Blizzard decides to double down on Google's reaction to #GoogleManifesto: "Fuck you, men!"

Consider this as you play Overwatch, anons. Do you want to support these kinds of actions?

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We will need more rape r34 of OW characters to contermeasure this!

It's time for all white males to unite in nonviolent civil disobedience and expunge the SJWs like Gandhi did the Brits.

Man this shit pisses me off

I play OW, but I'll probably continue playing it even after this.

It is too late for that, we lost. They outnumber us now and we just have to deal with it sadly.

the fucks this deal with google's manifistmyasso?

Yup. Now you're getting it: They lie.

Go back to half with this defeatist shit



An engineer wrote something talking negatively about diversity and women in stem, triggering everyone there including the vee pee of diversity and inclusion. He got him fired and cucks are rallying out to virtue signal.

If I was a right wing terrorist, I'd probably dox whales supporting blizzard and swat them.

some retard at google wrote a document saying that google shouldnt hire people based on their gender or race but their qualities as a capable employee and he is literally hitler

Well, I don't' support any company who are clearly idiots because they don't read what they are so staunchly against. Just going off each others words like the witch hunts of yesteryear. I would think they would have learned it with the recent controversy of Hellblade with reviewers releasing reviews talking about a game mechanic that doesn't exist in the game but I guess emotions overtakes reason.

Believing something you think is true but isn't. "Truthiness" was the coined term by Colbert, which ironically, he does more without the satirical facade he coined the word before. People have become too lazy to argue over what is clearly wrong, as new media just manipulates the take away from a story (like the "anti-diversity" manifesto they keep pushing) and as all social media implements clearly draconian practices in the name of same spaces.

He didn't talk negatively about diversity, he talked negatively about forced diversity and defended meritocracy.

I can't find an image that mixes sadness with smugness so just use your imagination.

That's what the term "diversity" is all about.


Read it for yourself:

Some guy at google released an in-house memo wanting an open discussion about how google's mentality was too far left and how people with a differing viewpoint shouldn't fear talking about theirs without wrongful repercussions. His coworkers then decide to LITERALLY CAN'T EVEN onto twitter about it, making it a public issue. CNN, who doesn't even read the fucking memo, precedes to make an article along the lines of "THIS GUY AT GOOGLE THINGS WOMEN ARE STUPID AND SHOULDN'T BE HIRED." He is then fired, doxxed, and has been receiving death threats on his twitter. Apparently, Assange is offering him a job now, though.

Defeatists like you is the reason why the move Blunt Force Trauma exists.

Honestly, this is the fucking death rattle of a dying company trying its hardest to stay afloat with cateringbux because it's too stupid to come up with anything new and interesting.

Also of note was that this was a message posted on an internal forum that was supposed to be a "safe space forum for discussing hot-button topics"

I'm not going to let them twist the language like they want to.

You mean they are gonna add a bunch of straight white males?

Nice sage, shill.

Well not I feel stupid for purchasing SC:Remastered…. fuck this company.

If you ever feel the need to buy another Blizzard product, make sure you buy it from G2A

And it's going to completely fail like it did with google, let them waste their money.

Is play even the appropriate verb for so gay an action ?

I never bought it because it's a expensive cookie-cutter TF2 with shit politics, f2p microtransactions, and limited game modes. You deserve to be fucked over if you give them your money.

I guess playing games that take no effort and provide no challenge do make you into a beta bitch.

fugg :DDD

On a side note, don't stop your enemy when he does a bad move. I say let them. Let them fire every and single one good white male employee for someone with a sub-par CV, on teh basis of diversity.
For anyone who ever complained about "big business controls this, big business controls that, oh woe is me we're at the mercy of big business" this is free market self-correction in action. Let hubris charge it's toll. I want you people to ACUTALLY get angry when google and subsidiaries file for special tax subsidies when revenue goes down. Here's a litarally who that actually dumbed it down real good:
Stage 1: Hubris Born of Success
Stage 2: Undisciplined Pursuit of More
Stage 3: Denial of Risk and Peril
Stage 4: Grasping for Salvation
Stage 5: Capitulation to Irrelevance or Death
I think google is in-between 2 and 3.
Remember youtube
turned a profit to google


That story reeked of viral marketing.

Oh no, now Blizzard will stop making good games. Oh wait, they haven't done anything worthwhile in decades. For all we know, the studio is already mostly made of (((diversity))) hires.

This and what happened with the Turok source code fucking destroys me

Want me to post the xbox dev kit getting butchered into becoming a gaymen pc? Maybe the one where that retard decides to upgrade his video card and drills a hole through it and decides to "solder" the gap with a screwdriver when it doesn't run?

what happend?

But, goy, Turok has Steam Workshop support now! Don't you want all your favorite mods easily available on the Steam Workshop for you to Subscribe to?

What about the Xbox source code the guy deleted off the xbox machine cause he wanted to make an Xbox themed pc.

Whatever happened to that Turok 2 EX version?


Some random Lawyer who makes youtube videos randomly stumbled upon some of the dev machines that had the source code still on it. Him being a lawyerfag refused to release the source code, and him wanting to make a product, put the machines up on ebay for anyone to bid for so they could release it themselves, if they cared to. It has since been sold to a random and no one knows who got it.

