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1. If you're brand new, do Hall of the Novice. It's stupid and only teaches you common sense stuff, but you get a 30% exp boosting ring and free level 15 gear.
2. Do all of your Main Story Quests - REQUIRED TO GET TO HEAVENSWARD AREAS/JOBS, AND HEAVENSWARD STORY IS REQUIRED FOR STORMBLOOD though Stormblood jobs do not require story, just level 50
3. Do all of your class quests and get yourself a job - ffxiv.gamerescape.com/wiki/Category:Jobs
4. Attune to Chocobo Porters, Aetherytes & Aether currents ASAP - it will save you a lot of time & effort
5. Unlock your challenge log, gives great exp and some gil - ffxiv.gamerescape.com/wiki/Rising_to_the_Challenge
6. Do your daily roulettes - all of them are great until 70, except guildhests, which is great until around 40-50
6. Level crafting & gathering - free dosh (Cooking has an amazing crossclass skill at 37 you need to get.)
8. Hit Tab to [I seem to have misplaced my keyboard]

Get a FC, they give bonuses as long as the people in charge aren't retards
You cannot join a FC if you are currently on a free trial account

Shitpost about cats, GCD, ACT, and how shitty Balmung and Gilgamesh are.

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You forgot the bottom of the copypasta OP, lemmie help you out

Data Center: Primal
Server: Exodus
Neo Wheels Order : An FC with players coming back for the expansion. Some newbies, many veterans, shitposting and complaining about baddies all around. Contact Aloise Nel'hah, Cydrin Lanbatal, or Shiaia Reingot for an invite. Applications are open as well, so if none are online just leave an application and you'll get in as soon as possible.

There is also a linkshell for all 8ch players on Exodus to congregate, so that people can communicate regardless of what FC they're in or if they're running the free trial. Contact Lyfon Yharnam, Quickscope Easybake, Aloise Nel'hah, Mhih Wilzuu, Cydrin Lanbatal, Aurora Soulwood, or Shiaia Reingot for an invite.

Eh, oh well.Speaking of Exodus, how is that server? I've been on Faerie and while its not bad, shit I'm starting to hear about a potential influx of RP cancer has made me consider jumping ship to another server

It's meh. You can't cross-world with the people on Exodus because why would we let people playing on servers housed in the same building amirite but unless your current group is insufferable it's not a big deal. I'd highly recommend making a new character on Exodus first and getting to know people before deciding if a transfer is worth it

Finally got stuck in midair during Shiva's big freeze mechanic. Feels good man.

Fug. Oh well. Maybe I will make a character to test the waters there first. Also wasn't there two 8ch FCs there? Did something happen to the other one?

Yeah, drama.

Weren't they the ones constantly shitposting about how they were the "REAL" Holla Forums FC?

Oh boy. Details?

Yes and it's for the better that they both be left off of the copypasta. It did nothing but improve the threads when the vols would actually delete drama posts and anyone asking about it.

I'm never going to clear a single savage content while it's still relevant like this. PFshitters are literal monkeys

Fuck off, the drama ended over 8 months ago now and it was the shitters constantly crying about FC info being in the thread causing it.

This is also completely false, it was about a salty faggot throwing a hissyfit because people were sick of him being leader.

To answer the original question,

SMUG isn't recruiting right now. Most of the core members are taking a break, so it'd be dumb to recruit people to a FC with low activity. Faggots like show up literally every thread to complain despite the situation already being resolved and FC info being okayed by the big jew himself, though you have to respect the autism required to keep going after 8 straight months.

There's literally a chunk of the landmass south of the Burn that is part of a land bridge to Ilsabard, but is mysteriously covered in clouds for absolutely no reason when every other chunk of Othard and even Hingashi are exposed.


After Omega 1-4 I'm not sure they want to flesh out the story. It seems more like they are trying to get the playerbase to remember that Dissida exists. Omega was such a fucking letdown, they really better hit it out of the park in the next two tiers or this is going to be the most unimpressive expansions in a game.

O3S is still the most fun fight in the game and O4S is a genuine challenge.

Well, time to go level PLD.

I'm not talking about savage. Most savage fights in this game is fun. I'm talking about the mechanics and lore. They are both severely lackluster compared to ARR and HW. Hell, you could even say that the music took a huge hit when they gave up and just reused dissidia music for O4.

I think Cyan would be more Samurai, actually.

Also holy shit the voice acting change for Heavensward. I wish there was an option to get the old voices back, Merlwyb's was great and these new ones… aren't bad, but just aren't as good.

Savage and Extreme is the real content in the game, it has always been.
It should be the measuring scale for quality

I'm just stating an opinion that a lot of people are already saying. Besides, if the best part of the game is the 1% at the very then then that sounds more like the devs fucked up.

What are you talking about O3S and O4S are pathetically easy compared to A3S and A4S. The only time I've ever seen an O3S group wipe is when they didn't obey the gimmick tiles and she vuln ups everyone



That was the ONLY real interesting thing they tried so far. Everything else seems like a recolored mechanic we have already seen. The floor tiles are sort of interesting but Alexander already did floor tile mechanics. For fuck's sake the robots going up Alex's arm felt more engaging than Omega so far. Give me mr. cannon arm, cruse chaser, or the one fight with the cat you can't target any day over Omega. Like I said, they really better hit it out of the fucking park for Omega 5-12.

And what is quality then? Tuning a fight so if the servers tick wrong a drainage teather doesn't get passed and you wipe through no fault of your own? You just held up the worst designed raids in this game as the game's pinnacle of raid design.

Maybe make a fight more than just a gimmick?

Post your FFlog parse

And what's the difference between a gimmick and a mechanic oh master of semantics? Should a raid just shit out raid wide damage and tank busters? Were crystals in A12 a gimmick or mechanic? Is passing rot in T2 a gimmick or mechanic? Protecting the towers in A11? The jails in A7? Nissi in A4?

