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>>131044873You can’t be serious! You CAN’T be serious!If I heard a show called The Owl House was just building up to a big scary monster.I think THIS would have been a better payoff.

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>>131044873>>131044881My God! So you’re telling me this whole fucking time we were building up to…

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>>131044873>>131044881>>131044895Lizards! A giant legion of LIZARDS!!!

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>1 IPThe Amphibajeets have reached a new level of schizo shitposting

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Best boy enters the thread

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>everything he’s done is a complete failure >no-mouth-must-scream level abomination So what’s his game plan now? Vengeance? Making his way back to the BIs to try again? Or will he see the absolute state of Earth and become a doomer? Most importantly, will he finally get a McRib?

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>>131045105>the McRib got discontinued one day after he arrived>Belos face when he actually has no more face

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Telling Amity she's teenage mother material

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>>131044873made for corruption

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>>131044984Shota material in the Milfing Isles

>>131044984One of these days he'll finally collect his digits

>>131044873not even his final form

>>131045333The Evolution of belos>Child->Man->cursed man->palisman addicted monster->Emperor of the Boiling isles (still Monster, but doesn't live in a cave)->Palisman monster->literally a slug

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>>131045380> literally a slugbuddhists say that bad deeds lead to less auspicious rebirth. so, karma?

>>131045438>Belos: we are Venom!>Belos: It's better than being Morbius.


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>>131044873Yeah because disney cancelled it because someone upstairs can't cope with the gay.

>>131044873It’s a good final boss design but honestly it was so anticlimactic in general. I’m hoping the specials have a better pace. Collector isn’t more compelling than Beos to interact with, and him falling for Luz’s BS was pretty bad. I don’t know why he needs her for proof if he can just make like videos or take photos


>>131044160They wouldn't really have a choice, Matt complained Amphibia had to have comfy SoL episodes in S3 after True Colors because it was sold as an episodic comedy and Disney had expectations for that

>>131045752>Amphibia S2 finale escalation>no one wants to go back to comedy filler and just wants the plot to ramp up>fuck you here it is anyway >Owl House S2 finale escalation>people want some respite from the plot in S3 to tie up comfy character plot threads >fuck you here's nothing but plot anyway Disney is fucked in the head

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>>131045752No he did those filler eps because he missed LA during the lockdowns.

>>131045822The theme of the filler and the upbeat vibe of LA compared to the grimy early flashback were due to the crew missing LA in the lockdowns, filler was going to be there anyway. Even S3B ended up being filler with a veneer of plot because the three armies are completely irrelevant and the one lore episode (Mother Olm) ended up being a joke.

>>131045184What do you mean?

>>131045844What a terrible mess.


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>>131045504Sounds like a bunch of bullshit

>>131044902SvtFoE was four years ago, grnadpa.

which one are you?

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>>131045504Belos is stuck in the Boiling Isles and only has enough Titan's blood remaining for one trip, Luz is literally the only chance he has of gathering evidence that he'd agree to (Kiki would probably be able to do the same for him if he didn't despise her and want to kill her)


>>131045847What do I mean?

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>>131044902fucking kek

>>131045962None of that matters, quite honestly

>>131045994Nothing matters in this show really

>>131045806Reverse their karma, Amphibia gets the 40 mins specials and Owlhouse gets a third season, what changes?

>>131045979They're all pretty hot. Probably Luz has the worse body of the bunch.

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>>131046014It really doesn't

>>131045844The temples where filler too if you think about it.

>>131046123I split episodes into three types>plot/lore episodes reveal important things about the setting and move the main story forward>character episodes develop character relationships and arcs>fillers don't matter at all in any way The first two are great and the third one is only acceptable if you have a blank check to however many episodes you want like Adventure Time did and don't have to sacrifice the first two to make them. The temples were kind of unimportant when it comes to the plot and lore, but ended up being fantastic character episodes that I wish we got more of.

>>131045752I think the "filler" could've been spread before AND after HM foreshadowing certain events prior to everything going to shit (Willow and Darius progression on ASIAS, the rebels revealing and finding the DoU plot, Eda and their parents, Gus powers, etc...) mixed with more laxing character progression moments for the cast (yeah fuck me, i wanted another Lumity adventure, and a bit of Hunter slapstick, Luz and King having a last day before the torment, etc...) that while sparing enough time for the aftermath of the gang past King's Tide, dealing with their problems and getting acostumed to the earth while they find a way.

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>>131045011>Amity squashed the muffin of a TitanHow badly will it haunt her back?

>>131046163True, S2B is a victim of the season crunch as much as S3.

>>131046163Wrong quote >>131044160

>>131046042I actually enjoy the fanon more than the canon when it comes to TOH>William>Caleb

>>131044873Sorry, but all you get is a Wendigo

>>131046179I don’t know any fandom where that is not true barring ones with almost no fanon

>>131046191The canon may not be as gratifying as many fans would like, but it's usually respectable.

>>131046179Well, is a mixed bag. There's good but also heavily autistic stuff outta there.

>>131046034Amphibia gets better because they cut out all the human world townie shit for the glorious anime fights.

>>131046213No, I don’t know any series that does that

>>131044160If they do the build up right.I'd have liked to see Hunter and the squad reacting to the Wittebros statue or Gus visiting a specialist store for electronics, where they sell fridges and TVs

I honestly wish that we get a very goofy special with EVERYONE involved that happens after the endingBut then again, there’s always those comics

>>131046179I've yet to read fanon material with good quality control where the characters are not terribly OOC and where the writers don't include their horrible fetishes.

>>131046214Phillip is meant to be the silly, lighthearted brother, not William/Caleb. Sort of demonstrates how bad things got.>>131046216Matt's a shit, but he does like grit and mayhem, which is refreshing.

>>131046173The situation was that the story has become way too tight for Disney’s standards, hence S3 turning into these 3 mini-movies for Dana to wrap everything up

Anyone have a Mega with all of season 2?

