/ogc/ Racing Games General - First Turn Edition

Also looks like MS is already trying to scam people by selling the exact same DLC for two games.


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Nordschleife with 24 Hour of Le Mans and Bathurst tied for distant second. Spa brings up a close third.

What drama was that? Apparently /ovg/ is dead and doesn't get many people racing anymore.

Because /ogc/ is a cooler name than /ovg/ and also the fact that we apparently have recurring events that I never attend to. Also coupled with the fact that most racing games recently kinda suck.

Been playing Screamer 2 and reinstalled Rally championship 2000, fun times ahead.

That's an understatement. It feels like all the acrade racing game devs have lost their drive. At least I still have my 360 and my copy of Blur.
I wish I could turn back time.

Somebody in the last thread was asking about PCars 2's rallycross, this vid just popped in my JewTube suggestions. It actually looks pretty decent, and at the 4 minute mark the guy even takes a normal, road going BMW onto the rallycross track, which sounds pretty fun.

The GRC is fascinating to watch if you're interested in cultural differences.
Especially when they have like 9 cars on the same tight track slipping and slidding and the mandatory jump every track has to have.

Sound slike it would be pretty fun to watch. Does anybody ever host a stream of them when they're on? Does NBC host a stream of them without having to enter in your cable provider information, or is there a site that you know of that will be hosting it. I legit don't have any form of television.

You can find race recaps on youtube on the grc channel.

You fuckboys are aware that Crashday just rereleased on Steam, right?

Anyone play BeamNG.drive? Was considering pirating it to try it out. It looks like Gmod but with superior physics and more emphasis on driving. Anyone know how good the modding community is?

Modding is moderately hard on a good level because you need to be rather fucking careful with jbeaming the vehicle.
There is a decent library of tracks and vehicles.
And it's more like Test Drive rather than gmod.

Just pointing out the high concentration of digits in this thread.

I got my G29 today! It's been amazing. I suck ass at driving games again! ahahahaha. Drifting with the wheel is like learning how to drive for the first time. I'm really digging PCars as well. I've been sucking ass for a while without the assists, but I just learned how to heeltoe and I've been doing a LOT better

I still fuck up and restart a LOT, but goddamn, it took me a while to figure out that heel-toe would solve 90% of my spin outs

I think it has to do with /ovg/ being on /o/ (or maybe they moved it off IDK) while /ogc/ is on Holla Forums. Also since 4chan is attracing normal fags more then people who are likely to explore boards, they're less likely to be found.

I was so shitty when I first got mine. The first two hours I was ready to send it back, but then I started to get the hang of it and within a day or two I was better with it than I was a controller. I bet it looks retardedly good on your PC. I wish I wasn't such a pleb. Imagine playing that shit in VR, how fucking amazing would that game be in VR?

Yaaaa it looks good! I haven't juiced the settings to the max yet but I'm gonna try tomorrow. I've been too busy learning how to keep a damn car on the road hahaah. Learning to heel-toe really cut my spinouts down by a fuckload and I can actually keep up with the race pace now, which is exhilarating.

And yeah I saw some VR footage of a few games recently and it'd be so damn crazy to have that

I wasn't, actually. Thanks for the heads up.


My goal today is to get a podium on PCars Formula Rookie

Oh AND to learn tuning more

Yea, it can be a bit of a headache. THere's sites like this, projectcarssetups.eu/#/bycar, that have a bunch of premade tunes you can just copy over, but it's still always nice to try to learn what everything actually does.

All I really ever fuck with is downforce, final gear ratio, fuel levels, steering ratio,and on occasion, ride height. Finding the right downforce levels seems to be really effective at staying competitive. And brake bias, but I usually just use the red circle on the G29 to adjust it to 60 percent when I start up the race because I always forget to do it in the actual setup.

Yeah I've never been great at it but I want to get better. I've been trying to diagnose my setup issues more specifically so that I can fix them when I see them pop up.

I cranked nearly every PCars setting to ultra and I'm getting about 55 FPS. I think I can live with this :D

Also, the FFB settings feel really good out of the box once I eliminated deadzone. Is it really worth it to use the custom configs??

In my opinion, yes. I thought it felt pretty good out of the box too, but it's one of those things that you don't even realize what you're missing out on until you try it out. You should be able to just export all the settings directly to your PCars file. On console we're stuck having to enter them in manually for every single car.

This isn't your fucking personal blog, kid.

Dude's just excited about his new wheel and game. Stop trying to make everyone else as miserable as you.

It's called La Sarthe, pleb.
I also would love if more games had the Bugatti circuit.

Actually, Circuit des 24 Heures du Mans is it's name too, pleb. Look it up.

Thnks to the plebs like you who name a circuit after an event.

Our entire way of life is dictated by what plebs consider acceptable. Why should racing be any different? :^)

What the fuck is this dead ass thread for then? Kill your fucking self faggot I'm trying to talk about racing.

