Baby Huey is the worst classic cartoon character of all time

I watched a few Baby Huey shorts last year and they are genuinely fucking disturbing.First of all Huey is NOT cute at all. He is outright retarded, it's not that he's supposed to be a giant toddler he's supposed to be grade school but he still wears a goddam diaper. The short I saw showed him fucking everything up and the beleaguered schoolmarm just expels him.NOBODY in his world likes him, except his placid Mom who thinks there is nothing wrong with him.He's a fat imbecile who is unaware and unapologetic about the destruction he causes and it's really kinda creepy to watch his cartoons and imagine that somebody thought this shit was funny.

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the show was even worse

>>131042584Still better then the sadistic cunts like Woody or Bugs

Yeah, there was some shit in the past

>>131042584Definitely the worst Harvey Comics character to star in a comicbook series.

>>131042584>the average abdl community member

>>131042584Huey is a perfect storm in things I hate about cartoon character design>Fat retard>Diaper>Selfish>Never gets punished>Perpetually exposed gut>Baby bonnet>Bird with hair>Annoying voiceThank god nobody is trying to reboot him. Let him rot.

>>131042584I get the appeal of Casper, Wendy, Spooky, Hot Stuff and Richie but not this asshole.

>>131042827>They reboot him as a horror movie antagonist

>>131042934If it means they kill him at the end that's fine with me

>>131042584This is someones fetish

Remember that parody by the hellboy creator where huey killed 3 kids, raped his mom, then hospitalized his dad to the point his father was permanently disabledlol

>>131042584I’m going to say your reaction to the Baby Huey cartoons is an example of how our understanding of disability has changed over time. Baby Huey himself was probably never that popular, but there was also Junior, the dopey giant “baby” bear who appeared in some Looney Tunes, and a couple of other dopey giants who were parodies of the mentally disabled guy from The Grapes of Wrath, so the trope had some pull back in the day.

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>>131042686>Still better then the sadistic cunts like Woody or BugsNeither of them turned their foe into a corpse perforated like swiss cheese with ricocheting bullets, to serve as a pianola tape. But Huey of course did:

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>>131043675>but there was also Junior, the dopey giant “baby” bear who appeared in some Looney TunesWasn't it his dad's signature tard wrangling technique to just sucker punch his failson?

>>131043742I remember the dad being pretty violent with the son and the dad just not being able to hurt him in any real way. Like we’ve all been saying, it was messed up.


>>131043675You can probably blame Chuck Jones for explaining Of Mice and Men to Tex Avery. Chuck talking about the tragedy of plans and circumstances, while Tex immediately thought of a giant retard who crushes every pet he has since he cannot control his strength. Hence why we now know the phrase "I will love him and pet him and call him George! "

>>131044046Even Disney is guilty of it as well, take a look at the giant from the Jack and the Beanstalk cartoon.

>>131042584Reminder that this

>>131044046Wow. Do you have a source for this story? I’d love to know more.It feels like it all comes down to Tex here, but his “big strong mentally disabled guy” riffs were approved by the studios, and audiences were basically okay with them for decades.

>>131042934I mean, depending on who you ask...

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>>131044090>Everyone in the thumbnail looks disgusted

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>>131042584Really?The worst?More than any other?

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>>131044100I mean, even in the 80s people were "fine" with it since they threw in a reference to it in Transformers the Movie where Grimlock asks Kup to "tell [him] about the (petro-)rabbits"

>>131044117>That existsBut why

You forget, this whole attitude of everyone being special and bringing something to the table and being a genuinely accepted part of society is new. Baby Heuy was hilarious in a time where the only acceptable reaction to such a character real or imaginary was "Get a load of this bumbling fucking retard! What a waste of goddamned space! Look at him, he's trying to use words! LIKE HES PEOPLE!"

>>131044187>Baby Heuy was hilariousWoah now, let's not say anything we can't take back.

>>131044156>Gadgetfags turning a member of RR's main cast into their mortal foe because of a single movie Obsessed.

>>131044117This looks like the kind of movie they'd watch on a show like Red Letter Media and then they'd do a shitty skit where a guy in the Baby Huey suit comes out and frigtens the "personalities"

>>131044165Yeah, when I said decades, I meant quite a few. I remember seeing those bits watching Looney Tunes on Cartoon Network in the 90s.

>>131042812I don't know, I've been reading Dot, and it's pretty shit.

>>131044234Casper's entire schtick being "haha his life SUCKS because people just go 'g-g-g-g-g-g-ghots!' is also a bit of a bore because his folksy "gosh I wish people would be nice to me ugu" personality. But at least those have some cute jokes and the shorts don't end with the universe taking a dump on the dead boy.

Oh, since we’re talking about Harvey characters that didn’t age well, I just remembered Little Lotta>I told you, when I’m finished, you can have what’s LEFT!

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>>131044187Is it abliest to call a mentally disabled adult "Baby Huey"?

>>131044364If you’re saying it’s ableist that Huey is called a “Baby” when he’s clearly not, you’re very right about that. OP said that Huey goes to school in at least some cartoons, so he’s probably not an adult, but definitely not a baby either.

The only good thing was the 90's cartoons were produced by Carbunkle Cartoons, a studio in Canada also known for making the best-looking episodes of Ren & Stimpy. So there's talent even if the subject matter was shit.

>>131043710>slaughtered some faggot that was trying to kill himI dunno, this huey guy seems pretty based

>>131044215A canon movie that canonizes maggot infested mouse vagina.This is war.

>>131045021Let it go, Indiana. The forced meme was never funny.

>>131045035>he thinks I self-insert as ChipYou stupid little fuck. This has nothing to do with shipping. Just stay home when the bullets start flying and stay out of the fucking way.

