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What do you think of Tomoe Ame?

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>>131027417She cute but has no game

>>131027417Tomoe Ame was kind of interesting early on, but became basically non-existent later on. Eh.

>>131027417Too pure for this world.

>>131027603Damn, I never put that much thought on this. Seconding this.

>>131027824She hasn't even appeared in the series in like 15+ years in case you didn't notice.

Not the most interesting girl in the story but has a heart of gold. Too bad that she is hardcoded by karma to never reach happiness.

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Wondering if we're ever going to see her again at this rate, and if Stan has something planned to avoid simply regurgitating the earlier story where Usagi had to let a relationship go because she was betrothed to someone else. That Usagi is on good terms with the head of the clan she's marrying into might play a part.

>>131027417too much of a jobber

>>131027603>>131027824>>131027836I mean, she IS based on Sakai's first wife, who passed away. I wouldn't blame him for not wanting to revisit a character who reminds him of his dead wife. Either that, or he's still researching Japanese weddings

>>131027836Wait, fuck, what? The tea ceremony was eons ago? I mean, I went through those annual storytimings, but I never delved into "year of release"

>>131028437Yup. Chanoyu came out in April 2006. Over 16 years ago.For comparison, Jotaro and Katsuichi "disappeared" in 2004 and came back in 2020 in The Return, while Kenichi and Mariko, who came back in the same story, had been absent since 1991.

>>131028769Holy timelapse, user!

>>131028227How so?

>>131028959Sakai and Sergio in the 80's...

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>>131028959>>131029320... and Sakai last year. Time flies.

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>>131027417Best girl.

>>131029393Then why will be the next 3 issues Chizu related?

>>131029320mario if he real

>>131029320has anyone ever looked more qualified to work in a magazine named MAD

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>>131027417Is this furry bait?

>>131029488we don't take that word kindly here

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>>131029710Where's this from? I like it.

>>131029488Yes, but also no.

>>131029755bodyguard bunny

>>131027425Someone post the edit.

>>131029480Literal MADman.>>131029755Asterisks: the comic.

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>>131027425>>131027603I hate how right you two are.>>131029343He got that friendly neighborhood grandpa vibe on lockdown.>>131029755I'm automatically gonna assume you're either new here, or has been orbiting the same pseudo-megatreads for a long time.But I'm in a good mood so I'll spoonfeed you with a

>>131030189What is it with you faggots making up fake Samurai Rabbit comics set on feudal Japan?

>>131029894>>131029766>>131030189>>131030372Thanks for the answers. I thought you guys were going to bash me lolI didn't know the comic was American. The artstyle seems very "French".


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>>131030601>The artstyle seems very "French".What did he mean by this?

>>131029320now THAT'S a basque phenotype

>>131030601The author is Japanese-Hawaiian, so by that alone it's not gonna be your stereotypical American comic.But to further compound on why it is what it is, it's got it beginnings in 80's indie comics of the type that nowadays would be considered "boomer furries comics".So yeah it's also been going on for about 40 years now.M8nk2

>>131027417She doesnt get enough action. It's been like 20 years since she was actually fighting something in the comic, right?Hell, she got noped right out of the cartoon

>>131030448Anon forgot his meds again.


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>>131030672i looks like ligne claire, popular style in BDs, at first glance.

>>131027417Thought that was a bong from the thumbnail.

>>131027417my samurai wife

>>131027417A genuinely good person fucked over by the patriarchal caste system, her daft daimyo and her own sense of honor. Has a crush on a drifter sword savant. She's allright, but was born to suffer.

>>131031079The whole feudal Japan caste and honor system just seems like collective autism.But lmao, Usagi is a sword autist though.

>>131030802Wasn't Stan originally going to use her as a Jei vessel but created Inazuma to use in her place?

>>131031183That was Keiko.

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>>131031183Gen is another vessel if I'm not mistaken.

>>131031519>Gen as a Jei vessel*worried laughter*

>>131032277There far worse alternatives for a Jei host.

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What did the inspector mean by this?

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>>131031490we will never get our creepy loli trying unsuccessfully to weld the yari

>>131027417She needs to step up her game. With only a little work she could eternally BTFO all competition. And not just romantically- her ancestors vouchsafed her a vision of her rival's perfidy, and based on the way he reacted, it seems it was accurate and he knows. She needs to get on that.