Mechanics actually require some involvement.
Gimmicks just serve as "oh time to walk over here, if you don't have a wipe!"

A9S has a good example, it gives the OT something to do that's not just "dps until tankswap". O3S has this with summon adds during certain board changes.
Having a mechanic that's just "move here and then wait" isn't fun or engaging.

Hell lets look at A3S with living liquid, You have to move a lot, the palms. None of that fight outside of normal is "wait until something happens"

He worded it badly but I believe he means that a fight has to be more than a semi-new gimmick and mechanics we have seen before. Fucking Shinryu's fight was more engaging than most of Omega, savage or not. Omega has really taken the wind out of my sails when it comes to grinding the savage version or normal versions. They are just no fun compared to HW and ARR fights. Even the music is dull as shit compared to the past fights of the 8 man dungeons. Quit getting so damn defensive over this. Anyone can see that they really dragged their feet when designing the omega fights. I'm praying RoI will show where their effort has been going but i'm getting really nervous they are going down the WoW path of complacently.

Where's the parse, eggman?

They DPS until the core drops. Then they pick it up, move over there so they don't wipe. Set it down, wait and then bring the shit to a predetermined location. Hell, I'd call it less engaging than animal tiles because the core always drops in the same place, the robot piles always spawn in the same place and the lava square is always in the same place. At least Ribbit/Oink/Squelch can be in any order.

yeah sorry for the poor wording, anyways I will give O4S one thing, the final boss switch was at least fun seeing it the first time

As someone who plays classes that have bullshit timers and stacks, this meme needs to die. Sephrot was cool but this shit is getting ridiculous.

That's why I said the first time.
Every other time it's annoying

It's a reset point in the fight. I've yet to meet a raid group who doesn't just jump when neo spawns so all their CDs are up.

Holy crap, playing MCH in o3s is hell. How the hell are you supposed to focus on doing wildfires in the library phase? There's so much shit to keep track of.

Do you know the damage that is going out there? While you're trying to do your wildfire with no casting times I'm trying to keep all you fuckers alive while you're still standing off in your square because it's only squelch I don't need to move in and stack up the healers can single target cure me just fine probably what do you mean both tanks are getting their faces smashed in oh I'm dead to dimension wave fucking shitty healers.

Hey, I agree with you. But I have seen many healers who wipe the group because they just had to squeeze in that Stone IV.
The thing with WF is that rapidfire halves your gcd so you have to spam buttons like a maniac and avoid clipping. And setting up procs is not a walk in the part either. Melee dps just spam their set rotations.

As a melee dps, fuck you. Though you play mch so I can't say anything that will hurt you more than that.

you're a mch you should've known what you were getting into

Is making the jump to Omega Savage worth it? I've never set foot into any of it.

Lol, I played DRG, it's absolutely mind numbingly boring. Man, fuck your Nostrands, it's absolutely hilarious when DRGs cry about 3 Nostrands they lost or 2 Mirage dives. Cry me a river over your 8 button rotations and how hard they are.

That's why I play it, it's challenging as fuck. I will master it or die trying. I'm happy I cleared o1s and o2s in pugs at least since many people told me no one will even let a MCH in a party. Give me a party that won't shit their pants over Apanda and I'll clear o3s too.

1 and 2 are easy, 3 is wonky but not terrible if you're in a static, haven't played 4 yet.

I don't even DRG and I know it's more than that.

I understand why you are so upset but playing as the Dan of this game is going to be a shitty time, no need to shit on classes were fucked in SB as well. Drg was fun before they decided that maintaining a fucking timer was too hard for the normalfags and capped our gikersoul.
Rip x2 Gikersouls, you will be missed.

Yeah, sorry. It's heavy thrust, 2 combos and whack a mole. The only time you have to actually move your fingers is the opener.

I acknowledge it was fucked in SB, it's just that I can't take anyone who says DRG is hard seriously. And I think complaining about Nostrand is very exaggerated. I mean, a MCH loses more dps in 2 non perfect wildfires than a DRG loses the entire fight due to not being able to execute 3 Nostrands.

Nost is a bullshit skill that should have never existed but here we are. It's bullshit in the fact that the flow of the battle is rarely under our control in a party. I miss being able to go from 10 to 30 seconds and then blowing it all on two gikersouls knowing I can recover and do it again in less than a minute. This system is infuriating to a drg because now we suddenly have to be aware of the shitters slowing down the party and being 'support' thanks to our tether.


Check out this cool new vista I found in Rhalgr's Reach, I bet you plebs can't figure out how to get up here.

It's not even a hard jumping puzzle. just short left and right straight hops up the side of that pillar.

cry more shitter. mch is already meta again but they still have some persecution complex because they aren't as broken as they were in HW.

Holy shit why did I even waste a minute leveling craft shit?



hunt parties are a fucking meme full of retards and early pulling autists

no they aren't. I didn't miss a single one on gilga when a train got going.

well that would be because this is the most tryhard server in the entire game so everyone there is equally autistic

Have you maxed miner yet?

i came here to laugh at you.

Oh yay, a bunch of names for my blacklist!


Finally started leveling some other classes after playing BLM to 60, then switching over to BRD.
Playing Tank and Healer is actually fun, though I imagine that stopping in the later levels. And not having to wait 20 minutes in the queue is also nice.

Like any of them give a shit about you, kek. Here's your (You)

That's one of the many reasons I gave up on MNK in favor of SAM. Isn't it great when every transition means losing GL unless you refreshed right as the boss went invincible, and sometimes still losing it anyway because fuck you?
Then you have everyone jerking off that MNK is fine because they do well in O4S, well no shit nigger that fight doesn't require positionals and has heavy party-wide damage, it was tailored specifically to make MNK shine
and people are still gonna take SAM instead once ilvls catch up and they have the fight down pat

It's the opposite, actually. WAR starts getting fun once you hit 52+, PLD gets fun once you hit 62+, and DRK waits until 70 because they're TBN the job. TBN is great but holy fuck they should get it earlier than max fucking level

WHM in particular gets the ability to shit out Holy like no tomorrow when you hit level 62; you get a CD that gives you infinite MP for 12 seconds.

