BCB - Bittersweet Candy Bowl

"You may be wondering how I got here. Well [chuckles] it's a crazy story" Edition

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Do not read this comic.

Can you even be below-average in height as a guy and still considered a jock?I'm not sure if playing sports automatically makes someone one.

Why does he look more attractive the more clothed he is


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>>131031346i wouldnt, honestly seems like cringiest thing ive ever looked at at least man eaters was kinda funny

>>131031282>track team>jockLmao. Joining track team is to nerds what geology class is to jocks.

>>131031282She's so bad at writing make characters LMAO.>>131031347If you're school is trash at sports like mine then yes.

>>131031282First, I could've sword they had a different mascot. Second, my neck is broken from the amount of whiplash these past few chapters. It's almost funny how we switch from characters going through emotional breakdowns and sniping at each other to Wacky Hijinx XD!1!1. I've seen fanfics more consistently written than this shit.

>>131031347Yes, but Mike is a scrawny and emotionally unstable nerd he isn't a jock because he can run well

>>131031403*male >>131031360The only realistic looking one is the 2nd from the right.

>>131031360how can she be this bad at character design she's been drawing for literal years.

>>131031282This gymnasium is the casting coach for characters trying and failing to get what they desire.I'm sure the bleachers are full of girls who want to see this new Hornet's stinger!

>>131031360Teen Girl(boy) Squad

>>131031377>Taeshi>understanding anything related to physical activity

>>131031412At least there is nary a Lucy in sight. A small mercy

>>131031282i don't hate this development though i'm so used to the comic just being about stupid drama it feels weird to see the characters have hobbies. i wonder if this will lead to lucy getting to do something too.

>>131031682>i wonder if this will lead to lucy getting to do something tooDo random unsolicited wisdom dumps and getting fawned over not count as hobbies?

>>131031363If you have nothing better to do and don't value your time, read the comic.

>>131031377Imagine joining a sport where you're just running lmao

>>131031282Mike suicide arc when?

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>>131032027Probably never because he's part of a gay sports team now

>>131031950There is no way they lack something better to do. BCB is truly bottom of the barrel

>>131031682>i wonder if this will lead to lucy getting to do something too.Ruining this for him somehow I imagine

>>131032266>Lucy reeeees because Mike has found something to enjoy that doesn't involve her or Sandy


>>131031440Hey, at least they're not the generic cat head she's been drawing for years and years. They look a bit more distinctive.

So I guess Mike is going to get more perspective on his life by having something going on that has nothing to do with Sandy (or Lucy)?Will Lucy ever do the same?

>>131031282I actually enjoy this development. The pose is very familiar though, what page am I recognising it from?

> Veronica: Time to stuff some nerds into lockersSomeone find Sue so Mike can stuff her in a locker>>131031282This?

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Why does this feel like the Mike-anons wish of him finding a new friend group happening, but all monkey-pawed because Taeshi being Taeshi?

>>131031360>James: Alright everyone, let's hit the showers!>Mike: (gulp)

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>>131033081something something "team building exercise while showering" something something

>>131033081It is pride month, after all.

>>131032532I doubt either case simply because Taeshi is at the helm

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>>131033444Missing a panel showing her massive boner

>>131031464>Mike boys! Mike!>What about him?>Nothing, I just like saying the word. Mike~

>Coach wants to inspect your crotch to make sure you're healthy enough to run

>>131033586>Daisy since when are you on the track team?

>>131031412>First, I could've sword they had a different mascotLet's GOOOOO Hornets!

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>>131033033If only she could restrain herself, for just one single chapter. We've seen some dumb shit but it hasn't been enough to wreck this installment quite yet. I figure that will happen when Taeshi tries to pull a flourish with the tag line.

>>131031360I'm down for Mike and his harem of boys fighting over him while playing sports.

>>131031360I think I may actually look at the discord to see their reaction to Mike's gay harem.

>>131033841Now that's team spirit!

"Why does the track team need a camera like that?"

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Do you think Lucy has seen Jordan's wiener?

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>>131035396You just know it

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>>131032355I mean it matches up with what she'd do considering everything else since her return. She'd show up just to mess with him with her sheer presence and then possibly do something petty.It'd be great if Mike just ignored her ass when she did this but we know he wont.

Mike is now a jock so to say, Daisy is a cheerleader, it's been established they have some interest in each other. Is Taeshi setting something up here?

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Mike cooming hours


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>>131036228I'll be honest I like the idea of power couple Mike and Daisy, it has a lot of narrative potential

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>>131036228she BEEEEEG


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>>131036190Mike should take both the track team AND the cheerleading team as his harem.

>>131036394Mike should join the cheerleading team

>>131036405Now post the Mike edit of this. >>131032877

>>131033159>Pride monthDo americans actually have a full month to praise gays and trannies?

>>131036315It's a relationship that would actually work out. Both share an interest in studying and occasional nerdy shit. Also, Daisy is fluffy and a cutie, who would deny a ragamuffin like her?

