Is Feige starting to check out? What does this mean for the future of the MCU?

Is Feige starting to check out? What does this mean for the future of the MCU?

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I can't wait to see how the F4 either turn into villains or fuck up and get people killed in their film. I am so damn checked out of the MCU. Why do the MCU heroes have to be such fuckups and bastards?

>>131046314>Feige will let others ruin the MCUYay?

>>131046314Come on down Zack Snyder.

>>131046314>not having to worry about that with Sam RaimiOh, it shows Kevin. It shows...

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>>131046353Guy has been churning out MCU shit for almost 20 years, he's probably burned out

>>131046314The Fantastic Four is so lame not even Feige wants to deal with it.

>>131046753There's no fucking way Disney asked Scott to direct Dr. Strange, have they not paid attention to his 45 year long career of only doing projects where he gets to be in charge of the whole production?

>>131046900>have they not paid attentionAnon...

>>131046928You joke but companies don't like bringing in fuckups for their star franchises

>>131046314i would watch a fantastic 4 by Raimi. after the last FF movie bombed so hard it would be cool to have something good for a change

>>131046314Surprised Feige let Rami have some kind of influence over DS2. Would he give him full control of the third film?

>>131047007He gave Raimi control because apparently the first cut was utter shit and needed to be cleaned up

>>131046956They brought Joss Whedon though...

>>131047007Why would you be surprised? Exploiting the nostalgia for his Spider-Man movies just made them a morbillion dollars and they struck gold letting guys like Taika and Gunn do their thing, IP be damned.

>>131047059>IP be damnedDid you just say the N-word in Detroit?

>>131047054Whedon was fresh off Firefly, a show considered by the mainstream at the time to be some kind of television masterpiece that the network cancelled too soon for no reason. He didn't become known as a fuck up until doing Age of Ultron and Justice League back to back..

>>131047174>Whedon was fresh off Firefly>Firefly was 2002>Avengers was 2012what did he mean by this

>>131047174>no reasonHmmm...

>>131047204Regardless of that anons gaff, Whedon's name was on several highly successful and long running tv shows like Buffy and Angel. The guy had a good reputation when they gave him Avengers

>>131047059Taika and Gunn actually survive by their own talent and line up with what the MCU wants to do. This is why they get so much freedom.Raimi on the other hand just put out a divisive movie where his style was labeled great to outdated. Like it's not really that impressive when Doctor Strange was basically marketed like it was some massive event film. Meanwhile Taika's movie just being marketed like any other movie. They don't need to worry about Taika, it's probably gonna be a big hit even if it has nothing to do with Thor.


>>131047327Raimi won't get saddled with the blame because he was brought in mid production and told to clean up the mess his predecessors left

>>131047396Clean up what? They had one of their big writers working on this. It wasn't some trainwreck he was coming into.

>>131047327>Raimi on the other hand just put out a divisive movie where his style was labeled great to outdated. Like it's not really that impressive when Doctor Strange was basically marketed like it was some massive event film.It's not like it was divisive because the screenwriter choose to ignore the TV shows.

>>131046969He would actually be a pretty good pick. He has the horror sensibilities to emphasize the strangeness of adjusting to their mutations but his Spidermen show that he can be lighthearted and earnestly idealistic.

>>131046314>What does this mean for the future of the MCU?It means that they'll feel less like assembly products.

>>131046314can Marvel start looking for better screenwriters too

Isn't this what Holla Forums has been demanding the mcu do for yearsNow it's bad I guess?

>>131047719The audience reaction was mixed about Raimi's style, as well. The stuff Raimi fags praise was so Raimi was stuff that got mentioned as cheesy, lame and outdated by normalfags. Gunn and Taika can also be lame with the humor at times, but it's clear their style is more to the taste of today's Marvel audience.

>>131047823They think MoM having a shit plot is the director's fault.

>>131047327>Taika>talentHahahahahahah what the fuck? We're talking about the guy, who turned Thor into a comedic retard, right?