Hope you like the Dissidia soundtrack. :^)

This meme needs to die. Who gives a shit about efficiency when the enemies die so fast that phases are being skipped. I agree that you should always be pushing your dps but seeing retarded shit like people getting kicked for being mch in a Zurv farming party post SB is retarded as fuck.

these people need to be rounded up and shot

I just blacklist the retards that fuck up a basic mechanic in a farming party. Once is understandable in the middle of the farm once you cross that threshold and lose a bit of concentration at a bad time but who the fuck still instawipes to Levi or Ifrit or can't seem to grasp "Black aura + skill that hits you = use the button in the middle of the damn screen" Just leave, build up my ignore list and try again later.

So can you just not make a character on Gilg or Balmung at all, even at like 6 AM?

Well that is still ways of, but good to hear.
I meant more in a "if I fuck up shit is going down" sense.
For now I'm just gonna get everything up to 30 and unlock the Jobs first.

Even worse when half the fucking party is jump pot faggots that are doing the content for the first time and joined the farm to get carried, and then none of them knows what the fuck their own skills do
>"sorry new to this xDDDD" then proceeds to slap 10 dots on Ifrix Ex right as he reaches the enrage threshold

God damn, i'm glad those types of faggots are laughed out of here.


A friend of mine in my FC made a huge chatbox encompassing macro on reasons why you don't pull with provoke.
it scares me how often he has to use it

remove pantsu

i wonder what scaly cunts look like

I'm sure there are plenty of those on furshit sites you furshit.

au ra aint furry

i want to hug a viera

i'm filled with nothing but hatred

i really don't understand why they don't make GL a 20s base duration, with a talent that increases the duration by 3s for each level past the first.

Thank for for the mana regen cross class ability but fuck healers are trash this expansion. I cast less heals as AST in all of HW than i have as RDM in 3 months.

Anons, what crafting classes are really worth levelling up? I'm currently working on getting all my gathering classes to 70, BTN is already there, MIN is at 34, and FSH is at 17.

those trips

the standard answer is all of them but if you're going to focus on a few first, i'd say alc, gsm and cul, because they tend to have the best throughput rate in terms of materials used (i.e. food/potions for raiders, crafted acc's for other crafting classes/gatherers)

My boner will never end, SE will never dare to nerf the ultimate weeb job

The fuck is hard about that?

That's nice and all, but try doing that before the first sword comes crashing down.

oh yeah forget the fucking swords, i just accept my damage is gonna be sub par during that time.
i could probably form shift to at least start with GL1 on the swords, but since my dps combined with everyone else is adequate, i wait until he cleaves the stage so i can keep up better damage on the main boss himself afterward

phat lizzer booty

none, but you have to get all of them to max before you can even attempt to make money

This meme needs to die already, you only need to level everything for the endgame HQ craft autism which is FAR from the only money source in crafting.
You can still turn decent profits by leveling just GSM alongside MIN and just selling fucking bait lures

It's just the source that turns the most profit. It's like saying that using the marketboard and leves isn't the only way to level crafting. It's just far and away the best way

post cutes

Cutest minion in-game

Is there anything worse than a chimp tank in ranked feast?

so what role skills should i pick as what job to not be a shitter? (havent played since pre-SB)

Play SAM and just wail on shit for extreme dps and free cummendies


They're selling those accessories at stupid prices, I'd rather get goldsmith to 70 and make them myself Even tho DoL jewelry are usually leatherworker stuff



Get your 310 welfare ass back to reddit, kid

tfw flat lizzer


sexy lizzer tbh fam

So I started leveling Conjurer/White Mage I'm fairly certain that if they cannot get Viera working by the next expansion they are going to add the horned child race that runs the conjurer guild. An actual race of lolis and shotas is a body-type that is not being catered to.

What are Lalafells.

Get the fuck out, avatarfag.

no :3c

Lalafells are fucking potatoes.

They are small children-like beings. They're meant to pander to the sick fucks that want to fuck children.

Every shitter got free access to O4S already without clearing a single thing, just by buying the HQ memes.
This will change nothing

Lalas don't look like children, they look like deformed rat-like dwarves WHICH IS EXACTLY WHAT THEY ARE

I feel cheated.

They're a bunch of schemy little kikes. Suffer not the potato to live

i havent checked the stat differences on the war axes user. does one have more crit or ss than the other?

i still find having at least a 2.39 gcd as war makes a huge difference in putting out damage, so going sub 1k SkS hurts


Susano's has 263 Crit / 184 Det, while Lost Allagan has 268 Det / 188 Ten.

welp, guess i'm getting the SAM weapon instead.

Their bodies are literal lumps with no sexual characteristics at all. How could they possibly pander to anyone?

there's a lot of reasons we need to bake all potatos. this is just another one.

sick sample size
weapon damage >>>> all for weapon upgrades

Coincidence? I think not.

not with those supporting stats its not. you're gaining a small amount of str plus 1 weapon dmg and losing a crapton of crit and a good amount of det in exchange for a lot of tenacity. for tankiness, the 330 weapon is clearly better, but tenacity sees so little return, and is clearly unneeded at least on weapons since people have beaten all the current content with susano weaponry.

what are the current stat weights for tanks anyway? i'd bet that if you compare the susano axe to the LA axe, the susano axe would come out slightly ahead, even with the weapon dmg disadvantage.

weapon damage and main stat has always far outweighed secondary stat increases except for extreme cases for tanks back in hw when junk stats like parry existed. now that parry isnt a thing and all stats on gear are at least worth something, an upgrade in ilvl for a weapon will ALWAYS be better.
nobody's done exact stat weights yet but if it's anything like before, a single point of wd will be worth a hundred+ secondaries on it's own and with the removal of parry, those edge cases caused by it don't happen.

