Warframe general - Hydroid rework edition

Have you played with pirateframe again today? His abilities seem to all have improved on paper

Myself, after dissing riven mods to no end, I got my hands on a javlok riven. The javlok having my favorite albeit useless gimmick, it has become my new passion project to make this thing the best riven ever. So far I got a +150% damage and +50% damage to grineer on it. I can finally take it with me to sorties! But I'll keep rolling, just in case, 22 times now and counting.

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what'd they do to him?

How does 60% smaller undertow sound to you? Because that's what hydroid gets to enjoy.

I just went and looked at the patch notes, and it seems they did about fuck all.

Apparently it can drag enemies with a tentacle while in puddle form. Tentacle adds a bit of rang to it. Don' know if it makes up for it. Seems to me like they want to keep player activity up when playing the game. All their rework changes so far have been made to keep alway from "press 4 to win" gameplay.
Embed show off his abilities on the first minutes, although the guy fails at casting tentacles while in puddle, for some reason.
Also, here are the patch notes:

General Hydroid Changes
Tempest Barrage:
Tidal Surge:
Tentacle Swarm:


Also, english is my second language, but goddamn I should proofread moer often. That seems awful even for me.

I've only ever given money to DE in one way, and it wasn't through platinum sales.

I think it is a good trade off for being about to drag everything to you with decent range but most people, the people that ONLY play hydroid for looting, are upset about his 4 working differently

I say the rework was good but course if it isnt insta killing lvl9999 things or locking down the entire map for 10 mins with zero effort people will say is bad. im not going to defend that his changes are going to work in favor of meta shitters like how people shitted themselves over how reworked saryn is better even through it was out right trash because its a mute point to even bother.

He still seems rather useless though. What is hydroid's purpose? He doesn't really deal damage, he doesn't really heal or support, he can CC but only by making it so his allies can't deal damage to enemies anymore or making them difficult to hit. He kinda has the same problem pre rework limbo does, just less trolly.

CC+survivability? Dunno really, never cared much for him. Might try it more now.
And limbo consolidated himself as a defender/rescuer.
I'm enjoying the reworks, as they at least make these less used frames viable alternatives to the current "most used" frames

Isn't mag still worthless though?

She has a following. And apparently after her first rework, since everybody complained, she had at least a couple readjustments that made her a bit more viable.
Still ugly though, so I'm not playing untill deluxe comes out

looting (if thats still a thing anymore) and just cc and now you can be immortal while you cc/.

i wouldnt expect one of the first few frames you can obtain to be broken op "never have to use a different frame again"

she is a weapon depended frame like saryn if you feel like dumping a shit ton of resources you should be able to make use of riven projectile weapons. I couldn't be bothered with frames like that but there is some pay for a rare amount of people out there

Is that a doujin?

I hate to admit it, but I think I've fallen into the riven trap too now. Been rerolling two for the Tenora and Harpak rifles a little too much, but it has given both a big boost in damage and thus a point to use more regularly, with the former also having good crit stats and the latter a ton of multishot too. Downsides being the Tenora is fucked in status duration and the Harpak in crit chance, though both are manageable with a single remedy mod for each if I bother.

Hol up, is prume version out?

sorry no

Is the Holla Forums clan still a thing?

I think it was InfinityGrind or something like that?

I'm bored of the game and I have a ton of items I don't need. Does anyone want to buy my platinum and whatever? I'll undercut DE, and 8/v/ clan members get an extra 10% discount and priority. (If you guys want progress toward clan researches, I'll also accept an invite to dump the resources I still have around).

I take Bitcoin (BTC), Litecoin, IOTA, and ARK- if the prices are fluctuating a lot, I don't care too much about the jitter. The others after Bitcoin are cheaper & faster to do anything with. If there's actually any takers, I'll generate and post my addresses. If you don't hold above cryptocurrencies in the meantime, you don't need to do anything before we decided on a trade. I don't want to get jewed for nothing so I'm not going to trade in bulk amounts yet.

Pic is some of the stuff on my account. I also just hatched a dog for giggles and it got a lotus pattern on its head, if that happens to be worth anything.

Try selling your account, I doubt you'll find goyim good enough to give you anything here on Holla Forums, let alone real fucking currency.
I assume shit you named is currency, I don't really know

No, sadly.
It's from this.

I have my own mix of doubts but I'm more inclined to keep my account.
Last thread there's one guy who contemplated dropping 200 bucks on Warframe, and the 8/v/ clan has its share of people who buy stuff.

i've never spent money on this game and after the gayest fucking frame imaginable came out; disco frame, i stopped getting frames altogether.

now i pretty much exclusively play for fun using the plethora of shit i already have. if i happen to see a weapon that looks fun, or by chance get all the ingredients to build something new, i'll do it. but i won't farm.

If anyone is going to drop 200 bucks on WF and it does not include buying founder account, said person is an idiot.
Because you can get EVERYTHING starting from scratch except for founder shit.

Time for the most important question which warframe would you wife


saryn. she was always the hottest and now that she's harmless i dont have to worry about catching the plague from her.

I played with a hydroid once and the tentacles made all the enemies annoying to target. I hated it.


She is not a Warframe.
Only Warframes allowed.

She's the framest.

does playing with MAXIMUM POWER work? i used to run hydroid by minimizing duration so the tenacles would deal a nice punch of damage and not last long. it was more of an AOE blast.

I don't see much point in having high power strength. His abilities work better for quality of life than direct damage.
Tempest barrage with augment for armor stripping
Tidal surge for cc
Undertow for interception and mobile defense missions
Tentacles also for cc. Personally, I don't use hydroid for resource farming so no augment here.

Haven't played him yet, but will probably go for 170% efficiency + p. continuity+constitution, and tune range according to my needs, but most likelly stretch and no overextend

You want duration and negative range. Unless the reword added more tentacles for wider areas, then you want to take your 1 and 4 and concentrate them. Since you can stay in puddle-form forever now, it's even better since tidal surge now just rockets you everywhere.

