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New episode in 10 minutes>Over and Out>You can go home again. But beware of hitchhikers...

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First for this cute wazzo.The accent is cute. Fight me.

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>ursa just became Emerald Empress.WAT

>>131043086Well I'm suprised there are only two episodes left>>131043268She is cute user, I'm agree

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>>131043305Yeah did not see that coming.

>>131043086Is there a stream? It takes a whole week for an episode to leak online

>Dick and Raquel killed off in one episodeWHAT THE FUCK?


>>131043383I wonder what Vandal Savage is up to right now.

>>131043383Do people usually die when they are trapped in Boom Tubes? Poor Dick, though. And that fucking cliffhanger.

>>131043383maybe hes just playing dead broshe wouldnt die like that surely

The next episode is Death and Rebirth right?Rebirth presumably refers to Connor coming back to his senses. Since Dick and Rocket's deaths aren't particularly dramatic I assume they'll be back in the next episode. Though I will say they should probably cut it out with the fake/phony deaths.

Dick died like a bitch like he did in Titans.Obviously he wont stay dead.

Dick's probably slowing down his breathing like Batman taught him. He'll be fine. Just a flesh wound. >>131043426>Though I will say they should probably cut it out with the fake/phony deaths.Yeah, too make fake-outs can make people more indifferent to them. There's a reason we still have Wally schizos to this day.

>>131043383Bart, M'gann, Black Lightning, the Legion maybe too.. like what the hell? How the hell do you resolve this in an episode.

For as much of a little shit M'comm is I love how objectives keep changing and he just rolls with the punches. Somehow.. this from next episode leaked from next episode.

>>131043463>Savage watches this unfold via monitor>"Klarion, undo this shit so wont play second fiddle to some Kryptonians."

>>131043086can someone remind me again why M'comm is Lors henchman let alone such a loyal one? What does he gain from all this?

>>131043483>Kara is a Fury What. The. Hell.

>>131043483They also got a bit of the final battle here. I guess France aired the last episode early.>>131043497M'comm needs Darkseid's resources to help him overthrow the Green and Red Martians. He was ordered to obey Lor-Zod like he was Darkseid.

>>131043497Darkseid told him to do what Lor says. Best not to make Darkseid angry.Kinda seems like they might have a slight sense of comradery at this point but given how quickly they left Mantis it probably won't last.>>131043483Mary's expected. I guess Supergirl isn't a huge surprise either given all the Kryptonian stuff this season but I'm assuming this is like at the end of the episode to tease next season.

>>131043531I guess Granny Goodness caught Kara's pod in space or something?

Okay so were going to go from a season about saving Conner's soul... to one about saving Kara? Presuming we get a renewal?That's a lot of Krypton stuff.

>>131043483>>131043519Leak the full episode

>>131043558we're looking for it.

I gotta say, this season finale seems to be a huge step up from last season's. >>131043483And now the tease with the magic school bus passing Barda one year later makes more sense. All to tease this.

>>131043519I don't know why seeing it in this battle is what gets me but I really don't think I like Ursa becoming the Emerald Empress. There's already so much going on we really didn't need that.>>131043555I mean it'd probably just be one side plot of about a dozen others in the show.

So what seems to have happened is the finale was accidently released in Qubec.. for like an hour or something. All the sites that would have it don't anymore going through more.


>>131043086>Zod addresses the world in perfect EnglishHow? Martian telepathy just makes people think they here their native tongue there is no actual audible translation

>>131043574I thought the S3 finale was actually pretty good despite all the other issues in hte season.S2's finale was the clusterfuck finale despite how much I liked the rest of the season.

>>131043268I want to kiss her

So it wasn't a leak in France.. it was a leak in fucking Quebec.

>>131043268I legit thought Tara Strong was voicing her - I just saw it was Wahlgren in the credits - I feel pretty silly that I didn't notice. But yes the accent is cute.

>>131043519> vs Lor is a terrible matchup, Kon maybe has combat experience but he is totally outclassed in terms of power

>>131043678Might of had some insane shit that unlocked his powers or something.

>>131043483Oh cool Big Barda maybe we’ll see Scott Free make his moves on her and free her.

>>131043636Yeah I remember said The production tea blowing apart the resources for the first half of the season. The impact is that they cut 6 episodes off so that's why Season 2 have only 20 episodes.

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Nightwing was in some of the previews for the comic. Once again, either they're flashbacks or Dick's gonna be fine. >>131043661I honestly missed the leaks. It reminds me of seasons 1 and 2 again.

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>>131043707no S2 was just a 20 episode order when they were expecting 26, so they had to cut some stuff (apparently entire arcs for Red Tornado and Zatanna).They still totally blew the budget during S2 regardless though.

>>131043717Since Traci is Fate I don't think this really can be a Flashback.

>>131043483Kara looks pretty cute, which means that we are going to get coalburning propaganda shoved down our throats given how this season has gone.I know Greg is too gay for it but I really wish Kon and Kara finally get a series where they are together and interact in a healthy way; for whatever reason DC has never produced a Kon and Kara book and splits them apart outside of crossover events; a series where you have two young Super teens completely new to earth (for different reasons) going around trying to learn where they fit in and having wacky adventuresses with wholesome endings seems like a slam dunk but here we are

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>>131043717The Corgi wingman is on the preview too right ? Yeah either in between of episode 23-24 or the aftermath Plus this >>131043729

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>Dick gets a severe head injuryTime for R I C.

>>131043698only way it works, though I don't see how going in to a place where time pretty much stands still on a biological lever would do that.Also, unless Diana put Kal through a serious combat training course Zod is gonna be way better at CQC, all Kal has is experience with using his powers under a yellow son so unless he knows Torquasm-Vo he's gonna have bad time

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So that Markovia episode really was pointless to the season wasn't it.

Anyone got a link?

>>131043753not just a head injury but pretty sure his heart stopped

Dru-Zod wants to take power in Metropolis. The Vigilantes intervene and win the battle. Superboy remembers his past, his family and returns to his own. He decides to marry M'gann. All members of the League are present. But on Apokolips, revenge is brewing...apparently this is the blurb we've found autotranslated.

>>131043776depends on how you look at it, if you see it from Greg's perspective with the purpose of the show bing to push fish cukold thruples and non binary Muslim lesbian drama then it was very relevant.

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>>131043786Didn't he decide to marry her like a fucking year ago in universe?

>>131043784What if he just slowed his heart beat to avoid being killed

>>131043786>The Vigilantes intervene and win the battle.are you fucking kidding me? Outside of Cassie there isn't a single member that wouldn't get one shoted by a Kryptonian punch

>>131043776It was catch-up from a major plot point in season 3 after it was barely teased throughout this season. It was necessary, but I do question its placement that late in the season.

>>131043826It's an auto translate, their just talking about the heroes in general, the Team + League basically.

>>131043487would Klarion listen to him? Kryptonians running amok sounds like something he would enjoy. It brings up a good point though, how did Zod conquer that much territory in the future if the lords of Order are around, they could just teleport his army in to empty space around a red son and have them all suffocate and die of cold

>Episode ends on a cliffhanger like thatDamnWhy isn't the rest of the show like this, less pronouns and exploring religions, more actual superhero crises

Is there a mega for the episode?

This season sucks. Over 20 episodes of filler until something happens and there’s not nearly enough time to wrap any of it up in a satisfying way.

hhahahaha this leak shit takes me back to YJs original run where this happened like 5 different times.

