nothing more than a glorified dmg+ power up, combos are piss easy to do, bosses are all the same (dodge bullet hell, attack when exhausted) and the constant pls no bully ;_; dialogue is off putting.
Or it could be that i recently finished La-Mulana and every other metroidvania seems like shit.

If I recall correctly there is some sort of tutorial segment in a house that lasts 5-10 minutes. There are a lot of things to gripe about with this game but I don't think you gave it a fair chance. I would recommend making it to the first boss before you drop in entirely.
Maybe don't purchase games and instead pirate if you're constantly worried about dropping it before you can no longer refund it. You can always purchase it after if you want to (((support the devs))).

La Mulana is one of the most epic games ever though, to be fair.

Just looked it up on Steam. I wonder why it doesn't have an overwhelmingly positive rating. I only buy games that are overwhelmingly positive. Yeah, I know Rabi Rib is also overwhelmingly positive, but I went ahead and refunded it anyway.

I can agree that the exploration and fighting regular enemies is mediocre, but being almost completely non-linear gives tons of options for variety in replaying, and it even pours into the stellar boss fight design. Changing the order of bosses and avoiding or picking up new moves or powerups changes the difficulty and patterns of most bosses.
While combos themselves are simple, it's on purpose to emphasize the balancing act between getting hits to sustain the combo meter, keeping damage up, and playing safe by avoiding complicated attacks to both stay alive and keep that combo meter going. Avoiding attacks and finding opportunities to fill the combo meter is the real skill the game tests you on and once you get used to all the quirks of the moveset like slowing down by holding attack and quick dropping as a sort of pseudo-wavedash it's really rewarding.
It takes time though, and, like said, 15 minutes isn't really giving it a fair chance.

Udogi needs to be in more games.

It's extremely hardcore and labyrinthine, with difficult puzzles that rely on cryptic clues that sometimes aren't even in the same zone, so it's not a game for normalfags.

Rabi Ribi has shit gameplay, as in shit combat, shit platforming, shit everyting, but majority of Holla Forums fellates it because of muh waifus.
There is an actually good bunny girl metroidvania our there with good combat and platforming, but Holla Forums's general public is too casual for it.

More like the author of the game is a japanese jew that blocked downloads of the game after it was released in English on Steam when it was previously freeware.

It was? I only played the original version with some fan made translation patch. I don't really know if it was freeware or not.

It was.

The game is okay but i had to drop it at the boss battle that shits rainbow collored attacks all over the screen as i physically could not play the game. I get sick and almost fall out of my chair whenever i even attempt to beat that boss. Wish this game had a black and white mode.

I loved it but I felt it overstayed its welcome. After the not final boss fight I was shocked to find out there's still like two or three more fucking chapters with really tough bosses and I didn't get much in the way of upgrades anymore.

Here you go

This game singlehandedly got me back into metroidvanias. I love how big the map is, it could use more secrets though.

Were you trying to "research" bunny girls with your family, Ecchiwald? This is not that kind of game.

You didn't even get to the game.

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Underrated post

I think it's shit because I really dislike metroidvania and metroid-like games and metroid

Gameplay is 9/10. Story is shit, characters, are shit, art is samey and uninteresting, music isn't particularly memorable or noteworthy, it's not even good waifushit. It's a game that can only be enjoyed for it's gameplay because everything else is shit. You didn't play long enough to get to anything remotely difficult unless you were playing on a high difficulty. Pirate it, play it on a higher difficulty you casual fuck, get through a few bosses, then see if you think it's shit.

I'm being completely serious.
I want to vomit whenever i even try to beat that boos.

Even on high difficulty, the difficulty doesn't ramp up until after the NPC that lets you drop it.

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I had a lot of fun with Rabi-Ribi, but some of the boss fights were bullshit.

There might be no higher smug than the feeling you get when newfags out themselves in an attempt to police other anons.

This. The platforming isn't particularly good, especially since you can use the amulet to bypass every hazard. The only remotely interesting platforming are at some of the post-game areas. The boss fights are great if you like bullet-hells but since combat consists of hitting attack 5 times, fighting isn't that fun until you unlock most of the movement upgrades, which a new player probably won't get until half the bosses are beat. On higher difficulties with all the upgrades, you can get the combo meter to MAX within minutes.
Still trying to beat True Boss Rush on Bunny Extinction but can't git gud

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Is this Garry's mod animation?

I see faggots defending starjew valley because m-muh waifus.
You're not fulling anyone.

It's also not a fucking rabbit rabbit thread. Mark said in the last meta that instead of making rabbit rabbit threads we should just make actual 2hu threads and now people are. This thread is unrelated.


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Bump coz this game is nice

Defending games for their waifus isn't a great defense of a game, but calling the game shit because there are waifus is gay. I blogposted about how its good, but sure, you can just ignore that and pretend Holla Forums only defends it because of cute girls. If we weren't also in agreement that BMD is tight then your opinion and taste would be total shit.

This is the biggest shame, because while the metroidvania sections are nice and act as good conditioning for the boss fights, it can be pretty aimless and time consuming and the devs should have really unlocked boss rush from the beginning for people who just wanna get to the meat of the game.

That's because there's like 15 unused rooms in every single map.

source: Spent the whole week digging through the game for fun and found a crap ton of unused rooms

Looks like Blender


in 15 minutes you could sequence break the game and get an achievement for it

no wonder you had to run back to your lame numalevanias

I got bored.
I believe I played for 5 hours or so and I wasn't enjoying it. I tried, I really tried.
I like the core idea (metroidvania+bullethell) but the collision detection is far from perfect and avoiding quick shots doesn't feel natural in a non-shooter.

I mean, in regular platformers like Metal Slug, you actually get some clues some fractions of a second before an enemy shoots: he aims his gun at you, the cannons open before launching missiles… something. Here you just have enemies dancing around throwing bullets as if you were in a shooter, only you're not in a shooter game and you can't freely move around fast enough.

Music was bland, graphics were so-so, the static images were sexy but the in-game graphics were not.

La Mulana's charm is it's difficulty. By far the worse of it is that unless you're following a walkthrough (cheating) you'll need to test a lot of things, take notes and backtrack. That's the real core of the game, not the gameplay (which is good and works as intended).

I don't see any issues you are saying here OP, the plot and story is classic more with out being too cheesy, they keep it decent by making it indie RPG like, the gameplay seems fine with me too, I liked boss right in particular, let's rather speak about why this is a great game, although I agree on fact Hollow knight is true master Peice.

Now this post makes some valid points, bullet hell and metroidvania is very risky combo indeed, and maybe no one really played this game first hand before the developer thought how the gamefeel will be like to players after a certain amount of game play, I guess they can change it if they reprogram the enemies to atleast give us a hint, I guess it would be similar to castlevania aria of sorrow, manticore will shake it's wing before breathing fire and other such clever designs.

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