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only rule is that we DO NOT discuss the Streaming Wars

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Other urls found in this thread:>>131043884Okay

>tfw no Big Tiddy Liane CartmanTrey & Matt r gay.

>>131043537Stopped caring about this shit when the spanish dub became even shittier than it already was

>>131043627we literally know Trey is gay anonim just sex him

>>131043655>the spanish dubwhats this about, bill?

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>>131043627Just draw it yourself.

is this ship endgame?

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>>131043664The voice actors for main characters are either not trying to make the characters sound different enough from each other (i.e. Stan sounds the same as fucking Craig, Clyde and Butters), or the new voices they got are fucking garbage compared to the old ones, like Randy or Mr. Garrison. That makes this shit unbearable to watch in spanish, not even mentioning the shitty plots they have right now

>>131043704interesting... have you always watched it in spanish? maybe u should rewatch the show in english sometime...why are u namefagging billy?

>>131043723Nah, i'm used to the english voices because of Stick of Truth and random youtube clips, but, like i said, new episodes are annoying with shitty plots, and i don't care enough to watch them

>>131043752yeah they sure are shit bill....its ok, come be cozy with us

timjim thursday already? post best ship and fuck Jimmy

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>>131043800If i try to pinpoint the exact moment where it all went to shit, i think it's around the console wars episodes

>>131043537Is there a link to the episode yet?

>>131043537Arent we supposed to take advantage of new episodes and specials as points for discussions, in order to justify these thread's existences? Seems counterproductive to suggest we don't discuss it.

>>131043835i think the show started going downhill fast after season 8, and really ate shit at around 17-18>>131043856anon, i dont think you understand how bad that special waswe need to stay comfy

>>131043842Its already on kisscartoon and wcostream >>131043856That special was horrible and the first comfy thread after its release was a fuckin shitshow.

>>131043884>Its already on kisscartoon and wcostreamI must be retarded because I don't see it on either site. Got a direct link?


If only...

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Why does Jimbo's loop holes for gun laws make me laugh, but the streaming services analogy & criticism and Randy doesn't?

>>131044366because one manages to appeal to your sense of humor and the other does not

Kek. They put the video game as a 2 hour movie.>>131043884Okay I'm going to need a direct link cause Opera browser through Google gives me jackshit. Btw did you know Chrome+Opera give different results from Mozilla Firefox? seriously. Firefox's Google is far more powerful and ungimped compared to Chromium based browsers, I don't know what's the deal.

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>>131044366one was made funnier, is a more timeless topic and also more timeless approach to it thatll still be entertaining when the topic isnt relevant

hey did you guys watch the Streaming Wars special? Can't wait for part two

>>131044551I genuinely think the humor in SP has just gone downhill, the things today's audiences consider "funny" arent jokes, theyre not gags or goofs, they dont benifit from structure nor absurdity- Comedy is just observing things and pointing at them, with absolutely no spin to it. It's just telling people things they already know, maybe with a funny voice at most, and they'll laugh because "Ooooh cartoon said the thing! And I understood it!"

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it doesnt matter what you think about the show, you have to admit something changed, and people dont like it. you can argue all you want that nothing has, that its all the same, that the large and superficial aspects like "current events" and "politics" and "continuity" amd whatever else you wanna name has always been there and is still there, therefor its the same- but the fact is, people have a different reaction to it. you gotta ask why. maybe those things are approached differently, maybe todays era of fast paced information doesnt benifit from that sorta media, maybe the comedy is lacking, maybe they do them too much or not enough... but something has to be different, because if its not, how do you explain the overwhelmingly disproportionate negative response to the older works? you can try and convince people all you want but when you start seeing patterns, you gotta question them

>>131044622>negative response compared to** the older works

>>131044583>>131044622I mean... there are people who hate everything after season 3. I genuinely think that most of the time it is just a matter of preference mixed with cynicism. There are still people who find current South Park funny, who you might consider to be mindless consumers for liking something you don't like, but there will also be people behind you who think your tastes are shit because you like episodes from season 4 onwards. You guys ask this question all the time, "What changed about the show, why was it funny then but not now?" and you never find a definite answer (or else you wouldn't have to keep asking it) from the show itself, maybe the problem is actually you guys. You guys are the piece of the puzzle that doesn't fit, and is why it seems shit.

Even though I am considered the Lianefag around here, even I found this episode downright atrocious. Hopefully this will spawn loads of big tiddie Liane porn so that I can wipe the stain of this episode from my brain.Also did they like do a stealth retcon of Liane's past as a whore or something? Like she could've easily seduced the homeowners to let her and Cartman live with them, or at least she could've opened an onlyfans business (she's ripe character for an onlyfans parody).

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>>131044841They have been moving away from the Liane = whore stuff more recently, or at least keeping it in the background or just an aspect of her past. Since we all know she was created to mock one of Trey's exes, to keep that joke going for so long would probably just be petty. They clearly want to do more with her as a "realistic" character instead of just an air headed crack whore.

