Uncommon Time Thread #1: Second Anniversary Edition

Two years ago tomorrow, Holla Forums found Uncommon Time, a shitty tumblr RPG.
Why is that worthy of an anniversary thread?
Because we played through it, streamed it, and had an amazing time laughing at how horribly awful it was the first year, and last year too; I want to do it again with all you anons this year.
We also created a ton of OC, which you might've seen over the past two years. Hopefully we can create even more.
And last but definitely not least, we found an amazing character in that game, the only saving grace this game has. Teagan Who did nothing wrong.

The stream is going to be tomorrow, at either 3PM-9PM EST, 6PM-Midnight EST, or 9PM-3AM EST. I'm not sure which time would be better for y'all, so I'll put it to a vote. strawpoll.me/13676932
You can find the stream over at smashcast.tv/Thassil Smashcast used to be Hitbox, just changed the name I think. All the old streams are still saved, at least.
Stay awhile and listen watch the stream with all of us, it'll be a great time!

Also, I'll be doing a couple of very quick test streams between now and then just to get the settings right to make sure the stream is actually watchable. No need to tune in. I'll be doing all of the testing on my end. I'll announce when the actual stream is going to happen.

Other urls found in this thread:

ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=996155&highlight=cheat engine

Speak in real hours you cunt

Sound the autism horns.

Give me the teagan hand holding, kissing and wedding dress pics!


Please no.

Noon-6PM PST
19:00 - 01:00 UTC

6PM-Midnight EST
22:00-04:00 UTC

6PM-Midnight PST
01:00-07:00 UTC

I guess it's technically EDT and PDT, but whatever


Dats it man.

Character Bios


Holy shit, that time of the year again? Man, I remember the anniversary last year, but I missed out on the original stream. Time flies, I guess. I hope I don't miss too much this year.


It's gonna take the whole weekend, dude.
As long as you're free on Sat/Sun you should be fine.

How does one make something that is already pretty bad tumblr art even worse?


I am not a banker, so no, I'm not free sat/sun.
Guess I'll be able to catch the tale ends, at least.

fug, sorry man
At the very least the streams are gonna be recorded. It's a shit consolation prize, but better than nothing.

Such is life for a pizza delivery driver


Wew. I missed it last time, but this time I won't have a shitty job to hold me back from hanging out with Holla Forums. :_(

Hey man, I was also busy during the streams. Hopefully lolioasis can re-record.

Oh boy.

You're in for a wild ride.


I made a modded version of Uncommon Time with a lower experience curve so you don't have to resort to cheat engine to avoid grinding. I also patched that gimmick where you'd get a game over if Alto was fainted when the game makes her the only person in the party and added a new ending. In absence of Teaganquest, use this version: anonfile.com/uaX8g1ceb8/Uncommon_Time_DUET.exe

So it looks like 6PM-Midnight is pretty far ahead. Unless there's some massive change over night, that's probably when the stream will be. The final call will be made at noon tomorrow or whenever I wake up.

Let me preface this by saying that I'm genuinely grateful that you went through the trouble of fixing/adding stuff to Uncommon Time in order to make the stream better for everyone.
But, this anniversary stream is about UT, not a mod for UT. I'm gonna be using the original game for this stream, sorry.
I will, however, keep this mod in mind. If I decide to do a holiday special sometime in December/January, I'd play through your mod instead of the normal game.

Teagan did nothing wrong

That webm is ayyy/10. Good work. Your mod should be good for anyone who feels compelled to put themselves through this shitshow personally for some reason as well.



Imagine an Uncommon Time written by Nasu and illustrated by Takeuchi.

Kinda want a doujin of Teagan and Alto hate fucking.

Reminder that Lolioasis is an alcoholic schizophrenic who autistically screeches on Cuckchan about how the last streamer supposedly sold his info

Kinda want you to kill yourself by the way.

I want to play the game without too many spoilers naturally. Is it super grindy? I need to know how much time I'm going to invest in this thing.

You can't tell my dick what it wants.

No user, it's a breeze. You'll finish it in a day.

Someone post the link to that UT fanfic that supposedly had the game's creator bitching about it in its comments.

Is it the one that validates all of Teagan's actions and has almost everyone abandon Alto like the stupid bitch she is?


wew lad
Me(Thassil)? I never fucking knew him. I don't think we ever talked outside of stream chat.

