>CN turned into the toddler network>Nick is literally Spongebob and Loud house: The channel>Disney...

>CN turned into the toddler network>Nick is literally Spongebob and Loud house: The channel>Disney, the last decent network, is heading towards to being a mix of the other two, The toddler network: Phineas and Ferb clones and Noah Z Jones edition>netflix culled their animation delartmentIt is over, the new dark age of american animation is here. We are cursed to live in a world where every show is an unfunny fart cartoon like TTG, a shitty spin off or a toddler show like Craig of the creek

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>>131032365Hard times make strong man

>>131032567>literal fascist propaganda


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>>131032365>CN turned into the toddler networkYou had it coming for making AT and SU an success.

>>131032567Strong men don't watch baby cartoons

>>131032567strong man make retard time

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>>131032365Go through your to watch list already and stop being a whiny little bitch

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>>131032593Doesn't make it any less true

>>131032635 >I don't have children

>>131032652>me no fuegoCool.

>>131032677>having childrenOHNONONONONONONO

>>131032567>is disproven by history time and time again

>>131032672The people who say it conveniently forget that all times are hard times.

>>131032365>Phineas and Ferb clonesAnd that's a problem,why?

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>>131032365Streaming is the future user.

>>131032714sure we live in such hard times where we have nothing better to do than to cry about the current state of cartoons for toddler

>>131032720>mml was shit> the hamster show will be shitGee I wonder

>>131032754>"i'm extremely privileged by the sheer luck of living in one of the wealthiest nations on the planet">Don't Worry Be Happy.mp3 blares from a comically large boombox

>>131032365We're witnessing the death knell of cable television not animation

>>131032817>Netflix is cable

>>131032365CN Studios is making still unannounced stuff for HBO Max you guys will like (at least the ones who don’t hate all new shows by default)Big caveat however is that we don’t know how big of a hit Discovery management cost cutting will take. They don’t seem ready to axe stuff already in production like Netflix but hard to say what things will look like going forward 2+ years from now.

>>131032365>Disney, the last decent network

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>>131032607>Their Birth by SleepWTF does that mean?

>>131033007They expect something by wasting time sleeping

>>131032916this, disney was literally the harbringer when they were shunting shows like motorcity and tron to obvious death slots.

>>131032714Who said I forgot? The good times are brief

>>131032593>fascist propagandaOh, but "no pain no gain" is obviously true.Fuck you. Go read a history book.

>>131032365>Nick is literally Spongebob and Loud house: The channelAnd that's surprising because...?

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>>131032567This meme is cringe

You're the generation that will live to see famine, mass death, governmental bankruptcy, and the eradication of nations through conquest as chaos evelopes the world because of the welfare state and your idealistic egalitarianism at the cost of the rights of men.The 80 year era of security and peace in the west is over.Deal with it.

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>>131032593um yikes you say that like its a bad thing sweaty

>>131032365Look at the bright side: Future cartoons that'll come after this era will be badass and much higher quality to counterbalance the current era of shit and will kickstart an awesome counterculture Renaissance. We only have to wait just 10 years give or take.

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>>131033328Spongebob is cancer, I wish it never got made

>>131032365I stopped watching almost any cartoons after Gravity Falls and Steven Universe. Just looking at these modern shows, it seems like there has been absolutely no innovation in animation at all for the past ten years.What the fuck???

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>>131032567I hope this is true, because I've having a hard time living.

>>131033494we're all dead in 10 years user

>>131033494Western cartoons will get shelved for more anime by then

>>131032365>one day my favorite cartoon or comic will get horribly destroyed and there's nothing I can do to stop it

>>131032365Guess we turn to anime or rely on the French and Mexicans

>>131032365It's getting so a grown ass man can't watch a children's cartoon channel anymore!

>>131032635>Strong men don't watch cartoonsFixed it.

>>131033396We need to strip rights from Holla Forumstards


Reminder that if you're still watching exclusively American Animation you're the only one you have to blame for not being able to find any quality. Step outside your comfort zone you whiny cunt.

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There's nothing you can do that can't be done.

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>>131032365You have Newgrounds though.

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>>131035953Is that Anne Frank

>>131036029>No Confederates>Not pregnantSorry that ain't her

>>131033610Maybe you'll be, but my gen z youth will ensure that I get to witness it

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>>131036466>>No ConfederatesShe is chasing one

Modern western animation has been ass for a long time and I don't even know why I keep coming to Holla Forums other than habit.

>>131032365I want to kill myself unironically

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>>131033494Where's this from, user?