RIP in piss

Are they really that worthless?

It's not that they're worthless, but like their namesake, they should be looked at second. Stats like Direct hit should only be compared if the items are the same ilvl or your class directly benefits from it like MNK,
and BRD with their Criticals. Even then it should only be considered in certain cases. Skill/Spell speed is one that can also be very useful but is often overlooked due to the testing that has to be done. If we take MNK again, their BiS melds skill speed up to 1200-1300. This is so they can fit two Bootshines in their rotation before reapplying Dragon kick. Break points like that are what make secondary stats worth looking into.


Gegeruju? Or that potato fuck from the Monetarists? I'd honestly bet Godbert has more money than those two.

wait you can make your characters topless in this game????

Actually, on the subject of skill speed, how much do DRGs need to keep their rotation going? I'm not 64 yet, so my combos are still only four globals each. I'm sitting at just under a 2.4 recast time, so I can just barely reapply heavy thrust before it drops, but it's really, really tight. If I'm reading the level 64 trait right, your combos suddenly become five globals long. Your recast time would have to be just under two seconds in order to fit fifteen globals in one heavy thrust buff.

getting under 2 second gcd is probably not possible

We do not want you, get the fuck out now you goddamn avatarfag.

Like the other user said , that is currently not possible for DRG. You would need something ridiculous like 5000+ Skill speed to pull that off. MNK can achieve it due to Greased Lightning and the aforementioned 1300 Skill speed.

Don't really play DRG myself apart from leveling it to 60 in PotD, it's combos seem pretty clunky and weird in comparison to other jobs. I don't think any other job has two entirely seperate combos like DRG, most of them start with the same skill. Especially weird since the only difference is potency for True thrust and Impulse Drive. I feel like they could either merge those two or give one of them the effect of Heavy thrust. I heard DRG is pretty clunky in the current patch, don't know any specifics apart from the combos and the Nastrond build-up.

With mods, yes

Impulse Drive is its own skill because it used to have a rear positional requirement. Heavy Thrust isn't that weird since plenty of dps have a skill that's just a buff they keep up, like Straight Shot or Hot Shot.

Ah,okay, makes sense. I also always forget that Heavy thrust is a 15% boost which is pretty great. Still pretty weird that they removed some uniqueness from certain skills and didn't bother adding something new in it's place.

Them hip'n'thighs died too soon.

>healers, myself, and the other tank ask the sam who was our only melee wtf was up
>add unique 's to each of the lines of the macro that do not already have a sound
>tell him calmly that if he doesn't want to see the macro more than once, then he should stop tunnel visioning and use LB when it's called at the soonest possible safe time, which in susano typically means ukehi
>o1 normal for weekly clear and tank mount points just 18 to fucking go jesus christ save me

sometimes i just want to strangle every dps just to watch them die.

I cant really see what you are talking about, post more pics of it.




That's not a lafalell, that's a child.

You can make anything sexy with the right artist like there is some really sexy lolicon art but actual children are just ball of gross that yells and screams. They have absolutely no sex appeal.

He really is a national treasure.


Man, EQ2 could have been real fucking good if SoE didn't go full kike with it.

Anons, is FSH even worth it? I'm already hellbent on getting MIN to 70, but these Ishgard leves are fucking garbage.

FSH is a meme, bro. So is CUL desynth, I don't know what I expected.

Finally ran out of sub.

There was a mix-up when i bought my sub so i have an extra code for the US region. It's for 60 days.


Post when you got it so people don't keep trying it.


Thanks user for the free subs, wish I could play with you but I'm on EU server

Strange, it should've been locked to the US. I actually play on EU-servers too. Not that it matters much since my filthy rich buddy refunds my subscription everytime.

My account is US region, but I played on EU server… long story to explain. Which server are you on?

Louisoix. Now i know that was not a good choice but i play with enough people to avoid shitters. The EXP bonus was simply too tempting, already have 6 classes at 70 and i'm nearly done with two more.

Just got done with all the Class Jobs and unlocked all Jobs.
Was quite fun, I especially enjoyed the Rogue Missons.

And why is Gladiators Shield Bash so satisfying to use? Just ran Haukke Manor and punched every Harlot that tried to AOE my group

Finally got my Travis Touchdown glamour

that's fine, i didn't want to clear neo anyway

Tell me I wasn't the only one that found the MRD questline absolutely fucking stupid

Should I buy this game?

…but it was a BIG cow

About as big as the one appearing in one of the Boss FATEs that you can solo at Level 12 or so

yeah, feels good to stun an aoe.

very nice user. what sword is that, and what shoes did you glam to get that tennis shoe look?

It has a free trial you illiterate fag, you tell me

Because you got to flat out ignore her AoE by punching her in the face. Later on you get a cross-role option (that Paladin used to get for free, lol) called Interject that does the same but only against spell casts. The skill icon is great though, it's a dude punching someone in the mouth for trying to speak.

Sword of the round and sailor deck shoes

didn't nWo all leave for gilgamesh and start a new FC over there?

not from what I recall, it was a few players who got assmad about the old GM quitting or falling out of power. It resulted in a hilarious play where in order to discredit the new GM the old one stole his own money and blamed it on the new guy when he would've had it in a week or so anyways


you know it wont make him fix it

I'm going to kill myself.

You can also do delivery quests for your free company daily. If you hand in HQ versions you can get quite a bit of XP from it.

I'm aware, but they don't give nearly as much XP as leves.

you don't deserve any levels

Those were easily some of my favorites. You start your training by killing rocks, then bigger rocks, until you can fuck up a boulder. You might want to get your test levels checked, especially if you want serious, meaningful storytelling in a Jap game.

On a scale of 1 to coldsteel, how edgy my glamour is?

