Death Battle:

So the leaker proven right last time apparently says this is coming early next season.Maxwell is DC, so probably a stomp

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>Maxwell literally rebuilt parts of the DC MultiverseWelpp

What leaker?

>>131049666>PartsYou mean ALL of the DC universe

>>131049616Isn't the other kid god saving a kid from a coma

>>131049710>>131049666WAIT WHAT?

>>131049616Drawn to life turned me into a furfag before I knew what that was when I inadvertently created a anthro fox toon as the main character. Scribblenauts turned me into a dictator


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>>131049616If they have the strength to resist using DC, it should be an even fight. I don't think they allow crossovers either, right?>>131049780So that's where all the dictator furry porn comes from, it's DTL and Scribblenauts's fault.

>>131049815>If they have the strength to resist using DC, it should be an even fight.No, it would be a stomp in the other direction because The Hero is literally an avatar of YHWH

>>131049616Which leaker?

>>131049616Fake. They will never do matchup with BOTH obscure characters.

>>131049616Just because you can, doesn't mean you should make a fight for absolutely everything.These characters were never meant to be used in combat like this, especially Maxwell. Also do people actually care about these games?

>>131049616KeMi KeWa! KeMi KeWa!

>>131049666>Even now they cant help picking something that has a DC connectionFfs

>>131049616Does anyone remember the Spongebob Drawn to Life game? That shit was based.

>>131049849>Also do people actually care about these games?Yes. DB would be tapping into childhood nostalgia if they used these characters

>>131049869Yes, I lost my copy in the woods. I spent hours looking for it and the only got from that was mosquito bites from shoulder down.

Can the Christian God solo DC?

>>131049843Maxwell is DC

Do the actual DC Scribblenauts characters have any notable feats or this just another Shao Kahn=Darkseid?

>>131049616The end of Drawn to Life was incredibly dark, holy shit. Why they did that?

>>131049898Based feral woods kid.

>>131049910Most likely

>>131049832>Avatar of YHWHCan create, kill, and manipulate YHWH

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>>131049905And? Obscure character is obscure character and being from DC doesn't save him.

>>131049910apart from creating any character and object of the DC universe, they can also obtain their abilities.

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>>131049616>Maxwell is DC, so probably a stompprobably but where is the other guy from?>>131049812The DC version of scriblenaut was crazy.>>131049815>If they have the strength to resist using DC, it should be an even fight. I don't think they allow crossovers either, right?They brought up Supreme in Omni-Man v Homelander so I would not bet on it.

>>131049915>>131049728You guys are pulling my leg, right?

>>131049976>>131049915>>131049962Drawn to Life is a game series set in a world filled with little fox people called Raposa, who are all delightful little creatures who worship a being known as the Creator, who...well, created them and their world. Until one day, one of the Raposa named Wilfre got cocky and decided that he should be able to create as well, stealing the Book of Life to do so. His creations were twisted and evil, however, and this combined with discovering his theft caused the others to run him out of town. Before they could take the book back, however, a bitter Wilfre destroyed it. Enraged by this, the Creator turned their back on the Raposa, and with the book destroyed, the world fell into darkness, only accelerated by a corrupted Wilfre and his creations. The game starts off with Mari, the Mayor's daughter, sending a desperate prayer to the Creator to save them. The Creator answers, and sends a hero down to save the Raposa.A big part of the first game is recovering the pages of the Book of Life, as well as saving the Raposa who left the town as it fell apart and were captured by Wilfre and purifying the corruption Wilfre has caused. As you get more pages back, you're able to create more things, like signs, swords, celestial objects, etc. since you're playing as both the Hero and the Creator. Both the first game and the sequel can be surprisingly dark, with Wilfre stabbing and killing the Mayor during the final part of the first game, and doing all sorts of terrible acts in the second game ranging from possessing a little girl to trying to setting up a dictatorship.Not to mention the second game revealing that the whole thing is actually the coma dream of a little boy who was in a car accident, with the Creator being God, Wilfre being a representation of satan, and the Raposa cast pretty much all dying as Mike wakes up, even if that's what they wanted.

>Maxwell VS The Hero leakIt's probably fake since you can't give a source but it would be funny if Season 10's premiere fit the niche/new series theme more than any episode this season which was supposed to be about that>Tetsuo's preview has almost the same views as Thor'sWhat the fuck?

>>131049957I'm not asking about what they can do? I'm asking if for instance, Superman does anything crazy or if his feats are closer to something like the Animated Series here?

>>131050007>>Tetsuo's preview has almost the same views as Thor's>What the fuck?Because he is Magneto opponent and people want to know him better

>>131049957>quicknessReally delving deep into Flash's personality there

>>131050018I think they are the same, but they are a bit childish because it's a kids comic

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>>131049910Well, the Anti-Monitor destroyed everything just like Crisis on Infinite Earths all while Maxwell created anti-anti monitor(Mar Novu) who beat the shit out of Anti. All of this must be done in a Planck second because his notebooks pauses time indefinitely. In the base game, you even time travel in one of the quest. Also the globe is like the space gem, but on crack because it was shown to go and interact with multiple timelines and places at once. Once adjective is added, you can one shot anyone(deadly), make yourself truly invincible, as fast or even faster than any speedster, and also mind hax/transmutation won't work on you since you can still free move when when hit.

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>>131050165The fuck is this shit? We're they trying to sell capeshit to children through Scribblenauts like it's something kids need to know?

>>131050165>All of this must be done in a Planck second because his notebooks pauses time indefinitely.Not sure what's the point here.

