Why did this show fail?

Why did this show fail?

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I hated it's "ugliness".

It didn't. And it is remembered more than shows that CN promoted more/took more pride in like Dexter or Courage.

>>131040000Yeah I don't get why modern shows get chastised for being ugly yet EEnE. I don't even like modern cartoons I just thought it was kind of odd.

Five seasons, 4 specials, a movie and dedicated spots in CN's promotions for years doesn't exactly scream failure.

>>131039991>5 seasons and a movie>Remembered and beloved to this dayOn what planet is that failing?

Wait fail. Even "Peach Tree" season wasn't that bad and the film was a nice capstone.If an HD Collection existed I'd own it.

>>131040041>>131040042>>131040054>PPG>six seasons, over a hundred episodes>tons of toys, comics and video games>a film actually released in theaters>an anime spin off and a rebootThis is what success looks like.

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>>131039991It didn't. It had six seasons. Tons of specials and a made-for-TV movie. In what way do you think it failed OP?

>>131040034Modern shows ARE ugly, dude. They just aren't ugly on purpose, like EEnE was made to be. I didn't like Re & Stimpy either for the same reason. Dot ever try to compare the low effort shit they release today to modern classics though, lol.


>>131040097Compared to some other CN shows like PPG posted in this thread.

>>131040080>Doomed to forever get more and more progressively shittier reboots and spin-offsSome day you'll realize that this is what failure looks likeEd Edd n Eddy was lucky to be spared

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>>131039991I don't think it could have succeeded harder. Widely regarded classic, retired when it was still good, had an excellent finish, and no soulless reboot to tarnish its legacy.

Aw, sweet. A contrarian thread.

>>131040034The characters of Ed Edd n Eddie were made ugly on purpose. Modern cartoons are ugly because of incompetence or cheapness.

>>131040080Did it have any GOOD games though.Pic related wasn't amazing, but still fun.

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>>131040019>courage >on the same level as Dexter's Lab It's arguably as failed as EEnE.

>>131040080Dexter also had toys, video games, and even fast food promos. But people connected more with EEnE than they did Dexter or PPG. Just compare frequencies fan art, youtube video views, and online discussion. EEnE was CN's spongebob but they were too stubborn to realize it.

>>131040080Don’t forget it’s also getting a live action show, something that only Ben 10 accomplished in terms of CN shows.

>>131040190That`s gonna be an absolute shit show in the hands of the CW

>>131040174>EEnE was CN's spongebob but they were too stubborn to realize it.In hindsight, it was a blessing in disguise. Better to end after a good ten year run than devolve into a franchise zombie.

>>131040213We don’t know that for sure. Better to be optimistic and wait for the final results.

>>131040121>>131040129I don't get the knee jerk reaction towards reboots. Do people get this upset over the different takes on King Arthur, Robin Hood or Sherlock Holmes.

>>131040080>PPG is killed, get its corpse raped, and then shamble until the cycle is repeated again>EE&E dies with dignityyeah...so jealous

youtube.com/channel/UCLiD5R9zNdNmEdyr_F0w2AQ/videosLook at the amount of views the short clips of a show that ended over a decade ago uploaded to an unofficial channel gets. What a lasting impression a "failed show" left on millennials.


>>131039991Failed? It was one of the longest-running shows in CN history, had a whole tv-movie finale and everything. Most of the other Cartoon Cartoons were either canceled or revived by a shittier production team. I'd say Ed Edd n Eddy was successful in every way.

>>131040292>Ppg: violence, explosions, gross out and shock comedy, gay devil.>Nu-ppg: boring slice of life crap, cut a woman's breasts off, twerking, one off character that everyone totally loved and needed to go her people need her. It's not that hard.

>>131040110Saying a well-recieved show with a decent budget and tons of episodes isn't really a fail. It's the second-best ranking show of the whole network. What else does the show need to be successful? It needs to be Powerpuff girls? That's like saying every show needs to be Spongebob. But okay why did this successful show not reach the absolute peak of success as opposed to just being really successful.Not sure. I am not a fan of the show so I can share my gripes. I don't like how they never win. I don't like how most episodes are them scamming and fighting each other. I don't like how they are kind a jerkish. Honestly, if the show was more about them just being friends and hanging out with the other kids rather than just scamming them all the time I could see it doing better maybe. I don't know I mean I would like it more but not sure if it would mean it would be The next Simpsons.