I just checked the BeamNG update and the sounds they added are breddy gud, they need a bit more work but at least it's a step in the right direction, but still, no Italy.

If you're a buyfag, rFactor 2 is on sale on Steam right now.

Meanwhile next car game is still mia.

PCars AI is so bad. I just want to have a racing career but I can't go 10 laps without being the victim of an orbital strike by an AI. Fuuugggg

Yea, the AI is my one big gripe with this game.It sucks too cause the career mode is pretty good, I especially like the Clio Cup career season and the Ginetta GT5 series. Sometimes I'd just set the AI difficulty fairly low so that I knew I'd always be well out in front. The thing I like about career mode over just running hot laps all by myself or playing online with other humans is how it sets a schedule and handles all the variables like track, weather, and time and stuff for me. Just really wish the AI wasn't hell bent on using a specific line with absolutely no regard to your position on the track.

Yeah I'm learning to deal with it. I've set the AI to around 60% difficulty so that I have the opportunity to make up position if I need to, but 1st is still a challenge. I actually just finished my first Formula R series and was able to take a close 1st on the second 14 lap race. I feel like a fuckin survivor.

I figured out that they'll dive bomb you if you use irregular lines, and I'm trying to work out preemptive defenses for when I'm going to use strange lines. The one plus side is that I usually am an asshole to AI, so now I don't feel as bad when I am.

Anyone have experience with the Crew Chief app? I'm setting it up now

I treat the AI like it's my bitch sometimes. I purposely just dive bomb right into them and restart the race if I take too much damage. I fucking hate em'.

Crew Chief app is fuckin amazing if you play with no HUD. I'm sure most of yall are aware of it already, but I'm really impressed. Being able to verbally ask the crew chief about my temps or times or whatever is fantastic and adds a fuckload of immersion.

Oh and the spotter helps a lot for knowing when someone is next to you that you didn't see. Doesn't keep you from getting dive bombed, but it's a start.

Is it something that's free? Like does it run from your phone to your headset or something? I've been looking at those Dash apps for awhile now, like the Race car dash app, or the pCars dash one. I'd be nice to have my gear number be in a really visible and easy to see spot for me.

It's free as in freedom. Idk how it sets up on phones exactly since I got the PC application, but it is on mobile as well, yeah.

isn't /ovg/ a /vg/ thing, it says vg on the box

Have you binded stuff to all your buttons yet?

Not every single one of them, no. I am using about 80% of my buttons for different things.

The threads happen in 4/o/


Any one of you who bought crash day, how is it?

Good news, I'm not fucking mental. I remember playing a game called e racer as a kid and I just couldn't find it until now, it's a pretty fun arcade racer.
Complex tracks that you NEED to practice and memorize , fun physics, and you can race euro shitboxes in junkyards.

That engine sounds like a synthesizer

Congrats on not being a loon

If I collected my farts for use as a replacement for nitrous oxide would it work?
I'm guessing not because the point of nitrous oxide is having more oxygen than our air, but farts have about the same amount of oxygen as air with a little methane on top.

Just found this video showing the AI is PCars 2. Jump to the 1:30 mark or so. The AI actually gets out of his way, and gives him a little room in the corners. Good to see it's not nearly as homicidal as it is in 1.

Now I have to go look up the chemical makeup of a fart to see if the oxygen will release properly. Thanks.

Looks pretty good!! If they build on PCars, fix AI, and don't fuck anything up in the process, the game will be fucking amazing. That volumetric fog looks good as fuck.

No, Nitrous cools the air allowing it to compact atomically (IE become denser) which gets more air in the combustion chamber. And since there's more air, more fuel can be put in there as well while maintaining Stoichiometric ratio (optimal air fuel mix to burn) resulting in a bigger bang to work the piston.

The Slight Methane from farts wouldn't boost octane enough to make it worth while.

You'll make your cars engine sound like an endless fart without having to swap the muffler for a ricer one

Is there a reason there's so much fucking super eurobeat albums, even if they're remixes?

The BeamNG update sounds nice, haven't had a chance to test that track generator yet but it looks a bit too basic. I hope they expand on it.

Same reason new Tupac albums get released all these years later; Money.

It's pretty much a gymkhana generator, it's nice to kill some time even though I feel that it's more aimed at driftfags.
You enter a seed and get a track, most of the time it's a point to point track, but I discovered one seed that gives a loop, 19201080

Holy shit, thank you user. I spent few nights looking for that game few months ago, but I was unsuccessful. Feels great to know that I'm not mental either.

Now that I investigate it a bit more, I thought it offered you some premade tracks and the generator, but it isn't like that.
You can pick the kind of track you want to generate or pick a random type of track.
Maybe we could do some time trials some day I can provide a link to download the game

Not him but yes

My upload speed is shit
And if anyone wants to buy it LOL
They just put it on Humble Bundle without having to use Steam.

Not to mention the fact that only some people produce methane from their gut in the first place.

is there any place to get a schedule or notification for motorsports event streaming? I don't want to have to spend an hour looking through schedules for every discipline

There's one every weekend

Dope, thanks!