Jesus christ I thought I'd be dead before hydroid got a rework and now I'm going to have a bunch of hipsters try to tell me they liked him before he was cool. Mother fucker I had to get him back when he was a vay hek drop and the boss in question required you to hunt down those fucking prosecutors to build a key for even a chance at a drop. I went through hell for that god-forsaken frame, and now faggots can just waltz right in and get him for no effort

Agree that previously negative range was needed in order to not spread tentacles so much. The reason I'm considering positive range is because tidal wave benefits from it and this bit right here:

If that means I can concentrate the tentacles on my puddle (not on the grabing range, that would be too far), then I could go for positive range, just won't likelly use my tentacles outside puddle form.

high power used to be a really high damage AOE that'd leave anything left open for executions. it would also drop more loot.

You can get everything…. if you farm and grind enough to get prime parts, weapons, and blueprints people will pay for. Then you have to stand around like an idiot in the bazaar waiting for some fuck to take your offers. Or even worse you spam trade chat every so often with your best offers. The platinum system in game is broken and likely purposely so for the sake of fooling people to buying plat. I wish there was a more streamlined trading system implemented already.

You can't fucking get excalibur prime you dumb fucking faggot. It's impossible.

Previous user already addressed that.

When somebody says "you can get everything" and then adds "…" it triggers me hard.

Not like it even matters when primes are pointless and soon to be replaced by umbras.

Ex umbra looks like shit, and Ex prime looks god tier.
About stats I don't give a shit.

what in the shit is an umbra?
will this increase the value of my ember, frost, rhino, and mag sets?

A black version of the frame, they were announced but not yet released. Most people think it will be a frame that lacks an operator.

I heard about this Umbra stuff almost a whole 2 years ago. Not too much longer on the wait?

Don't think so, I think it's being released close to eidolon

but will they be powered like a prime? or is it just another option… like the 3 different tigris shotguns.

No one knows yet, and they've only released a trailer for Excalibur umbra, so it might just be a replacement for Excalibur prime for all the non-founders.

Just wait a few months and then come back, thats what I always do.

I'm not "coming back" and I'm not any more tempted to use any of the items on the account. I figure if an user wants to buy plat or vaulted items, he can get it from me cheaper.

This is all stuff that's piled up and doing nothing.

Speaking of the 8/v/ clan, how does one join it again after being kicked out for not coming on for a while?

Is this piece of shit worth anything? It looks cool.

it is just MR fodder

The normal tetra is worse than a stock braton and I've heard that the prisma is only slightly better.
Save your ducats for prime mods and some of the good prismas.

what is your worst riven unveiling?

a stug riven

Akzani riven


it's alive - barely tho.
only true autists have stayed

it's like you don't want to have fun

If there is another clan, other than InfinityGrind, please notify Wman22 ingame for an alliance

to add to what user said,we have decided to just make multiple low capacity clans instead of a large single clan because of how event scoring, and consequently its rewards is being handled as of late.


Yeah I'd still like to use alliance for trading, too. It's always better to buy and sell & trade from other anons especially when those in better off positions are usually willing to outright give away common items for no charge.

Don't message me in game, you don't know when I'll be on. Put your clan here and I'll ask people in the clan to inform me of who wants in the alliance in case I'm absent from this thread.

Just ask. Or better yet, make your own clan and ask for an alliance invite in this thread.

Being able to cast from your puddle makes an enormous difference actually. I just recorded this with this build. Also, you can click on enemies outside of your puddle, with a max range build (Which is not the build in this video) you can pull in enemies 37.5 meters away from you. It's actually a buff to range but with more interactivity.

Demonstration of the added range + build

that's actually pretty usefull.

I mean the puddle doesn't suck as much as I thought it would. and didn't mean to sage.

Well, even if they do, you can still do this.

Mag definitely needs some survivability tweaks (Such as the ability to use Shield Transference on armored enemies), but I don't know if I'd call her useless.


Good joke, nigger. He was fucking awful.

Why would you not? The entire game is all earn to win, you don't even need platinum unless you're going to cry about having to wait hours for a weapon to finish.
also plains of eidolon when?

Been hearing rumors of a late september release, but I know just about as much as you do. The real question you should be asking is


I thought it was late fucking August. inb4 late 2018
tbh though I've started to lose interest in it again which is annoying as I got a frost prime just sitting there too doing nothing on rank 0 along with some other cool weapons

Wman, since your here, I finally found one, linked it and everything. barring any bullshit on the seller's end, or me fucking up again, you can just message him in-game and buy it for 120 plat. his name is "-Kazor-", just try and whisper him whenever your online.

Is this about the ether daggers riven? I already got one like a week ago now. Thanks for helping though.

A watched pot never boils, so I'd just suggest forgetting about it, taking a break from warframe outside of login rewards (But if you're in the clan, no longer than 30 days), and either farming something else, trying a warframe/gun/build you don't normally use, or playing a different game for a bit if you're facing burnout. I mostly farm kuva, endo, and relics nowadays.

Already had a huge break, before I got back into it recently I had stopped playing for six months-ish maybe less, but now I'm on my second break(probably like three maybe four months) and when I go back to playing it, it just feels pointless and dull. Like the game is fun but I need a reason to play. Could just be solo play is boring, used to have a friend to play with but I think he's gone now.
surprised I even got 600+ hours out of it tbh
Is there a clan for Holla Forums or something? Might join it if there is, means I have to leave my current one though.

What's your IGN, we have 1 spot in InfinityGrind.

I made it when I was thirteen so it's your average cringe fest.

What now? Where is the challenge?

Wait until they give you more stuff to grind for.

i hear that. i got back into it recently, the new additions made me overwhelmed, so now i basically just play for fun. ive been having a shitload of fun.
farming isnt fun. but playing the sorties and high level missions can be. i try for 40 minute survivals and shit with randoms.

i only play fun frames, no more utility frames, and run around with guns i find fun, not just "the best"
it's been a blast… every now and thne i'll go through my "ready to build" and build things i dont have that look cool.

now i pretty much just exclusively help random people or people in my clan run difficult missions.

That's cool, what stats are you rolling for? Be sure to show me the finished build in the simularcrum sometime.

Speaking of burnout, I typically play burnout when I take breaks from warframe. I just wanted an excuse to whip up a burnout webm let's be honest here

I made the name WMan when I was like 9 years old, the 22 got added later because around 2006-ish adding numbers to your name were what the "Cool kids were doing" so I did. The name just sort of stuck. Also you have to leave your existing clan before I can invite you.

Basically because the endgame fun of warframe comes from proving metashitters wrong. Try making the worst fucking items in the game work somehow, think of everything like tuning up an under-appreciated car. It's kept me interested in warframe to try weak weapons and make them work.

