Holla Forums WE WERE WRONG

Holla Forums WE WERE WRONG.
[spoiler] AMY ROSE (CD)
METAL SONIC (CD) [/spoiler]
[spoiler] - STARLIGHT ZONE


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oh well, fucked the spoilers up, you were going to look anyway.

Are you fucking autistic? Why is everything capitalized? Why is the greentext used wrong? Why can't you spoil?
I'm excited for Mania though, I think it will be the best Sonic game we've gotten in a while. Reminder that no 3D Sonic games are good Sonic games.

Whoops, noticed an error. There's the four classic games. Not CD.


but can you get rouge pregnant

So is the third one that rabbit thing that was Sonic's prototype?

If this isn't real you're going to have broken my fucking heart.

But the game has plenty of content as is so I guess I'm not too upset if this is fake, but still, shit, Metal Sonic and a re-release of a bunch of original stages sounds great.

Your "leak" is already proven wrong because Oil Ocean is in the stream.

He didn't list Oil Ocean though.

Mark just showed the level select for time trial and there's not enough zones for the leak to be real anyway.

Fucking exactly. Oil Ocean has not been officially announced, yet it's in the game, and he didn't have it listed under

Mania can't be the best of something that was never good, stupid.

And here I was seriously looking forward to having every zone available and playing through them as Metal Sonic. Ah well, like I said there's still enough shit to make the game interesting so hey, whatever.



xD you tell em boyz!!
Joyconboyzz xDDD


The gift that keeps on giving. I love this.

Trying way too hard, champ

That's exactly the example I was showing to you, yet you're too much of a braindead faggot to self-reflect on your idiocy. Please shut the fuck up if you've never been good at a sonic game, let alone played it. You are impressing nobody by pretending to be "with It" and bashing it mindlessly. You dumb fucking child.

Can you like give a fucking source on this, I don't care about spoilers for this game because this game is nothing special.


You're the idiot for believing he's completely serious and not just using lazy bait. It's people like you that encourage people like him to keep shitting up the board.

Hello cuckchan. Double asterisks are superior.

I'm pretty sure you can still use those spoiler tags as long as you don't break the line. You can't **spoiler
across lines** with the asterisks either anyway.

You're assuming he's baiting, none of us are on the right on this situation, smartass. Did you forget we are being flooded with halfchan idiots?

Because OP is a shill

And is replying to him gonna do anything, except egg him on, if he's legitimately dumb? No. All you're doing is adding to the problem, not solving it.


That's why you report and hide, dipshit. Even you, responding right now, is further escalating to the problem.
Why not practice what you preach and fuck right off.

There you go, friend
Use that to redtext
use that to underline
use that to strikethrough.

Wait, wasn't it a mass remake of Sonic2~&CHUCKLES to begin with? Kinda like SORR but licensed?
What's the commotion about?




At least use pink text when listing.

Probably Ray the Flying Squirrel. I hope against hope that it's Mighty the Armadillo, though.


I'm scared.

Perhaps Alex Kidd since Sonic started as an Alex Kidd game but the player character moved faster than the camera could keep up
Rather than fix it, they codified it

Trying way too hard, buddy. Don't go full autistic.



We already know all this shit isn't true.


Which one of you flat foots leaked Sonic Mania JUST days before the release date?

Holy fuck you are slow user. It was by mark himself. He posted Holla Forums thread on twitter and we were invaded by cuckchan and neogaf. True story.

Could this be why they never released the Sonic 1 and 2 remakes on Steam? I want to believe.


We watched the stream of collectors edition. There's no sonic1-3k. Its just mania, time attack and 2 player mode. Op post is a bait.


Yeah I abandoned the board for the day when I saw that shit yesterday. Shit seems to be fine now.

come over to /games/ then

Seriously? Shit, I was at work, that sucks for whoever was here.

He is talking about Mark lel youtu.be/bjH7S5v1mJo?t=141

en español!
Its the new crash autism thing!

lmao no

We finally play as Robotnik


Well? Why can't she, Holla Forums?

Because trot and upwards, you need a sports bra or your boobs will painfully flop all over the place.

