Can Billionaires be Superheroes?

If society at large agrees billionaires are intrinsically evil, why so many heroes are rich? They never do anything worth with their money other than making weapons with them.

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>>131046165>If society at large agrees billionaires are intrinsically evilwhen you assume you make an ASS out of U and ME.

Is this a yet another "why doesn't Batman donate his money" thread in disguise?

>>131046165Think of all the monsters. Other worldly beings and !ore that money helped fight.People need jobs which the billionaires companies give and him being a good guy will pay a good pay and benefits.Ontop of the charities and scholarships.

>>131046165Batman does a million charities and employs poor and at-risk people to give them a better life. Ollie does the same thing. Tony stopped making weapons and uses his technology to save the world and provide technological advancements to whoever needs it. There's also Ted Kord. Moon Knight uses his money to beat up bad guys and protect people. But don't worry, there's a hundred times more corrupt rich people in comics.

>>131046220>Tony stopped making weapons and uses his technology to save the world and provide technological advancements to whoever needs itTony literally has a virus that gives people superhuman abilities, shapeshifting, and a healing factor with no fucking downside that he refuses to activate in the already infected general public.

>>131046165>why so many heroes are rich?Because they were mostly created during an era when the rich were revered and admired.

>>131046165all multi billion dollar mega corporations are on the left

>>131046165you sound like the type of person that complains about the monarcy in any fantasy setting

>>131046287I think the exact opposite. I bet OP is just using a double bluff to get people to defend billionaires.


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>>131046165I don't mind rich heroes, but Ollie being a lib while being one is some super hypocritical shit>>131046187Batman's just one of many rich heroes.

>>131046267>all multi billion dollar mega corporations are on the leftAll multi billion dollar mega corporations set public messaging to what makes them the most money for the least effort and internal policy for what costs them the least money for the least effort. Which is how you end up with allegedly woke corporations using literal kidnapped and held at gunpoint child slave labor to make their shit. Acting woke sells more than acting conservative and neither requires principles.

>>131046252Axis was stupid but honestly most people forget it rather than support it. If the Illuminati aren't kiboshing it just like Reed does to keep the status quo then it wouldn't be done in comics because it defeats the writer's soapbox. It's the same reason we have a new "trans" mutant when they could get a biological female body for free on Krakoa without going to the Crucible either.

for a long time comics were stupid and assumed you needed to be a millionaire to be an effective vigilante a la batman and green arrow Nowadays affluence is not looked upon kindly and wealth is seen as distasteful if flauntedSuperheroes ideally should live like rorschach or borderline poorfag status like daredevil whenever his life gets destroyed

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Billionaires are largely hated nowadays because they use their wealth in incredibly ridiculous fashions Its their money they can do whatever they want with it but comic book shit should largely not try to emulate what is regarded as distasteful in modern society

Poorfags writing wealthy characters is a form of escapism.

>>131046267they are absolutely notYou are just a low info idiot who don't look past the optics during things like pride month to see how corrupt and conservative most of these corps are

>people who have more money than me are evilThis is why I think leftists are a joke

>>131046165>If society at large agrees billionaires are intrinsically evil, why so many heroes are rich?Because billionares fund publishers.

>>131046409economic liberalism and neoliberalism are exactly why we have so many billionaires. the libs told the billionaires flat out, "nothing will fundamentally change". you're thinking of lefties and commies.

>>131047462Want to know something funny? Most communists tend to come from middle to upper class backgrounds

>>131047462Corporations are also leftist the other 11 months of the year as well.There is zero difference between your politics and theirs.

>just give up all your money if you want to fight the corrupt rich and powerful>oh you gave up all your money well now you're poor and powerless so you can't effectively fight and win against the rich and powerfulDude owning a fridge is like hypocrisy man

>>131047468People who partake in systems where they profit disproportionately off the labor of others are evil. The fact that every action and transaction we make as humans is twisted into a pyramid scheme where some rich fuck sits at the top shitting on everyone else, telling us we should be thankful for whatever dribbles down our way; I am disgusted with capitalism right now.

>>131046165> If society at large agrees billionaires are intrinsically evil, why so many heroes are rich?Because they are outdated holdovers from 80+ years ago when the perception of the rich was very very different.

>>131047652No other system has ever existed.

>>131047652how exactly do you think things work under communism?the more the free market is destroyed in favor of corporatism, the more it becomes indistinguishable from communism, which is why the WEF, Black rock, and Vanguard are full of marxists

go away Holla Forums

>>131047579Wow, you really are a dumb cunt aren't you?Can you name a single huge corporation that funds socialist or communist politics?Corps fund Conservative and Neolibs.

>>131047751You walked right into that one.

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>>131047695>>131047697Never said communism was the solution, or that there's ever been a better system, I guess I'm just an idealist, and human nature is starting to make me sick.

>>131046195>People need jobs which the billionaires companies givePeople need jobs, but jobs would exist without billionaires. A billionaire and his company does not create jobs and never let anyone fool you into thinking otherwise.

Isn't being "the man" a good thing in English? Like "who's the man? You the man"? No one uses "the man" to mean government or big brother anymore. It's not the 60s

>>131047786Democrats are exactly the neolibs I'm talking about you moron.Aside from a handful of politicians like Bernie or AOC and a handful of others, the entire democratic establishment are firmly entrenched in Capitalism

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>>131047849The Democrat president doesn't even support Universal Health care.Liberal =/= Leftist

>>131047849The entire trannycrat establishment and half their RINO enablers are straight up marxists connected to the World Economic Forum that are extremely upset that they can't brutalize their own peasants the way the Chinese Communist Party does, and are trying to do everything in their power to remember that

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>>131047786>Implying Corporations are steered by their wageslaves>Implying the wageslaves control a substantial portion of the Corporation's freed up campaign cashI was going to ask you "How stupid are you?" but you're quick to volunteer the information.

>>131046377>>131046425>>131047462>>131047579You retards.

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>>131047922Do you even understand optics at all?Corps will show surface level support for social issues like LGBT rights for good PR.In the background they will spend millions fighting unionisation and trying to reduce regulations at the cost of the consumer.

