>Pesticides are le badWhy are comics like this?

>Pesticides are le badWhy are comics like this?

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That’s her character you dip

Pretty sure bees dying out because of chemicals and shit is a real problem.

>>131050276Certain pesticides are fucking toxic, dude. They can give kids brain damage through exposure.

>>131050302it is, OP is a jankem huffing idiot

>>131050302>>131050342Alright I'll bite the bait. Why do we need bees?

>>131050276>thing that is actually bad is... le bad!actual tard

>>131050276Look up Atrazine sometime. It does some fucked up stuff to animals and the human body. But, it's okay because Big Pharma paid a lotta money to keep it in use and actively suppresses studies that don't show the results they want you to see.

>>131050276Of all things you could try to defend, you choose the literal poison we spray plants with?Also, bees going extinct is a real ecological disaster.

>>131050276Because stupid lesbo white women (or black gays) have to bitch about something for their lack of not having a father figure in their life.People with actual worries, jobs, lives, things they care about, etc (normal people) are too busy to worry about some faggy little bees or whatever else they are crying about this week.Just do what us normal people do, smile but make fun of them to yourself or your friends/family like we do with retards working at walmart, and then go about your day.

>>131050356Mostly pollination, but also because honey is delicious

>>131050356pollination you fucking retard, bees, both native and domestic, are the biggest pollinators of flowering plants around

>>131050356Nigga have you learned nothing from school

>>131050356Turns out, there are lots and lots of plants that depend on them to reproduce.No bees, no more plants of that kind.>How many plants we're talking about The ones that have flowers as part of their reproduction cycle, so a fucking lots.

>>131050395>lack of not having a father figureDamn, who would’ve guess too many fathers was the problem all along.

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>>131050402>>131050411>>131050425>>131050438So it's literally nothing. Got it.

>>131050425But they aren't native to the Americas.

>>131050356read a book you dunning kruger faggot, one without pictures.

>>131050395trying too hard

>>131050276Is this Poison Ivy?Wow you retards will literally complain about everything now.

>>131050496>pictures bad!Forget which board you're on?

>>131050506Read the other posts OP is either a retard or bating but regardless he is a faggot

>>131050276>Chemical companies care about you!Yeah...nah

>>131050411>>131050438Why do you need flowers apart from some decoration?

>>131050302>>131050334>>131050342>>131050360>>131050391I can with utmost certainty guarantee these comments come from danger hair, fatherless nobodies that are excited for pride month as they are getting ready to go work their shift at starbucks and live in their mom's basement.

>>131050506>nowHow new?

>>131050536That's suspiciously specific, user.

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>>131050559>these generic stereotypes are awfully specificBut like...they aren't??

>>131050364This is a bait thread.

>>131050527Do you like food?All farmed foodstuffs depend on pollination.

>>131050505Nah. I'm right on the money.When you have nothing in your life to worry about, you make up things to complain about (i.e. every single company trying to unionize for more trans rights)Its what happens when you try to act like you are oppressed even though you live a privileged life and live in one of the prosperous, safe, and most welcoming countries in the world. its a 1st world problem.

>>131050356Who do you think is standing between us and the Venusian slavers?

pesticides are a double-edged swordthey come with an environmental cost because we absolutely need petroleum to make it work and they can be toxic to beeshowever, if it weren't for pesticides, we would not be able to sustain our population with enough food and would have more food security issuesit's not generally harmful to humans because A) we're bigger and harder to poison, and B) we wash our produce before eating it, getting rid of most of the chemicalsat the end of the day, though, >>131050290 is right, it's her characterit'd be like being surprised about a story arc where She-Hulk defends some battery victim victim pro bono. the fuck do you expect homey?

>>131050559Thats just the way things are. You dont have to believe me. But you probably play Magic the Gathering or D&D, so you fit in the category as well.Enjoy Pride Month!

>>131050604>Its what happens when you try to act like you are oppressed even though you live a privileged life and live in one of the prosperous, safe, and most welcoming countries in the world. its a 1st world problem.So like people who moan about whites being replaced?>>131050593The modern 4channer doesn't "like" anything. Liking things is dangerous. It leaves you vulnerable, open to mockery and ridicule. The only strong opinions these poor SOBs have are those about things they hate. That's safe. You don't get hurt for hate, at least not right away, not by others. You just slowly kill yourself with it.

>>131050631I will, thanks.

>>131050356No bees = no plants = dead herbivores = dead carnivores/omnivores. Should be simple enough for you to understand/

>>131050537>How new?Old enough to remember this as a board that liked shit not active enough to fully understand what it has become.

>>131050661Yes. Absolutely.People that think "the great replacement" is real are retarded. I like that you think this is a left vs right thing. This is a "you are a fucking retard with nothing to do" problem, so you need to make something up.You think normal people think whites are being replaced? I've got bills to pay, I dont care if red heads are being replaced, I dont watch that faggotry anyway.You think the mexicans replacing my neighbors roof in the 90 degree heat right now care about retarded gays dancing down the street in dildo costumes because someone 10 years ago called them a faggot?

>>131050778You do know that dangers of pesticides is a real thing? I'm not sure how your ramblings about your hatred of gays is related to this.

>>131050508the one with a bee movie and the magic fucking schoolbus, lackwit.

>>131050356Did you not see Bee Movie?

>>131050856Dont use them then retard. Not my problem.And I dont hate gays. I hate mouthy idiot retards... if that just so happens to intersect with gays, then so be it.

