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now lets see how WB fucks this one

>>131044412How convenient wording. Damn why are DCtatds so retarded? It’s embarassing at this point

I don't mind having a black superman movie so long as it's not Kal-El. The Earth 2 kid, cool, President Superman? Fuckin rad. But I want Cavill to get a decent shot at being *the* Superman for a while. It's such a good casting, I don't want them to just let it fizzle out with a couple of half decent Snyder movies when we could get some real Supes kino with him

>>131044412Will we get non-edgy Superman like Cavil envisioned

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>>131044412We won Superbros! No Black Superman!

I want to see a 1:1 adaptation

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>>131044503You know Cavill loved his Superman.

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>>131044491>half decentlol

>>131044514I support this but only so that everyone realizes how boring and shitty All-Star Superman actually is.Though a movie wouldn't have the ugly as shit art so that's a plus at least.

>>131044514I think Cavil can do it >“If he [Superman] were to succumb to the Anti-Life Equation and become bad Superman, I really wanted to make sure we saw the hero Superman, and we saw the true symbol of hope, the beacon of light, before we went down the path of darkness and then redemption. It's still something I'm very keen to flesh out.”

>>131044412Why not link to the actual Wrap saying this? almost like they didn't

>>131044560FUCKAUUUUUU WHORE!!!!!!!

>>131044560>>131044552trash opinions, don't care.

>>131044412Incredible optical illusion making this thread seem like it said "SUPERMAN IS BLACK" until you read it closely

>>131044412>James Wan will never direct a Superman movie that's as fun and faithful to the comics as Aquaman wasseriously they picked the wrong director to give a cinematic universe to

>>131044531>You knowSure Cult Minion, keep telling yourself that

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Henry is just the best actor for the role, he is Superman just like Downey is Iron Man. simple as. Also fuck niggers

>>131044580Everyone is an idiot whose linking to the first paragraph because the piece is behind a pay wall, and unlike shitty sites like The New York Times, the Wrap has an actual pay wall that isn't easy to defeat (e.g. look to what Patreon and Only Fans uses, for example).

>>131044412Oh god please let this be true.

>>131044585>>131044600>everyone said it's great so it must be!It's boring and does the same stupid ass >Superman is basically godshit as the synder movies. You only like it because you were told to.

>>131044412They should just also make a Calvin Ellis Superman (whos literally the President too for mega PC points) movie with Michael B Jordon, the public are well aware of what a multiverse is by now, but of course the retards in charge of DC movies were aiming to make a receswapped Clark Kent movie.

>>131044669>not a single link or screencap>not even posted at dc_cinematicfake as shit

>>131044531He didnt. At all, literally was the only actor in that whole Snyder debacle who wanted non-edgy shit and cared about the character.

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>>131044503>>131044514I wonder if we'll also get Finn Wittrock as Superboy Prime since Wonder Twins got axed

2013 was 9 years ago

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Clickbait shit. That isn't what the article said at all.What is actually says is that an insider thinks they should cancel all Superman projects.Nothing from Zaslav or management.

>>131044514>I want to see a 1:1 adaptationAlready happened.

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>>131044412please god yes. keep Cavill. make a great Superman movie and i'll be set for life.

>>131044503>>131044531Cavil was on board with the Jostice cut.

>>131048594haha u just admitted to have never read the comic retard, the movie is not 1:1

>>131044412 >>131044433 >>131044460 >>131044466 >>131044491 >>131044503 >>131044504 >>131044514 >>131044531 >>131044552 >>131044560 >>131044569 >>131044580 >>131044585 >>131044600 >>131044617 >>131044619 >>131044657 >>131044666 >>131044669 >>131044672 >>131044674 >>131044678 >>131044680 >>131044682 >>131045572 >>131045730 >>131046368 >>131047682 >>131048594 >>131048671 >>131049612 >>131049672 >>131049701cavil failed as superman the first time. making another movie with him won't fix that.

>>131044412Fucking based

>>131049715Sure thing ginger.

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>>131049715Cavill didn't fail, Snyder failed. Cavill was absolutely perfect for the role and still is.

>>131049715Cavill and Snyder succeeded beautifully. Both in terms of audience support, and in terms of sales. There's no failure there.>>>/wsg/4555080

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>>131044412Kinda awkward since The Flash erased Superman.

>>131048671Oh wow, he save one guy compared to the tens of thousands that died, that sure makes up for the retarded destruction porn.

>>131050201>he doesn't know

>>131044412This is false Zaslav and co are going cheap with everything The main reason Cavill is not playing Supes anymore is because he wanted more money when all the movies he's been in have flopped Now that the witcher has crashed and burned he should be open to a cheaper contract

>>131050442Now you're getting it. Superman CAN NOT divert his attention away from the other Kryptonians. Because if he does, Nam will sneak up behind him, crater him, then kill the gunner Superman just saved, and Faora will kill an entire assault team.You're just on the precipice of rational thought.

>>131049715you say that but im just reminded of Andrew Garfield as Spider-Man, people hated the amazing spider-man series but they loved his brief return in No Way Home. give him better material and he'll shine.