>>131047922>Idiot thinks because corporations do empty virtue signalling they're leftistsYour brain has been rotted by culture war bs

>>131047908So you're saying that corporations are staffed entirely by leftists, but that doesn't make them leftist.

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>>131047786These companies are not worker co-ops, so it's utterly meaningless to whom the employees donate to.

>>131047936>Jesus fucking Christ, you think the majority of the DNC are Marxist?Yes, any more dumbfuck questions?

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>>131048044You don't really need to say anything else. You're clearly either a troll or an astonishingly dumb cunt.

>>131047984>>131047986>Leftist corporations being hypocrites means they're not leftistNext you'll tell me REAL communism hasn't been tried.

>>131047878>No true scottsman fallacyLike clockwork

>>131047999Don't forget that no one even wanted to fight for the Bolsheviks. They had to take hostages and shoot people to force them to fight for them

>>131048113No true fallacy involves Scotland.

>>131048098Corporations by definition cannot be leftist you troglodyte.

>>131048073>how can they be marxists when they haven't given me free stuff?

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>>131048113It's almost like different words have different meanings.Biden is true Democrat through and through.Centrist, corporatist, supports basic social issues that are broadly defined as "left wing" like LGBT rights and abortion but ultimately a capitalist.What he ISN'T is a leftist, by any stretch.

>>131048143By definiton, all corporations are leftist, are against free market principles, and use government force to crush smaller competition.

>>131048131You Scots sure are a fallacious people.

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>>131048176Biden is senile, his regime is composed entirely of marxist degenerates.

>>131048143There's no difference between a corporation and a union.

>>131048176The President isn't the supreme ruler of the US despite what you retards think. The majority of democrats in the Senate and Congress identify as far left.

>>131048160>Billion Dollar Corporation >Socialist.Just think about that for a second.

>>131048190Corps are not worker owned. So no they aren't.

>>131048212His administration is as centrist as it gets. But you probably think Obama was left of Fidel Castro.

>>131048227Yes.Larry Fink is BlackRock's CEO, and he's undeniably a marxist.The WEF is full of CEOs just like him.Klaus Schwab, their president, keeps a bust of Lenin in his office.

>>131048213That doesn't even make sense and you know it.


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>>131047816>but jobs would exist without billionaires.How?

>>131048279The Washington free beacon? That's a conservative newspaper.

>>131048225No they literally don't. There are 4 members of Congress who identify as Democratic Socialists.4.

>>131047652>People who partake in systems where they profit disproportionately off the labor of others are evilWhy?

>>131046186There is an ancient expectation towards immorality from the rich. That they have so much while others go without has been condemned explicitly in the Bible, for example.Even the hoarding of wealth itself is seen as the ultimate manifestation of success in the mortal sin of greed. It's also generally accepted you don't become a billionaire through good works.

>>131047788Talk is cheap, calling something bad or evil is not "doing good". What do you propose?

>>131048324Power itself is evil.

>>131048257Citation fucking needed.

>>131048227>Warren Buffett>Larry Fink>George Soros>Sam Zemurray

>>131048319>No true scottsman fallacy


>>131048289>Grug has need, can't fulfill need on his own>Grug has resource, is willing to trade resource to see need fulfilled>Brug has needs resource, is willing to fulfill need in exchange for Grugs resourceBoom. Job created. Grug is not a billionaire, he just happens to have something Brug wants. The very concept of a "billionaire" is a fairly new thing in human history. Not even the wealthiest of kings before the modern age could measure their wealth in *billions* of coins or currency.

>>131048266It does. They're both operated by joined by people

>>131048339What about the power to do good? Did Mother theresa have power to help orphans?

>>131048364That's not a job retard, that's trading

>>131046165>If society at large agrees billionaires are intrinsically evilIt doesn't, especially American society.>why so many heroes are rich?Because it's a positive character trait and doesn't matter.>They never do anything worth with their money other than making weapons with them.That isn't a sentence. Try again.>how can you fight the man if you are the manWhilst romantic this is how you institute change. You become or convince the man. Fighting the man marks you as a threat and starting a revolution just puts worse "the man"s in charge because a peasant has no power base to seize control with.>>131046187I think they're talking about Tony since Batman doesn't make weapons more often than shark repellent, explosive goop (if it's a video game), street racing cars and supercomputers that are incredibly illegal for both their invasions of privacy and snooping on government databases.>>131047540>Want to know something funny?It's funny because they're not communists and would be the first ones against the wall with the return of machismo communism (which includes real anarchism).>>131047652>where they profit disproportionately off the labor of others are evil.What is disproportionately? Do you wish for a worker to be paid the exact amount of wealth they create, thereby destroying any reason to employ someone?>pyramid schemeHave you heard of a system that isn't hierarchical? One that has existed and no, tribals, anarchists and communists also had hierarchies.

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>>131048364>Not even the wealthiest of kings before the modern age could measure their wealth in *billions* of coins or currency.What a stupid comparison. What is inflation? A king in the Middle ages had a million times more power than any current billionaire

>>131048375Bad example.Mother Theresa was kinda heinous.

>>131048348>Not a socialist>Not a socialist>Not a socialist >Not a socialist

>>131048247>His administration is as centrist as it gets.Didn't he hire an entire team of women for some important thing?I can't really remember what it was but that's more right than centre, though I live in a country more equal than the US so what do I know.

>>131048358You don't know what that term means do you?

>>131048375>Mother TheresaYou really don't want to bring her up in an argument.

>>131048337>Just work up an economic system that prevents the formation of a wealth gap and exploitation of the lower classes, I'm waitingThe classic, "don't criticize the thing if you cant make/do it yourself" argument. I'm sure I could lay down a sloppy groundwork with lots of holes to exploit, because people are always going to try and hoard power where they can.

>>131048368>Everything that involves people joining is the same?So when your mom joined a gangbang was she part of a corporation or a union?

>>131048380...What exactly do you think a job is? It's a trade of labor for resources (usually money, but also things like benefits). As long as Grug needs something, and he's got the resources to pay Brug, Brug has a job.

>>131048443Why yes, the only difference is how they're incorporated

>>131048375There's no such thing as the power to do good. It's a contradiction.

