>stuck for 6 months >no showers>no deodorant >no razors >no tampons>same clothes and underwear

>stuck for 6 months >no showers>no deodorant >no razors >no tampons>same clothes and underwear

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>>131040823Owl House got its own separate board?

>>131040823NOOOOOOO!! No yet , there's still soo much to discuss. ANYTHING BUT TRASH!!

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>>131040820Amphibia has baths tho

Attached: 1652508754014.webm (1920x1080, 2.07M)

>>131040820That's actually kinda hot


Attached: 1652749009551.png (482x552, 184.52K)


Attached: MaggieHhahah.jpg (600x450, 252.26K)

>>131040820It seemed she had some extra cloths in her backpack. At the very least she could wash her main cloths while having something else to wear. Her socks however would be fucked, even with a rotation of them wearing cotton socks 24/7 in a swamp with one shoe is just fucking insane. The woman was trying to speedrun trench foot.

>>131040820made for corruption

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Attached: 1652492073062.jpg (1832x1740, 213.82K)

it is stablished that wartwood has all these things, maybe not tampons they even made clothes that fit her

First for Sashanne

Attached: 1653551712488.jpg (1080x1080, 119.75K)

>>131040845No, but Amphibia was sent there yesterday. You'll like it, it's filled with fellow pajeets

>>131040820Imagine the smell.


Attached: 1651156658472.jpg (1200x1500, 289.6K)


>>131040978Some white people are so dumb they literally don't know how to clean themselves in the absence of a shower. OP is case in point. Probably just rubs himself with a bar of soap instead of soaping up a cloth, too.

>>131040820She's a KID: no need to shave, no period, and she can BATHE, doesn't need a shower, idiot.

>>131040845Fucking annihilated.

Attached: 3EAB1798-1BFB-4AA6-A710-694FDA6F1A8A.jpg (853x480, 59.07K)

>>131041631Anne is 13, the average age for women to get their first period is 12.

>>131040820Imagine how the Plantars had to deal with her every month when her period came on. Must’ve been horrific for the first couple times

>>131041669Anne, are hurt? You bleeding.

Attached: 1653836077914.png (1920x1080, 1.26M)

>>131041148Either she had multiple pairs of socks or a really good tailor to make her more pairs. Even the sock that is normally covered was worn out pretty fast. If you freeze frame back when Hop Pop catches her dancing, when she kicks off her shoe, you can see there’s already a hole worn in that sock

i have bathed 4 times this year

>>131040820Imagine just burying your face into her crusty bush and inhaling until the congealed blood clogs up your nose

>>131041709Forget the state of the socks themselves, her feet must look like absolute hell. The one that is covered by the shoe must look like a ww1 soldiers foot, just constantly wet with a well worn cotton sock rubbing it. The foot without a shoe would at some point look more like a hobbit foot.

>>131040820Also her boob sweat

Attached: 170479D0-1BC8-473E-A64A-991727F4C4FA.jpg (931x535, 212.13K)

>>131041726I bet you have just gone noseblind to the smell and think its not that bad. Even assuming you live a pretty inactive life, live in a mild dry climate, regularly change and clean your cloths, and don't generally sweat you still must smell like absolute hell.


Attached: 1654010322867.jpg (3071x4096, 1.46M)


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>>131041893I hear there's a new one.

>>131041878The sashane poster is a schizo. Hi is probably still holding to a reveal in the diary

Attached: You are pathetic anon t sasha.png (1000x1200, 473.3K)

I used to think I'd love the smell of any woman and the mere fact that they're females would turn any smell erotic. That was until I met this girl that likes to deadlift with me and her sher smell after our work out session always makes me gag and she even teases me with her wet towel which also reeks.I like to occasionally help in community center full of homeless people and even their smell can't compare with this girl.

>>131042043I know you're behind the Spranne posting (one of them). I knew something felt off whenever I post Anne and Sasha often followed by a Spranne post. I knew it was Sasharcy posters behind it all along. Anyway back to the OP topic.>>131040820No showers? uh did you even watch the show? Wartwood has its own spa. They're literally surrounded by a body of water. In the reunion episode, Sasha and Anne had a hot shower together. Amphibia isn't as backward as you taught it to be, they still have some basic hygiene like using soap and shampoos.

Attached: bathe.png (864x971, 1.47M)

>>131042170Im not going to sit here and try to deny that Wartwood residents had decent hygiene, but being surrounded by a swamp is not exactly an argument for that. In fact, it would have likely made things harder. Swamp water in general is super dirty and smelly, but putting that aside the increased humidity wouldn't exactly help either.

>>131041780At very least with the one that’s covered, she can regularly remove the shoe and sock whenever she’s got down time. How the foot that doesn’t have a shoe has survived constantly being walked on in swampy conditions and even in winter and in mountain snow is beyond me. You’d think she would have lost it to frostbite at some point

>>131042216> the increased humidity wouldn't exactly help either.her hair seems to agree

Attached: 1652501849904.png (1920x1080, 1.7M)

>>131042246I wonder why she didn’t just keep it in a ponytail. It seems like, at very least, it’d be easier to manage and would probably keep some of the debris out of her hair

>>131041451But why? There aren't enough topic threads on this board as it is. 90% of them are shithposts.Isn't one of the latest plot shows on Disney allowed to have its own thread for at least a year?

>>131040820You think Anne dropped playing tennis?

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>>131040820I bet she smells good

>>131042366Nah. She played varsity and her time in Amphibia would have done wonders for her reaction time. Wouldn’t surprise me if she got scholarships off of her skill

>>131042366I mean, she is kinda hero/celebrity on Earth after Frogvasion. Probably played it a lot and had fans.

>>131042573Middle School varsity, although I'm sure you're right, she certainly went varsity in high school at least. If she didn't get a scholarship or play in college it was only because she didn't want to, I'm sure she had the skill.

