>it's a Helga episode

>it's a Helga episode

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>>131027827Was Helga supposed to be parodying someone in this episode.I always got the feeling I've seen that look somewhere before.

>>131028441It’s called the wine aunt trying to be sexy look

>>131027827No she tried to look pretty

>>131028441she looks like Courtney Love

Is this board dead?

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name a more wholesome and well spirited cartoon other than Hey Arnold. There's none


>>131030759the man had rhythm

>>131030752My sweet aunt Petunia

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We were sailing along on Moonlight BayWe could hear the voices ringing...

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>>131027827Helga's got a great uglycute thing. More appealing than a normal cute.

>>131027827Was she a femcel?

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>>131031476He's no G-Spot.

>>131027827more like Smellga

>>131030759Easily the most memorable scene in the whole show.

>>131033191They seemed to say"You have stolen her heart"

Helga is the only Tsundere I ever considered sympathetic. The struggle between her tougher and gentler impulses that are ultimately two sides of the same strong, passionate, but misguided spirit is one of the most compelling aspect of the show.

>>131033801Nope, she can get laid with many guys but she is just fixed with Arnold

>>131030759I sing this every time it rains. I live in california so we basically get none of the other things but I still sing it for rain

>>131027827she’ll make a great back alley hooker one day

>>131036657Rhonda? Sure I guess.


>>131036016And gone awaaaaaaaaay

>>131030780Doug was a crazy person surpassing even Helga

If we divide Arnold not by seasons, but by Arnold's main voice actor... which Arnold era is the one you like the most?>Caudell Era>Dyke Era>Klein EraI'm divided between Dyke and Klein, but I thiiink I lean more towards Klein

>>131030759The last lines axchtually, "man oh man do I hate the WHOOOOOOA!..... man do I hate the snow."

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/a/ once made a tsundere grid of /a/ charactersThe center, oversize box was Helga


>>131033801She's too fucking insane to be with anyone but Arnold. Not until her therapy starts to kick in a little.

How many kids do you think Helga would want? I feel like three would be a good number.

>>131041789what the fuck

>>131041918Assuming good intentions what the fuck am I saying it's natural for little kids to imagine what kind of family they'd want when they're older.

I'm glad this thread is still up.I just wanted to say how much I love this show. I didn't really watch it as a kid, I read some Hey Arnold comics in Nickeloadeon magazine and saw the movie a couple of times but I never actually saw the series but a few nights ago I caught 2 episodes on the Swimelodeon stream and loved it.So I actually bought paramount plus so I could watch episodes while I was in bed and am deep into season 1 (just finished the camping episode). I love how wholesome and realistic the show is, I wish I'd watched it as a kid instead of Spongebob desu, I might've ended up less autistic.

>>131041930You are correct about the good intentions, the question came to mind because I am going to be an uncle in a few months and it has given me a serious case of baby brain. Imagining Arnold and Helga parenting together gives the most wholesome of warm and fuzzy feelings. This is especially true considering how different their home lives were growing up and how this would create opportunities for them to better understand each other's outlook on life.

>>131042716>crazy uncle who sees the world through cartoonsThis is your fate Holla Forums.


>>131042208You mean it ISN'T becaue you were vaccinated?

>>131027827holy shit it's frances mom


>>131042208>I love how wholesome and realistic the show isIt is. Wholesome and realistic yet also can be sometimes gritty. You can tell it was made with SOVL.People bring up Helga's mom a lot, but did they forget about this dope head?

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>>131027827>*changes channel*

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>>131036555>Brainy, Arnie and love-struck Stinkyyeah godtier choices


>>131049191I don't care about your shitty femcel stories helgascum

>>131049221Helga is all I have.

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>>131027827>>it's a Helga episodeIn Space .....she is still one of my fav cartoons to draw.

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>>131050169That's really fucking good user.Do you have more?


>>131050279>>>131050169 (You)>That's really fucking good user.>Do you have more?A lot .... :P

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>>131030771Harvey Beaks

>>131047338It was cocaine?

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>>131051855Too soon...

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Which one?

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