Has a cartoon ever made you actually mad before?

Has a cartoon ever made you actually mad before?

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>>131042341Not as mad as this one man makes the many autists on this board feel

insane how this retard is so autistic>why is disney making these remakes??? it can't be because of money, frozen 3 would've made more money duuuhhfucking retard

Yeah, when Amazing World of Gumball became woke and political

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>>131042395Didn’t he get thrown under the bus for working with SB99?

>>131042341no, not once

>>131042395Benthelooney is just mrenter if he was a hard-core coomer

>>131042404Who and when?

>>131042341When I was younger, yes. I did get genuinely angry at cartoons like an autist. But then I just sorta grew out of it one day. I can't really pin point when or what caused it (if anything "caused" it at all) but at some point my now-adult brain just decided it wasn't worth getting angry at anymore. My quality of life has improved a lot since then.

>>131042341I don't think I'm capable of getting pants-shittingly angry at cartoons, but I've been annoyed and let down on a few occasions.The Legend of Korra Season 2 was probably the most angry I've been about a television show, period. I'm the kind of person who has to take in something I watch, then think about it afterwards to determine whether it was good or not, but Korra season 2 had me coming to these realizations in real-time. This was probably exacerbated by me watching it with a friend of mine, so were both calling out the show on its bullshit simultaneously.I also remember vividly watching the Adventure Time episode "Breezy" when it released and being super fucking annoyed. After all the relationship drama bullshit from the Flame Princess episodes I had put up with, that was the last straw. That was the last episode I watched for a LONG time.

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>>131042341ok ko gun control

>>131042341Not mad, but upset. I remember watching “To Love a Patty” from Spongebob as a kid and feeling upset when he fought the clams. He killed them, and brutally at that, for a damn sandwich. He even raised a clam in a past episode, but here he is going full doomslayer on them.

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Some dude really hates Baby Huey.

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>>131042935>here he is going full doomslayer on them.You made that sound awesome.

>>131042341There was this one episode of of Looney Toons about this asshole two faced dog that was jealous of this smaller animal. I think it was a kitten or puppy.And this dog tried and failed to kill the smaller animal. Only to be saved by the heroic cat who was beaten and mistreted for all of his trouble. In the end the smaller animal saves the dog that couldn't swim after it tries to kill it.When people came to see what was happening and the cat came too. The dog leaped up from the ground and picked up the smaller animal. Pretending to have saved it. It got acclaim fame and the attention it wanted.As the parade for the evil dog went by the furious frustrated cat who saved the animal up till the very end and tried to warn everyone about the evil two faced dog angrily beat on a statue of justice and it fell on it hurting it. I've never ever been more enraged at anything in my entire young life and to this day if I even think about it it still makes me remember how pissed I was after seeing it.

>>131042926But...but...didn't you like how they belittled him treated him like shit and how he got raped by the fat bitch at the party? How the dyke sociopath that was multiple times his age and manipulated him since he was a little boy made him fall for her again after she ran off his chance at happiness? Maybe even manipulated her into falling for a donut retard?

>>131042341The Loud House episode "Really Loud Music" is basically about Luna getting groomed by two Jewish Music industry execs.

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>>131042341is that isvaffel

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I got pissed off at fanbases and writers several times, does that count?

I think it's perfectly natural to be bothered by bad writing, or purposefully instigating writing, even if it's for kids, and especially if you yourself are a kid at the time. Sometimes writers just write bullshit, and it manages to make itself onto television.To this day I don't know the moral and message of that bunny suit episode of Hey Arnold, but it sure as fuck pissed me off when I was a kid, and made me hate Cid for the rest of the series.

>>131042341Any episodes that had the main character getting shat on for stuff they didn't do

>>131042341Season three and four of Star vs.