Just Ia! Ia! Chit'Engin Fthagn! Ph'nglui mglw'nfah Chit'Engin Harmonia wgah'nagl fhtagn and you'll be fine.

I think it's this: archiveofourown.org/works/6492490/chapters/14861239
And pic related is FeralPhoenix's (UTs creator) response

What happened to the games creator since the release? In fact how did all this even start out? I mean how many games like this are released and never get any traction but for some reason this one did and only this community seems to like it for all the wrong reasonsright reasons if you're not the author

Oh snap, has it really been that long already?
It never fails to make me chuckle when you think that not only are we the ones who talk about this game the most, but actively play and stream it on a yearly basis.
That this game is treasure to us.

Well, alright. Could I ask that you stream the extra route once you're finished with the main game? I did make it for Holla Forums, after all.

That fabulously butthurt comment isn't by feralphoenix, but one of her tumblr friends. From what I can tell feral is pretty shy outside of making games and undertale fanfictions.

Yep, that's the one.

Thanks, nigs.

Last I heard, she was making a game starring a bunch of protags from her games, including Alto. I don't know if it's out, but I'd like to give it a look if it is.

You better stream it you faggot, I wanna see it.

What other games did she even make?

Oh fuck, I used to know the creator of this game. She grew up in and went to college in Ohio.

There was one time in high school when she lost her shit after a fanfic killed off her favorite character. As in, she had a complete fucking mental breakdown in the middle of class. After she got her ass dragged off to the nurse, her friend sat down with her and went nuclear on her (read: told her to stop acting like a child), and Feral/Amanda considers this a traumatic betrayal.

I can’t believe her art style hasn’t changed or evolved in over a decade.

She made some slice of life visual novel about some girl getting dumped. I don't know about the rest.

While that probably is something she did, you have two options:
A one-off shitpost isn't acceptable.

Didn't we get a small interview with someone who used to know her?

Pic related is the list of games she's made
Source: dialoguelostloop.tumblr.com/games

Wonder how the nips feel about this game.

All five colors?

Nips have notoriously shit taste.

Yes they do, have you seen their cartoons.

Apparently her nipponese proofreader like Teagan.

Wait, she's translated nip games as well? How likely is it she gave them the Treehouse treatment?

Sounds possible, but as said I couldn't really believe it based off a single post. It does make perfect sense for a Tumblrite to completely lose her fucking mind over being told to grow up though.

Oh well, all that work for nothing.

Understandable, I wouldn't believe it either. I think the only online references to the incident were on her live journal, where it looks like she deleted everything, and on her old posts on a Dept. Heaven website, like here: lacrimacastle.net/forum/index.php?s=9fb18d81b591078fa8e133d05e7e8504&showtopic=1680&pid=56041&mode=threaded&show=&st=&#entry56041

Beyond that, it's been years and I wasn't autistic enough to save proof back in the day. But if I'm right, this game is going to be enough of a shitshow that it will stand on its own.

So I was thinking about what would be a good sequel to the best ending of Uncommon Time. I know somebody said they were going to make Teagan Quest or some other meme filled game, but neither of these are going to happen (unless someone really likes RPG Maker in this thread) so I'd say it's fine to consider these things.
Firstly, since Teagan killed off the only person capable of keeping shit from getting frozen (as far as she knows), her first order of business would be to fix that shit. Unfortunately, I doubt it would be easy for somebody who barely has an idea what they're doing (I doubt she knew much more than Alto and Alto was fucking useless). She also murdered an important person, notably the only one who could save the world, so she would probably become a wanted criminal very quickly. I would personally set this a few years later, the world wrapped in perpetual winter, and Teagan would be a hermit near a town that tolerates her presence (she probably helped them out at one point, she is a decent person). Some young man would probably go out to find her, either to attempt to defeat "the woman who doomed the world" or looking for answers, and either way would find the truth and want to help set things right. Rather than a totally linear experience it would be about going around from town to town, solving problems and picking up clues (think Dragon Quest, 7 might be the best example). You will likely pick up many allies along the way (think Suikoden's 108 stars of destiny). One particular character I'd like to have is a general of an army hunting Teagan. He seems like a reasonable guy every time you meet him, you're just on the wrong sides. Maybe you could recruit him eventually, if you give him compelling evidence. Basically General Leo if he didn't die. There would be multiple endings from just making the world livable but still frozen to making it so the World Tuning is unnecessary. While this seems like it would be a lot of work, I imagine RPG Maker would allow for most of this fairly easily, so long as someone with even a tiny bit of programming knowledge were around (and we have very few of those). We could probably put more effort in in some areas, did UT use any specially composed music? We have a few musically inclined people around here (which reminds me of another thread I want to make). I could go on about how I have specific retarded ideas about Shut Up and Jam Gaiden references or specific towns or plot points, but I think this is a good outline of the general idea. Feel free to call me a faggot or something.

