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This archive was recently put online and it technically counts as cartoons.Currently you can only search by creator/ songs so deep diving is a must.Post your finds/ veauge, decade old flipnote memories/ stories if possible.archive.sudomemo.net/

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>>131030373Is there a way to upload? I have an SD card with some flipnotes from my dsi?

>>131030445This is the archive site so no uploading. Although you can post them to the main hosters here: sudomemo.net/

>>131030373damn i was not expecting my stuff to be saved. i'd rather have gone the rest of my life without remembering that version of me

>>131030574You know you cant say that shit and not post a link.Don't worry user, that version of you is stuck in the past. Not like it'll kill you unless you did something absolutely heinous, and being slightly cringe when you were a teen isn't heinous.Only people who have unresolved personal complexes about their past and schizos believe that.

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Ah, remember those thing, Holla Forums?

>>131030373miss this program like you wouldnt believe

chicken wing chicken wing

I forgot how much blatant plagiarism there was in this app, I've seen ten versions of that kid crying at the grave

>>131030373How does this count as cartoons? Half of those animations are by Japanese creators

>>131031958And half of the animations are by the west. So this is effectively a grey area. And if toonami can be posted here, this can count.

I'm so upset I missed out on this by being too old when it came out. Was already in senior year and heading into college .Really wish I could've been born in an era where tablets and digital art were cheap to get into when I was a kid.

>>131030373personally I this archive are more interestingyoutube.com/channel/UC3OskQFSlpdmgpwqyfuokJA

>Superdee started on Flipnote Hatena of all thingsarchive.sudomemo.net/watch/mvfwh4qarwvdgyivxvitvt3grjgchttps://archive.sudomemo.net/watch/mvfwh4qarwvdgy5hapwte2pjiagc

>>131030373Why does nintendo have to ruin good things first flipnote and later miiverse.

>>131030373jesus fucking christ i found myself and i was like 8 at the time. peak autistic 8/10 year old contentarchive.sudomemo.net/user/9AEEA6201E1C2F03@DSi?page=3

>>131030373I remember being pissed that Nintendo never brought Hatena on their 3DS version of Flipnote outside of Japan.After that I barely used Flipnote Studio 3D.

>>131030373holy shit my old account, thought that shit was lost forever

Where are the Chris-chan ones?

>we'll never have another Hatena FlipnoteSobering experience to go through these things. I thought some were lost to time forever.

>>131035453You can still find them on the CWCki


some of you are saying you've found your old shit and not posting them.Come on anons. Nobody but maladjusted anons will give you shit for things you did when you were a kid/teen.

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>>131036450make me, faggot

the absolutely massive amount of sonic fanfiction I've found...

>>131031865Hot dog and baloney

>>131036527please. with a cherry on top if you can.

>>131036734chicken n macaroni!

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>>131031958Who cares? I bet you didn't even have a DSi faggot

>>131034863>Kurami was originally a blind teenager>the rosebuds sisters are over 10 years old>now are characters in a syndicated print comic stripWhat the FUCK??


>>131034863what the fuck? i talked to this person before, i had no idea what they're up to these days and had like 0 clue they made anything popular enough for 4chan fucks to care about, i like know nothing about them outside that they made flipnotes, this is so funny

>>131038842It's weird as fuck to think the dude who's vidoes I used to watch before bed on Flipnote went onto become an accomplished newspaper comic artist with me having literally zero idea they were the same person.

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>>131038842>>131038879Yeah, it's weird seeing people you know somewhat become "famous". I used to chat with Kris when he was making Animations and Cyanide & Happiness comics before they even had that name (or anyone else was making those comics with him).

>>131030373The stick fights were the only worthwhile thing on here that had any true amount of talent and effort. Everything else was eevees, boos, and some other shit animated while using the same family guy voice overs everyone else was using

>>131038842>>131038879>he even used the Suprdee handle on hatena all those years agoFUCKING DEEPEST LORE

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>>131040504Why is suprdee so popular? Probably the name i hear the most here and on /acrg/

>>131030373I was late to the party with this autistic shit

>>131036861Chilling with my homies!

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>>131040640He’s an unironically sweet guy who just wants to make sol newspaper funnies and you can tell he has a passion for what he makes. It’s kinda hard to dislike the guy.

TFW you can't find any of your old shit

>>131041305If you changed up your username search by your hatena ID

>>131030373Y'all can make porn of this thing?

>>131030373Found my friend's old stuff from high school, sent it to him and we reconnected for the first time in years. Neat.