You look like Cecil Harvey without the pointless horns. I'd give it a 3, and only because of the sword.

Just wait until level 60. Helping Curious Gorge find love, only to have him forsake it because he can't commit to settling down in the Steppes. It's hokey as shit and I loved it.

Fuck you nigger, that is the coldsteelest glamour in the game.


even then, my glamour should be 9/coldsteel


I'm already burned out on the game and mine is up at the end of the month. Just trying to finish RDM before then and maybe get the Moonlifter title for my alt (probably won't happen though because moogle tribe is taking too damn long).



Christ almighty Feast is the worst shit. How they somehow made it even worse then it already was is really amazing.
You go up against a SCH+DRK combo? Might as well give up there because you aren't fucking killing them.
Tanks that think they can 1v4 a team while holding 10 stacks of heavy medals then spams good job like a cunt when he gets bursted down, retarded dps who don't apply any pressure to the enemy healer giving them free reign while yours is getting cc'd to hell and back, faggots who break line of sight constantly which doesn't help how healer centric feast is and just turns the mode into a game of "who team healer isn't total ass"
The matchmaking is really bad so you will almost always end up with 3 bronze and unranked while the other team is full of high ranks (not that this means much with how piss easy it is to climb them)
QUICK CHAT IS STILL FUCKING THERE DESPITE EVERY SINGLE FUCKING PEOPLE SAYING ITS THE WORST THING TO HAPPEN TO THAT ALREADY SHITPILE OF A MODE and now there is zero strategy thanks to the retarded rework that just MOBAfied everything so every class has a wooping 8 skills and healers have pretty much zero AoE healing outside of Assize and healer LB so just spread damage around until they can't keep up while applying CC when someone is low.
And to top it all off the limited weapons are for top 10 only so only about 50 people are going to get them. Its not even about skill to get them either, its about constantly playing that shitty game mode to keep yourself in that 10 top bracket and nothing else.

Fuck Feast and PvP.

Oh and forgot to mention the utter shit netcoding make it even fucking worse. You thought it was bad in just normal content? You ain't seen shit till you have tried using Benediction viably in PvP. 3 second server tick and they can't even be fucked to raise it for one mode.

There's new feast season? does that mean I can queue as a group now instead of solo? From my experience, if you want to play solo, go as DPS and carry the whole team. As long as you know how to do burst damage, you can still win with subpar tank and healer. DPS is the key to winning feast, tank just there to collect coins 6 stacks max and pop CDs while running around trying not to get gank. Healers job is just heal and trying not to die from DPS burst attack

Season 5 started with the release of savage I think.
Only if you are 4 man pre-made as usual. For the most part I just stick to healing because I got sick of being paired with shitty healers but this season when I did rarely deeps I just went SUM for the sustain damage. That shit was funny to use in S1 because pets would interrupt any cast.

Just remembered they took pre-made feast off ages ago, sorry to get your hopes up.

So just hit 70 on PAL which is my first 70 class. My current goal right now is to finish the MSQ and unlock all endgame stuff currently out and gear up paladin.

I got a few other goals:
-level AST as my healer class
-level BOT and Weaving as those are my highest crafting at the moment but i also plan to work on leatherworking and alchemy
-level a dps class I wanted to do SUM but it seems to be garbage at the moment

Not sure what would be suggested to be my focus. Any suggestions would be cool.


nice holy elf.

for dps, i would avoid SMN. not only is it tough to play right, but it's very unforgiving. dying at the wrong time destroys your dps in a way that no other class experiences, and in end-game situations you need to plan out your rotation for the whole entire fucking fight in order to get the most out of the class. it can definitely be fun, but it is also very punishing. but if that sounds like a fun challenge, go for it; at least leveling SMN will also give you access to a healer via SCH, so you're killing two birds with one stone.

tbh though, if you want a ranged caster-type dps, then go with RDM. they're in a much better overall spot than SMN is right now.

forgot to add, vid related in regards to SMN.

Anons, why is there no website that provides a decent list of what time nodes activate for gathering? I've had to sit here and write mine out on notebook paper, sometimes several times over as I level. I thought I had found a good site in ffxivclock, that even lets you select what timers you want going and will play noises when those nodes are up, but they have absolutely nothing for the SB nodes.

its very cruel to force giraffes into heavy armor user.

you are triggering me to death with all those fucking wrong job acronyms


Much appreciated user.

Sunk about 60 hours after buying boosts and the game just felt like a clunky WoW. PvE endgame looked very shallow comparatively. Didn't try PvP before losing interest. What sets it apart, or why are people drawn to it aside from being Final Fantasy fanboys? About the only difference I saw was player housing (I don't consider garrisons or class halls from WoW to fit that bill).

And yeah, I get that WoW is basically streamlined EverQuest. Not saying anything here trying to posture about WoW over Final Fantasy as I don't even like WoW anymore.


great response faggot.

He just threw it in.

dude, you sound retarded. endgame should be 95% of your time. leveling up is a tutorial on most mmos and who gives a shit about terribly written final fagstasy stories in a mmo setting?

grats on being unable to answer my question and instead acting like a buttblasted chimp, bitch

I suck at making QTs. Is this good?

Alright, so you're nothing but a shit stirring faggot. Got it.

You don't have to blame us for being stupid enough to spend $60 for a level up potion. It would have been cheaper to just play the game and give up by the end of the free trial at that point

You're buttblasted so now you're projecting. Got it. All I asked for was why people were drawn to the game and you can't not be a faggot and make an empty strawman. Fucking retard logic.

Money is no object to me. Why not just explain why you like the game instead of strawman me?

It's fun to level up the classes, not to mention once you hit Heavensward story the quality in storytelling fucking skyrockets.
Now please get the fuck out you goddamn autist.

yeah no problem my dude i'll see myself out before i catch your down syndrome. you salty virgins probably hawk steam user reviews since it takes a mountain of insults and strawmans before you can give a response of any substance. ill let you get back to that.