What does that have to do with the fact the story was widely reported and talked about to keep Starcraft 1 on people's mind? I wouldn't surprise me if the guy was set up by a covert Blizzard employee just to make the story happen.

That isn't a fact, that's a theory. A game theory.

A GAY theory?

Of course they want. After Diablo 3, giving money to Anita and buying Overjew, they will gladly sell their house to keep Blizzard above.
Worse of all we share a board with such people

Faggots that play Overwatch, knowingly how shit it is, how fucked Blizzard is these days, are basically degenerates. Not in the Holla Forumsacks sense of degenerates, but of the exact description in the dictionary.

They play because it is 'fun', hooked to the addiction the game was designed based on, they pay for 'crates', they give 'spotlight' and 'attention' to that shit, further funding the ruination of vidya. When called out as such, they would rationalise and make excuses like 'its fun', 'stop buying into overwatch is shit meme', 'waifu', 'Holla Forums hivemind', 'stop coming to thread of the game you don't like', and ' it is my choice to play it without you faggots buggering me, fuck off'.

They care for nothing other than to consume and feed their addiction, knowingly of the consequences, and ceases to be human at this point and became a 'good goy', 'kikes own little cattles', and that is why they are forever deserve to be shitposted into oblivion, deserve every essence of my scorn, and deserve to be called degenerates.

meritocracy has basically been made to mean misogyny in the tech community

Hate to burst your bubble user but all vidya is inherently hedonistic, we're all degenerates by that standard, there's a reason Holla Forums doesn't give a ahit about vidya controversy anymore well other than GGfags pushing them out of the dig threads

I want to have a talk with one of these blizzard/google people and have them explain to me why being a black disabled latino woman has more weight in the industry than being able to do your job

and remember how shit they are now. Don't worry this is just companies telegraphing their death in 10 years.

I'd like to think so, but how many people are still paying 15$ every month to acquire their drug and support this shitty company? Granted, many might not be actively subscribed, only doling out every time they get the shivers, the shivers that come when they "need" their fix. It's not as many as before, but it's nothing to be laughed at, millions of dollars in funds every month.

Eh saw this happening years ago with Blizzard. Doesn't even surprise me.

But he's right; the time for non-violent resistance is over. That window closed when the 19th Amendment was ratified, and men handed the keys of the West over to women, who promptly handed them to shitskins in the form of subsidized non-white births, creating a permanent underclass that would always vote for more gibs. We're now at the point where the "Left" and the Right are two sides of the same coin, both clamoring for that tasty shitskin voting bloc so that their side can control the purse strings when it comes to MIC and PIC spending, while the white man is nothing more than tax cattle. It's actually hilarious how many idiots thought Trump was going to change that, instead of immediately jumping on the neocon train the moment he got into office.

Feel free to worry about things you don't have the means nor motivation to change, I'll be over here playing vidya and not giving a fuck.

It was reddit, they're all corporate cock suckers more so then your average nintendrone.

Holla Forums pls

Because the bathroom scale says so.


It's hard to believe I used to think Blizzard was one of the best companies out there.
Even less so since they made Warcraft 3, which will always be one of my favourite games.

I wonder when did it all go wrong for them.

Because diversity is important.
What more do you need to know?

I like you're English user

The key difference is playing for fun as a hobby, in good moderation and caring about your hobby other than having 'fun' and not supporting shit companies out to ruin your hobby; and playing for fun because addiction every time you have free time, giving no fuck to others except your own 'fun'(addiction) even if it ruins your hobby in the long run, you give no fuck to others but your indulgence.

This is the only (you) I'm giving. I know you get paid per reply.

They've always been like this user. Warcraft is a twice as Jewish ripoff of Warhammer.

Blizzard was. Not any longer.

That story still pisses me off, the guy had the potential to give Xbox 360 emulation to PC but fucked it all up.
I wouldn't be surprised if people were willing to pay others just to steal it to be honest.

Stop calling it a manifesto.

Fucking glad i did not fall for the overwatch meme.

But I dont play memewatch
Hell I didnt even buy SC2

Its a fitting name.

Just as every controversy is called -gate, every liberal document should be a (communist) manifesto


Breaking news! Symmetra's VA joins the virtue signal alliance of Blizzard!

POO IN the designated autist LOO

It's not great, but that's some potent hebrew magic right there.

I don't like Blizz but the one thing they're not is selfrighteous indie leftcucks. It's a huge corporation, they care about profit not social justice.

It's PR and you people are too blinded by Zarya hair color to see.

Nice sage, shill. Now, go fuck yourself!

Not even.

It's fucking nothing

Here come the gators.


looks like a character from frozen

You're all small time.

But don't you know that if you talk enough about a problem it goes away? Also watch it or (((Mark))) might deem your comment (((offensive)))

9S go away, you're slut waifu is ded.

Great it's not like I already hate this bitch and everything she represents already.

I'd agree on Big Boss, but Old Snake's ass in MGS4 is fugged up looking because the crawling animation is so stiff.

I will agree that A2 is best grill.
she's not dead actually m8

I take it back, I don't know what I was thinking.

At least it is there for those who believe.


How does her bare ass look worse than her ass in the default skin?

Looks like a character from a PS2 game


Moonman's "happy" ending is shit and doesn't count.

Akshually, it's canon according to both the book and concert.


Because skintight suits>>>>>>>>>bare naked.

