Any opinions on this? I don't see any overt red flags like pre-order bonuses and DLC shilling or SJW shit, but a video I saw a while back made the combat system look pretty boring. Even without that insight, as they intend to have magic, melee combat and modern/high tech weaponry in one game I'm guessing none of the combat styles will be particularly complex or polished. I'm betting it ends up being a 6 or 7 out of 10 and is forgotten about after 6 months.

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When was the last time they made a good game?

I guess, I was hoping it might end up being a decent ARPG with a nice open world and story and solid soulslike :^) combat that I could have some fun with, but it just looks mediocre.

It's made by the people who did Risen 2&3, not the people who did Gothic 1&2, kinda like with old-Bioware vs nu-Bioware. So yeah, it will be shit.

7/10 means it's really good

Because of some psychological thing the 1-10 system becomes:
9-10: Top Notch
8: Average
5-7: Mediocre
1-4: Iredeemable Trash

You mean:
9-10: They gave us enough shekels to shill for it
8: Not enough shekels
7: It's so bad we can't lie about it with a straight face
1-6: It's time to stop

It looks all sorts of terrible
It shows nothing making it worthy of trying for free, let alone wasting money on it.


looks pretty awful and Risen 2&3 were garbage. Mixing sci-fi and fantasy and all sorts of shit also rarely works. Still, I'll give it a try, if only to see whether there's any hope for the studio left.

Jesus Christ, if their game looks this shit, why even go to E3 with it?

from where i live:
10- inexistent, there is no such thing as perfection.
9- top game
8- great game
7- really good game
6- above average
5- average
4-below average
3-bad game/disapointing (if sequel)
2-terrible game
1- barely work
0-broken: do not work

if 8 is average then you must rescale your shit. something average can t be on the top tier, its Bullshit.
just like Dragon ball Z who invaded tier list and became
(Z) SS S A B …
instead of A B C D E

It's a marketing gimmick. Reading is hard for normalfags so they just go to Metacritic, look up the score and, like good goys, go buy the game if it has GOTY plastered over it.

Sometimes, when you're actually reading the review you can see that there is no way the game could have been given a 10 considering how critical the reviewer was of it, but even he knows nobody is actually reading the review, just looking at the score.

agree, but even though (and surely that's why) it piss me off to see people who are suppose to not be them use this scaling and call himself a reviewer .
when i see someone say "its average" and still give more than 5/10 10/20 50/100 i just want to facepalm

confirmed for millenial

I want to believe PB can capture the Gothic 1 and 2 feel again. Unfortunately whether I do or do not has no influence on the fact that Risen 2 and 3 weren't good games. They were workable games though. I'm willing to give it a pirate to see. If it's good, I'll buy it.

Total garbage.

Yes, compared to highly labour intensive manual animation it's generally inferior. But it's head and shoulders above lazy manual animations 99% of the time.

Looks like they tried to mix Fallout with Skyrim, with slightly better combat.

There's a 4 hour gameplay on youtube in german (with english subtitles) with the main dev and a famous german gamer.

you're flying over mountains and someone shoots your plane down. then some albs appear out of nowhere and say "you failed your mission" and shoot you. what the fuck? did they shoot your plane down because of a political move? did they teleport out of nowhere to punish you for failing your secret 1 man mission?
the guy you meet at the beginning is a total fucking cuck, but he's also a super brave strong honorable nordic-style warrior, wtf? you try to sneak up on him to rob him, he knocks you out, then he waits for you to wake up, befriends you, if you tell him to fuck off and talk rudely he says "please let me help you" and just generally acts subservient
you can only use modern plasma weapons if you join the clerics, who are some religious fanatics, you can only use magic if you join the nordic guys (berzerkers), who are nature-loving warriors (think varg vikernes, but a whole town of them). why would they do this?

you can apparently kill literally everybody and the plot still goes on, the dev was saying you can kill the ruler of the city and a new one will be elected, and he was saying this can cause civil unrest or chaos etc.

The devs did say they dont think they can make a game as good as gothic 2 anymore though.


Well, in Gothic/Risen you could use advanced magic only if you join the mages and most of the high-level teachers would teach you only if you were member of their faction

No? It looks like shit?
I mean I don't care about muh graphics anyway, but when it's shit, it's shit. Fucking downgraded witcher 3 looks better than this.
I mean sure jewtube heavily compresses videos, and they might not even be playing on ultras, but you still can see fucking poligons trees are made of, with texture stretched on them.
Are you people blind?

I don't know if it's a combination of low res (if it's being previewed on a console) and high compression on the stream, but that screenshot genuinely looks worse than lightly modded Gothic 2.

So it's kinda like Horizon Zero Dawn if it were made by slightly more competent people? I notice they a least gave enough of a shit to make the grass shift around when you walk through it whereas in HZD it doesn't even do that. Then again, on the sandy ground no one leaves footprints. Jewtube compressed the shit out of it at the highest available resolution so it's difficult to see the minor details. Lately I feel those minor details are a gauge of how much the developers cared. Just look at technical comparisons between something like Mafia and Mafia 3 to see what I mean. You can see the dramatic shift from pragmatic competence to the progressive dogma which shuns competence in favor of quota-tards.


Have you seen any modern movies recently? Most of the 7s are shit. 6 is garbage tier.

I have no problem with this, and it feels like a natural extension to the system of Gothic 2 in which one faction had the best weapons but no spells, another had the best armor and some unique spells and the third one had the best spells.