>>131030744>>131031134>Stan's dad is a Japanese-American>Stan's mom is pure Japanese >his mom's side of the family didn't want their daughter marrying someone from a peasant family I love it when life imitates art. Feudal Japan's autism has been literally, like some conceptual Terminator, trying to fuck over Stan from before he was born.

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>>131027417Made for suffering Not even Netflix cartoon give her a chance

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>>131028215Please tell who drew this so that I may commission them.

>>131028215Same artist as the old onsen catfight?

>>131028227She would kick any other girl's ass with the possible exception of Inazuma.

>>131033962>>131033526I'm 99% certain it was Akunim/Isatorus/Smekbo, he posted a few Usagi pictures over the years in Holla Forums threads.


>>131035736Is this pasta?

>>131030837Not the edit I had in mind (see pic rel), but I appreciate it nonetheless.

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>>131036046>>131035736Apparently this has been written by a sexually frustrated furry.

>>131036046What is wrong with you?

>>131031519I believe Gen is both to much of a greedy bastard and too pure of a soul for Jei to possess.

>>131032438>Usagi, I have written a haiku, you like to hear it?>Jei is all right wet>Mei, Jei is Jutte all might>Oya Jeez alright

>>131031490That actually happened in Senso though and I don't think he would have used Keiko at that time Inazuma was created unless he was planning to have a child Jei.

>>131036886It did? I thought Jei and keiko got vaped together.


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>>131036166What did I miss?

>>131032438Didn't the inspector actually lose a biological son to fire or illness?


I've been reading the Giffen/DnA era of Marvel Cosmic and I couldn't help but think of UY when I read this part

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>>131027417Source of image? Is Tomoe supposed to be dressed like someone in particular?

Why you fail to protect that smile Holla Forums?

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>>131027417>>131027425>>131027603>>131028188>>131028415>>131028227>>131028437>>131028769>>131029427>Tomoe was set up as Usagi's love interest, but because she was based on Stan's first wife she's never going to be seen again except maybe in a passing mention and Chizu is going to cuckquean her.Anyone else experiencing weird and hard to describe feelings because of this? Just me?

>>131037023She stands there watching in disbelief when he gets vaporized but we later see a possessed Keiko leaving town in a rush of refugees.

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>>131038724Good thing it was only a short storyline, otherwise Stan would inevitably end up writing something that'd be a little too close to Draconis Combine.

>>131035161He did the catfight?

>>131038104Idk. Quietly being retired is probably the superior option. It's just that Tomoe had a shitty/unfair exit that can't really be undone. It's a reflection of how unfair life is. One of Stan Stakai's grandchildren died years ago as well. It's really horrible to think about how bad his luck is, despite producing a (relatively) upbeat and nice stories. I'll probably cry for real on the day when he leaves this world.

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>>131038101Because we are nothing but mere peasants.

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>>131027417I think stan got ripped off in regards to samurai rabbit.

>>131039691No. It was probably a very good thing. He had creative control on it, and made money.

>>131039726How much control does a producer have over a director?

>>131038755imagine your a filthy pheasant praying you don't become the next test body for a samurai sword suddenly she pops up next to you without a sound asking to go on a date with you do you accept you also feel a slight coldness and hear a faint hehehe behind you could be just the wind tho

>>131029343>comics and toys in the backgroundWhat a nerd


>>131037516Kek you are right!

She's kind of boring most of the time. She's at her best when some other character is getting under her skin and making her lose her usual unflappable polite demeanor, but most of t0twdghe time she's too prim and stoic to really stand out.

>>131029343He became hayao miyazaki?

>>131027417She's not as cute as Chizu

I'm a few issues behind because comixology went to complete goddamn shit and I don't know an alternative to give money to Stan.

>>131043069My method (as a non-american) is to read new issues online and to order the original (Sakai lettered) trades from my local american comic book importer when they come out. In the end, Sakai gets the money, so I have no regrets because of my mild piracy.

>>131043069Speaking of Chizu, she'll appear in the next 3 issues long story arc. Also starring: Komori Ninja and lord Hikiji's newest sinister plot. I wonder if she'll deflower cousin Wilbur's eyes by kissing Usagi right in front of him.