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>>131036495Just imagine Mike x Daisy high school power couple by day, nerd lovers by night it'd be perfect.

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>>131036581That's why it can never happen, Mike must suffer.

>>131033033>monkey-pawedSo far it isn't disastrously bad, just really boring.

>>131036495Sorry, Daisy is for pump and dump

Your thread bored feMike enough that she fell asleep.

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>>131037387Good Holla Forums is bros before h*es

>>131036469Blame leaded water pipes and chemical dump sites close to civilization, 'cause it can turn more than just frogs gay. Ain't deregulation, corruption and lack of regulations fun?

Where is Family user?

>>131036581Ironically, my experience with those having a similar personality tend to be chubby chasers.

Familyanon plz come back

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Horny enough to keep this up

>>131038767If it wasn't for Field Day, this new development would be completely out of nowhere and 100% not set up. Even some of the Patreon folk were confused.

>>131037642Daisy isn't chubby though, she's just incredibly fluffy

>>131038947Imagine spending a literal decade forgetting to remind your audience why one of your characters is a protagonist.

>>131036365Thank you for the shirt edit, user

>>131031360>"Oh noes! It's our eternal rivals team: The Beefags-IMEANTHEHORNETS!!!"

>>131039463They're gonna sting us with their barbs

>>131039572>Oh no, we’re up against the Roseville High Sex Offenders!

>>131036365Not gay enough.

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>>131037332Aside from the eyeroll-worthy Taeshi logic, this chapter has so far been the best entry since Eternal Flame kicked off the bedshitting trend. Let it be known that last chapter would have beaten it hands down were it not for the second half.

>The gayest chapter in awhile for gay pride monthWhere will this lead

>>131039986I suppose Paulo's confession to Mike makes the most sense, so naturally James will be admitting it instead.

>>131037647Ive been lurkingJust unable to draw very busy


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>>131040826This is it, boys. This is the post. It's all downhill from here.

>>131039986Somewhere interesting maybe.


>>131033033>Mike needs new friends>Mike gets a harem of basketball boysI don't see the problem here

>>131042854Honestly his default friends are so terrible that anything short of hanging with the thugs or Madison would be a step up.

>>131042839How long until the next drawstream?

>>131040826Not depicted: Mike's rock hard nipples poking through his top>>131044280June 24


>>131032877Sue seems jockish to me

>>131046217Sue knows her place. Stacy taught her.

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Fuck this dumb art style

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>>131046557Based Stacy desu

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>>131046557No! Sue is cool and is for love.

>>131046962Well then maybe she shouldn't make it so much fun to bully her

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>>131036469Not really, big wig corps do this every year and would mean nothing after that month is over

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>>131031282>>131031360>jockno mike you joined the twink squad.

>>131037463Pure pottery shit

>>131031282And that's how he became the track teams new bottom. Better sex then Lucy could ever give out!

>>131040873Stop gaslighting glownigger

>>131047483Lucy doesn't give, she only takes.

>>131047616>Lucy takesTakes implies initiative, and we know she never wanted it, she getting it is anyone else's fault and they should feel sorry for putting that burden on her

>>131047746Get fucked Mikefags.

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>>131047746Always in denial

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>>131047556You cannot tell me that isn't a peak post

>>131048273I hate that smug look of her's

>>131048273>>131049559She's written like a terrible person who pretends she doesn't know how terrible she really is, or plays the victim role despite her garbage personality. I want to see her suffer more than any other character, including Madison.Those panels where Mike crushed her by taking back Sandy after making out with Lucy was the best panel in (relatively) recent BCB.

>>131049643What do you think is the best panel in all of BCB?

New conversion drop

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>>131050289The only acceptable conversion for this comic is sending these characters to a gay conversation camp. They're way too straight right now

>>131050687They're... they're too STRAIGHT?

>>131050898The story isn't done until Mike has sucked Paulo's dick, Amaya has come out trans and Daisy and Lucy have started dating. Let's get it over already!

>>131031282No idea what this is but it looks cute

>>131051216You should read it, Bittersweet Candy Bowl.

>>131051216leave now

>>131051160>Mike has sucked Paulo's dickBased.>Amaya has come out transGreat meme.>Daisy and Lucy have started datingOk you've gone too far this time kit.


>>131051216Looks cute, it's written with the ass

>>131051216ignore >>131051250, just an insdie joke here.

>>131051273Never too far

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Why do I want to fuck Augustus so bad?

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>>131031346you know every thread someone give this warning but once there wasn't one cause something spicy happened. I read from the beginning and I regret it ever since. I should of listened.Any development will just be turned around to mike was still awful all along and poor lucy. I'm imagining that mike is going to be somewhat popular and have a chad arc. Girls will flock to him and he'll be more confident just to see how miserable lucy is because she's like fucking tinkerbell and if men aren't giving her attention she wants to kill herself. I'm sure it will be spined to "while you're life is so great I've been here suffering!"

>used to be>a little

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>>131052182Why is Amaya cut off?

>>131052793Because she is in the original panel.

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