>>131044221Someone send them this tape

>>131044312This big ass bitch is eating a sandwich sandwich with extra sandwich.


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>>131045164toothpicks and all.

>>131045095>Just stay home when the bullets start flying and stay out of the fucking way.This will be the cringiest mass shooting to date: >Hurrrrrr I went out to gun down NPCs, kikes and niggers because my rodent waifu got FLIED

Somebody post the Baby Huey comic where his mom almost gets raped and then Baby Huey fucks his mom and cucks his dad and forces him to raise his double retard ducklings.

>>131045285She was just the straw that broke the camel's back.

>>131045305…you’re kidding right?

>>131045305That doesn't exist.

>>131045305Hellboy junior was a good comic.

>>131045331>>131045334Nevermind, found

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>>131045354Like I said, doesn't exist. That's Huge Retarded Duck, not Baby Huey, you huge retard.

>>131042584I guess you could say he's handiquacked

>>131045376You're next, Carlos.

>>131045364It's meant to be a parody of Baby Huey so same thing

>>131042907Also Little Audrey?

>>131045695I think out of all of them she is the most appealing

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>>131042827Didn't he got a reboot in the 90s?

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nice thread

>>131042827Why did you make this thread for a literal who comic? Why did you say, "let him rot" as if it means anything? Why are you so useless op?

>>131045882I'm not OP, retard. Believe it or not, more than one person out there hates Baby Huey

>>131042907I doubt anyone but whoever made and funded this actually likes him. Even the diaperfags I've talked to and myself dont really like him.

>>131044090What a waste of talent

post it

>>131042584I can't believe Chris Chan was a rip-off of him

>>131042584huey's size is due to his mom od'ing on vitamin pills. She survived but her duck vag is Tunguska/Hiroshima

>>131045755yes he did and made by the former crew of R&S

>>131046663Plus they did this. If you know what this looks like. Pic related.

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>>131042686Bugs literally can't win if he starts shit

>>131042584Ironically, I love Baby Huey, but yes, the least loved of all Harvey characters. I love when he hits a fox and tortures his father, but that's all.

>>131046925That's his thing though, he never does.Unless it's the turtle. Bugs just can't fucking stand that little shit. I think there was some other dude Bugs actually lost to.

>>131046907Oh my god, could you imagine fucking Donald having to deal with Huey's shit? Would the resulting rage give him enough power to fight Huey's retard strength?

>>131047226Donald would straight up kill the fucker

>> is probably the closest you'll get

>>131047322Well that was infuriating.

>>131044288>with the universe taking a dump on the dead boyProbably why they eventually pivoted into making him more of a naturally spectral species instead of a dead human, what with the uncles and even giving him ghost parents who were always's_Father's_Mother>>131047201>I think there was some other dude Bugs actually lost toYeah, Elmer Fudd as an animator. There was also the Gremlin and various other times where he's trying to take an active role like when he was trying to bring a penguin home to Antarctica, only to learn he was born in Hoboken.Bugs only loses when it's funny>>131045755Sauce on axe wolf?

>>131043544First I've heard about this, where can I find this Also didn't the Hellboy creator say that he likes Hilda

>>131043710wtf I love Baby Huey now

>>131044165At least with Grimlock they changed up his and the dinobots retardation to be more animalistic and caveman than outright retard. Even in some things like the WFC games and Cyberverse, the Beast mode is exclusively where the retardation exists, and it's usually more Hulk talk filter because a T Rex speaking broken English is always funny

>>131044312She sure loved hot sausage.

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>>131048172She couldn’t get enough of it, so warm in her mouth.

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>>131042584Reminds me of the man baby from 13 ghost. Which I guess would be a way to dark version of this.

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Has somebody pointed out yet that its supposed to be satire and making fun of adult children still living with their parents instead of working, going off to war, getting married, etc back in the day?

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>>131048223That doesn't make any sense though because he's presented as cute and endearing within his stories.

>>131048094Casper lore goes a lot deeper than I ever realized.

>>131048313He strikes more of that Goerge Lopez joke about the mom pushing the kid in the stroller who's clearly old enough to walk himself, to the extreme.

>>131043675this is literally one of those /r9k/ memes

>>131044090How could you live down agreeing to be in this? I would be embarrassed for the rest of my life.

>>131042584>>131045227I wish this thing was real so i could kill it

>>131043544>>131043967>> Bill Wray of "Ren and Stimpy" fake did art for it.

>>131043675Does stupid count from who framed Roger Rabbit Toon Patrol?

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>>131048422Figured I'd storytime it as well.

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>>131042584>>131042827Never got why people were fond of those big blubbery fools back then, at least give them some wacky high energy comedy like with Ed for example


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>>131048732>gets laid>immediately turns into a chad

>>131042584>OP turned my old post into copypasta again

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>>131044117Well, now we know that there's something worse than the Star Wars Holiday Special that Harvey Korman worked on...


>>131047322Gus Goose is so based.

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>>131048199This seems to be a nod to the 70's movie The Baby, which uses the same trope.

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>>131043710What a chad

>>131046907How sad

>>131043742My favorite gag from all the three bears shorts was where baby bear knows he fucked up, gives a hairbrush to his dad and bends over expecting a spanking, and father bear grabs a shovel and hits him in the head.

>>131042584Literally me

>>131048094Bugs also canon lost to Elmer when they swapped roles, with Bugs as the hunter and Elmer as the scwewy wabbit.

>>131044312>this was considered comically fat

>>131044187I wish this never died. I fucking hate "the mentally disabled" with a fiery passion.

>>131044288Casper being misunderstood and cute innocent is at lest more relatable and interesting than a borderline man child who gets away with being a literal giant cunt.

>>131048325There's always deep lore