>>131043732Yeah. I'll have to start picking up those more. I want support the series but christ fuck.>>131043804Nice. Teh Tatami story was fun, until everyone killed themselves, but Chizu stories usually tend to be more impressive than that one was.

>>131043831Remember that Chizu story where an entire castle garrison commits seppuku? Good times.I always liked Chizu, the hopeless softie she semi-secretly is, but the moment she called Kitsune on her thieving bullshit was when she became my favorite character.

>>131038755>>131038724For someone who has spent several years subsisting on worms, grubs, and raw meat she looks pretty cute!

>>131039914Actually a lot. Enough that they can fire the director and replace him.

>>131043905That's pretty well where people's patience with the latter ran out most every story time. It's a bit funny to see every year.

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>>131043969>"Hey guys, I'm new and I enjoy the comic a lot. But I don't get why do you keep hating on Kitsune, she's not that bad.">The Thief and the Kunoichi is storytimed>"Oh."Every single year.But I liked Kitsune's most recent story. Yukichi's inexperience with thieves allowed for some good comedy, the Chad Snitch made a fool out of the virgin pickpocket and Usagi being tired of Kitsune and calling out her bullshit was almost a cathartic experience. It also became clear to me how hard Kiyoko carries the more recent Kitsune stories. She is much more interesting, fun and competent than the fox and her actions don't feel malicious, even when she's stealing everything not bolted to the floor.

>>131038724Can’t stop the J-Train, baby!

>>131039135Isn’t that basically Space Usagi, except there aren’t any mechs and _one_ subfaction isn’t 100% asshole?

>>131044452>But I liked Kitsune's most recent story.It was nice seeing Usagi get fed up with her, and I liked that it seemed like she was heading towards some character development and seeing her actually CARE about someone is appreciated. But then she just last minute threw it away and I wash my hands. I'm not even mad anymore.

You guys said the show

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>>131039963Jei has probably vetted you so you're safe, go for it.

>>131044584I don't remember saying it failed. I remember saying it was crap. But if Stan gets a pay day, more power to it.

>>131033526That's akunim.

>>131044570so good

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>>131045377Look at this goofy dweeb. Just look at him.

>>131040728>youtuber hot takesI'm not watching this shite

>>131040728The comments alone show that the guy did zero research about the show's production.

>>131040728>>131047411>Gaijin Goomba>More like Baka Gaijin Goomba amiright?

>>131040728I'm not watching Gaijin Goomba, stopping watching those videos was one of the best choices in my life.

Paying Kitsune to let me bang Yukichi...

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>>131027417She looks very pretty

>>131027417She has no game.

>>131027417I guess anything Samurai related gotta have a Tomoe in it...To those in the know; do the comics feature actual historical figures or is it just vaguely Sengoku Jidai with a full OC cast?

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>>131038101Because it's a very feudal Japan.

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>>131051135>the virgin Nihon Bukkyō adherent

>>131051102It's vaguely post-Sengoku Jidai with a full OC cast, with the occasional historical character tossed as a character in some story another OC character tells.Like in the case of the tale about how the grass cutter got lost at sea.

>>131051245Thx for explaining.

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>>131051102Its clearly based on post Sengoku Jidai during the first years of the Edo period and although they don't mention Ieyasu Tokugawa by name his decision to make his son Hidetada the new Shogun early on is a major plot point in one of the stories. We do see some historical figures being drawn as anthropomorphic animals during the Grass Cutter arc, pic related is supposed to be Minamoto no Yoshitsune Now every adaptation from the Ninja turtles just have them live in a vaguely Sengoku era time.

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>>131051437>Yoshitsune >not a twinkWhy even fucking bother?

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>>131040728>Cultural mess>Calls himself Gaijin Goomba

>>131038101Nigga, it's feudal Japan. Every suffers except for snitches

>>131040728Is he the Steven Seagal of youtube?Bot in terms of demeanor and body shape.

>>131051725Yes, he was on MatPat's circlejerk of buddies as well

>>131040728>Gaijin GoombaNever bring that name into an usagi thread. And also sudoku yourself.