It's still shit though.
Literally a deus ex machina without an epilogue. Game just ends with "you sad user? don't worry then everybody got revived because lol, the end".

You are also not wrong

I almost agree but it needs to have a bit of skin exposed at least.

This is the liberal cycle of a business

The average developer logic is that there's no point in making an ass more detailed if it's being obscured by clothing.

While they drain money from state and federal departments using the planned failures as excuses.

Should have posted this.

All the people pushing this bullshit have to know that with the current political climate, it's going to be brought to a boiling point eventually.

She reminds me of the FROGS from MGS4.

I don't know the source, before you ask. It's some DC thing.

I don't even give a shit about video games if we're taking the Google shitshow backlash. I'm more worried that scientist will be afraid to talk about certain subjects relating to biological facts because a subset of the internet has a strong negative knee-jerk reaction to it and ultimately gets the scientist fired. Imagine doing research and trying to get a paper published but someone brickwalls you because they don't want to publish something that will question that men and women aren't equal and identical in every way because it would cause bad PR. This whole thing reminds me of the Simpsons episodes where Skinner says that girls aren't as good at math as boys. I never thought I'd live that parody of society one day.

They know that the free ride is coming to a close so they're cashing out as much as possible.

The Blizzard rot really accelerated a few years ago when they hired a bunch of the Wildstar team.

The Warframes are not suits, they're kind of like robots, which is even better.

What a riot it would be to ever find out Metzen was actually what was holding all this shit back.


They got revived because the pods didn't want them to die. It's also implied that everything will happen again, because Yorha are made with the machine cores, so they're incapable of changing or really learning, outside of combat, so it's not really a super happy ending.

I do, I don't want shit games

are you stupid? it's current year, they are already

Have mine then.


Fuck off, shill, if you ignore them they won't go away

That render.

Let's get real though, you'd totally tap this.

They think that the government will side with them and squash the wrong thinkers, just like back in the 1960s. If Juilian Assange with his mylasisa is right, the US will have a GOP majority for decades to come.

I can already see where this is going. I look forward to smaller studios being able to hire on the talent the larger companies push away.

Read the whole thing. It's been a long time since I've seen such a level of frustration and impotence towards impending doom being put down in writing.

Everyone knows that 22B is the best grill

>not posting her exhaust pipe

Funny enough that you mention this. Blizzard is known to be a company that runs on nepotism and cronyism, where old guys who were there from the start hold most of the power. Like Metzen. And after Metzen quit, he did an interview where he discussed his life, gaming, Blizzard, etc. And at a few points in the interview, he gives off a very strong impression of being against "this shit" as you put it. Which means you may not actually be entirely wrong.

Wasn't he one of the faggots who covered up Sylvanas because of "muh role model for muh daughter"? Fuck that fag and his corruption fetish.

Blizzard has always been utter fucking trash. All of their games suck except for fucking Battle Chess. Battle Chess.

I'll add some dirty pics to the mix too


Everything it was, literally turned into a husk solely so one dong who didn't appreciate it could be a fag with his computer.

I wonder if this google stuff can actually affect them in the long run or if people will get over their outrage in a couple weeks and go back to being fucked in the ass by their policies. You guys saw their plan to put all videos they dislike but can't blatantly remove in a state where you can't share, like or discuss it, and if you look for say that Holla Forums video about immigrants you receive instead videos about how rapefugees should be welcomed and shit like that?

Just bookmark your favorite subs and use hooktube until they finally implement searching.

Can you even buy 22b as a regular civilian at all?

I would ride that car.

They always say it's empowering minorities, or promoting diversity, or whatever. Read between the lines, though, and the implicit blame for the current state of affairs is squarely on white males, who will be expected to remedy the situation because clearly minorities can't do it for themselves. White guys should quit working at any company that does this. It's a thinly veiled proclamation that white men aren't good enough, so the company needs to hire Shaneequa and Ibrahim and Moon-Child (xir) to give them the opportunity they intrinsically deserve. The more diversity, the more comfortable and productive everyone is. Except white males, because they aren't people, they are oppressive internet rapists.

if you have around $45k then yes.

Actually the dude is pressing charges against google for unlawlful termination. considering at the time this "manifesto" came to light Google was already getting shit from the dept of labour for supposedly fucking with male employees and their pay


So if you wreck it does it get transported back into the past like nothing happened?

Yes, well, not anymore, unless you want to search forever to find one that hasn't been burnt out.
Homologation specials are a great thing.

I am okay with this. It took less than 4 years until Yahoo female CEO of nearly bankrupting the company. Not too meantion how badly amy pascal turning Sony pictures into a corporate parasite feeding off of PlayStation bailout money.

Some people have got families to feed, though. As nice as it would be to vote with your feet like that, there's more issues they have to take into account.

Oxhorn did nothing wrong.

Becasue Blizzard had Blizzard North back then.
Only after getting rid of everyone who worked there they turned to shit.

Ironic that it went to shit after ridding them of the Diablo 1 devs.


Fuck off retard.

Shit's fucked, Mr. Shackleford.

They're biomechanical suits of armor that may or may not have slight sentience of their own.

I don't follow the news or go to Holla Forums, what is this Google manifesto shit I keep seeing?

Is this Holla Forums or Holla Forums? Holla Forums. Ban reason is correct. Fuck off.

