Wazzo Wednesday

It’s that time again for a thread about everyone’s favorite intangible gal from the 31st century and her friends the Legion of Super-Heroes

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MFW seeing that Ronnie of Whomp! became the mascot for Big Belly Burger… good on him!

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>>131027396Here's hoping this thread moves a little faster

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For any newbies trying to navigate LoSH here is a handy dandy cheat sheet

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>>131027502Summers almost here so it will probably move faster sure

>>131027631>Summers almost hereshit, monkey's paw

>>131027653Eh we could get some good fan art out of it, I’m pretty sure we were one of the factors for the boost of fan art last fall

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>>131029421Poor Gates

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>>131027502Baxter Paper was so good

>>131029438Thanks for the surprise storytime user

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>>131029580No problem I’ve been meaning to do some smaller one shot LoSH storytimes but haven’t had the time

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>>131027396Greets and many >:3 from this sassy hero.

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>>131030638>You're in luck, i'm this sassy only with really close special ones>(A cartoon transition scene later)>Hey sups.

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So, why am I seeing 2 of her today?

>>131031092I saw that, the thread didn’t mention Wazzo so I figured it was a Young Justice thread

Reminder this is the real power of Wazzo against Zod forces.

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So weak!

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>>131031229>didn’t mention Wazzo It’s still confusing and people seem to take it anyway.

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>Meanwhile in new Metropolis>It's the first day of the month, which means...New future adverts day!>Evil Emerald Empress! pff you can't eat that or can you?>No, you are a hero, you won't get distracted by her hotness or these stupid adverts>She had no impact on you whatsoever Or did she?>Heh, Empress hotness

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>>131035627hey I remember posting this

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>>131035676It’s a great find

>>131034999>Those trips plus her powers cursed the thread.

>>131036062This thread isn’t cursed

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>>131036492Ok. It's just "quite inactive" today.

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>>131031092More YJ fans also admiring their version of her then legion in general like here

>>131030638>White woman not even once

>>131037824That's fair. That'll serve them to know the better versions of the character

That time Booster Gold inadvertently started an intergalactic war between the Dominators and the United Planets

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>>131037717>Tell us legion lady, what are these gentlemen lifting?>Pretty easy, the innocence of my sexiness

>>131035676Based Mordru face

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>A doodle for the other thread

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>>131040740>>131041049I'm unable to tell if they're from different sources.

>>131042702The same although >>131040740 is edited text That's the power of vhs crap filter

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>>131042237While I really don’t care for Young Justice’s take your drawing is very cute

>>131042237That's sweet.

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>>131041311Did he have the scar before or after Harry Potter?

>>131039110Okay but how can dominators make an f sound without lips? shouldn't it be thithde-tu instead of fiffde-tu? This is a serious issue and I can't enjoy the Dominators while this remains unresolved.

>>131043990Buff Tinya isn’t real, Buff Tinya Can’t hurt you

>>131044057The show was in 2006 so it was during, but lightning scars have been a thing long before Harry Potter in media

>>131044860I mean you can definitely say fifty two without lips

>>131045219How? an f sound is made by contact between the lower lip and the teeth

>>131045251It’ll sound very weird but it can be done

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>>131045830>Emerald Emprx

>>131045830Man Young Justice really ha a way of making every character look generic and Ugly don’t they

>>131045830And me thinking the DCU crossover empress had a generic design, this takes the cake, 40 of them actually. I swear if it wasn't because of that eye

This was way too simple yet effective compared to that >>131045830

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>>131048067This makes her actually look like a threat the YJ version makes her look like just an old adviser

Eye like the design. It's not her best, but it's not her worse. Plus this is Ursa Zod and not Sarya.

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>>131045830She's needs to be buffer, then I'll be on board

>>131045830The eye looks kinda scary at least

>>131048067I'm mad the didn't reuse this look in the movie

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>>131049025>Plus this is Ursa Zod and not Sarya.Does it matter? That doesn't help her much.

>>131049287That looks much better.

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>>131050480please don't

>>131050862Then you gotta remember, she legally can't take control of your mind if you say no.

>>131049025>>131049620Wait, this means no fatal 5?