Atomic Robo Full Storytime : Volume 4

OTHER STRANGENESSThis is the story of a self-aware robot built by Nikola Tesla in his garage, doing some action science on the various secret governments programs, dark nazis projets, vampire invasions, rogue AI clones and Elder Gods assaulting our earth starting from the 1920s'Today it's time for weird stuffs.Apologies for the delays, forgot to resize my folder.Previous threads>>130991736>>131012592>>131033352

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Action geology saves the day again.

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>>131051537Bernard looks better bald, that's rare.

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>>131052173He gets results, I'll give him that.

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Alright that's all for today.See you tomorrow, same time, for some dangerous science.

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>>131052721This is actually the oldest Robo we've seen so far and the next volume will probably show how we got to that point