HEY WARRIORS OF DARKNE… oh wait they left after having no impact on the plot. Grand betrayal hinted at for like a month went nowhere.

PoTD is fun now?

yeah well your butt smells like it's full of poop, asshole! get out of my safespace!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee


I'm talking up to Final Steps of Faith a little beyond that. Warriors of Darkness arc was fucking garbage.

That's some funny shit, mate. I'd recommend Dungeon and Dragons Online instead, though, if you're looking for something that's not that WoW-esque. Most of that game is locked behind paywalls, but it's your money, not mine.

They really fucked up with the Warriors of Darkness, yeah. So much setup for so little payoff and they brought back Minfillia for it, just to have her fuck off to another planet.
I liked her better when she wasn't a mouthpiece for the giant god crystal.

Unlike you, I'm not poor. I was looking for a reason as to why you witless, unbearably snooty faggots liked the game so maybe I could get back into it, as if I had been missing something. Not looking to be recommended pay-to-win games, retard. I like games of substance, which I guess is why I don't like this weeb trash. Forgive me for committing the ultimate sin of politely asking you autistic faggots for your rationale on playing the game. Holla Forums autism runs deep.

Wew lad. Epic for the win memes.


Nobody's doubting your monetary wealth, user.
Then why are you trying to play MMOs in the first place? Every last one of them is a skinner box. The only people who enjoy them are whales, normalfags, and autists.

Yeah they are. You have poor reading comprehension to even say that. They keep insinuating that I'm whining about wasting 100+ USD on this garbage when I couldn't care less about how much I sunk into it. It's an autistic strawman to bring up. I can only explain the logic behind it as they don't understand the relevance of mentioning skipping grind content with relatively low hours played for a MMO because they don't have that frame of reference, cementing them as "baby's first mmo".

There are a couple non-WoW MMOs I like that I'm not in the mood to play that are mechanically complex. I used to like WoW, but I think it's devolved into an RNG time sink as far as loot is concerned. Just because FFXIV is shit doesn't mean there aren't good MMOs. I have a lot of free time and want something to occupy it with. If there's a mechanically-rewarding game hidden behind autistic grinds, I'd like to know (hence asking why people liked it without being snobby to begin with).

Nobody's doing that, user. We're having a laugh at you for spending that much money without even checking to see if you'd actually like the game first. Even twenty minutes into the free trial would've revealed that the game is a WoW clone. I can't imagine how you managed to stomach sixty hours of it when by your own admission you don't like WoW.

It's chump change to me. It's funny to you because you're relatively hard up I guess. Awww.

Furthermore, leveling content on WoW clones isn't where you're supposed to find the value. You can't get a feel for what endgame has by just leveling up to 10 or 15 or some dumb shit. Clearly I'm looking for a replacement to WoW, which is why I come to a forum about video games and ask what people see in games they like. Try to keep up.

Nah, it's funny because a fool and his money are soon parted.
Good luck with your MMO Hunt, user.


Did I just see someone who bought their way past all that is important to Final fantasy in general (the story) and expected MORE? God damned and I thought clinton was stupid.

surprisingly cute/10 for an eczema demon

the purple eyes are a nice touch.



haha what. I haven't heard this one before. I have no idea what money you're talking about assuming you talking about me. or is there a new GM for nWo? I voluntarily stepped down, and then just wasn't interested in playing anymore. had a life to figure out.

yes this is sanjo.

Jesus, did they buff it in 4.06? I really thought it was 5 or 10 and was mostly used to salvage sen during awkward transitions where you'd have to rebuff without overwriting them.

You couldn't be more wrong. It's a bad anime that takes itself seriously, which makes it worse.

You're retarded too, for similar reasons. The slow, trashy story in ARR, combined with mandatory low-level dungeons, all of which are terrible, is exactly what turns off new players to the game. Saying that it gets better after the objectively shitty parts isn't a great argument.

nah nigga, it's always been 20 kenki per sen since EA anyway, may have been less in earlier showcase builds

it never changed user

no basically the new GM after you (dave) was angry that everyone was sick of his shit and effectively told him not to come back when he transferred to Gilgamesh, so one week before he was set to lose the guild anyway due to inactivity he pretended to be hacked by aloise and claimed alo stole all the guild's gil
this is as you'd expect retarded because why would someone who's going to get the guild in less than a week anyway bother pulling a hostile takeover?
the other red flag is that instead of reporting the "theft" to SE, he instead reported it to Mark and tried to get FF threads banned

Nope, it's always been 20. I think Setsugekka is cool as heck but there's really no reason not to Hagakure whenever possible.

lmao you should go to the granblue thread instead, those guys would love a whale like you backing them up

The guy you left in charge unleashed his autism and tried to burn nWo down to the ground when he got caught trying to scam the FC.

hahaha no fucking way. Well, shit. I had some sort of an impression that Dave was just power-hungry, so I apologize that i made him the GM when I left. I never imagined any of this would happen though.

But that brings up a question I've had. So, the reason I ultimately stepped down is that dave and his gf were saying that everyone was mad that I wasn't around. Was any of that true then? The last time I showed up in one of these threads a few folks said they missed me, which took me by surprise because I had believed everyone hated me since I was not around at all. The only person I ever had bitch at me was Lakshmi Esper (if that was his name), and Dave said "everyone would be too nice" to tell me otherwise and that him and his GF were like the dad and mom of the guild who everyone took their issues to or something. I had so much life shit going on that I couldn't be bothered with a video game drama so I stepped down, and eventually just stopped logging. in altogether. I do feel bad about never saying goodbye or explaining it, but you have to remember I was lead to believe nobody liked me. Given, that was years ago so I also assume the guild member roster has changed a bit since then so maybe neither of you know what I'm talking about.