Try unconventional builds, stuff you don't normally use or never would think to because faggots with a limited scope tell you it's bad. Any old faggot can use a boltor or soma prime, a true autist can make an MK1-Braton wreck sorties with the right combination of warframe and build.

Mainly status chance and raw damage.

I would feel more compelled to do this if there was more challenging content in the game. As it stands, there's only one set of kinda high level daily missions while the whole star chart can be cleared with the worst of the builds with little problem.

Going far on ophelia on uranus or heiracon on pluto is how I challenge myself most of the time. Sorties are chump shit by comparison to getting to minute 120 or so on a survival.

I used to play void survival, only void survival for fucking ever. now the void is shit. What happens with me is everything just feels so dull and pointless by yourself, with a guild it's much more fun but the guild I'm in barely do anything when they do it's great though. Got three nikana primes in an hour or two.
If you want to play anytime give me your name and we can play a survival if you want, I used to be pretty good at surviving Vauban ftw

Sorry, I didn't want to leave my clan and then you say "sorry full"

120 minutes on survival by yourself? What the fuck.

Still trying to invite you btw, boot up your game and leave your clan. Don't worry, we have 100% of shit researched, you're not gonna lose much.

Just left now, you can invite.

It's possible and I'd post proof if I had recorded it, you're just gonna have to settle for a solo 60 minute run as saryn in the meantime.


I know it's possible but it's fucking difficult unless you got a frame that boosts damage plus weapons that do base twenty trillion damage. Think my highest has been around an hour and a bit.
Just joined, computers only slightly over heating right now so I'll be closing down war frame. Kek at the ranks though

Well the point was to show that there is challenging content and it is possible to do. Also yep, there was no way I was gonna not utilize that feature.

i just get an ember and an ignis i formad 5x and run around wrecking everything. or use accellerant and firequake, run around knocking enemies down and using a fire based melee weapon and destroying shit with it (non-stop executions)

the game is fun if youre not focused on farming and getting the next shiny toy.

i play on ps4 because i used to play with friends that all had ps4s. i never bought any plat, and im too lazy to start over.
survivals are easily the most fun. the long void runs are dead, sadly. i used to do 60-80 minute defenses with my friends.

I used to do t4's with another friend, we both had valks and would stay invincible for the entire game. Survival was easy as fuck and we got loads of prime shit too.
Then, yet again DE makes a new system which is actually better but still, playing a survival or defence for hours and getting a bunch of prime stuff was great.

I think at most with my best weapon amprex and soma prime I can handle level 50's solo. Anything higher and I just die instantly

Your weapon damage is not the problem. Armor is. If you strip armor, it is less of an issue. Let me show you. This is my current aklato build. I obviously have not put forma into it, done any fancy builds yet, or even filled in every mod slot (Cause let's face it the aklato is a newer side project for me that I work on when I have extra forma I don't really need), but this is the demonstration build I'm going to use for both videos. Now, Exhibit A: This weapon sucks ass.

Forgot to post the webm.

Exhibit B: This weapon still isn't great because it isn't fully built, but it sucks significantly less ass.

Not entirely sure what sort of builds I got but I believe I went mostly with corrosive, which fucks up armour right? The biggest issue with higher level enemies is that they kill me too easily, Been a while since I did anything higher than 30-40 but I know I can deal with 35-40 at least.
>internet is so bad, I can't even watch those webm's without buffering it for a minute or two

Unless you're using an automatic firearm, corrosive most of the time does not strip armor fast enough. If you're using a slash weapon viral will serve you better because it cuts red health in half when it procs. You typically wanna bring a warframe that can strip armor, like Ash, Hydroid, Oberon, Frost, etc. for armor stripping.

Or you could just use a paracyst because that thing strips armor very quickly if built right.

Just so happens a friend gave me his twitch bonus so I got Frost Prime for free. I'll see about switching my nikana prime to viral when I can though.

Two things I'd change would be to let you bring enemies with you as your puddle moves and make it so that hitting enemies with Tidal Surge while you're in a puddle will automatically suck enemies in while in a puddle and that's mainly for ease of use and less casting required to get the same results.

This, but I'd also change the rate in which undertow damage ramps up to be faster.


My favorite thing about Zakti is that it opens up enemies for melee finishers.

Why in the fuck would anyone still be playing this piece of shit?

For me it's that there's always something for me to do to keep my mind off of things that bother me. Plus getting specific and creative about builds pleases my autism.


let me have my escapism please

it's pretty much the only not depressing thing in my life right now.

I fucking love this weapon

I see that halikar riven, how do you build it? I've always wanted to be able to bring my jet propelled mace into actual content.

Well it has pretty good status chance, so I'd go with a condition overload build.

Attack speed + status.

Look at that wonderful attack speed.

Now on it's own, I.E. while you've equipped the weapon on it's own, it's not as good. But when you pair it with a sidearm, this shit is devastating since the regular attack combo has what appears to be an innate blast proc with this build.

Demonstration of what this build does with this much fucking attack speed.

So… about that hydroid buff in this latest update.


Saryn spores apparently can get popped by corroding barrage, too.


is this Riven worth the forced purchase of Ivara or Loki with cash? I REALLY CAN'T RATIONALIZE DOING A "KILL EM ALL" MISSION WITHOUT GETTING CAUGHT AND TAKING 45 MINUTES. Fucking hell are all Rivens this retarded?

some are baindead easy, like maintain a 3x combo counter for 30 seconds. Also get ivara, she's great for rivens and spy.

Git fucking gud.
I don't think there is one legit hard challenge.
Fucking kids these days.

What's your actual riven challenge? Maybe I could suggest a build and location to do it with.

Also you should have at least 1 stealth frame, one tank frame, one DPS, and one healer in your inventory. It doesn't matter what ones, as long as you can fill in the actual roles if you're doing riven challenges, because rivens are endgame autism more than they are "I'm still farming warframes and I got this cool mod."

I was hoping it also disarmed enemies on normal strikes, but this is just as good. thanks a lot.

Well lookie what i found just trying to quench my thirst for sci-fi - probably the origins of Mesas Peacemaker skill.
Movie is called "Equilibrium" (((COINCIDENCE))), made in 2002 - 12 years later Mesa is revealed.
Gun design in movie also resembles the Mesas Regulators a tiny bit.