>>131043383>Raquel we don't see her die so it hasn't happened, she still has the option of running back in to the zone or get pushed out in to the fortress. Also, she's a black woman, Greg won't kill her

>>131043868Because the writers don’t actually want to make a superhero show. The pronoun and social commentary is what they actually want to make.

>>131043875what are you talking about bigot!Depression PSA's, lesbian Muslims choosing their pronouns, gay fish, thruples, everybody clapping for "king" Mera is all crucial to the story.If anything we should stop wasting time on Kryptonians taking over the Earth and focus on actually important things, like which character of the cast is gonna start transitioning. Fucking racist nazi plotist

>>131043872whats wrong with >>131043399

>>131043823that would be bat-tard levels of asspull. With Artemis they planned it out, this time it would be on the flay and Dick would have had to have that exact dosage of a very unique drug on hand and be able to take it midair as the crystal sphere was falling on him.

This season was so fucking ass lol

>>131043519>Final fight is two white male heroes vs two black male villainsnow we know why this season had so much woke stuff, they needed to be able to deflect any chance of getting cancelled on twitter lol

>Nightwing dies in his own arc before doing anythingIf his death sticks that would be hilarious.

Is anybody not really excited for the Kara stuff? she's just going to end up on the heroes side when barda inevitably flips

>>131044020And she’s gonna get BLACKED by Zod’s BBC too, can’t wait for the seethe that will cause on here. It’ll be pretty hot, too.

>>131044020But what if she stays a wild card while Barda joins the team.

>>131044027Please Kalibak and Grayven are going to double team her.

I really want to see The House of Zod succeed unironically.

Still want more of her

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>>131044062I'd love that but we know that's not happening they had so many opportunities for wild cards terra being actually evil of her own free will for once, superboy joining zod for good, killing off Superman as show of actual stakes etc.

>>131044099I don't the Cheshire family drama was always cringe

>>131044091Anon I got some bad news for you there are already two major evil factions in this series

>>131044112Of all the melodrama in YJ the Cheshire stuff is some of the better. Better than Aqualand and his cuck friends>>131044099weird as shit to me that they got away with this

>>131044119who will inevitably fuck them over...

>>131044027>Kara will either be turned gay or be BLACKEDI really fucking hate this timeline, bros.

>>131043383>Dick and Raquel killed off in one episodebarely features in his own arc and suddenly die at the end of his arc...great

>>131044091You know what would be even better? If Zod is forced to retreat to Apokolips and the first Darksied makes him do is kneel

>>131044143Black man kneeling? nah not gonna happen in Greg's cartoon show

>>131044137it's probably the latter since if she was gonna be made in to dyke they would have made her brown or with piercings and weird hair colors... at this point if Greg is gonna go all in on the diversity/degeneracy he could at least do the incest angle and have Kara cuck Megan... then again that's too wholesome for Greg

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>>131044176Why not? They do it all the time these days as a form of protest. Don’t you watch the NFL?

>>131043753So much for Dick saving Jason.

>>131044176>Black man kneeling?good point>>131044123>weird as shit to me that they got away with thisthis was back in 2010, things hadn't gone completely insane yet. Media and the net went full retard during the 2016 elections>>131044112My problem with it is that it's just not relevent, it's exactly the type of content that should have been covered in tie comics and not the core show

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>>131044192yeah, but that's when they want to not when someone makes them do it. Enforcing rules or decorum on nogs is racist

>>131044123>Of all the melodrama in YJ the Cheshire stuff is some of the better.That was just retarded,

>first Wally>now DickDoes this writer hate white males?

>>131043519So basically everyone expect Artemis, Dick and Rocket.I suspect Artemis is helping save Dick somehow since.. she's really not much use in this fight. she's a badass but what the hell can she really do against Kryptonians? and Raquel.. who the hell knows?

>>131044290No they just like to focus on lesser known characters.Also Dick is almost certainly not dead just based on previews for the follow up comic they've put out already.

>>131044290>Does this writer hate white males?just for context, the guy he is responding to is not white and white men were not brought up at all prior to this

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>>131044307Jewish Freudian slip. They really fucking hate you guys lol. They probably don’t like Latinos either, but they seem to really have it in for you guys specifically.

>>131044290Maybe not hate, but really bitter towards because of the perception that they stand in the way of more diverse, more “interesting” characters.

>oh boy looks like the heroes might have one up on the baddies this time>lol noI don't know why I like Weisman shows I fucking hate the way he writes conflict

>>131044307That just seems like he was responding to an unreasonable post with an equally unreasonable answer to prove the point.

>>131044316>but they seem to really have it in for you guys specifically.I'm not white but I agreeWhites came closest to stopping them and no matter how much they hate them all their power comes from manipulating them and all their achievements were stolen from them. My theory is part of the reason they hate whites so much is that despite being everything that they are not jews are still forced to pretend to be white, a constant reminder that everything they stand against is the only reason they have anything at all; like being a diversity hire professor at Harvard, the imposter syndrome must be insane

>>131044336Sometimes I think Western writers really love overpunishing their main protagonists, especially in aspect of battle performance.

Sex with Superboy.

>>131044360It's not even that. If they were losing in battles it wouldn't feel so shit. But the last few episodes have just been a series of incredible coincidences that have helped the bad guys come out on top

>>131044346how is someone suggesting not wasting half your show on propaganda irrelevant to the plot an unreasonable request?Also, the fact that despite white men not being brought up at all Gregs first instinct was to attack them, should tell you where his mind is at. I am willing to bet money that if Greg thought he could make all the white men in to villains, browns or fags he would do it in a heartbeat but despite how hard the wokes scream even they don't want to watch shows that are entirely centered on people like them, and the OG audience would also leave long before that; the decline of Netflix is proof of that.

I love her gremlin voice

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>>131044410He wasn't asked that he was asked "remove all DA GAYS from the show they ruin the show" more or less. but.. gay people exist in real life, they are just people. So yeah it was an unreasonable request.

Basically were just waiting for a Euro to upload. the only site that still has ep 26 up seems to pretty well protected against VPNs.

I would kneel before Zod. He seems based

>you shall not pass

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>>131044463>He wasn't asked that he was asked "remove all DA GAYS from the show they ruin the show" more or less.Not what he said at all, lying isn't gonna help you when we can all see the quote:>Would be nice if guys strip the LGBT content out of YJ because it doesn't add any valueit doesn't add any value and it takes up time which has to be made up by rushing the main plot. You can lie and try to miss-characterize what that guy said all you like, doesn't change the fact that we wasted lots of screen time across multiple episodes on nothing but pronouns and other LGBT shit irrelevant to the story>gay people exist in real lifeWTF does that have to do with Superhero's and why should entire episodes of a superhero show be centered on depression, LGBT Muslims, and other shit irreverent to the plot?> they are just people.c'mon, we both know what you are trying to do here. Why can't you guys ever be honest about whats actually going on, the show is being used as a mouthpiece for promoting LGBT lifestyles instead of being what it advertises itself to be. And for record, being LGBTP is abnormal, otherwise it wouldn't need to be promoted so aggressively>So yeah it was an unreasonable request.again, how is a show about superheros' being about superhero's and not a mouthpeice for modern liberal propaganda unreasonableAlso, before we continue, are you straight and not jewish or this personal for you?

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Dumb question but does Megan still have Connor under mind control?

>>131044636She never had him under mind control to begin with... unless you believe some of the fan theories that she fucked with his head when she first came to earth and that's why he loves her in the first place.