Nice wall of text

Is there a version of Cheat Engine for GNU/Linux?

I forsee her going around and diving into trying to find a way to save the world or survive the winter. Charging into it headlong and trying her best to pretend that she didn't kill her best friend. Then maybe finding the old group and having to finally deal with it.


ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=996155&highlight=cheat engine maybe?

Wait, wait, wait. Just a random one-off fanfic about whatever work naturally being non-canon and killing off whoever the author wanted, or some lengthy ass work she'd become invested in? Either way, fanfiction is just that, non-canon fan-made tripe, so even if it kills off a character from the original work, who fucking cares? It's not fucking canon.

Has it really been an entire year since the last stream? Where does the time go?

You might be confusing this with the OTHER stream we do of it. It's bi-annual, I think? December, January some time, I forget.


I lowkey want the OP to play the unedited game no cheats no speedups.

Sometimes I wonder that looking through my folders and old screenshots.

Fucking alt-right Redditors swarming our clean board. This place used to be nice pre-infestation.

Never did bother with going to Holla Forums here; outgrew Holla Forums years and years back on halfchan. I do remember seeing that hilarious fapfic 8/b/anons wrote about Wheelzebub though.

I don't mind Holla Forums much (and one should bear in mind possibility of others to be pretending to be from other boards), but the issue with reddit has been exasperated due to Wheels outright having encouraged them to come here. The posterbase here is some strange chimaera of 8ch original posters, halfchan exiles (for whatever their reasons, Gamergate and Holla Forumsharbor being the big ones driving people from Holla Forums and Holla Forums here), and reddit shitters that were allowed in with open arms from the administration. Probably some tumblr on some of the boards as well. Unfortunately, given how big reddit and tumblr have gotten, I highly doubt there's any way to have a new imageboard grow a proper, organic posterbase of anons without seeing at least some fraction dropping in from other cancerous places. Halfchan, and other older imageboards (many of which long since dead), at least had the benefit of being made and a chance to develop their own posterbases prior to those hives coming into being.

I remember back when fucking ebaumsworld was considered an enemy to halfchan. Also when demotivationals were acceptable content to post.

I think the issue was us, the users not enforcing good posting behavior on newfags when we had the chance. You get a bunch of anons posting like they did on halfchan and all the new users see it, think its normal, and emulate. The cycle continues until you are the minority, then its really hard to go back. I'll happily give mark shit anyway of the week but I do have to admit, we have a lot more sway on how the board looks than he does.
Sage for off topic

True. Back in the day on halfchan, the site had something of a reputation to help curb influx (how many people would seriously want to be part of a site some called "the anus of the internet"?), and with Holla Forums effectively being the first port of call for newfags, it could act as a seething crucible, able to weed out those that couldn't take the porn and gore, while beginning to help mold those that could belong into proper posters. Having a fair number of oldfags around to enforce how things were done also helped Unfortunately, imageboards do best in the middle ground, where they're in the vogue enough to get new blood, but not popular/well known enough to get flooded, and the likes of Hackers on Steroids, and Chanology, made halfchan a lot better known. And eventually, if there's not enough oldfags left (or the ones that are left are weery), the newfags won't learn and will just do whatever. Inmates running the asylum, etc. And the aforementioned issue with reddit and tumblr having gained popularity since their inception, growing to be more of a nuisance than ebaumsworld and 9fag, and shitting up wherever they go, is also an issue (and unfortunately I doubt there anything to be done about them here at this point).

Seeing a guy some a few years or so back spout that "Lurk moar is just a meme and no one would actually do it" was a sign that stuck with me. I suppose there's some sad truth that for most newfags, it's much more in their interest to get instant gratification and shitpost from the get-go than take the time to lurk a while and learn how things are done, out of respect for the site and not shitting where you plan to eat from. At least it makes shills stick out though.

It was always your decision to continue being sarcastic or not. I told you bastards weeks in you'd draw out retards with that kind of bullshit.


Shitty drawfag here, rate my Teagan?