Use your eyes next time

Our rights on Holla Forums have been slowly been eroded over time. We don't even have name fields anymore. And plenty of threads have been forced suicided like the Rabbit rabbit threads, hunger games and others. Not like it matters anymore anyway. Holla Forums died inside after next.

Either politics are completely against the rules, in which case this thread needs to go, along with everyone in it. Or politics are okay when on-topic, in which case the ban was bullshit, like the rest of the abuse goldenrod has been handing out.

Pick one, and only one.

I study business administration and diversity hires is the most frustrating bullshit I've ever drilled into my head when I was taking my administration classes. I even got into an argument with my professor when she was discussing it.
That guy is my hero for standing up against that bullshit and I hope more people stand up along with him.

So they put out an overpolished and arguably underdeveloped shooter. All the additions and updates worsen the gameplay and community. They're ARGs were shitty dissapointments. So why do they think more restrictive hiring practices will get them out of this?

Because they're out of touch and ignorant of the real problems.

Oh no! Not the rabbit rabbit threads, namefags, and hunger games threads(which I'm still pretty sure you can do)

I think some user already linked it in the thread, however, if anyone is interested there's an interview between Jordan B. Peterson and the ex-google employee. They talk mainly about the science behind the claims in the document, interesting if anyone wants actual concrete evidence rather than just spouting fucking SJWs, libcucks etc. Jordan Peterson is probably the only academic out there that goes out publicly to fight against this kind of shit. his lectures are pretty iteresting too


I fucked up, proper link:

Whether you like those threads or not does not change that the amount of liberties anons have had on here has been reduced and will continue to be reduced over time.

New Holla Forums board when?

history repeats

/games/ will always welcome more posters. As long as they actually talk about video games.

Make one

In other words, you're not allowing those same threads.

Has been hapening for quiete a while by now.
Remember the "fit fatties are still fat and need to lose weight" findings?
That shit has been going on for the past couple years, most of the time they just don't blow up as much and the responsible scientists have to either leave the fiel or won't find any proper workl anymore.


Rabbit threads and hunger game threads can technically both be considered vidya related.

I can already see how it will go down.

Thank god.

I guess so.

It's doubtful the community could take being fractured again, so it would be in our best interest to do what we can to improve the board and bring it back to how it was in 2014. Several months ago, Mark gave me this whole spiel about how important it was that BOs and moderators respect the community, how much he valued us, and then he promised that Holla Forums would never have the kind of shit taking place on Holla Forums and Holla Forums where hotpockets treat the users like shit and selectively enforce vague rules to police the conversation. Yet here we are today, with the same thing happening, and as said, where we're getting further and further from where we started.

well done

They're collecting as much victim bucks and useless idiot soldiers as they can before the jig is up. The writing is on the wall and these psychos are starting to get militant in preparation.

Nah, there are good things, many good things. But there are many bad things, and many bad things that have gotten strangely popular.

They could do that if they actually were hiring competent people. All they're doing is ensuring anyone with a shred of talent or intelligence will avoid Blizzard like the plague. I sure hope them tumblrtards with the Women Studies BA know how to code.

Protip: That isn't a Mustang


And whether you liked those threads or not does not make them video games

I bet you think Zelda's a girl too you faggot.

Good, good.

if will affect them in the long run because their companies level of talent and ability will keep decreasing and the people they pass over due to not being brown enough will go and create their own shit somewhere else

There's /games/, but I doubt anyone would move. Legacy boards are too engrained, unless the new board is also called Holla Forums, you're out of luck. Just give Mark feedback and improve the community here.

Well it's not like they really needed talent to get where they are today. I'd attribute most of Blizzard's success to endless marketing and getting their games to territories with barely any competition.

It's because he was too lazy to put in effort to deal with 4am avatarfags. Instead of just getting rid of them, it was decided to make a rule for it. All it would have taken was a month of putting in the effort, the autists would have left be a use they don't even go on Holla Forums, and there would be no need for the rule.

If it's of any consolation
Nobody that has read it thinks that.
What a shame nobody fucking read it.

Watch as their quality sinks as fast as Bioware's. Watch as Overwatch and WoW get the Andromeda treatment.

Are you really implying Blizzard has been quality after they restructured in 2002?

I've been doing this for over 10 years now.


Non-white here. How do I get a job there so I can burn them from the inside?

Speaking of which, what's a good email provider that isn't google?
No disposable shit.

We ain't seen nothing yet. Do you want to witness how worse they'll get?

The ban reason is correct
This is Holla Forums not Holla Forums
even though you're correct The ban was proper. Fuck off.

You're guaranteed a job already.

Yes, all those companies acting in a concentrated effort only care about money, ignore the man behind the curtain!


Blizzard is a division niggerfaggot.
Vivendi's shareholders probably don't give a shit but individual divisions are free to leverage the company resources for politishit.

If a branch is more trouble than it's worth, then Vivendi will have to liquidate it. Don't expect Blizzard to go bankrupt and get away with daddy Vivendi saving their ass. EA liquidated Bioware, the mistake EA made was moving the employees to another branch instead of outright firing them.

But this is Holla Forumschan, user.