I subbed to the Redbull GRC JewTube channel after somebody mentioned it in the last thread. They upload all their races directly to the channel, checked out the most recent race this morning before I went to bed and it was bretty gud. Lots of contact and it was short and to the point.

Forgot to add, even after watching just one race I'm fairly certain that I hate Scott Speed.

I did catch some of this on accident while passing by a TV and then watched on their channel afterward haha

Let's get a prayer for this poor soul

BeamNG is f u n

That one user that was mad about me talking about my PCars experience posted about me in a different thread lmao. You're such a huge faggot dude.

On that note, anyone else find F1 boring to watch?

I dropped F1 2 seasons ago, it's really boring.

I happen to live in a 5 minutes cycling away from this place and do swear as much as him while do the chilly riding.

The thing I dont like about the GRC is how they handle the joker. There's just more strategy in having a joker that increases laptime rather than decrease.

Took a break in the last quarter of my 2 hour Le Mans race and my AI driver got me DQed for cutting track. Lesson Learned.

I use to love it back in the day when Schumacher and Ferrari were absolutely murdering everybody, but I haven't watched it in about 10 years now.

LOL, that sucks.

I tried PCars at a friend's home with the OR and it was fun
Still, I didn't use the OR at its fullest, because I just kept watching the road in front of me
Also, since I was used to the gearbox of my shitty old car, i kept using too much force while shifting and de-clamped the shifter from the table

This week's reveal for Forza 7 is Uroopaeinanan cars. It's alright I guess.


I really, really, really wish they would release Forza for the plebstation.

I was here a month ago or maybe less whining about how much Initial D Arcade Stage 8 was holding my hand.
I did some research and learned that the game is basically in babby mode until you grind out an EXspec car. So, that's what I'm doing now.
It's pay2win but I can't buy D-coins in America so I just have to earn enough points to reach Exspec by driving.

Enjoy these dorifto digits.

I hate how expensive arcade games are these days.

That's never going to happen.

Turn 10 is a first party studio. They're entirely owned by Microsoft. The IP is owned by MS as well. It's never going to happen. Really though all we need is for a dev that isn't as lazy as Polyphony to find Gran Turismo levels of success on the PS4. The only real advantage the Forza series has over other racing games is the insane budget and team size that comes with it.

so the guys at ovg can't enjoy a good RR3 paint job so I hope you guys can

Are F1 drivers our guys?

The 350z one looks nice. Hood of the RX-7 makes me think of McDonalds.


Even at the best value (buying credits in bundles of $99) it only goes down to $1.13

Well all there appears to be on steam is some VR racing games if anyone has shelled out for one of those.


I would let the twingo in. The twingo is pure.

So for the fabled sub 7 ring run, are these done on just Nordschleife or the combined track?

This came out of nowhere.
They brought pavel back



I thought Pavel was dead as fuck. This is great.

Formula A on PCars can do a sub 6 ring run, that's on Nordschleife only though. I think most ring times are run on Nordschleife alone.

I thought he hated this company because they screwed him over, so he screwed over Spintires for years before finally telling us everything.
How well do you think he'll fare this time?

Gonna have to wait and see if he canned the last planned update to work on mudrunner


twingo a shit

All 32 Locations for Forza 7 announced. Dynamic weather and Day/Night transitions confirmed as well, though the twist on the weather is that you can only change it in quick race mode. All other modes, it's RNG all the time.

Brands Hatch
Circuit of the Americas
Daytona International Speedway
Homestead-Miami Speedway
Autodromo Internazionale del Mugello
Sebring International Raceway
Silverstone Racing Circuit
Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps
Suzuka Circuit
Virginia International Raceway
Yas Marina Circuit
Mount Panorama Circuit
Circuit de Catalunya
Indianapolis Motor Speedway
Sonoma Raceway
Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca
Le Mans Circuit de la Sarthe
Lime Rock Park
Toyota GP of Long Beach
Autodromo Nazionale Monza
Road America
Road Atlanta
Top Gear Test Track
Watkins Glen

Bernese Alps
Dubai Circuit
Maple Valley Raceway
Prague Circuit
Rio De Jainero Circuit
Benchmark Test Track Airfield

I'd post on 4/o/ but mobile shitters seem to be banned and our /o/ is super slow even when I try to post every so often:

What's the consensus on Mini Coopers? Ass and not worth it? Worth it for the right price? Shitty when over 70k miles? There's a few in my area and I've been told they're fun to drive.

He is working on it again? Because if he does I might buy it. Honestly, as a owner of the first game I get 55% off and I was considering buying it, but I did not want to support the company that screwed pavel over. But if they are okay with each other again I might buy it. I read on the forums that the new publisher is also responsible for Farming Simulator, which means they could fill this new games with DLC.