>>131045806I think people that are wishing TOH was getting sol episodes in s3 are just mourning how short the series is and wouldn't actually enjoy them if we got "Gus befriends a giraffe XD" plots after the tone set up by the s2 finale. There was so much (understandable) coping in the Amphibia threads after TC and the s3 opening released. Lots of "it'll only be for a few episodes/they'll split them with Sasha" and then we got an episode about Hop Pop trying to become an actor in Hollywood.


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>>131046254Prince of Tennis

>>131046327>then we got an episode about Hop Pop trying to become an actor in Hollywood.And the main girls did everything in the end anyways, to the point the frogs could have been killed off in S2 finale (and revive them if you're going to complain about Disney endings) and absolutely nothing would have changed.

>>131045847He means Mittens is already ripe for the taking

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>>131044902Goddamnit Dr. Smith! This is really what you and Dana Terrace find frightening?

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>>131046584Luz is allowed to join

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>>131046584Luz is allowed to watch

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>>131046448>creates technically legal shota>'He is actually 10000 years old'what did she mean by this?

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Rewatching S2 made me realise that they set up the return to the Boiling Isles with the Azura books as they were human items that somehow ended up being teleported to the Demon Realm’s ocean washed ashoreBut the question is, what the magic stones in the graveyard Gus found will be used for

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>>131046739>But the question is, what the magic stones in the graveyard Gus found will be used forUnfortunately I think that was a plot that had to be cut because of the cancellation. Gus' gimmick now seems to be Graye's earring.

>>131046666>story sets up love triangle and Luz worrying over trying to make it work>suddenly learns the Boiling Isles is REALLY tolerant even for things we don’t like poly, and when Amity learns Hunter kissed Luz her first response is ‘ahh, I was wondering when he’d do it’How would you react? (This is assuming it’s happening in a show that has time for this)

>>131046771i would close out of the ao3 tab


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>>131046764I figured it was going to be that given we were seeing all the parts of a grimwalker, Luz was going to have to make one to save Hunter, or Belos was going to use them to replace himIt would be interesting to see where the show was originally going to go, clearly the crunch news hit the team around the first seven episodes, it’s after that the plot starts accelerating

>>131046771>threesome relationship with my facvourite charactersI'd enjoy it, but at the same time this >>131046790

>>131046764Gus can't use those stones.Illusionist can't use them.

>Luz tries to cheer everyone up as they are stuck on earth>Introduces them to Weird Al for some shitty jiggles>this song plays>Hunter gets triggered.

So this show is gone till March, right?

>>131046809>It would be interesting to see where the show was originally going to goIt's definitely looking like the explanation for what Darius' beef with Alador is got cut or is going to be heavily condensed to a scene or two. I think there were plans for at least one other kid Eda episode and they cut it.

>>131046739So how are the kids are going to survive to the boiling seas if they are going into those holes.

>>131046887No, there was no source for the March release date, just a poorly worded cropped picture.

Should Willow have Uzaki sized tits?

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>>131046906So when are the special movies coming out?

>>131046899They just immediately fly on their Palisman, seek out the first comfy spot of land.


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>>131046986We don't know yet. One other leaker who also claimed to have the episode titles said October. If they're right I expect we'll get an official announcement in August or September.

>>131047008Cool cool very cool

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Will Luz is gonna die and be brought back as a clone?

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>>131047147>Grimwalkers here>Grimwalkers there>Grimwalkers everywhere!


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>>131047147real anne die , clone live as anne

>>131046488>>131047184there's more cucking happening here>At the end Collector has collected a harem of girls feeding him grapes

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>>131044873Abomination Coven , Bard Coven , Beast Keeping Coven will be blame for sabotaging the day of unity

>>131047364>The red robes of the Papist dogs of Rome>the Great Sin of Pride expressed through wearing golden jewelleryUtterly disgraceful and undeserving of God's love.

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>>131045806I think the difference is in the sense of urgency when both characters get stranded on earth.Luz and friends managed to stop Belos' plan despite releasing a chaos god in the process. Sure everyone in the isles are on a pickle but the danger is more abstract, you don't know whatf the collector is going to do.Meanwhile frog show ended with Anne and friends putting the badguy's plans in motion, and he is pretty clear that he wants to invade earth ASAP, also while King just got dragged to play with the collector as the door shut we actually saw Marcy getting stabbed and maybe killed as Anne and friends where transported to earth. Both are in a pretty bad situation but Luz friends are more competent and it feels there is less urgency to return, so people feel like the character could have some room to breath. Meanwhile frogshow felt like the situation was pretty urgent and there was little time to waste.

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>>131047441I think Abomination Coven can be its own thing.This coven feels super self sufficient.The Abomatron 2.0 were so fucking useful in S2 and Amity and Darius were super badass with this magic.

What if instead of Emperor Caleb, ‘Belos’ just got put down by that original Golden Guard from the first covens?>everyone’s being left to die in the cold, magic drained and barely breathing>this Grimwalker decides enough is enough and demands they’re brought back safely to town, which pisses off Belos because you know evil witches>they get in a scuffle, maybe time travel shenanigans help the grimwalker, but Belos is killed by the Grimwalker the same way Phillip killed his brother>the Grimwalker then carries the ‘coven heads’ back to the ruins of town and heals them back to health, but their magic has been drained away>Grim (it’s gonna be easier writing that) makes up stuff about what happened to ease their minds and give them hope, saying it’s the Titan’s will that their trial is to lead without magic for the future generations>glyph magic is reintegrated for those who take the sigils, and the humility appeals to a libertine past who’ve been running on a might makes right magic world>has been making up the rules of the nine sigils and the Titan’s will as he goes as he’s suddenly thrust upon the mantle of spiritual leader>makes a grimwalker Phillip out of a desire to redeem the man who started all this, but they keep killing themselves when they figure out what they areNo need to complicate the Belos or Clawthorne backstories, just have one of the Grimwalkers that revolted actually succeed.

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>>131047376All those Emperor’s Court AU for Luz should have a bit where the Collector becomes Luz’s confidant about working for Belos and coming up with fun pranks around the castle that eventually escalate in a real bad way.

>>131047487>What if instead of Emperor Caleb, ‘Belos’ just got put down by that original Golden Guard from the first covens?Then we don't have a story, genius.