To those who are going to buy this game, what platform are you going to buy it?

Okay, why is Mark currently streaming gay porn in the stream right as he got to playing as Knuckles?

i'll buy it on pc if it's drm free, otherwise i'll pirate it

He wanted to go to bed, he just started Knuckles to see the different cutscene

It's on Steam, so I guess you'll be pirating it. Also they delayed it on PC for some reason.

God bless mark

Reminder that the PC version was delayed two weeks for unspecified reasons


Let me guess, it's some shitty, non-Retro Engine version of Sonic 1. I'm glad I was never going to buy it in the first place because I can't play it on my shitty netbook running Windows XP.

I'll wait to see if it has some some DRM hoops or mission content before buying it.

If you meant to say "missing" content, at least it would be Sonic tradition, especially in a game imitating the Geneis games.

yeah, missing contest, i need to remember to proof read.

Why is that Mark guy so bad at Sonic?

user, it's the OP of a Sonic thread.


Gentlemen, thanks to our CEO's unusual shrewdness, we have secured the rights to what is potentially one of the largest salt mines yet. The Sonic Mania salt mine will be able to fully replenish our reserves which have been slowly depleting since the Boston Salt Party and then some. I propose with this information, the PuyoPuyo level, and the game itself being a prequel to Sonic Forces, is enough for the salt mine to operate at peak efficacy. We need your highest quality spoiler images for display on Reddit and NeoGAF, and of course we cannot forget about Twitch messages on accounts with high-profile streamers. The volatility of Sonic autists is unmatched by any other fanbase and, combined with the two week delay for the PC port, will surely provide us with enough asspain for us to last at least to the end of the year. We only have three days, so get to work.

Yeah but Amy is flat in-game, so she doesn't need any boobholders.

Great thread, go make another on where you belong.

Also, reminder

There's right now a lot of butthurt on sonic forums and /sthg/ that sonic mania and forces are connected. Classicfags cry loud that mania ends as advertisement for sonic forces and scream its unnecessary. There's more hate towards developers for this right now, than towards Mark.

NeoFag/Sonicfags/4cucks are buttblasted as all hell.
Board kike just mined a shitton of salt by accident.

I've got some fresh salt right here.
God damn it I just want to play the fucking game how the hell is it possible to suddenly have such an important technical issue that the game needs to be delayed four days before release and why is it specifically the PC version, which is the only version I want
I hope this helps

Where's the guy with the webm of the super ending?

At LEAST I can recognize one person here, who the FUCK is Amanda.

Christ, fucking reddit autists
Nothing else to play or anything, right?

Are we going to discuss purple portal at the end or not?

Likely posting it somewhere else to mine some salt.

Your average cuckcha poster nowadays.

Some tryhard skankbag? That's totally unexpected.

For you, buddy.

Its a sonic's heil hitler pose

NOW YOU tell me. I'm gonna redo it
Also, desktop just froze.
Guess who's gonna wait another hour for the final boss and credits to upload? Yes! Very good, all of you! Thanks, shitty hardware! So unpredictable!

Well fuck. I'l wait.

While you at uploading, can you upload a screenshot of a portal for me? You know, the one available straight before cutscene begins.

I'm livid, it was 94% and then BLAM, digital static. Welp.

Which cutscene? The end cutscene or some boss?

After you defeat the boss, sonic goes into time portal, opened by the 8 emerald…


8 emerald…


hes the opening

I've never played a Sanic before, should I play the originals or just wait and play them in mania?

Is Sonic fighting (((MSM)) in this game?


Oh no way. Jewtube somehow recovered my download. Not bad for a dataminer owned by one of the most unashamedly leftists corporations.

This? Looks like a ultra dimensional goatse.

Here you go fellas.
I'll upload a better version when I get the chance, sorry in advance

10/10, true taco autism right there.

I'd recommend playing at least one of the original 2D games first, at least for a little bit. Try Sonic 2.

Where is the option that allows ANYONE to add annotations to a youtube video, is that still a thing?

i think annotations were completely shoah'd for new vids a few months ago

Thanks. Great.