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>>131047828>The stuff Raimi fags praise was so Raimi was stuff that got mentioned as cheesy, lame and outdated by normalfagsNormalfags haven't say shit about his style, they were more concerned with Jim from The Office being Mr. Fantastic and Tom Cruise not being there. You have a weird fixation on Raimifags.

>>131047876Yes, they have. You're just in fucking denial. I've seen plenty of people online point out how lame some of the stuff was like the music battle which was ALL Raimi, he even said as much. 4chan praises it, but elsewhere it added to the negativity surrounding the movie.

>>131047935If Marvel fans hate, it must be good then.

>>131047823Why did Marvel wait 30+ movies to start considering it?

>>131047935>4chan praises it, but elsewhere it added to the negativity surrounding the movie.Woah, Feige should thank the 4chan Hacker for giving this movie over $800 million. Kek.

>>131047861The guy who turned Thor into a popular and profitable property, yes.

>>131048102>The guy who turned Thor into a popular and profitable propertySo, Feige?

>>131046900They don't. The article said Disney offered Scott to direct a fantasy film about wizards quite recently. I think if it is Dr. Strange then they will flat out said that he is going to direct a superhero film.

>>131047861Yeah. I mean it's better than the one Kenneth Branagh did. Let alone whoever they hire for the second movie.

>>131047823>>131047839Well, with the MCU, it's a different story really. When WB did it, they started making more decent movies than not with being more director driven. Only massive swing and miss for them was probably WW84. Meanwhile Phase 4 has been super divisive compared to the others. The writing is shoddy, the cgi looks unfinished, etc. The only thing happening with the MCU becoming more "director driven" is that it's just a farce. It just means there's less quality control to go around. Feige is still in control, he's just not there to clean up The Eternals or Multiverse of Madness.>>131047977You can do better than that.

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>>131046442Nah, Snyder is for Squadron Supreme.

>>131048226Too bad MoM is fantastic and people like you are eating sour grape stew.

>>131047643>big writers working on this. It wasn't some trainwreck he was coming into.The script wasn't the forte of that movie.

>>131048482>Too bad MoM is fantasticYe that explains all the average fan reviews and one of the lowest cinemascores and biggest BO drops in the MCU. Nothing about this movie indicates it's "fantastic." People have been moving the goalposts with this movie ever since it's release.

>>131046314Well, hire Raimi again

>>131046779Feige has been making Marvel movies since the 90’s

>>131048226Poo in the loo

>>131046314Why do they keep trying to revive this IP. Has this cursed series ever found success in movies?

Without Feige you just know it's gonna be shit regardless of who they hire

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>>131049792The one from '05 was a modest success.

>>131048226>Only massive swing and miss for them was probably WW84.Did anyone talked about that Suicide Squad? No? That what i thought too

>>131046353MCU officially reached its peak with Endgame. Feige probably realized that and knows nothing he ever will produce can top that so he's probably letting others have a spin at the MCU since he doesn't need to care anymore.

>>131050441And Green Lantern, Birds of Prey, Justice League....

>>131050486If they were smart, they would have stopped at endgame

>>131050525>lets stop making comicbook movies just 'cause>>131049128>m-muh dropAnd yet it's gonna make 900+ million while outgrossing a batman movie

>>131050525Lol, even if Feige wanted too, Disney would have thrown a fit. Like hell they are just gonna drop their biggest(current) money earner. I'm pretty Spiderman NWH has shown there are still ways to milk the Marvel Franchise for all it's worth. Even if you hate it, it's not gonna stop until we have like ten box office bombs in a row.

>>131048226So their "director driven" still depends on Bat name and even that couldn't even pass MoM.

>>131046314Maybe Kevin is recognizing the value of not being a helicopter parent with all his movies. Letting artists put their own flare into a project actually makes them stand out more in the brand, not less. Edgar Wight deserves an apology.

