Why is reality so cruel Holla Forums?

oops. if a mod could just spoiler the op image that would be nice.



I was wanting a game like Anno but with waifus a few months ago. A strategy game based on isolated matches but with persistent AI opponents. Anno 1404 and 2070 kinda pretend to have something like it, on the game settings screen the AI opponents will act glad or unhappy to see you depending on how you treated them in the last match you played with them. As far as I know this has no effects during the actual game, however.

I was thinking of that but with actual ramifications. Beat the qt bookish governess representing her king and either recruit her as an adviser with a bonus and special situation quips
You've built a library? W-Would you like to go study later?
and have the king himself replace her in future games or have her stay as an insider to get a bonus on diplomatic dealings with that country.

someone forward this to /agdg/, i'll expect my royalty check in the mail

Fate series is truly superior

Play Rance


tl:dr King Arthur was a girl who crossdressed the entire time

also she had a temporary penis

I thought you were going to say Feminine for a sec

Nah it wasn't feminine Merlin was an ass and wanted to play a prank on her.

But there was.

I would love a /htg/-style game with (the young/attractive) Civilization girls

Unfortunately, such a game would be developed via patreon shekels and would take at least 4 years to be even vaguely close to completion

That's because Civ is babby's first 4X game. Get into some Crusader Kings 2 if you want to play the royal meta.

OP isn't the GSG autist type.

I don't think any Civ games have any mods that actually add any new dialogue options. Maybe for some reason it's not possible.

Oh yeah, a "prank". Good ol' Merlin, haha. Always a riot.

Shoo shoo, Zakharov.

I think Rise of Mankind or maybe it's extended edition had new diplomatic options. Trading workers, offensive alliances, things like that. It was certainly possible in Civ4, not sure about the others. Only Civ4 is has good mods.


Maybe it's like Jadwiga of Poland (who's incidentally in Civ6), who was actually crowned king at the time because a queen couldn't rule on her own.

CK2 has been shit ever since paradox went turbo jew and made the game not fun so they could sell us more DLC. Fucking combat doesn't even make sense now because you can have a better general, more units, and a terrain advantage and still fucking lose due to retarded dice rolls.

I was actually thinking of picking up Europa Universalis IV during the Steam summer sale, but I ended up not doing it because of all the bad reviews talking about Paradox's Jewish DLC practices.

that's why you pirate everything from them
Don't worry, their games are very quickly getting shitter and shitter very release to the point of Stellaris not even being finished on top of being a boring mess, so their DLC won't even matter anymore since there won't be any even remotely decent games from them to think about getting the DLC for

There's no point buying the newer Paracuck games because they are empty shells without all the DLC and expansions, on top of being easy as shit.

the games are quite popular with autistic europeans, who are primarily germans and brits, this making them not only autistic but horrifically infested with venereal diseases so primal and toxic is has rewired their neurons to respond only to hunger and homosexual urges

I hate Civ 5 even with mods, I think it's fundamentally flawed with it's global happiness, research penalty among other penalties, this game punishes you for pretty much everything and 1upt while a good idea on paper, the AI couldn't handle it and it was what ultimately brought the production to a complete drag, having to design the production around 1upt. They should have made the maps double the size so they can properly fit 1upt. I'll take my civ4 empire builder with stacks any day.

How is CivCity: Rome?

Where's my, "You're a stupid cunt, go die in a fire so the gene pool will be spared your specific type of mental retardation" option?

your expectations are fundamentally wrong

It caught my attention too, years ago. Just pirate it.