>>131043453Remember when Tom Taylor killed Dick in Injustice

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>>131044544the french VA's sounded really phoned in to me, might just wait for a proper English version

>>131044636she.. never did. She tried to fuck with his memories a bit once to forget he was angry with her before S2 which is really fucked up but so far she doesn't even seem capable of straight up mind control.

>>131044463Faggot spotted

>>131044635What the fuck do Jews have to do with any of this? Why does fucking EVERYTHING with you people go back to "THE JOOS" Do you know how insane it is to think literally the smallest of the 3 Abarhamic religions by fucking 100s of millions secretly controls EVERYTHING is?

>>131044702>Injusticedon't remind me of that trash-pile of rag, it's entire purpose was to be OOC garbage written for Batafgs that want Superman to be another one of Batmans rouges. Whole thing was just character assassination after assassination, Frank Miller had more respect for the characters.

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>>131043483WTF Supergirl?How old is she?

>>131043574Yeah they killed Nightwing

>>131044636No and never been the case.My memory bit fuzzy but I think Megan once out of fear and anxious got to inside Conner head during their relationship before the S2

>>131044730>jews are a religion not a ethnic group>"THE JOOS" yeah, I am gonna go with kike

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>>131044730When many of those Jews happen to also be in high positions of banks, media corporations, and governments across the western world, it’s not insane at all.

>>131043753Can we Fast forward to Dark Crisis Nightwing?Skip all this bullshit with brain damage

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>>131044670>>131044713Damn am I dumb. Thank you for clarifying! That trope is really skeezy to me and I think I misread something.

>>131044307HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA fuck you Greg, glad I pirated your shows you fucking rat

>>131044704Yeah unfortunately that's the case with a lot of Euro dubs, I think a big part of it is the gen that tends to watch it mostly knows English as a second language already so their dubbing is basically stuck in the 90s at best.


>>131044840that's mostly been my impression as well. I speak multiple languages but get most of my content in English since it seems to me that most of the good VA work gets centered on English outside of Japan.

>>131044863The Light and ApokolipsHave you even watched the show since S1?

>>131044316Hitler was part jewSo this is your explanation why jews do this to white people when they can hate each other like that

>>131043086>trained by the greatest tactician on Earth>attacks 3 kryptonians without prep or backup>immediately jobsthis Dick deserves death holy shit

>>131045096I wonder what Batman reaction to Dick's death will be?

>>131045096>immediately jobsAnon he doesn't supposed to have chances of winning physical fight with Kryptonians, especially under yellow sun and Dick Kryptonite is lost. Need to rewatch it but I guess the team doesn't know the boom tube lead to Zod's team?

>>131045107he would be sad...then kill himself after knowing how Dick die

>>131045096is it really jobbing when you are up against 3 guys that could all kill you at super speed before you could react?

>>131045116>I guess the team doesn't know the boom tube lead to Zod's team?They didn't but they should have prepare for anything. After all it is a prison for evil supervillains

That guy is posting even MORE stuff now and in English.

>>131045124>>131045116well what do you call it when his iq suddenly drops to single digit and he decides to fight 3 kryptonians by himself? it shouldnt be surprising he lost, but why he even attempted to fight is fucking insane

More leaks.The Ash on the wall on Mars back in the finale of that arc.It was Lor-Zod the entire time, he makes a break for it after Rocket arrives in his Time Sphere but Metron locked the cordinates... leading him to die by his own bomb.


>>131045230it look more like a fight or flight response to me. Lor noticed him right away and he had to shut down the sunlight pods, after that he was fucked no matter what he tried>>131045239source? Funny if true

>>131045248>dimension morbius

>>131045239>It was Lor-Zod the entire time, he makes a break for it after Rocket arrives in his Time Sphere but Metron locked the cordinates... leading him to die by his own bomb. Metron you petty cunt, I love you, perfect end to Lor

>>131045248two thoughts, Metron is one cheeky motherfucker... doesn't this mean the whole thing was predetermined though? Defeats the purpose of the timesphere.That dress on Rocket looks like something you try to seduce someone with not wear to a wedding. Really how they don't pawn off the black single mom on Orion, he deserves better

>>131045283Metron knows how to MORB.

>>131045300>The beast with a million morbux

>>131045239>>131045248>black villain getting disintegrated in graphic detailI think >>131044014 fucking called it. They tried to shield themselves by putting a whole bunch of other work shit into this season.

>>131045316It's all part of a grand plan by Metron to get the entire universe to watch Morbius thereby achieving universal peace. lives

Tim and Steph are implied to be together at the wedding, There's some... weird little bit where Lian and Amistad pat each others hands. Halo and Harper are holding hands. M'gann's Parents show up in a fucking BIO LIMO.

>>131045365Jesus Conner what the fuck did you do to your hair.

>>131045365WHY THE FUCK IS ICICLE JR INVITED TO THE WEDDING? This is a Superhero wedding with close friends and family, this is tumblr tier

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>>131045248Wait what happened with Rocket then, She just back and forth in timeline?

>>131043862Zod is a dictator the order lords are probably cool with it

>>131045378half his head was burned, he probably buzzed it to make it look even

>>131045365Lmao Conner actually invited Icicle Jr. True Bro right there.

>>131045384Metron saved her.>>131045382He and Conner are sort of Frenemy's.


>>131045405>He and Conner are sort of Frenemy's.yeah, that doesn't fly when the toddler half brother/nephew is attending, not to mention the other children who could all be potential targets. apparently Kara was in the zone the whole time

>>131045469Of course Savage somehow manages to win again. Now he has an army of Kryptonians he can let loose.

>>131045484So what are his plans? To destroy Justice League? To destroy Earth? To destroy multiverse?How can ONE CAVEMONKEY WITHOUT POWERS do this?

>>131045505The most powerful Semen in the universe.

>>131045505Because Darkseid permits him to

>>131045469>all have served their sentencesI would say trying to conqueror earth warrants an extension>>131045505All we know is that it's all going "Just According to Keikaku"Also, immortality, near instant regeneration, and some degree of super strength count as powers

What a fucking wet fart of an season finale.

>>131043086So what're the chances of a season and would you want one?

>>131045248he died the the way he lived, like a mongrel bitch

>>131043383I'm hoping Dick took one of those pills that masks your heartbeat from kryptonians, just like Artemis did in season 2 when she faked her death

>>131043468He's a pretty good goon all things considered, wouldn't mind having him by my side if I was a supervillain

>>131045599I'd be surprised if Season 4's viewership was higher than Season 3's. And no, from what I've seen since the revival, I don't want a season 5.

>>131045638But Season 5 will have Supergirl

>>131045096He had the drop on them too. What a stupid moveLike him pulling out the kryptonite on the phantom zone

>>131045433He’s crying from happiness has a power inhibitor on and is being cool. Can’t you be cool user?

>>131045599We would have to see the ratings and views for the show on HBO max to make a guess as to whether or not it's getting renewed. Animation has to be done months in advance so if we were getting another season it would have been announced already, which means it's still up in the air and won't be coming for a while. IMO, I just want it to die, Kon and Kara are my favorite DC characters and after seeing what Greg has done to Kon I don't even want to imagine what he will do to Kara, especially if he uses modern material for reference.