>>131050728And I do especially like the arguments for "Why didn't Superman lure him out of the city?" They're so retarded.You want Superman to fly away, and leave the genocidal maniac in the city, surrounded by innocent people, who he just swore to destroy. Now no longer focused on the one man who can withstand his firepower, Zod can move his attention to the thousands of people around him.That sounds like a genius idea.

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>>131044412Give me brainiac and it will be fine

>>131044412whos is Henry Cavill? the white one or the black one?

>>131050728It's contrived writing retard, I don't care how "rational" the writer made the situation they still forced Superman to do little. You can write a situation where Superman is forced to have gay sex in order to save people, doesn't mean I want to see it. The point is the hacks wanted to write disaster porn and I think that's stupid for a Superman movie.

>>131044412If doesn't matter who plays superman, if the story is crap then the movie will be crap

Imagine how fast he could build a PC.

>>131044503Like Siegel and Shuster envisioned. Everyone under 30 should be euthanized.

>>131051071>If doesn't matter who plays superman, if the character is crap then the movie will be crap

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>>131044412Zaslav might not be so bad after all

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>>131050861Andrew Garfield was a better Spider-man than Henry Cavill was a Superman. It's not Cavill's fault though.

>>131051159 Saids the batfag

>>131051005Piss off retard. Zod isn't going to wait around for Superman to reduce all the collateral. If Zod managed to break out of his rage-fueled stupor for even a second because Superman couldn't keep him engaged, the catastrophe that'd follow would be unimaginable. Imagine if Superman went around zippy zoomy saving everyone and Zod realized he had a much easier method of making Kal suffer. For every sing life Superman saves a hundred more would die. It's like trying to block rain with your hands. It solves nothing and it doesn't work on screen.The only utilitarian approach is to keep Zod engaged 100% of the time and neutralize him ASAP. Everything else makes him look irresponsible if not downright incompetent. Imagine how retarded it would look for Superman to go around saving a few dozen people while Zod massacres hundreds because Superman couldn't keep Zod's focus on himself. And it would look even more retarded if Zod did nothing and just stood there like a stooge.>>131050876It's literal children who argue that.

>>131051184Very funny

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>>131044412Good fuck off any Abrams project.Make Superman the Beacon of Hope that signals things will be alright. Even to his powered allies. His presence is an

>>131050716Well they sure aren't going with Abrams then. He gets his parasitic production companies in there to keep the contracts going.

>>131044412False news. They actually are thinking to reboot with Brandon Routh.Staff liked his appearance in CW's Crisis special and want to focus more on that kind of Superman.

>>131051204Do I have to spell it out like you're 12? The writers came up with the situation where massive collateral lives lost was the intended consequence, they could have written literally anything they wanted but they felt the need that Superman's debut had to also be paired with a massive loss of life. This is why writing disaster porn into Superman is retarded.

>>131044412read the article dumbass. it's some literal who from inside Warner suggesting that. Zaslav hasn't actually thought about doing this

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I'll never get over that factoid that Superman has fewer lines in Batman v Superman than Spider-man does in Civil War. How do you make a movie that indifferent towards a marquee character?

>>131051638Am I happy you're not a writer for DC. >Hey Zod timeout. Just wait right there while I go save these people trapped under rubble. Don't go eye-beaming anyone.

>>131044412How dare they take away What if Superman but Ancient Egyptian!

>>131051638I'm not the user you're arguing with (and it's a dumb argument) but the problem isn't that there's a bunch of disaster porn, it's that it's not broken up by anything else.Compare this to Avengers where yeah they have Manhattan attacked by aliens but they still break it up with a scene of Captain America saving people in the bank. Or how Spider-man homecoming or 2 have a sequence earlier in the movie where Spidey saves the boat/train respectively.Kryptonians punching each other through buildings isn't a problem in of itself, it only BECOMES a problem when it exists in a void where Superman isn't ALSO doing things like stopping plane crashes or stopping bank robberies.

>>131044412I like Henry but I would prefer if they did a complete reboot with a new actor playing Superman just to avoid having the baggage (and continuity) of the Zack Snyder movies being dragged along.After what happened in the last few movies there’s no way anybody would realistically love this version of superman in universe and see him as anything but a monster to be feared. We need a new Superman who was raised by Kent’s who weren’t assholes. Didn’t cause collateral damage. And has yet to fight with Batman or accidentally kill people. That’s the only way we can get a good superman movie were actually makes sense that he behaves like Superman and not like injustice superman

>>131051847there is literally a clip of superman saving someone right here >>131048671 also did you forget the entire sequence with the terraforming machine which is a big break in all the action? You people are literally making stuff up to be mad about lol

>>131051728If they have Superman talk. He becomes a character they have to actually make likeable, and not a symbol they can market. and WB doesn't really care for Supermans moral core anyways because he's from Kansas, not new york or hollywood.

>>131044460that's the easy partthey'll double down after defending Amber Turd by not letting it happen>captcha: karma?

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>>131051756Are you so retarded that you can't comprehend the infinite possibilities of writing that are available that you can't even imagine a situation that Zod arrives and doesn't kill tens of thousands of people? For Christ's sake, it's not even the first movie with Zod. It doesn't have to be Superman 2 level of camp but you can write a Superman story where all the buildings of Metropolis are razed.