But are they ever going to finish that game? I bought it some time ago and I feel like it will stay a early access game forever.

why aren't there any good racing games on PC? Project Cars 2 is total trash compared to the Forza series (if we exclude horizon)

Forza 7 is gonna be on PC

One of the selling points on the steam page is


They said the same about their first game, but we hardly got any new content from the devs. We will see how the second one turns out. Maybe they will remove workshop support entirely so they can sell dlc.

cool, I'll have to check that out. But to be honest, I think the last forza game I have played was forza4, and if I remember correctly that game had 50€ worth of dlc in it. I bet Forza 7 will be similar regarding this.

You have every single racing game but Gran Turismo (which has been total shit for the past couple titles) on PC, including Forza 6. A lot of people say rFactor 2 has the best physics of any sim out there, and it's PC only.

Man, I dunno. How does one even finish a game like BeamNG? I haven't played it for very long but there seems to be a large amount of stuff to do. I don't know how such an open ended thing could really ever be finished. This is one occasion where I'd be fine with them just adding new content over time.

Just hit a sub 7 with a GT3 car.

Nice! What car is that? I've been using the M3 GT3 to learn the track. Also, red car had that shit coming.

Hit a sub 7 minute ring time online in a GT3 car tonight. It put me in second place out of 11 or so, first was I think like ~10 seconds quicker than me though.

Not bad. I don't mind the RNG on conditions so much, I just wonder if hotlapping/rivals will be RNG as well. Even in Horizon 3 it was forced sunny at noon to make it fair for everyone's times.

I deleted my old post cause I wasn't sure if it had my tag in it or not, but decided fuck it, who cares if it does. I did it in the RUF GT3 car, and yea, fuck that dude in the red car.

Forgot to mention, the guy that had a 10 or so second lead on me did it in the M3 GT3 car.

Noted! I think I'll keep trying in this then.


so /ogc/, what do you want in your open-world-offroading game?

Dodge Challengers and commies to run over with them

Soft bodies, similar to BeamNG.drive but not as extreme as in that game coupled with soft terrain like in Spintires. Sega Rally has also sexy terrain, but not as good as Spintires. And honestly that's almost all I need to enjoy that game.

Proper offroading physics instead of "it's actually just tarmac but if you turn too hard you spin out" or "your car's engine loses 60% of it's power if you touch the darker patch of dirt just outside the track"

Motorstorm did it all perfectly. I'm curious on what an open world version of it would have been like.

Got 7:45 on Nordcschleife in the M3. Adenauers deceptive left keeps fuckin me up and I need to slow down more on Aremberg, mostly. Also my Karussel action is sad.


Might as well dump rest of the webm's.




I was really surprised I didn't go off into the grass on that one to be quite honest. It's probably my favorite corner overall, always satisfying when you get it just right.

Adenauers is a pain and so is the karussell. I still dread the karussell every time, the exit makes my car want to spin out most of the time.


I never ever get sick of seeing midair turns

Yeah my two spots I'll spin at are Aremberg and Karussell exit. Adenauers I think I'll memorize my line faster than the rest of the course since I hate it so much. Then it'll just come down to pacing and finding my lines.


What about these midair turns.

Fucking hell. This shit takes a special kind of madman.

You ever watch any Isle of Man TT race videos?

Nah I haven't

Last year someone came off and did a headfirst luge into a concrete wall at 50mph. Dunno if it's still on youtube.

It's basically an annual racing snuff video festival.

Weeeeeeeeeeeeewwwwww gonna have to check that out

I keep feeling faster and cleaner and more confident on Nordschleife and my times do not seem to be changing. Dam dude.

Isle of Man TT is borderline insanity.

Definitely do. Some of the action is so insane that it's like watching a real life anime. Please excuse the niggerlicious taste in music in vid related, there's some good clips in it.

What a terrible music choice

The music reminds me of a ps2-era extreme sports game.
At least the engine noises sounded nice.

Fucking madmen. I can't believe they managed that front to back contact without RIPing

Good non-fantasy racing games generally have shit soundtracks.

Their massive testicles hanging over either side of their bikes act as a ballast to keep them stable.

I just play my music tbh


If you can't seriously think of any reasons that would be cool, get the fuck out of this thread and never pretend you give a shit about cars again.

couldn't I just have two cars?

gee user how come your mom lets you have two cars?




I've had a 96 Impala SS and a 06 STI. While the Impala was fun to slide around corners the Subie was infinitely more fun. I use to come flying onto my street and let the ass end hang out way wide and the front of my car would start heading right towards this one mailbox one time and all I'd have to do is just keep the gas pinned and put some opposite lock in and the STI would pull itself out of disaster every single time. Not to mention how much fun I use to have in this giant field they turned to basically a giant dirt course prior to building a Walmart and how much fun I'd have out on the gravel roads all the time. After owning fun versions of both I'd take AWD over RWD any day of the week. Right now all I've got is a 99 Legacy SUS and even that weak ass thing is fun as fuck on gravel or when it snows, at least when the head gasket isn't blown.

Bump and speaking of trash music for a trailer, this WRC 7 trailer. At least the grafix look decent.