>>131042616Are other girls celebrities/heroes as well? I mean people only saw Anne on footage and none of the other girls.

Attached: 1653969050175.jpg (640x1011, 115.64K)

>>131042737If they are, it’s probably only due to word of mouth since Marcy was under Darcy’s control at the time and Sasha mostly was in the castle

>>131042737I like to think that Sasha is jealous of Anne's fame because she herself is barely recognized despite doing far more to stop the attack and Marcy obviously doesn't want to tell people how she was involved in the invasion.

Attached: 1636796002257.jpg (2118x1133, 857.3K)

>>131042737They probably are. Girls went missing all together, so they people would make connections and think that all of them were in Amphibia.

Attached: 1652809308874.jpg (1920x1080, 259.46K)

>>131042821I mean, she just followed orders. The are good people on both sides.

>>131042821>it's Sasha seething when she heard Anne saying "fannes"

Attached: 1653372724313.png (1620x1170, 959.67K)

>>131040820Ever since the show first started, Anne only having one shoe always bugged me, because normally, when you only wear one shoe, it'll cause a discrepancy between the hight of your legs, so theoretically the one shoe should make Anne's left leg taller than her right. HOWEVER, Anne doesn't seem to be tilted or off balance or anything, which leads me to one of 2 conclusions:>1. Anne's right leg is longer than her left leg to account for the discrepancywhich is false, as there's plenty of scenes where she's wearing no shoes, and her legs are the same lengthand more plausibly, if ludicrously,>2. Anne's shoes just have no soles whatsoeverLike, nothing. It's basically a piece of paper between her foot and the dirt. What the fuck.

Attached: Screen Shot 2022-06-01 at 11.24.13 PM.png (350x260, 42.92K)

>>131042821>Sasha is jealous of Anne's fameMaybe season 1 Sasha, post-TP Sasha was head over heels for Anne.

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reminder that this is where your frog fan brethren come from

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>>131042908Russia hates owl house tho


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>>131042883I haven't watched the show yet and know little about it beyond the random threads and fetish pornography of it I've seen, but I have to know: does she ever find her other shoe? Or at least stop wearing just the one?

>>131042908>Main character is Thai>Attracts Thai fansWho would have guessed?

>>131042170Meds, now.

Attached: little anne.jpg (936x800, 189.48K)

>>131042971Grimes found it and gave/showed Sasha

Her design includes leaves and twigs trapped in her hair. Y'all are having a serious case of who pumps the batmobile's tiresc

Will Anne make Sasha and Marcy goddesses as well?

Attached: 1652977675264.jpg (2048x6144, 2.85M)

>>131043047nope, only sprig.

Attached: AnneGoddesstinysprig.png (1906x2163, 2.28M)

>>131043068Ivy would be against it in their frog haven

>>131043047"Anne and her two girlfriends" - Matt BralyThe answer is yes, they're going to be a goddess ruling the multiverse side by side with Anne.

Attached: FS1SDdCUsAAY-ei.png (1440x2420, 398.29K)

A reminder that this show was born out of Matt's thought's, developed, produced and had it's entire run until completion before G.R.R Martin could deliver Winds of Winter.

Attached: BloodySasha.jpg (894x894, 179.6K)

>>131043115It just makes me more angry at the separation knowing he thinks of them like that in his head.

Attached: mad spongepants.jpg (321x305, 19.7K)

>>131042288>but then it turned out her memories actually were getting erased, just not any that actually matteredIt wasn't. Aldrich was just blocking off some of her memories in order to get her to join the Core.

>>131043253No he doesn't. You know very well how "girlfriend" is used in the show. By that logic, Sasha would've been thirsting for toad coochie when she called Braddock a girlfriend.

>>131040820Are all Thai girls sweaty and slippery in irl?

Attached: 1652408642888.png (650x630, 136.09K)

>>131043541He knows about the polyship and endorses it. Which makes me more bothered by the separation than if he didn't know.Yes I know he was using girlfriend in a platonic way, but I also know that he's entirely conscious of sashannarcy.

>>131043541Except Matt was the one who has said it, not Sasha. Just give up, Y/u/ri won.

Attached: 1238898_planz34_commission-129.png (2480x3508, 3.49M)

It's pride month and Matt still hasn't confirmed Anne and that bothers me.

Attached: voice of the silenced.jpg (1332x850, 116.74K)

>>131041148Eeird how all thr gurls had like a weeks worth of clothes, posters and magazines in their backpack as if camping.I suppose you could give Anneand Sasha a pass for being involved in athletics.Anne had her swim trunks, maybe a spare school uniform. And her dance training clothes/thai fighter clothes being her tennis practice/gym clothes?I'm going to assume the dance dress, her renfaire costume and tuxedo was made in wartwood.Kindof surprised she didn't wearmore local farm clothes Hop Pop could sew together forher.Seems like sasha had boy band popstar posters in her backpack when she decorated her upgraded room in toad tower.Seems like Marcy is the dirty nerd wearing only one school uniform and sleep over clothes? then just wearing clothes made in newtopia being a royal guest and all.

>>131041893Yeah, I was kind of bummed to find out Anne had so many cavities...that was really bad, all of her permanent adult teeth ruined like a cheap small town girl in a big city porn actress.Wait, if Anne got clobed, did she get fresh teeth and her virginity back? Or did the cat god copy her cavities?

>>131042058Wash her...you have a perfect romantic in...don't mess up and turn her away by telling her she stinks but show subliminal signs that you care about her health by monitoring her hygeine and diet.Heck do a spa date together and then coment how good she smells afterward.

>>131042302Saying a show is over is weeak, because we still have Avatar threads everyday.