Meanwhile cuckchan is is a magical place:

FUCK. This woud've been AMAZING. I can add annotations myself, but I want them to be public!

that poor bastard would have one hell of a time in this place. I almost feel bad, then I realize that attitude is what made halfchan such a safe space


I know, I'm pathetic. All the bully.

jews indeed did 9/11. No one's bullying you.

mind = blown

i'm just being an ironic shill, unlike OP, who's unironically shilling

Good to know. I wanted to blather on more during the credits, maybe talk about how the elite want people to obey them, how the USA was slowly subverted and the reason why vidya isn't as good, and why sites like reddit are bad because they keep encouraging mediocrity and mindless consumption, but too tired to do that, I've been doing pure video stuff today. It feels nice, being somewhat productive
In Knuckles ending I'll probably do it. One more video uploaded for today and I'm off to bed, knuckles stuff is tomorrow morning, so in about 7-8 hours.

The site is filled with nigger cuckolds, bitches and communists now, my sympathy is gone.

(Checked) Fair enough.

How the fuck super Knuckles is going to be pink when in sonic mania he's already pink as fuck?

We'll know when the time comes, I didn't see the knuckles sections actually. How different are they?

I can't stop watching


Apparently cuckchan is controlled by IGN or something and now everybody there hates the game based on ending alone.
That's aside the fact this thread is fucking silent. So yeah, salt was succesful. In a way you couldn't even predict.

Good job Mark, good job Morbidcrab.

Good job Mark, because of you the pc version got delayed and now the people are canceling their preorders on mass.
If we're lucky we might even end up with denuvo.

They should just stick to playing Gone Home.

I want off this ride.

Reminder that if the game ends up with Denuvo, buy a copy on console and just torrent the PC version

There is no excuse to not support this game, unless you want Sonic to be a dead franchise

There's already almost 300 replies and all filled with ending butthurt. Like completely fucking ignoring what the rest of the game provides. I guess that's part of their deep hatred for Forces for some reason affecting this game.

I guess so. Who honestly gives a fuck about story in a Sonic game? Especially an old school one that's 90% gameplay anyways. Cuckchan has fallen quite a long ways.


All Sanic has ever been good for is suckering money off autists so Sega can fund their superior IPs. I'd trade Sanic for Shinobi in a heartbeat, but nobody gives a fuck about actual good games.

all this leak has done was make me want to buy the game when it comes out, so thanks for that final push

we did it reddit

Not supporting a publisher that uses denuvo is a pretty fucking good reason, but clearly that concept doesn't even occur to you because you're one of those faggots that will come up with any shitty reason to support objectively bad things.

And you'll never get it without the cancer anyway, because you've proved that you'll still buy it regardless of whatever awful DRM they put on it.

I cant wait to get sonic. Just a few more days!

This looks so good. I wish Mania team were allowed to make more original levels.

lets try that again

I can't wait for you to fix the lag in larger threads, just a few more years.


By buying the non-DRM version of a game, you're giving money to both Taxman, the developer who deserves it, and telling SEGA that a DRM port of a game is worse than a normal port

If you're not willing to put up with this but you are willing to put up with a franchise dying due to Japanese Ken Penders than you are the cancer killing the gaming industry


account suspended what did I miss

Whose bitch is that?

you're welcome goy

Which hedgehog has the biggest cock?

When the GIF is not expanded I see sonic's lower third blinking on the top of the picture.
What the fug?

Looks like thumbnail gifs are fucked right now

Will this gif's thumbnail be fucked?

thumbnail gifs are back?

no niggers allowed

>an almost 3 hour long movie

I greatly misjudged the level of autism this person has achieved. I can't even imagine how long this would take somebody to complete, even with the ripped assets.



Th-thanks Satan.


You want your pages to load sonic fast?

Only two weeks, Hellmonkey

Suggest an alternative.

You don't have an argument, you're being a retard for the sake of being a retard. Get the fuck off your high horse.

I use Lynx
Which is a modified kik

Your reasoning is fucking garbage and you should feel bad.

Goddamn, all those times I called cuckchan the new Reddit I was half joking, but now I really mean it.