>>131048247>Pushing homosexuals and trannies into the military>Trying to ban guns>Wants to raise taxes>Centrist

>>131048443Do the gangbangers get a lunch break? Does she?


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>>131048475What do you think centrism is, exactly?

>>131048468No retard. The purpose of a corporation is to generate profit. Corporations have a legal obligation to provide profit to shareholders.Unions are a group of workers who band together to increase their bargaining power to attain better working conditions.

>>131046165In the real world, billionaires are nothing less than supervillains. In comic books, anyone is anything a writer wants them to be. If you can make up a fantasy where a man flies and is strong enough to juggle planets, you can easily make up a fantasy where a billionaire is a good-guy.

>>131048388>What is disproportionately? Do you wish for a worker to be paid the exact amount of wealth they create, thereby destroying any reason to employ someone?I mean, it should be close to it. People should be compensated fairly for their time and not forced into a lower quality of life because someone is willing to game the system above them.

>>131048498centrism is when you align your regime with the marxist BLM rioters, and send the FBI after parents protesting marxist CRT indoctrination instead

>>131048481No lunch breaks. She gets her fill of meat and cream whilst on the job.

>>131046165My response to this cunt would be...> "I am not fighting the man's existence, I am just fighting when they do wrong. Being successful and reaping the rewards of such isn't wrong. Social Justice means to protect & elevate putupon people not tear down innocent successful people".

>>131046165>Superheroes should be realistic

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>>131048522 Not all corporations are public and thus have no shareholders and the literal definition of a corporation is just one or a group of people who form an entity together.

>>131048475>everyone's eligible to die for their country>no-one is allowed to resist the state>the state demands more moneySounds right wing to me.

>>131046165>batman>builds a suit to let him fight as a cripple and as an old man>wayne industries not producing exoskeletons for cripples and elderlyHe's the true villain. Eat the rich!

>>131048464That's not a job though mouth breather. You merely described a trade

>>131048334>That they have so much while others go withoutThey have so much because they did something to earn it. Namely giving the "do withouts" a job and way to provide for themselves and their jobs.

>>131048575If you think having the mentally ill around weapons is a good idea then you're stupid and right wing values are based on individual freedom, not a large state, that's the lefts forte

>>131048533Exactly right.CEOs are paid over 351x that of the average worker.CEO pay has risen over 1000% since the late 70s.

>>131048588Again, what do you think a job is?

>>131046165This is fucking retarded. Social Justice would be helping others not punishing myself.

>>131048339Craven post, the worst thing is that you actually believe this, and don't realise that it is a lie designed to disempower you and rob you of agency. Sad.

>>131048571All the major corporations are publicly owned. If the Corp is not public owned then just replace the word shareholders with ownerCorporations only care about profit. Unions care about workers rights.

>>131048612>CEOs are paid over 351x that of the average worker.Because they take all the risk and have to manage everyone else below them and if they mess up the entire company is destroyed and everyone falls. Their reward is proportional to the scale of the task they do.

>>131047788you're a faggot that has misanthropic, edgy opinions about humanity coming solely from your autism, lack of social power and bitches. you suck and you know you suck, so you invent this elaborate cope of you being some rebel against the icky human beings and their "nature". you're just a loser bro, you'll fell better if you admit it to yourself rather than pretending to be morally superior

>>131048612You're paid relative to your skill set and responsibility. The CEO has a skill set that's high in demand but low in availability. The grunt retard doing unskilled work can quit and be replaced the next day

>>131048533You're paid what you're worth and contrary to what you believe you aren't entitled to a standard of living that you can't provide for yourself.

pardon me, this is the board for comics, right?

>>131048660>Because they take all the risk Getting millions of golden parachute even if you get kicked out isn't a risk>and have to manage everyone else below them Management doesn't justify getting hundreds times the amount hard working men and women who break their bodies working for you get>and if they mess up the entire company is destroyed and everyone falls.LOL no, you just fail to get the stock options you were promised (which you probably were inflating artificially by stock buybacks rather than investing the money in development or hiring more people) and at worst are forced to leave with a lucrative exit package.

Why is everyone discussing this obviously off-topic political thread? Ah, of course. It's 4chan. Forget what I just said.

>>131048607>If you think having the mentally ill around weapons is a good idea then you're stupidWhat has that got to do with the left-right divide?>right wing values are based on individual freedom, not a large state, that's the lefts forteThe founding fathers were right wing and King George was a left wing nutjob? Hmm...

>>131048660Except that's often not true. CEOs retain or increase their salary even when a business is failing.How many times have you seen corporations lay off thousands of people and still reward the CEO with a bonus.CEO's being paid more than the average worker is fine. 351x the average worker is just stupid.

>>131048691The CEO is not worth 351 times the average worker in any circumstance. No matter how menial the job.

>>131048730When you're done projecting, feel free to join the rest of us in the real world

>>131048792That's not even a real response, faggot.

>>131048783Says who? You? Your opinion doesn't matter. An individual with the skillet to run a company is going to negotiate high for themselves because they know what they have to offer is floating around en masse. You're paid what you're worth, not what you think you're worth

>>131048805Your response was a straw man, it doesn't warrant an actual reply

>>131048575>Everyone is eligible to die for their countryBut said transgenders and even women don't fit the basic quotient for army physical tests and effectively become purse puppy benchwarmers that desert when called up.>No-One is allowed to resist the stateThen why is the left going for gun control but the right isn't. Also why is the left making Jan 6 propped up like it was a second holocaust when it's entire thing was people resisting the "state"?>The State Demands More MoneyHate capitalism as much as you want but conservatives often want the government to have less money outside of military defense. Biden's tax plan doesn't even affect the corps he claims to despise, just the workers as that money is already held against their paychecks anyway in the W-2 form on top of extra taxes that get kicked down for the worker to pay for. Don't believe me, look at the food delivery service industry. Instead of paying the tax Washington State, California, Chicago, etc put on them, they just add it as an extra fee for the consumer to pay which goes directly to the government not the worker.>TL;DREven if you're trolling, you're just shilling for corpo cock fucking everyone in every hole they can find.

>>131048309>it's (direction) so it doesnt countdo americans really?