>>131042395welcome back to ben rants, when I was a kid. niggers weren't allowed on the bus

>>131042341Yes. Almost everything past 2007 IN COMBINATION WITH ITS FANBASE got me mad as all hell.I cannot fucking understand how millennials raised good shit in the 90s and early 2000s could ever fall for trash like Hannah Montana, Chowder, Flapjack, Adventure Time, Regular Show.I was also EXTREMELY butthurt over MLP FIM because the show started off as charming as Hilda & Bluey and when S1 ends they hire some imbecile who writes like Tommy Wiseau or the writers behind A Wrinkle In Time or those imbeciles from Holla Forums shows. He wrote exactly like an offensive parody meant to insult the characters. He made the new seasons of Simpsons look like a piece of art by comparison.What truly pissed me off about that fanbase is that instead of having Holla Forums's usual reaction to Legend of Korra, Thundercats, Samurai Jack S5 "The first 1-3 episodes are good, the rest is shit" or "This is absolute trash compared to the original show" the imbeciles started yelling "This new season is so much better than the early season because it feels like Adventure Time. Faust can go suck a dick she's talentless" made me rage hard how degenerate society has become to willingly enjoy garbage and willingly reject good things.

>>131042341There was this anime movie about a guy that turns into a cow, that shit had me fuming


>>131042341The ending of Lower Decks S2 is a crime against humanity.


>>131042341I was around for the Bendy premiere and that episode was genuinely so bad it permanently tainted my memory of the show

>>131043341Satellite Girl&Milk Cow? Yeah that was terrible.

>>131042926>I also remember vividly watching the Adventure Time episode "Breezy" when it released and being super fucking annoyed. After all the relationship drama bullshit from the Flame Princess episodes I had put up with, that was the last straw. That was the last episode I watched for a LONG time.I liked the Flame Princess arc and Breezy, and I've never understood the hate for it. But I hate this reaction to Bubblegum and Marceline being forced into a relationship despite Bubblegum's lack of interest in romance.

>>131042395Isn't Ben the Looney woke himself now? The last thing I saw from him was a video on how lgbt romances are le good or something.

>>131042341Yeah, the pony show episode Yakity Sax was infuriating and made me genuinely hate Pinkie Pie. She does nothing but purposely annoy all her friends the whole episode at the most inconvenient times with an obnoxiously loud instrument and then when they eventually rightfully snap and tell her to cut that shit out, she gaslights and guilt-trips them by moving to a different country. She learns nothing at the end and her friends end up apologizing to HER.

>>131042341That Simpsons episode with a screaming caterpillar and a non-ending. Just caught it on TV randomly and I understood what people say about Zombie Simpsons.

>>131042341Squidward Torture Porn

>>131042341Good Hunting from Love Death and Robots makes me irrationally angry.It's such a tasteless, poorly made, poorly written, and conflicting mess that I get overloaded just thinking about it.

>>131042818The human brain finishes developing at around 22-24 years of age. The last thing that develops is the ability to regulate the intensity of emotional responses.

>>131042932>Being mad at a music man parody because muh guns

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a long time ago i used to be one of those people who was mad about Steven Universe, it annoyed me that the production schedule was fucked over due to Stevenbombs which messed with the story structure and that a lot of things just didn't pay off in my opinionthen Future came around and i didn't have the energy to care anymore


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>>131045510Yeah, that fucking putrid shit. No other media has made me actually seethe so hard that didn't had the intention to do so

>>131047709it was trying way too hard to be quirky. what a waste of good animation

>Watch show>Grow fond of a character>Character either gets flanderized or outright mistreated>thisisnotfine.png

>>131047584Sometimes I forget how mentally retarded gen-zers are and I need to be reminded again. This is why badly written cartoons with ugly designs seem to work on them.

>>131047584Is that autist he's arguing with the same guy who went to Enter's kiwi page and posted pokegirl porn to "own the trolls"?

>>131047584This faggot then cries about his parent dying of covidFunniest thing I've ever seen

>>131048442Did his parents really die of covid

>>131042341horse toilet pilot. iykyk

>>131048493That's fair.

>>131048442His grandma was the one who died from covid, his mom however committed suicide from overdosing from medication

>>131047552This was so needlessly brutal, and I'm not even a big fan of 'Cult of the Conductor'.

>>131050311Karma is a bitch they say, he got what he wanted


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>>131050493His parents were abusive stains of shit., so yes, he did get what he wanted. KYS you fear-mongering retard cultist

>>131042341Star VS season 4 (and partially season 3, but especially season 4)

>>131042341LoK for fucking up the avatar continuity and implementing bad ideas in each season.