Cuckchan is fucking Reddit

That last will probably be shit but its still a nice touch, especially for the autists.

Ron please delete Holla Forums and provide all of the internet the assblast of the century.

Absolutely everything you do on the internet can be monitored by a third party in some way, and almost every program you use (like Steam to play Sonic Mania for example) collects data from you in one way or another.

Every chat program that has ever existed has always had the capability to store chat logs, but it's only recently with "cloud storage" and the cost of data servers being so cheap that you are seeing people aggregating and selling that information.

If you want to voice chat, you might just be shit out of luck because I don't see any voice protocol programs on the hidden wiki.

there's mumble

Which is fine for voice chatting with exactly one person with a direct peer-to-peer connection, but once you start a server things start getting iffy.

how so?

What exactly do you mean server things start getting iffy? the swamp mumble for splatoon and other crap works fine

Once you start connecting multiple users together, it changes from a direct p2p and instead moves to the server model wherein everyone connects to a server which in turn connects to everyone else and that poses a security issue because the owner of that server (mumble) can listen in and record.

Not to mention even with all of this, any of the people you are actually talking with can just record you and post your shit wherever you want.

The point is, being paranoid about Discord is one step too far in the tinfoil hat direction.

Especially if you use Google, Youtube, Steam, or any major console (they all collect analytics)

Yes, the end point is always a vunerability, this doesn't mean that the service is flawed. Discord collects analytics passively, in order for a mumble owner or user to collect analytics they'd need to do so actively, saving chatlogs and recording voice manually. It doesn't scale down well enough, and the service is small enough that no mass solution exists.
When I post something to discord, it's on their servers, their servers are made for collecting data from me and my posts. When I post something to mumble, it's on the server owner's servers. It's not designed around collecting data and while it can be used to collect said data, it's not designed to.

I've openly talked about illegal activities on Discord and nothing came of it.

I've posted some pretty saucy images that I'm 90% sure are illegal somewhere in the US (and if not, they probably should be) and nothing came of it.

I've spoken openly about my purchasing decisions and nothing came of it. Not a single targeted ad.

In fact I haven't even so much as heard a story of someone who had anything at all happen to them because of Discord.



Yes. You could. However, because the servers are uncentralized having one "vulnerable" server doesn't do much. The entireity of discord is vulnerable, by design.

post videos of Amy Rose being played.

Send me some cheesy slices user ;;;)))

Give me ideas to fuck with the userbase


just Amy Rose, dude.

Someone's already uploaded Mark playing Weeaboo Zone. Step it up, Crab.

I don't wanna step it up, I wanna step it down and aggravate people.


If someone else is uploading the footage, then the only thing getting stepped on is you.

You want to suck on Mark's toes, don't you, you fucking slut.

Uploading a high quality rip of the final final boss + ending + credits. No shitty audio or anything other than Mark's steam dinging in credits and elsewhere

Replace the music with crazy frog, got it.

Bring back Cucky.

The background in Titanic Monarch zone is dreamy as fuck.

It's a question of trust. You can trust a server owner if he's someone you know but you can't trust Discord because it's the opposite.

Just like literally in every other VoIP software. So what's your point?

The fact that people see privacy cautiousness as a paranoid activity compared to 9/11 Truthers is the reason we get the privacy violation.

Overall, in Mumble you can create your server or ask a friend who you trust. And the only drawback is the fact that people who join this server can record you? Dunno how long you've been using computers, but everything that comes out of your speakers can be recorded and nothing can stop someone from doing so. Discord on the other had openly admits in collecting data on you that it can use however they like to. And, if I'll take your position, on top of that everyone in the chat can record you as well. And we're not even discussing other reasons why Discord is fucking garbage (like the fact that it's basically just another Chromium-based browser that sits there and eats your RAM like a hungry swine)

You think that NSA (or someone else) works like they showed them in South Park or on some shitty movie (i.e. people sit there and manually watch what people around the globe do)? The whole idea of data collection is to collect it. The data being analized only when it's needed. If you will be found "legally interesting" for one reason or another all that shit you just said you were discussing on Discord will be dug up and used against you.