>>131043739Anne also had a surprising amount of useless shit in her backpack apparently.It just grows more with every episode.

Attached: all this in a backpack.jpg (540x300, 53.18K)

We should've gotten episodes where HP, Grimes and Andrias hang out and become good friends. Also Marcy and The Core bonding.

>>131043839>Sprig tries to masturbate to Anne's essence in the things she left behind>He retches when instead he sniffs Sasha's juices all over them. She beat him to it months ago.

Attached: SprigRagePepe.jpg (500x500, 39.56K)

>>131043861>Marcy befriended with her rapist

Attached: 1652496809394.jpg (544x775, 51.8K)

>>131043908you wish. We all know Sprig was all up in that thaiussy in Flood, Sweat, and Tears

>>131043908 Someone post that greentext how Ivy keep dressing like Anne to pretend Sprig leaving her

Attached: 1653442598160.jpg (2622x3638, 1.52M)

>>131043908Well Anne has only shown romantic interest in boys so unless you're implying Sasha was masturbating on Anne's things without telling her idk what to say. If that is what you're implying than yeah it sucks to be Sprig but hey he still has her leaf he can rub one out to.

>>131043922Oh she's more than friends with Sasha.

Attached: FUJnTTEaIAAlv4M.jpg (1584x1558, 192K)

>>131043976It's not rape if enjoyed it

Attached: 1652410507266.jpg (1088x604, 64.43K)

>>131043955>pretend Sprig leaving her?, don't know about that one but here is one of Ivy wears the Anne outfit>the idea of Ivy hiccuping and holding back tears as she wears a crudely sewn schoolgirl outfit with twigs and leaves smushed in her hair, desperately trying to utter a few 'Anne-isms' as a horny Sprig rails her.>her breaking down crying while attempting to be upbeat like anne>Please don't leave me Sprig! I'll wear the school girl outfit, I'll put leaves in my hair, I'll even let you call me Anne when you cum!>Ivy learns how to mimic Anne's voice>softly whispering things like 'you okay, li'l guy?' and 'you let me know when you're close, bud.' as she strokes him off from behind>Hop Pop and Polly notice that Sprig gets quiet whenever Anne comes up, how he seems to avoid looking at the statue>Meanwhile Ivy rides him every night and won't let him cum until he says 'Spranne against the world!'>Sprig falls over, spent>Ivy comes back to bed after washing off her shame>curls into his arms, forgetting everything for a moment>he mutters in his sleep>"G'night, love you Anne">the tears come rushing back

Attached: IvyCuckfetish.png (420x806, 128.87K)

>>131043976>Oh she's more than friends with Sasha.You're right, she's not just any friend she's the friend of Anne's wife, Sasha Waybright.

Attached: FNWWqL7VgAEUjHW.jpg (1510x1252, 172.41K)

>>131043994Marmar's hair there looks so fluffy I wanna ruffle it.

>>131043994Why is she so duck-fucking crazy?

>>131044041She was raped repeatedly.

Attached: FS02foCUAAAXqm3.jpg (899x926, 84.82K)

>>131044007That's the one. Thanks user.

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Attached: 1652410567841.jpg (2048x1144, 142.21K)


>>131041313Adult Sasha looks just like Ritsuko Also Adult Marcy is a MAP , so yeah... lol

Attached: 1654107706611.png (1920x1080, 1.29M)

>>131042302>reddit spacing>not aware of the general policy that Holla Forums has had for 7 years nowBack to >>>/r/Amphibia

>>131044114But does she fight back better than normal Marcy?

>>131044141Speak English.

>>131044195>translation Marcy diddles little boys.She is a webcomic artist after all.

>>131044222>BoysKek no you can't even get that right. It would be girls. Guess Sasha grooms both though.

>>131044222Is she the Julia or Vee in their world?

Attached: eggman.jpg (640x479, 44.22K)

>>131044265Anon has a fucked up fetish.

>>131044265How we fucked your wife

Attached: 1652762382396.jpg (1024x731, 112.62K)

>>131044240She's done nothing to indicate she's gay so I guess Marcy is sorta in a limbo state. She's molesting kids though.

>>131044279She's a webcomic artist. She won't be able to molest kids. Tweens are fair game though.

>>131044279Weird hc user. Or I guess meme, picking up from the one for Sasha I suppose.

>>131044141For shits & giggles , what if Sasha's new friend is Miko from GT?

What this sounds like to me is a time loop where Sasha and Marcy keep raping each other.

>>131040907Psycho women are cute from a distance.

>>131044314Enough with the references.

Attached: gun.jpg (600x584, 30.59K)

>>131044318Shut up Marcy.

>>131044279Older Marcy gives total pedo vibes, just look at her

>>131044335So you're saying the trio go around grooming? Where tf is the fbi?

>>131044335I think you're projecting

>>131044343You know he is.

>>131040820>no razors Blatant lie. They have swords. They neay have no body hair but they can grow beards. Even if not, you could easily procure a razor from a blacksmith or similar. In a small sharp blade.>no showers>no deodorantJust bathe in the creek and try and use plants and shit. Bidy odour isn't that retched if you're healthy.>no tamponsOk actually a nightmare if I was 13>same clothes and underwearIt's their fault for not going to a seamstress or tailor. They literally wear and make modern clothes.

>>131041631she's a teen not some elementary school kid

Attached: 1654156459624.png (750x750, 54.92K)

>>131044342They're giving them a pass since they saved the universe. It's just like Santa from CSM. He gets 4 children in order to capture a devil. 3 for sacrifice, and one for pleasure.

>>131044377Get out of here pedo.

Look. I don't know how to use this, but you better back off. >>131044243Zenia but female.

Attached: apu gun.jpg (700x700, 51.94K)

If anything kid Sasha would groom adult Marcy.