Would still bang


I remember reading that. An actually decent story, that kind of makes Alto not look completely fucking horrible somehow, despite supposedly making her look horrible according to the guy what made the game.

I think it's because when you take a character who everyone acts as does nothing wrong, and then put her in a place where she's actually having to face all the shit she's done, it makes it feel like there's some real progress to something better.

I'm getting Andromeda vibes, to be honest.
It ain't bad though

No point in it being that fucking bad, since I want to say by that point max filesize was at least a couple MBs there. Thanks for those though.

There's definitely some truth to that "any community that gets its laughs pretending to be idiots will soon find themselves flooded with actual idiots that think they're in good company" thing. Still, there's only so much that can be done, at least on an individual end, and I'm honestly not real sure how many old(ish)fags are left on imageboards at this point, compared to how many people started to show up on them later on.

**I honestly don't even post much anymore these days. Catalog tends to have little of interest and what I would like to discuss there's little reason to make threads for at this point, even with the ephemeral nature of imageboards.

And that's what I get for moving back to other parts of the post before finishing my thoughts. Have a few more on me.

Polite Sage for offtopic.

It works because it lets the flaws that we are told Alto has come to light and actually matter(her inarticulateness, namely) while not going full "Teagan did nothing wrong" mode which would've ruined the entire fic to be quite honest. It also elevates Saki & Meirins relationship from practically nonexistent to connecting it with the other 3 characters in the story, if but a sidenote in the story. It tweaks the issues with Uncommon Time that we've all dislike.

That would be even worse.

I'll have to join this time since I missed it last year.

>You can find the stream over at smashcast.tv/Thassil
OP why must you always be such a fag?

Jesus christ, just let the shit game die. I hope you fucks won't have a fucking Night in the woods anniversary either next march.

everyone wants to forget night in the woods, the streams weren't even funny, they were just sad. This is so bad it's good teir.

Threadly reminder

So what time is this trainwreck starting proper? Looks like 3 to 9 is the one with the most votes, but want to make sure I'm there for the whole thing or at least most of it

What are you on about m8, 6 to midnight has the most votes.

Our daughteru is back, baby

And still no Teaganquest. I want justice for her.
On the other matter, when will this nigga finish this also?

I am on Sleep deprivation

Aside from one guy who makes public domain songs making a song for the game, no. After viewing the sound gallery a while ago, I wanted to challenge myself by making songs that fit the commentary provided with each song. However, I have a job and other obligations, and I have not made songs in a long time due to it. Maybe if I don't drown in irl bullshit, I could try to contribute to , but I can't promise anything as I have already let more than enough people down already.

Gets me every time.

This warms the cockles of my heart

Holla Forums used to be the best board, from user fucking and drawing on that ugly spic, to the bank robber, to the anons who got a 15 year old girl to masturbate on stream.

This reminds me of some thought I had on this. I was kind of toying with the idea of what a deconstructed sequel plot/themes would be like, and i had the thought of what if the world being out of tune was related not only to the weather but to the general extravagance and the commonality of brothels in UT.
My idea was for the vast majority of people were all living in the brothels holding decadent orgy while pretending the world is not freezing over. I wouldn't however have Teagan be a villain or a wanted person, I would have it be that almost nobody even knows what is going on outside of their brothels.
I would also have a plot point reveal that the world wasn't really out of tune so much as it was the people who were out of tune with the world. The world tuning would have been meant to stop the world from trying to force the people to get in tune with it. The mass freeze is the result of the world trying to silence the profane song sung by the people of the world.
But then again I never bothered to play it or even watch it only read about it. So who know if I even have any idea what I'm talking about

Traps are super gay, so being attracted to Teagen the reverse trap means I'm super straight.
a bit downy, but I appreciate the effort, my friend

You don't know true pain
I'm a /mu/ and /cyber/ regular

Is /cyber/ infested with redditors too? I think the board that has it the worst is /asmr/.

No, but after Jewsh borked the board our small comfy board became dead.
Same with /m/
I want to takeover as BO and make it actually comfy like the actual 3 good threads there instead of the constant facebook tier ecelb shit that goes in there.
The board is wasted potencial


A damn shame. We need some more quality board management. As much as we hate him, even Mark has done an alright job fostering board culture despite some of his notorious inconsistencies.

/asmr/ just needs to be nuked so all the redditors fuck off. I remember going on the volafile and surprised to see that there were 200 or so redditors using it as a vault for the porn they can't post on their subreddit. I also wish the same thing would happen to /hypno/.