I think these actually might be repurposed/slightly redrawn gothic 2 assets. Look at trees, rocks and even the UI. Fuck, look at main character. It's literally gothic 2 design with slightly more polygons and resolution. In that far away tree towards the right, you can see the "far away" version of the tree. It looks 90% like gothic 2 tree. Grass might be from gothic 3, though.

I don't know, when I played Gothic 3 it felt like they changed every asset in the game, some monsters looked drastically different and some characters like Diego looked as if they aged 20 years in the course of 2-3 weeks. There are many complaints to G3, but not that it recycled the assets of G1&2. I'd even argue that some of the redesigns, like the scavanger or bloodfly are worse than the originals.

What I am trying to say is that if they are recycling assets, they are more likely to recycle them from G3 than G2.

Well, that's a good sign. Can't wait to hear about the combat being more atrocious than G3 too.

For video games the /10 scale is just a /5 scale with the first five points given for free.

0/5 =

I have never understood the number shit. Don't give me a number, don't write a fucking walkthrough. Give me the straight shit on the core competencies of a game
Controls only warrant a mention if they are substandard or somehow novel.

then rescale because you cant just have
0 to 5 = nothing
and 5 to 6 , 6 to 7 suddently have value.
i know it may be difficult to understand what scale is for burgerland who even in "science" use °F but still …
be abble to say that 1/5 = 6/10 instead of 2/10 really makes me want to give you bleach .

No scientist in America uses Farenheit unless they're talking to laypersons. Farenheit is a more useful temperature scale for laymen due to a higher degree of resolution.

I'm not saying that's the way I do it, I'm saying that's what video game reviews have turned into over the course of several decades of degradation.
/5 is the perfect scale.
The /2 or /3 scales are also good. (Not recommended, Recommended, Highly recommended)

Problem is that excludes enthusiasts. If I wrote reviews I wouldnt boil it down to a simplistic little quip. I'd write a proper summery of the game's features, and let the reader decide their own rating for themselves

Well no shit that's the better method. I don't think you're following the discussion here if you think we're saying the arbitrary numbering system is a good thing.

Would rather want a real Gothic 4 than this. The Fallout look/art style just doesn't do it for me.
Piranha Bytes went down hill after Risen 1.

it does not. and that's total BS.
It still bugs me why burgerland still use °F … when :
his low temperature is the one registered in january or febuary 1709 from fahrenheit's shitty home village.
His high temperature is the temperature of the blood of his horse,
And the gap between this low and high temperature are arbitrary subdivided by by 12 and then by 8 … WHAT THE FUCK ? how retarded is this? (meaning his hight temperature is 12*8 => 96°F)

could be fun thought: let me set up your new temperature scale
the °user
were the lowest temperature is taken from the temperature of my fridge, Now. (~4°c)
and the high temperature will be the boiling point of mercury (356.6°c)
and like fahrenheit, for the gap between my low and high temperature, i will subdivide it by 17 and each 17th i will subdivide in 11.
so 4.2°c = 0 °user
356.7°c = 187 °user

but i digress.

like a said above that's stupid. why not just
Like / Dislike while you are at it ?
for me /20 is perfect it isn t so bit (like /100 were one point is almost nothing) but it isn t too short.
but you do not improve anything by reducing the "resolution" of the rating.
just look at steam reviews…

althougth a game should have a global rating : it must have subdivision.
rating the lifespand, the story, the music etc … are as important as rating how it all mix together. a game can have a shitty lifespand but still be awesome but still be amazing. you can even rate it based on the previous on the series.
If game were rated like that, you wouldn t live on world were a DA:I is concidered a good game

so 4.2°c = 0 °user
356.7°c = 187 °user
oh and in the user temperature scale, the boiling point of water at sea level is 50.763°user.
because fuck you that's why. now i am sure that with enouth money i can make burgerland use it as an official scale because why not ?

i partially watched that german stream where the developers visited the streamer - almost everything reminded me of gothic 1. the town, the world design, the combat, the dialogue. i don't see whats bad about a modernized gothic. keeping things simple, but still allow for meaningful interaction with the world. from what i've seen the open world will be more like it used to be in gothic, which is great. it will probably at least be decent, i guess.

also how the fuck does it have any of fallouts asthetics or worlddesign? i'm really failing to see the parallels here, but i also didn't watch the whole stream.

It's the freezing point of brine.

I use Farenheit everyday and I'm a process engineer.

how am i supposed to believe this if you can't even spell the unit


Reviewers are bribed and paid off by producers to inflate their scores, combined with psychology, and the reinforcement of this system via metacritic the 10 points system is here to stay and remain completely shit.

Then those devs need to be fired for being fucking shit.

Mate, it's obvious review sites are bullshitters who artificially inflate their ratings because a sufficiently low one can kill a game/series and corruption/collusion between game makers and reviewers usually keeps that from happening which neatly explains why some absolute clunkers of games get 75% on the reg when they are 40%ers at best.

Obviously it should not be this way, but we live in a fucked world where lying disingenuous pieces of shit go unchecked.

As soon as you see a game review under 75% you *know* there's significant problems that can't be ignored and quite likely the game is middling, if you see a review at 50% that shit doesn't even get touched.

Any reviewer given free shit or comped by someone making a game is inherently untrustworthy, used to be you could sort of believe the user reviews on Meta but then the bots and viral marketers got their filthy claws in and now shitflood every massively negged title with fake praise to save face, cos no-one wants less than 3 stars next to their game on Amazon so we get fed lies in such quantity that the truth becomes ours to determine for ourselves.