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Let's have an uncomfortable south park discussion

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This special sucked ass and went absolutely nowhere. Felt like an overly long episode

not enough Randy

too much Randy

>>131042487Hi Trey>>131042491Hi Matt

Timmy with a gun

>>131042479I don't know why they wasted a special on this underwhelming plot when they could have used it to explore some of their side characters instead.Like damn, the fans have been demanding a CATG episode for years, why not do something about it?

>>131042479I have had fucking enough of Randy plots I'm serious

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>>131042487not enough Karen*>>131042491too much Karen*>>131042657I have had fucking enough of Karen plots I'm serious*ftfy

>>131042696Shit my bad

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>>131042467I thought it was their best in years. There was a sociopolitical message at the core but the show was less interested in exploring it and more interested in using the kernel of topical opinion as a platform for comedy.It was still trying way harder than it should have but compared to the super on the nose shit of the last several years? Pretty good.

>>131043222Yeah, after having watched it more times than I'd like to admit I think it was pretty good. Nothing spectacular, and still I'd rate it lower than the other specials, but I enjoyed it...

>>131042467I just want them to decide to finally do something with Cartman. Retard Cartman is just as boring and overplayed as insane genius Cartman. Whatever character he had has pretty much vanished now, and if they can't find anything interesting for him to do anymore, I'd honestly prefer if they killed him off.

>>131043222>>131043263I feel there is a cycle of doomposting in these threads, that go something like this:>People begin theorising what an episode is going to be about based on previews>People hype up the idea of stuff that has an extremely low chance of happening like Creek or CATG episodes>Doomposters come in and say it will all be shitty Randy stuff>Episode is released, doesnt have CATG but does have Randy>They say their doomposting is confirmed and the episode is shit>other people hear this and go into the episode expecting it to be shit, and then end up disliking it because of that>After some time has passed, people realise that the episode wasn't shit and it was just sorta alright to pretty goodand then repeat for next episode/special.

>>131043333I think the one thing that immediately and rightfully turns people off is Randy

>>131043333I wasn't in these threads and I wouldn't have watched this special (after the quality of the last ones) if I wasn't sick as balls right now. I had no expectations and I still liked it. Pipi, Manbearpig, the streaming service meta narrative - it was all very light. There was also unrelated retarded shit just going on for no reason which again, is more towards what the show used to be before it literally became POLITICAL ANALOGY AND NON-SEQUITUR but mundane joke

Did I mishear the golf dude? I swear he said that he wanted 10000 boats for 15000 dollars which would make them take a loss, but I guess he must have said 1000.

>>131042583>>131043333what is CATG

>>131043443Just rewatched it, he does say 10 thousand boats for 15 thousand dollars. I guess Stan and Tolkien just can't into math

>>131043492Craig and those guysCraig, Clyde, Tolkien and Jimmy. Sometimes Tweek gets included, as did Jason before he died. People want an episode specifically focusing on these characters.

>>131042558whats he carrying?

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>>131043333>extremely low chance of happening like CreekEvery season has at least creek pandering in the background and the last special basically confirmed they're still together in the future so I guess that's why creekfujos were expecting for more

>>131043333I still think this special is meh at best, The Big Fix was alright mainly thanks to the stoken subplot and St. Patricks episode was utter shit.

>>131043682>and St. Patricks episode was utter shit.Interesting, some people were saying that Big Fix sucked due to Randy stuff but St. Patricks was good in spite of it. Once again confirming my belief that these threads as a whole will never be able to agree on what makes a good South Park episode as everyone wants something different from the show.

the special was shitsouth park is now shitTrey is a faggot and he needs to shut his gay little mouth and start using his to slob on me knob like a good boy!!!

>>131043695But The Big Fix had a much better reception here than St. Patricks which is probably one of the least liked s25 episodes by this place.

>>131043719the big fix was still bland season 25 garbageit was only slightly more entertaining, less shit (which is really what were dealing with here. its no longer a matter of "good", just "not SO bad") and people found the whole retcon gaslight entertaining id be hard pressed to call any recent episode good

>>131043443>>131043494I thought it was because 15000 was specifically the amount cartman needed for "his mom's surgery" and that's the fastest way they'd get the money

>>131043719I remember a lot of butthurt surrounding the big fix, with threads being spammed about how Matt and Trey have bowed down to wokeness or something, and also people complaining it was an episode about american race issues which some people here really hateMeanwhile I remember people positively responding to the more wacky aspects of the St Patrick's day episode, even seeing people say the absurd parts of it felt just like older South Park, such as St Patrick's appearance at the end of the episode.

>>131043748Kyle had to remind them about the surgery after they all got excited about it, so I am not sure if that's even the case.