For anybody else reading, never go there. Every room is pure cancer. And not in the fun shit tornado kind of way. Best thing it's for is quick uploads and linking the download link directly in the thread.

/hgg/ and Holla Forums are shitholes too. In /hgg/ they even directly like from reddit to the threads, it's fucking disgusting to watch, and pretty much every project has been infested with redditors and their bullshit. The less said about the Holla Forums mods the better.

Wait, IS teagan half nigger?

She's a brown tomboy you fucking faggot. What shithole did you crawl out of that you display such ignorance?

If you don't actually give a fuck about board culture then /hgg/ is good as a dumping grounds for hgames that would otherwise be difficult to acquire. The mods there are way to intrusive though and I don't doubt reddit's involved.

I know nothing about the series other than understanding the common sense that Teagan exhibits in contrast to the cultural marxist bullshit of everyone else. You’ll have to forgive me for asking a question, you insufferable cunt. As it was a yes-no question, typing only one word in reply would’ve been easier for you than your autism allowed of you, I guess.

According to the creator, Teagan is actually white and Alto is actually hispanic.

The janitors on Holla Forums are overzealous but people let them away with is because they've got worse memories of how half/co/ was (still is, presumably).

Fair enough, thanks. Even more reason to support Teagan.

Could you upload it to any mirrors, user? Like Google Docs, Mega, Filedropper, or Mediafire. That website is exceedingly slow for me and the download just canceled itself in the middle for me.

So… exactly what happens in Uncommon Time?

The game is shit and all he did was remove grinding and reduce game over frequency. What's wrong with you?

But it's a modfix, it's like installing a patch.

Come on nigger.

The problem is the two primary projects they're working on, namely Free Cities and the various Era games. The FC thread is under the thrall of some autistic hyper-pregnancy fetishists that whines to the mod the moment you post something he doesn't like, and the mods treat the thread like Mark did with YanDev, namely any and all criticism is verboten, not that there's much to talk about since little quality content or events are added.

Era on the other hand is in the hands of a clique of reddit faggots that are actively removing any and all content they don't like, and throw a shitfit when people called them out on it. It took some autist digging through the code to find out they had censored content (sounding familiar?) and they dismissed it by claiming it's their game (despite the Nips having created the games and these cunts just machine translating stuff).

Cunt. Happy now?

Oh, please, Holla Forums was a shithole specifically because of niggerwood and that feminist whore they had for a while. The userbase was the most civil 4chan had back then. The problem was the leftist moderators and tumblr using that shitty tumblr comic general to infest the place. Holla Forums here is the same cesspit, with excessive bans for merely pointing out that the new Mary Jane was a nigger. I got a three day ban and everything I posted was deleted. Talk about kikes.

Is there a chance of creating new a new mecha board? Or finding a board about mechs that isn't dead yet so that we can revive it.

I know that many of small boards kind of died but I think they can be revived with some activity.

What happened to /kind/? Haven't been there in a while.

This place is dying. Good luck jumpstarting anything with a total userbase of about 3000 to 3500 people anons across all the boards.

Bullshit it can't of been 2 years already


Here, I tried mega:

Pic related.

I like traps.


They're shitty traps. Everything about this turd is shit except for the tomboy, and even that is by accident.

Eh, fuck it. I might as well try to make a theme for Teagan that would work with this shitty game. I guess I should post the commentary from the sound gallery before explaining what I shall do with Teagan's theme.

So, I would definitely need a violin as Teagan is a violinist, I can understand the music box part so I guess I will use one as well, and I have a piano play the part of bass since I am not sure what else to do for that. For speed, I was thinking of something slow with a few very short fast parts like 100 bpm and have it be in 4/4 time as she is far more grounded in reality than the other major characters who will be given time scales that are not common time. I am using A Harmonic Minor at the moment since it is something I am familiar with, but I have a feeling that there is something better for this out there. I guess I should be sleeping now for the stream that is most likely going to be in 6.5 hours, but I will get something done when I wake up.



I'm looking forward to hearing what you come up with.

You all right there buddy?