>>131044342Anon. The most groomerest groomer alphabet man runs the FBI in Amphibia.

Attached: x.png (1338x756, 870.13K)

>>131044388you go back trannie

Attached: GrimshaDress.png (2048x2048, 3.06M)

Alrigth gnight

>>131044411So RuPaul is a groomer?

I still can't believe RuPaul works for the feds.

>Marcyposters aka Sasharcy crack shippers are pedos They just keep digging their own grave and making the whole thread hate on them. This is why Sashanne is the superior and soon-to-be canon ship. This ship is all about pure love and none of that degenerate scar appreciation, trans, furry, and pedo shit.

Attached: FT-O52ZVUAE3xag.jpg (1000x1999, 203.64K)

>>131044432You know who else works for the feds? Bin Laden. So quit your look of disbelief. RuPaul isn't even top 5 unexpected circumstances.

>>131044438Shut up Devwell.

>>131044438I suppose it could be canon if Anne was bi.

Attached: tumblr_6022aac3c9d8faa9cd6aefdc4b0db784_ee33afc6_540.jpg (540x566, 38.31K)

>>131044438I'm sorry they drifted apart.

>>131044449Go back to grooming a child, sasharcy crackshipper.

>>131044438>about pure loveI remember the first rape green was a Sashanne one. You're so full of shit.

>>131044458I don't want to think about it.

Clearly the schizo is projecting now.

>>131044469>literally I remember that rape Jesus user

>>131044477Whoever wrote it was one sick puppy. Horrible that they are possibly lurking here still.

>>131044469That's season 1 Sasha greentext, not Sashanne.

>>131044494Shut up you sicko.

>>131044500Ok Mr. sasharcy the child groomer.

>>131044458Yes, Marcy hasn't talked to her friends for 10 years. What a piece of shit character.

>>131044512Full on schizo I don't even ship that. Stop projecting.

>>131044518Hi Devwell.

So this triggers you?

Attached: 1654134979861.jpg (1288x1288, 125.75K)

True ship right her

Attached: 1653638615868.jpg (1602x1602, 510.91K)

>>131044628here* I have like maybe a few pics of that. never really saw the appeal but the people who ship it are less annoying so I'll take what I can get.

Attached: 1637647891636.jpg (2048x4073, 915.46K)

>Amphibajeets can't have one thread without immediately falling into infighting over the most insane shit imaginable

Attached: 1582945424724.jpg (388x819, 105.12K)

Riminder to schizo Sashane poster that Anne chose sprig over Sasha since season 1

Attached: SashaJealousOfSprig.jpg (1200x720, 114.33K)

>>131044665Please stay in your dedicated board >>>/trash/

Anne is a fucking clone.

>>131041604>soaping up a clothA cloth... for washing? What might such a thing be called?

>>131044676Sasharcy crackshipper is a spranne poster >>131042170 was rightThe sight of Sasha canonically caring more about Anne's wellbeing causes the entire circuit of their crack shipping brain into full meltdown. Sorry that Matt, the crew members who worked on the show and so do the Twitter artists give zero shit about your DOA crackship, sasharcyloser. Keep scrapping whatever is left of your nonexistent ship somewhere in the depth of the Ganges river.

Attached: 284070432_554636506059810_8805838754926533098_n.jpg (1080x1075, 93.86K)

>>131044141>Adult Sasha looks just like Ritsuko>"Hobbies are Bonsai trees and punk rock. Has a cat."Kinda. But Ritsy is Japanese and dyes her hair blonde to distinguish herself from her mother. Who she may be a clone of.

>>131044773>Sasharcy crackshipper is a spranne posterLol no , i'm pure spranne, sasharcy is indifferent to me and Sashane i can buy Sasha had a one sided crush on Anne. Which make Sasha a cuck

Attached: SpranneWins.png (540x358, 226.31K)

>>131044697a sexy clone

>>131044811Not even Matt endorses this crackship, yeah Spranne is a crackship.

This fucker has to be a false flag to make Sashanne shippers look bad.

>>131042971>does she ever find her other shoe?Anne herself never finds it. Someone working for Grime found it during Sasha's captivity, and it was presumably buried in rubble when Toad Tower was destroyed. >Or at least stop wearing just the one?The one-shoe look was her normal attire, but on occasion she would just wear socks, go barefoot, or wear locally-made shoes. When she returned to Earth, she got a matching pair of the yellow kind she wore in Amphibia, but she lost the right one of those shortly after returning, in a quicksand pit. Then, when Domino copied her, it mirrored the shoe, so Anne 2 went to Earth wearing the right one.

>>131044811>Which make Sasha a cuckhonestly one of the reasons why I don't want a romantic precursor within the girls. Too cruel of an outcome for Sasha.

>>131044169That's how we always wrote in Russian imageboards.Faggot.

Attached: froggers.png (741x611, 548.31K)


>>131044961Дa пиздeц.

Attached: Ramirez_accidentally_shot_a_tadpole.png (587x587, 192.09K)

>>131040820I'm pretty sure they have showers in Amphibia since they have baths and plumbing.

Attached: Sprig's Seen Things.png (1499x840, 1.99M)

>>131044970Бывaeт, вoт тaк и живeм

Attached: 1653546353807.png (1920x1080, 2.49M)

>>131045002They also have natural hygienic products.


Attached: shhh it all be over soon.png (1024x1024, 316.15K)

>>131040823>>131040845Holy kek

Attached: Josh going kek.jpg (1024x865, 42.63K)

>>131040820How come nobody in the Amphibia fandom realizes or capitalizes on the fact that from the amphibians' perspective Anne and the other girls are basically mini-giantesses to them?

Attached: 1648539566083.jpg (1230x1266, 182.19K)

>>131045132Somebody did do a giantess video I think. It was marked as for kids on YouTube kek.