>>131044858So they're glnna keep her as boring and safe as possible cause they turned into pussies

>>131044804but you seem to be operating under the idea that absolutely everyone involved is a retard, who only things in concepts of "new bad, old good" vs "new good, old bad", and that no one feels the fine, an sometimes very overt and not fine at all, differencesi dont set out to hate anything, but me and many others notice that things have changesthis isnt a question of whether they have or if its better, its a question of WHAT changed, and why people insist nothing has just to justify their love for it, when they could just admit that they enjoy the changes

>>131044909Then why haven't you been able to actually point out what has changed? Sure, the show is different than how it was before, but what about how it is now actually makes it "bad" in comparison to how it was before? You can say that it is Randy or adult focus or whatever but you still get plenty of complaints about jokes revolving around the kid characters, or people just refuse to acknowledge the jokes exist to only focus on the stuff they hate about an episode."Soul" isn't a real quantifier, as that comes purely down to opinion as well. I personally don't think Matt and Trey's sense of humor has changed much from the current seasons compared to the middle seasons. Early seasons, like 1-3? Sure, plenty has changed since then but Matt and Trey just straight up don't like those seasons compared to the ones that came after it. They were still doing "topical thing but treated in a silly way, or done with some kind of amusing allegory" back in the middle seasons and they continue to do it now. Lots of "hey isn't this just like this real life thing you recognise but silly? That hasn't changed, but you'll still get pissy when people point that out and insist there is still something different about it now, and the only real different thing is you just don't find it funny anymore. The variable here is you, and always will be.

honestly the thing that annoys me the most about these threads is the refusal to believe that media, and audience enjoyment of it, can have any real pattern.i genuinely dont care if people like something i dont, and im sick of the notion that i only criticise things because they talk about stuff others like and not stuff i like, as opposed to larger and more structural issues- but what pisses in my britches hard is how people seem to refuse to accept that writing and comedy can have any nuance or skill to it.that its all just a monkey clapping their cymbals together with no coherent intent, and people cheer or whine depending on the arbitrary sound thats created each time, as opposed to fiction being a single, coherent product, with a thought process, sequence of events and execution that differ wildly between one another, and that we as humans can observe patterns in and tell when those patterns change even if the building blocks look the same to an outsider.were not all standing in front of a machine that throws a blue or red ball at us randomly and respond to it, were looking at a piece of work that was created by people.

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>>131044987No one likes talking about the nuance and structure behind writing jokes because everyone knows a joke stops being funny when you have to explain it. If you truly think there is something wrong with how Matt and Trey write jokes compared to how they used to, actually make an analysis instead of vaguely complaining about it. Go on, we are all a bit autistic here. Find a wide variety of jokes from a wide variety of seasons and analyse what makes them funny and what doesn't make them funny. Make sure to use those examples of "well they did it before too!" to find similar types of jokes to the ones being told now so you can have direct comparison. Properly analyse the media by writing an essay and posting it online. I am not joking here, if you genuinely care about the nuances in their old vs new comedy, take the time to actually work out what those nuances are. I can assure you it will be a whole lot more insightful for you than back and forth circular arguing online.

>>131044972but thats what we need to decipher, because knowing whether or not that HAS changed doesnt suddenly mean you know how. you can taste two meals and say theyre different, but you wont know how, youre not the chef, you just notice, and you may notice that you like one more than the other. and you may notice that you TEND TO like the ones coming from one cafe more than the other, so you say that that cafe is better. you can say 'oh i prefer the pizza cause i like cheese', so the chef brings you a cannoli. you then say 'actually i also like sauce', so he brings you a lasagna. when you still insist you prefer the pizza despite all the different other things he gave you that share similarities, he starts accusing you of lying for some reason, or just not wanting to like his cooking on principle. hell, maybe hell even get you a pizza, but its not quite the same as the one from the other cafe, and now hes REAL PISSED that you didnt like it, and just cannot comprehend why. and neither can you- just because you can feel a difference doesnt mean you can pinpoint it.thats not to say i cant name all the things i loved about the old show, and dislike now, but ultimately its not my issue as much as the issue that people seem to refuse to comprehend how there can even BE a difference. its weird, really- because theyll say 'no, the pizzas from both cafes are the exact same' to compliment this chef, but theyll never say the same thing to compliment the other chef, or explain why they like this one and not the other one, almost like they subconsciously know that thats not the case.

>>131045037i will, actually- itll be depressing, but i will. not right now tho, because im dizzy and tired and my brain wants to focus on one type of autism at a time, and right now my gripe is this.

>>131043627>>131043670We need to summon the artists to draw some huge titty Liane. I Would tittyfuck Cartman though.

>>131045038What I mostly want is actual constructive discussion, instead of circular cynicism. I don't think it's healthy for media criticism, and there are better ways to work this stuff out. I am probably the biggest defender of the newer episodes in this thread and even I prefer the older stuff. I just think the reactions to the new stuff is often overblown and unhelpful. None of it is really criticism, especially defaulting to "people who like it have to be NPC consumers" which is a very dishonest argument to make.>>131045059Alright, I look forward to getting to understand your thoughts on what makes the older jokes better than the newer ones. I'd consider doing it myself although I'll probably be less harsh to the newer stuff.

>>131043537SoWhy don't they make a CATG episode (special) despite this being an extremely popular group and fans wanting some kind of content about them for years?

>>131045170*or special

i think one of the things i loved most about the old show is the fast pacing- so much fit into a single episode, more than fits into a 40-minute special nowadays- just full of more events, more story progress, more jokes... jokes are all about timing, and the jokes used to be so well timed, and there we so many of them that if one joke didnt hit, its ok- there will be more. now it feels like the show just has less of them, usually one or maaaybe two overarching jokes over the entire episode, and you really have to go digging to find any more. theyre also usually observatory or referential, just stating what it is that exists, and not taking it for a spin. another big factor in comedy is surprising the viewer, or giving them something new- working with the tools you have to construct the joke and then unleash it, whereas more modern SP feels like it sorta just... says things at you. hell, even if it does make a joke, a real one, beyond just ''yknow how thing... exists... and be like that? yeah, you know''- that joke is usually just said at you, maybe with a fun face or character doing something a little silly, its not integrated into the story. one of the better jokes imo in recent seasons was the "shellfish" one, form post-covid. (and this is coming from someone who opposes the vaccine, mind you- despite not agreeing with it, i can still laugh at it), it starts from a plot element, progresses well and has great buildup to a single, quick and solid execution. despite being a joke about a topic, it doesn't feel like the only way you could possibly "laugh" at it is because you just heard your own opinion said at you, and yet many jokes nowadays DO feel that way.