>>131040329Yeah, I hate garbage threads like these when the cock sucking OP vaguely claims a show "failed" without elaborating.

>>131040233Let's not forget the final "school" seasons of Ed Edd n Eddy aren't as fondly remembered as the first four, with Eddy's douchebaggery hitting unacceptable levels and the plots not holding up.We're not talking Savino-Dexter levels of bad here, but still a bad sign.

>>131040352I still don’t get it. Any take on a property is still valid no matter what. Is Sherlock Holmes in the 22nd Century less valid because it’s not like the original?

favorite EEnE sceneyoutube.com/watch?v=qrqxPBFsTBY

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>>131040399I think Danny must have realized that, hence why he decided to wrap it up with a movie instead of a full season. Hell, the movie itself seemed to ignore the school setting and had the action start in the cul-de-sac.

Reminder that CN wanted EEnE to keep going but Antonucci was adamant about ending it.

>>131040439the random ass sound effects are still so good

>>131040443There's a podcast out there where one of the head writers/production memebers mentioned that danny was in the loop of the changes happening at cn (CN real, all that shit) so rather than season 6 and 7, he chose to end it with the movie. Guy saw which way the tide was turning, and ending the show before any damage was done

>>131040292A good thing doesn't need a reboot. So many reboots, remakes, sequels ect. in modern media it's a drag. New media should be encouraged, not dragging out an old recognizable IP. That the vast majority of them are shit and soulless cash-ins and it's easy to tell before watching, so there's little faith in them. Stuff like King Arthur and Robin hood are legends and don't have an original definitive media source. Sherlock Holmes is a cultural icon from over a hundred years ago. There was one author as its the definitive source and he's dead. Your examples are different mediums bad long-established legacies. You can't really impede on them with a visual adaptation, and since a definitive visual adaptation does not exists there's more a grant to it as a new thing altogether.


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>>131040233I agree, in the sense that both EEnE and (early) Spongebob are tied for my favorite cartoons of all time. And sure the school seasons were not as good, but they really weren't bad. The series ended at just the right time, and it got the perfect movie ending that most shows can only dream about.


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>>131040034Because EEnE is drawn well


>>131040472The sfx guy could have gone home to shit on a golden toilet, and he still wouldn't have been paid enough.

>>131040399The school season may have been weaker but dam if the eddy running the school newspaper, Rolfs blood feud with wolfskin ed, and the school jailbreak episodes were great though.

>>131040593The man will go down in animated history as a chad.

>>131040507>New media should be encouraged, not dragging out an old recognizable IP.All "new" ideas are just remixes of older ideas. We should be encouraging that mindset, like with Blood and Honey.

>>131039991Just play the online game.

>>131040080Yeah and now they can revive it endlessly and ruin the franchise forever.Meanwhile Danny Antonucci owns the rights and CN can't make a new show without his approval.

>>131040665The Fad Freaker build still viable?

>>131040190>something that only Ben 10 accomplishedThose were tv movies, if you wanna get technical. Still waiting for that AF jacketI don't want to imagine how a live-action Ben 10 reboot would look like.

>>131040658Blood and honey is just a horror tinted flavor of SJW shit. They made the movie just for shock value, not for art or telling a story.

>>131040692Yeah, but they fucked the hitbox up on the track.

>>131040593I'm fucking dying

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@131039991(You)>FailTry harderThis >>131040121 is an actual fail.

>>131040704What's the point then? May as well just go with a Canadian Squirt Gun build.

>>131040665Shit I thought they were shutting down the servers like King of the Hill Online. Need to see if my Annoying Jonny is still usuable.

I remember feeling heartbroken when I read what happened with Tony Samson, Eddy's voice actor.