>>131048765Because the CEOs job remains just as vital and urgent even during dire times.> CEO's being paid more than the average worker is fine. 351x the average worker is just stupid.The average worker does 1 job, the CEO is responsible for making sure thousands if not hundreds of thousands of jobs mean/accomplish anything at fucking all.

>>131048710If you believe that certain jobs don't have to provide a living wage, then you believe that some jobs require you to live in poverty.

>>131048765Because the CEO takes all of the blame when things go south. Your average worker can be easily replaced

>>131048812Yes, me faggot. I'm not stating someone else's opinions am I?I'm saying that Capitalism as it stands is broken. The incestuous "failing upwards" nature of corporate executives are a cog in the wheel of that shit. CEO pay is wildly inflated.

>>131048821Cop out.But for the record it wasn't even me making that comment you "replied" to.

>>131048846I believe the term living wage is arbitrary and loaded. I believe you get what you deserve and you aren't entitled to something just for existing. If you aren't willing to put the effort in to obtain then you don't deserve it. Finally "poverty" here in the US is Shaniqua with her 8 spawn living in government housing, collecting welfare, and food stamps and doing just the bare minimum to keep getting that assistance so I don't particulate sympathize with people living in "poverty"

>>131048364Are you fucking serious? Power like anything else scales in relative terms, so the king of old times was a billionaire of the past, and had more power than any billionaire alive today. Grug doesn't need to have billions of shiny rocks, he only needs more than Brug to be a rich man by comparison. The actual number is arbitrary, it's the proportion that matters,

>>131048533>thing shouldwoah woah woah hold your horses there, are you trying to form an argument on the basis of something that """"""""""""""""should"""""""""" be? oh no no no this retard over here

>>131048877CEO pay is exactly what the market think they're worth. And they're not going to take less money because a nobody faggot on 4chan whined about it. You position is emotional, not logical, it doesn't deserve to be heeded

>>131048897Lol of course you fucking believe in "welfare queens".Back to Holla Forums, mate.

>>131048932Blah blah blah the market.Did you not just see me write that Capitalism is broken. Even if you believe in the free market, it basically doesn't exist anymore because of rampant and unchecked monopolisation

>>131046165I love Otto's Canary

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>>131048849>Take the blameGetting some fat 8 figure severance package and stock payouts while wagies call you scum is not exactly falling on the sword here.

>>131048932Also your position is just as emotional.You "believe" CEOs deserve to be paid more money because of an ill defined skill set that warrants 352 times worker pay.You're not going to ever be a fucking billionaire but you're simping for them.Even if my opinion is partially emotional, I'm on the side of poor and exploited workers.

>>131048939I accept your concession>>131048959You think capitalism is broken. I'm telling you the majority of us don't care about what you think. You aren't the arbiter of what does and doesn't work

>>131046165> If society at large agrees billionaires are intrinsically evil, why so many heroes are rich? They never do anything worth with their money other than making weapons with them.Yes, because society at large also agrees that fiction and fantastical fiction like superheroes especially doesn't and shouldn't reflect our world

>>131048823>ButSo? If they actually get into the military and desert, that's a military problem, not a what wing are you problem.>Then why is the left going for gun control but the right isn't.>Also why is the left making Jan 6 propped up like it was a second holocaustThe state is the right. Those who resist are the left. Who is currently the state? Who controls the narrative? Who has power? By definition the left can't.>Biden's tax plan doesn't even affect the corps he claims to despise, just the workers>an extra fee for the consumer to pay which goes directly to the government not the worker.Wait are you telling me an increased tax policy doesn't affect the rich owners of the economy (the right) but it affects workers (the left) and you think this is... a left wing policy?And to be more specific on the gun policy thing, it's just one of the many divide and conquer tactics to polarise voters into picking between the two incumbent parties. They make it a binary issue with no intent on solving it just to ensure votes for eternity.

>>131049002My argument isn't emotional. A person makes money based on their skillet, that's logic. If your skill set is not valuable, you're not going to get paid much. That's simple cause and effect. If that's too hard for you to wrap you're head around then that sounds like a personal problem

>>131048905Mansa Musa a king from Africa is often considered the wealthiest person of all time.

>>131048959>Did you not just see me write that Capitalism is broken.kek this nigger thinks that anyone cares about what he says, like him typing out this patently false claim is some revelation. Capitalism is working as intended last I checked, whether you like it or not.

>>131046316I actually wanted to talk about Green Arrow and his hypocrisy issues, but I should have known it would have baited Holla Forumstards.At least I'll get a kick out of the mental gymnastic they do to defend their pedomasters

>>131049019If you don't care what I think then why are you replying to me you dumb fucking faggot? Do you think this is a brainstorming session prior to me being announced as Supreme Leader?And for the records the majority of people DO think that CEO's are overpaid AND higher taxation of the super rich.

>>131046267Based retard.

>>131046165It’s a billionaires’ job to keep everyone under them to not ruin the hierarchy so yes, I don’t think billionaires make that good of a hero.Some of these wealthy people had to take advantage of others to get where they are.

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>>131049042I'm not going to go round the fucking bend on this againI'm saying that a CEO's skill set DOES NOT warrant 351x the average worker pay and CEO's salary increasing by over a 1000% over the last 40 years is wrong.Just because it happens doesn't make it right.

>>131049047Mansa's actual wealth is difficult to evaluate. The claim that he had $400 billion is dubious, coming from a celebrity site with little sources. Actual historians think that Mansa's wealth is either impossible to accurately estimate due to a lack of data or is vastly exaggerated due to the hyperbolic manner in which contemporary Islamic writers of his time wrote of him, as he was a fascinating anomaly that showed up on his hajj and bankrolled Egypt. Even then I don't know what you're getting at given that he was renowned for his generosity, giftgiving and his sponsorship of both intellectual scholars and public construction works. He was by all means a nice guy.

>>131049053No it fucking ain't, cunt. Capitalism is supposed to be about competition and competition has been killed by corporations.All you dumb fucks keep saying you don't care about my opinion. Fucking fine. I don't care if you don't care.Are you actually so retarded that you don't comprehend the concept of ignoring someone?