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So Danny really did die?weird how they immediately start calling it the mother-thrall

>>131045650>But Season 5 will have Supergirlthat's what I am dreading. Look at how gay it's gotten, they are gonna turn Kara in to degenerate coal burning whore who's gonna beat up and emasculate Kon and Kal; and that's if we get off easy. I am done with shit, as far as I'm concerned it ended after S1, if I want more I will write my own fanfic.>>131045662and what happens when he gets back to prison and his dad and crew start asking about where he was and who was there?>>131045724no, we see him at the wedding. M'comm just did to him what Megan did to Kaldur in S2

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>>131045638Seasons 4's viewership was apparently significantly higher than 3s. But that's not surprising given a LOT more people have HBO max than did DCU.>>131045666So regardless of if you want it renewed or not HBO max is fucking weird about renewals a lot of the time. They'll wait till the finale to decide and announce ether then or within a month or two after going over all the data. They are a lot more generous than say Netflix about renewals but they tend to wait the longest for the yes or no.And yes this does screw over animated shows in general cause production time. Harley Quinn S3 for example would probably already be out if they hadn't waited like 3 months after it's finale to decide that yes they want another season meaning the showrunners had to put together an entirely new crew.

Wasn't Ice Jr among the teens going through 'villain rehab' like Livewire?

>>131045759No we haven't seen him this season. He was put back in jail last season but during that fight him and Conner were.. friendly with each other and Cameron congraulated him on being engaged.Basically their enemies because opposite sides of the law but their actually friendly on a personal level.

>>131045774Right, right. Then yea, I'm cool with it. I enjoy a "We're on opposite sides but we don't need to kill each other and can be genuinely happy for each other" rivalry.

>>131045740Have one of the martians mind wipe the faces and location of the wedding all he remembers is The bride and groom.

>>131045759he's in his 20's though, he was late teens in S1 and it's been 10 years since then>>131045890unless he agree's to that it's fucked up

>>131045903Yea I was thinkin he was in the rehab group in S3 but I'm probably wrong. Either way, he seems to have a decent rapport with Conner that's built up since the prison episode. With all the supers present, they don't even need a security detail.

>>131045903God you’re so uncool user. We don’t know I just give you a scenario where he could go with no motives other h than being a bro.

>>131045963the problem isn't before, it's after. Like I said in another post, JR now knows the names and faces of all the hero's family members, even if he doesn't act on that others who could get the info out of him could

I like Young Justice. But they're setting up for more Darkseid shit. I hate Darkseid man he's so fucking overdone and edgy. They're going to pull an Apokolips War 100%

>>131043914>Depression PSA's, lesbian Muslims choosing their pronouns, gay fish, thruples, everybody clapping for "king" Mera is all crucial to the story.Most of that bearably had a minute of screen time

>>131045321Nah, not credible since he didn't have to make Zod black

So… how Did Dick survive

>>131046083Likely used the same trick he used with faking the death of Artemis back in the day.

>>131046018>$0.50 batdollars have been deposited into your account - Discovery

>>131046083My guess, head wound was superficial and he used yoga techniques to slow his heart beat enough to fool Lor Zod.

>>131044635>it doesn't add any value and it takes up time which has to be made up by rushing the main plot.I does by providing character instead of making everyone action figures. You may not like it but it has value>>131044635>hy should entire episodes of a superhero show be centered on depression, LGBT Muslims, and other shit irreverent to the plot?Superheros go through a lot of crap and we never see they toll it take on them especially if they aren't Superman or Batman. Halo finding herself givse her an arc to deal with otherwise she bee as pointless background fodder. If JLu can do romance so can YJ.>again, how is a show about superheros' being about superhero's and not a mouthpeice for modern liberal propaganda unreasonableSuperhero comics has been propagandized the. start. Superhero became what they are now because writers explore them more than just "punch the badguy and win the day".

Attached: 1641321819311.webm (1280x720, 992.92K)

>>131043383I watched the ep. There is zero chance Dick or Rocket are dead.

>>131046192We knowrocket time travels and saves the day

>>131045248that was ash? I assumed the has encased in lava.

Why is Greg keep forcing Superboy x Mrs.Martian shit

>>131045469Rocket looks good

>>131046209get fuck, lagoon boi..go take care of your wife's baby

>>131045740No way Supergirl wears that in this show

>>131046209>Why is Greg keep forcing Superboy x Mrs.Martian shitCassie (wondergirl) was off the table at the time the show aired.

I hope season 5 comes out so we can have M'comm tapping Kara.

>>131046389after this season garbage, which did everything that season 3 did wrong but worse, I very much doubt that there will be a season 5

>>131046568You’d think so, but the worst garbage somehow always finds a way to get renewed, season after season. Personally, I think this show lost its magic after that first time skip. It has only gotten worse since then.

>>131046306>No way Supergirl wears that in this showWhy not? The designer worked on the movie and this season has sexy outfits

Attached: no-scratches[1].jpg (688x384, 39.33K)

If Greg was smart he would do Dark Crisis in Young Justice

>>131045505He wants Humanity rule the Universe with him as it's leaderBasically God Emperor of Mankind

>>131046763They showed her outfit already

>>131046763Because women aren't allowed to show skin anymore user, it's against the Koran.


Attached: 1652747659142.webm (1080x820, 836.49K)

that eye was just chilling in lor's sleeve this whole time?

>>131045248Now that was a satisfying death

>>131046763Darkseid has his own harem

>>131043086Good episode I had my doubts but it's all coming together.

>>131047172Shame about the rest of the season though.

>>131046902And Looker is barely a character that will never get any screentime

Attached: Looker_Shrug.webm (898x1018, 589.32K)

>>131045248the show really loves these exposition dumps

>>131045248>>131045239what a shit fucking show. dropped

>>131044702The best part was how they adapted that exact scene from the comics for the animated movie

>>131047353t. Lor

Kara is gonna get dicked down by Lor's BBC and have plenty of beautiful mixed babies.

>>131044738Didn't Tom Taylor say he hated writing Injustice because of how dirty it did Superman and WW? Makes me wonder whose idea it was(Captcha: HAA0A)

>>131045248Nice.>>131045365I'm surprised they try to squeeze it into the last episode but I guess it's whatever. Don't really care much about any of the couples in YJ truth be told.>>131045469Does that mean M'comm lives through all this? figured it would end with him getting thoroughly brain blasted by his sister.

I can’t wait for blue hair to be a guy next season

Attached: 7B3D4A57-0F33-4195-867D-B338A0D88BE8.jpg (676x658, 303.79K)


>>131047557any muslim bros seething over this?

>>131045239>>131045248No Lor can't go out like this, he was the fucking chosen one. He was supposed to make Young Justice great again with the house of Zod. The house of Zod is way more interesting than the bullshit Savage and Darkseid has going on.

So tell me why you don't want season 5 and based Darkseid?Because of WOKE?

>>131047557>that casual wear at a weddingat least let harper wear a tux damn.

>>131047566Why? Because he killed green latern?Fuck laterns

>>131047594She's too poor

>>131047582Can't seethe if you skip their scenes each time

>>131047582Why are we seething over this? It is in Muslim tradition to do thisRespect Muslim tradition

>>131047557maybe this was the point of the markovia episode to officially break brion and halo up so this could happen

>>131047608Mostly his shit eating grin and laugh when he met his son right after killing the dude and running around the entire galaxy smashing shit

>>131047589Because I no longer have faith that the show-runners can do it justice anymore? Is it not painfully clear that the magic is gone at this point? Maybe you feel differently, and more power to you if that’s the case, but I spent 3/4s of this season bored and praying for something, anything interesting to happen. If I didn’t have free access to this show I wouldn’t even bother. I can’t fathom paying money for this.

>>131047642The point of the Markovia episode was to setup shit for the comic, and s5 if it's greenlit

>>131047566What did Lor do that deserved that kind of death? He was trying to free his parents that were stuck serving a prison sentence that was long over due. What he killed a Green Lantern? There's millions of them and he was replaced that episode. Cut Lor some fucking slack, he was a misunderstood kid that literally didn't do nothing.