>>131046764Those stones were vaguely hinted to increase the magic properties of entities around them. Given the time i could see Hunter using that to become a flying bard at least.>>131046865Dark pun, like it.

>>131045962>Luz is literally the only chance he has of gathering evidence that he'd agree toCan’t he just take a picture? They have phones there

>Luz knocks on her homes door>This guy opens>The old lady and girl were evicted a few months ago. But feel free to come in...

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I think S2 has been a huge improvement but wtf was with that>Knock knock, humanfrom Belos in the first episode? We know his plan was to just let everyone die and then go back to earth.

>>131046921She should be insanely thick otherwise she is just fat>>131046986cancelled because Dana thought that Disney would just let her keep attacking them but it won't happen till after pride month because she is going to say disney hates trannies >>131047147The season finale is going to be the end of amphibia but recolored to match the owl girls and a robot voice to change namesDisney will say they just saved a lot of money this way>>131047465yeah you could pretty much get away with them being on earth for way longer than in amphibia with no real sense of urgency

>>131047745>Those stones were vaguely hinted to increase the magic properties of entities around them. Given the time i could see Hunter using that to become a flying bard at least.That's right.Illusion witches can do that too.The main problem is that TOH cast are not allowed to use them since they are Illusion witches corpses so the moral element is there since that was Gus' lesson and those stones are meant to be protected and hidden.

>>131047766Would you believe some dude claiming to be a 400 year old Witchhunter on the account of a smartphone video?Not that Luz as a witness would be much better, but in Belos' mind a human testimony probably counts more than filthy magic.

>>131044873It's not ogre yet, user

>>131047850I would think video evidence is stronger than eyewitness testimony from a child Also hey have regular photos

>>131047526>Luz fucks over Belos last minute and uses King to release the Collector>Belos didn't die and comes back with revenge on his mind>last minute Luz gets saved by Collector>Collector turns towards her: Hey Girlfriend, what games are we going to play?>Luz escapes when she realizes he's crazy and they all end up back on earth anyway

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>>131047809>>Luz knocks on her homes door>>This guy opens>>The old lady and girl were evicted a few months ago. But feel free to come in...Go back to Rescue rangers.

>>131047809>he shows up during season 3 to check for radiation

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>>131047836>yeah you could pretty much get away with them being on earth for way longer than in amphibia with no real sense of urgencyI think not.TOH fandom has the show in a super high bar than Amphibia show.If the episode is not lore heavy or drama or big character development moments like ASIAS or Reaching Out then it's Once Upon A Swap tier.

>>131047873>I would think video evidence is stronger than eyewitness testimony from a childNeither would be worth much.But in Belos mind, everything he does is for the good of humanity, so rescuing Luz from the Isles makes sense.

>>131047928Not really, since like it would be actual proof not dependent on a child who will probably betray you. Belos just went full retard

>>131047951>like it would be actual proofSome random shaky phone seems a bit slim to convince the world of the existence of magic and demons>Belos just went full retardNo shit, Sherlock.

>>131045954All of them

>>131047364Nobody exoects the spanish inquisiton

>>131047838You got me, i don't renember the bit about those having illusionists' souls on them, it feels like years since i watched S2A. Still, Hunter's should fit, as is his literal heart for what we know.


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>>131045954god damn willow is killing me here lmao


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>>131048018Don't know.I think Hunter is perfect the way he is.I think the biggest offender to Hunter is not making any real progression between Hunter and Darius after ASIAS, most of that has been off-screen.Which it's horrible because Amity and Alador did got development as relationship.>I don't remember the bit about those having illusionists' souls on themNo problem.Amity poster at your service.

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>>131047993>Some random shaky phone seems a bit slim to convince the world of the existence of magic and demonsDoesnt have to be shaky at all. Plus again photos and stuff. What you see > what you hear

>>131047951I mean, in Liz’s defense, Belos was obviously going to renege on his end of the deal.>“Sure, let’s go back to the human realm and I’ll stop the spell once we’re there”>Luz and Belos step through>“Oh by the way I can’t actually stop it so everyone’s still going to die. So anyway what’s with that horseless carriage thing lol”Doesn’t make it any less stupid on his part for getting marked, but he was still going to get his way in the end until the Collector showed up.

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>>131048070>What you see > what you hearDude, there is no amount of photo or video evidence he could bring that wouldn't be written off as an elaborate prank or conspiracy theory.

>>131047465If it weren't for the rain, I could almost pretend the Bad Girl Coven opened the door to see Anne saying hi.


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>>131048250>ywn be a GILF's boy toy


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>>131048250I've started to come around to Raine but I still can't help but think Eda is wasted on them

>>131048250Built for Gruncle Cock.

>>131047809>>131048140>>131047917Even in the human realm, she will always be there.

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>>131048140>>131047809Hunter offers himself because he knows how to please old men

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>>131047836Luz’s and the gang’s real and adopted families are now being held hostage by a childish godEmotionally, it’s hard to stall and put in funny times given the situation

>>131048333I think Luz and Amity's families are the only ones that should be taken count.Willow and Gus' families not because they are not relevant at all in the story and the show hasn't made anything meaningful for the viewers to care for them except for The Blights, Eda and King.

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>>131048374That’s why it makes more sense to for the story to focus on the urgency for Luz to save them, because it’s still Eda and King

>>131048288>>131048333I’m glad they still have each other at least

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Does anyone know the artist? Google Image Search isn't working for me.

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>>131048530Crazy how this is some of the earliest TOH fanart I’ve seen. Where does the time go?

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>>131048567To be honest I only marathoned the series this monthHow the hell did you survive the wait until 2B?

>>131048140Never understood the appeal of this meme.>>131048122Belos would be shot and put in an assylum for trying to grom Luz with drugs if she tried to testify for him.

>>131048880>Never understood the appeal of this meme.Which one? The ugly bastard genre of porn or the "I don't wanna be horny. I wanna be happy." meme.

>>131048858The /trash/ hiatus became horrible after a month, shipping and power level faggotry took over.

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>>131048892Ugly bastard. Self inserting is strong i guess. To me the wackyness of the novelty got old after a few weeks.

