>show starts as monster of the week with a wacky premise>gradually devolves into janky continuity lorefaggotry

>show starts as monster of the week with a wacky premise>gradually devolves into janky continuity lorefaggotry

Attached: 1633338600137.png (430x410, 381.23K)

Have you heard of the high elves?

Attached: story1505.gif (600x450, 26.31K)

Stop! You violated the law!

>>131029237>The lore stuff is kinda interesting>Shows shifts to "abstract for the sake of abstract" and the writers imposing their real life problems and angst into the episodes

>>131029237>what is any superhero TV show ever?

at least the waifus didn't decline in quality

Throw in a love triangle and you're golden (assuming gold = feces)

>>131029540You're talking about the pickle show, right?

>>131029237In retrospect the Godzilla cartoon is pretty good in that it never strayed from Kaiju of the week.

Attached: MV5BNzkwMmI3ZmItNDk0ZS00MTg0LWIyZmMtMzc2NjUxNGIzOGRmXkEyXkFqcGdeQXRyYW5zY29kZS13b3JrZmxvdw@@._V1_.jpg (720x480, 20.04K)

>>131029540You're talking about Adventure Time and Regular Show, right?

>>131029237>lore and plot gets super interesting>wastes half the episodes doing monster of the week shit again and rushes the main plot's conclusion

Attached: 1650994711972.jpg (853x960, 166.03K)

>>131029547Most of them still kept to a MOTW format

>>131029540Steven Universe?

>>131029796The two devils.

hi emmett

>>131029237I'm genuinely blanking on examples of this aside from Regular Show and Adventure Time.

>>131029237You better not be talkin shit about Big O. I will destroy you.

if a show continues, they run out monsters to do

>>131029614Sounds like AT 100%

>>131029237who the fuck is this guy in the bad shirt?

>>131029796Jojo's Bizarre Adventure part 3?

>>131029237Monster of the week is only feasible for little kid shows this days, since it's a model used for viewers that can only tune in to watch once in a while (like little kids that can't yet control their watch history). In older times, when you couldn't just catch up to things with online services, shows took in account that you may have missed the previous episodes, but this days no one starts watching a show from any episode that isn't the first one. Shows now have a linear story and lore because that's just how we consume media now. Serial one shot stories are no longer a convenient model because they lack a sense of progression.

>>131032157is that a cartoon, retard?

>>131032294no, but it was on toonami so I can see why it would come to mind

>>131029590The three parter episodes with the aliens and the original godzilla as a cyborg were excellent too,

>monster of the week show has a bunch of minor background lore that was hinted at even at the start of the first episode>final season eventually leads up to exploring said background lore

Attached: DB2AB8B6-D2EF-44FC-A1ED-E88ACBAD5001.jpg (640x813, 101.32K)

>>131032324fuck you

Attached: The Great Gatsby.jpg (1280x720, 90.09K)

>>131032346fuck you too

Attached: 109_1613566994571.png (869x1005, 1.08M)

>lore overshadows the initial problem of the week format>ends up being a wet fart at the end of the series>everyone pretends they always loved SOL

Attached: 821BE96D-2BEE-4C1D-944E-2BD69341D9B1.jpg (575x506, 56.49K)

>>131031253Nobody's watched your dumb cartoon. He was talking about Tim and Eric

>>131029237You are describing literaly every single modern cartoon I can think of, outside of maybe Wander Over Yonder and Primal, even OKKO had its preachy nonsense episodes.

>>131029237>show makes a one off joke early into the show>joke comes back as a super serious lore thing

Attached: FQaC_vGVEAEUGAW.jpg (1536x2048, 364K)

>>131029237This is most anime really. They spend the entire first season dragging out the basic premise before getting into any story.

Why yes, I do like lore based cartoons, how could you tell?

Attached: 1563967123259.jpg (1242x1394, 192.53K)

>>131033500The skeleton episode was the only one that actually annoyed me, tho. I lost interest in the show after the Sonic crossover episode tho.