>>131046338The ones in charge of the MCU can't imagine anyone different.

>>131046314Personally, I think it's cowardice. Feige knows touching the Fantastic 4 is like a landmine and he doesn't want it to explode in his face like all the other movies. Letting another director touch it probably means he doesn't get any of the blame if things go South.

>>131050525Or they could start making better movies like in the first phase, and not kill off their main characters, but what do I know.

>>131050763It's made enough to have (probably) made a sizeable profit and made more than the previous Doctor Strange movie, so it's not a flop by any means, but that huge second-week drop, lukewarm reviews and negative word of mouth have got to be something they're concerned about. If execs were expecting over a billion, it making 900+ million isn't going to be enough for them, especially if the MCU producing a movie normies didn't like has any effect on the success of later movies.

>>131046314Feige is trying to distance himself from the debacle that was MoM.Problem is that he took credit 24/7 and had his producing credit in big old letters at the end.user this nigga murdered the FF before it even got off the ground and murdered the most recognizable and like version if prof x to build up wanda and alonzos second fuck up.

>>131047054Bro Avengers ended up being the template they copied gor every movie from that point on.They have a team dedicated to aping whedons style. They just hire names to throw a few signature shots I'm there then they ship it.All of the awful things in this movie can be laid at the feet of feige and his pet dyke Alonzo. Big name and promising directors were fired for not following their plan and formula. What makes you think raimi didn't follow the plan?

>>131048102No one like funny Thor.And they made Thor into a fat video game playing liser so their Karen space bitch can be the man and beat up thanos.They threw money in the bank away for a character that no one would ever like and brought the entire franchise down.

>>131047028And he still saddled him with a Co Director to keep it on message. So it isn't that open an idea. Besides Kevin's heavy handed tactics already drove away most the talent.

>>131048102So not Taika? Because everyone already knew who Thor was.>>131048203The blame lies with Hemsworth for being too shit to play a serious Shakespearean Thor.

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>>131048226>Phase 4 has been super divisive compared to the others.FFH, Shang-Chi and No Way Home were very well received. MoM was well liked overall if not just decent with reviews. The only negative film was Eternals.

>>131051056Or shitty directors and writers that to tried to Snyder Thor's character, with a dash of Perlmutter's psychopathic control of the studio.

>>131050883They know from the previous FF movies what the audience interest in an FF movie is. Unless they can get some major stars in it, they know they're looking at making a similar amount of money.Comics nerds think FF and X-Men are the A-list properties that are going to save the MCU, but to normies they're characters most of them already know they're not interested in paying to see.

>>131051029>No one like funny Thor.What is this revisionist/contrarian bullshit? I see people jerking off TDW now over Ragnarok and I can't tell if its irony or what. People mostly agree Ragnarok and Infinity War saved the character. This is like the people who say Spider-Man 3 and the Time Story FF movies are prime superhero cinema compared to the MCU.

Okay, hear me out...

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>>131051051>Besides Kevin's heavy handed tactics already drove away most the talent.what the fuck does this even mean? Evans and RDJ left because they'd been doing MCU stuff for a decade. They're still attracting big name directors despite the big stink about the MCU being devoid of artistic merit or whatever.

2022:Love and ThunderWakanda Forever2023: QuantumaniaGOTG VOL.3The MarvelsBlade (Very likely given the production news)List of other confirmed movies in the pipeline:Fantastic Four Spider-Man 4Shang-Chi 2Captain America 4 Deadpool


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>>131050912They’ll be lucky it reaches 900m what with Top Gun and Jurassic World grabbing all the attention.

>>131050846> Edgar Wight deserves an apology.>Baby DriverFuck no. He deserves getting his skull caved in.

>>131051231>RagnarokAll you faggots criticizing Thor 1 and TDW came out of nowhere during Ragnarok screaming about how it saved the character. People were just fine before Ragnarok, you are the ones who are made up revisionists.

>>131048882Raimi wasnt the problem. It's the shitty writers.