It's going to be arcade shit isn't it?

What a weak fafe jump

Why isn't there a rally game where you and your mates go and rally cars you paid for in the weekends around the backroads?
This looks comfy.

It's actually looking a lot better than previous WRC games.

Holy shit, that's a real thing. A company deciding to use a famously world renowned anti-capitalist's image to push some shitty, over priced product that nobody actually needs is probably the funniest things I've seen in at least a month.

People have been doing it for decades so why stop now?

Yea, but the idea of a Che Guevara brand energy drink is so ludicrous to me that it seems like something straight out of a parody. It's still making me chuckle every time I think about it.Even the Rebel Spirit part is hilarious. Like I'm picturing a commercial where Castro and Guevara are all tired and about to give up the revolution, but then some rad dude on a skateboard pulls up and tosses them both a Che Guevara© brand energy drink and it gives them the Rebel Spirit™ they need to overthrow their government.

Che's image has been abstracted to the point where he's really just a symbol of rebellion in general. He's not necessarily a communist figure anymore.

AC is on sale, what do DLCs do you recommend getting?
The base DLC + 3 dream packs are 20 bucks.

Err Dr Pavel?

You mean drag cars?

I'm interested in this also. I should definitely buy it at this price anyway, right? I'm still balls deep in PCars and Dirt Rally but the price is right.

Those were some good times.
But in seriousness the Crew 2 will have planes and boats in it for some reason.

with the way drag cars work in the crew I'm sure we can bullshit some way into having them fly like airplanes

Sounds like the plot of the new Fast and the Furious film to be honest.

Is this advanced bait?

No I'm just a huge fag

Your mom's vagina is bait….for the BBC.

So looks like there was a stream for Forza 7 during gamescom where they very lightly teased the career. Skip to 6 minutes for the game itself and not just two retards talking about sandals.


I give them a week of them being unique, knowing how autistic people that play these games can be, they'll replicate them in no time.

That kind of bullshit reminds me of the supersonic GT-ONE tune in GT3

There's surprisingly little in the way of taking a banger and thrashing on it. There's the old DOS Street Rod games (which are really dated gameplay wise), there was that HOT ROD magazine game that was kinda like Street Rod but never played that. Can throw SLRR in that pile too I guess.
Also Eve of Destruction counts as well.

There will probably never be a game where you essentially do LeMons or just regular track day stuff.

One fucking job.

Smells like more ways to wring DLC out of it. Either way with how lack luster DA CREW was (that I got it for free during that Ubisoft give away I still felt ripped off)

You know how the first Forza Horizon didn't have tuning? I think it was due to them fucking with the values beyond what the game allowed to get the more arcade like handling. So they might be doing that with them.
(Also timestamp for where they mention Unique tunes)

Fuck forgot to finish what I was saying about DA CREW.

Either way with how lack luster DA CREW was I don't think anyone but Autists who actually liked the MMO grind and anal rape DLC will get it. Most everyone else will stay away.


I am sure that Latvala will destroy his gearbox again.

We will all play it when they make it free.


Yeah, no idea why they're making another. The first was dead from day 1. It was a shame, too. When I saw the trailers I saw an innovative street racer and I thought "maybe someone decided to try to make a good game?" because they've been recycling the same things for a while now, but it turns out even ubisoft can only do the same shit over and over for so long so they needed a new franchise.

Posted this on /o/, posting here to settle a pointless bet with no wager:

In approximately what has to be the 6 millionth GTA Online DLC, they released this promotional picture of a classic car with a Vapid badge that is most definitely based on an Escort Mk1. I'm not telling you this for nothing, they're going to call it the Courtesan. If they don't, I'll eat a bag of dicks.


I will be genuinely surprised if they don't name it that.

Has anyone here played on the FiveM Drift servers? It's pretty entertaining and tandems are fucking fun when you aren't desynced with someone 100x your ping.

Can't wait to spend $14 trillion on the P-51 Mustang that was in the trailer. Better start grinding now so that I can afford it within the next 10 years or so.

ask a mate to cheat you money

I'm on PS4, that and Xbone don't have hackers on it so there's no way to make money without grinding. I ended up grinding my way up to $2 million today and I already feel burnt out on the game for at least a month now.I've got a rocket bike that I can sell for 2 or 3 million so I'll probably do that for some extra money.

I'm so sorry to hear that. PC not only has native trainers allowing me to bring in all the DLC into single player but also a multiplayer mod that lets me skip all of Rockstar's horseshit all together. gta5-mods.com/scripts/grand-theft-multiplayer-gt-mp-alternative-multiplayer I still uninstalled the game because the racing is baby mode.

Anybody rockin F1 17 yet?

The only way to make gta 5 good is to cheat.

It's why I love trainers so much. You can do all sorts of stupid shit with them. This is my personal favorite; gta5-mods.com/scripts/menyoo-pc-sp

What choices do I even have? I picked up The Crew for free and played it for like a day before burning out because it was shit. Is there anything like that game but not garbage?