>>131034780Easy, I saw you posting pictures of buff half-naked men on the internet while pretending it's you.

>>131031239Amphibia, Steven Universe, Star Vs, Owl House?

>>131034701That's also because anime has to compensate its runtime and balance actual written material with made-up filler. >>131034989Steven Universe definitely. Hate what they did with that.

>series revival starts with an hour long episode that implies a planned story/journey>every episode after this turns into "adventure of the week" episodes with a completely different tone from the first episode, whilst also having the characters acting completely different than they did in the premiereguess the series

Attached: 1293226479145.png (337x247, 126.78K)

>>131035035DuckTales 2017?

>>131035035Bee and Puppycat?

>>131029540Star vs?

>show is mostly episodic but drops lore a bunch of seasons in and you can't tell if this was the plan all along or they made up shit on the go

>>131035049>>131035172Thundercats 2011

>show is just a outlet for the creators fetishes

>>131035360Honestly my second guess.


>>131035389Totally Spies, too easy.

Attached: Alex ass.jpg (640x480, 30.34K)

>>131032083animation professionals are truly the most boring people on earth and yet also feel the need to put every dull facet of themselves into their work. that show was pretty fun for a while and then took the hugest nosedive into solipsistic bullshit when the staff started thinking that their Feelings were interesting even in the slightest

>>131035687Lauren Zuke is Sugar’s karmic punishment for putting her bullshit in Adventure Time.

>>131035721They also did literally nothing with the shit she put in. Not even the possibility of Amethyst fucking Peridot.

>>131035764Yeah, it seems like they shot themselves in the foot just to spite her.

>>131035805Honestly, I became gradually more and more annoyed over how the built-up conflict was resolved in, like, 1-2 episodes and the whole conflict was one underwhelming battle they didn't even need to prepare for. They also just didn't feel the need to spend time on anything the fans wanted closure on. The thing that pisses me off the most is just how they spend so much time fetching all these artifacts, and then do nothing with them because the director really wants to talk about feelings like a bitch.

>franchise somehow manages Monster of the week and lore shit perfectly for 4 entire shows>execs don't like it so the franchise gets rebooted to be an ugly calarts toddler show with dogshit writing and hardly any lore Fuck Ben 10 (2016) and fuck CN.

Attached: 1651794821758.png (640x1440, 915.41K)

>>131036423It's even sadder when you consider that Ben 10 is by far CN's biggest property when it comes to things like toy sales.The only other one that comes close is PPG.

>>131036478Truth, I really fucking wanted those toys because the designs were so cool. I only got the ghost one and the slime guy tho.

>>131033500Hilda really didn’t really have lore episodes.


>>131032294By definition, yes.

I'm not sure what was worse in Supernatural, the boring angel civil war drama or the constant meta episodes.

>>131032294Anime is a cartoon, so yes.

>>131034911And what of it?

>>131029590I wish Big G didn't have to comoete viewership with Digimon and Pokemon... Could've gotten more of Junior in action.

>>131036517I still have a whole bunch in my garage.Got the little cannonbolt, upchuck, and the brain crab dude on my shelf.

>>131036806It really was strongest as a monster of the week show

Godzilla cartoon along with Men in Black animated series has a lot of cool designs for the alien of the week. Especially the studio itself, is one of the best & unique animation that I enjoyed to see as a kid.

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>>131029237Are you kidding me? The opposite is way more common.

>>131029237I don't see the problem

>>131035898It's almost like SU is complete garbage and the only reason you like it is cause it had actual gays. And liking stuff for representation makes you the real faggot. >t. gayboi

Attached: images (88).jpg (349x339, 20.07K)


>>131036423>hardly any loreIdk now about this one.


Attached: 1628650269877.jpg (2830x2123, 738.95K)

Is it any different if it's a comic in a cartoon style?Or is it just that it should start as a semi serious adventure if it's going to be one?Please help me to figure out where the line is drawn with lore and funny together because sometimes it's praised and sometimes it's hated.