>>131048858I mean...there's other shit to watch and do. I don't get the mentality of people despairing when you have to wait for more of something. Just go to something else for a while

>>131048933I don't think the ugly bastard is for self-inserting. I almost exclusively see him in NTR shit. I'm guessing it's supposed to be extra humiliating (without being racist) that your girl goes for this ugly fuck over you.

>>131048933I don't think it's self-inserting I think it's just a misery kink

>>131048933It’s for the NTR/cheating genre. Again, there are always a good number of people with depraved fetishes on the internet, so it’s inevitable that memes will arise related to that

>>131047923I'd assume all the filler episodes would be character development and considering how a bunch of twitter fans said they wanted to have a earth season like amphibia did I doubt they have a "high bar"

>>131048282go to bed jellybeans

>>131048040They really wanted her to have a body like this but Disney execs made them have to hide it.This is why I hate corporate disneyWe should have just gone the Brazilian route where the standard was overly sexual and everyone just gets used to it

How does Eda hold off from this tight latina booty?

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>>131049151nah jelly, keep working. I wanna see more future skip Boscha get lezz'd

>>131047465Yeah, exactly, not only is the premise of the Bad Girl Coven on Earth more interesting than Anne and the Plantars on Earth, but also the setup that led into it makes more sense if the episodes are to be relaxed.>>131048333You have a point but I think the childish god can be seen as a wild card, while he did destroy the skull and unknowingly threaten to kill them, he did also help them both with Belos and with the eclipse, there's a sort of implication that both allows the Collector to be reasoned with and the knowledge that he has the power to undo almost everything he does including potentially murder, so the crew has reason to believe things can be fixed.Meanwhile Anne saw Marcy stabbed, Sasha cornered, and the stubborn millennia long empire just get back into full power again before her eyes, she's completely disarmed with no way or hope of fixing anything, for all she knows everyone she cares for in Amphibia is dead and nothing can be done to save them, it's a much bleaker and more urgent situation.

>>131048858Basically this >>131048938Granted, it was a little easier since Amphibia 3A started right around the time TOH 2A ended, so that took up a good chunk of my ADHD. Now that that’s over though, I try to direct my energy towards art, writing, and vidya (which unfortunately drags me away from the creative hobbies far too often).I’m definitely going to have to make some fanart and fanfics during this break though, this shit is occupying my brain nonstop and I need to do something with it.

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>>131049295I forgot about Vee for a second and was like "WHOSE FUCKING HAND IS THAT" lmao

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>>131048858for me it's /trash/ plus I'm learning to draw (I'm gambling on the faintest chance I might become half decent by october when the leak says s3 will air) and I've started a fanfic, so while the show is hibernating, its spirit is alive

>>131045954Lies, I guess. It's easy to do, as long as your details are consistent. Also favorite character

>>131049317you'd expect a cute slug to have less bony hands

>>131047836>She should be insanely thick otherwise she is just fatAre you missing a comma there? Because I'm talking about Uzakis body type

>>131049322I've got that itch too, I can write better than I can draw but I do want to make art to go along with the story.

>>131045105Isn’t he just a puddle right now? I mean, I know it’s obvious he’s gonna be coming back, but for now he’s “dead,” so I’d think his first order of business would be to get over that. What is this show rated anyway? Y7? Even for a villain, showing him go splat right on screen is a bit much for a disney kiddy show.

>>131049436I think him being a goopy monster when he went splat helped things but imagine if he was in his human form when Collector tagged him lol.

>If Dana Terrace's next series is on Adult SwimWhat's next?


Attached: vee noceda.jpg (576x900, 62.99K)

>>131049501>If Dana Terrace's next series is on HBO MaxNOW we're talking.

>>131049501I honestly wouldn't have trusted her to not miss the point that made the show cool with her edgelord power level. the fuck is wrong with me, why did this cheesy-ass AMV give me feels?

Attached: 4831069E-ED8B-4728-9ED0-9C633020E3A0.jpg (529x530, 30.32K)

>>131049501She wouldn't get the budget she'd need to make something good imo. I'm with >>131049524 since HBO's said they don't intend to market towards kids with their animated content.

>>131049501Unfortunately, she might just fuck up and go full edgelord if given free reign. I do sometimes wish she could have had a little more leeway to implement some of her more interesting ideas that were cut, but I also think she’s probably one of those creators that needs some oversight to pressure her into finding innovative solutions around restrictions, which often actually results in a better show.


Attached: 20220602_095323.png (670x708, 304.85K)

>>131049538Well, i get feels from audio material aimed to a shitty Yume Nikki and Earthbound crossover from 2015 so don't feel bad, user. Sometimes i wanna kms of the

Attached: 1654188680872.jpg (1304x1322, 94K)

>>131049538The episode where they made it official (Knock, Knock..) literally gave the lesson that “cheesy” isn’t a bad thing

>>131049580Looks like Lilith got that booty too.

>>131049534>>131049547Dana Terrace's next series is on a network that DOESN'T fuck her over.What now?

>>131049615Well it's definitely going to be a horror but that's all I could guess.

>>131049615OW THE EDGE


>>131049638>>131049644That was a separate hypothetical.

>>131049164temperary cloning spell so she can take her frustration on luz 2

Attached: FUN9-fRXEAEijQq.jpg (1200x900, 323.97K)

>>1310495012 nasty lesbians being lesbian around LA self insert her and her friend the IRL Luz


Attached: FUN9_50XwAAzBBD.jpg (1200x900, 337.77K)

>>131049615>Dana Terrace's next series is on a network that DOESN'T fuck her over.I have a feeling that any studio Dana works at is going to 'fuck her over'.

>>131049615> dana starts stretching the limits of what she can do in a show> everything is given a pass and no one is trying to shut her down> becomes increasingly frustrated with how little resistance she's getting> ragequits

Attached: FUMsQ48WAAYy75q.jpg (1461x1629, 151.94K)

>>131049734thisevery studio is going to want you to make compromises on your show in one way or anothereven if she went to adult swim they’d probably force her to only use half the budget she'd get at Disney and work with Cartoon Boom or something

>>131049838I hope he isn't thinking of putting that mud in his mouth

Attached: 1654033091746.jpg (672x738, 144.75K)

>>131046298Check archives.