>>131050165One of Maxwell's most popular opponents is John Egbert.Now I see why

>>131050165>All of this must be done in a Planck second because his notebooks pauses time indefinitelyDoes it actually do that storywise? I'm pretty sure that's just a gameplay thing

>>131049849>Also do people actually care about these games?I care about Scribblenauts

>My son, let my voice fill this room one more time.>Rehearse this line by line, until I'm out of time...>My son, can't you see, that our troubles have run high?>This is where we draw the line. This is where we say goodbye.>You know what I want, what I want believe it or not, I've already got.>And I know, I've got to go away...but I know it's all going to be okay!>Cause I know we'll never be apart, and all this a great recital!>And you'll wake up, my darling, with a light on your face!>And my tears will all dry out, when you see the change!>As you grow up, you'll realize, this is your time to shine!>You'll be the light of my life. The light of my life.>The light of my life....

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Diobros...Not like

What's the term for this? Sort of a "What goes for me doesn't go for you." IE>Character does one thing>Other character from other series does same thing>"Nuh uh that wasn't valid"

>>131050423>ArmstrongI hate memes


>>131050259Its kind of funny because John could technically win. Max doing the easy "deadly" thing probably wouldnt trigger the Heroic/Just part to take John out on top of intangibility. Also for as hax as Maxwell is, I dont think he has direct meta shenanigans

>>131050423kekI remember I couldn't beat MGR because of how frustrating the boulders part in the final fight was. Not sure if it was die to the drift in my controller but I would always fails the QTE, so I gave up on beating the game.

>>131050457It's called being a vs debater




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>>131049616>Leaker proven right last timeI'll believe it when we see something that wasn't easy to guess. People were hesitantly pointing at Magneto as soon as Tetsuo was announced just like they are with Star-Lord vs Boba.>>131049666>>131049812>>131049957>>131050112I was pleasantly surprised by how good it was. I highly recommend it. I smiled when they started talking about Platonism.It's the best DC Crisis, tied with Final Crisis and Multiversity.>>131050018It's actually a very powerful source of swank kept at bay only by Swank's ignorance of it since the heroes and their universe are revealed to be endless Platonic ideas that can't truly be destroyed or created, existing in a supernal realm of forms.I'm serious.

>>131050712Can Sentry beat Jiren?

>>131049616DTL ends with everything being some kids dream, so how can maxwell win if DTL only exists within a dream world?

>>131050803Yeah. They'll probably give him around Thor numbers.>>131050827He summons Doctor Destiny. Or Dream if he wants to be mean about it.

>>131050983>>131050803Neither of them fought Worldbreaker

Finally, a battle I care about.

>>131050983So it's all gonna be Thor vs everyone with Marvel from now on, huh?Anyways, I'm still annoyed you said Goku was the heel in his fight with Superman even though he's objectively done less bad shit than Superman has. Superdickery is a term for a fucking reason.

>>131051526Superman is objectively a better person even when doing convuluted schemes to trick people

>>131051556I don't think you get "Good person" points by defacing the moon


>>131051587No one owns that

>>131052216Worldbreaker Hulk. The one that has the 120 marvel universes thingThor was dead and Sentry lost before Hulk went full rage

>>131052246Nobody scales to the Sentry either because Bob is perpetually a mentally deficient wreck. their reasoning for Thor wasn't great, should've either made him lose or given him a full infinite multiverse rating

>>131052231It's a shitty view now

>>131049812>fueled with energy released by the anti monitor's destruction why is everyone ignoring this

>>131052291Sentry admitted he was not holding back anymore and still couldn’t beat the Hulk. It was the whole climax

>>131052333if you reread my post you'll realize this reply has nothing to do with what i said, you insecure hulk fan you!sentry wasn't at full power btw >muh holding back okay? it's his base power that changes with confidence. not gonna argue back and forth on this either

>>131052359Sentry was perfectly fineAnd still lost to a fucking calm Green Scar.

>>131050007might have something to do with this not being thor's first or second rodeo in this webshow


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>>131052412>Still copingLol discount Superman couldn’t even beat the Hulk. They had no business scaling that to Thor

>>131052438you finished?

>>131050803>Jiren!!!! You and Me!!!! One on One!!!! HELL IN A CELL!!!!

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>>131050005Not to mention one of the female Raposa you rescue has a unique appearance where her face and body are have covered in darkness, which represents the little boy's sister who was disfigured in the car crash.

>>131049812>rebuilt an entire multiverse>with one wordImagine playing god on easy mode.

>>131052510>Still can’t cope

>>131051526Yes, Thor is the Swank whore of Marvel. Everyone is going to get swanked off Thor's stats.>Superdickery>He fell for cover art memesLMFAO

>>131052317>Summons Anti-Monitor>Kills him>Now he's got the energyWow that was hard.

>So I've heard there's an island on earth 616 with mutated freaks calling themselves "the perfect beings"

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>>131050803Can Jiren survive being tossed into the sun? If he can then it's a stalemate because Sentry is unkillable if he doesn't want to die.

Fuck that faggot-ass asspullI wanted these two together but instead lets make the irrelevant NPC in the first game who only had two lines of dialogue relevant to the entirety of the second gameFuck you

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Dear Dragonball fans - If Goku and co are supposedly faster than light, why is it that his strongest form was only capable of FTE movements? Sincerely, user.

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>>131049616What leak? The reddit schizo post that predicted Omni Man vs Homelander?

>>131052762>Yes, Thor is the Swank whore of Marvel. Everyone is going to get swanked off Thor's stats.For speed but they used Hulk and Sentry for Doom and Thor.

>>131052813I do find it funny how DBZ does have a denser pool than most of Marvel. I mean you got guys like Thor and Cosmic entities that would stomp out DBZ, but jesus Cell would be a fucking terror to Marvel earth

>>131052762huh? they used Hulk's output and Ares's speed for Thor