>>131045132Some have

Attached: Sprig's Perspective.png (800x800, 106.87K)

>>131045132Because it's all over in the actual show.

Post cute ship art and why you like the ship

>>131043087And she'll have to stay mad

Attached: 20220530_185515.png (1252x898, 190.55K)


Attached: Anne Reincarnations.jpg (536x1594, 251.4K)

Imagine being Ivy and marrying your childhood sweet-heart, spending seventy-one years together until you eventually pass away, and then finding out that your husband's ex became god and has claimed him as her own now; and he's completely cool with it and doesn't give you a second thought.

Attached: 1650535792443.gif (488x525, 84.82K)


>>131045356Because they contrast a lot.

Attached: FUGwcJMXoAAhJ_U.png (1809x2048, 314.13K)

>>131045356I don't have a better image saved but let's say that I root for the underdogs

Attached: 1653673004627.jpg (900x1200, 162.18K)

>>131045356I like the cute tiny nerd and tall blonde beauty pairing.>>131045516>>131045531Also these.

Attached: FUGWUTjWUAAc-Zr.jpg (2558x3474, 511.46K)

>>131040820>living with a bunch of crotch high frogs in a skirt

>>131040845He based!

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Attached: 40 keks Andrias.png (600x528, 262.04K)

>>131041604Why are Americans so dumb?


Attached: 1589758117298.png (600x528, 242.04K)

>>131045516>>131045531>>131045663Damn, so /amph/ is a Sasharcy general?


>>131043618>wet stain on Anne's crotch

Attached: 1564827951822.png (743x641, 135.84K)

>>131044141>Also Adult Marcy is a MAP , so yeah... lolExplain, She's a child therapist

>>131046537>>131044141this is basically future Sasha and Marcy

Attached: 519a0ccb41aed8bb9a75fbba2527e40c.jpg (735x1040, 98.25K)


Attached: 1652793466185.jpg (684x629, 134.48K)

>>131046598Holy kino.

Why is there so much of "Sasha rapes Marcy" content? They even go sci fi with timetraveling adult Sasha to teen Marcy, and teen Sasha to baby Marcy. What the fuck?

>>131046642Marcy is just so rapable, wouldn't you agree

Attached: 1652544944829.jpg (1638x2048, 666.42K)

>>131046642Sasha's tough bad bitch energy and strength accompanied by Marcy's clumsy, petite, and nerdy personality attracts the exact kind of people who want to see rape

>>131046642I will just repost from last night>Speaking of this, I went down a rabbit hole of Marcy rape by Sasha, and its all done by women. What is shocking how depraved it is, like graphically gruesome where even hentai seems tame. The type of thing you can't post on any board here because a mod would ban a person. What's even crazier than that is some of them clearly post here because some of the things they say or post I have seen here. I seriously cannot believe /amph/ was plagued by genuine sickos and they are not even typical "neckbeard incels", but fucking women.

>>131043769Eight cavities is not that much, but honestly she shouldn't have got them in the first place. I doubt Amphibia diet is rich in refined sugars.

>>131046642>teen Sasha to baby MarcyI actually saw the opposite of that before. I wish I didn't


>>131046642Sasha is the rape god and Marcy is the most rape-able. So much so that she got the closet thing you could get to rape in a Y7 rating.

>>131046642Imagine going back through time just to rape someone

>>131046908I am two of those

>>131046929Surprised there aren't more stories like that

>>131046933And for that, you will get two dicks in the ass. Congratulations.


>>131046908Seething owlfaggot kekgo back

>>131046777>men amphibia content >hugs, hand holding, gentle kissing, cuddles>women amphibia content>rape rape rape rape

>>131046872Was it just as explicit?

>>131047052Owl House and Amphibia literally have the same fans

>>131047061>men amphibia content>beastiality, armpits, feet>women amphibia content>rape rape rape rapeftfy

>>131046408>the 2 characters that spend the least time together in the whole show>will most likely become a couple in the epilogue of some future movieI hate that’s a legit possibility

>>131040845Always was

>>131047133Not here they ain’t, go to twitter for that>>131047175What movie?

>>131047206any future movie if we get one

>favorite Amphibia artist shifts into drawing SU art Dammit

>>131047052You don't have to be a fan of either show to recognize obvious samefaggotry

>>131047228we've all been there with discount. Hope he's happy drawing Amethyst busting it down sexual style again.

>>131046537>She's a child therapistYes, and nobody has EVER put themselves in a position of power over children for unscrupulous reasons.

IT'S NO BIG DEALyoutu.be/Dko3hNjgBRE

>>131047175>Sasha wants to make up for lost time that she never appreciated Marcy>asks to spend more time with her alone>slowly falls in love with her>at some point Marcy admits she always looked up to Sasha and even had a crush on her when they were younger>romance ensues> months later Anne is invited to the wedding

>>131047109It wasn't explicit enough to not post here. I don't know who the artist is but I wouldn't be surprised if shit went further in different pics


>>131047259Howard got fucked through the whole show he did not deserve what he got

>>131047259Fuckin' lmao.

>>131047242Nah that's just you being a schizo owlfaggot fuming over the whole thread calling you out.

>>131046908>being this mad

Attached: stop seething.png (660x192, 83.95K)

>>131047425I hate both of those shows, faggot I came here just to call you a samefag

>>131047308True. Jimmy and Kim deserve everything they get.