Are we doing Teagan-quest finally? If so I heavily recommend an engine switch to the new RPGMAKER (pirate it it's not hard).
Making sprites for it would be pretty easy and could be done by making 3D renders and drawing over them and such. I'd gladly do a few of those for you guys.
The new RPGMAKER has a lot of features. I drew the semi-autistic looking Teagan so I can provide some art I guess if people don't mind me constantly asking for advice on improvement.
Please post your song when it is done. I'm also a music fag but I can't make orchestral pieces.
If any of you are serious I could upload a copy of the new rpgmaker for you all to use.
Image related is something I made. I warn you all that I'll only be able to provide so much since I'm also working on another game.

Posting from clipboard isn't working for me unless I post it in paint first for some reason and I forgot to do that.


Reverse traps are pretty killer. I tried my best in twenty minutes


Drawing sucks ass.

You need to draw larger. I can tell from a glance that that is only about the size of your thumb. As well as this I recommend studying facial features a bit more instead of studying anime.
Nose is a bit too low, mouth is far too low, both are far too much to the left (nose should be a bit more centered as should the mouth).
Eyes are lacking in detail but sort of in the right position, same as the ears. Hair would be OKAY with some adjustments (Tomboy hair is easy to draw).
But I'm really not all that good myself so take what I say with a grain of salt.


I actually really like evil Alto's incredulous bitch-face. The faces are really expressive for potato-tier weeaboo drawings.

Eventually. It's more like a religious experience at this point.

More cute now, but looks baked. I would, assuming that's her natural expression and not DUDE WEED LMAO.

Her nose is slipping, but much better than I can do.

This post confuses me. /hgg/ has probably been the only board that is straight up about games even if they're only porn games. And I would readily believe a reddit link being linked would happen because I assume people would do that if there was a resource on there, but I have never seen that happen even for that reason. Maybe my porn game tastes have kept me out of those threads and if those threads are really cancer for that reason, this just makes me happy that I don't share tastes with cancer, which makes me wonder if you do.

why isn't there more porn?

didnt mean to sage

Because the only people who care about this game are in this thread, and we can't draw.

And because Teagan is pure.

Hey everyone, streamer here.
Looks like 6PM-Midnight is the winner of the poll, so that's when the stream will be. I'll post 30 minutes before I go live. See y'all soon!

That's not so bad.

I guess I'll fucking stay up then, there's no way I can fit a nap and not miss it.

When is that exactly, 3 hours from now or 4?

He said EDT, so 2 hrs 40 mins from now.

There's a simple remedy to this.

Man, what happened to the second attempt at making Teagan's Quest still makes me sad.

Anyway, have some more Teagan

that second pic is one of the artfags from the draw threads right? he drew a yume nikki one too didn't he, the style looks similar

No idea, I just saved it from someone else who I think said he requested it.

What's everyone favorite character that isn't Teagan?
I actually kind like worm grill. Not better than Teagan, though

The trap.

So, the abomination is telling us that Teagan is begging for a good dicking to set her straight.

If the last stream told me anything Holla Forums likes the characters in this order
Teagan >>>> Altair(Best dad) > Aubrey = Saki > Meirin >>>>>>>>>> The Cantabiles(and anything relating to them)


me irl

i'm everyone's favorite

I wanna ravage his boipussi

I actually think Meirin is worse than Alto. Or at least, Meirin seems far more annoying.

Teagan is /ourgirl/

Dude has fantasy AIDS. Even if you were a huge queer it wouldn't be advisable.

am i late

Starts in 40 minutes my dude



Not bad, but not good
>Alto, her stupid great-grandma she idolizes (despite her being the cause of all Alto's abuse), and her stupid family

30 minutes till the stream starts, link's in the OP.

Is Alto the villain? do we get to kill that pile of irredeemable shit?

For those who fucking hate smashcast's new color scheme and want to go back to hitbox's you can install this using grease or tapermonkey

Is Teagan's quest still going? I remember just how cancerous the Etherpad managed to get that this got posted in a filename thread once. I remember the finished party being made up of Holla Forums, Ebola, John Cena, and Moonman. Has it really been 2 years?


No, that's every other character. Teagan just wants to play violin and read books.

How do I disable them?

quality gear, disable cheers.


That's okay. I didn't want to watch this trainwreck anyway.

Hi, that's me. TeaganBestGirl. I Played through this shit back in December

The jews did this.

Works on my machine.

What browser are you using?

Why the fuck do streaming services do this shit nowadays? I don't want your fucking high quality bullshit, I want to be able to fucking watch it.

because in order to lower the quality it requires the server to compress it and that requires effort, so it's easier to just hold the highest quality version.