You also have to bear in mind, vivendi will take steps to prune employees from the company if they draw too much shit.
Which was going to happen, which is why they shit out a tf2 clone and signed a ton of jewtubers into contracts to go to overwatch to make up for their financial failings and horrible pr

Guy works at google, writes about hostile leftist climate where people with different viewpoints are afraid to speak up because they are afraid to get fired. Google responded by firing him.

Then with the current direction Blizzard is facing, they aren't going to last for much longer.

like pottery

No shit?
Why do you think they are pandering (or at least attempting to pander) to their old audience so hard?

It can't get worse. Every game they've ever done alone has been garbage. It's no wonder Activision bought them.

Don't forget

They are doing a shit job at pandering. Their old audience aren't even happy with what Blizzard is doing and Overwatch is just a meme that only gained the Tumblr audience and the fappers outside Tumblr. Tumblr's short attention span will just have them forget about Overwatch when the next big meme game arrives and the Overwatch girls are just flavor of the month that will get replaced by newer girls in newer games for the people to masturbate to. Blizzard has no idea how to pander. Maybe if Blizzard makes a Warcraft 4 real-time strategy game, then they'd be on a track to the right direction, but hey are too retarded to realize this and would rather have WoW on life support. An MMO should only have a lifespan of 5 to 8 years and Blizzard has kept WoW up way pass its expiration date.

And? If you don't play overwatch, it's not that big of a deal. This "underrepresented" bullshit has been happening for awhile now under affirmative action. Let them sink their own ship and others will learn from their mistake.

Even if their shares don't drop, the quality of their products will.



they will
they ruin everything they touch, have you not noticed?
fucking no one likes them any more

The more people who raise a stink over the bullshit the more people who aren't clinically insane (ex. you and SJWs) will go "well fuck people are getting upset at this for X Y Z reason. And these are fair points".

Thus the growing stink grows. I get it, you're a faggot who has shit debate skills and can't cite any soruces to sway on the fence and normalfags about why this shit needs to go. instead screeching like a retard

Yeah, they couldn't even attempt right. As I said, they should end WoW, make a new Warcraft RTS and get their heads out of their asses. If Blizzard were smart, they'd make a Starcraft MMO and sell it to Koreans.


oh, and a strawman argument, too
as i've never said we have to JUST ignore them
i said they do a fantastic job of destroying their own reputation
who was shit at debate, again?

Really makes you think

Well, I posted this in the forums yesterday, it got deleted and I got a suspension for "spamming/trolling", a lot of people are leaving the game because the balance is ass, right now people like me are leaving the game because the game runs like ass.

So basically now they are slowly going full Bioware.

Tracer's face will become tired.

What were you referring to exactly?

Did they change something to cause this? I remember tons of shills even here saying it could run on a toaster.

that is like all there ever is anymore or characters getting it rough

Pharmercy which is a dominant force in the lower ranks, mind you, I can take care of Pharah most of the time but I get bored of using the same heroes just because every time my team is winning the other team switches to Pharmercy.

I think you have many bad opinions.

It's just gotten worse over time, back in the beta it literally could run on a toaster but with every patch after release it just runs worse and worse.

It's really nice how their token niggress is literally Egyptian Korra with gold hair ornaments.

It was able to run on toasters moderately fine, I got 75FPS on high settings, but the Doomfist update broke performance for me and other people, it may have something to do with the new highlights system because teamfights and certain things like ultimates cripple my frames down to 20FPS or less in LOW settings.

I remember trying the free weekend during the anniversary sale or whatever the fuck, and I remember it running fine, maxed on a 750ti, so I genuinely wonder how Blizz manages to make a game that looks that bad run that bad.

Is there a problem? Holla Forums always wants to see the [CURRENT YEAR] industry burn. Let it burn.

My specs
i5 3.00 GHz
GPU: GTX 950

Of course. some shills in the forums say "hurr, your GPU is dying" or some shit, it doesn't even have a year since I bought it, as I said, maybe their new recording system is draining too much resources.

BTW people, I can't promise anything since I am alone in this, but let's say I want to make my own class shooter in UE4, maybe just the template so people can work on their stuff, maybe I get lucky and learn a lot while also getting a crew or something, what would you like to see in a game like that?

Setting the bar pretty low, how can I make it better than OW from the gameplay perspective?

Doesn't mean we can't shitpost about the fire rising.

Jesus Christ. How badly did they have to fuck up? I mean, their models and textures look like they're from an early PS3 game.

More vertical mobility and level design

Most performance hits are cause by post processing bloat and not really models or textures. A new character probably clashed with the lighting or something and they had to hacksaw it to fit him in.

So, more super jump abilities and the like? as for level design, I am certainly not defining stuff on single chokepoints, right now I will have to focus on weapon variety for starters.

Any cool hero concepts?

Nah. Name one good Blizzard game and one good Bioware game. Well, skip the Bioware one because all RPGs are fucking skinner boxes.

Cut out "class", or make it so that there aren't preset heroes, but you can pick fatness tier, light, medium heavy, and make it so that you can pick three abilities from a pool or something. Make it faster than OW. Make super high speed mobility an actual skill, and not just a cooldown button.
just make Titanfall 2 with more abilities and no mechs

Monkeys. Lots of monkeys. Every character should be a different species of monkey with monkey themed abilities like swinging with their tails and throwing banana peels and feces.
Call the game Chimp Champ.