I was never in nWo during the dave period but judging by his and his wife's actions during the whole drama they caused I'd guess you were played like a damn fiddle, seeing as I've never heard anyone talk shit about you in the ~2 years I've been around

Thank you sir.

maybe you are too new then. If I remember correctly the last time I played was right at the start of Heavensward's release. Nor would I know if any of the old members are still around now anyway.

Either way, if i was played like a fiddle it would still be my own fault. I wasn't there enough to even be able to question it honestly.

I will say, however, I am still glad I did step down. My only regret is that I should've evaluated the situation better as well as Dave and his gf. Towards the end I was getting an impression he was a bit of a faggot, but since I believed everyone liked him more nobody would listen to anything I said and I wasn't autistic enough to fight for it. It was just a video game to me and I never took it that seriously.

Superior tracking site: garlandtools.org/bell/

Well regardless of what happened, I guess you can be happy to know that against all odds the guild unfucked itself anyway and dodged the typical Holla Forums guild fate for now

I was there when it you were still FC lead Can't speak for anyone else, but I didn't have any problems with you.

Garland tools is a fucking godsend for crafting and gathering.

Hopefully. My original hope was that, because I'm pretty laid back and don't care about drama, it would be a better environment. But if Dave was telling the truth my own apathy was causing drama at the time. Which to me would make sense. Not having a guild leader around is a bit shit so that's still on me, even in the possibility that Dave may or may have not taken advantage of it.

If anyone would like to know my personal reasons I'm down to tell them. I didn't talk about it when I left cause I was a bit ashamed, but it's dumb to be ashamed of trying to make your life better. But I don't want to waste anyone's time with it. Basically the short is that i'm schizoaffective, it was ruining a relationship i was in, was incredibly suicidal, was trying to hold on a job, etc. I'm better now though, I make some money writing and taking odd jobs here and there. I'm also flesh in the 4am cytube if anyone knows what that is.

Who were you? As in, in game name so I know who I'm talking to.

Also, if anyone has any doubts this is Sanjo I'll try to answer any questions. I played a nigger monk. I race changed to one of the dragon people for like a week I think when heavensward came out, but I'm pretty sure I changed back before I stopped showing up altogether. Dave's gf once moved all the furniture out of the FC house or something, and I believe it was Lakshmi Esper who was bitching at me because it was somehow my fault and that lead into the conversation I had with Dave and his gf which lead into me stepping down.

should be a bannable offense

Nimue Astolat

Oh yeah, I remember you. Were you the one that ran into trouble with a Squeenix gm and was put into that room or something?

Yeah that was me. Got jailed for spamming hugs at another player, beat box.

Haha, yeah, I remember now. I forgot about the emote spam.

Also, I got another question. Searching the xiv database it shows up a Neo Wheels Order and an Old Wheels Order. Did you guys have to create a new guild or something?

the fuck?

Yeah when everything was going down people created a new FC for people to go to during the fall out. Using the new one mainly now, while using the old one for it's airship and perks.

Ah gotcha. I was worried that Dave didn't relinquish it or something which is pretty fucked up. I guess me being apathetic was a good trait afterall. :^)

But seriously, if I had known I would've given the guild to someone else. It's partly my fault you guys went through his autism. Hindsight is 20/20 though I suppose.

Hugs are RAPE on the current year

Yeah that was one of the worries when the new one got made. Luckily we got control abck over the old one too.

Not your fault man, you couldn't have known what he was going to do 2 years ago. Glad to hear you're doing better though.

I was "harassing" him apparently.

thanks. Hopefully the fc goes well for you guys as well.

i gotta get some writing done today so i can make money, but it's cool to chat with you fags. See you sometime.

Sanjo is cool!

didnt dave end up getting himself permaed on gilgamesh too?

Banned but not perma'd

What server are you people even on?

leviathan masterrace

well, some of the drama, but only if you seek that kinda shit out. it doesn't manifest randomly
stay away from costa del sol during the event though. the gays don't just come out at night


there is a small group on lamia

I'm on Coeurl.

What's the best fuckin pvp class? I hear it's scholar or warrior.

Any mele dps

Story time

I left the party and called them a faggot for wasting my time. These retards doesn't even understand that hardcore raidfag use food to help with their dps, not constantly attacking the boss all the time when you should be dodging the mechanic, not to mention the party comp isn't balance at all. Being a raidfag is one thing, but a dumbfuck raidfag is even worst.


why the disparity? are sams just shit in general so they dont get to the harder fights?

I'd imagine it's because Sam I Ams don't provide group utility. Everyone doing the "cutting edge" content is under pressure to not only bring their best damage, but also to help the rest of the team. SAMs, meanwhile, are arguably the greediest DPS Job in the game so far. You're probably not going to see a lot of them in 03S/04S until they're old enough to be farmed casually.

I dunno, i wouldnt call o3s cutting edge. i see black mages and monks, just not many sams

90% of all SAMs are shit and can't make it past O2S.

SAM/RDM are the flavor of the month jobs, so you'll see a lot less past the point where competence is required.

Well the facts back you up, it's not like anyone ever made and seriously played as a death knight in WoW.

After having played every Class for a bit I think running a dungeon at least once as DPS, Tank and Healer should be made mandatory.
A lot of the time problems come from not understanding what being bad at your role means for the others in the group.

Fellow losers, played in 13'-14'. Have base game before any expansions. To get back in what do I do? I stopped at lvl 50 il 90 coil turn 4 gear, Exodus server just like the guild!
Do I need HW? And the other exp, AND monthly fee? Prices dropped?

Maybe I should wait for ff17/18 mmo in 2019+ and stop gaymin, its a toll on my soul.

"Starter" accounts allow one character per server and are like $13/month, so if you were only ever playing one character that might be worth looking into.