Gran turismo 4 doesnt look that bad for it's age

Decided to take it out on the ring, ended up pulling some major wheelieage.I only did one lap before stuffing it pretty early on in the second one but it was still probably the most fun I've had on Nordschleife.


Finally managed a sub 6 minute time in a LMP 1 car. Everything off including ABS.


24 Hours of Potimao race is live

I finished TXR3 earlier this year and I just ordered this game.
What am I in for?


Didn't know renault had a GT car

Thanks for the heads up

Is it just me or is the AI in F1 2016 terrible, much worse than in previous F1 titles?
My main issue is that they drive like suicidal maniacs. The AI loves to ram my car from behind (lost quite a few races because of this, and even when I use flashbacks and drive the same segment more carefully they would ram me again), and they will also often cut in front of me and hit my front wheel or front spoiler. Never had these problems in past F1 titles.

They've got it in PCars, I think it uses a Nissan GT-R engine.

Reminder that Burnout 3 is the only good western driving game.

Turns out I am a complete faggot. SuperGT starts in about 6 hours.

wasn't split/second made by euros? Also flatout 2.



Some poor guy is hanging on the chat taking on-board camera requests.

any /ogc/ games chart? im interested in arcade racing games

just played NFS most wanted 2005 again recently and i think it aged really well aside from Y axis getting stuck on 360 controller

No charts, just the small list of recommendations. Burnout 3, Flatout 2, Outrun 2006, NFSU2, every Ridge Racer game, and TDU2 seem to be the most commonly recommended games. There's also stuff like Redout, BallisticNG, WipEout, F-Zero, Xtreme-G, Wave Race, and probably a few other non-standard but fairly arcade racing games.

Subaru garage-stream: youtube.com/watch?v=4WZHh8yhusA
Nissan garage-stream: youtube.com/watch?v=mOFblDDi9Hg

I bought AC on sale and I CAN FEEL EVERYTHING

Suzuka IT dept needs a paddlin

Oh shit I remember that.

I'm still waiting for it to go on sale on PS4. People say it has some of the FFB and physics of any sim. Is Nordschliefe in the base game?

Can confirm FFB is next-level. Nordschleife is in one of the Dream Pack DLC's and compared to PCars the laser scanned version on AC has so much more character. I was ready to return the AC+DLC bundle I got if it didn't measure up, and it definitely exceeds my expectations.

Well shit, I was just looking at AC and thought
But you're really tempting me, user. Stop it.

Tokyo Extreme Racer is bad?

Didn't say that, just feel like it's not recommended as much. It also totally slipped my mind to recommend it. I've never played it, but I have heard good things if you enjoy ricing your cars.

I'm keeping both PCars and AC installed since I do really enjoy the career, tracks, and cars on PCars. BUT GODDAMN the FFB on AC is so descriptive, and the laser scanned tracks are so full of life in their asphalt.

But if you don't play PCars much then I dunno how much mileage you'll get out of AC. Depends on how important FFB and physics are to you vs presentation and graphics.

AC looks really fucking pretty in screenshots I saw, I dunno. FFB and physics would be nice to have, but with my wheel not going to be hooked up for a while, I'm still a bit hesitant. I'll probably wait for another big sale.

Oh ya AC is no slouch in graphics. PCars just has better textures and decorative things and weather effects. If you get the itch for better FFB for free you can always get Jack Spade's FFB tweaker files for PCars.

Has anybody had any luck finding an iso of the japanese version of tokyo xtreme racer?
The NTSC-U port is awful and emulates worse but it seems like it's impossible to find the japanese version without speaking anime.

Never mind that SHIT, it's called Smuggler's Run. They're cannibalizing old IPS to keep this Juggernaut going.

TBH I though a modern game where you dodge Border patrols over Not Saudi Arabia and Not Russian Urals would be super rad.

Seconding Emulators.

Disappointment I'm sad to say. It's FAR easier to play then TXR3 (the rival hints are 98% of the time super helpful, the physics are lot more forgiving and don't degrade at all, just nos is limited until you visit a PA).
Also the Car list is SHIT (it hit's all the favorites, RX7, R32 & R34, JZ70 and ZJ90 Supra. Plus some Some sedans which you won't care about except for Silent Barbarian).
Even with some nice body kits to get an off brand Mustang, or KITT with the JZ70 Supra, or a BMW with I think the Crown, it's lack luster clocking in at like 20 cars.
Now Granted they're all in a detail not seen til end of cycle games like Horizon and Forza 4. But that doesn't make up for what was clearly a rush job as you can buy pre made custom AE86's and 240z's and see licensed traffic cars. I blame Ubishit.

So going through TXR3, treat it like a TXR4 Beta that never made it out EA. Lots of stuff you'd assume it would have are missing, but hits the notes that would sell it.

I'd honestly swore to myself if they made a new TXR I'd get a new console regardless of what it was. Then they made a Mobile game.