>>131048388>peasants have no power basedo you have any idea how many outsider randos managed to rise to great power in civilizations throughout history? It's at least a few more than just Genghis Khan, which makes your statement bullshit.

>>131049042>A person makes money based on their skilletIn what country?

>>131048603Even if you accept that billionaires 'earned' everything they have from getting that one great idea and their initial hard work, why can't they ensure their workers also 'earn' the fruits of their labor too? Do you really think people just want jobs for their own sake?

>>131046287>having a fetish for monarchyKinkshaming exist for the like of you.>>131047380Also, they're very shitty employers.

>>131048660>take all the riskNot if your company is too big to fail. How many AIG executives actually went broke after the subprime mortgage crisis?

>>131049156>Genghis Khan>peasantAnon his father was the chief of the Khamag Mongol confederation.Are you telling me princes are peasants?


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>>131049156These Outsiders, L'etrangers and anomalies are one in a octillion and appear once in an epoch. They are not indicative of any kind of trend. They have some kind of skill, ruthless ambition or greater physical/mental power than their peers, and use their power in the right time and place to succeed. They are by no means ordinary, average peasants, they have nothing in common with the dull masses. The knuckledragging apes who seethe at rich people out of childish envy can only dream of having the skill required to be a Genghis Khan.

>>131049165oh shit i can make money off this thing?!

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>>131049274too late, I already turned it into an NFTbetter luck next time

>>131049274Apparently, once that user spills the location you an I will go live like kings.

>>131048603>They have so much because they did something to earn it.Majority inherited it. Only money makes money, not work.

>>131049294then... where does the money come from?

Attached: 1000_F_68695988_AwabS3jJHeI9SWQT9E6gaBiQSPdONAfN.jpg (1000x684, 195.34K)

>>131046187The answer is because Batman doesn't want to. He doesn't want to "fix" Gotham. If Gotham stops being a crime ridden shithole, Batman can't put on his onesie and play superhero anymore. And that's what he really wants. He wants his playtime to go on forever. Because he's just a big spoiled baby.

>>131049274Yeah it's called panhandling.

>>131048733>comic wants to make political statements>but don't talk about the content of that comic, just the... typesetting, or something.

>>131048842If you think they should be rewarded proportionately to their contributions, then why are they not subsequently also punished proportionately for their mistakes, when they threaten or even destroy those 'thousands if not hundreds of jobs'? Responsibility cuts both ways, unless you believe bosses are in charge of victory and workers in charge of failure.

>>131049308predatory lending by kikes from the IMF and federal reserve

>>131049294Over half of all millionaires in the US are self made

>>131049337They are punished, just not in a way you like

>>131049340but where did the kikes from the IMF and federal reserve get the money in the first place?

Attached: istockphoto-1157966362-1024x1024.jpg (1024x540, 67.6K)

>>131049377they made it up

>>131048812>An individual with the skillet to run a companyCompanies are run by boards and committees, not individuals. CEOs are generally trustfund babies who are handed a high paying position and title just like the peerage used to hand down titles of nobility (with large fiefs of course) to their progeny. You think every Duke and Baron was (is) some highly skilled noble businessman?Funny enough it's mostly the exact same families from hundreds of years ago who were lording over the peasantry who now sit on corporate boards and committees. It's not a skillset or a talent that keeps them in those positions, it's the sheer momentum of generational wealth and power and setting up safety nets like government bailouts that were set up long ago to make sure their spawn stay on top no matter what. You will NEVER become a billionaire by talent or skill or work ethic or determination. It has never happened, and never will. It's all about the family you are born into.

>>131046165Antonio is still my prefered version of billionaire superhero.

Attached: ultimate 1.jpg (1026x1600, 456.15K)

>>131046165Economics don’t really work realistically in superhero stories.To be a millionaire isn’t easy, but it’s not impossible. Tons of people become millionaires simply through leveraging fifteen minutes of fame responsibly, or coming up with one single good idea. Basically every actor and singer who gets remotely popular becomes a millionaire. Tons of millionaires inherit their money too. And if you’re really frugal and responsible, and you have a very good job, it’s not utterly impossible to just work hard and save your money until you become a millionaire.Billionaires are another thing. To be a billionaire you have to have a constant stream of ever growing money. You become a multi-billionaire by being CEO of Amazon. I looked up the richest actor in the world, it’s a woman named Jami Gertz. Net worth is three billion dollars. She didn’t get that money from her acting work, it’s because she and her husband own the Atlanta Hawks.My point is, it’s impossible for Bruce to be a billionaire. His wealth comes from his fathers estate, he’s a trust fund kid, he doesn’t actually make executive decisions with his company. And it’s not like anybody can really decide what it actually is Wayne enterprises does.The reason he’s a billionaire is because he has to be in order to afford all that bat gear

>>131049332Batman wants to fix Gotham but he doesn't know how. He thinks that breaking some goon's nose every month is going to make crime go away, when in reality Gotham needs a brutal fascist government that practices racial purges and outlandish violence on criminals/dissenters of the state. They also need a police state that bans all civilian firearms possession, introduces copious amounts of red tape and bureaucracy to every single legal procedure and places the property of all citizen firmly in the state's possession at all times. Taxes must be extremely high for all, even the rich and powerful, who must be treated just as brutally as the common wagecuck. Every single person in Gotham must live in fear at all times. That is the only way to get rid of the absurd levels of crime.

>>131049308Spoiler: What you consider "money" is just imaginary numbers on a ledger. They can "make" as much of it as they like.

>>131049407>You will NEVER become a billionaire by talent or skill or work ethic or determination. It has never happened, and never will.Bill Gates, Radha Vembu, Mark Zuckerberg, Pedro Franceschi, Jeff Bezos and Falguni Nayar all weren`t born in millionaire families.

>>131049351According to them.


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Attached: ultimate 3.jpg (1027x1600, 418.45K)

>>131049395Alright, I'm going to make up some money and use it to buy something. They can't refuse me because it operates on the same principle.

>>131049407Sure, that's true. Perhaps it would be more accurate to say that with enough graft, smarts and good fortune, you could eventually become a person well-off enough to kick-start a dynasty of successively wealthier plutocrats. Musk's dad is a good example of this; he lucked into part-ownership of an emerald mine, allowing Elon the funding he needed for his own high-powered, risky endeavors no mere pleb could've aspired to.