Sounds OK, but I really want to have room for some colorful characters still, if anything the "MOBA Shooter" concept hasn't really been ported properly, where are the lanes? where are the minions? HotS is kind of interesting because maps have objectives that can affect the outcome of the battle.

Ebin Gaymes already has you beat on that. Try Paragon.

It's funny how people blame EA for Bioware's shortcomings. As one of the founders of Bioware said.

>make all the classes female and implement clothing destruction

I mean, if you are implementing MOBA elements I think is stupid to not include ways to approach the enemy and ways to level up or gain stuff, Paladins was almost there with the upgrade shop but poorly implemented since there is no way to get more gold if the other team is too good.

What do you mean by the symmetrical warfare? any examples? sounds good.

Goddamn I'm demoralized. I'm not even going to read anything in this thread or this article. I knew blizzard was cancer from the moment they endorsed the feminist cults in south korea and condemned GG at last year's Blizzcon, but this only seeks to show that the next 4-5 years are absolutely devoid of hope for them.
I'd like to say I hope they die but they've given me so much enjoyment as a child with their games. Goddamn its like watching a close uncle turn SJW. This isn't fair. Fucking hell Blizzard. Why'd you have to fall so far. Why'd you have to sell out. Why did making money become more important than making good quality games and listening to your community and empowering them to create incredible things.
Fucking hell Blizzard, fuck you all…


MEKA? Sure. Orisa is shit, though.

Basically anything that doesn't involve one team dedicating themselves to defence while the other attacks. From what I find with shooters those kind of game modes are the ones that get boring the fastest.

By the way, if you're only reason for doing a class-based shooter is to have a reason to create colorful/entertaining characters. It's worth considering that you can still do this by giving players a character select screen with maybe some special abilities, but you don't have to then make the weapons fixed to the classes. This is something the games industry haven't seemed to have figured out yet.

Nigger its sad to know the western vidya industry has crumbled. Western games used to offer unique fucking things. Don't be a faggot.

Hopefully with this new approaching video game crash, things might be good again.

But then again, why would anything nice ever happen?

Western games have been too pozzed to recover years ago.

Well, I could make certain characters able to specialize in certain loadouts as a soft restriction, I mean, it would be like TF2 if the alt weapons weren't that bad in some cases.

The only niggers that you ever see in games, when they want them to be attractive, are basically Caucasian girls painted black. You can't have an attractive negroid IRL, at least not without some heavy breeding with humans.

I guess most people feel a sense of nostalgia towards Baldur's Gate 1 and 2, arguably the only good (or, at least, passable) games BioWare ever made.

Not just games, everything made in the West is pozzed. I haven't watched a TV show in years, haven't bothered with comics in nearly a decade, I barely play any games made in the West and don't listen to any music they shit out. Any movie I watch made in the West I give up halfway through. We are looking at a complete cultural holocaust from which the West will never recover.

If MEKA had been an combat AI installed to a bot instead of a "Lol vidya" thing the character would have been 300% better. Also I wouldn't have to see those godawful store-bought cosplayers every time I go to a con. Seriously fuck that costume, it's just shitty spandex with a pattern printed on it.

Isn't Blizzard owned bu Tencent?
Are chinks ok with their cashcow being SJeWed?
Tokyo kikes seemed to have learned the hard way with Cisbusters, one would think the chink megacorps would keep an open eye to see wich way the wind is blowing and would try to put a stop to poos and cunts for shitting up the place

they have a minority on their assets, around 5-10% so, they are a board vote, but not the main guys.

I havent seen a movie in about 3 years, i havent touvhed comics ever, i dont really listen to music that much besides some older stuff and vidya ost, the only western game in recent memory thats not pozzed is grimoire.

i want to fuck the bug centaur

My favorite is the fat nigresses who dress up as korean vidya slut and get a cheapo 5$ Glock toy and attack a keychain to it.

/pol cucked again.

So your planning pinning your hopes and dreams on a country that you have no influence on, which is getting increasing global pressure to conform to pc politics by the 2020 Olympics, just because right now (((they))) seem to have no influence as well. I don't know about you but having no contingency plan make nervous especially how hard it could bite in the ass.

So it's a good time to invest?

Japan won't bend over. They don't give a shit. They're actively getting more nationalistic and militant and every attempt to humiliate them in front of the UN was met with a strong "Fuck off!"

Fuck that shit men and women are exactly the same that's why we need diversity because they're different and we need both perspectives but they're completely equal and just as good at programming but total different equality soros

Oh, no. When shit hits the fan im going into martial arts and weapons instead of digital entertainment. tbh i should probably start training, but no money

I'm used to twitter shitters, tumblrcunts, and other degenerates just outright lying about reading things going around the internet. We're seeing this shit happen on a near daily basis when some celebrity says something that's the slightest bit "redpilled" and then all the idiots launch into a frenzy on social media and claim they said something like "all women belong in the kitchen and Hitler did nothing wrong."

But when it comes to the people in charge of these multi-billion dollar tech companies who are this close to absolutely controlling the internet, people who run highly technical and specialized company that should be above this shit.. and yet, some idiots on social media crying "SEXISM" is enough to sway them. If the investors and stockholders weren't just as dumb, I'd expect them to remove every single member of the board and replace them with people who aren't retarded.

user, it's not healthy to channel Holla Forums. Remember what happens when you stare at the Abyss for too long.