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>>131045170Lack of inspiration to do so.The feeling that they need to keep the main characters consistent even over specials, so at least some of the main 4 or randy need to be prominent.Or, they do have an idea but it will be for a future special. It does seem they are doing them in groups of two, the post covid specials were paired, and this one is a two parter. So not only would they need to think of a CATG story, it would need to be one that can last for the two 50 minute specials with them as the focus, which might be hard for them.

>>131045214yes, comedy can be born from what we know, (not just what we agree with, or whats true, but things that we are familiar with. you can laugh about a sterotype joke without believing the sterotype. you can laugh at a joke about a "fact" without actually believing the fact. you can laugh at a joke about unicorns, when unicorns arent real. because we recognise what a unicorn IS. however, its not enough to say "unicorn!" or "yknow how unicorns have... a horn... and theyre like a horse and that... right??") but a joke needs to give you something more. im not so insecure, that i need to hear my opinions said from another mouth. im not so understimulated that i need to hear a thing i recognize being said, like a dog that suddenly barks up when it hears a bark on the tv, because it suddenly recognizes something. comedy in general seem to be lacking in today's media, and so people no longer laugh at what makes them laugh- i feels like in many cases, were expected to laugh because were in a situation where we laugh. when we hear the news, and they say "the president", thats the news. when we watch a comedy, and we hear "the president", thats a joke! because its said in a context where jokes are supposed to be made, and we just heard something and understood it, therefor its a joke.the show was simple, and simplicity is golden. it was absurdist and crazy but that crazyness had logical coherency. it wasnt complete insanity, but it wasnt a bland, "haha soooo crazy!" kinda crazy that your math teacher tries to pass off as comedy.a toddler's idea of a joke is "wwah wwah blippity bloopity" and that means nothing.old south park comedy was "if X is blue, and Y is red, then XY is purple", its nonsensical yet coherent in its absurditymodern south park comedy is "if X is blue..... then KIM KARDASHIAN'S TITTIES ARE BIG!!"

>>131045214>>131045253holy autism

>>131045253the show wasnt as topical. yes, it was 'the show that did it first', and yes, it still did current events and politics and celebs, but it feels like1. it did them moreand 2. it did them better, and by better i mean, they werent usually the entire episode's focus and source of comedywhen mr garrison wanted to kill that celeb chick, she wasnt a large aspect of the episode. when saddam hussein was dating satan, his antics were crazy, he wasnt out here just shittweeting on his phone, he wasnt even doing the thing he was known for irl aside from a few gags that facilitated better comedy, he was doing fun and out-there shit. and the result? even if you dont know who saddam is, or care, his episodes are still fun. whereas nowadays info is spread too quickly, and celebs and politicians dont DO anything. they eat a burger, they tweet, they say a bad word or piss someone off or get into e-fights, they fart, they buy a mansion... who cares?? theres so many memes, trends and nonsense happening nowadays that yes, even if south park takes every current event thats thrown its way, just like it used to- it results in far less entertaining things to write about. it was made for the era it was born in, and if anything, its structure of rushing an episode out and getting the first word SHOULD have changed. thats one thing that, by changing, wouldve actually been more honest to the original show.

>>131045301south park used to be a show that wasnt like every other adult show- and one major difference is the kids. they used to behave like kids, and that helped facilitate a lot of the comedy and plots, whereas now when they act too mature, or hell arent even the focus and are instead replace by adults in order to facilitate more modern trends and tell real morals (because the show is scared of antimorals and grey morality, or dubious writing OF said morals, considering its viewers to be immature twats who need to be moralized to), the kids arent as fun or charming, and most characters were fitted into a preexisting box or an already overused cartoon best describe it- south park didnt need to try to be south park. now it feels like its trying to emulate south park, without knowing how- a more secondary, filtered and flanderized version of south park.everything that made south park comfy, aesthetically speaking, like the simple visuals, comfy minimalistic character designs and papercraft look, is not considered a "mistake", replaced by overly detailed and shiny "improvements" that actively detract from the feel of the showa cartoon's style's intent isnt just to look as good or realistic as possible, its to deliver a feeling, a motif- something old SP did perfectly, and something new SP feels lost tired... i have so much more to talk about but i feel like im gonna keel over... maybe later

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>>131045301bit of a correction>1. it did them less*

>>131045323I do recommend taking your time with the whole essay thing, you will want to rewatch a bunch of episodes so you can reference and quote them as sources for your observations. So you have time to gather info and put it all together in a comprehensive way.

>>131045389someday anonsomeday....

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>>131045447They gay.

say what you will about disability rep in south park, im starting to think most people itthreads feel pretty represented themselves...

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>>131045898what did they meant by this?

>>131045990haha innocent kid does something adult/cynical/lewd = butters' entire character

>>131046344and redditors will continue to clap and slobber and lap the shit that is Butters up.

>>131045990He's gay

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>>131046490Why do redditors love Butters so much though? I mean, I like him too but dunno, I still think he's a bit overrated in general (and overused in the show too)

>>131046490>this again

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>>131046627i genuinely think theres a difference between old fans of the show and current day underage faggots and ledditor yes-men, and its not even about "they like stuff i dont"we could like the exact same thing but in vastly different ways

>more anti-butters propagandabutters is a good character i'm sick of pretending otherwise

>>131046689He is but that doesn't change the fact that he's a bit overexposed in the show (not as much as Randy of course but still)

>>131046737hes starting to feel like a main character, and it doesnt help that he really Does only have one gimmick, which is "cute innocent kid does or says something very non innocent"

>Butters defense Force at it again You Bunnyfags can blind yourself with your envisioning of a twink Butters giving Kenny head but the people who actually watched the older seasons know Butters was a great character when he was a social outcast Melvin, who, despite wanting to take revenge on everyone for dicking him, was too much of an innocent airhead to do anything cruel. Now Butters is a useless creator’s pet they use to have a ‘sweet’ kid do something edgy and non-PG-13 to try and prove they still got it, and you faggots clap and piss yourselves when it happens. You all let them ruin Butters and watched. Him getting pissy and sinking a cruise ship or being a drug dealer or pimp isn’t funny when he’s completely lost his innocence already.