Attached: 1653768311499.png (615x516, 857.75K)

>>131029237>show starts as monster of the week with a wacky premise>gradually devolves into janky continuity lorefaggotryKino

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>>131032217Didn’t think of this, but it makes sense. >all those bewildered moments at seeing how much has changed because you missed a few episodes

>Easy, I saw you posting pictures of buff half-naked men on the internet while pretending it's you.

Attached: 3670385F-4F00-4E5E-99C7-F11E598EBE9B.jpg (915x1573, 212.29K)

>>131037386this is the most bizarre case of projection I’ve ever seen, like what gave you the right to assume why someone likes something lmfao

>>131037386Take your meds

>>131029237>>131029337>>131029485Stay on the roads! It’s the Daedra, you see.

Could an Elder Scrolls toon work?

Attached: C6282E5F-310B-4D94-B838-D6B0CA67DAB9.jpg (1625x1242, 1.16M)

>>131029540Psycho Mantis?

>>131029237I don't see why shows can't pull this off anymore it was on the rage in the live action sphere in the late 90s and early 2000s with shows like Buffy and Stargate SG-1 (the good seasons of each) being the gold standard.The only things I can think of that are preventing this is a combination of lack of time (24 hour long episodes vs 12-20 30 minute long ones) and a lack of skill.Fuck it I just finished bingeing Archer recently and it was able to keep episodic content going while developing its overarching story every season, even the bad ones.

Attached: Archer.jpg (1000x1500, 241.47K)

>>131035428this desu

>>131032346NO, FUCK YOU

Attached: die stingy.png (1280x720, 863.55K)

>>131035035Legend Quest season 2?



>>131032058No they wont

Attached: power-rangers-original.jpg (1200x675, 114.45K)

>>131032294>he thinks throwing in semantics will prove him rightLol take this L user...

Attached: st,small,507x507-pad,600x600,f8f8f8.u2.jpg (600x600, 30.64K)


>>131032157The main plot was "Stop Dio" literally everything leading up to that encounter was build-up.

>>131033849I'm just saying, Frozen is for little girls. No one was expecting much else.

>>131029796Gravity Falls

>>131029540>>131037858I hope Hide-hack-i Anno’s Wife divorces him and he’s stuck milking this self-hating psycho babble for the rest of his miserable life

Attached: Char Aznable.png (230x345, 134.31K)

>>131042240Ok explain Char's Counterattack's ending to me then.

>>131039605Everything has to be Stranger Things or GoT or Euphoria now. ““Deep””, edgy and with long standing arcs.Self-contained stories don’t feed well into the binge age, though you think it would given the drastically dropping attention spans

>>131042257Psycho-Frames + Love Triangle = don’t worry about it

Attached: F67C3E3D-4101-4E40-9E70-0908927B6E94.gif (498x373, 1.47M)

>>131042276You mean everything has to be Gargoyles now

>>131042257When Char was smoking fed boys in the Sazabi it wasn’t a tearfilled allegory how introverted tendencies can drive you against your friends a la Sneedvangelion. It was Chad Fashionable strutting his stuff and dabbing on war via epic war crimes

>>131042376I fucking wish


Attached: file.png (716x768, 380K)

>>131037227we need more cartoons like those now.

>>131041612I wanna have a threesome with yellow and pink ranger.

Attached: 1610737555880.jpg (866x866, 68.19K)

>>131029614>>131030137>>131035208>>131036724Mostly AT but yes, cartoons that just ignore this mythology and worlds they create only to have episodes constantly taking focus away from it is bullshit.

>Show is event of the week>one small decision snowballs the show into a plot-driven structure for the rest of the series>but it's good

Attached: mirror shatter.webm (496x360, 2.44M)

>>131032157>Hating the Oingo/Boingo episodes

>>131029237>that picThere was a Youtube video of a daft punk remixed song doing it right that was really good and it had him as the picture for the video. Haven't been able to find it since, does anyone have it?

Laugh at me all you want for mentioning this show, but Supernatural was complete and utter kino while it was still primarily monster of the week ghost hunting. Never before has a show went to shit so fucking hard the minute it went deeper into lore.