I'm pretty sure Frozen Throne was the last thing Blizzard did correctly

BTW, what do you think about Heroes of the Storm? considering the balance team got their shit together after Geoff Goodman left, still, what do you think about the game overall?

That's not the issue, the issue is folks like you are so certain that it won't happen that you do nothing at all. All it does is just gives more ground without a fight making it harder to gain that ground back. So if it does happen, you are completely SOL since you have no fallback plan. I hate to say this that mentality just screams the first they came for poem.

At least you a plan, that's better than nothing. I would recommend getting /fit/ then and the second pic for as a starting point. Keep in mind it's two years old, and just to look at your local gun shops as well, never know when you can find a deal.

The really hilarious part was when all these women, there peerless equals of men, got so butthurt over a simple memo they collectively decided not to show for work the next day. Way to prove the guy right, though none of them have the necessary introspective ability to grasp this simple fact.

Why would they be? They all went to the same ivy league Jewish indoctrination camps where academia hammered the same Marxist drivel they feed to liberal arts students. The biggest coup of the left was their stranglehold on education, and they have reaped the benefits of their undisputed dominance ever since.

And what are we supposed to do? Inform our counterparts on 2chan about the Jewish blight? They've been dealing with that kind of shit for longer than 4chan has existed, they know who the enemy is and what they want.

There is no fallback plan, this shit will only end when leftists start getting killed en masse. There is no talking reason to them or beating them down, the only way they can be stopped is if they are dead.

>that they mailed out to (((news))) outlets as PR
Not even considering the racism of hiring people just for their skin color, that's fucking scummy. Call it an ad which it what it was, not a fake ass internal memo. Fuck this stupid society.

Alright concept with poor execution. It's a good idea to differentiate themselves from other games of the genre by having multiple maps with heavier emphasis on big objectives than lane farming but for some reason every single map still has very similar lane setups and the majority of the hero design is unsatisfying trash.

Can we get a boycott/sabotage going of the COD WWII beta?

Because racism never had anything to do with prejudiced behavior against different races and everything to do with convincing whites to never stand up for themselves. Liberals never respond to "But you're the real racist!" because they know that's not what racism really means, and they intentionally feed you an entirely different definition to leave you with confusion about their "hypocrisy." The only hypocrisy is the illusion of hypocrisy.

Fight back on our front you fucking retard. All what uppity fuckwits like you do is believe japan will never give in, and that's it. Although that would be a grand idea setting up a line of communication, but both of us know that's fucking pipe dream no one know jack shit about reading japanese.
Thank you for admitting that, most people here you have to yank their teeth to admit it. For that i'm not going to browbeat you after this post.

>tfw in commiefornia
Im gonna stick to blades. I might just get a spear at some point.

And how do you propose to do that? Like I said, the only way things will change is when open violence is initiated. Any attempt to peacefully find a resolution will end up in failure because it is pointless to negotiate with religious fanatics.

No shit I'm admitting it. There is no point talking to normalfags because they are too stupid to give a shit. They'll only start caring when things get really bad. Everything else is pointless because leftists are in control of nearly every aspect of society.

Here's a hint: How would the japanese fight it?

You guys should chill. Marxism always eats itself. The SJW collective will crumble under its own weight eventually. It might not happen tomorrow or next year or even a decade from now but it will. There's only so much bullshit anti-science you can spew before reality hits you in the face. This has happened before and it will happen again. They can't beat the universe.


Here's a hint
Rapiers are better

Problem is we don't have the time to wait it out. Within the next 20 years whites will become minorities in their own countries, and after that it will simply be a matter of the democratic process stripping them of whatever power they have left as the subhumans let their numbers do the talking.

I've yet to hear any concrete ideas from you chucklefucks besides "fight on your own front", and I already explained why that's an exercise in futility.

i already have a katana. Dont ask why

Problem is with that is there's chance that only a few purges or famines before folks change their mind. Unlike most of you lardasses my fat to won't save me since i'm built like a twig and I don't want to spend the rest of my days in a gulag either.

I was dreading/expecting one of you fucks to mention Otoya Yamaguchi as soon I typed that. I'm disapointed in both of you.

You're entitled to your shit taste I guess. At least it's a right and proper bot.

I'm going to regret asking, but what nigress?

Oh fuck you I've been suggesting but people here are retarded shut ins scared of doing shit publically getting involved. Fighting on your own front is retarded people need to unite against SJWs irl but the problem is a)Time b) neckbeards keep insisting on keeping it to keyboard wars maintaining this stalemate

same shit happened with dota.


I don't play overwatch though, at all. Just Hat idler 2.

Now to be the devils advocate here, a lot of folks don't want their shit to end up like chanology or OWS. Which didn't get shit done and was cringy as fuck.

This fucker right here, probably change the course of japan by killing that commie. Hence why I regretted saying 'what would japan do'. Since that shit is not going to work here, fuckers are desperate for something like that to happen here.


Atleast the japs have the balls to take back their country.

Not really, as they still idolize America. It would have been better for them if they had never surrendered, even if that would have meant the possible destruction of the Japanese race.

Breivik managed to gun quite a few of the little vermin down.

I've said it before and i'll say it again, but you niggers don't have the balls to do that kind of shit.