>>131050311>His grandma was the one who died from covidI thought he said they were powerful tanks when denying to wear a mask and take the vaccine

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>>131043057Yeah and she gets away from it

>>131047776Feel like dumb characters get hit with this the most

>>131047430No other right in the US is under the constant attack the way gun rights are and it's extremely frustrating as a gun owner

>>131042341Casey Alexander still hadn't returned to social media ever since the incident

>>131042341It's interesting; I actually remember really disliking I'm With Stupid and The Great Snail Race when I was a kid, too.I dunno if they made me MAD, but they were some of the few Spongebob episodes I didn't like (other than I Was a Teenage Gary)I think the Kanker Sisters actually pissed me off as a kid, though.Enter isn't great but the seething he produces here is pretty disproportionate.>>131043341Oh man if we're talking anime then fuck yes.I remember having a mental breakdown on /a/ back in 2009 or 2010 because the yamato nadeshiko from HotD turned out to be a degenerate sadist.I also got really pissed off at some gender bender manga with a fairy in it. I mean it'd take me a few days of straight thinking to think of all the times anime or manga made me actually angry.

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>>131042341>>131050829Has Enter ever actually apologized for the Casey Alexander situation? Like, has he ever literally said "I'm Sorry"?The re-review had a blurp about how "guy don't do it it's bad" and "wow I'm such a better person now!"Like, and that's how he reacts everytime, just into performative "well I"m such a different person now, congratulate me on how much I've grown!". Has Enter ever apologized for anything ?

Haven't watched Enters shit in ages and the only thing I know about him now is that "THEY HIT THE PENTAGON" shit. Did he fall off the deep end or was he always this much of a sperg?

>>131047584based Enter

>>131050951>the retard doesn't know

>>131050829>>131050919Enter never grows. Not as a person, not as a reviewer, not as a content creator. That's why his abortion, Growing Around, contains every single flaw that he's ripped other shows apart for having. >131050718This has to be satire, it's too perfect.

>>131042341Truth or Square. All that build up to a fucking shitshow of an episode. And the ending part where Spongebob sings some Krusty Krab Song is unbelievably stupid even for Spongebob standards.

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>>131050942he was always a sperg but so was everyone else. it's just that the rest of the internet grew up and mellowed out/got diluted by normalfags, and he didn't.

>>131042341there's a scene in disenchantment where the main characters are walking down a staircase, one of them looks through a hole in the wall to see jars. They immediately move on and ignore it to keep the plot at a snail's pace. I said out loud "fuck you matt groening"

>>131051485That wasn't even an original song it was a half assed remix of a old Christmas song

>>131042341Bobby’s World had a couple of episodes where the titular character gets shit on and the asshole character gets off Scott free. I fucking hated his older brother even as a kid, I really wanted his ass handed to him.Like the “Rebel Without a Clue”, “Misery Loves Company” episodes.

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>>131042341I've watched both him and Saberspark and found it entertaining, but now I can't decide who I hate more. MrEnters constant shouting about literally nothing makes it unwatchable.He's also like "I'm an asexual loser who can't relate to normal people, here's my opinion about shit I can't relate to, while you can't relate to my abnormal opinion."

>>131050974He's not wrong and his grandparents aren't either. We're all going to die, most masks don't work that well and letting fear dictate what you do with your life is for pussies.


>>131052574If you're that ready to die then kill yourself fucking deranged retard, don't drag other people with your mental illness

>>131042341I was pissed at Regular Show during all that build up to Margaret and Mordecai being a thing and it finally happened only to be thrown all out in a few episodes. I was pissed at Adventure Time when all the shit between Finn and Fire Princess turned into nothing but a gigantic nothingburger. However, since I'm not an autist, I just quit watching those shows and moved on to something else. I lost interest and decided other things were worth my time.

>>131052723I also got pissed at Regular Show for creating CJ and pushing Margaret. I wanted Mordecai to be with Margaret, not the angry cloud bitch.

>>131052679Nah, if dragging others down with me is what it takes to live then I'll happily do it. Thankfully this isn't what's happening, you're just a fear-mongering schizo.

>>131048480>>131050311He is the definition of white trash