>>131047538>Does that mean M'comm lives through all this? figured it would end with him getting thoroughly brain blasted by his sister.yup, Savage outright states that he sent him back to Apokolips>I'm surprised they try to squeeze it into the last episode but I guess it's whatever. Don't really care much about any of the couples in YJ truth be told.don't mind the couples but I hate what MM does to SB, whenever she is involved everything in his life revolves around her, he should have gotten his TTK and risen to be a true heir to Kal. Also I still hate this "half brother" shit, he would be his half brother if he got half his DNA from either Lara or Jor but he got half his DNA from Kal, that means he is biologically his son; just because Clark doesn't want to admit Lex is his other baby mama doesn't mean it's not true

Attached: kon is not a clone.jpg (1440x1932, 405.3K)

>>131043086Yeah, I dont think Justice League was in the right here. Basing your accumptions of someone on "muh Future" when "muh Future" has already been debunked from being a sertain and refusing to release inmates that already have served their time multiple times over is fucked up.

>>131047586Why you don't like Darkseid? He is a God

>>131047672Superman just wasn't ready to have a kid at the time. So his way of coping with it while also stopping his dickish attitude towards Conner was to treat him like a brother instead of a son. And Conner desperate for Kal's approval went along with it because it was better than nothing.

>>131047672Yeah I wish they just had him as his son, I don't like this "half brother" shit either. It feels like they're a step away from developing into that but it's hard to say.As for M'comm, I hope M'gann promises to fuck that guys brains as soon as she sees him again rather than letting him get away again to kill who knows how many more orphans. She eventually kills him in some continuity of comics right? What exactly lead to that compared to the shit in Young justice so far?

Look anonsDarkseid is so powerfulHAHAHA

Attached: qoxoa1ry4bf81.jpg (640x985, 158.17K)

>>131047667And the kidnapping and death threats were for a good cause! Trying to murder Kon was also just a joke, anyway he deserved it for being racist (white)!Also, the plans for brutally conquering the galaxy was just talk, you can't fucking prove that you bitch ass po po!He was a good boi, getting his life together, ready to go get dat college, until that cracka Metron fucked it all up!on a serious note, he's technically still alive. His backstory was that his mom was pregnant before being sent in to the zone so unless the Eye gave Usra an abortion he will still be born

>>131047659LATERN stuff was great user

>>131047667He was deranged lunatic who idealized his parents to extreme degree. Even Zod was visible put off by that.

>>131047747He's done literally nothing. Darkseid is just a looming threat teasing us. He appeared in the season 2 finale and has yet to do anything, I'm over it at this point. At least Savage has gotten his own hands dirty to further his goal. Lor and the house of Zod could have been that third party to shake things up, but instead they get defeated in the very next episode of them leaving the Phantom Zone. Lor didn't deserve this, he was the best villain Young Justice had in a long time and now poof he's gone.

>>131047753>Yeah I wish they just had him as his son, I don't like this "half brother" shit either. It feels like they're a step away from developing into that but it's hard to say.the final fight scene from the next epsiode spoilers was a poke in eye, they line the shot were it's the Zod father son duo and Kal and Kon in the same position, if no one had said anything about the brother bs everyone would see a father son battle

Attached: d4vl2xe-44538955-92c9-4411-820f-267df0f109a2.png (955x700, 288.98K)

>>131047699I could see that for most of the other Kryptonians but Ursa and Zod when given freedom immediately start fucking shit up. They deserve more time for that if nothing else. Hell letting the others go free might even give them a chance to de-program their loyalty to Zod.Granted it's all a moot point. Also I do love that Kaldur tries to reason with them with this talking point - I know he's the 'boring' member of the original team but I have a soft spot for heroes that are rational and tries to reason with people when given the chance.

>>131047667ANON he killed a COPYou think killing green latern is justified?

Alright so basically>Good guys win and kick team Zods ass>Lor gets tricked by Metron and vaporized with the bomb he planted in Mars>Team Zod is captured by Savage, they send them a few kryptons as a "peace offering" and one of them happens to be Kara>Superboy and Miss Martian finally have their wedding>Dick survives since he played a trick on the kryptons, and Rokket survived because Metron likes her and wants to try something out with her>M'comm is still alive, somehow, and is working with Darkseid still>Danny survives his vaporizationFeels like there's something we're missing but maybe the Kara cliffhanger is all there is until the comics

>>131045248>Lor>Vandal>The reach>GrannyBest season defeats in that order

>>131047877>tries to reason with them with this talking point >hey giuse we know you served your time and were meant to be free 30 years ago but if you will let us ghost you and leave you here potentially for ever like the ghost girl implied we MAY consider paroling some of you. Maybe. Yeah that sounds like a great deal.

>>131047884Yes. In his original timeline his parents were stuck in the zone for over 1000 years, and jailed again after being understandably upset. So Lor is justified in killing one measly space cop.

>>131047877>I know he's the 'boring' member of the original team but I have a soft spot for heroes that are rational and tries to reason with people when given the chance.Even when fighting Kon he was like that. Out of all the core members he had the best outing this season

>>131045248>>131047566I'm really glad that he died instead of getting a forced redemption arc.Metron didn't seem the type to hold a grudge but Lor was the only one who deserves to be fucked over.

Attached: isaac.png (572x564, 87.73K)

Metron is an asshole and deserves to die.

>>131047960And then Zod and Ursa prove that they shouldn't be let out. Someone has to take someone on faith here and strictly speaking the League clearly didn't know about the kryptonians in the PZ so it's not like they put them there or purposefully prolonged their sentence.

>>131047991>Lor was the only one who deserves to be fucked over.>Lor just wanted to be reunited with his parents and undo a great injustice that his parents served an insane amount of overtime on their prison sentenceLor deserved a happy ending>>131048005this

>>131047877Parols are supposed to happen when you still have time left to serve. When you have served your time you have served your time. Full stop.This falls unambigiously under cruel and unusual punisment anyways.

>>131047589Yeah, the woke stuff will drag everything down. Don’t taint Darkseid with that gay shit.

>>131048005Metron forgave everyone who attacked him except Lor.>>131048030>Lor deserved a happy endingThis isn't Cringevania.

Attached: isaacvscarmilla.webm (1280x720, 1.98M)

>Released 1k years into the future>Immediately starts invading shit and trying to fuck up the universe>Released 40 years after their planet was destroyed>Immediately starts invading shit and trying to fuck up the universeCruel or not, they can stay in the phantom zone.

>>131047442Lor’s dead, blackedbro. Sorry.

>"I did my time, and then some. Let me out of this hellhole.">"W-wait kryptons are super strong. You need to stay in for a bit longer while we..."I'd be pissed too. Letting them out should've been the first thing they did.

>>131048023Can you fucking blame them? The Phantom Zone is hell. It fucks with your mental state, you don't have proper control over your body, and if you're not careful and get angry you could die to a Phantom Zone beast. If the Phantom Zone was some normal prison then maybe I could understand but it's not. Being trapped there more than intended will have fucked up after effects. Keeping them there longer for a parole offer that might not come is selfish.