>>>/tumblr/ pls

Because the problem is systematic and gunning down a dozen filthy Marxist will solve nothing. You need a complete social uprising and purge upon purge upon purge to wash the stench of leftism out of Western civilization.

Breivik, bless his heart, had the right idea, but lacked the ability to truly leave a lasting effect.

Fucking glorious.

Breivik was a fucking retard and a self-obsessed coward who played directly into the narrative and plan of the jews. The only people glad about what he did are braindead prepubescent edgelords and the Marxist kikes who got an entire highschool class' worth of martyrs to milk for the next decade.t
tl;dr kill yourself you fucking kike

It boils down to design and execution. OW is well-liked because it combines the addictive features of mobile games to a optimized barebones shooter. Even if your PC is garbage, the character designs still look good visually.

Looks like he was shot in the head just as he killed the guy?

And besides his massive kill count, how did that further his political goals? With Yamaguchi killing the leader of the commie party, the party later was split up and never fully recovered after that.

Exactly, however the death of Inejiro Asanuma, the the commie yamaguchi killed, did have an positive impact. The million dollar question is why it did where others failed to like MLK jr.?

Food Fight has better animation than Andromeda.

The little shits he killed were the future leaders of the left. He pretty much guaranteed they lost all their handpicked successors.

What's wrong with Orisa?

"Seven lives for my country, Long live his majesty the Emperor"

I've created a PS4 community for boycotting cod ww2 and ruining the beta so normalfags cancel their preorders. Search "COD WW2 BOYCOTT"

Voice is annoying, no good skins aside from the ONE blue beetle one, abilities are just all ripped from other characters, Bug theme but centaur body, the boring-as-hell "clumsy-but-well-meaning" personality, made by a ten year old.

Just an all-around shit character. Characters don't even have the decency to go full-on centaur and give her the horsepussy when they make porn of her.

You're a fucking retard.

Back to Holla Forums and cry bitch tears your filthy little goblins got what they deserved.

I'd gonna take a shot in the dark and say it's because the way it was done created a martyr for them to rally behind. Probably would have been a completely different scenario if you got another nig to shoot MLK instead of someone who looked like a redneck.

MLK calling out his own death in advance, and then endlessly playing back footage of that speech probably has something to do with it.

I didn't give a rebuttal because you're so obviously wrong and utterly fucking retarded it's not even funny
Kill yourself, kike. I can hear your ratlike hands masturbating over your Christmas come early martyrs even from here.

From kikepedia:
Kvetch my little Jude, kvetch as loud as you can, the oven is the end of the line for you.

Alright, reasonable conclusion. So why was Asanuma not a martyr as well, instead of all things that could happen, Yamaguchi is the martyr instead? Is it because asanuma didn't do that martyr talking shit, or the media wasted their opportunity to use his death as a cudgel against the nationalist, or just flat out didn't care about the socialists? There are so many questions I have here.

Aside from every map having always 3 lanes what do you mean with the hero design?

Because the Nips loathe the kike golems. Make no mistake, under the veneer of kawaii desu ne Japan is still the same country it was a 100 years ago, or even 400 years ago. The only reason they don't have nukes is because they see no need, but they have all the technology and know-how to build and operate them.

Thank you for reminding me why I fucking hate vidya and tech corps.

I mean there's a handful of heroes that do different and interesting things like abathur, hammer and murky and then everyone else is either a weak parallel of a character from dota or lol or just generally bland.

You are one of the dumbest motherfuckers alive

It might have something to do with the supporters involved. MLK's death more or less just played into the average nig's narrative of the white devil always trying to keep blacks down from achieving greatness, and thus, invigorated them, rather than demoralize.

I see, well, is hard to not fall into archetypes at this point in time.


It's the fact the elites wanted MLK to succeed. Why did no one kill him before he gathered enough popularity to repeal segregation laws? The FBI certainly is not above manufacturing proof to incriminate suspects, and they had him under constant surveillance.

If you want to keep talking about politics you will force me to link this thing because Vlad the Impaler was based as fuck.

Nah, that's just a news reporter flash going off.

MLK didn't repeal segregation laws. He was popular, but he was only the tip of a very large spear. Nobody in congress really wanted to push the issue, especially going into an election cycle. LBJ pushed it because he had to follow on Kennedy's legacy (Bobby was still around at the time, remember - and he was the "voice of the Kennedys", and was far more in favor of desegregation than John) - and because he needed the Black Vote to actually win an election himself.

By focusing the issue on his initiative, he gained enough votes to put himself back in office - and took the pressure off enough members of congress to get it passed through. Even then, not without repercussions.

LBJ is the reason why the deep South votes red now. Used to be, the South were pretty ardent Democrats (Dixiecrats, as they were called).

Desegregation would have happened, regardless of whether or not MLK was in the picture. At best, he pushed the resolution of the issue up a few years by being a meme public figure.

nice touch

DEFENSE of the Ancients

Okay, time for the facts: it was a mix. Some bits near the beginning were fine, but it goes embarrassingly prescriptive with the assertions in makes with little to no evidence backing it up.

I almost think it was deliberately written in such a way to make people who only skimmed it make it sound like it comes off way more moderate than it actually is with the claims it makes.

cant wait for Mass Effect Andromeda 2 electric bogaloo

They had this thread.
>>>Holla Forums10381965

Based on lighting/shaders, I'd say 90s to early 2000s kids CGI cartoon.