Shes brandon heat from gungrave mate, not john preston. That's why her regulators have red/yellow crosses.

It looks nothing like her gun.
And "gunman shoots everything in many directions" ability has nothing original about it, it's a pretty basic and simplistic power still pretty cool, though

You need to be forced to make Loki? You just should. That said, if you ever somehow manage to be caught doing anything as Loki you need your shit slapped, it's so easy to maintain his invis.

literally the tiny bit in front of the muzzle

Maybe, tho its awfully close dates for releases - both the PS2 game and the movie (anime came out a year later of both).
Tho i can't really see the crosses unless i'm really trying, plus Mesas regulators have one muzzle instead of Gungraves double.

well yeah you can't make em exact because of copyright. Also if you can barely see two lines intersecting I'm not sure what to tell you. Maybe a higher resolution?

Since Mesa is the topic.
It triggers my autism to no end that even on some of the official art, she is shown holding herLiberator pistols wrong.
When using peacemaker, her index fingers are placed in the ridge at the back of her pistols. Her whole hand is part of the gun, her thumbs even look like a pistol's hammer.
Pics are both official art, but one gets it right, the other doesn't.

mesa was such a shitty idea for a frame. not the worst by any means, she's actually quite powerful if modded correctly. one of the most OP frames. but just the idea behind her is retarded.

octavia is easily the most retarded frame

what's your method for killing annoying sortie bosses like hek, lephantis, ruk, ect. especially at their worst? I find electric shield aug volt, with your choice of single shot crit weapon and buffing party memebers make things go faster.

Just buy the deluxe skin goyboi.

What's the tier list for warframes?

for utility? combat? or erotica

1) Mag
2) Who cares, play Mag
3) Atlas (remember to mod for his third ability)
4) Chroma for defense. Deploy Effigy near your objective, and watch as it destroys everything that comes near it

Can we take a minute and acknowledge the fact that Venus is a fucking ICE PLANET!? The planet that is known to be one of the hottest world in the solar system is fucking Hoth! The worst part is, they just reuse the tile set for Neptune and Pluto later on. Don't get me started on the fact that Neptune has a surface in this game. I understand that they terraformed Venus with Orokin tech, but it's beyond my suspension of belief that they made it a fucking ice planet!

The reason Venus is so hot is becuase its ridiculously insulated so its not entirely out of the question that it might've been changed in someway to block out even more heat and while it was alright during the orokin era, it continued cooling without the orokin present to manage it.

got a good chroma build? i dont know how to get a good efficiency because i think now duration also plays a part in the energy tick. i cant even keep effigy up for 1 round of interception anymore.

do you hate fun?

seriously? how do you play mag where you think he's better than mirage, mesa, nu-saryn, frost, ember, necroph, nova, nyx, banshee… etc

Frames I like
Frames you like

What if I like the frames you like?

what if there are frames i both like and dislike?

I was joking, mang. I main chroma and have two builds for it (away from home, so pardon my vague description)
1) Get shit done build
Max strength and duration, dump efficiency and range. Requires zenurik focus and energy pads
2) Fun build
This one is underpowered in some regards, but is the one I use the most, just because it allows me to use 2 and 3 (as per usual for any chroma build) but also effigy, so I can pretend like I'm helping on defense missions.
200% strength
Max duration
Primed Vigor in place of vitality
Steel fiber, of course
free slot for either Rage, Armored agility, some-augment-that-I-feel-like-trying-to-prove-is-useful-just-to-later-on-realise-i've-been-wasting-my-time-goddamn-why-don't-we-have-augment-slots-yet

Jupiter has a surface

Why is the parkour so janky. You'd think it would be at least on par with titanfall.

I particularly prefer WF to TF on the parkour.
I've tryed bullet jumping to my titan on several occasions.

isnt the center of jupiter gas in a solid state? i dont recall any jupiter maps actually being on a surface, arent most buildings on stilts?

so basically for chroma you max duration and strength, equip streamline but not fleeting, and disregard range completely?

and now for your mag build…. how do you play mag? like whats your strategy?
for example for my ember, i use firequake, range, damage, efficiency spam my short duration accelerant followed by flame blast when enemies dont die. and anyone left alive gets constant executions because of firequake… also, im practically invincible because firequake makes world of fire function like a better version of banshees silence.

Once you learn how to bullet jump into summersault into slide into bulletjump repeat its a pretty smooth if you can avoid hitting shit

Yup, range only applyes to chroma's 2's offensive capabilities and buff to allies, both of which are not very good. Actually, ice's offense (bullet reflection that applies even to bombard rockets) doesn't depend on range, neither does effigy's attacks. 1's range suffers with this, but it's a bad ability anyway.

And I don't play mag, hate her, that was part of the joke.

i've seen some random people be very successful with mag on high lvl missions. i think they use bullet magnetism and use a sniper.

so your chroma build is vigor, steel fiber, streamline, intensify, flow, continuity, narrow minded, and constitution. now this would give me 130% strength (145% with power drift), 130% efficiency, 257% duration, and 44% range.

i dont know where you get 200 strength from… according to warframe builder this would make my effigy tick at 2.72 energy per second, which is still way too fast to actually be useful.

Mag can be pretty good. She strips armor and shields with polarize, and any thing that proves difficult can be bubbled and so virtually instant dead. Pull can be panic CC, and crush is dumb and I don't think anyone uses it.

i have seen someone with max eff and max range including overextended, use crush. CCs the entire map.. the person said crush has the highest base range of any AOE attack in the game.