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>>131046759>hes starting to feel like a main characterAnon, he has been a main character since season 6 lolor at the very least, being more relevant than Kenny

>>131046842*being more relevant than Kenny since s6

>>131046689he was, back in the older seasons when he wasn’t completely overused and was a more minor character so the whole gag surrounding him stayed fresh. like leaving fruit out in the open instead of refrigerating them, Butters has gone bad and cannot be repaired. now we have to live with it, but what’s trash is you people blinding yourselves to it.>>131046627Basedboys love Butters because his parents remind them of their abusive ones while Butters himself, a seemingly “nice” kid who has a darker side and gets all pissy and shit reminds them of themselves, they think they’re nice guys, real self insert shit.

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>>131043627Isn't she canonically a crack whore?

This thread isn't comfy at all. I think it needs more Butters

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>>131046490>>131046627I don't care that others love Butters. My question is why do people still think of him as this innocent sweet little angel who can do no harm? He literally sunk a cruise ship once (pic related) and picked on Kyle when he was voted the ugliest kid in school. But whenever I point these out I always get the "Oh but he just doesn't know what he's doing" or "He's manipulated by Cartman into doing all that stuff" (Even though Cartman barely had any agency in the aforementioned examples)

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Are we ever going to get to move past the whole Tegridy farm shit?

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>>131046957>No mangled pig carcass with a wig in the middleShameful

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>>131046971did anyone else expect butters to come home as "marjorine" in that episode and have his dad think butters came back as a girl?

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>>131046953I've wondered if this isnt T&Ps attempt to torpedo the series so Viacom will finally free them of the endless dumptrucks of cash

>>131047015that episode was mild kino and at times pretty comfy

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>>131046939We’re discussing Butters plenty, but you can’t handle aggressive dissection of his character.>131046951Like I said; redditors. These self inserts, and several Bunnyfags themselves, refuse to accept Butters is the cruel pissbaby of today. Redditors view it as a potential attack on their character and lash out to prove it. I genuinely wish they took Butters in a similar but distinct direction by keeping him as a weird outcast, somewhat like one of my friends who people were cool with, but he was pretty much all over the place and make the weirdest jokes that people laughed at either out of awkwardice or because it was so batshit insane you couldn’t help but laugh. The important thing about Butters is that he was an outcast, but he’s lost that central part because Trey can’t write characters that aren’t part of the main cabal in-universe apparently.

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>>131047026>T&P>>131047035>Jasonremember the suggestion that Jason would come back and still think hes in the old seasons and be confused by all the changes and be immune to retcons like Tokens name?

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>>131047035why does cartman clench so hard in his sleep :( what kind of dreams is he having

>>131047055You're already making mean-spirited assumptions about me so I doubt you'll listen to anything I say. I'm not here to fight, I'm here to talk about what I love and post cute art

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>>131047128He sees really disturbing images whenever he closes his eyes, this weird mixture of human atrocities, natural disasters and food.

>>131046953The more people hate it, the harder Trey will keep shilling it

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Honestly I think the main reason redditors like Butters is his own overexposure, it isn't even like a deep psychological thing. Butters is used a lot for jokes, and is written to be "endearing", so they find him funny and endearing. Stan and Kyle are too bland for their tastes, Kenny is a non character a lot of the time, and then there is Cartman who is also pretty popular with the "reddit" types, but not as much in an endearing way like Butters is. CATG aren't as popular with them because they don't have much exposure in the actual show, and don't associate about the fujo subculture of South Park that cares about these characters.

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>>131047203Butters just replaced Pip because they wanted a punching bag with more depth. Now he's just kinda turned into a weird product of bad parenting.

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>>131047203thissimple people want what theyre given and have absolutely no taste or ability to think for themselves. this is the difference its not about WHO or WHAT they like-its not that if npcs like a character, its automatically bad and anyone else who likes it is an npc tooits just that npcs like them in a very particular way, a way that requires nothing out of them but to nod and praise anything that theyre told theyre suppsed to praise

>>131047138based bunnyfag

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>>131047138I accept the concession, so long as you promise to watch an episode like The Red Badge of Gayness or Two Guys Naked in a Hot Club where Butters is at his best in the entire series.>>131047203No, they resonate with Butters specifically. I can't speak for Bunnyfags and the user posting Butters art since they're just horny, but redditors specifically view themselves as Butters; 'innocent, sweet, nice guy who everyone hates' with a more perverse side underneath. The overexposure helps because they flanderized his character, sure, but people like characters for deeper subconscious reasons, no matter if they insist otherwise.

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>>131047203Spot on. Overexposure is also the reason why Randy is so popular among normies despite some of them getting a bit tired of him after the Tegridy shilling.