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Shrek and spongebob are the worst things to happen to western animationI wish I could erase both from history

>>131032593I've been realizing that Hitler might have been right more and more everyday

>>131032365They shold create a new video streaming service for animation all around.

>>131034894All you're stripping are your clothes so you can get fucked in the ass again.

>>131032593What's the problem with fascism?This is an actual question, i never bothered to learn what it is and why people hate it.

>>131032654We will need a mega thread most likely, it's why I already have my shit downloaded

>>131032365Cable is dead. Bury it .

>>131033007In KH if you died in a weird magic way that fucks with your heart then you enter a period of dormancy where you are basically sleeping until some outside force awakens you.Ventus was sleeping inside Sora, Terra inside of Terranort, Roxas inside of Sora again (the fight against him in KH2 was Axels death waking him up) and so on. Unless you hit the final world and eventually fade away your heart is just sleeping.

>>131037274I think its ghost rider.

>>131032365>complains about toddler networks>lists channels that have always only produced childrens programmingsounds like you should start watching adult animation OP. stuff on Adult Swim, Comedy Central, Netflix, etc

>>131038201billy and mandy could be watched by anyone

>>131038500sure, but it's still a kids show. OP is saying he's not into shows made for children, so it's time for him to watch shows made for adults. and those are on networks that aren't Disney, CN, or Nick

>>131038067Read Hannah Arendt.

>>131034894not them, but get rekt fag

>>131037048me too senpai


>>131033369>>131032593bitch baby

>>131032567die>>131032593this site is full of rightwing retards, shocker

>>131032365If the 10s are any indication, dark ages are brief

>>131032567>>131032593It's not just fascist propaganda, it's retarded. The cycle relies on you thinking Rome collapsed because they got too gay rather than they got so big the system fell apart on top of other economic and logistic factors. There were plenty of hard men societies that collapsed and fucked off or were absorbed into the faggy Roman Empire.

>>131032567The most powerful men are always the weak yet comfortable, and they get the strong men to die for their personal causes.

>>131038067Fascism creates a hivemind of yesmen who will support plans based on the assumed superiority of leaders and ideas because they're afraid of getting killed in the night of the long knives. Fascism isn't upheld without violence and terrorizes the population for poorer results that state propaganda forces you to believe works under penalty of death.>how is that different from what we have nowNigger, Trump was based and remained unassassinated, the leaders of the "alt-right" are fine until they climb in through a broken window at the capitol building.

>>131039038You should fuck off then you little servile shit

>>131032365Discovery is going to turn CN into reality shows just like what they did with Discovery Channel

>>131039038Imagine baseding out this hard. I'm a liberal myself, doesn't mean I'm going to stop posting funny memes because a right winger made them

>>131039038Feel free to go back to r/ddit

>>131032365Networks may as well be toddler shit because in this day and age, it's mostly just used by parents to babysit their kids until they're old enough to use streaming services. That's all. Network cartoons have been shit for a long time

>>131039133Based and /his/pilled. Don't forget all of the "hard men" barracks emperors who actually made live way worse than any "degenerate."medium.com/@masswrites/hard-times-create-strong-men-strong-men-create-good-times-good-times-create-weak-men-weak-men-1b5333657a0a

>>131032365Just watch anime, bro.

Aren't you a bit too old to be watching cartoons?

>>131033396>>131033610And it's all your fault.

>>131039236Sounds like marxism, nigger

>>131040749You can say that about virtually every person who uses this board as a means of collecting and then furiously jacking off to waifus.

>>131032365>It is over, the new dark age of american animation is hereGood.Maybe it is time for the you guys to come home here at /a/ and enjoy some actual good stuff. There's so much stuff here that it is impossible for you to not find a show you won't enjoy.Forget the cucked mutt cartoon industry and come home. The time is now.

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>>131032593What? How is it fascist propaganda?

>>131040891In some ways, but the more important distinction is that marxism aims to increase access and inclusivity while fascism aims for exclusivity and limiting access.

>>131041028It implies that good times create a weak men (gay liberals) and weak men create hard times, and hard times create strong men (traditional conservatives). The strong men create good times. It's popularly applied to the political spectrum which is used to imply that liberals destroy society and right wing authoritarians create good times.