>>131040909>Sampson retired from acting to work in the oil sands industry in Fort McMurray where he operates heavy equipment,[1] and later revealed this was because the production company he was working under threatened to blacklist him from the acting industry after requesting a modest raise.[2] Damn you get so fed up getting paid voicing background characters you just say "I'm going to go operate machines forever and ever".

>>131040413There are good reboots like Scooby Doo Mystery Inc for example. The new PPG suffers from, well a lot. Bad writing, animation, character design, etc. If it had been good I'm sure there would still be people complaining, but it wouldn't be ONLY complaints.

>>131041003Eddy was his only leading role. Every other role he got was an annoying secondary character (Fred from Transformers Armada) or a bit-role (one of the many explodees from Gundam Seed)

>>131040151They had the best flash games. The crashing game was dope

>>131040588I wouldn't say perfect. Danng cucked us on what's under Double D's hat

>>131041052Candy Machine Deluxe is unironically a STEM game. youtube.com/watch?v=oS31YnfSyQs

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>>131041026I want to believe he was an exploded character in the netflix Eva dub but I know it isn't true.

>>131041052Billy and Mandy had the best flash games.

>>131041097>Had a bad dream, better microwave the jawbreaker

>>131039991Raven Molisee ruined it and crammed all that gay crying shit that nobody wanted

>>131041191I wanted Eddy and Double D to kiss more.

>>131041081>bald>scar>afro/jewfro>blood-sucking parasiteNothing would have lived up to the hype.

>>131040000At least it's cartoony

>>131040080>>131039991Both are beloved shows anyways

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As tired of it as I got as a kid near the end, it didn't fail so much as run its course, so ended. It's a better fate to go to sleep on a good note than stick around as some zombie series stretching way past its prime in endless gag schemes as every character slowly morphs into a parody of what they once were.

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>>131041214That actually happened, in the episode where Kevin discovered Eddy's middle name.

>>131041340I know. It was nice. We needed more

>>131040080>Not being the most successful show means it failed

>>131041128Billy and Mandy was over all way more successful.

>>131040151Theres the ed edd n eddy online that I think is still going

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I smell Owl/Frog fags.

>>131041516It wasn't.>Hateful fart cartoon


>>131041671How do you smell that?

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>>131041671I mean, both those shows are insanely popular and well liked.

>>131040413Current culture doesn't translate well on media made a few decades ago, simple as.

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>>131039991Cow and Chicken failed harder

>>131042009I know you’re wrong, but how so?

>>131042020It was so bad they it didn’t even reach the 2000s and was overshadowed by it’s sister show.

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>>131041946Loses to big city green. Only troons watches those show

>>131040399You can blame Jim Miller for that.


>>131042089Ed Edd n Eddy started in the 1999

>>131042054Older kids watch it

David Marchie hates the Eds! But after all the fictional Ed's stole his VCR.

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Do people actually think the show failed? It ran for around a decade and got its perfect movie ending, most shows would kill to go out that well.

>>131042161Older kids hates Cow and Chicken.>>131042372No, this guy is just farming (you)s

>>131039991What did they mean by this?youtube.com/watch?v=7btVItPvFjk

>>131042054Those shows lost to American fucking Dragon of all things at one point.

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>>131042036by this logic as told by ginger is far superior than all of those shows

>>131042036Robot Jones was so fucking weird. I remember they tried to say it was some sort of lost media and some episodes had him voice acted and some had text-to-speech.

>>131042636It is

>>131040439>"honey i'm pregnant">"the claw will work"Best eene thread on this site

>>131042372It didn’t do PPG or Dexter numbers.

