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How ready are you for the inevitable Persona 3 remake?

are you prepared for the return of the King and best girl?

Its mitsuru you plebs

I want to see her red bush


Cant wait.

Can't wait.

>best girl not obviously being pic related

And if they remake it so that it's not a randomly generated grindfest but uses P5's engine and maybe adds some new mechanics, I'd be all for it. But I think that's a little beyond what they would be planning, and P3 already got 3 releases. I doubt we'll see another remake/re-release.

Lots of silly implications in this thread.


I do not comprehend

I would actually love a p3 remake in the style of p5. Do you think they would use shadows or demons as enemies?

Fuck outta here, best girl is femc.

I'd imagine it would be demons if they're lazy, reuse some animations and demons and such. I'd slightly prefer keeping to shadows since removing masks was a neat unique thing to P5. I really want P3's remake to let us use any weapon and to instigate combat with each weapon as smoothly as ripping the mask off of a shadow. It's a shame that we wouldn't get guns, though. Only Aigis has guns, Yukari has a bow, everyone else gets melee only. Not sure how they would fix that unless they just retcon that Officer whatshisface will sell actual guns to kids, which is doubtful given nipland's laws. P5 gets around it with cognition bullshit so it's just toys becoming real guns.

Of course, if they want to bulldoze and retcon however they'd like, P3 with P5 combat/dungeon crawling would be great. Also getting full FeMC in 3D would be nice as well, but I get the feeling we're not going to get that. Phantom Thieves could sneak around because that's how palaces worked, but that's not how Tartarus works. Unless we get to Metal Gear shit as Fuuka.

What makes you say that?

Person 3 already got a remake

Ready for the best one?


best girl

I tried to play Devil Summoner: Soul Hackers and I still didn't reach the gameplay part, I hate chinks and their obligatory 10 hours long VN intros…

How else do they get another out this gen?

Get better taste, nerd.

That's all pretty sound reasoning. This'll be, what, the fourth P3 game?

Someone had to give Todd the idea.

There is no way this would happen.
A full remake is absurd, They would have to recreate the entire game up to modern standards. Even with P5's engine and content as a crutch, That's simply too much time and money for a game that has been slowly waning in popularity for years. Better to work on actual new games or content for the company's current golden child.
P3's only real relevance these days is as the "start" of modern persona. It has enough presence to warrant cameos alongside other, more profitable properties, but can't stand on it's own.

An updated port of FES might have worked on the vita, But it's dead now and a clunky PS2 era RPG wouldn't fly so good on a modern console.
At least we got a movie?
Vest Aigis best Aigis

Its not exactly a sweeping open world.

MC can use bows in FES. No guns though

>tries to destroy universe her lover sacrificed himself to save

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Are you one of those folks that only played p3p and doesn't realize that the whole game was in 3d? It wouldn't be the first time someone tried to tell me that a p3 remake would be cheap because all the areas are just pictures.
Ether way you're grossly underestimating how much work would need to be done. P3 may have been a low budget game to begin with, but it's still many times larger than something like Dancing moon night.

No, They've called her baby's first waifu for the last time.

Except that game gets started pretty quick. It doesn't take more than 20 minutes to get to dungeon crawling, m8.

If you're going to call us faggots, at least post an appropriate reason to move over.

Right, but that's what I mean. You wouldn't get the guns option P5 has in combat, nor any gun related buffs from Social Links, just like probably no sneaking. Over all, a lot would have to change and I'm not sure if anyone wants that. It might be neat if it actually happens, but I think Atlus is going to milk what they have first before ever considering a remake.

The waifu wars will never be done

Waifu Wars 2017 seemed a little disappointing, very little competition and only a few good choices. Everyone else is "eh" tier. The rest of the game was fine, though.

I honestly don't want one. If they did a remake of P3 today it would play nothing like the original game and the only people that keep asking for a remake are faggots that want it to play like P4/5.

If I wanted something that plays like P4/5 I'd fucking play P4/5 not P3.

Where does it say P3's getting a remake?

OP is assuming they will remake it, Atlus hasn't said they will. I've played the game 4 times now, so I don't see why anyone would want it, the remake would only become more casual.

I miss the randomness. I missed when Mitsuru would randomly cast Marin fucking Karin for no reason.

I don't know what setting all of you guys had her on where she would cast Marin Karin so often. I switched between Full Assault and Support and I don't think she ever used Marin Karin.

The only thing she ever did to make me question the AI competence was cast Ice Break on enemies with Ice Resist and then hit them with an auto-attack. Which is still bad, but not a problem for 90% of the battles in the game.

Too bad p3 is shit but I guess personafags are used to this quality by now.

Yes, this is just me being an idiot tbh.

Best girl coming through