>>131047272to add to this, if you get offended at the fact that people who are simpleminded and stupid sheep happen to also like a character you like, youre probably no bettersaying "i dont care, i know why i love what i love" is also a part of self awareness

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>>131047231I think a problem with Butters (and all the kid characters I'll get into that in a sec) is that they used his initial potential up. We have established that Butters is a general well meaning but easily impressionable and pushed around. So a lot of his comedy was taking the most childish and "innocent" character and forcing him into edgy situations. "Butters very own episode" was pretty much this, the juxtaposition of the fucked up shit happening around him with his cheery demeanour and show jingle. And they can get a decent amount of mileage out of this concept, and they very well did. But after so many seasons of this, they used up that potential. It's no longer that funny when this sort of thing happens to Butters. So, they had to shake up his character, there was no way he was going to keep being so naïve after everything that has happened to him, so he became more aware and cynical of things. And that's why you have him being the one to get pissed and give angry speeches about how shit things are in recent seasons.Now, this problem has happened to all the kid characters (besides Kenny) in another way, which is the kids becoming less and less like kids, and more like mini adults. Because eventually after they have experienced so much they just aren't kids anymore. They know all the swears, all the sex and drug stuff, they are all aware of things when in the past they'd have to ask Chef or Kenny for information on that sort of thing (that's why Kenny was the exception, because his thing was he did know inappropriate stuff a kid shouldn't know but it was always muffled).So, TL;DR is that after so many years of going through shit, Butters and the kids in general can't really continue being innocent kids, and have to become more aware or they become stagnant and unrealistic. Also Chef dying meant the kids had no one to talk to about stuff they didn't know anymore so marks an important point in this development.

Attached: d5434u8-e9f85f35-66ef-459a-b430-f704ec3f7c8d.jpg (600x476, 175.07K)

Attached: dceb087e76e808917523a6994899f7e5.jpg (564x662, 57.16K)

Tweek vs Craig there are 3 different plots in one 25 episode (A plot: the boys trying to get Tweek and Craig fight each other, B plot: Mr Adler trying to get over his dead girlfriend and C plot: Kenny joining home EC class) and they all get solved in that time. These new episodes have A plot and maybe B plot too yet nothing gets done in fucking 50 minutes. That's the difference in tempo and it gets boring because South Park doesn't have the kind of artistic value you'd enjoy from a slow animated movie with beautiful visuals and great director work.

Attached: E2shxozVoAIhcsx.jpg (2000x1485, 335.92K)

Attached: FK2y343aIAA5PsA.jpg (1000x1333, 334K)

>>131047439there we go, spot on anonthat, AND they manage to fill those 3 plots with lots of jokes and gags, while still delivering a coherent sequence of eventsmodern sp feels like it stumbles and waffles its way towards ONE joke...

Attached: FM_3pDMacAAtHVl.jpg (2000x1500, 292.95K)

Attached: FRHayebaUAAtyT4.jpg (1572x1360, 561.53K)

>this special said "they let little kids get a boobjob nowadays">the old SP had an episode where Wendy got a boobjob no problem, and there were jokes about how they were eager to do it because big tits are betteri guess its true what they say, the world of SP feels a lot less crazy, but its also hard to do crazy when real life is weirder than any parodythen again i wouldnt call that an excuse. going from 'heres this craaazy thing that happens in this whaaacky town' to 'isnt it weird how this happens irl?' is still a bad turn of comedy

Attached: tumblr_c2b356104e55bacf21322b2f5c422ea5_09fc082f_1280.png (1247x1702, 966.08K)

Attached: tumblr_lzgylnt9eP1qm1yelo1_1280.jpg (747x602, 131.05K)

Attached: tumblr_mkhybgpqhj1qm1yelo2_1280.jpg (952x1521, 163.04K)

>>131047539that joke was too on the nose, it would've been way funnier and get the commentary across if they would've just had Cartman ask for tits and the doctor said alright immediately with no questions, maybe even throw in a beat drop to sink it in.

Attached: tumblr_mz42w1A7HG1qm1yelo1_1280.jpg (1205x837, 142.69K)

Attached: tumblr_pg04tccVQI1x03m4to1_1280.jpg (1031x1601, 247.67K)

>>131047587yeah, but youre forgetting who modern SP is written for- people who need to hear a very clear and verbal reference to a thing that happens irlany comedic spin or more cheeky and covert approach will fly over their head or make them monkey rage over not understanding the joke

>>131047593this might be the most faggy looking butters fanart i've ever seen

Attached: tumblr_pg5xqxZ6UD1qej0yho1_1280.jpg (650x500, 102.43K)

>>131045447they need to give him a hat, what should it be?

Attached: stan and tolkien.png (555x413, 459.92K)




Attached: 51WN845L8fL._AC_UX342_.jpg (342x246, 9.26K)

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I personally enjoyed season 11 much more, but that's because I'm an action faggot. I enjoy action and plot heavy shows. S1-S3 are quaint, very loose, very "comfy" like any early season of any show when they introduce stuff. S4-S7 is when shit gets a little crazier but still simple and S8+ is when shit really turns into Futurama. S17+ is when Trey blew his load after Coon & Friends and took a massive break from putting effort both into the humour and plots. It is impressive how SP didn't go to complete shit for so long and even now it isn't absolutely complete shit. The recent special was just mediocre, not The Room levels of bad like you'd think.I personally never found South Park a great show, only remotely unique thing I remember about it is the dialogue-based speech jokes as opposed to the slapstick & fart jokes I can find anywhere. I actually found S1-S3's body horror hard to sit through.

>>131047743this desu

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Attached: 097906d3970118295854e15027900227.jpg (564x564, 60.73K)

Attached: 0c284f3baf9dcf7ae1ab7cb289a1b514.jpg (540x619, 56.44K)

Attached: 7895024b84d02e572ee8433d19d4b8f8.jpg (563x662, 44.7K)

Attached: 1645197286124.png (718x646, 19.06K)

Attached: 500d2a09adaa41e8a8f8439bcd9985d8.jpg (564x465, 57.39K)

Post good faces, both canon and fanart

Attached: A.jpg (230x219, 4.88K)

>>131047324I've seen every s1-s16 episode at least 3 times. Red Badge of Gayness only had one Butters scene, don't know why you included that as an example unless you just hate everything after s3.