GPT bot. Move on and ignore.

im confused wouldnt Ivy love that they made eco friendly fertilizer that actually help plants? So instead of going on a murder spree cant she just help them make some middle ground where bees arent dying?

Because pesticides are bad. I'm a pest control technician and certified chemical applicator in my state and I can tell you unequivocally that pesticides are terrible for the environment and for invertebrate populations across the world. I'm studying to be an entomologist and the things that happen in the industry I'm currently trying to leave is pretty awful. You've probably noticed, or at least subconsciously did, that there's less bugs around than when you were a kid, right? There's a reason. We're unfortunately going through an extinction event for invertebrates the world over. You may have noticed that there's less bugs around in your day to day life. When the arthropods go, so will our way of life.

>>131050986Dear autist: The implications is that the uber green, totally environmentally safe fertilizer ™ isn't actually environmentally friendly.

>>131050626And lobbyists are always trying to pass agent orange tier stuff.

>>131051017This is a lie.If anything, there are more bugs now than ever before.

>>131051017And they wash this stuff in rivers.

>>131051070Both are correct.Areas were natural predators have been removed have seen a marked increase in pests.But the global trend for insect population is downwards

>>131050302Only for the honey industry. Still plenty of pollinators to get the job done.

>>131051145It's not just the bees They're just the insect with the better reputation

>>131050276>Pesticides are le goodWhy are retarded faggots like this?

>>131051017my home is filled with spiders, centipedes, and ladybugsfind these things each dayI see ants and flies outside all the time. mosquitoes are an actual issue because they spread West Nile and Zika where I live.if it's certain bugs, sure, but I still see tons of bugs

>>131051179youre projectingfuck off back to your pride threads.

>>131051179"if it makes people mad then I must support it" is sadly the cornerstone of how your average user thinks. It's not an especially new trend, but it's certainly gotten worse in recent years.

>>131050302not really it's because modern land development results in a lack of pollinating flowers. the Midwest is paved over with vast areas of corn and wheat both wind pollinated and of no value to bees. that used to be praire land with tons of wildflowers.

>>131051263Its more so people just sick of tryhard notaphases screeching about new thing when they cant even finish the first thing they were crying about.

>>131051263To be fair, it has been a great indicator for other issues worth defending

>>131050356Look up "keystone species". Bees have a very large impact on the environment. Also worth saying is that there are actual experts who study ecology for their entire lives, so the real answer is probably far moe complicated than anyone in this thread could explain.

>>131051363Like ukrainian nazis.

>>131050356>Alright I'll baitWhy did anyone respond to this seriously?

>>131051335Phrase it however you want user, you're still willingly giving other people the power to control your mental state. You are choosing to allow people you don't even like to determine what words you should live by and what hills you should die on. You do not have as much power over yourself and your life as you think you do. It's a facade. A long con. And you're only playing yourself.

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>>131051453Not particularly. Once I close this thread down I wont even remember talking about any of this.Its my special ability. I really dont give a shit what people say, its 4chan, I just go off, call people fags, then go back to work like nothing's different. Its like my version of a digital cigarette.Except at the end of the day, I really dont care what happens to bees, or any of you. ;)

>>131051503Nigga did I just catch you unironically ending your post with a winky face?You're not fooling anyone. You care a lot more than you say you do.

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>>131050276Poison Ivy is just ahead of her time.

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>>131051503>I don't care! (I care immensely)You're as hilarious as you are pathetic. All this snide cunty attitude over being smug about bees. What a fucking bitch.

>>131051017>>131051123Pesticides are part of the problem but I thought the main reason was because there's less natural land.

>The fertilizer did it!That's great and all progressive San Fran writer who thinks food comes from Supermarkets but a lot of people are going to starve the fuck to death if we stop using fertilizer.And being an inner city sub-human that can't imagine existence outside of shambling distance of a Pret-a-mange you're going to go down pretty fast.I guess the bright side of that is the rest of us can use you for fertilizer then.

>>131052023>>131051610I know its hard to understand... but I literally just use 4chan/trolling as a device to let off some steam. I dont have friends here, I dont relate to anyone here, I just use it. No one knows what I do.It bears so little on my day to day life, the only reason i come here is to check news and see what children are crying about from time to time and troll easily offendable faggots like you. BTW Holla Forums is be FAR the easiest place to do it. Mostly because I think most of you are simp ally faggots. Most people ignore my shitposts on Holla Forums.I'm not chomping at the bit or feverishly refreshing.. I just check in between my designs for work. Again, once I close this thread down, i wont even remember it. or any of the things we talked about. You are correct though, I really do care i don'tSorry it bothers you.XD

>>131052210>look at me, posting paragraph after paragraph about things I don't care about!The more you post, the more obvious the lie.

>>131050276Thanks for that hot take on ecology user.

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>>131052108Good news, fertilizer is running out anyway because of phosphorus shortage.We get to experience modern worldwide famine in our lifetime

>>131052272oh my gosh! you are right!Thanks for figuring out my lie.

>>131052366Lets see if you can leave without the last word

>>131052210>Most people ignore my shitposts on Holla Forums.You must suck at trolling if you struggle with baiting Holla Forums.

>>131052210no pleasedo go on about how little you carekeep on filling the character limit with all the not-caring you're doing.

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>>131050276>realize bees are dying because honey shortage>they die because of the soil>the reason is the fertilizer>common variableAre comic book writers really THIS uneducated?

>>131052693Most people are undereducated. Hell, more than half of adults in the US are read below a sixth grade level, which explains the US in general.