>>131047308>>131047343>>131047455Thank you for watching Amphibia. youtu.be/HYxNudOAxpo

Attached: 1652516775381.png (1500x1296, 58.29K)

>>131047446>hate the show>post in a thread of a show that he hatesJust your average low IQ owlfaggot

>>131047259Thanks for reminding me T_T

>>131047061We need more rape

>>131047495It's more like I watched both shows, gave them a fair chance, came to dislike them more and more as they went on, and come to the threads to voice criticisms for one show only to be accused of being a fan of the other It's fucking annoying>You don't like pile of shit A? You must be a fun of pile of shit B!Fuck off with that nonsense, shit like this is why the two-party system in America has failed

>>131047618Sasha good tho

>>131047660>shit show has muh waifu so it gets a passYou'd fit right in on >>>/a/

Was Anne reading Inferno foreshadowing? I thought it was super weird and out of place that she was just reading it out of nowhere. Also, is she gonna read Purgatorio and Paradiso too? You can't just start The Divine Comedy and not finish the trilogy.

>>131047685I liked it better when Mad Men did it

Attached: man-men-season-6-episoe-1-don-draper-reading-dantes-inferno-on-the-beach.jpg (500x639, 73.66K)

>>131047668Y'know it's more of a joke, but if we're talking serious here, the show is a 6/10 at worst and a 9/10 at best. It hits those emotional beats well and frogs are funny. I rest my case.

>>131047685>You can't just start The Divine Comedy and not finish the trilogy.Are you serious? Nobody but a very small minority ever read Purgatorio and Paradiso.

>>131040845parting shots fired!

Attached: Patrick Demon Skreech.jpg (1200x858, 117.25K)

>>131047717It's soulless tranny shit for kids/manchildren

>>131047730Dante filtering plebs for half a millennium lmao, they're good reads LE EBIN JOURNEY THROUGH HELL xD being the only part Redditors have read is all too fittingYou miss out on why it's called a "Comedy" without the last two parts, a classical comedy has the main character start off on a low note and end up in a happier place.

>>131047762Also it helps that the last two parts aren't filled with literally whos that you have to be somewhat familiar with Dante's time period and his life story to know who the hell they areShit makes the Sonichu villains look immediately recognizable

>>131047736>soulless>the creator literally took so much of his lonely ass past relationship to the point where it had a negative effect for most people>tranny shitstop going on twitter you dumbass and as the state of Holla Forums and its inhabitants in modern times, that has no weight whatsoever.>for kids>implying that something targeted at a different won't be soulless>for manchildrenthis has somewhat of a spine so i'll give it a pass

>>131047784Odysseus/Ulysses being in hell was also not cool, never understand why he was so demonized in some schools of thought for so long

Why are we still here? Has the curse been finally lifted and we're allowed to talk about cartoons on Holla Forums?

>>131047762Reddit has very little to do with it. Inferno has always been more popular since when it was written because it's more graphic and visceral. Purgatorio and Paradiso are basically philosophy/theology treatise. They are great in their gente but it's easy to see why the adventure part is more popular.

>>131043124Matt not being an aging obese pervert probably has something to do with it

>>131047793There are literally hundreds of shows that do exactly that but 100x better

>>131047793The shows art style still sucks, why is it so hard to make this look good?

>>131047799Ulysses was a pagan. According to Dante theology he would have needed to be almost saint tier to have its place upgraded to Limbo.

>>131047819yeah no fucking shit there's always something that's going to be better. People hail avatar as the crowning jewel for western animation but you still see people put other toons above it. That argument is literally the same as showing someone a beheading from liveleak and they'll go "heh i've seen worse".>>131047837>not a noodle enjoyerpathetic

>2 digits away from greatness>>>Holla Forums168988886

>>131044041She has dozens of old newt dudes in her head enjoying her feminine company over and over and over again. They also play her favorite video games with her and engage with her and her hobbies because they're nerds, so the dissonance has driven her mad

>>131047887Wow, it's fucking nothing archive.4plebs.org/tv/thread/168988518/#168988617

>>131042366The person who made this image is a tranny

>>131047276What if that's literally just the movie? An animated lesbian romance? Would you see in IMAX?

>>131047941nah they're just your regular ol Holla Forumsli artist

>>131047965I absolutely need the biggest screen and sound possible when they kiss for the first time.

>>131040820Now I have an erection...thanks alot OP

>>131040820Anon, please stop making those threads and posts

Attached: 1652779362781.png (898x766, 330.93K)

>>131048528You're never going to stop him

>I want you to draw Marcy>Anne it is.>No, no I said draw Marcy>Anne>MAR-CY>AN-NE>M-A-R-C>A-N-N

Attached: 1654147791273.png (640x480, 484.54K)

>>131048744>I'll just draw Anne.

Attached: kneel.jpg (405x720, 86.29K)

>>131045002Question is if the water that pumps into each house is treated though. Otherwise they’re bathing in dirty swamp water

Superior soon-to-be canon ship coming through.

Attached: FUJXOJWWIAAEmA7.jpg (2500x2300, 371.74K)

>>131048744>Alright Matt. Follow my instructions carefully if you're going properly to disarm this bomb. I need you to draw Anne and...>I'll just draw Anne.

Attached: Ill just draw Anne..jpg (1154x653, 229.48K)

>>131048863You are entitled to your preferred ship and I respect your choice and I love you.

>>131048867>M as in Mancy

Attached: 1587566695001.jpg (482x564, 55.26K)

>>131048908In this universe it was N as in Narcy.

>>131043047She’ll only be able to make copies of them to be goddesses

>>131047142I'm offended. I consider furries as beastiality too.

>>131046642I've done my job well.

>>131046408Damn right.

Attached: FUGWYKQWQAARWA2.jpg (2047x952, 158.96K)

>>131049273Anon. Did you start the Sasha rapes Marcy AU?

>>131049311I just made a terrifying evil laugh.

Attached: 1625359589156.jpg (1080x1080, 78.76K)

>>131047276I'll take it!