>>131049562Maybe she found out by herself.

Why don't they just shoot the collector?

>>131050265Shooting a god. Yeah. That'll go over well.They should just control him through /ss/.

>>131050280Why doesn't anyone just tell the Collector that hurting people isn't fun, and it makes people not want to play his games and it's why everyone's lying to him, because they want to get away from him because of how dangerous he is?

>>131050313>You're LYING. YOU'RE A LIAR! LIAR LIAR PANTS ON FIRE! Oh! That gives me an idea!!!

>>131050313because a) people are idiots and b) I think dropping that many truth bombs on him will just result in him becoming more resentful and malicious at once.I am actually agreeing with you, but the little shit needs to be taught so in a healthier manner than I think most people on here could provide.

>>131050313>Hurting people isn't funwrong, it is hilarious; also: calling NPC's people>makes people not want to play his games anymoreeither way they'll have to, he controls the world>they want to get away from himand he'll make sure they'll never leave him againcan't argue with a being whose mind is entirely alien to ours

>>131050313Someone trying to talk things out? Wild.

>>131050280>Shooting a god. Yeah. That'll go over well.Well I shot the Elden Beast and that worked.

>>131050265that reminds me, why didn’t the CATS try to merc Belos when they had the chance? It was pretty obvious the jig was up when he changed the arrangement

Attached: 88F2452E-FD03-4BEF-B139-B85129FC12BF.jpg (1400x1000, 167.84K)

>>131050394The Elden Beast doesn't have the direct power that The Collector does.

>>131050418>Let's shoot the emperorI never heard a dumber suggestion

>>131050313I’m thinking that he’ll get really attached to King over the course of their playtime, but King will eventually challenge him over his callous behavior and they’ll fight over it. King’s Titan powers might given him a slight edge, but the Collector would be too strong and mortally wound King. Then the Collector has a slow realization about what he’s done and regrets it.>Ha ha, I win! That was so much fun, let’s play again! Come on, sleepyhead, quit lyin’ around!>…King?>O-Okay, you got me! Let’s do something else now though, okay? King…?>King, wake up, this isn’t funny anymore! I…I don’t like this game! W-We can play whatever you want, just get up! Please!

Attached: EC2A8FCE-4304-4BB2-983A-9CFD5748A976.jpg (720x501, 32.67K)

>Vee took over Luz's life>made normal friends, has everyone think she's a good normal girl now>real Luz returns to ruin it allpoor slug girl.

>>131050418Belos is strong and is well guarded.

>>131050613Vee is 100% staying in the human world.

Attached: Vee 3.jpg (626x846, 133.62K)

>>131049615it's still sort of a mess for the first bit while she figures out what she actually wants but at least there's less hexside

>>131050313The Collector is a violent, sadistic person. His veneer of innocence is only just that, a facade. He genuinely enjoys causing pain. The Collector is a cruel and malicious person who may humor you for a short time but cannot actually be reasoned with.

>>131050601This feels about right. The Collector isn't the kind of person you fight head on. That's suicide. Buuuuut, if he starts breaking his favorite toys and learning what emotion pain feels like...

>>131050613>ruin itVee gets a new family.Camila gets another daughter.Luz gets a sister.It's a win.

Attached: 1628977103690.jpg (392x300, 96.35K)

>>131050377>hurting people isn't funI'd slap Collector on the face. If it actually hurt, remind him that every slap he makes hurts a million times worse, and that pain isn't fun for anyone else, and it's why people're lying to him and trying to get away. A good playmate is concerned for the safety of those they interact with.And if it didn't hurt him, explain that humans are far more fragile than him, and what is fun rough-housing for him is just violent destruction to them, hence the fear and deception. People are scared of things that don't understand them. If he wants to play games like tag or hide-and-seek, he has to be gentle with his playmates, such as say not using your strength on people beyond what a normal witch or human can dish out. Defend yourself all you want, but everyone ran because you played tag by slapping someone's face on a wall. Humans and witches don't enjoy that that, and if you want to keep playing, they need to able to >>131050770Then I'm dead already, and this can just warn everyone talk-no-jutsu won't work on him and they can start working to kill him instead.

>>131050740>well guarded>surrounded by jobberspick one

>>131050822The CATS are jobbers as well. The only competent one is Darius and he surrendered to save jobbers' loves.

>>131048449It'll be just like Amphibia we'll have two specials before going back to the Boiling Isles. Have fun.

>>131050936Leaked backgrounds say they're back on the BI in the second special.

>>131050958And so it'll take them six approximately episodes to deal with the collector?

>>131050798So does Lewd post Owl House pics somewhere else and that’s where they all came from, or are you him? Cause I haven’t seen those pics in the drop box.

>>131050977yesintersting to note it didn't seem like there were leaks for season3 episode 3just up to episode 2

Attached: 1649377707320.jpg (1978x1118, 343.98K)

>>131049538cause you're a fag?

Attached: 1623340437988.png (602x684, 327.16K)

>>131050613Camila and Vee are probably happy, Vee gets her found family and Camila gets a good daughter. Luz showing up and dragging them with her drama.

>>131051041vee wrote this

>>131048333>>131049203There is literallt 3/6 eps left its GOING to be urgent as hell. At best I can see 15 minutes spend on confy Earth SoL (I guess the lumity earth date?) but very little else

>we didn't get this Belos in the finale>we probably never willI hate the Collector

Attached: 1653620500556.jpg (1216x2048, 278.92K)

the chancla missed you Luz

Attached: 1629012809250.png (477x545, 96.23K)

>>131049538How the fuck do I save a video from twitter?

Attached: Amity pondering.jpg (924x924, 115.5K)

>>131051053It's true though. Luz just needs to go back to the Boiling Isles and leave her mother with the good daughter.