>>131048044>>131047892>>131048160>>131048348>>131048257>Actual retards


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>>131049566Anon, the concept of being a Marxist cannot coexist with the reality of the people you listed as being Marxis being wealthy capitalists. Words have meanings. They have definitions.

>>131049407And there's nothing wrong with this. Rich people are human beings, and human beings usually want what is best for their kids, so they give them lots of money, so they don't have to worry about going broke, and can relax and enjoy life when they're young, as opposed to breaking their backs working like pops or grandad did back in the day. Only seething bitter commie faggots twist this into some insidious conspiracy so as to cope with their sour grapes, crab in the bucket loser bitchlord misery. They know deep down they're losers and their psychotic hatred for the rich the powerful or anyone with nice things is just an elaborate cope for their own faults.

>>131047986>do empty virtue signalling they're leftistsYes lets completely ignore that they're massive political donations are almost exclusively to the left side of the aisle and shitters like blackrock outright refuse to fund you if you don't meet their left leaning checklist for social engineeringIts only the fag flags that matter.

>>131049483what the fuck does this mean? if you've got some smarts you can look through their records and finances to find out where the money came from. there is always a trail and a trace no matter what

>>131049591They're not capitalists, they're wealthy marxists who hate the free market and want all economic and government powet consolidated under a single entity.You have no idea what capitalism or marxism are, because you get all of your beliefs handed to you from wealthy marxists, everything from transexualism to CRT.

>>131049474Lmao oh yes, yes they were. All you gotta do is look at their family history.Let's just go with Gates.He is sometimeslisted as Bill Gates, Jr., and sometimes as Bill Gates III. Both are wrong, according the documents. His father, grandfather, and great-grandfather are all named William Henry Gates, which would make him Bill Gates IVBill Gates' maternal grandfather James Willard Maxwell, Jr. was a prominent banker in Lincoln, Nebraska. The Mochs in Gates' genealogy link us to Guggenheims, Horbergers, Reuffs, and Wahls, proving they were also Jewish. Other names in Gates' extended line at this point include Selleck, Fry, Bates, Silvester, Cheseborough, Griffith and Turner. The name Selleck links him to Tom Selleck and Mick Jagger. The name Turner links him to artist J.M.W. Turner.The name Maxwell is also from the peerage, linking Gates to physicist James Clerk Maxwell. Bill's mother was a prominent Maxwell herself, being on the board of directors of First Interstate BancSystem. What this indicates to me is that the roots of the Gates' wealth comes from banking, not computers. In other words, Bill Gates would be obscenely wealthy even if computers had never been invented. You will find that all those other names are also prominent peerage babies, they just love to tell the "rags to riches" story to give the peasants hope that one day that could be them.

>>131046187>>131049332You realize that throwing money at the problem doesn't fix anything. Look at schools in cities with a night YOU KNOW WHAT population. No matter how much we spend, it just gets worse the higher the percentage of YOU KNOW WHAT. Gotham probably has studies that show the same thing.

>>131049625Anon thats literally by definition not marxism.

>>131049625Define marxism and capitalism for the class.

>>131049604>Yes lets completely ignore that they're massive political donations are almost exclusively to the left side of the aisleBullshit. Disney alone was funding multiple republican campaigns in Florida before the Don't Say Gay bill. Corporations fund both sides to buy and bribe politicians for influence.

>>131049604>Yes lets completely ignore that they're massive political donations are almost exclusively to the left side of the aisleThat is false.

>>131049627>You will find that all those other names are also prominent peerage babies,Proof it. And by some connections even you are connected to some millionaire, nearly everyone that has a family in western civilization for a century has. How did Bill Gates profit from his maternal grandfather? Did he get money from him, how rich was a Nebraskan banker? Was he a millionaire? No?

>>131049606See>>131049627It means they like to tell a story being a regular joe schmoe who made his fortune from hard work and skill, but the reality is that they were born with every resource and connection needed to do anything they wanted and would have been wealthy no matter what, even if they spent their lives sitting at home watching the idiot box.

>>131049625>marxism is state capitalismHmmmm

>>131049682Uncoincidentally, marxists almost always come from wealthy backgrounds, which is why they egomaniac retards with no clue how anything actually works.

Attached: red privilege.png (1438x1252, 217.71K)

>>131049591It absolutely can. Not him, but you can say one thing and do another, or use the current system as leverage to do another thing. I could say that you're not a real Marxist unless you refuse to get anything from corporations, food or clothes or anything, and you must work in co-ops and unions exclusively, but that's ridiculous and unfair. If these people want to push their views and agendas they need power to do so, in order to do anything to the system you must either become the system or bargain with the system. Destroying the system doesn't work and neither does moralizing or petulantly refusing to engage with the system out of some emotional principle. These rich men are much smarter than you and have figured out that they can use the system and its mechanics while at the same time resenting it and trying to steer it in another direction. So this is how Marxist-capitalists come about.

>>131049682This is doubly true if you're not American. European families have at least one rich ancestor whose wealth seemingly vanished at some point and the modern descendants now live modestly as working/middle class people.

>>131049462>racial purgesYou do know that Batman's villain gallery is overwhelmingly white (according to common depictions), right? The only notable non-white nemeses he has are Ra's al-Ghul (his daughter Talia is... complicated), Bane, and possibly Killer Croc.

>>131046165Capeshit is fucking garbage, yes.

>>131049726>wealthy people are egomaniacal retards with no clue how anything actually worksSounds like Marxist rhetoric to me. You aren't a commie are you?

>>131049727>but you can say one thing and do anotherThen that makes you a liar, retard.

>>131049682Moving the goalposts in just one post, nice job. Your original statement was:>>131049474>Bill Gates... all weren`t born in millionaire families.Now you're saying, after I showed you Gates was indeed born from millionaires:>>131049682>And by some connections even you are connected to some millionaire, nearly everyone that has a family in western civilization for a century hasAnd that's your assertion to prove. I am certainly not related to any millionaires, so I know you're wrong already, though I can't prove my own lineage to a rando on the internet.