>>131047991>Metron didn't seem the type to hold a grudgeyou don't know Metron then, in the comics he pretend to be all detached and analytical but the moment he gets taken out of his chair he turns in to the most petty vindictive little bitch ever. It's all a act that he puts on while he has the power to lord over others but quickly fades away the moment he doesn't.>>131048005Nah, the thing with the Lantern rings earned him an ass kicking but not a death, other than that he hasn't done anything else that warrants violence. >>131048030would only be valid if not for kidnapping, attempted murder, and plans to slaughter and conquer across the galaxy>>131048034The problem is that the Team and JL have no idea what each of the Kryptonians were in for and how long, I agree with you that they deserved release (and in the final episode spoilers they get it only for Savage to kidnap all of them) but the fact that they immediately reacted with hostility to the team put that in jeopardy, if Zod had been diplomatic with the team as he was with SB he could have probably negotiated their release right there

>>131048034Sure but that doesn't mean you release them on a planet with a yellow sun. Releasing them on a world similar to Krypton is the best course of action.

I’m just glad that M’comm’s still kicking, he’s one of the show’s most entertaining villains.

So what happens now that Savage and Darkseid have a shitton of Kryptons? Has that ever happened in the comics? I know in Apocolips War the fused Parademons were all supposed to be as strong as one Superman each, and every fucking bitch got massacred

>>131048109>but the moment he gets taken out of his chair he turns in to the most petty vindictive little bitch ever.So when is he going to get revenge on Superboy for doing that same thing? But when a black man does it Metron wants to get revenge right there and then? Metron needs to die the most and I hope he does very soon.

>>131048100ambushing the team and threatening was what put the team on edge. If Zod had calmly approached them and asked to be released without threats it would have probably worked. At the very least he could have asked that a few of his people go with SB and the rest wait behind while SB and the forward party talks things out with the JLIf the officer in charge of getting out of jail comes in to the jail and your first reaction is to ambush them and make demands things aren't gonna go well>>131047442what is it you faggots get out of this? I am not white but if someone constantly talked about how they are gonna humiliate men of my race then impregnate the women I would hate them far more than whites hate niggers.

>>131048194>But when a black man does itand there it isAnd you wonder why every race on earth (including your own) doesn't want you around

>>131048175His partnership with Lor was very interesting, but now that Lor is dead M'comm is alone and boring again.

>>131048175After everything that happened I was surprised MM didn't fry him, he really got off easy

>Season 4 manages to get Holla Forums and BBCfags seethinghow does Greg do it?

>>131047442sorry bitch no SHITTED for you

what was the point of that emerald empress shit

>White Martian keeps getting away with villainous acts>Black Kryptonians gets killed and captured the moment they begin their planIt really makes you think.

>>131048109>you don't know Metron then, in the comics he pretend to be all detached and analytical but the moment he gets taken out of his chair he turns in to the most petty vindictive little bitch ever. It's all a act that he puts on while he has the power to lord over others but quickly fades away the moment he doesn't.He does absolutely nothing to Superboy, Black Lightning, and Razor after being attacked. Actively visits Cyborg and Halo to say no hard feelings.

>>131048269To strengthen Vandal Savages' army for his battle with Darkseid.

>>131045248>Kryptonigger burnt to a fucking crispmore like BLACKENED lol

>>131048030Is Ursa still alive? She's already pregnant with Lor so unless she has a miscarriage, she can still give birth to him and lead to a happy ending

>>131045248You get what you fucking deserve

There better be riots for Lor's undeserved death. Lor was the greatest heel in Young Justice history hands down.Rest in Power black king

>>131048344She's being kept in stasis on the War World, I think? But even if Lor is born again, he'll be even younger than Jon Kent.


>>131045382He invited him back in season 3. Icicle Jr and Connor were pretty chummy during their fight.

>>131048290In his chair>M'gann had a chance to vaporize him>Spared him, but essentially told him they were fucking through as siblings condemning him to an eternity in the Phantom ZoneYeah this bitch ain't getting off AGAIN

>>131045740>they are gonna turn Kara in to degenerate coal burning whoreBut greg also hates black men getting laid.

>>131048590Superboy and Black Lightning got him off his chair.

>>131048622>>Spared him, but essentially told him they were fucking through as siblings condemning him to an eternity in the Phantom ZoneWhat did she say to him? EE got away?

>>131048622>You were GLAD Connor was deadI mean I don't think that's any worse then when he murdered those enslaved meta-humans in S3 or tried to genocide the green Martians earlier this season but I guess we all know where M'gann's priorities are.

>>131048630Remember black lightning in s3?

>>131048622>M'gann leaves her brother on Mars alone knowing the discrimination white Martians face>Never went to Mars to check up on him to see how he was doing>Gets a new Earth brother and completely rejects her Martian heritage M'gann was a shit sister to her only other white Martian sibling.

>>131045740Kara getting BLACKED will justify Lor's death. They better make it happen.

>>131048714You mean the season where his white gf didn't actually give a shit about him and was only using him to be close to Brion and Violet?

>>131048740He still had sex.

>>131048622>Don't mess with the El'sThis is so animated it hurts....why do I love it?

>>131048735This season was a travesty to all BBCbros and it cannot stand. Blonde bitch Supergirl NEEDS to get a JUICY BLACK COCK next season or Greg's gonna have to explain why he's so insecure about the BLACK MAN'S sexual POWER.

>You are already dead>What?Was that a reference?

So do you think M'gann is just absolutely done with M'comm's shit at this point considering all the chances she gave him?

>Parents imprisoned for 1000+ years>Instead of getting a normal parole, get shipped off to a dead empty planet forcibly>Visibly upset and want off>Get persecuted again and thrown into prison for eternityHow was Zod in the wrong for wanting to kill the people that expressed 0 intentions of letting them out of that hellscape with man eating shark beasts?

what the fuck guys, I thought we were getting a Zod BBC takeover? How's Power Girl gonna get BLACK BRED now?

>>131048810It was Lor's birthright to dick her down and clap Kara's cheeks. And those bastards took that from us.

>>131048794>Instead of getting a normal parole, get shipped off to a dead empty planet forcibly...their planet is gone how the fuck would they get a 'normal parole'? And given they're refugees with criminal pasts other planets don't have to accept them.

>>131048791M'gann is the reason why M'comm is the way he is.

Is it wrong that i still dont like Miss Martian and think that she dragged Conner down? the Conner part sounds dumb probably.

>>131048195>what is it you faggots get out of this?replies and attention.and since 4chan is too stupid to realize this, it will keep happening.You can literally just post "BBC" in any thread, not liked to any post, and it will get at least three replies of people being angry.

Why did they do zod so dirty? I knew they were going to get fucked but like this?

>>131049088>Why did they do zod so dirty?They hate to see a black Kryptonian get that yellow sun glow up.

>>131048705She basically went into his mind and told him that she fuckin knew that he was happy about Conner dying and lets him fall into the void

Well I guess I'm getting finale clips in my recommendations that interesting though mostly stuff we know or knew was going to happen.

>>131048713I took it as her way of telling him she knows he's been lying to her all this time about him being "sorry" for what happened to Conner, or how he lies about still caring about his family.

>>131047667>>131047810AGLAB!All Green Lanterns Are Bastards!

Attached: Crazy+Hal.jpg (980x1502, 264.32K)

This ark proves how much Greg hates Nightwing. How is this ark, if he's hardly had any air time and now has been "killed" off...its fucking stupid.

>>131047789I really really really fucking hate comic book writers and artists no longer have the creativity to depict what they're supposedly writting. How is this the fight between the ultimate Darkside and the empty hand?

So why/how exactly did Ursa manage to become Emerald Empress?

Kinda mad that The Light came out ahead again here.>No arc where we get Zod's army vs The Light vs the Justice League plus reserves. >No aftermath where Vandal is bootyblasted about having to use his anti Darkseid measures early. >No mask-off Lex gleefully killing Kryptonians.