Transient fortitude to bring it to 200%. Sorry I made "max duration" sount like I wouldn't be using it.
And this will bring effigy to 3 energy per second. If you swap streamline for a rank 3 fleeting expertise it will bring it to 2.5 (max efficiency for drain) but I found that having too little duration really hurt my playstile.Having to constantly recast my abilities and take damage to bring bonuses back was a pain. I've been running with rage, that greatly mitigates 3energy/second costs of effigy.
However, I gave up on seeing effigy as a turret. I use it like that on said defense missions, but can't keep it up for the whole mission even with max efficiency and flow, unless I stop casting it from time to time to use energy pads and zenurik. But then what's the point of efficiency and flow then. Instead, I use it as a crowd controll ability. Cast it when surrounded, bullet jump away, kill enemies, dispell.
I've liked pretty much all the reworks so far, so I'm looking forward to chroma's rework.
Next prime frame after hydroid is a male frame. Limbo came after hydroid and chroma after that. But DE has fidgeted prime order before, in favor of having a popular frame before a unpopular one, so chroma prime and his rework might not be too far
it's probably going to be limbo prime, though


ok, i played around in the builder and came up with this build. it gives me 200% strength, 175% efficiency, 80.5% duration, 100% range.

this gives me a 2.5energy per second efficiency tick. which is apparently the minimum. which is trash. and both vex armor and ward have around 20second duration.

alternately i can swap constitution or continuity for narrow minded and get my duration upto 30 seconds for those abilities.

i have another build where i use an ice build, max duration, 145 strength, steel fiber and vitality giving myself a huge high armor health pool. damage on health is converted to energy, and it allows attacks to take my energy instead of killing me. vex and ward each run for about 60 seconds with this build. its practical invincibility and i run around with a melee.

but i really miss running an efficiency build that let me cast effigy in defense, so im not forced to be glued to the damn objective. if 2.5 is the minimum chromas effigy build is still kinda trash. i remember when it ticked like embers world on fire.

Switch streamline for narrow minded and find yourself primed continuity. Effigy will still cost 2.5 even without 175% rfficiency. Also, if you don't have primed vigor, use vitality instead. And the problem with quick thinking is that it staggers you, and would need flow, so that's a wasted slot anyway.
I currently have 6 or 7 forma on chroma, not because I need that much, but from fiddling with different builds in the past. Even tried a range focused build with electricity for crowd control. Surprisingly fun, but not as effective on lvl 70+ missions

she used to be able to kill everything around her like that webm but they nerfed her so now its more like overwatch high noon hell i think that highnoon shit still has more range than current mesa

i trashed her as soon as they did that. now i just see people liking mesa even with the handicaps.

i can finally rest

u avin a giggle m8

If this isn't for some sort of Megaman build it'll be everyone avin a giggle.

yes, though sometimes you'll probably have to put it at the end of your build because of the toxin if you're trying to make a heat/blast build.

wew l a d

Nah, I'm usually radiation/viral no matter the faction.

My most used secondary by far, loved it since it came out. I was determined to make it ridiculously strong for a beam weapon.

Also, good idea. I almost never play Accelerant builds.

This is with 267% power strength and Flash Accelerant giving another 126% heat damage.

How much plat would I be able to jew with these rivens?

Buy a Loki Prime from me instead.

a fair amount. Definitely not lower than 200p imo depending on who you sell it to.

Try using it against armor

Hey, is there any good looking poncho looking accessories to put on her?

Also just waiting for a sombrero helmet.

I mean, I never claimed it would be great against armor, especially with the negative stat.

It barely tickles a 120 Heavy Gunner but that isn't what the Atomos is really for.

Atomos is for corpus, infested, or 4xCP. That doesn't make it a bad weapon, it just means it's a specialized build.

There's ivara's signature cape, it kinda looks like one.

how much for loki?

The closest thing is the Salix Solstice Syandana, but you could settle for the non-solstice version too.

for what purpose?

I had a spare that was sitting in my inventory for like a year, and it's almost worthless in trade chat. I just figured "Fuck, I use that item on mesa anyway and she's an accuracy based warframe" so I slapped it on. It's not really a big statement to any build of mine, it's just there because I had it.

The atterax one- you can name your price, it would only be better if it had range or crit chance without slide but that's maiming strike+ essentially.

Either 200 platinum or $6 equivalent in Litecoin (or the other crypto if you happen to have any).
Platinum is roughly 6.7 cents according to the wiki so 180 Platinum is actually around $12.

If you are in InfinityGrind or an allied clan, you get an extra 10% discount.
I'm going by what I see in the Trade channel.

So with the discount its
180 Platinum or ~85 mLTC
The ~ is because I'm disgarding market and fee jitter, and assuming the other guy flatly spending $5.40 at the exchange only.


Yeah, I think those'll work, thanks for the tip.


If you really want to use it against armor, I recommend trinity with the abating link augment and at least 223% power strength.

you can play her as a self sufficient tank that can strip 100% enemy armor in a radius with careful management of your energy via energy vampire, and constant upkeep of link and blessing.

Why does it seem like no one ever fucking uses everlasting ward on chroma? It seems like such an easy way to make him a pretty good team buffer. Is his modding that strict?

Chroma players are autistic and have grumpy dumpies at the mere thought of dedicating a mod slot to helping the team out rather than just boosting their scorn/fury even more


Why would you buff your friends with shitty duration? Or do you really expect to run missions within 12m of your team?

*shitty range
Not only that, his buffs are not that great. If I want to buff range, i'll use vexing armor, stand on top of the defense objective, and become a cc/debuff turret myself.

if Wiki is to believed that is 5570% dmg increase

is this a void trace buff or something? even at 254% power strength my damage caps at like 12.7x

how shit is this game as of late? i'm just looking for a mindless co op game and was considering downloading the ps4 version. i'm also fully aware it's just grinding for the sake of grinding

Pic related.

The quality of the game wildly varies from update to update. Sometimes it's bretty gud, Sometimes DE fucks up, and when they do they fuck up hard enough for it to be felt years later. We're currently in a "Pretty decent" update, but we'll see how plains of eidolon goes.

This being said, I'd say this is as good as a mindless grind game gets. At least IMO. Just remember that it is pretty mindless and grind for the sake of grind and you'll enjoy it.

I'd highly advise you play on PC if your PC can handle it, PC gets updates way earlier than consoles and generally feels better to play because bullet jumping everywhere and going fast sounds like a nightmare on a controller.

Have some slow-motion frames.

My PC can very well handle it, it's just i'd rather lay in my bed to play.

And here's a painfully slow 0.05x slow motion clip to give your penis shivers or extreme boredom.


You like it slow, user?

Fuck Codemonkey.

Maybe WF24 was a little too slow.


They're pretty easy to make in butterflow: just slow it down to 0.20 or 0.05 for super slow videos and use -r 60 for extra 60fps bullshit which actually looks good on CGI and live action stuff with a stationary or stable, slow-moving camera.

Wait a moment that emblem.
Is Infinity Grind still alive and kicking ?


I wouldn't call it kicking though.

That was a laugh.

We're pretty alive I'd say

We're alive-ish. Most of us are just on at different times from one another.

Every time.

Wireless gamepads have been around for about a decade now m8.