Attached: chaotic thoughts.jpg (1280x1708, 433.3K)

>>131047938see: every single face jimmy has ever made

Attached: late stage autism.png (616x572, 306.72K)

Attached: 1647103391505.png (857x762, 303.9K)


Attached: e5c5e7d333fd8a8180f0c9751f78c61a.jpg (400x432, 23.73K)

>>131048032idk why i love the shark meme, and i love when people draw nathan being absolutely fucking distraught by the sight of themyes! traumatize the boy!


Attached: hi nathan.png (538x576, 654.74K)

>>131048045I only recently realized how Nathan getting raped by various things is a trend in the show. Why do they do it to him, bros?

Attached: 1653336062220.png (974x1236, 956.7K)

>>131048061trey is really into rape and nathan is plenty rapeable

Attached: stan what the fuck dude.png (1436x1734, 51.8K)


Attached: Crippled Summer.gif (320x240, 981.59K)


Attached: 867b429618a22a932b4974618ab05933.jpg (563x520, 43.27K)

>>131048075>nathan is plenty rapeableoh yes he is.... but its odd since Trey doesnt seem to like or care for nathan much at all, and we dont see it happening to the other 'cuter' boys fun fact tho... Trey does voice Nathan

why do my hands smell funny

>>131048061Looney tunes parody = his schemes end up with him getting hurtbut south park adult comedy = they get to make it rape instead of just cartoon violenceis my theory


Attached: 671d3a1645790d1be45cb2ffa84665fe.jpg (564x946, 87.12K)

bros? whats going on down at North Park? I don't think theyre all too fond of pride month over there

>"Old South Park wouldn't do that">"South Park has become the very thing old South Park would've made fun of."Just a question, but what do people classify as old/classic South Park? Is it the first 3 seasons? Cuz alot of people seem to think of those as underwhelming and say that the show really started to pick up in season 4. So is season 4-9 what's considered as old South Park, considering those seem to be the most popular?

>>131048121they actually scheduled wrath month for june first, so there is come conflict as to what they are supposed to be celebrating.

>>131048154im gonna go ahead and say 'old' south park is single digits seasons, specifically up to season 8'new' south park is everything post 17, but that gets sorta blurry. up until 20 is for sure thoalso its one of those statements that despite not having a concrete defenition for, people still kinda... get... yknow what im saying?

>>131048121>south park has a (literal) incel downie with a useless lacky whos plans always fail>north park has a smug, evil little downie who plays lacky yet always slithers himself out of trouble and gets his way which is more based?

>>131048121the south park kids would seethe over the north park kids constantly

>>131048121who cares?

>>131048356they would, motherfckers literally have a hitler parodyimagine Kyle fuming

>>131043537>That good future endingI knew this whole thing was a Stan and Wendy love story.

Good morning to my sweet wife trey parker, whose special I finally watched and it reminded me of what a cute old boomer he is. He's still trying to stay hip with young people lingo and music. My sweet old man! So he can't find the stuff he wants to watch because all his silly streaming services confuse him? Yeah, I wanna torment him with all my love.

>>131048440good morning to you and your cute old wife! so, what do you think? it's embarrassing, sure, but looking at it that way almost makes it a little charming doesnt it?so... how will he be punished for such pathetic behavior? im excited to know!good evening to Nathan, the cutest little lad, who gets pampered so much being my husband! i cuddle and bathe and cook for himi think we'll be having pasta and meatballs today

>>131048421based if true

>>131048356S1-S3 SP kids wouldn't give two shits.

>>131048421So, are they supposed to be fuck buddies in the good future?

>>131048554reminder that Kyle's children in the good future look almost identical to Cartman's kids in the bad future.Kyle fucked a hobo.

>>131048527i think s1-s3 boys would actually go after them out of spite honestly, especially if we add in s4the boys made new york kids play the brown note just so they'd shit their pants in public, stan and kyle made some kid crawl up a woman's vagina for no reason, i think they'd at least try to pull off a stunt on them just to win one over on those 'north parkies'

>>131048656That's not what I asked dude

>>131048704thats kinda what our intent with north park is, theyre all meant to be crazy to rival original south parknu-park would hate them on a moral, ''they dont share our values'' sorta levelold-park would just be pissed at them like kids being pissed at other kids, and try and one-up them

>>131048656Cartman could've easily gotten back with that vegan chick, whatever her name was.

>>131047473Why does he look kinda hot in that artsyle?

I just realized this special literally confirmed Liane did not have very big boobies

Attached: 1654186577345.jpg (480x639, 42.66K)

>>131048502Good evening to you and your husbando! It sounds like he's gonna eat good tonight and I'm sure you've already got something special for dessert after that right?I do consider it endearing! My cute boomer trey, I'm gonna squish his cheeks and smother him in affection then tie him down naked to a chair. If he can recite which silly streaming service host his favorite shows correctly by the end of the night he gets to cum, if not well, better luck next lesson. Imagine the way he pushes and pulls against the restraints when I press on his cute pp with a nice big vibrator, he's gonna memorize everything.If you're asking what I think of the special I don't think much of it really. It felt like any other late-seasons episode to me. Without the payoff at the end anyway. At least r*ndy got shit on the whole time.The unexpected quick cut to janice the realtor dead on the mountain with her fucking foot eaten off actually got me. I'm not sure it was intentionally funny. Then cartman with tits of course, but that's about it.

>>131048856Aside from their punchable faces these motherfuckers have some elegant sexy bodies and if suits is your fetish then bonus.Look at those broad shoulders. That tall figure, that exposed chest n neck, those big & long hands that could rip you in half.

Attached: lupin-iii-feature-1.jpg (1200x675, 82.01K)

>>131043537what kind of haircut does stan's mom have?

>>131043537Tegridy Farms is the shittiest thing they have came up with. I was happy to hear it burns to the ground later.

>>131049227It doesn't burn in the current timeline because the boys save their broship and Stan won't start the fire after all, and now he has a friend living next to him.