>>131050418Literally when or how.The ONLY shot they had was right as the spell was starting. All of the other coven heads were there and Belos himself is strong as fuck


>>131050990That feels a bit too much time. I mean you unleashed the Ancient One. Only thing I can think they'll go for is either reviving Kings Father or getting king to Mega Evolution

>>131051066We would habe probably gotten the proper/full wittebane backstory if S3 wasnt 3 fucking episodes.So all we have for this are the paintings from Hollow Mind.

>>131050313Right now, The Collector is that kid in that one Twilight Zone episode who had reality bending powers and who did unspeakably horrific things to anyone who defied him, until everyone left in his community had become a cowering spineless jellyfish yes man, just going along with everything he’d say. People wanted to steer him in the right direction, but they’d all be to afraid of risking getting cornfielded before they could reach him. Interestingly, the 80s movie version has a more optimistic end of the story where somebody actually does get through and the kid shows some improvement. But not before a number of other people try to call him out on his shit and he makes them suffer for it before magicking them out of existence.The Collector’s presence in Owl House hasn’t quite gotten to the same stage as the entry point in It’s A Good Life, but it’s still pretty apparent that they could be getting there. So I can’t really blame the characters for being too scared shitless to try to put the god baby in his thinking chair. One wrong step with an entity like that could be disastrous.

Attached: 06F8A2C6-9B18-46BA-8F97-58F49FBFD0C3.jpg (640x462, 91.41K)

>>131050798>>131050613Realistically Luz cant really return to her regular human life without destroying Vee's.My guess is that they simply keep a stable portal (with King around titan blood is dime a dozen), especially since you need like 3 drops for a trip.Luz mainly lives on the BI but visits earths on occasion and changes places with Vee briefly while in public.

>>131051066Could still happen

Attached: 4827CF1E-344C-4EB3-951F-52C9B837EFE5.jpg (882x505, 72.32K)

why does the Collector sound like Cubert?

>>131051106>King gets megaevolution>traps Collector again>there are no more titans>meaning Collector can never be freedhappy end

>>131051143>Collector actually too sends people to the "cornfield" when they annoy him too much>The cornfield is literally a cornfield on the Titan Trapper Island and everyone banished there manages to get around by harvesting and farming in hopes someone gets the shit done.

>>131051106Its worth pointing out that even if King somehow unlocks his full titan power its not gonna be a curbstomp by any means. The Collector most likely managed a draw with the Boiling Isles as he died.So King is unlikely to beat him clean in a straight duel.

>>131051197A drop of titan blood being left anywhere in the world is too much of a riskThey have to go nuclear on the shota.

>>131051248>go nuclear on the shotaSo... enzai or boku no pico?


Attached: 243f.jpg (462x348, 46.67K)

good morning /tohg/

Attached: FTDdmjdWUAI7lO6.jpg (680x680, 41.42K)

>>131051292...wait Steve I forgot thatI dont recall him from any time at the season finale. Or is he in the crowd shots as everyone is dying from the spell?

>>131051272>Yugi loses his Tulpa>Not only does Jaiden get to keep his, they can also mind crush people and shoot lasersWhat a chad.

>>131051260>Boku no Pico>*pomf* what are we going to do on the bed, King?

Attached: 1652430400276.png (1025x663, 124.34K)

>>131051314Judai is the best ygo protag and its not even close

Attached: 1629141038125.png (1080x1200, 2.98M)

>>131051146Realistically Luz will just introduce Vee as her twin to everyone Vee already knows.

>>131051197I’m not a fan of trapping the Collector all over again, because at the end of the day it really is just a temporary solution. Some megalomaniac would eventually get their hands on some titan’s blood and free them or get tricked into doing so. It pretty much guarantees another catastrophe somewhere down the line.

Attached: BE08C814-01FC-4E2D-8481-80BE0C1FC929.jpg (1228x715, 155.34K)

>>131051352Doubt that they have Luz abandon the BI for good. Dana isnt that kind of writer

>>131051314GX was imo a better YGO series than the original one.Could have even be a great show, if the writing had been tweaked just 25% better.>>131051318>Sending in the Blight sibligns for being the ones to truly corrupt the little guy>Amity: I should not have been surprised at all.>Edric: At least unlike mom he understands our relationship

Kiss the witch.

Attached: 1627708086530.jpg (823x824, 53.62K)

>>131051348guy is already a chad just by his original name.Judai... imagine having a name that is also a threat.

>>131051399Often and with passion.

>>131051292Good morning user>>131051312He was in one of those ships so probably surviving as much as possible.

Attached: 1654195996510.jpg (3938x3208, 927.61K)

>>131051387S1 needed some streamlining and S2 a tighter storyline. Or Yubel introduced earlier, Sartorius was a bit too flimsy doing S2 as the lone antagonist.

>Gets cucked out of doing anything cool in both season finales.It always the episode before the finales where she peaks.

Attached: 1652521773708.jpg (631x567, 62.28K)

>>131051380She won't abandon the isles. She'll live on both worlds through a permanent portal.

The Collector got his name because of his cum jar. Kikimora is in that jar.

>>131051441Nono he keeps King thereIm actually surpriced people arent shipping that yet, Collector was all over and exited about King in the finale

Have you considered this interaction?

Attached: 9vu3vbcml8391.png (2387x1595, 902.79K)

Attached: 4321.png (513x538, 95.54K)


Attached: 1653012310790.png (620x680, 356.44K)

>>131051412I had always like these fanfic level ideas for the seasons:S1: Main antagonist is actually someone who had done research on the creation of Millenium artifacts and manioualted Pegasus in creating those Lord cards and infused them with dark magic. Only for Pegasus to stumble upon this and hand them over to Kaiba for containment.Antagonist is using a cult of personal and summoned duel spirits to get his hands on the cards and become lord of the spirit realm and real world. Gets defeated in duel, loses control of Lord cards, they destroy his mind. Ends in sanatorium, end of season by villain visited by someone who supported him, that one being Saiou/sartorius.S2: Mostly the same, but with higher focus on Sartorius and the Light of Destruction being like this corrupting influence that has also had an effect in the creation of the original millenium artifacts. Sartorius just the latest host with cult leader personalityS3: Yubel storyline, but with certain twists. Such as yubel not the reincarnation of some warrior turned demon, but actually a duel spirit that embodies the "essence" of the one person who created her design. Said person being Judai's mom, an illustrator who died when he was rather young, to the point he repressed his memories of her. Yubel is essentially her spirit driven mad by the Light of Destruction, wanting to be reunited with her son/protect him.s4: Cut everything from whatever the heck this clusterfuck was. Instead Light of dEstruction with a new host tries to take over the professional dueling world Judai is slowly entering.


