OG Xbox Thread

Let's talk about the one 6th gen console that can't be emulated. Anyone got the recommended Xbox games chart? Also, talk about that one faggot who wiped an Xbox dev kit for his PC rig, if you want.


Also holy shit, XB games have visually aged like a fine wine compared to PS2 titles.

Come on user…

Didn't know the recommended list got updated.

Chances are the HDD was already wiped on it when he got it. He said there wasn't anything on it

when I made it I intended people to update it on their own or to take feedback and continually replace the cute anime girl with another cute anime girl who was on the classic xbox

fyi if you don't replace that version number and the anime girl in the corner you're doing the greatest sin

hello, worst sixth gen system

Goddammit I just wanna play Jet Set Radio Future with proper camera control and no slowdown.


Nah, PS2 master race reporting in. Cube at least had more worthwhile games than the Shitbox though.

Also posting the only 10/10 Xbox exclusive.

I take it you haven't used PCSX2 to play in 1080p? Ace Combat looks as good as ever.

JSRF, Panzer Dragoon Orta, and Crimson Skies beg to differ. At least Phantom Dust got a lease on life with a Windows 10 version, as shitty as it is to be stuck on Windows 10.

Most PS2 games still look like blurry messes (on account of being interlaced, only like a third of library has 480p output). While exclusives designed around the PS2's strengths tend to look pretty good, on the whole PS2 games look worse than Xbox games.

Please refer to the chart.
Also, enjoy your shitty ports.

Even if you "upscale", your game is still only 480p max. All emulation does is enable options for smoothing and higher frame rates (which looks noticeably worse than vanilla). PS2 games have aged like milk, but at least they still look semi decent on a CRTV.

Halo CE had a PC release, dumbass.

Also, are you retarded? Emulation bypasses hardware and software limitations of the original console and allows resolutions higher or lower than intended by changing the internal resolution at which it renders.

No wonder this site is dying. You dipshits will fight over nothing. LOL

Ah, butthurt PS2 faggot mad he got the worst version of every multiplat. Saw it coming. Enjoy your (you).

Here's your (You).

What's the matter Emucuck, image hit too close to home for you too?

It technically had 2 releases on PC with the second one basically just HPC but allowed custom user content to be created. Even came with the actual dev tools used to author the game (Sapien, Guerilla, Tool)

I need to get an OG Xbox and mod it. Just get a bunch of shit loaded on it

No, I just saw that that guy was delusional and couldn't see the truth of basic facts. I don't even emulate 6th gen games, I load them on actual hardware through various methods. Nevertheless, the way changing internal resolutions on emulators works is by making the emulated software render at a higher resolution.

I thought the GameCube got the worst versions.

That's not how I remember it as someone who owned all three. But then again I played a lot of multiplats on Xbox for obvious reasons. Gamecube definitely had the worst controller for multiplats, but it's hardware was above the PS2 so I guess I just always assumed it got better ports.

I thought it was Xbox > GCN > PS2 for 6th gen multiplats. Also is Soul Calibur 2 on Xbox worth getting if I own the Gamecube version?

gamecube (and all nintendo shit) was marketed as the kiddies console, thats why a lot of the games have cartoonish graphics. they went even further with the wii. look at madden on wii, compared to ps2 even.
nfl 2k3 was the only sega nfl game on gamecube. xbox had 2k2 through 2k5.
a lot of multiplats were ps2, xbox and maybe pc, and not on gamecube

you can play soulcalibur2 in 4k on pc with dolphin-emu

That the best you microshitters can do? Top kek. Enjoy your nogaems console, I guess.

Which version is better anyway?

Thanks for the laugh

That PS2 framerate is garbage. Disgusting.

The only reason I didn't trade my xbox was because the 360 couldn't play the Otogis. One of the best decisions of my life, I still play games on it and use xbmc everyday.

i wish microsoft would make an xbox mini like nintendo's new nes and snes

So would the Xbox Mini be the size of a normal console?