Another cringe RPs from the thread's own retarded sasharcy crackshipper. Gonna need Sashanne fanarts to wash down the secondhand embarrassment from reading their post. I know it's a fact that their sasharcy ship is inferior and it will remain forever as a headcanon to a few and that I should feel sorry for them, but I really just can't do it. I tried my hardest to ignore their post then my eyes wander off as I quickly scroll down the thread and lo and behold there they are with their cringe RPs. Matt please I beg you just put these sasharcy crackshippers out of their misery. They're like a living rotten cadavers the smell wafting from their dead body stinks the whole room.

Attached: 279441356_1326140527893437_6878810661087246491_n.jpg (1080x1080, 117.06K)


Attached: 1654135093299.jpg (1440x1440, 286.47K)

>>131046408Sashannarcy board.

Who would win in a fight, Sashanne sisters or Sasharcy sisters?

>>131049717Spranne chads

>>131049717Why fight?

Attached: 1653739789569.jpg (1548x1648, 202.26K)

>>131049717Whichever side is the craziest.

>>131049742This is the everybody wins chad choice

>>131040907Context for this image pls

>>131049742Because stomping on your foe is fun.

>>131049703Why are there so many Marcy and Sasha AUs

>>131049753>tfw trying hard to ignore the ending

Attached: 1649367125256.jpg (2048x1612, 319.28K)

A man is seriously injured and taken in for surgery. Upon arriving, the doctor sees who the patient is and says to the nurse, "I can't operate on this man! He's my son." The doctor is not the man's father. Who is the doctor?

>>131049852A clone

>>131049852Adopted?Women can't be doctors.

>>131049807In another life things could have been different, better.

Attached: FRs1t8QXsAMX8-8.jpg (1582x2048, 473.01K)

>>131049902But they can be gay and get married?

>>131049807They are the prime lesbian choice, sorry Anne. Sasha and Marcy just werk. I can't put it into words.

>>131049717That fight would imply that Sasharcyloser had a winning chance, to begin with. Their ship doesn't even have a foundation to stand on. Their ship was solely built out of the delusions of the mentally ill people who have lost touch with reality. I don't think anyone who worked on the show has ever acknowledged the existence of the Sasharcy ship. I bet Matt would treat Sasharcy similar to how he treated AndriasxWally or GrimexPolly, with contempt and disgust. I know we all do feel the same.

Attached: FTsZ7s-XEAMvuc3.jpg (2662x2840, 444.65K)

>>131049953A small blue newt and a tall red newt can.

>>131049997Anne feels more like a straight guy's kind of girl.

>>131050014Matt and the crew also did the clone and cat god thing, just saiyan girl.

>>131050050Canonically she likes straight fanfiction and reading romance magazines about boys, but who knows maybe she could be bisexual. Maybe. I hope.

Attached: 1654091161709.webm (400x400, 617.37K)

Attached: FN9vSDoVIAM6ume.png (841x579, 24.13K)

>nothing to post but gay shit/co/mblr gonna Holla Forumsmblr

Attached: FB_IMG_1652912710334.jpg (720x646, 39.83K)

Attached: FN-K2YYVEAEcoJJ.jpg (841x841, 64.43K)

>>131047941And? i like quality no matter who made it.

>>131050052But of course, the Sasharcy crackshippers would stand by their shitty headcanon of Anne being a clone. Who would have guessed that the crackshippers are that mentally unhinged that they too would believe in some crackpot theory? Totally (not) me.

Attached: 1652932590302.jpg (1508x1066, 277.57K)

Attached: FSqkUbJWQAAn2lK.jpg (1392x1058, 132.62K)

>>131044141You need to check you to say that. Obviously she's a human in comparison to...

Attached: map.png (900x981, 123.94K)

>>131050222>>131050193I was hoping someone would do an image of Marcy being pleasured by these two all in their little costumes, but no one did.

im tired of humans, post your fav amphibians

Attached: 1634252032990.jpg (1024x768, 359.36K)

>>131050252Would have been cute.

Attached: spongebob-i-need-it-gif-20.gif (320x240, 1.75M)

>>131043994>>131044024Somebody do pic of MarMar like that Panzer Girl.

This one short clip of Sashanne moment alone completely invalidated every Sasahrcy crackship fanarts, they could never have this real moment for their nonexistent ship animated, voiced, and fully directed in the show. Sasharcy crackship in the end is nothing more than a fleeting memory of an old man who dies from Alzheimer's disease. It's a sad realization of a shit-tier ship like SashaxMarcy.

Attached: Sashanne-dance.webm (720x406, 2.1M)

>>131040845give >>>/trash/ more credit they collect the "good" trash

That suit though.

Attached: FSTzeNxXsAEejuV.jpg (1920x990, 228.09K)

>>131050530Imagine Sasha tearing a hole open in the back and proceeding to rape her

>>131050565She's unconscious...

>>131040820Uhm... isnt that some kind of frog world? Surely there's water.I thought the same about Digimon though.

>>131040845put me in the screencap

>>131050684Water? Sure. Hell, Anne probably washed her cloths regularly especially if she’s wearing the same outfit all the time. Hygiene products especially ones that a human female would use? Definitely not. Frogs don’t sweat so there’d be no need for deodorant and they don’t have periods so there’d be no need for pads or tampons

>>131050771She'll have to ask for a rag

Attached: 3MTOCjq1QVwjUq0rxcdaPEuVo05S9AXhKOSogN8ALvI.jpg (998x480, 38.84K)

Got anymore sweaty Annes?

>>131040820>Cleaned with celestial fireNo smell beyond the faint scent of ash, as of the finale. Anne 2 only spent a few hours on Amphibia.

Attached: 1652544047821.jpg (1011x1018, 539.6K)

>>131050096Anne will be revealed bi in the journal.

>>131051290Anne is bi 'cause pre Hardest Thing Anne was straight, and post Hardest Thing is lesbian.