>Minion tells boss that they’re going too far and won’t support their actions any longer>Be fucking surprised when they fuck you over or kill you when your back is turned

Attached: 1F154EE5-7569-4C11-B8DD-B336BC6C7968.jpg (500x437, 19K)

>Show is thing>Becomes something else

>>131033849I know I’ve seen them before, but I can’t name any examples. What are they?

>>131042915Steven Universe. The other Gems make a joke that they "kept Amethyst" like she was some sort of feral animal they took in. Much later you find out that's pretty much what actually happened and Amethyst's got some issues about it.

>>131029237>>131029796They're already doing one, get tempted to do the other, then do both poorly. A tale as old as time really.>>131032217People and kids particularly still watch television. But you are right, the moment television channels stop being a thing, "episodic" style shows where everything essentially resets will be made obsolete.

>>131037227That studio was on fire.Men in BlackGhost BustersGodZillaBig Guy and Rusty.Im sure they did a few more im not thinking of, but they were beasts back then.

>>131042509Yellow ones ded


>>131042915I think there was a few jokes at Ice King's expense that had a different meaning after the reveal

>>131042915Venture Bros and the cloning

>>131029237Scooby-doo Mystery Incorporated comes to mind

>>131031253The Big O transcends all stereotypes.

Attached: Chadger Smith.png (1080x1246, 417.63K)

How do you like it more 1st half monster of the weak/ 2nd half continuity or 80% monster of the weak with some short arcs and the last episodes a longer arc.

>>131036423I don't know which is worse, turning into shit or remaining good the entire run only to be totally forgotten.

Attached: GRX.jpg (1000x1500, 164.03K)

>>131029237Did Kids Next Door invent this?

>>131029540Literally AT


>>131029237>series does both "villain of the year" and lore stuff from the start>writers have a set goal, dropping hints like breadcrumbs across years but also make shit up to keep things fresh>constant twists put old things into new perspective>works both on a casual surface level and deeper lorefag level because story is separated into different tiers in comics, books, movies and online content>corporates don't care for all this story and eventually undermine it>series becomes obscure to everyone apart from hardcore fans>writer keeps adding stupid twists and retcons even after the series ends>franchise is super dead and irrelevant but was fun while it lastedThat is the way of the Bionicle.

Attached: bionicle-toa.gif (498x469, 3M)


>>131044988Venture Bros in general, a lot of shit in the later seasons are callbacks to previous jokes

>>131033849>>131042915I didn't see Star vs past the second season but anons mentioned some joke character from Mewni became the big bad in the last season.

>>131043973Hardly a problem for the inventive.

>>131035428>>131036806>>131042852Been thinking about watching it, when does the lorefagging start so I know when to stop?

>>131029540I see you've watched Owl House too

Attached: 1622311983381.png (1280x720, 999.29K)

>>131033849I think most of the times it actually was a one off joke originally but then they figure out how to tie in earlier references later when working on the lore stuff. A lot of it isn't planned out ahead of time and when it is creators have the tendency to call more attention to it so you can see how clever they are.


>>131046089Not a single episode.

>>131045801>some joke characterSort of. She was like a crazy mewnian warrior vet, but her introductory episode was kinda stupid and forgettable.Then she came back at the end, tricks Star's mom into giving her and her followers some powerups, armor and swords that slowly kill monsters. Then Star is forced to destroy magic altogether in order to defeat her.

Attached: mina.png (1164x1080, 1.09M)

>>131029237>REEEEEEE the show shouldn't take it's plot's seriously!

>>131041612>Give the black power ranger a black outfit Kek

>>131046987taking itself seriously =/= taking itself way too seriously while having incompetent writers

>>131045475I just bought the toys because I thought they were neat.

>>131029237Rick & Morty?

>>131034701Unless it's a romance anime, in which case it gives up on the story after six episodes and then shows the characters play video games or visit the beach for another twenty eps.


Attached: 1607716129008.jpg (777x679, 44.16K)

>>131046311-is worth watching, yes