My rage for you is never ending.

Pale moon. I don't know what the others are using, but it doesn't seem I'm alone with this issue

Fuck them, they didn't use to do this. Just a few years ago if someone was streaming shit, you'd have the option to lower the quality. Nobody does that shit anymore and its obnoxious as fuck. I haven't been able to watch a streamed video in over a year now because of this bullshit.

It didn't work on firefox for me so I moved to Chrome and it works there.

I don't know what to tell you pal, it works for me.

That's the reason. I couldn't watch it through Palemoon either. You'll have to use Chromium or Iridium instead.

I use waterfox but i just clicked the profile picture and it loaded just fine.

Stream doesn't work for me
Also using PaleMoon.


Works on (((mozilla)))


fuck you with your meme browsers just use firefox and it'll work


There's your issue.



I need some Teagan rule 34 pl0x

Alright lads, just got back from a party. What parts did I miss?


I tried that, but I get python errors for some reason. mpv+youtube-dl doesn't work for me either.

how's my draw

Green cloak.

Get out furfag


Is it the art style?

It is good, very cute.


i wanted to include it but its very hard to find reference pictures

it's limited palette asshole

So I take it this game uses the stock rpgmaker music? Despite having music as its main fucking premise?

One of the many hilariously wrong things with it.

Replace Contralto with Elcrest from that 3DS game.

Am I too late? Is it all over?

You fucking kidding? we're doing this live nigger, plus the games slow as fuck we ain't even close to halfway!

Well then, where do I start watching?
I'm on GNU/Linux, so I can't into the game proper.

Read the op

Damnit, I was just about to say that I'd read the OP.
Sorry for wasting your time.

Well, I missed the first couple of hours. Guess I'll VOD that part later.

Change "smashcast" to "hitbox" and it works.

Normally the Bearenstain and Bearenstein universes don't cross over, but this is one of those time.

I can't sign up for an account, because it keeps directing me to the terms and conditions. Is there some arcane ritual that I need to do? Do I have to invoke the spirit of Nyarlathtep to get this done?

Autistic =/= bad.

I didn't know that, thanks. But I already got it working by cloning it from git and compiling it. It got fixed, just not on the latest release.

Didn't that game also let you fuck the villain?

You fags weren't kidding, I wasn't around for the first stream and I missed the second stream due to illness, I'm glad I finally got to watch.
And I whole-heartedly agree, I want to cum inside Teagan and then take complete responsibility with marriage

Oh yeah, I think in her ending she even has your baby.

the fuck

Here's the PDF of the deleted dog dick madoka fic. Still looking for the OW one


The song makes everything worse and then Alto has to go into his own mind and fight his alternate personality.

It's fucking crazy how close they are.

It's a technically good drawing, but there's something about the facial structure that makes he look autismal.

What I can not figure out is, is she into bestiality or not?

which one is yours?

Dog-dick is a real trend of Ao3. They got dog-dick RWBY. They god dog-dick Jojo.

I like the drawfag efforts here. Shame I don't have the talent to even make an attempt. Best I can do is taking a picture of a pencil and paper sketch. Maybe I'll try that with a recreation of this scene based on you know what.

And I overslept, and the stream is not working on my shitty internet. Goddammit. Might as well try to work on the song.

More OC is always better.


You're fucking done!

You're fucking done!

I remember. I wish I didn't, but I remember.

I really just want to see Teagan in a simple dress away from the worlds conflicts. And I also want her to have a feminine build. Most of the art I see her in usually gives her a bit of a square frame with 0 breasts or hips

You're fucking done!


But she doesn't like wearing dresses and is known for being a reverse trap.

To whoever requested Arashi no Saxophone 3 Cool Jam:

All the more reason to trigger the original author.

Quite frankly, I don't give a fuck. Make her cute without losing the tomboyishness, and trigger Feral. It's win for everyone.

Okay, but she at least has to be pouty about you making her wear it.

That just makes her cuter.


Stream's over, fffffffffffffffuuuuuuuuuuuuuckkkkkkkkk

good shit, glad I didn't miss it, see you fags tomorrow



Alright, stream's over for tonight. Good night to y'all.
I'll be starting it up tomorrow at the same time/place. Pepper your angus for more tumblrite autism.


sleep tight pupper


Sleep tight pupper.


Alright, the shitty WIP for Teagan's theme is now at picosong.com/vG8g/
Feel free to post suggestions as I still have no idea what the fuck I am doing while I check out the VOD.