Attached: 2354.png (445x522, 71.11K)


Attached: FUMue_eX0AEii03.jpg (1448x2048, 220.23K)

>>131051399>tfw no cute witch gf to kiss

Attached: 919A6CED-309B-4780-AD08-8B602009AEE1.gif (600x450, 1.61M)

>>131051495>He was all excited over King in the finaleWhy shouldn't he be? He is a little kid who was trapped for millenia in a pokeball.And then he gets saved by a cute dog like thing that can talk and tells him he wants to be his friend and that he has a great idea for a game they could play.To him King is like the best "friend"/pet a little boy can ask for.

>>131051585>>131051495Worry not there ARE kingllector lewds already


Attached: 290.png (1024x1023, 853.98K)


Attached: i_love_the_smell.webm (1280x720, 143.17K)

>>131051547>>131051525Whats going on here, aint that kiddy belos?

>>131046739>But the question is, what the magic stones in the graveyard Gus found will be used forNothing! The Illusionist's Graveyard long-term purpose was achieved in Labyrinth Runners. It was so Graye and Gus had a reason for their conflict. It probably won't be seen ever again.

>>131051585Not to disagree with your overall point, but I think it’s important to remember that Collector also knows that King is the son of the guy that put him in that pokeball.

>>131050313Watch as he ends up being a parallel for cruel Sims players

>>131051062I know, but we're talking about the fact that Amphibia would've benefitted from a more urgent pace, whereas TOH needs more breathing room.


Attached: pain.jpg (1200x1200, 131.16K)


Attached: FTskHThWYAEEdzV.jpg (1344x1080, 100.92K)

>Tfw even though Belos went out like a bitch he still went out cooler than the other too jobber villains and didn't cry like a pussy.

Attached: Jobbers realizing they're Jobbers.jpg (1334x1500, 284.95K)

>>131051747>C-collector-sama? You're free? Just as promised!

>>131051387>GX was imo a better YGO series than the original one.A bit of a draw for me, mainly because GX is in dire need of a Kaiba type figure.None of the human antagonists even come close.

How fucking strong King's dad was if he could beat the Collector and who killed him

Attached: VAd5FKZh.jpg (950x460, 50.33K)

>>131051808Probably sacrificed himself to do the Sealing.

>>131045979That's pretty good

>>131051808I genuinely wonder if King's dad was the same Titan who would beocme the Boiling Isles.I mean, there are hints in the show, but...okay, if it is the same Titan, considering the time portals make it obvious that the Boiling Isles also are a few million years old, wouldn't that make the Collector like 20+ million years old too? not to forget put into question how long King was really developing in that "egg" or so?I personally get more the impression, that the Titan the Boiling Isles are made of is only like ONE Titan that died eons ago. King's dad was simply a Titan way down the line who managed to defeat the Collector and then put the plate of his into the head of what was essentially their "god"

>>131051845I figured he just died naturally at a later time. But I guess someone had to put the Collector's mirror inside the head of the titan.

>>131051407Gus is 12 why is he still wearing a onesie?

>>131051890>I mean, there are hints in the show, but...There aren't hints about it, Luz explicitly says "your dad is the Boiling Isles", everything you say is true but there have been no hints to the possibility of the BI Titan not being King's dad.

has this little nigga genitals been confirmed?

Attached: file.png (622x594, 268.98K)

>>131051776Yeah, like I said, he still went out like a bitch. But atleast he tried to work with the shit hand he was delt rather than just give up and cry in the dirt.

Attached: Belos.png (650x747, 196.7K)

>>131051920Does Luz know that, or is she just speculating? Or is this just Dana dropping lore through Luz?

>>131051312I don't remember him being in Kings Tidebut I assume he's ok since Dana mentioned that a Steve and Mattholomule sideplot would've been in season 3 if it wasn't shortened

Attached: FSulgblWAAAPVo5.jpg (680x680, 47.44K)

>>131051946Nah.His name implies him being male though."Eber" is German for a male pig and -wolf is generally a suffix for male names in Germanic languages.

>>131051986We have no idea, it's part of the "Luz's memories don't line up with what actually happened" trifecta and there's no indication whether they're supposed to be true summations for recap purposes or an insight into her psyche

>>131051909Unlikely, given the preparations left for King. The BI most definitely walked into the fight knowing well he was going to die

>>131051312Steve and the Bat chick weren't on the finale which is really fucking odd...

>>131051916For fun

Attached: Wing_It_Like_Witches_13.png (1000x563, 811.04K)

>>131051547i wanna see them play games

Attached: oolala.gif (272x282, 1.7M)


>>131052030I genuinely have to wonder why this "lines not lining up" phenomenon has occured as of recently.I mean, if it is not part of something bigger going on, it is a bit of a continuity oversight.

>>131051916Probably author's thinly veiled fetish or choice. It looks fine honestly.

>>131052038Yeah, giving it more thought he probably did sacrifice himself for King. I wonder how they might seal the Collector away a second time

>>131051916One of Luz's old one I'd assume.

>>131050313because he is a toddler who will just say this >>131050369 them kil everyoneso far the only way to defeat the collector is someone in the same level power as him kicking his ass

>>131052095>I wonder how they might seal the Collector away a second time

Attached: 152.jpg (1280x720, 124.53K)

>>131052062Damn, it's really hard to see how much a person can change when they actually find people that likes them back

Attached: 1572469058526.png (759x769, 703.54K)

>>131052095>I wonder how they might seal the Collector away a second timeUse King's Blood to travel back in time and kick Philip in the dick before he can get the mirror.