>>131043856The special was honestly cringe inducing with how much Trey was complaining that they got a deal with Paramount and are now forced to make content no matter what, and that they regret it. God I hate it.

>>131043537There was a solution to all of this. It's not a matter of where in time someone should've traveled back, but when. If Randy fucks the pangolin in all currently existing timelines, create one where he doesn't. The kids could kneecap him before his flight to China and meeting with Mickey.

>>131049383Maybe they tried. Like if you put Randy in a coma someone would just come to him with the pangolin and spear it on his dick. Even if you killed him maybe his dead corpse gets reanimated every time. That kind of thing.

>>131047439>These new episodes have A plot and maybe B plot too yet nothing gets done in fucking 50 minutes.I remember listening to a commentary or interview or whatever it was, and Trey said he used to really stress out about having to have an A plot and a B plot and sometimes a C plot, but that eventually he realized it was better for his creative process to focus on one fully developed A plot instead of forcing multiple plots together, rushing them and attempting to have them converge somehow. That often times when he came up with an A and B plot, they could just as well work into two different episodes instead of being forced into a single one, making it messy.Trey also said when he is given too much time to work on episodes, he starts to get focused on "what the message is" and what it's trying to say, whereas when he has less time he can focus on just making it funny and not caring about the rest. I think I really see this second point in the Streaming Wars.I think it was overworked on, and so Trey got lost in "trying to say something" and forgot his main goal, which is to be funny.

What do we think of this?>>131049052


Attached: 1648591871565.png (521x366, 280.97K)

>>131049596Won't happen now because someone posted it online and trey hates when people guess his episodes correctly. Anyone posting predictions is basically guaranteeing they don't occur.

>>131049659>trey hates when people guess his episodes correctlywhy is he like that? why is he so passive aggressive?

>>131049659>trey hates when people guess his episodes correctlyDoes he? I remember him saying that you shouldn't change your plot midway because if people are able to guess where you're going that means you're doing a good job at setting it up. It was either at a comicon or in the fantasy episodes.

>>131049449That would take literal space turkey levels of...nevermind.

>>131049731was it an old statement? because trey used to say a lot of things he doesnt believe anymore, and hes certainly gotten crankier, less entertaining and more insecure

>>131049716I mean if your whole career hinges on bring unexpected, shocking, and funny, you're going to be actively trying to avoid people's predictions.>>131049731Name a single episode or special that anyone correctly predicted. All of the best possible plot points people predicted for Post Covid part 2 were avoided in the actual special. Avoided so hard that Wendy's husband just plain vanishes halfway through with no explanation or closure.

>>131049829>if your whole career hinges on bring unexpected, shocking, and funny,and theres the problemagain, we see that the biggest issue SP faces is that its trying to achieve artificially- what it used to do naturally, simply as a result of being itself

>>131049829>Avoided so hard that Wendy's husband just plain vanishes halfway through with no explanation or closure.yup, they start writing every part 2 after finishing part 1, and sorta just set stuff up and then hope future-them will figure out how to resolve itif any of you currently think they have plans for part 2, think againalso you know what that means- start guessing everything. guess the most unlikely things you can think of, one of them will have to be right>Tokens dad stays dead>Tokens dad comes back>Token moves away>Tokens family become the new owners of the waterpark>Token stays black

Attached: butters.gif (1200x675, 1.31M)

>>131049911Eric's mom gets the boob transplant!They all kill manbearpig!Manbearpig kills another person!Kyle is still on his period!Creek happens!Creek doesn't happen!Fuck you Trey!

>>131049875Look, it happens. Even independent creators I watched on youtube years ago who were the funniest weirdest people in the world ended up losing their edge and after steep drops in quality they barely make anything at all now. I watch their old videos, just now in fact, and still laugh my ass off. But their new stuff is just not very good. Staying consistently funny and fresh your whole life is fucking hard. Way harder than anyone realizes.


Attached: stolkien popsicles.gif (1200x675, 3.65M)

Attached: unsure-fap.gif (384x499, 352.11K)

>>131049984then stopi get the excuse of "but its haaaaaard", i really do, but why are you still doing it?

>>131050055>Kyle had to be reassured that it's ok if he doesn't have balls before doing thisvagina is confirm


Attached: FUQu5T_XwAIF51D.jpg (583x680, 56.34K)

>>131050069Most people do, like most of my favorites. They either go radio silent or tank their content quality until it's not viable to keep doing anymore. Just becomes a money thing I guess, with a smattering of occasionally decent stuff. literally happens to 99% of all creative pursuits, but when you're tied up with companies and suits they don't really let you kill your product even if you want to. Maybe trey could sell SP to someone else but he strikes me as the type who would rather know he's at least preserving some level of the show's honor till he physically can't do it anymore. Having a lifelong project like SP makes it an extension of the artist themselves and that's hard to let go of.

Attached: tumblr_a2e4313c3f7a0d6ce30f6d87b8156269_7299683d_1280.jpg (1120x872, 166.26K)

Attached: tumblr_24c3b2356c5098bbaf7ea60b9c1b99af_cfa3c0cc_1280.jpg (789x900, 203.25K)


Attached: pussy destroyer.png (122x128, 28.11K)

Attached: tumblr_d4678ed0f2174a026b9d195c350e7448_6d284263_2048.jpg (1448x2048, 267.99K)

>>131050327weak bait, go back

Attached: begone.jpg (828x831, 40.38K)

Attached: tumblr_935984a5f5ac3612d786f600dfbf19b8_619c2f70_2048.jpg (1536x1200, 421.29K)

post more kevin

Attached: thats his waffle.jpg (150x196, 12.76K)

Attached: FUQ3UszXsAA4SEX.jpg (1200x630, 186.63K)


Attached: tumblr_1b9f6e628995cb42b82394539dc0e308_2d965a2e_1280.jpg (832x1145, 156.33K)

>>131050420n no way! were these JUST announced? is there anything else new we should know about?