>>131040110You'd be the type of moron to fill an entire channel's time slots with nothing but its most popular show.EEnE did very decently, it may have not been 'the most popular' but was loved back then, and still beloved now (and actually ended on a high note, a rarity among all shows really).So many shows ape what over popular shows do in an attempt to capture that lightning in a bottle, forgetting that diversity is key to standing out. The popular shows didn't become popular by following everyone else.>>131040100I actually like EEnE's art direction, the characters are ugly, but the style and designs are charming

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>>131043233Unrelated show, but that actually why I Am Weasel ended so soon. It was a popular show, being the fifth highest rated of it’s time, but it sadly ended due to a regime change, which lead to Hanna-Barbera Productions becoming defunct and merged with Cartoon Network Studios (which officially opened in 2000 where shows like Time Squad and Samurai Jack were being developed) and Warner Bros Animation.Dexter and PPG were also Hanna-Barbera at first, but continued under CN Studios since they had higher ratings. Courage was made outside CN Studios so that was spared.

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>>131040000>>131040034Because it's actually funny and the art style fits unlike the modern shows you're probably talking about.

>>131039991It didn't fail you're just a racist

>>131039991One PoC was a goat farmer the other was Captain Melonhead attacking people with a two-by-four while wearing a watermelon

>>131041286>Both are beloved shows anyways>>131041433>Not being the most successful show means it failedFreaking this. Based and connoisseurpilled.Honestly, what is this, a dick-measuring contest? Why would both need to have equivalent number of accomplishment to be deemed succesful.

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>>131043386Modern CN hit the wall hard in 2016.

>>131040042>On what planet is that failing?on OP's space tard colony. this is just the same "WHY DID X FAIL WHILE Y WAS MASSIVELY SUCCECSSFUL" shit that was being spammed a few weeks ago but without the copypasta.

>>131040080>Quantity Faggotry

>>131045587I mean, threads like that can be educational in comparing how one show fails and how one succeeds.

>>131040080Now factor in relativity>series about 3 cute girls with super powersvs>series about 3 fuckugly dudes doing fuckall in a cul-de-sacone of these reached far and wide for its success

>>131045677Yeah, appeal is a big factor, something EEnE really lacked.

>>131039991Industrycuck, you fucking faggot.

>>131045701I think this one might be the real quantityfag.

>>131045687And yet it still got 5 seasons, a movie, and is still commonly referenced more than more popular series to this dayNo appeal!

>>131045701Didn't he die or get committed?

>>131045665you could arguably say it does due to the people arguing about it btut those threads always stem from some braindead bait

>>131040593How can one man be such a chad?

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>>131040080The creepy pedophile tarnished the show for me. The sexy anime didn't help.If that's winning..

>>131046076>The creepy pedophile tarnished the show for me.John K worked on this show?

>>131046085John K never animated himself hitting on a preschooler. I'm still amazed it actually happened and the industry just breezes right over it. Bizarre


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This guy?

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>>131046120>>131046322His shitty south Asian TV show for Netflix got cancelled before it got off the ground. Wonder if his weird behavior was a partial cause.

>>131046365Dude must be connected to some real money to put his loli fanfic on broadcast TV and just be called "weird."But let's rake John K over more coals for hitting (?) on a teenager 20 some years ago now. Doing something with a teenager? Never really get a straight story on that, but fuck him anyway.

>>131045854>comes in>makes a show how he wants without listening to or caring about criticism>show is fondly remembered to the day for being great

>>131046120People deadass bought into the "it's just a joke" defense.

>>131045677>>131045687Same fucking fag

>>131046424John K is a well-know person in the animation industry. This >>131046322 guy is only known for doing this. Not comparable.Of course John K is far more infamous than famous these days.

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>>131042735Ironically I’m 90% sure some episodes are now lost media, or at least very near so.

>>131046491Did John rape those girls? Was there an implication? What the fuck did he do?!>>131046473It's fucking bizarre and a perfect snapshot of how despicable this industry is.

this again?

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>>131046531>Did John rape those girls? Was there an implication? What the fuck did he do?!From what I remembered reading, he groomed and fucked two teenage girls and later had them work under him. He also might have CP on his computer but that was never proven.

>>131040502It's probably for the best Antonucci wapped the show up when he did, but I'll forever wonder what a season 6 or even 7 would have been like. The Ed Edd n Eddy wiki says one episode of season 6 was called Special Ed, and that Antonucci said it was scrapped because it was too real. I wonder if that episode would have been about Ed or someone being put in special education classes. And there was one about Ed's horoscope. That one would have been neat to see.