Reminder that we have
…which signifies the end of "Movement 1", of which there are 3 not counting bonus content and large cutscenes later on so we are at most a quarter way through the game and at worst just now a fifth way through the game. Even with Polyp's 999 hax we would probably be just past NUCLEAR by now.

Fuck, Bee Movie would be perfect for playing over Refinery. I could actually try to do that if I can find a streaming site that won't instaban me

Fucking really.

Alto would hate jazz, because it has brass.

Check the flag, bro
I'm not actually going to play Bee Movie

In case you think I'm bullshiting. NUCLEAR happens at the end of "Movement 1" and since we are going for Ending 1 we have to do a few of the side quests to get items to beat a boss which leads into other long cutscenes.
Uncommon Time will probably take 4 or 5 more streams depending on how much we dilly dally.

Amazing stream tonight. Did I manage to de-downs it a bit?

Holy shit I like it quite a bit. Good job, user; it fits. If you guys want I can still upload the new RPGmaker with crack.

I swear to god, fucker.

I tried to draw Teagan

Going to be honest with you, user.
She looks even more downs.

It's the expression, mostly ,in any case. I will say, it is quite nice looking otherwise. And, hey, nothing wrong with having the downs.


Ignore flag

These are adorable. You should do more for reaction images.


what the fuck, has it really been two years?

Anyone got that webm of Teagan ripping the party a new one?


Thanks man

I finished the song for now at picosong.com/vGrd/
Since the thread is a bit close to the bump for my comfort and I am rather drowsy, I shall refrain from making anything else until later and play some SP Dominions 4 instead. Anyway, I made it loopable in case someone wants to put it into the game.


fucking kek


The music fit way to well, it even ended at the perfect time.

Bruce Tim can get a character drawn in Batman Beyond with 2, git gud

Sleep tight pupper

That dog's dead user.

all the more reason to wish it sleep tight

dubs of total truth
I stopped caring about anything for the last few months and still barely come here now that I'm feeling more pep

I-I'll do my best!

=You're fucking done!=


Watched an old VOD to get caught up on what I missed yesterday, and I am now even more convinced that Teagan is the only sensible person in the lot. She's the only one who keeps her instrument in good condition.

So when does it start ?

6pm ET

Well that was a fucking tire fire last night.

I missed the original streams two years ago so this was technically my first experience with the "game." Can't wait to see this shit roll on tonight. I suggest bringing drinks this time though.

Just give me a countdown

it should be 7 hours and 12 minutes from now senpai

thanks fam


I wonder if we're going to get to the FUCKING MALLOW today

Well shit, I can't sleep at all, so I guess I will try some other theme. I will be saving Alto for last.

So, Meirin is a violinist so a violin is a must. I will be making this song weird somehow, with unusual instruments, changing time signatures, and maybe even polyrhythms because I have not slept and I have lost my mind (sleeping now would be pointless as the next stream is in 6 hours and I need to be at /sudo/ in 8 hours). I was also thinking of having it in C Major with some harsh sounding accidentals in various places for her cheery yet unstable personality. Now to make it and to try to not have it sound like shit.

I feel like Teagan deserves a proper classical violin piece for her theme.


Wormslut is okay, just kind of milquetoast. Altair isn't bad. Saki is okay but kind of annoys me because he (it's still fucking annoying she drew a girl and called it a guy) is supposed to be "neutral" and dissipate arguments, but he always ends up siding with and enabling Alto's shitty decisions. Meirin is awful. In addition to being a complete fucking slut, she's also a cunt and was instrumental in sending Alto down an even cuntier path. Alto is still the worst, though.

Saki is supposed to be the voice of reason, but in the logic of the game's narrative, letting Alto do whatever she pleases is supposed to be the reasonable course of action. Because, after all, Alto is The Main Character.

In practice, it mostly just makes him look like he's smart enough to know better, but goes along with Alto anyway because he has no spine.

Not bad! I'll play it during the Teagan fight, thanks for making it!

Also, stream starts in just under 2 hours.

New bread when?

I'll do it, give me a minute

Same time next year right anons?

We're not even half way done with this shit. Plus there's always the winter one I'll probably end up doing again

We haven;t even gotten to nuclear yet. Probably today, though we have to get through the slice of life shit and another fucking dungeon first.


Yep, same time next year. There's also probably gonna be a winter stream, too.