Maybe because no one needs to?

No one needs any video games.


There's a lot of shit you don't need.

Xbox had exclusives that can't be played anywhere else.

A lot of Xbox games are just ports of PS2 titles.

Multiplats =/ ports

MGS2 Substance and Silent Hill 2 were ports. Burnout 3, for example, was a multiplat game, with it releasing on both PS2 and Xbox versions released at the same time, and Xbox versions were usually the best.

Was there any point to owning the xbox back in the day? You'd have to wait years for each halo release while the PS2 would have many awesome games available every month.

Read the thread: The Xbox had at least 2 dozen or so good exclusives (which is about equivalent to GameCube, but far less than PS2) plus the best versions of third party games to keep owners satiated for the next Gaylo.

What sucked is that Microjew killed it too early to make way for the 3 shitty.

It was the most powerful console at the time, so there's that. Also it got some of the more popular third-part games ported (Lego Star Wars, Battlefront, Crash, and movie licenses like LOTR: The Two Towers).

nvidia is more to blame for microsoft pushing out the 360. They were demanding some insane things back then.

>This is required to be mastered in order to beat the final boss.
You never did disappoint From Software.

At least Metal Wolf Chaos is actually good

Don't worry, you'll probably get to emulate Otogi someday.

The reliance on lock-on kills it.

I remember being so hyped over the original Xbox. I was a senior in high school and my mom went and stood in a line at Target for me so that I could get it for Christmas. It was probably the last time I ever gave a fuck about Christmas. I left for the Marines 5 months later and never touched the thing again, I still have no idea what happened to it, I guess my mom got rid of it or something, along with my cat.

doc please, it's too much

I beat Sudeki today, the overall experience was alright when you had your entire party, and I would've been satisfied if it weren't for the really shitty ending. I was amazed at how fast they kick you out of the game when you beat what apparently was the final boss. I don't even feel like completing the side quests anymore after that.

time to buy new ones, user.

Enjoy your ptsd and shitty healthcare fag

it was probably in a format that his computer couldnt read. It probably had somthing on it

Oh, so PS2fags can't read as well. No nigger, I was saying you're salty all you're mutliplats are the worst versions, Xbox has plenty of great exclusives in addition to the best multiplats of the gen to the point where some multiplats are only worth playing on xbox and should probably be considered exclusives (hello Splinter Cell series).

actually, it's the only game I have where this happens
tell me about talos, why does he wear the mask?

at least an animator felt the same way. And somehow got a hold of the VAs to boot.

what did you think about that game? the videos I saw of it did not look promising at all to have a fun time with.

Nice collection big boy

I hated murakumo. Frustrating and miserable game.

I fucked up the sound when I was recording, but have a shitty webm

yeah it kind of becomes boring after 5 minutes. It feels like Fromsoft was just trying to see if they could get their technology running on the hardware. If you want a giant robot game about zooming around cities play this instead.

somebody selling near me
Xbox with $60 XBMC and Coin Ops installed 250GB
should i bite?

GTA 3 and Vice City are probably the ultimate examples as the are the definitive editions of the game. Certain effects in the Xbox versions weren't in the PC version due to the NV2T in the Xbox enabling a lot of additional lighting, ambient occlusion and alpha effects that couldn't be modded into the PC versions. San Andreas had additional effects in the Xbox version, but they lowered the resolution to 480p progressive. Though that one was more definitive due to the PC getting a shit port of SA even for the time.

Nvidia wanted insane demands and wouldn't lower the price of the NV2T. AMD offered the Xenon and a prototype tri-core CPU. MS took the risk because they simply couldn't deal with Nvidia and ditching the console early after it surpassed expectations could be written down for tax purposes (As model production ended in early 2005 and they were planning on never making another unit). It was Nvidia being Jews (Surprise) and AMD offering something better that made them jump quicker.

Alright niggers, just bought this, what am I in for?