There's also a lot more support for further-back viewing like with steam big picture or streaming options. My sister now streams her PC gaming to her big cinema-style TV room with game streaming hardware. There's really no excuse to be using a console for such reasons, especially for this game which is objectively fucking superior on PC in every facet. Considering the amount of time you'll be investing in this game if you do get into it, you really don't want to be on the welfare queue for console updates.

Equinox BUFF 80% + Void BUFF + Growing Power BUFF + something else i cant explain - longer i stayed bigger the buff would get

This. These days I often play PC games in my living room through my steam link while trying to get /fit/ on an exercise machine.

Time to drop the game for a month and come back to being even further behind on this open world shit.

Nigger what is your IGN, I know where to get argon crystals and I'll farm them with you.

IGN is Seregios. I warn you, I'm a terminal shitter due to a lack of real direction in this game. I'm hitting walls since Second Dream's completion, and I can't survive opening up the star chart.

You'll be fine, I can carry you.










bump before going to bed.

what are your current favorite builds, and why? a well thought out build who's synergy provides an active playstyle for your daily grinding? big damage wanking? or perhaps it's an autistically efficient way to grind? lay off the sleeks though, keep glitches and exploits to yourself.

just started nekros prime already have lenz eurphone and silva prima ready to go as well.
I really hate the new relic system for finding parts it makes it such a pain in a ass to target down a part.

If you take a weapon that blocks 85% damage, you can basically become raiden with this build, best played with a nikana. Seeking shuriken to strip armor, a cloak that lasts just long enough to revive people, and a need for speed make this build great. Will completely fall apart if you're the boring type of person who camps in this game, though. It's for mobile players who want to tank a few shots before jumping out of gun fire while they teleport everywhere.

This may be standard for oberon, but the real kicker comes when you pair it with a nidus, who is also minmax power strength. Tested in the simulacrum against 20 level 150 heavy gunners, it's actually easy to survive beyond sortie level content so long as you can keep getting shot at to replenish your energy.

Any fun builds for valkyr? I usually just stick with duration+ strength with eternal war, or whatever her warcry augment is called.

Also what are some really good primaries? I feel like I keep sinking all my forma and potatoes into melee and secondaries.

Quanta Vandal
Ignis Wraith
Sancti Tigris
Synoid Simulor

Fun guns:
Dera Vandal

My favourite and most used way to play. Works with most frames and most melees.
I only bother with guns when sorties or riven challenges require them.

Oh and when they released naramon, it became broken as fuck.

Why are mobile defense missions part of the main planetary progression? Nobody is ever queued for them and you need a team. Bad design. I bet tons of people drop the game because of this. I almost have.

You're either pretending to be retarded or just very fucking bad at the game.

What exactly do you need a team for?

Even if you were to run at max speed, the previous node will be captured before you reach the next.

To be clearer. The time is takes to capture a zone is more time than it takes for the enemy to reclaim your last one.

You're talking about Interception, not Mobile Defense you dumb turd.

You mean… Interception?

You mean interception. Weird, unless I'm playing a frame with zero defense capabilities, I hardly if ever have trouble with low to mid level interception. Enemy spawn rate takes into account that, if you literally run in circles capturing nodes while teh enemy captures them back right behind you, you can still make more progress than them. If you have a specter of any kind, leave it behind on a node. It won't stop it from being captured, but will give you more time, and increase your advantage on the AI.
I literally run that sedna interception mission by myself with chroma, eventually dropping effigy on a node, with no trouble. Add the zenistar (which you probably don't have yet, as it's a hefty login reward to get to) and the mission gets even easyer.

capture 1, chroma effigy, capture 2. capture 3 capture 2 capture 3 capture 2 capture 3 capture 2.
pretend 4 doesnt exist but sometiems you get lucky and they double down on capturing 1 so you end up taking 2, 3, 4 and dominating.

none of the nodes have a high enough difficulty for this to be a major challenge.

i agree that these are not acceptable solo missions

Really anything with any kind of CC works.

Vauban's Bastille and vortex
Nova's antimatter drop
Nidus' maggots
Limbo's stasis

Even a Frost globe that covers the consoles will slow the rate at which a node is captured. Augmenting the globe may even nullify the attempt entirely.

yea, but duration becomes an issue since it takes so long to cap a target from red.

max range loki using irradiated disarm works wonders on missions like this.
also nyx chaos build for duration and range.

Is there anything Loki isn't good for?

Is loki good for anything really?
It's just shitty frame that everyone hyping up but I never felt like using it for anything other than mastery fodder.
What's the deal with him?

Invisibility and radiation disarm.
That means good cc and survivability. Even if you're not nuking everything in sight, you can still do a lot by yourself.

Haven't played much of him after getting Ivara. Sleeping arrows have less cc range, but overall she's better than loki I think.

He's OP as fuck my man

honestly i think loki and ivara are boring frames to play as. but they have their specific uses. also, ivara is qt

Mios build with range + healing return and an eternal war build with rage + max power strength and armor. Aside from that there's a Prolonged Paralysis build with an Entropy Detonation Obex and a Pox to strip armor. That second one is fun to play, as you can see. You can just slot in a Convulsion where I currently have my pox riven and you'll get pretty similar results.

Oh right, almost forgot.

Bazz - Knights

Not that hard TBH. This is how I do my solo interception riven challenges.


I removed all of the screenshots and the webm before posting why did it do this.

You can delete them.

So I decided to reinstall and check what has changed since I last logged in back in October 2015 (Around the time InfinityGrind had lost a lot of people).
Let's just say that quite a lot has changed in mere 2 years (I'll mention only notables and in no specific order and most likely missing some as well).

Void Keys are FUCKING GONE!
>You now get to customize your Waifu Operator.
>Catbrows Kavats are in, and come in 2 different breeds.

Also apparently coming later this year:

Seems like good time as any to get back to do some grindan.

Well, if you want back in infinitygrind, there's room. I can remove someone who's been offline for over 50 days again.

Fucking junctions make me sick.
You used to just be able to have a player taxi you to the boss of the planet so you could unlock the next one, relieving a HUGE portion of the grind.
Now you literally have to play through the entire pointless as fuck story.