>>131046566Maybe? So far no one has replied with "This!" or sperged about WMAF and Kim Possible.

>>131046566>Industryfags heavily imply John is a monster>How, exactly, is John a monster>Industryfags scatterYesBut again, the guy showing children nationwide how much he wanted to fuck Blossom was a one time thing. Loli is...not suitable for children? Of course. >>131046457Man should write a book.


>>131042507Bluey is far superior than horse shit like BCG, TOH and Amphibia

>>131046650nytimes.com/2018/04/04/arts/ren-stimpy-creator-misconduct.htmlBelieve me this is isn't just some industryfag bullshittery, it was a big news for a while.

>>131046665Numbers don't lie.

>>131046365When did it get cancelled? Netflix is cancelling a bunch of shit due to running out of money from their loan.

>>131046714hollywoodreporter.com/tv/tv-news/boons-and-curses-netflix-animated-show-canceled-1235140192/amp/It was one of the shows caught up in the recent-ish culling.

>>131046752They probably didn’t want to greeenlit because the reboot was shit plus the Goodman dude is a self-insert pedo, personified

>>131046670Oh fuck. Yeah alright

>>131046817Also from what little was revealed about it, it wasn't a very good idea for a show to begin with.

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>>131045854Netflix cancelled his show precisely because he was such a chad. He's genuinely too good for them.

>>131046856Is it even possible to script, animate, and dub a show with a plot as extremely silly as this, without being ironic?

>>131040034EEnE wasn't generically ugly and its loose scribbly style added to its humor

>>131046670>NOOOOO YOU CAN'T HAVE A ROMANTIC RELATIONSHIP WITH A WOMAN WHO IS SEXUALLY FULLY DEVELOPED BECAUSE SOCIETY SAYS THAT'S BAD!!!Boo hoo she even said she liked it when she was young. Societ literally just gaslit her into thinking it was bad years after the fact. This would have been completely normal everywhere for the overwhelming majority of human history till the last century. Roasties and moralfags just seethe at it because they missed their opportunity and want to make sure no one else can find love at a young age. Pure crab bucket mentality.

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>>131040502Got the podcast I wanna listen to it

>>131040000it's funnythe show was ugly but I thought the kanker sisters were strangely erotic.

>>131042322this is a person with genuine autism isn't it

>>131046278Johnny got his head stuck in a tree. Then in the summer ends episode there's a joke a panicked Jonny runs makes with plank covering him. This is an edit of both, with Johnny face slightly more red.

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>>131047968This is where the meme came from

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>>131047927Well it is twitter

>>131039991It wasn't Marxist enough. Communism is the best ideology to have and this show didn't reflect that.

>>131048833What are you talking about?

>>131040000>>131040034It fits the tone and subject matter of the show perfectly. On top of that, it's pretty well animated for a TV cartoon, so it looks even better in motion.Most modern cartoons that look ugly as shit don't have either of those things going for them. Doesn't matter if they "chose" to make it ugly or not

>>131049771I believe cartoons should have more communism in them.

>>131040080>>a film actually released in theatersIt bombed lmao.>>an anime spin off and a rebootBoth with horrible reception. What are you on?

>>131049823It's more than EEnE got

>>131050067>I-It's moreKek, success is not measured only by how much a company squeezes a property, the audiences must pay to and watch the shit that comes out of it. Doug having a movie released on theaters doesn't make it a success, whereas Spongebob's first movie making cash is a statement to the property's success.

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>>131048833Nonsense, the foolhardy capitalist schemes of the ed boys are a perfect indication of the contradictions of the capitalist system.

>>131049794Villpu would disagree

>>131050223So why is the show banned in China?

>>131050378Is it? Couldn't find anything online saying it was banned.

>>131040327Is this shit real?

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>>131051596It’s a good influence for children.

>>131045677>>series about 3 cute girls with super powers>vs>>series about 3 fuckugly dudes doing fuckall in a cul-de-sacWho wins this Death Battle?