I love when female cartoonists pass their boring lives as humor

I love when female cartoonists pass their boring lives as humor.

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>>131051716No one cares you incel

>>131051716What else you gonna do? Be bored about it?

>>131051716>rolls of fat>thick weight gainFatfags encourage this lunacy.

>>131051716Because women are terrible in comedy. That's a known fact.

>>131051746>>131051755>projecting this hard

>>131051770He's also seething rent-free, don't forget about the rent-free seething.Anyway just follow male cartoonists; their boring lives might be more relatable.

>>131051794Kate Beaton is actually good.

>>131051813Where did i project?

>>131051716>humor can't come from everyday situationsThrow a fucking pie, you clown

>>131051891She gets a pass because she's a rocket scientist, which is one of the manliest things you can be.

>>131052025Not if the joke is repeated endlessly.

>>131052065>repeated endlesslyLike those handkerchiefs you're pulling out of your sleeve, clown?

>thiccthere's that word again

>>131052087Why are women so bad at humor and banter? It's astonishing.

>>131051716The right one is really fuckable.Left one look generic.

I kinda like busty girl problems

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>>131052063You're mixing up two people. Katie Tiedrich (Awkward Zombie) is the rocket scientist, while Kate Beaton (Hark! A Vagrant) studied history.

>>131052111Anything to avoid the stigma associated with "fat". Eventually the normies will realize that "thicc" is just a slightly longer way to spell "fat", and the word will get abandoned.Personally, I'm looking forward to see what the next buzzword, that totally doesn't mean fat, will be. The fatfags have got to run out of words to appropriate at some point, and they'll eventually run out of reasonably useful made up gibberish words too.

>>131051716>comics about everything>bitch about femoids doing somethingBitter snark isn't a personality, it's just autism.

>>131051716post Lainey she is the best at this

>>131052184It just makes me lustful

>>131051716youre just mad you dont have supple breasts and soft curves and the ability to bear children and provide something irreplaceable to this world. no one will ever think you are pretty and be awestruck by your beauty, no one will ever have a natural instinct to take care of you and protect you. so you must live as a man, and your enjoyment of cartoons and comics is embarrassing for a man and will cause people to mock you but it would be cute and quirky if you were a girl.

>>131051716Me too.

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>>131052303Anon, how would this arouse you? It’s just a relatable comic about breasts

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>>131051716most of us live mundane lives and therefore find humor in everyday situations

>>131051716Omg she experiences aches and likes JUNK FOOD AHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

>>131052434i wanna lick that vein

>>131052434>>131052184do women really?

>>131052486There’s a lot of these

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>>131051716I wonder if that "achy bloated belly" has anything to do with the "junk food craving."

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I mean I could hit the image limit if I dumped them all

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>>131052196Wonder what gives Lucille Ball a pass.

>>131052025It's not funny though. A joke does not come from saying "hey, guess what? REALITY DOESN'T LOOK LIKE A PORNO!", a joke comes from some supposition of irony or absurdity. You might as well have a comic that reads: "Expectation: GIRL NO POOP OR FART vs Reality: GIRL POOP AND FART LMAO XD".

>>131052579No, if guys bled like that we'd shut the fuck up about it and keep to ourselves

>>131051794Madeline Kahn was funny

>>131052579This represents the dichotomy between the male and female brain. Periods are pretty shitty, make you feel bad you bleed out your hole. Bad news. But men? If we had it? Yeah we'd bleed our names on the walls. Men are creative and productive, will turn an uncomfortable situation into a good time whilst women will wallow in their misery and require another man to make them feel better - again proving male supremacy.TL;DR Don't put a fork in the bin like a numpty

>>131052644>"Expectation: GIRL NO POOP OR FART vs Reality: GIRL POOP AND FART LMAO XD".Fuck you for murdering my sides

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>>131052579this is disgusting. Why are femcels obsessed with their periods and talking about their periods all the time and drawing menstrual blood and making menstrual blood art? It's disturbing.

>>131052579that one actually is funny

>>131051716Most women live both lives. They are slobs at home but put on tons of makeup and wear promiscuous clothing outside to show up their friends or gain the attention of men. So these comics, while not funny or original, are not true because the woman on the right can easily be the one on the left and vice versa.

>>131052704That’s Jim Benton and he’s a man

>>131051942Where you chose to be a redditor faggot

>>131052698every single romcom I have to sit through these days with my fiance is full of disgusting toilet humor and barf jokes. I don't know why they think people want to see this female "comedy"

>>131052712Moral of the story: chickens have feelings too

>>13105265350/50 to be fair

>>131052728Bro this is Adam Sandler

>>131052719Don't misgender and deadname her, chud.

>>131051716Ari is based and you're a faggot.

>>131052696Yeah, but womens period blood doesnt spray out of their pussies like a pressure washer, you can't write shit on a wall with a slow trickle or whatever ( i dont know anything about women)

>>131052599well where are they?

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>>131052741Also Pitch Perfect, Pitch Perfect 2, Step Sisters, Pitch Perfect 3, Bridesmaids, and every Rebel Wilson movie.

>>131052750You're in good company here.

>>131052750We'd figure out a way, Men always do

In 2012 my feminist university professors said that PMS scientifically did not exist and was an instrument of the patriarchy designed to keep women down and gaslight them. Do feminists believe in PMS again now?

>>131052757I don't know if this is just another case of a woman pushing the same unfunny joke a million times (we get it, girls with big boobs have issues with them sometimes) or some big boob fetishist using "#relatability" to push their fetish.

>>131052745No, I mean he’s an actual, real man with a penis that he pees out of and everything. It’s on his driver’s license. He owns a Y chromosome. The name he goes by is the one his mom gave him. He uses the men’s bathroom and presumably doesn’t masturbate while wearing thigh-highs. He has a wife with which he has had heterosexual intercourse. Assigned Male At Birth. Cisgender. I don’t know the rules or words for it because I’m just a guy on 4chan. He is not trans.This is his picture.

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>>131051794except Tina Fey

>>131052878That’s because you the only place you really understand is here It’s a #relatable comicI like it

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>>131052184>hijab slapped onto stuff no devout Muslim artist would openly doAsk me how I know this was made by a left leaning, atheist white woman.