>>131049685I just don't understand how Marxists can deny the human capacity to self improve or change one's circumstances. There are dogs and cats that have more ambition and discipline than the average Marxist. It's like a fat person denying the existence of a self made fit person, claiming that they just have good genetics and that exercise magically found them while for some reason they can't eat healthy or work out. It's the same old sour grapes bullshit.

>>131049510>literally describes cryptocurrency

>>131049750>>Sounds like Marxist rhetoric to me. You aren't a commie are you?Not him but, how is he wrong?Elon just said some retarded shit today that has no basis in reality, for example.

>>131049726There is another connection they all share that nobody wants to mention.

Attached: 1559092664462.jpg (1200x1129, 287.26K)

>>131049754No fuckwit, it makes you a person that can actually get somewhere. Any of the neomarxists would get absolutely fucking nowhere if they refused to engage with the system and just sat on their ass like you, hating the world but doing nothing to change it. These men need power to do anything and since power lies in the hands of finance, industry and tech, they use this means to push their ideas. This is why someone can be a Marxist and at the same time a CEO of some corporation with ties to the modern global forums. Did you even read my post?

>>131049750No, marxist rhetoric would be "eat the white working class men."

Attached: FPrqH57XMAMW5U4.jpg (879x622, 80.78K)

>>131049774I'm making a joke user.Mostly because I can't tell who's saying what anymore because I thought only the loonies in the thread were crying marxist wolf.

Rich women are stupid but I want to cumflate them with my hyper dong.

Attached: sing2-sing2porsha.gif (498x280, 1.82M)

>>131049806>)>No fuckwit, it makes you a person that can actually get somewhere.No, it makes you a liar.

>>131049810Wow it's almost like if you reduce concepts down to>domain>name>type>ideology>out group>in group>enemy ideologyeverything is marxist! Even MRA and the republican party!

>>131049817Apologies user, its hard to tell.

>>131049754you have a child's mentality if you think that being a "liar" means anything in relation to leveraging power on a grand scale. It doesn't matter if corporate neomarxists are "liars" in your bitch baby worldview because they have done more to push marxism than any LARPers and dissidents like Marx himself ever did for his own cause. you need to engage with the system and take control of it to win.

>>131046165You could have been talking about nice big throbbing girlcocks but you chose politics. Shame on you.DICKGIRLS!

>>131049810You are an actual schizo who needs to take his meds. Seethe, Cope, and Pill-Pop.>>131049871What the fuck exactly is "Marxism" to you? What does it mean? What is the definition? Because the US, and the actual ideology that is pushed by corporate America through its actions, is one of an aggressively capitalist environment thats bordering on privatized feudalism.

>>131049726I always love how conservatards think that pointing out that notable socialists weren't/aren't destitute is a slam dunk in any capacity to anyone but themselves. "You say you want better for the common man but you aren't a common man" rhetoric as a negative only makes sense if you believe the opposite which is that the wealthy or well off inherently don't care about the proletariat.

>>131049308Power. The people with that made a state that could literally make money, then set people to govern said state and profit off said money. With that said, it IS true that many rich people are indeed self-made, and many scions of wealthy families did not keep that wealth. But overall, it is common sense and reality that money is the best way to make more money. My own parents bought a load of property that essentially prints income as long as it can be leased.

Look at this STUPID BITCH

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>>131049767>Now you're saying, after I showed you Gates was indeed born from millionaires:He wasn`t. He was born upper middle class and his parents didn`t have a million dollar in their bank account when he started his buisness. You say that ALL billionaires have to come from billionaires, so even if a billionaire was born in a millionaire family he shouldn`t become a billionaire as they are so entrenched. You even fail your own logic and argument.

>>131049974>You say that ALL billionaires have to come from billionairesWho the fuck said that?

>>131049947How big do you think Porsha would be as a blueberry before exploding? I bet her weight would exceed her spending. Stupid blue bimbo bitch.

Attached: deyx71v-7736a376-fd26-4936-a411-bfa3b830e4ac.png (669x629, 527.51K)

>>131049974>He was born upper middle class>two prominent bank executives descended from peerage are "upper middle class"

Attached: 1573208631347.gif (320x193, 1.79M)

>>131046165This is an edit right? it has to be

>>131050068What was their income?Was the family of Alan Gerry rich? Of Kenny Troutt? Howard Schultzz? Most millionaires indeed come from rich or upper-middle class backgrounds but a good percentage come from lower-middle-class or poorer backgrounds. Always distrust easy explanations. There way more bullshit in the world than you can imagine.

>>131050003see>>131049627>You will find that all those other names are also prominent peerage babies,

>>131049903Weird, because you were just saying "they can't be a marxist because they're rich."

Attached: 1591283178627.png (293x284, 21.54K)

>>131049893It doesn't matter what Marxism means, but the means of delivering it. Every single Marxist/Communist takeover in many nations has failed due to many varying reasons, but the biggest was that it threatened a monstrously powerful system with nothing more than ideals and slipshod violence, which won't work against something as deeply entrenched as capitalism. Instead, scheming and plotting made from the backstage is a far more efficient means of changing things in any system, rather than chimping out and trashing the place, then getting stomped once the powers that be take notice. So neomarxists peddle a system of authoritarian capitalism while at the same time harboring ideals of a different system. Some are merely posing for optics, others are believers but are smart enough to know that they can only make change if they get into the system and take control of it. It's a consequentialist approach wherein you take seemingly counter intuitive means of achieving a goal in the long term, using slow action as opposed to sudden violence as is the legacy of communist movements in many nations. Who knows what the system would look like after decades of Marxist infiltration and lobbying over a long period. It's not sudden change but its change nonetheless.

>>131050180>You will find that all those other names are also prominent peerage babies>All billionaires have to come from billionairesThose two things do not equate. I've seen dragon dildo insertion videos with less stretching involved.

>>131047986>>131048143>>131048242>>131049667Shut the fuck up dumbass. Disney didn't kill their tax status as a pragmatic business move. Twitter engineers admitted to being communists. You stupid subversive retard motherfucker, you deserve the camps the commies will put you in, you dumb piece of shit.

Inflate this stupid rich bimbo until she pops

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>>131050305Smash or pass?