I'd suggest buying Heavensward and continuing the Main Story Quest - there will be significantly better gear available in the opening sections of it - they'll take you to Sea of Clouds pretty early on, and there's a vendor there that sells ILVL 115 gear: ffxiv.gamerescape.com/wiki/Peddler_of_Wonders And if you do your roulettes then by the time you reach Idyllshire you'll have maxed out Rowena's Tokens, which will let you buy LVL 60 / ILVL 260 gear, which should set you up pretty nicely for Stormblood if you decide to pursue it.

You'll have an advantage, because all the quests added after the expansion proper assume that you're locked at 60, but with Stormblood you can continue leveling up while doing the dumbass Warriors of Darkness quest after Heavensward.

And I think Red Mage is available in the base game, but it starts at level 50 so unless you buy the expansions you can't level it up at all. But if you wanted to start Heavensward and wanted a change of pace, it's at exactly the right level to do that.

You need SB for Red Mage

From what I understand, if you buy SB you get HW too, so you don't have to buy both.

So basically there's 2 expansions now, HW and "stormblood", got it. Gotta buy HW to continue with my maxed White Mage, on top of the $13/mo subscription. I just.. don't see how this would pan out though. I'd be the only one in the HW maps I bet… alone lvl'ing the main quests. Not that i'd mind that, peace & quiet sounds good for once. How's the atmosphere? I wonder how different it is. Can your mounts really "fly"? As in above and below with your control?
And how do the developers manage older raids? I remember the first 64 man raid on Party Finder, man they'd have to trash all these instances because they are pointless in terms of getting good gear. Especially coils.
My gtx 660 won't be good on this game, its a shame. If I were to consider ff14 again, I'd want smooth 60-120 fps max settings. I might just wait till the next gpu generation pops out.

You can do stuff unsynced if you're interested in the story - a couple of my FC members have been running me through Binding Coil of Bahamut, so that I can see all the stuff involving Louisoix.

HW is pretty empty until you get to Idyllshire, which is kind of nice. The setting is a lot more open as well. Flying mounts are cool, but you have to find ten "aether currents" throughout the map and do five short sidequests to actually be able to fly, and many of said sidequests are locked behind main quests that make it more or less pointless to get them because by the time you do, you're done with the area (apparently this was fixed in Stormblood, but I haven't made it there yet).

Your GTX 660 will more than likely be fine; my damn laptop can run this game at 1080p no problem, and it's an XPS with an integrated graphics card.

Yes but I remember I got like 20 fps in endgame afk town, thanks for the reply, nice to see someone looking at old raids. Sad that they lock flying behind autism and restrict it to end content.

RDM is welcome anywhere for the double rez alone, and a proper SAM that can pull 5k consistently is also welcome anywhere

I used to run the game on a 545 before I ended up getting a new computer, your 660 should be fine, just don't expect to run it on max settings.

Y'all niggers ready to get you own little Lyse Fuckdoll Minion?

In my experience the game runs better than it did in ARR. With some tweaking you can probably get up to 60 fps.

My dick is harder for that shit.

uhhh, why?


what event?

Sound like a good deals user, $50 for 3 pizzas, drinks and free games

Squeenix doesn't even sell Heavensward on their mog station store. This is so retarded. How are you supposed to get HW content if they don't even sell it? Its only one the "complete edition" for $60 which comes with everything I bet.

Amazon ofcourse sells HW for $18 and somehow used for $10…. but how fucking sketchy is that, used? A used what? Code? Its a fucking 20 key pass you are buying how can it have a "used" status. And SB for $40 on mogstore, no thanks. I ain't payin $60 for 2 expansions + $13/month. Bad marketing. Hurry up and shut down all mmo servers and develop a new game dev's, thanks. Then I would be enticed to get a new gen gpu and game.

It's something to do with Final Fantasy in general. Something that appears a lot.

I'm pretty sure HW comes bundled in with SB now. The story is linear and you have to do HW's before SB opens up, so it would be retarded otherwise.


Get FSH to 60 so you can fish in kugane all day long

Crafting is a huge hassle and to make money with it you pretty much need every job at max level. The only crafting jobs that are not completely reliant on other crafting jobs for materials are Alchemist, Culinarian, and maybe Goldsmith. Weaver, Leatherworker, and Carpenter are all highly dependent on the others because pretty much every high-level recipe takes requires crafted materials from another job.

mogstation just a cashshop for FFXIV, if you want to buy the game, go to SE store

i just want more 3d lizzie lewds. where do i find more?

new event

Over on cuckchan, where avatarfags thrive and kill threads.

Cheap Dungeon Savage when?

If by edgy you mean gay, then yes.

The numbers on the first floor show the order of the letters for the password. So if you look at where the 1 is on the first floor, that same spot on the second floor will have the first letter of the password. There are multiple passwords it could be.

Stormblood comes with HW content.

the nodes are also a clue. the letters with red allagan nodes are the correct letters. the letters with no node are duds.

Kind of annoyed by that, because I actually bought HW right before they took it off and rolled it into SB.

The 8th Anniversary event.


Is it even worth it trying to play catch up?

I'm not even out of the Dragonsong War quests yet and I've seen several other players running the same quests I am, so yes, keep going.

Are you honestly spoonfeeding an actual retard on how to solve a child's puzzle? And speaking of the event, why would it unlock a way to play it after the event?

because it's a fun mini-game? the codes/dungeons change each time you play.

I really wish this game stuck to the XI formula

yeah, i'm not feeling it mr krabs.

That's not true after 40 a RDM was mandatory for every party because of MP regen.

This is like baby tier puzzle user, I can't imagine seeing you playing the first 3 Resident Evil game

RDM was nice for Haste and Refresh, but was definitely not mandatory. it just seemed that way in NA because every single special snowflake saw some super farmed JP running RDM/NIN and they all went "zomg that's meeeeee" and spent the rest of their time on RDM shitting the bed trying to prove that they truly could do "everything" even though all they were good for was Refresh/Haste bitch or Chainspell+Stun in the late game as a RDM/DRK.

I don't know why but that really upset me for some reason.