>>131033494future cartoons will be animated by machine learning which can tween between keyframes better than anyoneWe're about to live in a future where ideas are only constrained by storyboards

>>131041083The problem is that it uses Rome as a model and assumes that happened to every society. It also ignores the departure from tradition that was America after the revolution. They were the liberal savages of the time and they prospered just fine. It wants you to buy into an unsubstantiated cycles meme that no retard who supports it can find three examples of. History having nations become increasingly liberal is just what happens when you have a middle class and a lower class that gets to have rights. The cycle is a nonsense talking point used to frame being against shit like gay marriage as a way to prevent economic collapse. That way it's not so much that you hate gays, you just hate what they did to Rome. It doesn't make any sense and it isn't backed by anything. It's like blaming advancing science and technology on the collapse in that most long standing civilizations has scientific progress. With that progress comes departure from tradition and with how time works, if a society collapses there's going to be more factors than just their progress.

>>131038067>Whats the problem with fascismsomeone actually asks this, unironically go outside

>>131041379>no answer

>>131041379There are loner kids who grew up online and who only heard libs call cops fascist. Without context, they can just conclude that they like the security that cops brings and so therefor they like fascism. Of course that's like reducing the issue of socialism to just a love of roads and a positive public school experience, but without knowing that fascism endangers even it's own citizens and bars upward mobility through hierarchies justified through propaganda and mythology, cops and military life can look pretty cool.

>>131039607Hell yeah, brothert. conservative

>>131041422there is no right answer for the wrong question

>>131041083>It implies that good times create a weak men (gay liberals)But that's truth, just look at california

>>131035953French animation will save us.

>>131042203>continues peddling non-answers

animation as we knew it died with digitalization. It also doesn't help that the people in the industry now don't have 1/1000th of the drive, passion, and dedication to their craft like pedo John K did. Wasn't afraid to call the industry out either for it.

Which one Holla Forums?

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Lol wtf are you doing still watching tv? It's BEEN over for a long time now. Damn do I wish I cherished the glory days far more than I did when they were going on. Fuck were all three Cartoon network nickelodeon and Disney fucking awesome at one point, we honestly didn't know what we had till it was gone, I remember always being enthusiastic about what was to come, damn does that feel like a fever dream now, imagine being optimistic about the future around 2007, lol I was so naive for the wave of bullshit that was about to come,

>>131039038Then why are you here, you weak cuck?

>>131032593>>131039038Triggered liberals will never not be funny. Go back to your hugbox to whine about "muh fascism" if you're that insecure.

>>131034894I unironically want to see dumbass Holla Forumstards beat you up.

lol imagine being an 8 year old and these are the cartoons you grow up this

Don't care about CN, Nick or Datknee, they can go rot in a dumpster for all I care. If they cannot withstand subversion by literal shit-tier culture 'warriors', I autotomize them from my entertainment consumption.

>>131039353Bah ha ha haa

>>131042659For some reason the weak people from the "good times" countries are more valued than the strong people from the "hard times" countries.

>>131047102>More valuedBy their fellow travelers and California bleeds thousands of people annually. Which sucks for the rest of us because those faggots ruin that state like they ruined california

>>131032650This isn't Holla Forums. Get out!

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>>131032365>Disney, the last decent network, is heading towards to being a mix of the other twoNo, today's Disney is sucks. We need to boycott today’s and corrupt company called Disney. Boycott Disney! Boycott!

Attached: Don Rosa-Boycott Disney.jpg (1944x1296, 390.07K)

>>131047159The tech business and educated workers are higher value than most. Meanwhile refugees from "hard times" countries aren't viewed as high valued strong men. It's a brainlet meme that sounds right because it's based.

>>131047236not them but please do the following>pic related

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>>131032809literally the point.weak times

>>131047522How is it reddit to want to support conversation about comics and cartoons? Putin monke is an unrelated Holla Forums meme that could derail a thread.

>>131032593You say that like it’s a bad thimg

>>131047676It is in that it's from a dumb bumper sticker slogan not taken seriously by anyone not bent on supporting that ideal, the same problem if it was communist propaganda. It's like saying "live, laugh, love"; it doesn't mean anything to anyone not already believing in the meme.

>>131032365unironically i've been watching more shitty anime since the fall of so many giants.even the worst isekai anime is better than some of the shit i've seen from western studios.

>>131032593One day my spirit will rise from the grave and the world will know I was right.

>>131040962Lol /a/ is full of chink trash. The same 3 protags with terrible storylines, overdone reactions, god-awful fucking designs for women, and constant shit pandering for muh booba. Fuck trannymae.

>>131047293Tech workers don't grow food.>California grows foodNo they grow nuts and fruits, not staple crops and they have to borrow water from other states to do it

>>131048360About it being fascist propaganda? It is, no one is denying that.