>>131043748i think its just a bulk order is all, theyre working at a loss yeah, but they still werent making 15k

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>>131042467Why are they in hell?

fuck paramount+

I just hope Cartman stands her ground and stop bending to him.I was legit pissed he made her quit her job and forced them to live in a hotdog stand and Im glad they had her acknowledge it and that it was his fault

>>131043492Cytosine, adenine, thymine, and guanine

predictions for part 2:- token's dad is alive but another character dies - kyle has a meltdown over everything being pee - they go to pipi's waterpark and cartman wears a bikini top to cover his huge tits - they want to stop doing the streaming stuff but they're held at gunpoint or some other metaphor for matt and trey being stuck with streaming - butters becomes a popsicle addict - liane reveals she had breast cancer or something when she was young which is why she's so defensive about her boobies

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>>131049052>liane reveals she had breast cancer reminder than Cartman tried lying about his mom having the ol titty cancer in that Candy episode about breast cancer

>>131049052>they want to stop doing the streaming stuff but they're held at gunpoint or some other metaphor for matt and trey being stuck with streamingHonestly what did they expect when they sold their rights...>liane reveals she had breast cancer or something when she was young which is why she's so defensive about her boobiesThat actually is a good idea, though I don't know if Cartman would care. But if she had it right now, it would be some sick karma towards him. Because he lied about her needing a surgery, and now she really does need it. Bonus points if no one believes him.BONUS points if they only have money for one surgery (boobs removal for cartman or cancer surgery for Liane) and Cartman chooses to sacrifice himself and live with his consequences to save his mom.And then of course plot happens that rids him of them anyway, but that's not what matters.

>>131046503Because this is an uncomfortable thread

>>131049248>Liane gets surgery for her cancer and loses her tits>Eric gives her his own

>>131049611honestly, that would actually be funny and juuust on brand for the kinda logical absurdity that SP used to dowhich is whythey probably wonti know we said we shouldnt doompost, but its hard when we keep coming up with better stuff than SP can

>>131049611>Eric gives his mom a boobs transplant>in the end, he still wins because now she has huge boobs, but the rich guy is dead so it doesn't matter>...a new guy is interested in her now, so he ends up having a dad anyway>he's not rich... but Cartman doesn't care about that, because he's actually happy to have a dad

>>131049688>Doesn't careYou don't know Cartman, man.

>>131049688cartman really could benefit from a strong father figure. dare i say it might set him on the track of being a genuinely good person really, most of his evilness comes from him lashing out due to fear and rage. stability is the only thing that can heal him now

>>131049933How about>he acts like he's pissed about it, but he actually doesn't mind because he's happy to finally have a dad

>>131042467I'm honestly surprised Trey/Matt haven't done a cheap Timmy reveal about him saying "living a lie" as some big plot line since they enjoy doing that.

>>131049052Damn that's a really cute Liane. I didn't know people made non-porn art of her.

>>131049958people dont care for Timmy anymore, and i feel like Timmy doesn't even speak as much as he used tothey kinda hate everything from the kino seasons, and even tho Timmy was a season 4 character which should be considered "safe", they still dont care for himand neither do the common audiences

>>131049611>>131049688I wouldn't like the cancer reason but I do want her to have big tits, hm...

>>131049995People forget Timmy actually used to talk a lot more during the earlier seasons. His first word wasn't even "Timmy", it was "go"in his own official episode he ended it buy saying the full name of his band, and in later episodes he could audibly communicate at times, ask for help, and even swore in 'it hits the fan'I wonder why they stopped letting him do itwell... other than flanderization of coursenowadays it seems like they want him to be less of a mentally handicapped kid, and more of some kinda magical disabled genius who for some reason can only say one word like a pokemon

>>131050015What other reason could there be?

>>131043506>Tolkienis part of Stan's gang now.>>131045144surprisingly a good kenny design

>>131049688>the dad is Roger Donovan>Clyde appears behind him with a worried expression>outro plays>I NEVER THOUGHT IT'D BE SO SIMPLE BUT I-

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>>131050999 (check'd)kek fuck i love this anons workis that (you)?


>>131049052No good Liane porn yet?

Has anyone uploaded the special yet?

>>131051015it's me user

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>>131051167sweetglad to know you're still here

I'm so sick of all these fucking specials, don't get me wrong, I like a story but holy shit.

>>131043748Actually 10000 was the amount Cartman needed. The boys should still have 5000 left.

>>131051309What will they do with the money?

>>131042467South Park was funny because for a while there nobody realized how funky everything is and it was funny to see the world from the perspective of our inner 4th grade boy. Now we've realized how much worse it is than we'd ever imagined, but no one has found a way to make us laugh about it.