Attached: tumblr_a4e1748ffd01ac45b5bb02149c9d23ab_22005d83_500.jpg (416x417, 45.93K)

>>131050305It just boggles my mind how Marxists can exist in a system that is designed to do everything they hate, then use said system to push an ideology that will never work with and is completely incompatible with said system, then go ahead and gaslight you when you try to call this to their attention. It's perhaps some irrational urge to fight for some cause when one is surrounded by luxury and excess.



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>>131050186>thinks all anons in a thread are the sameThis is a sad first day on 4chan for you to spend time in this thread of all threads.I'm not going to go back and read the dude you're talking about's posts to argue his points for him, and I'm not even a Marxist or communist, but having wealth is not inherently anti-Marxist and if any one said that they're wrong. Exploitation of the working class as according to the labor theory of value to acquire or grow said wealth is, however, very anti-marxist and the cornerstone of American wealth as we live in a capitalist society.

>>131050435Our institutions are overrun with marxists doing everything they can to destroy the free market and place all economic and government control under one group, which both why everything is going to complete shit, and why we're looking a lot like communist China.

Attached: 1648417613305.png (537x1343, 148.75K)

>>131050532Yeah bro, our institutions are chock full of people that are all about seizing the means of production and returning it to the workers. Just the other day Nike tweeted a pride flag which as you and I know is code for the abolition of state, bourgeois property, and status.

>>131047786Oh wow a whole $125k from UberThey can afford to buy balloons from places OTHER than the dollar tree.

>>131050679Giving you free shit was never part of the communist plan, you retarded rube.

>>131050435>>131050532To defeat the communists, the men of the USA must combine their cum powers together.

Attached: sing-sing2 (2).gif (498x269, 1.18M)

>>131050720Agreed, nothing is free under orthodox communism because it is centered around labor and work while also involving the elimination of currency in its perfect state.Very good point, user.

>>131050550Didn't know about the Doctor Gotham one

>>131046165>Oliver did everything for Seattle/Star City.>Funds projects, donates money, etc. >Dinah still is a bitch.>Dinah eventually betrays him at this end of this run.>DC acts like nothing happened and everything is fine.

>Agreed, nothing is free under orthodox communism because it is centered around labor and work while also involving the elimination of currency in its perfect state.>Very good point, user.

Attached: checkmate.png (1229x1201, 625.34K)

>>131050679>abolition of stateliterally and deterministically impossible>bourgeois propertystopping people with more nice things from having nice things as a concept? not going to happen, ever.>statusfucking status?! is communism just going to erase our entire perception of other human beings according to their roles in society and the character they give off as people? do marxists fucking really?

>>131050920That pale nigger believes in the labor theory of value, of course he's that stupid.

>>131050920The communists want to take this away from you.

Attached: media_FRStNsgVsAACmCA.jpg (659x1200, 55.28K)

>>131047922>>131046165ITT dumbfuck millennials realize corporations aren't their friends


Attached: Screen_Shot_2020-11-12_at_4.50.29_PM.png (1036x732, 130.39K)

>>131050337It's called useful idiocy.

>Holla Forums - Communism & Corporatism

>>131050920>um you can't do that! b-because you just CAN'T

>>131051232they're the same thing

>>131049746B-b-but the scary chocolate people...

>>131051717they're called poopskins

>>131050218>>It doesn't matter what Marxism means, but the means of delivering it.So you're making shit up, got it.

>>131051938So you're illiterate, got it.

>>131052069>what does term mean, because you keep using it in reference to a clear ideological agenda based around being this term>IT DOESNT MATTER WHAT TERM MEANSNo, you're fucking stupid.US Corporations and Dems are not marxist, they're just capitalists with a different kind of manipulative spin than the conservatives. You're just actually wrong, this isnt up for debate.

>>131052141Yes they are, you're just asshurt you're not part of their revolution. Your role is eating the bugs and living in the pod, comrade.

>>131052169What fucking revolution? Are you stupid?They're literally, definitively, categorically not marxist, they're capitalist. What the fuck are you talking about?

>>131047908>>131048020Are you retards really pretending like a MASSIVE company culture of internal leftists wont have any sway on how it acts and the choices it makes?We can see many companies, like twitter, work at a loss and put politics first.Idk what kind of mental gymnastics you have to do to get over that

>>131052258Don’t argue with schizoids bro.

>>131046165people who claim to hate the rich the most refuse to do a thing about it

>>131052267>>We can see many companies, like twitter, work at a loss and put politics first.>Actually believing Twitter works at a loss when companies are known to report working at a loss to get out of paying taxes

Attached: file.png (496x496, 380.89K)

>>131049120Who determines what's right? Not you faggot. What you FEEL isn't right doesn't matter, everyone else is going to ignore you

>>131052258The one currently happening.Are you going to pretend the destruction isn't intentional?You will own nothing, and you will be happy.

>>131052343You will wear the Sticks fursuit in public for an entire week and, and you will be happy.

Attached: FRxYirBXsAIXn5U.jpg (1125x1040, 227.95K)

>>131049407Most CEOs are regular people that worked their way up the ranks. The last CEO of my company was a fucking Vietnam refugee. Then you have guys like Andrew Carnegie. j.P Morgan. Rockefeller, all were men who come from either nothing or humble origins and became billionaires. Also don't project that everyone who prefers capitalism wants to be a billionaire, I simply don't like leftists

>>131047462>>131047751>>131047878>>131047986>>131048143every attempt at saying "no you don't get it corporations are actually conservative!" is people wanting to have their cake and eat it tooyou can say they're not liberal or conservative and are just playing to whatever side will get them richeror you can say that they're conservative in spite of their entire public image and political donationsbut you can't do both.conservatives have principles too. if you don't, you ain't one of them.

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>>131046267Batman is canonically a Democrat

>>131052428so he doesn't know what a woman is?

>>131046165Ollie's past as a rich pampered kid and his desire to atone for his sins are integral to the character.He is basically going on a power trip and paradoxically being selfish while helping people out, and that's what makes him an interesting character.

>>131052403The world isn't as black and white as whatever agitprop that you're being fed has convinced you to believe.