We have a wiki everyone forgets about. It's mostly ripped from /ovg/'s chart (in fact the articles on the chart are all by me, and I mostly ported those from the old wiki)
As a side note I always liked TJ's graffitied Samantha's civic

Which one? The wiki I posted has mega links (which don't work for me due to some weird bug with mega demanding a decryption key and I haven't found an answer for it). It's got arguably the best game there in nip.

The 3rd.
The /ogc/ wiki has it, nice.

You didn't have to put in a decryption right?

Glad you found it.

Does Import Tuner Challenge at least multiple areas like TXR3 or is it just tokyo?

Also, why the fuck aren't genki making more TXR games? A modern game with some sort of seamless online multiplayer would be seriously cool.

Go emulate TXR3


Also I think Genki not doing another game is probably due to the price of making it, and their poor sales records. I mean I don't ever hear about it getting talked about apart from here.

You guys got me interested in TXR3 so I'm tryin it out. Just got the G29 controls hacked together and dialed in and it's surprisingly usable now.

How are you liking your G29?

I want to like TXR and such, but the highways you race on don't feel very exciting to drive on. Does it get better the later on in the game you go?

Keep in mind: It's my first proper racing wheel and I haven't tried anything better than it. I fucking love it. The pedals, the wheel, the buttons and the FFB all feel good as fuck to the point where I forget I'm simulating. I think my only issue with any of the buttons is that the dial sometimes skips a value when you rotate it. I can see why some reviewers call the FFB "notchy" due to the gears, but it really doesn't take away from my immersion. The only time I really notice the gears is when I play without headphones and can hear them clacking.

I've had it for three or four weeks, and if I lost this one today I would buy another one immediately. Best purchase I've made in the past year aside from my new guitar.

Well the Highway isn't meant to be challenging, but the people you race. Give it till a boss that you have to block like an absolute mad man to win against. Or a propelling down the road at 210MPH. But if you want the roads to be a bit more challenging try the Drift Sub Series, which is all mountain driving.

I'll try Drift Sub then yeah. I'm not one for vehicle combat outside of Burnout and Twisted Metal.

TXRD2 is fucking amazing except the CA events/races which are frustrating as all hell even for a Genki game

Yeah weirdly for game focusing on drifting, it's rubbish. At least you can cheese it with a FWD car weirdly enough.

I'm not sure what TXR has to do with vehicle combat

if you want ultimo cheese put spike tires on the rear and normal in front

I meant the whole blocking/impeding the other racer.

Have you ever played it? It's a Car combat game, but in a very Japanese way. You have a health bar, you beat opponent after opponent until you've conquered them all, you have bosses along the way. It's like a fighting game, but with cars and cowarding out hard.

I've never tried that actually. Honestly I'd just use the first FWD car I could get my hands on (usually the IST you can win off someone) and go through with no problem.

Have you ever played Kaido Battle 2? It's physics engine is PERFECT. Like I've honestly always had a bit of an issue drifting in games unless I'm helped out a lot but I can pitch anything like my name was fucking Keiichi Tsuchiya and wish they used it for EVERYTHING after they made it.

That's just racing

Glad you're enjoying it so much, it's easily my favorite purchase in longer than I can even remember. In regards to the red dial I've noticed that I tend to have problems with it anytime I'm giving any other input with the wheel and maybe even the pedals too. Like, if I'm driving around and steering it won't recognize every click when I try to increase or decrease my brake bias, but as soon as I stop and am not using the wheel for anything else I can adjust my brake bias just fine.






fuck is this

Beamng Drive.

Der Nordschleife on AC is way harder to drive vs PCars but I get better times. TELL ME WHY

Maybe you're just improving as a driver.

That could be. But there was like a 8 second discrepancy the first day I had AC. I sure as fuck hope I am improving because I'm still garbage at this track.

Are there any good BeamNG mods you can recommend?

As of 0.10 Ibishu Miramar coupé, DH outlaw, Oldsfullsize, can't really go wrong with maps. Add to that a few surprisingly good plane mods. You can find most on the site itself and Russian sites with dodgier mods. One of those is a Civetta (Ferrari) rally car, the mod itself doesn't work but it adds rally tires to the normal car.

Goddamn Dirt Rally stresses me out more than any online road race could. Learning rally on the wheel has been so much more difficult than road or drift. Learning to sort of let the terrain do some of the driving and pointing the wheel where it needs to be over crests has been very helpful.

Can't wait to finish this 80's cup and get into some classes that have some more bite.

It'll buff out.

Also Rock of Ages II is out for anyone who cares. It's in Steams racing section and kinda counts. Really just bump.

I know what I have, no lowballers, serious injuries only

Anyone here remember Cel Damage?

I heard about it but never played it. Good music though.

At first I thought you meant a sequel to the shit 2012 warner bros movie that was shilled in every single fucking music forum.

I played it on a neighbor's xbox back when it came out. I remember loving the way it looked but I don't remember much else.