What's with Nu Lava Reef Zone?


I'm not even a furry but I'd fuck that hedgehog

I'm surprised no one has made a WebM so far.


Who doesn't.

Words like that will get a boot stepped up your ass

Why are they all missing? Is this a commentary on the mental state of the fanbase?



Don't act like you haven't had stupid little desires like that. Artists are the blessed few who get to draw those desires

We all knew where this thread was going from the start.



I hope they find the subhuman who sold him the game early and make him permanently unemployable, hopefully even shut the store down.

Final Boss, Ending, Credits from Mark's Stream.


Is there a reason for the delay on the PC release?

desire sensor


Doesn't the Sonic 3&K Complete romhack kinda do everything that Mania does except for the high fidelity grafix?

Why only the PC version, and not all three versions got locked is beyond me.

Has anyone noticed that the music for the final boss sounds a little bit like Fist Bump from Forces?


No, but if it does, then you shouldn't be surprised. I wish I was more excited for forces, but fuck. I'm not.
Only thing I look glad to is that classic sonic is actually from a different dimension.

Anyone have a link for the Puyo Puyo Mean Bean Boss?
I really wanna fucking see it. A better link for press Zone would be dandy as well.
Mark really needs to rerecord these last 3 zones.
-Half A Press Garden

*chemical plant
Not Battery. That's where the puzzle boss is, I need to see it.

It's quite subtle but at around 1:18 on it sounds a lot like Fist Bump at 0:50 on the embed. Not only that but when the boss fight is over Sonic is warped into some portal that has the same sound effect as Infinite's powers in Forces E3 trailer. That's quite the hint at the two games being connected.

As for the Mean Bean Machine boss, I can't find a link anywhere on YouTube yet. This guy seems to be uploading everything though so it might show up eventually.

Honestly, Sonic Mania and the idea that it is a tie-in has me really excited for Forces now.

Has the sack of shit kike ripped the music yet? I don't care about the game anymore.

get on my level

What's the boss for Chemical Plant Act 1? We know Act 2 boss is Puyo Puyo.


Amy's a cute yandere, but that's about it.

Pink is the poor man's purple.
Literally, because purple is a royal color.

The most shocking thing is that its got a lot a views. A couple of them are over a million even!


Just finished Sonic3&K complete and the only thing i can say is:
Fuck sandopolis zone act 2, fuck it hard and without lube.

So who gave mark the kike an early access copy? Did he finally make it to the (((big time)))?

he just went to best buy and bought it there because they broke the street date and the code worked on his switch

A failed kike at every turn.


Anyone able to post the definitive list of zones, thinking about grabbing the statue
Anyone know how QUALITY it is?

Is it really him being a failed kike if he could efag off of it

Now tell me where he didn't fail as a kike or as a human being in general?

Sometimes Jews make Frivolous purchases to further their agenda, like what Soros does
As has Mark

Even Soros has better foresight than the fat cake kike. He just lucked out and wants to show everyone how much he lucked out.

Wouldn't it be a shame if a reviewer were to leak the game files on the 15th?

1. Green Hill Zone
2. Chemical Plant Zone
3. Studiopolis Zone
4. Flying Battery Zone
5. Mirage Saloon Zone
6. Stardust Speedway Zone
7. Hydro City Zone
8. Press Garden Zone
9. Oil Ocean Zone
10. Lava Reef Zone
11. Metallic Madness Zone
12. Titanic Monarch Zone

The statue looks pretty alright.

How much do you bet that super sonic ending is a real one?
I mean, we didn't see super tails ending, we didn't see super knuckles ending. What if they have forth true super ending unlockable with additional route, like in adventure games?

Did the absolute madmen bring in a boss from Sonic Chaos?

Maybe, but they did bring this bot back

PC spans a wide variety of hardware, I imagine they found some problem late in testing.