>>131043776Yeah, they were trying to show that Brion was wrong in his choices. When in fact, Brion did absolutely nothing wrong

Attached: bedlam.jpg (750x375, 33.01K)

>>131049398The Eye was attracted to her lust for power.

>>131047899It honestly feels to good to be truth, like this is just a dream paradise made from Connor

So.. is Nightwing on a coma or what?

>>131049451No he's literally in the next episode alive and well it's bullshit. >>131048622

>>131049431Ah so it sorta works like lantern rings then?

>>131049414>No arc where we get Zod's army vs The Light vs the Justice League plus reserves.You know they will not be able to fully animated it>No aftermath where Vandal is bootyblasted about having to use his anti Darkseid measures early.Angry caveman best caveman>No mask-off Lex gleefully killing Kryptonians.I can see Lex is asking for one

>>131047789What is even happening?

>>131049004Yeah. I like Conner, but I never liked how the show kept excusing M’gann’s shit and how hard they try to invest us in their relationship.

>>131047789Didn't darkseid turn into the Empty Hand or some shit? Took his place? Or he is just super-mega-ultra darkseid now?

>>131049451He's fine. He used the Batman heart-stopping trick

>>131043086Goddammit I was expecting zod kino now we're right back where we started with this savage and darkseid bullshit

>>131045254>source? Funny if truethe episode

>>131049398I think they made her the new emerald empres so she could escape and give birth to her son, setting up a new arc

>>131049414Greg will never let his perfect villain team be upstaged, even when Darkseid is involved he and The Light are equals. It's a shame because the show could use with a real shake up

>>131049598>>131049626Honestly having Zod be a wild card that doesn't figure into anyone's long-term schemes would've been great.

So Lor is stuck in an infinite loop where the end result is him blowing himself up over and over again? Metron is a pity bitch.

>>131045369Judging by the sitting arrangements, including Traci/Jaime and Bart/Ed, there a whole lot of fucking lesbians.

>>131048275But Greg the writer hates white people

>>131049966>So Lor is stuck in an infinite loop where the end result is him blowing himself up over and over again? Metron is a pity bitch.I assume Empress will raise a new version of her while the other got GSR


>>131050028>herWell to be fair, a troon villain sounds cool.

Lor did nothing wrong



>>131050011As he should

>>131050057>Well to be fair, a troon villain sounds cool.>timeline shenanigans and emerald eye covert Lor to LoriWould be neat

>>131050150Then Lori gets BLEACHED by Jon.

>>131049269>Well I guess I'm getting finale clips in my recommendations now.Anyone have the full leaked finale?

>>131043914>this has to be sarcasm

>>131046148>declaring who you want to fuck is a valid personality trait and its ok to base your entire identity on itjust because your horny for gay fish doesnt mean everyone else cares user

>>131047789I can't fucking believe they turned Empty Hand into another generic crisis villain

>>131049998>Courtney wants Royal Red Martian dickDid Johns approve of this?

>>131043383Nightwing is the show's "safe" character, the character that fans flock to watch for. Sure, there are Artemis fans and Superboy fans, but most of the people watching are just watching because of Nightwing I'm pretty sure. He's too much of a fan-favorite to kill off.

>>131050426>just because your horny for gay fish doesnt mean everyone else cares user>Character is fueled by love and lustHave you ever watched a DC show?

Attached: 1652082699688.webm (960x720, 1.83M)

>>131050510>Sure, there are Artemis fans and Superboy fans,There are?

>>131050547Superboy has a comic now(6 issues) but hey that is somethingSuperman son is main Superman now

>>131043483>Femdom Mary is backWe did it bros

Attached: 4EBAE9E3-0ADF-4F35-9340-BCE5C64E17CA.jpg (493x786, 127.39K)

>>131048347Greg hatesblack guys doesn’t he?

>>131050519plenty, and surprise surprise, theyre shows actually about superheroes, not shitty how I met your mother and your mothers boyfriend bootlegs

>>131044015Nightwing can't die. He hasn't even been raped in the YJ continuity yet.

>>131043483Black Mary's kinda fine.

post predictions for next season hard mode: no comments about it being woke

>>131049414>No mask-off Lex gleefully killing Kryptonians.You mean saving the Earth from a band of Kryptonian war criminals?>>131050655>>131043483So where's Black Adam?

Attached: K7oQ9eDrTuGLRsAUNCLuBa-1200-80.jpg (600x300, 26.35K)

>>131050845it's gonna be woke


>>131043383>Leave Zod and his Lackeys to me

Attached: Spawn_39.jpg (600x900, 222.53K)

>>131050696>plenty,Name them. Name 10 that didn't have romance,lust , drama or identity crisis>and surprise surpriseTo what? You didn't show any examples.

Attached: 1652638673082.webm (1080x770, 1.3M)

You know brion was right about the heroes being hypocrites mm brain fries people she gets forgiven Tara openly admits to murder she gets forgiven too zod and company want out of the phantom zone nope

>>131050903>she gets forgiven Tara openly admits to murder sShe turned herself in, Brion didn't want to.

>>131047241Looking at Looker's lookers

>>131050903The issue with Brion was mostly him going "I'm king now, everyone get out of my country"

>>131045248Well that's a damn shame Lor was a surprisingly entertaining villain for YJ.

Attached: 1564642185286.png (341x290, 215.45K)

>>131050965To the league and outsiders not the actual authorities

>>131051007Yeah that I get but the murder was justified if any of the leagues family got killed they'd go full injustice

>>131050892>10setting an unrealistic number doesnt help your point user>JL>JLU>The Batman>Batman the animated series>Batman the brave n the boldnow give me an example from any of those where they re/introduce a character for 2 fucking episodes, have them snog for half the run time, just to become completely irrelevant to the plot againI'd say I have faith that youre not retarded and could eventually spot the difference between that and a properly developed relationship between main chars that end up in a split or marriage more than 10 eps or entire seasons later, but you give off the vibes of a mentally ill enby that doesnt see any problem with mutilating your own genitals and encouraging children to do the same

>>131051007And also him being a cunt to his brother for no reason. >>131051038She went to the Hague and was sentenced to community service via the Outsiders.

>>131045248So does Nightwing live or die?I predicted that Lor would be redeemed into Nightwing II after this season but I guess not. Funny though, I usually hate Chris being a villain but I actually enjoyed this

>>131045248Damn, Colonel Sanders is DC's greatest hero

>>131050011>Breeds colored(literally) women with white men

>>131051103Did you forget all of the obnoxious John Stewart/Shayera/Vixen melodrama? Even the actually decent comic book continuation to JLU felt the need to bring that shit up again.

>>131051140>She went to the Hague and was sentenced to community service

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>>131051150Ursa is still pregnant with Lor. There's still a chance he can be raised by the Kents.

>>131051103>>JL>>JLU>>The Batman>>Batman the animated series>>Batman the brave n the bold>now give me an example from any of those where they re/introduce a character for 2 fucking episodes, have them snog for half the run time, just to become completely irrelevant to the plot againJl/JLU had the Hawkgirl/Green Lantern. cut that out nothing changesBTAS/TNBA and The Batman had Catwoman then e faded out by the 3rd season in both same with brave and the Bold. Remove them and nothing changes. Even then 5 is a handful not "plenty".

>>131050850>So where's Black Adam?In the show, he was last scene jobbing when he was part of the fake Light. I think the more recent comics have him fucking around in space.

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>>131051224Lor HAS to know that him still being from the 31st Century means that he hasn't changed a thing about his own timeline, right?