I don't remember much about the music. Just the madcap levels and absolute pain in the ass that was dealing with the racers who were bosses of certain zones.

It was a really weird game. Like the baby of Need for Madness and Twisted Metal, if I'm remembering it right.
Mostly just interested in knowing whether or not anyone even recalls it existing.

I own the HD version. It's a hard game to love, but I enjoy it.

I'm pretty sure someone has done something similar or exactly the same as this, but I couldn't find it- so I made it.

Nope, never seen it. Then again I never played the first game.

There's an iso on Emuparadise if you wanna try it out again.

Ghost cars spook the shit out of me.

Does Import Tuner Challenge in have weather?

Did you just screen record a youtube video, fatty?

Yeah. Guess how I got the Running In The 90s audio.

By using this?

Close. Actually used a megaphone and reel-to-reel before converting back into a digital format. Gotta have that vintage tone.

nope, I didn't know it even existed. But "Cel" reminded me of cel-shading, which reminds me of
Auto Modellista 2 Never ever

in what games can I use an st205 that aren't gran turismo or initial d? (and that could be in one form or another played on a laptop or a ps3)

Sega Rally, Enthusia

Tokyo Xtreme Racer 3

24 hours of Barcelona tomorrow.
Qualifying: youtube.com/watch?v=C2rRfvLq9WQ
>Night practice: youtube.com/watch?v=8KD9dkjVHkY
>Main race: youtube.com/watch?v=LDKIZHR5xZc

I wish there were games where you could race random shitboxes instead of "a bunch of car enthusiast cars plus car enthusiast cars that happen to be shitboxes".
I want to race in a renault logan against a modern fiat fiesta while some dude in a kia sportage watches.

Ya know.. After racing online a bit in public lobbies, PCars AI doesn't seem so retarded compared to how ballsy humans get in stupid situations.

Nothing is worse than an actual person. Its why people fucking despise the drivatars in the latest Forza titles.

what did you DLC faggots think was going to happen?

PC master race told you DLC was a scam. you wanted it. you sucked all that DLC dick. quit whining. you asked for this.

Next time listen to PC gamers you console plebs.

I always want to race online just because of the added challenge, but unless I got 1st during Qualifying I almost always get purposely taken out by some nigger loving faggot between when the lights go green and the first turn. All I do anymore is run qualifying sessions and see how I stack up against everyone else and then quit out before the actual race starts, it's just not worth the headache.

Truer words were never spoken.

It can be a fun time, and sometimes the entire lobby is gentlemanly. Sometimes half the field is retarded. AC's minorating takes care of the issue of purposeful wreckers, but there are still a lot of new people that don't have any sense of etiquette.

PCars is suppose to be introducing some kind of licensing and ranking system to their online. He mentions AC's minorating mod in vid related.

No. Which is weird considering what a staple it is. What it does have though is three different "times" of night, midnight, and dawn.

Also thread is less then 10 posts from dying, just as a heads up.

Ye I watched this earlier and I'm quite pleased to hear about it. Gotta give people a reason to get better.

me too my dude, I would love to race some econoboxes and obscure old sports cars but racing vidya is largely normalfag territory and the companies have to sell these games

my only hope is that gran turismo starts expanding their criteria for cars they feature but with the release of gt sport my hopes are waning

wait hold on
Renault Logan?
Fiat Fiesta?
What the hell? What country are you from?

For someone reason everyone owns a french car here.

Normally, Logan is a Dacia and Fiesta is a Ford.

Say that to my Chervolte Carmaro, not online and see what happens

I accidentally called the fiesta a fiat but I wasn't wrong about the renault logan.
Make it a fiat punto then.

How does this make you feel?

Is that an Opel? Opels are always impressively boring. Save for exceptions.

Check the filename

I'm not blind.

It's the most boring Corsa ever made
I miss the boxy ones

I miss many boxy cars but such is life. Cars will only look more and more like 50 shades of SUV or wacky-shmacky-look-at-me-I'm-from-the-future EV.

Why does it look so good, someone tell me. It's too old to look that good.

It looks that good because it probably runs like shit.

Or maybe it doesn't, I dunno. US doesn't get Renault, we just get some Nissans.

US had the Renault 5 as the Renault Le Car.
Stupid fucking name and they seemed to have changed stuff but I know nothing of either.

Le Brain Problems

Fucking Reddit.

Looks uglier

Somehow they made it look worse for the US version, what the fuck.

Am I the only one who loves Gas Guzzlers Extreme? Fucken awesome battle race game! It's like a Flatout 2 armed to the teeth.

boring driving physics, you can't upgrade your car from zero to hero since there isn't a class system, you just keep changing cars, so you can't pick a favorite and race it to the next class.

This. The vehicle physics are extremely simple and it has that awful EVERY LITTLE TURN YOU MAKE IS A DRIFT that mobile racing games love to have. The AI also has some weird form of
slipstream/catchup/whatever that just makes them go faster or slower randomly.

New thread;