>>131049715>>131051922see >>131051853

>>131051691The black Superman movies are probably both dead (Jordan's project was for HBO Max and they're cancelling all big budget films for that, the Coates shit is reportedly a mess), so Cavill makes sense if you don't want to look for another new name to play Clark.

>>131052085It was called superman returns and everyone hated it because it “Didn’t have superman fighting”. And in a fight between two gods there’s going to be collateral.

>>131052288There's a difference between "some collateral" and a particular focus on just how bad the death and destruction is. JLU did more with less, disaster porn is for retards that just want to see explosions on the screen.

>>131044503Cavill literally is Clark Kent irl in interviews. Just let him be himself and write it in similar style to the original from the seventies. Its so easy.

What Snyder never comprehended and what needs to be fixed is that Superman is articulate. He can give ringing, well-worded speeches no matter what the situation. Snyder's Superman didn't speak up for himself when he should have. Christopher Reeve and Richard Donner got this. Their Superman had confidence and a wry sense of self-awareness, That's what a new franchise needs,

>>131052085Fyi during Superman's final battle with Zod 1, one, 1 singular building collapsed. And only like 5 others had holes in them but otherwise were standing. And The building that went down was an abandoned office building. Also it was all done by Zod.No I can not imagine a shitty story were Zod is a non-threatening little warlord who lets Superman save randos and just stands there like a fool. Did you notice that in the movie Superman took Zod to an empty construction site? Did you notice Superman was punching Zod away from downtown? And can you imagine how horrible that fight scene would be if Zod decided I'm going to get away from all these obstacles and all this cover i could use, and I'm going to follow Superman away from the city into the suburbs. That would be a dogshit fucking movie.

>>131044412Hamada is probably going to get the boot as well once Zaslov gets his DC guy. Kek remember that one retard who was constantly posting his “Tomorrow’s Dawn” fanfic here about Abrams Niggerman?

>>131044491>I don't mind having a black superman movie so long as it's not Kal-El.Fuck off. I don’t want a fucking Miles where we have to deal with some black self insert leeching off of the actually popular hero

>>131051853>Oh no, Jonathan Kent said Clark shouldn't reveal his powers too early. What an asshole!Stop being a faggot

>>131052410Because Zod and bad guys care about the innocent people caught in the crossfire.

>>131051853This is what I want but I don’t trust WB to pull it off. They’d either woke it up or shit the bed by putting the wrong guy in charge

>>131052505A real hero wouldn’t have let his father die if he could have prevented it

>>131052518So you're saying the writers were forced at gunpoint by the character to write and direct the movie that way?

>>131052535Yes he would. It's not just any random person. It's Clark's very own father telling him not to save him.

>>131052581You are so fucking retarded.

>>131044412A fun escapist Superman movie with Henry Cavill please.

>>131052581The movie would have flopped if you were the writer. Zod isn't going to give the slightest fuck about the humans he's hurting. And Superman would cause more damage trying vainly to save them.Anything else would make both characters look like retards.

>>131052600The only retard here is you considering you can't comprehend the concept of creative decision making.

>>131052618With hope and optimism. Its so simple to do it right.

>>131052627>creative decision makingYeah let's make Zod a campy little bitch who won't hurt a fly.

>>131044514>Cavill Zibarrogive

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>>131052665>Yeah let's make Zod a campy little bitch who won't hurt a fly.The only one saying this is you.

>>131052535He would've exposed himself too early. There was already trouble when he saved his classmates on the school bus

>>131052441Huge swaths of the city were destroyed

>>131052783>>131052085Zod's whole plan was to revive Krypton on Earth. If he wasn't going to annihilate everyone (killing thousands), there would be no conflict, you utter retard.

>>131052784He didn't need to do anything special to save him. he could have easily just run over there and saved him. Most people would've seen it as some miracle.

>>131052792By the ship. The final battle battle legit was like 6 buildings, all bit one remaining standing and most abandoned.

>>131052835He wasn't going to save anyone. His own father didn't want to be saved. Why can you not comprehend that?

>>131052835Rewatch the movie. Jonathan Kent was already too close to the tornado for Clark not to have revealed his powers early

>>131051922I didn't mean to imply that Superman doesn't save anyone at all, but rather that the balance is off and weighted in such a way as to give the impression that the movie is more preoccupied with destruction than salvation.As for the terraforming machine, I personally feel that was a missed opportunity. Why not have that take place over metropolis so that people in universe can see Superman solving that problem? If the idea is that he's going to inspire hope then why is his most triumphant moment in the middle of the ocean with no one around to witness it?

>>131052835People would know he had powers at that point. We're not that dumb. There were already urban legends about him.

>>131052865>Jonathan Kent was already too close to the tornado for Clark not to have revealed his powers earlyThe dog was able to make it back to the overpass safely.

>>131052897It has 4 legs, is much faster than an old man, and even got a head start. It's a miracle that the dog made it back.

>>131052897The dog made it last second. Jonathan Kent sacrificed himself so the dog could make it in time. The tornado was that damn close.