>>131051230>each show has dozens of episodes and many hours of runtimeI'm sorry its not enough for you, some of us actually need to touch grass unfortunately>Hawkgirl/GL>CatwomanI said chars that stay for 2 episodes user, not main chars, congrats on failing basic reading comprehension

>Alright I'll bite. Vandal, should be concerned from getting cancer from all the Kryponite laced weapons we have? I mean having insurance against our new slave army is good, but I don't want Stage IV liver cancer from holding on to some glowing rocks.

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Is Orion Rocket's plus 1?

Not gonna lie, I was hoping the scene in War World would've ended with Zod sort of waking up in his cell. Both to show his willpower and the potential to fuck everything up for Vandal in the future.

>>131051365Seems like it

>>131051317Not quite because in this universe if you get his with enough time radiation you become paradox immune

>>131051317Aren't the time travelers dislodged from the timestream and butterfly effects of their changes due to chronoton radiation exposure?Like Bart stopped the Reach, but he's still in the past, and still only has knowledge of the previous history so it's not a situation like he came back to the past for a different reason now.

>>131044206Dick saving Jason? This is the happiest Jason has ever been in the entire multiverse. He is absolutely miserable and friendless all the time in the comics. Leave him alone and let him be happy for once with his nice babysitter and cute baby brother in a ninja meditation retreat.>>131045107Get a new kid?>>131047672>>131047748>>131047866Man, this is the worst. Clark is SUPERMAN, not Mediocreman. He is a paragon, he steps up to take on responsibility and to treat people with love. He doesn't abandon people, he doesn't chicken out. He was adopted by the Kents, he was adopted by Earth and adopted Earth in turn. He EMBRACES people. He steps up ALWAYS.He felt extreme isolation as a child without any Kryptonians to share his life. Clark should be the one JUMPING at the opportunity to spend time with Conner, and if anyone Conner should be the one unsure of how he wants a family.If you write Clark like a deadbeat dad, or giving anyone the cold shoulder out of cowardice, you have completely misunderstood the character at the very basic level.

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>>131051449I forgot that he was from a reach invasion timeline

>>131043086So let me get this straight, killing is wrong but traping people forever in a purgatory despite already fulfilling their sentence is right? Ok... now the heroes have the power to impose sentences or offer bail...

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>>131051471You're asking for a character who is known for his humanity to be less human. Humans can make mistakes and have their issues. Even Clark acknowledged he could've been closer to Conner. And he wasn't wrong in not being Conner's "father" just because everyone was forcing that label on him.

So in the potential of season 5 what season villain will they pull out of nowhere to avoid actually fighting Savage or Darkseid

Wait so Lor-Zod died in episode 4 but he's only in that position because of stuff that he did after but he's only in THAT position because of the stuff he did that got himself killed later? The whole season was a loop?Time Travel is fucking wild

>>131048622I can't believe Danny fucking Chase is crucial to beating the big bads of the season.


>>131051426I ship it

>>131048791At this point yeah, she was sympathetic to him before despite the crimes he'd already committed but by now he's just gone utterly off the deep end and proven himself basically irredemable.>>131048917Martian society fucked them both over, no M'gann wasn't a great sister in that in saving herself from that society she doomed her brother to be alone in it but ultimately all of M'comm's actions were his own. He chose to work for the literal god of Tyranny and do all this insanely evil shit.

>>131051807Is he now in the War World's prison?

>>131051529Not my problem.

>>131049415He is based. Brion in the recent comic event Shadow War was also based beyond belief. He's basically my favourite character now. Only problem is his traitor telepath stopped him from making peace with Violet "big booty" Harper

>>131051836M'comm? No he was sent to the Phantom Zone but Klarion retrieved him and Vandal sent him back to Darkseid along with Kara as part of their deal because as humanite puts it he's "Darkseid's pet Martian"

>>131051529They were already plotting another coup while in prison

>>131051529Shouldn't have killed the cop that had jurisdiction over their sector of space.Only fair thing to do is leave them as they were.

>>131043776The only useless arc I see is the Atlantis arc

>>131051912>Person has commited a crime worthy of 5 years>Lock them away for 40 years, whoops tee hee>Also forget the part the Phantom Zone literally rapes their mind>Also forgot to mention the phantom zone is full of giant man eating creaturesthe heroes are sociopaths

>>131051954Artemis arc was pointless too

>>131043086god they really shouldve just excluded the pointless woke signaling shit, its like>established characters doing their thing>randomly cut away to some fags kissing>show them running away from danger the next episode>never reappear again for rest of the seasoncan showcucks stop wasting runtime on farming woke brownie points, if youre gonna do a violet arc then do a violet arc, her deciding to become a dyke is not #deep character development, nor relevant to the rest of the season

>>131051889"NO BRION YOU CAN'T KILL THE CULT LEADERS WHO'VE BEEN KILLING PEOPLE FOR LITERAL CENTURIES AND BLEW UP YOUR COUNTRY AND THE MAN WHO MANIPULATED AND RAPED YOUR SISTER. THAT'S NOT JUSTICE TO BELLE REVE YOU GO"Yeah what the fuck was that. Bruce and Damian came off as so fucking self righteous in that issue. Ra's and Talia have been a menace for ages and Slade goes like "ima reform I promise" but then goes back to being mega evil all the time, he's proven he's never going to actually change. Brion wasn't even asking Bruce to break his no kill rule personally, just to let him end it finally.

>>131051474It's odd to think the Reach managed to beat the Light so thoroughly in Bart's time.

>>131052093The light is drastically outgunned compared to the reach It’s only until getting war world that they can be considered a galactic force

So season 5 when?I like this showBest TV show DC has at the moment

>>131051921what cop? kripton is gone, the government who sentenced them doesn't exist.


>>131052275That was his son and the green lanterns didn't sentence them to the phantom zone.

Wtf y keep teasing me with Ed/Bart?! I wanna know if they are a couple!!!

>>131052354I'm suprised that despite all the woke shit, they still aren't allowed to confirm that Bart is gay. I guess DC doesn't care about Halo so weisman can turn her into a muslim non-binary lesbian, but he can't touch their precious impulse

>>131045369>Tim and Steph are implied to be together at the weddingPredictable, but I wish he stayed with Cassie. The Robins have a thing for getting their pelvises shattered.

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>>131052455I guess someone at WB won’t allow Weisman to end the Allen bloodline through gaywashing.

>>131043776It's the basis for the in-between season comics. Some big continuity stuff happens in them like Match becoming Bizarro and dying to Batgirl and Brainiac invading.

>>131052455Still funny that they were able to make Tim and Jon, two vastly more marketable characters, into faggots but not Bart.

>>131045248this makes me happy

>>131050242Seems like people are avoiding a full episode because WB lawyers are like hawks.>>131052209Probably within a year and a half. HBO Max still needs material and reception is still positive.

>>131052642Nobody cares about Tim Name one iconic Tim moment in 30 years of existence

>>131052773Tim is better than damian

>>131052649YOU ARE RACIST

>>131052773Beating Lady Shiva by poisoning her the day before so that when they start the fight, the poison finally takes effect and paralyzes her

>>131048622she really should have killed him, but after the whole Brion shitshow she probably doesn't want to get ostracized from the hero community for killing

>>131052791Dick is the only Robin that should exist at allWhy would Batman need so many sidekicks? How incompetent is he?

>>131049269>"Connor look at all the times we had sex!">"Omg I'm a good guy again!"What martian pussy does to a mf

Bro how do they suck this hard?

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