Fucking dropped.

has the right levels, but Press Garden and Mirage Saloon are in the wrong order. The correct order is

1. Green Hill Zone
2. Chemical Plant Zone
3. Studiopolis Zone
4. Flying Battery Zone
5. Press Garden Zone
6. Stardust Speedway Zone
7. Hydrocity Zone
8. Mirage Saloon Zone
9. Oil Ocean Zone
10. Lava Reef Zone
11. Metallic Madness Zone
12. Titanic Monarch Zone

Sonic 2 is too iconic to hate plane autoscroller. You will be called a faggot a lot if you mention that elsewhere.

You know I just realized this might make Mark less trustworthy in industries eyes, so basically he just sabotaged his own chances at getting any more promotions on 8/v/(And possibly other 8ch boards)
How do you feel?

well now you're a furry user
you could choose to stop being a furry though

I'm not following the leaks much but it sucks they didn't include Mystic Cave. Fuck Oil Ocean.

That's actually a lot considering how many levels most games have now a days

You're gonna hate it even more in Mania, Act 2 includes elements from Sandopolis.

Fuck. So you played it or watched the leaked gameplay? Does it suck?


Any responses from Classic Sonic Sammy?


He's probably taken to another dimension to meet modern Sammy.

he probably forgotten about Sonic. He's not a real Sonic fan… or else he'd be taking advantage of these game releases to be autistic publicly.

I watched it.

He's too depressed to to be autistic like he used to be.

Honestly I was worried there would only be 7 since that seemed to be the default number of zones in more recent sonic games. Glad theyare breaking that trend.

My problem isn't even the program itself, people unironically linking this stuff on imageboards just promote non-anonymous circlejerks. Not just Discord too, a lot of third party chat programs really brew tons of cancer when you take out the anonymous aspect and then that cancer starts to infect back on to the imageboard it was first linked on. I'm will always be wary of it.

Nice try.

Absolutely buttflustered.



Just unlocked the Super Peel Out, don't know how to use it in this game though and I tried doing it in the same way as Sonic CD. Perhaps I need to unlock more metals

Have you tried doing it the same way it's done in Sonic CD, you fucking sperg?


Rip the music already, you nigger.

women from portland are a mistake

So wait, Is mania any good or is it just a best of compilation of all the good zones from Sonic 1-3&K with a few new zones?

For fucks's sake, that's their exact order from Generations.

There are unique bosses and new routes in old zones.




Good. The Insta-Shield is a great ability.

So you can unlock modern sonic then, Interesting.


Why wasn't it unlocked in the first place?


Oh no, not again.

it was spastic but not bad man


How many game overs are you at now?

XD What a fucking newfag. kek

If you only knew what shitstorm of autism you opened doors to.

Advance 3, Shadow and the Rush games are missing from this autistic rundown of the timeline.


He also missed gamegear sonics, that are actually referenced in mania. And sonic 4/boom are certainly non-canon by now.


I'm pretty sure that Classic Sonic being a younger version of Sonic was de-canonised and it's just alternate dimensions now, which would mean that 4 is non-canon (also Generations, but that was always questionable due to having '06 content, which erased itself from the timeline).

As Iizuka said - Sonic Forces is not a sequel to Sonic Generations. That says it all. Those games aren't connected. The words "not a sequel" shouldn't be translated literally like if Forces is Sonic Generation 2. They mean that generations scenario just didn't happen in Forces universe. Simple as that.

Basically classic sonic is retconed as brand new character. A little hedgehog from "2d dimension". Its like megaman X and megaman. They were two different characters too.

There's no real reason to say that there are 2 different classic Sonics. Generations caused a timeline split after 3&K, the end. Now there can be modern-style sonic for the babies and good sonic games for us.

Can this Sonic Mania game finally break the Sonic Cycle and wrestle the fandom away from the intentionally autistic?

That died nearly a decade ago.

So does anyone actually like green eyes more? I'm one of those people who never really minded green eyes can go either way, but even for me, classic Sonic does have a little more charm. I think it's time for them to stop messing around, admit their mistakes and just make classic Sonic the default design again. Maybe with a few token design tweeks, so they can pretend it's a bold new direction and not an outright admittal of failure.

Cuckchan is still posting it in every sonic mania thread, shitting on sonic mania.