Attached: wha.png (286x232, 57.71K)


Attached: Untitled.png (210x223, 73.12K)

>>131050420Aren’t they forgetting someone?also proof the studio stalks these threads

Attached: 09C3343A-F620-42EC-A764-8C058D4E0873.jpg (750x1000, 95.42K)

>>131050420Extremely cute.>>131050522Also very cute.


Attached: 16e0e77c3df3fa127333775832528166.jpg (500x500, 32.51K)

>>131050420holy fuck kidrobot is so based. they consistently put out amazing merch

>>131050574their stuff is better than official sp-store merch, and its more of the kinda stuff oldschool sp fans would wanna buy too- toys, mainlymerch store is mainly just appearl, and considering you can1. print nearly all of it for a fraction of the price nowadays2. that money isnt going to support a small projecttheres no reason to buy from there, unless ur the kinda consumer that only buys stuff to show yyoure a fan, and not because you like it

>>131050522Emo Stan would look really good with Wendy.

>>131050649yeah getting pegged by her from one side, and token from the other

>>131050636this. crazy to me how they can slap a screengrab of the characters onto a tee and sell it for 30 dollars. (picrel)i was shopping at f21 the other day and saw a well designed south park shirt, for just 8 dollars. i even considered buying it.i don't understand why the south park store doesn't do that because they would sell sooo many more t-shirts

Attached: SP-Boys-Pic-100004-Black-Front-MF_grande (1).png (600x600, 205.07K)

>>131043537I want another game about the new kid where half the jokes are that he's been around for years at this point.

>>131050733i dont understand why they dont AT LEAST get artists, like the ones that make the Phone Destroyer card illustrations, make entire new designs for shirts instead of just a cheap graphic and some text at least warrants buying it


>>131050764because then they would have to pay those artists. why do that when so many idiots will buy a shirt with a screencap slapped on. they probably make a shitton from merch alone because of how low effort it is


let's talk about cryde

Attached: 235bd4f1620ad8c85d07c4a84153c317.jpg (1200x1105, 140.96K)

>>131050291>"a-are you a fan? do you want an aut-autograph?">[POV: you only wanted to warn him one button broke]

>>131049361>Get paid millions of dollars>Makes fun of the people that paid them millions of dollars>"God, they are SOOOO cringe."Is this hell?

>>131049159Goddammit user. Stop making me want to fuck adult Butters.


Attached: tumblr_piv5fiZzyY1y0qzwho1_1280.jpg (1280x960, 208.53K)

>>131050291>>131050960yo cripplefuckers got a point, this man is a treat

>>131050964>complaining about getting paid millions of dollars to deliver me, the consumer, a shitty productYeah, I cringed.

>>131050420>goth kids getting official plushies before craigkek

Attached: fbc36d17c4e8ccc9e2653e6a02d41a10.jpg (300x254, 15.48K)


Attached: 2bcb20ea4dfec2908a6ec343f990a400.jpg (563x570, 55.48K)


Attached: 971133dbd8a25285d792460091aa4079.jpg (1024x1024, 100.61K)

>>131051169nathan plush never ever

Attached: 20220329_232222.jpg (827x827, 43.33K)


Attached: FH4-9ZUWQAEq71A.jpg (1977x1400, 363.3K)

>>131049125I still don't buy that. You can't be on the cover of a porn mag if you don't have at least a decent rack.

>>131051305NiceAlthought fat, middle age Kenny kinda ruins it

I hope Trey is having a nice day and that he finds comfort in knowing that even if I didn't like his special I still want to fuck him just as bad

Attached: 4f27b54e34c0754065a572f81a935f88.jpg (582x1200, 102.94K)

would you?

Attached: 3ac5a0fa717613fadbdd6c5f07c2f073.jpg (640x641, 30.15K)

Why don't they want to make this canonAt least for one episode

Attached: 1654194493020.png (636x740, 318.9K)

>>131051736because it would be too based

>>131051736I swear if I have to sit through one more episode where the adults keep stealing time from the boys I'm going to kill myself and Trey Parker will be directly cited in my suicide note

Attached: 20220602_211448.jpg (890x1902, 262.55K)

>Have you boys ever heard of twerk like a bee and stink like a skunk?>You mean float like a butterfly and sting like a bee?>No I meant twerk like a bee (sticks butt out)>And (grunts a little and lets out a squeaker) stink like a skunk, get it? (laughs)>Dude sick!

Attached: download (1.2).png (500x1424, 917.25K)

>>131051690[kicks him]

>>131051815dude can you actually fuck off?

Attached: 1644113661179.jpg (1616x1916, 1.35M)

>>131051815this is why i'm not posting the big tits liane drawing

>>131051815is this currently the most annoying posted itthread?

>>131051806It's not like adult characters are super popular either (aside from Randy obviously) so I don't know why they keep getting so much focus.Don't get me wrong, I do like some of them (Garrison when he's not roleplaying as the orange man, Jimbo/Ned, PC Principal lately, Liane even though she's just another boring nagging mom now, etc.) but I obviously prefer the kids and find them more entertaining

Attached: 92586012_p40.jpg (960x804, 327.65K)

>>131051905nah, that would be cripplefucker

>>131051932no way cripplefuckers are more obnoxious than the Liane brap poster

>>131051815I hate you

Attached: 20220529_194312.jpg (2048x1749, 402.5K)

>>131051953yes they are

Unironically a special about kids as teens would have been better than what we got now

Attached: 92586012_p44.jpg (878x782, 277.04K)

>>131051844>>131051905>>131051932If you can post about fucking children then I can post about huffing farts, faggot

>>131052530yes you canno one is stopping youyoure just annoying

>>131051736They took this from us