Gladly, although I can make no promises in how long I'll stay active.
Ign: Defertos

Don't worry, as long as you're not offline longer than 30 days and nobody else wants to join the clan you can stay in.

i'll never understand clans that do this unless its to make room for more people. dont you ever play other games or take a break?

im king of my own clan and people in the clan regularly tell me to remove inactive people. why? theres still room.

Well it only is to make room for other people, it's not like I go "Oh they were off for 30 days and 1 second, they're out", I mean that if someone new wants in and there isn't room, someone who has been offline for over 30 days gets the boot to let them in. But 30+ days is a revolving door, I ask people in the clan to tell me if new people want in since I seldom visit Holla Forums as much as I used to.

tl;dr Don't worry about it too much, as long as you're relatively active and nobody new wants in you'll be fine.

just to clarify, we do this to make sure that no one in the clan is screwed out of event rewards by increasing the clan capacity, and consequently the score required to collect event rewards.

If you own a clan, and don't mind taking in a few anons, post your clan name ITT so that we can make an alliance and start sending people your way.

At one point we had around, what was it, 100 members with an active core of like 10 people. It was making research and building things a royal pain for those who were still playing, so the Autist-In-Chief (I assume) decided that a purge was needed to make sure that those still playing didn't suffer as hard because of the inactive players.

I'd post my clan but the Dojo is sorely lacking in production facilities. I only have an Energy Lab and barely anything has been researched so far. Anyone looking for blueprints that require a Dojo would be better off joining an older clan.

Infinity Grind was downsized when DE introduced event rewards with requirements based on clan size rather than number of participants. Big clans that had large number of inactives meant the smaller active numbers had to work that much harder to obtain the same rewards that clans with smaller numbers of total members got by doing less.

it wouldn't hurt to put you in the alliance anyway, post name so that we can give you our friendship, comfyness, and the occasional spot on a lonely autist's axi relic share

my shadow clan is on ps4 (i know) and im the only leader. i dont want to doxx myself. we have all research complete except that one melee weapon that requires like 100k oxium and colors. because who gives a shit.
my dojo has a ton of xmas decorations tho.

the only thing that blows about my clan is theres rarely more than 1 other member online at a time. we have around 20 members. only about 7-8 very active members.

Is the sniper rifle shit?
Even if I maxed it out with the best possible mods and a catalyst and all that, I can't see the gun as being anything other than shit.
That's my main complain with this game. You gotta level the terrible unfun guns too.

holy fuck i wasnt aware of that. that sucks.

it counts member size and not just rank? like it actually gives different requirements for different shadow/mountain clans?

you dont HAVE to. vectis prime can be fun is torrid considered a sniper?
"mastery fodder" is bullshit. "mastering" 8 guns is no different from adding 8 formas to a gun.

i master guns just hoping to find an underappreciated gun. that barrage cannon thing is pretty fun.

Mastery fodder is indeed bullshit.
I hate it so much.
You just don't care until you find some weapon/frame/riven mod that asks you to be 5 ranks above your current state, despite having piles of items with 20 formas on each.

i meant its a bullshit complaint. its like people that complain about grinding for a specific part. nigger, you dont need that specific part. just do something else. the game has a shitload of options.

No, faggot, you are nigger, why them fuck do I need to level fucking trash that I don't want to use in order to use trash that I want to use?
So they can sell more inventory slots?
This is legit fucking complaint, this mastery system means jackshit and is huge detriment for having fun with this grindfest.

you dont.

feel like a retard yet? or do you need me to explain this simple fact to you

this is some extra DAILY DOSE of FUCK YOU from [DE]

add me carlosfiiUSA

Did that one with titania and some random with frost. Much easier than expected, you just need to cc enemies as the kavor go. 6 rescues went by in about 10min.

yep. You want your members to help and play regularly.

MR is needed to unlock certain functionality and equipment, not just primes. But aside from that, the last time I ever had to deal with a line like that was when feminists were whining in general about female characters not needing to do anything lewd therefore they should do something else.

Yeah, he doesn't need that item anyways. He doesn't even need to play the game to begin with too.

i understand that, but you dont NEED to do that shit. there are plenty of entertaining primaries, secondaries, melee weapons, and warframes that are entertaining enough to forma multiple times and get yourself pretty damn far in mastery rank.

to quote reggie black, the creator of mario "if it aint no fun, why bother?"

this game is set up to make money, but its actually alot of fun if you just take away the rat race from it. other than formas, which im constantly making, i never go outside of "ready to build" in my 3d printer. i scan the market and buy any blueprint i dont have and any new shit, but i dont even look at whats required. i just play the game. then randomly some shit will pop up in my "ready to build" area and i'll build it.

i'll message you. go delete this post before some autist harasses you.

It's based entirely off of a clan's tier, not rank. A low affinity rank 1 just-started-out Ghost clan will have the same requirements as a maxed out rank 9 Ghost clan that's been around longer.
And I'm still not entirely sure what purpose these affinity ranks serve other than to show how much work has gone into them. I don't believe they have any effect on event rewards.

So how do you join Infinitygrind? Just post in this thread and give them your post number/ID?

Sorry for the late reply. It's Infinity Division
Clan emblem is still pending approval but it should look something like this once it goes in.

Just post ID ITT and someone will get around to inviting you. If we don't have any spots currently open then it'll take a while cause wman or someone will have to boot someone to make room.

I'm dunstilbrejik someone hit me up, tired of PUG grinding

Reinvite me. IGN is Lapdog

Okay. Invite me: Moshesanto


"User is already in a clan"


Invite me if there's any room left. IGN is Vulgrdas

Y'all need to get in the mumble though

Oh boy, this will be… interesting to complete.

I'm not normalfag enough to communicate over voice most of the time.

Aaand sent.

Clan just achieved max capacity, invites are closed until another player is offline for 30+ days

Honestly I'm just waiting with baited breath for Destiny 2 to come out and cause a bunch of people to flood into warframe.

You know shit's bad when the Youtube autists for Destiny are now all flooding into the game and unanimously agree that it's just way better Destiny.

We have enough shit eating retards in this game praising devs for the most inane shit and rabidly excusing their faults, I see no reason more of them would ever be a good thing.


Ex-Destiny player here, I could go on a 5 minute autistic triade about how much I fucking hate that game so much that it gave me a new appreciation for the actual fairness of Warframe's grind, but this isn't the thread for it. Basically though, I don't blame them.

We have enough shit eating retards in this game praising devs for the most inane shit and rabidly excusing their faults, I see no reason more of them would ever be a good thing.