>>131052117In my perfect world, the collector would be defeated with parental love or some shit like that. Like, he gives up his power because Camila talks to him in a motherly way and she actually adops him and he is actually happier without powers but with a real family

>>131051916He's the baby of teh groupJust let the lil nigga be gawd damn

>>131052143We could call that the Steven Universe ending.

>>131052129That would cause some catastrophic timeline fuckery, but I think we should get to see Philip get kicked in the balls. As a treat

>>131052143I can see it more as the Collector’s origin being similar to how Luz ended up in the BI. His “parents” or what have you judged him to be too immature for his role as a cosmic guardian and sent him away to learn how to be responsible, but obviously they failed to consider the ramifications of leaving mortal realms in the hands of a child with godlike powers. The titans were probably the first beings that could openly challenge him, but not for long, so King’s Dad had to be the one who ultimately sealed him away.I’ll be kind of disappointed honestly if the Collector’s origin is never directly addressed. It seems weird to have something so impossibly powerful just poof into existence without it being integral to the plot.

Attached: D3CE2295-2947-451B-B7EB-3940B10D004A.jpg (964x1200, 118.63K)'s keep it going. Let's spam like crazy.(I'm just really curious to see how you see yourselves.)

Attached: 1259021_eeoEDotZ.png (600x600, 86.41K)

>>131052240there are no balls, only slime and mud

Attached: fallingapart.gif (484x350, 2.36M)

>>131052252No way fag.

>>131052250You know, with how some of the villains in the Owl House are supposed to be foils or evil mirrors to Luz and some of her desires, I could actually see that.Bonus points if there would be some joke like that it was the Collector who created giraffes.

>>131052252Got a link to the site?

Attached: FUP3PXHUEAY_Psh.jpg:orig.jpg (1241x1241, 161.49K)

Attached: FUNcPjQX0AAPKHZ.jpg:orig.jpg (3543x3543, 652.64K)

>>131052265Do you think he has a slimejar or a mudjar

>>131052309Nevermind. I'm a fucking moron.

>>131052252Best I could do with so little options.

Attached: 1259021_rwS3dlw7.png (600x600, 99.11K)

>>131051318That pic sure aged horribly

>>131050601assuming the collector could not simple fix whatever problem he causes, so even if he kills King is just a matter of fixing him

>>131052250>>131052308>Cosmic horror being sits in councellors office surrounded by other unspeakable horrors made by H.P. Lovercraft>Principal: 'We really have to talk about C'ltor'>C'ltor: 'But mom! It's a Giraffe!'>Principal: 'I suggest a camp to get his head back on straight'>C'ltfzt: 'It's just going to be a few thousand years, you'll be back in no time, they even got titans there, I'm sure they're fun to play with'

>>131052276No u>>131052408It's ok, user, everyone's a moron once in a while.

Are the two main dykes canonically flat chested or not?

>>131052431there are pics which aged more terribly>>131052380adter this, it is him who is in the jar

Attached: 1628747809380.png (658x406, 97.77K)

>>131052475Delicious flat at the start of the show.Less flat as the show goes on... and as animators remember that they're trying to slowly age the characters.

>>131052444True, we don’t REALLY know the extent of the Collector’s power. He can move celestial bodies with the flick of a finger, but how does that compare to bringing someone back from the dead? I’m curious to see just what he’s capable of, both physically and willingly.

Attached: 78E2406B-A689-4B89-96E1-08CF9A2604E6.png (638x480, 172.75K)

im sure nothing will come of this

Attached: Shitty bellector edit.png (624x378, 239.6K)

>>131052448All the KEK!>Cltfzt: Why can't you be more like your sister Haruhi?>C'ltor: You mean molest some girls and terrorize a high school class? No thanks. Girls are icky.


Attached: 697.png (740x376, 130.87K)

>>131052252Local potions apprentice reporting in(the potions are all gay juice)

Attached: 1259021_uYRuARnu.png (600x600, 102.52K)

>>131052534I'd like to see just what he’s capable of, physically, if you know what I mean.

>>131052488All the grown up King art is now outdated as well, which is a shame because I really liked the design.Lumity baby is still fair game though.

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>>131052578This feels cropped. Is there a full version? Did he kill someone?

>>131052595I wish I didn’t

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>>131052588>(the potions are all gay juice)Gay juice = your semen?

>>131052566>and then their son comes out as gay>but at least he isn't a furry>or getting picked up by creepy old men>or revealing spells holding great magical powers to said creepy old men>that would be terrible

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>>131052427Anon please shave that sin

>>131045105He'll be a mud monster trying to kill Luz or Hunter for fucking up his 400 year plan. Then it's possible he'll regain control of a human form and cool off enough to help them build a portal back to the Boiling Isles.

>>131051916my brother still wore a onesie when he was in his early twenties

>>131045954Hater of God, ironically just like Hunter where I fluctuate between hate and love and lean toward love in a pathetic desire to be loved by God.

>>131052252Was that the idea? i just made some old OC of mine i never materialized the last thread. Repost for reference, albeit is pointless.

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>>131052697is your brother autistic?

>Gus wanders from the group and meets some Urban negroesWhat happens?

>>131052733They bullt him until he uses his mental fuckery on them to show them a prude version of themselves and they freak out.

>>131052731yeah, but I high-functioning onelike the kind of high-functioning that put him on a track to potentially getting a PhD in Computer Programming

>>131047838>>131048018>Magical power boosting stones are powered by hundreds of soulsDana you fucking hack

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>>131052839>That reminds him of FMA>not the reliance on glyphs>not the resemblance of the day of unity to Father's master plan>not the fact that Belos in his mud monster form is reminiscent of envy in his true formReally?REALLY!?

>>131052252The options are pretty limited but I did my best. I do actually own a fishhook earring so there's that at least

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>>131052874>not the fact that Belos in his mud monster form is reminiscent of envy in his true formdidn’t dana say that belos had an “obvious anime inspiration” or something once?does this mean we really will get mini belos?

>>131052903>I do actually own a fishhook earring so there's that at leastYour bussy must be immaculate

>>131052562>>131052578i wanna see reborn belos and collector have sex

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>>131052588>potions apprentice>plant track

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>>131052926The Collector is just the son of the eastern german