>>131047639my dubs said for you to fuck off right off m8 to reddit bitch

>>131040962>mutt>muh based Insectoid PeoplePost the chink pasta with a pic of your uneaten pet dog accompanied with time stamp.

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>>131033549Finally someone sees Gravity Falls brillance.

Attached: dipper__mabel_and_pacifica_at_the_beach_by_craigclark111_deip4y9-fullview.jpg (1280x850, 167.84K)

>>131048404California made $20.8 billion in ag exports in 2020. Florida made $7.4 billion in ag exports in 2020. Again, strong men from hard times countries aren't valued like weak men from good times countries. It's nonsense repeated by people trying to justify being a fascist.

>>131048391>>131048542>>131048520>>131048456The biggest fags in this thread

>>131032365guys!!! guys!!!... the cartoon channel i watched when i was a kid is showing cartoons for kids... and that's bad

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>>131048542>FloridaWew. They only import fruit too retard. Neither one grow shit like corn and wheat which are staple crops. Nor do they produce meat and dairy


Attached: FUP_SP7WIAAgM8W.jpg (1000x600, 128.5K)

>>131048634Okay? I'm still comparing an assumed strong men state to an assumed weak men state with similar criteria. I'm not even sure what argument you're trying to make beyond "strong men produce milk and weakmen produce fruit". It's funny but it doesn't make any sense or mean anything to the current conversation.


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>>131035953This was a really good show

>>131048729Except it's true and every problem we have is caused by fragile snowflakes

>>131032567True, but this is true as well..."Hard Times Makes Strong Men, Strong Men Make Hard Times, Hard Times Still Hard Times" "

Attached: strong man.jpg (420x620, 52.7K)

>>131049231How is it true? The crops you export are based on geographic locations and don't speak to the character or production of the people around them. Unless you want to talk about veganism or something.>every problem we have is caused by fragile snowflakesYou're retreating to complete retard territory. This is the point you'd like to make but you can't substantiate it, even with commonly repeated fascist propaganda. Don't get me wrong; I hate what SJWs did to the entertainment industry and I wish things were more like Japan, but getting distracted by bullshit culture war with brainlet talking points isn't meaningful beyond a fun part of the hobby.

>>131048729If the primary food producing states cut off California, they'd starve. Many of us honestly would like to see that

>>131032365You know there is a 5-letter word that starts with A you could watch instead......

>>131047522>says he js not them>proceeds to act exactly like themmany such cases

>>131049497is this you reddit-fag?

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>>131032365>disney>decentlol, lmao, kekus maximusDisney is shit. Gravity Falls and Amphibia happening to pass through their hands isn't a mark in their favor, it's a sign of their total monopoly on western animation that shows like this can't exist UNLESS Disney is putting their hands and trademark logo all over it. CN doesn't make anything that isn't DC superhero dross, Nick doesn't make anything period, and Disney doesn't actually make anything, they just buy ideas and bastardize them.

>>131049551You're confusing me with someone else, election refugee

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>>131049381>I hate what SJWs did to the entertainment industry>so let me talk with points exactly like them

>>131050002>you either mindlessly repeat fascist propaganda to the point of concluding that milk exports, not nut exports, is what makes a society strong or you're an SJWThis is your brain on culture war.

>>131033396... huh?

>>131032365Disney made something decent in the last decade?

>>131050054>everything I don't agree with is fascist propagandaThis is your brain on culture war

>>131050254The "hard times make strong men" meme is a fascist meme though. It's like "diversity is our strength" or "seize the means of production" being marxist memes.

>>131042659Hows Russia doing or sub saharan africa? They keep having hard times but they keep getting worse.

>>131048564>thinking anime is goodYou need to go back.

>>131032593fascists in Germany were also strongly anti-tobaccoHitler had one of the most successful anti-smoking campaigns in history, as well as a campaign against factory butcheringdoes that mean tobacco and factory butchering is good?

>>131032916This.The mouse is ruining entertainment by buying out everything.

>>131033396Good.The human race deserves it me included. For i have become corrupted too.

>>131051261Those aren't slogans with implications that progressives ruin society and fascists save society.

>>131051176U need to go back to Le.ddit scum

>>131033549Star vs. the Forces of Evil had the potential to be a show thay was just as great as Gravity Falls.And then it shit the bed after the second season...

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>>131050168>hey guys lets pretend Amphibia, Owl house and gravity falls are worse than Poopy and Peepee: feces adventures> im such a contrarian


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