Green eyes is best in the original Adventure games where he had the most personality. Dreamcast Sonic has just as much personality as Classic in my opinion and honestly if they brought back his full on personality instead of just making him an egotistical fuck like they usually do, he'd be an amazing character.

But really they should be fleshing out the entire cast. The amount of flanderization that has happened is absolutely insane and I don't get how nobody has caught on yet

Hatred towards sonic's green eyes is caused by non-whites unconditionally hating towards a white european trait.

I thought the green eyes was only when he turned super sonic?

It looked so good I fucking preordered it.
I'm hoping it can lead to better games.

That's how you have to do it. If you want to get all that stupid bullshit like werewolf sonic or sonic falling in love with some human bitch you gotta be willing to pay for games that remove that shit.

i think that turns into red,
fuckin checked

inb4 Shadow is the third unlockable character.

Post download link pls

no after Sonic 2 tbh.


did that nigga ever try to run down a wet slide?

Used to be green, was updated to red after Adventure. and MAYBE some of the spinoffs splut out between S3&K and SA.

Considering CD is essentially a redo of 1 (minus missing level for Marble Zone) and lack of major follower character plus this pic makes it more that it's 1 > CD > 2 > 3+K. Fill in whatever 8-bit Sonics as you please inbetween

God I love tsukudani's racoon girl.

Sonic Mania dropping red pills. Aw shit nigga.

How? 3&K literally happens as soon as 2 ends.


prove me wrong then

I still can't understand how someone can get 12 game overs in a sonic game.
It's a fucking sonic game, that shit is as easy as kirby, actually is even easier because you can basically be immortal if you keep one ring with you.
Why is he still the BO of Holla Forums?

They are on West Side Island
Not angel island at the end of sonic 2.
They went to Angel Island for a vacation after the events of Sonic CD

hey man when i was a dumb retarded baby playing videogames i probably got at least 12 game overs in sonic 3 and knuckles

over the course of four 100% complete files

(And also because they were building another death egg there but they didn't know about that at the time)

I thought that was the original death egg, repaired, and they went to angel island because that's where it crashed

That's correct.

Sonic CD was:

1. Developed by a seperate team
2. Was planned as enhanced version of Sonic 2 - Super Sonic
3. Super Sonic game was scrapped because of poor sonic 2 sales
4. Tails wasn't in Sonic CD because sega thought the character wasn't popular
5. That made Sonic CD completely seperate entry in the series, made with sonic 2 fail in mind

It is not related to neither Sonic 2 or 3.

Plot of Sonic 3:

This is from Official Play Guide that comes with the fucking game. Sonic 3 is direct continuation of Sonic 2 and Sonic CD is completely unrelated.

No the original death egg is the one in lava reef zone
Not the one at launch base zone

Thanks user

That's literally the same death egg
It crashes after you fight eggman at the end of launch base zone, which was the original ending of sonic 3 beffore the plot continued in & Knuckles

No it isn't, the face is different.

user, quit with the autism. The intro scene literally shows the Death Egg crash into Lava Reef.

nice try fucker, nice try. nearly got me.

I also want to add that Mania is not related to CD either. Its chronology is literally in the trailer. Only 1, 2, 3 and knuckles. This means mania's sonic fights that slim metal sonic from CD for the first time, discounting CD's events.

Hey yall, just came here from the youtube videos you guys have been making about this game. This place is almost as funny as reddit but it could use a few more people so I've subbed to r/Holla Forums and have started posting screenshots of posts onto it.

Let's make Holla Forums great!

[Spoiler](/s "So what does sage mean?")

Mark-Kun when is the next stream?

3/10 too obvious

nigger in italics

sage essentially means you're upping the bump count without actually putting the thread at the top of the post list. Usually used as a form of downvoting.


is this some metatrolling or are you actually just a retard

Thanks Anonymous, everyone else was mean and posted bizarre racist comments so I blocked them. Thank god this place still had downvotes.

Is there a system of donation similar to Reddit Gold?


I know you'll probably all hate me for it, but I preordered. It was so cheap, and I just wanted to show them my belief in them.
I'm sorry if I've disappointed you all.

Can anyone post Mecha sonic boss theme?