Oh shit I never thought of that aspect of destiny players flooding in, fuck.

Point is density is so shit all those refugees will praise DE as the saviours of video games, because their retarded shenanigans look like pro-consumer practices compared to that.

And that just means they will feel the can get away with even more retarded practices, cause they'll have a brand new userbase to give them plat sales. It'll take them a while to get through all the beginner content and realize there is no end game so DE can further give a middle finger to veterans of the game. At least there will be a fresh crop of goyim to convince that lex prime is totally rare and worth buying from me with plat

Ok, so I'm just getting back into the game after last playing a few years ago. Did they massively increase drop rates? I remember morphics taking forever to find and now I have too many to possibly ever use

I highly doubt it, there would've been massive fuss about something like that. Someone on your team might've had a resource drop booster, or you could've found some of the new resource caches.

By double dubs, you're right.

Though compared to Destiny even the greediest of grinds IS pro-consumer by comparison.

Yes, it's like saying a slap in the face is better than a shit in the mouth but the distinction remains.

These two lines will blind any normalfag, and no matter what arguments about droprates, shit systems, layers upon layers of grind, worthless sortie rewards, etc etc you will present them they will just answer you with those two protecting DE.

So I just autism'd up another build for the thread.

Calling it "The Abating Gun" because apparently "Abating Gunslinger" is too many characters for a build.

The idea is simple: bless, link, strip armor, pop off the alt fire of Pandero on unarmored targets you cast energy vampire on. If they're still alive after you've jizzed a full magazine on their face, finish them with a condition overload Sarpa. It takes a decent amount of micromanaging and practice to use cause nothing about it is fire and forget like say, oberon healing. But I like it.

All those things you listed have been adressed in the past couple or so years. Grinding for primes has bween greatly mitigated and made more dynamic with relics, sortie rewards have improved a bit with rivens, for those OCD players that just want to make their favorite sub-par weapon viable. And the grinding, well… in this case saying "its a f2p game" is a valid answer.
Sage for neverending salt on warframe threads

Except you now need to grind twice as much for new prime part than you used to.

Except in addition to bazillion of useless cores endo you can now earn bazillion of useless statues which are basically endo. It's deliberately polluted, just as it used to be before rivens.

Name any other f2p game where I need to grind for stuff I don't want, then grind with the stuff I don't want so game would just let me equip stuff that I want.

Oh boy.

I don't understand people who dislike the mastery system. If it wasn't there everyone would just immediately hop on the current most meta weapon, max rank and forma them, and then quit the fucking game because now nothing can stand up to you. Why do you hate trying new things so much? And it's not even hard to earn mastery, just go to eris for a few waves, or for melee weapons being a stealth frame and just stealth kill everything and get affinity bonuses.

Because game forces you to use shit you 'don't like.
Because if I wanted to try something new, I would fucking try something new.
It's a goddamn video game not a second job.
Oh wait.

Lying is a sin user

No argument? Very well.

I'm saying you wouldn't try new things. Nothing in the game you can just fucking judge from appearance. I tried the sober for mastery and it turned out great, I thought frost would be boring but he's fun, I thought all the throwing melees were shit but the cerata and halikar were fun, etc. Like I said before, what would be there to stop new players from just googling the top tier weapons, making those straight away, becoming unstoppable and then just uninstalling. Or would you like there to be more grind in place so those weapons are near unattainable so people don't become gods right off the bat?

You absolutely don't. Even by having to aquire new relics when a new prime is out, the current system is faster than it was before.
Oh, wow, theres something among an RNG reward list that you don't want.
Yeah, nah. It is better the way it is now.
like what? you mean relics, keys, resources? Then that's stuff you want. Any f2p game with crafting will have you grind things in "steps" at some point

Only once? Then after trying it you can figure if you like it or not.
Also, because you can only advance the mastery by using different shit and going through different missions (instead of grinding levels with one set of effective wepons) you just know that a mr15 player must know how to play many kinds of frames, since he tried them at least once, and won't bug you on a mission type he doesn't know very well, or on what weapon or damage type works against which faction.

If you could grind xp to advance mastery, we'd have a bunch of metafags that only know how to play their favorite set and nothing else.

Are there any Holla Forums clans that are currently accepting people?
Willing to donate an extra forma or two for building stuff.

Emblem is go.

I've got space. That is if you don't mind being in a clan that's got a whole LOT of researching and construction that needs doing.
And only has one person in it so far

What is your name? I'll whisper you.

Is there any reason to keep a lex prime once you get the aklex prime parts?

You consume 2 build Lex primes to make an Aklex. So you'd have to make 3 Lex primes to even have a spare one after making Aklex Prime. I actually did that because I'm a collector. If for some other reason you've ended up with an extra Lex Prime then aingle Lex has less recoil so it's better as a pocket sniper, that's about it. Probably no good reason other than that and collection. I don't delete weapons anymore. But if you're early-mid game it's worth consuming the weapon for the dual version or deleting your spare for space. If you've invested potatos and forma in it you may want to hang onto it still anyway. Just in case damage 3.0 fucks with anything. Who knows, maybe single lex will get better somehow.

I put a potato into it but unless it has a distinct advantage I won't keep it. I will check to see if the first shot accuracy is better o the single lex and if not, then I'll just build the aklex from my current and currently building lexes.
Do any latin experts here know how to pluralize words which end with the letter X?

Aside from the accuracy thing, you can use the singe lex with a glaive if you give a shit about that

I'm sure that I'll get a Vaykor marelock for that eventually.
Of course, I'm the only person who ever wants to trade syndicate weapons.

Well usually it would go into an -ice, vertex into vertices, matrix into matrices. So I guess lex into lices?


Yes, Lex prime is vaulted IIRC and you should keep every prime you can in case of future buffs/nerfs.

Lex prime will likely never be vaulted.

Considering that baro will sporadically bring aklex relics (Axi A2 I think), even if they vault regular relics containing Lex prime, it will still be the easiest vaulted weapon to get in the future

I'm just saying like, especially since you can dual wield a throwing weapon and a sidearm now, there's no sense of getting rid of the singular lex.

Also, thread most likelly won't survive the night. Farewell anons. I'll see you on the other side. Where dreams are sweet and saryn grinds on my dick on command.
I mean, we have a suicide pact, right? This is what warframe threads are about?