>all the amphibia artists started doing other thingsIts...its actually fucking over...

Attached: FUPPaHbX0AQrjoB.jpg (750x417, 28.45K)

>>131051643How was she lesbian post THT?

>>131051643She thought young Croaker was hot

>>131046777women can be just as messed up as men if not more. Why do you think so many women have rape fetishes?

>>131051655>the moment the show ends people already move onit was never anything special. just a flash in the pan.

>>131051732You can say somebody your same gender is hot without being gay. Unless you're autistic and lack social cognitive perception.

>>131051732That holds about the same weight as her admiration for Dave.She reads romance books about guys.She's unironically the straightest of the trio and she's the one shippers should be most worried about.

>>131050666even better satan

Attached: sasha.jpg (2850x3800, 554.79K)

>>131051655There are still some artists doing Amph art. It's the cloud chasers the ones moving on, they never gave a shit about Amph, hell they came in the fandom just after True Colors premiered.

>>131050832What’re they gonna think when it come back covered in blood?

>>131051903>"Oh no Sash, Marcy is out cold">"I got this">gets undressed


Attached: Spranne54657.jpg (540x540, 36.8K)

Attached: FUDONgjWUAEIz0S.jpg (3188x2500, 494.9K)

>>131042366During Saturday's stream Braly said she probably kept playing tennis once back on Earth, and occasionally practiced her sword skills, which are "good for party tricks, like slicing a watermelon midair"

Attached: FUQiZ8mWAAAOuRG.jpg (969x1305, 112.19K)


>>131051880>That holds about the same weight as her admiration for Dave.Why do frogs find humans ugly while humans find in shape frogs hot? Shouldn't it be the other way around? or is Anne just a furry?

Attached: Alistair.png (1500x843, 1.3M)

>>131048744Is there a link to this

>>131052236The stream is this, but I don't have a timecode. He started doing faster doodles around the 2 hours mark. Dude was dying.youtube.com/watch?v=Ur8xoskE1rw

How did the force of being forcefully shanked from a massive newt who was just in full sprint NOT send Marcy's body flying through the portal?

Attached: True_Colors-01428.png (250x140, 74.66K)

>>131049717>>131049725I'm a spranne chad i can bench press 250lb and dead lift near 400lb, run for 3-4 hours non stop and I'm somewhat experienced in MMA, yeah I think I can take you all trannies down no problem. Inb4 "i have a gun faggot" We are talking about the men's world here.

>>131051655I'm still here, user.

Attached: more polly wip.png (544x596, 152.23K)

>>131050179Ok coomer


>>131052361I mean I guess if people like naked frog girls. I prefer cute drawings.

>>131047941I can separate art from the artist...really the only way you can enjoy anything these days since most celebrities and artist have the politics of high schoolers thanks to Social Media.

>>131052217The entire family is

Attached: Boonchuys Fuurys.png (1280x720, 951.12K)

>>131047941Give me proof that Centinel is a tranny

>>131052328It's a plasma light laser thingy energy blade, so...

>>131042438Like Thai Basil and Mint...which I'm assuming she can find in Amphibia since she found basil to make pizza.People in Medieval times and cultures/areas that couldn't bathe regularly rubbed sweet herbs like Tyme and lavender on themselves or hung bundles of it in smelly places like outhouses.

>>131052328No clue. Was he in full sprint? Or did he just stand behind her and activated his plasma blade?

>>131052368This gives me an idea for a good Radiohead edit.

>>131052325>he addressed the shoe switch What the fuck Anne literally died and the clone was just something to appease Disney censors??

>>131052361cute, I want more

>>131052513>You know the answer ;)

>>131052071I like the hair

>>131050284I like mes croaker

>>131050284You just posted him.

>>131052513Like most showrunner and content creators, I doubt Matt is ever going to give a completely clear answer on the subject, even if in his heart of hearts he probably knows what to believe. Still, with change and growth being part of life, and Anne's journey still being far from over by the end of the show, I think it'd be useless to consider the Anne we see on screen as anything else but the real Anne. Whether she is a copy with the original's soul transferred in, or a perfect backup made at the moment of death, she's still the only Anne around, with the same conscience. I mean, Matt said "we don't know the answer about souls and such, and so there is not an answer in Amphibia either", but why would Godmino leave two Anne's souls around, one disembodied and one embodied, and still wait eight more decades to *maybe* finally retire?The way I see it, Anne got rewarded with a second chance at life, and that's it, regardless of the divine specifics of her return.

>tfw you can't post amphibia porn on Holla Forums because it's a blue board>but you can't post it on /trash/ either because the jannies there think loli and shota are more offensive than dick-sized shitting nipples and all sorts of furfag gross degeneracy.

Attached: 1634790907530.jpg (456x586, 184.54K)

>>131052652How is it that /u/ thread doesn't get nuked for that same reason

>>131052652/amph/ on /aco/. You got some hot stuff?

>>131052076Though speaking of her skills, I wonder why she never seemed to make use of her Muay Thai at any point. It seems like something that would come in handy at least as a backup during the times she got her weapons knocked away in a fight

>>131052645>but why would Godmino leave two Anne's souls aroundSo they can fuck each other

>>131047762I do hate how Dante's Inferno has permanently changed the image of hell to be a bad place of fire and brimstone. Hell is just supposed to be the slums of heaven.Believing Christ just gives you backstage passes to his concerts.

>>131050096I hate pit bulls

>>131052772Dante's Inferno didn't even have fire and brimstone in general, it was more about ironic punishments.

>>131052652post a cat link if you think it's worth it.

>>131052729Maybe because storyboarding action takes time, and the modern pipeline for major networks' animated productions is, apparently, hell? Dunno. Or the muay thai thing was mostly a joke and they didn't want to characterize Anne as a brawler in "serious" moments?