I remember a bunch of stuff like this: archive.sudomemo.net/watch/mbqx104omwtjiqvt32zthjusraanhttps://archive.sudomemo.net/watch/mbc1ocuvcwkxmueepdiwngaz4cac

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>>131036450what are you expecting to see anyway? it's just cringe on a childrens site

>>131030373Is there a program like Flipnote Studio or is Hatena the only thing we have to work with

>>131042419Why are you here if you don't like looking at others' drawings and illustrations?

this is a time capsule

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>>131035021>i was like 8>8 year old contentSo what you're saying is that you're 16...

>>131043424The oldest Flipnotes on that account are from 2010, so it's 12 year old content

>>131030373Holy shit, thank you for bringing this to my attention! I would not have pursued the animation industry without this program. It's corny to say, but THIS was my Newgrounds.Here's my page btw: archive.sudomemo.net/user/5C3488701E313F01@DSi?page=1I remember picrelated was an OC of mine named "Kenny" who was literally just South Park Kenny without his hood on, drawn in my style. I remember I came up with him because some kid who hung out with us in middle school was hyperfixated on South Park and if you said any line from the show, he could tell you what episode it was from. I made this character out of spite but still ended up making him my self-insert??? I was an odd bird.Fun fact, a close buddy of mine got fairly popular on Hatena and got a few of his flipnotes onto the front page a few times.Here's his page: archive.sudomemo.net/user/58634FB0C59E869E@DSiHe actually still knows a few guys from Hatena including Will4Zoo, who was another popular face in the community.

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>>131030373I made a cool animation of Link using the clawshit to get the triforce, but my retarded siblings deleted all of it and scratched the touch screen with a nail because their retarded asses couldn't find the stylus. God, i fucking hate kids so much


>>131040504No need to ruin a perfectly good thread, fag>>>/a/

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>>131044830Take a look at global12 and ask yourself why this happened to you. Don't bother trying to argue pic related was someone else.

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holy fucking shit, OP. I was able to find the creator who got me into drawing in the first place. I fucking loved their blue dragon OC lol. this is such a blast from the pastarchive.sudomemo.net/watch/mvocdokomw50vybf5bftkz50i2bn

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Searching through these is an absolute bitch, why couldn't they have saved the names?

why did he do it

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>>131046937According to the FAQ, the service they scrapped [which is now dead] didn't have those saved for whatever reason. So that shit is flat out gone unfortunately.So you're just gonna have to play archeologist and get digging.

Holy shit, it's been years since the idea of archiving all these flipnotes was put out, it's such a shock to see the archive itself to finally come to be! Time to watch all the flipnotes I made when I was repeatedly put in the mental hospital as a kid kek

archive.sudomemo.net/watch/mvpiyei4cwfjmuwbih4wrbkjunenHOLY SHIT found my stuff.

>>131043424nah im actually 12, balls just dropped yesterday


>>131047630Holy fucking shit I can't stop laughing at this frame

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>>131047804The whole archive it looks like I fell into the memes and angst. Goddamn

>>131030373So is Chris-chan's stuff included

>>131047950nope. that shit got banned off ages ago. Although, what seems to be a troll account is here.So you can enjoy 2010 cwc trolling.

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>>131047630Anon, if you can, redraw the frame in >>131047804 but in your current style.Would like to see that progress.

>>131048621I honestly haven't really drawn since then, unless you include this series during easter/april fools

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>>131049086>a save worthy mini i didn't haveWhat kind of sorcery is this?pls draw a megamilk mini

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>>131049465cleaned up a bit, people are gonna see this and not know the context at all.

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For some reason my DSi wouldn't connect to my house's wifi (still won't for Sudomemo) so I never got to use the service a whole lot, could only ever access it from my Grandma's house or the library.Definitely made a bunch but don't think I ever shared them

>>131044830Shut up backseat janny faggot

>>131043003i'm talking about people not wanting to share their cringe, you're not missing much. what you saw on 'new' 13 years ago is likely no different from the stuff the people who don't wanna show their stuff made

>>131034863He's so based

There's a fucking Flipnote creepypasta thing nowyoutube.com/watch?v=bocpm0Wdfqw

>>131049531Context be damned, this is based as fuck.

>>131049253I did a bunch, I have them all still kept snugly deep within my computerOnly thing I want to do now is save some of those flipnotes, I had some I wanted to make gifs of

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>>131051392lelThe only one I didn't have is the one you posted upthread. And possibly the one below the peep rider. I'm assuming it's animated.

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>>131049531It's beautiful, thank you for making me lose my sides twice now

>>131030373>found my old accountno god I thought my preteen cringe was gone forever. this is not nostalgic this is painful.

>>131051392If you want to save them you've gotta inspect the webpage, go to the Network tab, copy the URL of the file that starts with a 5, and then save that with a .kwz extension. Then you can go to flipnote.rakujira.jp/ to convert it into an mp4, gif, or even export the individual frames