Move aside raven. There's new hotness in town

Move aside raven. There's new hotness in town

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>>131025563Is it Wazzo Wednesday already?

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>>131025563That may be true, but she still blew it for everyone.

>>131025689In some timezones

>>131025563What is this thing? Another girl that shows up later in Young Justice like The Child?

>>131025791It is in my timezone.

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>>131025689>>131025909God I want to squish those thighs

>>131025819she's perfection

>>131025563I've only ever seen the 00s cartoon. How do I into the Legion? They just seem so remote and self-contained. Even time-spanning event stories seem to ignore them.

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Looks like Satuski kiryuin.

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>>131026294A real woman's woman. All hail Satsuki!

>>131025563Weisman knows raven and starfire will steal the showI wouldn't be surprised if they're under embargo because of TTG, even if he has beast boy already

>>131025563STFUIt is I who would inherit Phantom name

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>>131025563Full body image of her?

>>131025563I hope she sticks around desu

>>131026294Not enough like her I mean look at her tiny eyebrows.


>>131025563>newTinya debuted in the Silver Age.


>>131025909Haunted pussy

>>131025563What's with her VA, sounds like a witch


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How many packs a day does she smoke.

>>131025563Her voice pisses me off.


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>>131025563Kanamori in blue face paint?

>>131025563What does she smell like

>>131029630>>131030115how does she sound here i cant fucking remember i find her accent super cute in YJ its like alien and french with eastern europe or something

>>131029141Vampire, user. She sounds like a vampire. I guess they decided that fit with her being a spooky ghost person.

>>131025563Needs feet pics

>>131030115jesus christ superman has some huge monkey ears here


She smol.

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>>131032262perfect for full nelson

>>131032262Is there a better quality? Is there any full body image of her?


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there's no porn of this versionit sucks


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>>131025563...Penis Girl?

>>131033133Yet.... maybe Young Justice season 4 will produce something of value

>>131033201About time

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>>131025819Nothing like the child, because she isn't bitchy garbage.

>>131033325swiggity swag, what's in the bag

>>131030115What is this from?

>>13103384231st Century Teen Titans

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>>131034220Trying too hard to fit in

>>131034220she had some hips on her, nu version is like a board>>131030115Legion of Super Heroes's pretty good, better than YJ s1 and 2 in some parts but it's predictable and repetitive after a while

>>131033133Masturbation is bad for you

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>>131035350I SAID HEY

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>>131035350>>131035481I SAID PAAAAAAAAAAIN

>>131032262Aren't the dudes and Miss Martian just REALLY tall?

>>131030636Like a emo valley girl I think


>>131035350swapped her lube with Scorpion pepper hot saucegets 'em every time

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>>131029503No thank you!Can keep the cleavage tho.

>>131035714is her hand a sensitive erogenous zone?


>>131034220Still looking better than YJ "ghosty"

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>>131035639Superman is canonically 6'3"Using him as a base Aqualman is 6'1, BL is 5'11, and Megan is 5'9.Phantom girl looks to be only just over 5 feet tall, so depending on her age so unless she is like 13 she's pretty short compared to most Europeans girls, normal for an Asian.

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>>131035350Thank goodness her feet are safe


>>131035350How is this version of Tinya is so dumb? She didn't pass the raw chicken drumstick first.

>>131032262>Tinya is tinyIMAGINE

>>131036104Are you jealous that your other thread is pathetic?

>>131025563How do I seduce her

>>131035350Ah yes, the good ol' spicy ring prank

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>>131034482>she had some hips on her, nu version is like a boardShe's pretty shapely

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>>131036453Quite poetic.

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>>131036881Yes she is, even better than Zatanna from that show.

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>>131036651Be gentle and give her something for that hoarseness problem of her.

>>131025563You're alright OP, you're alright

>>131036881>>131037318very lickable very loveable

>>131025563>newMove aside Raven, period.

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>>131037900>webm for virtually a still imageReally?

Reminder that Phantom Girl's mom views her as a commodity.

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>>131038510Her boobie is moving, so totally worth it.

>>131030605Most of LOSH smells like that "slightly burning ozone" that you get from computers. Most of the Legion are genemods so it's anybody's guess what's going on. >The looks on their faces when you light a vanilla candle.>Several team members don't get why you're so pleased to have found chocolate ice cream that can be delivered from the next megablock.>You step into the elevator with a blushing Saturn Girl. Wanting to make small talk you casually ask "Did somebody order a pizza?" and then you get brainfried into unconsciousness by her embarrassment at having broken wind.

>>131033133ill have something eventually. just need an idea for her.

>>131039194SB doing her in this scene >>131036881 would be great

>>131039207Rape for Zod?

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>>131037318You got the buttshot from the early episodes?

some more reference for this version of her would be great.


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>>131039244>I won't >can'->Zod: Enough>Zod: Kon El, resize her>Kon: For the house Zod!funny part is that if this was most other iterations of Phantom Girl getting dicked by Superman or his direct descendant would be a dream come true

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>>131038635Superboy's a boob man.

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If this was most other iterations of Phantom Girl at some point the roles would’ve been swapped.

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>>131039681 meant for >>131039449

>>131039194post vore disposalinanimate transformation (onahole, love doll)queen's stallionctf

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>>131025563omg it's the Kill la kill lady

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When is the next episode coming out?And did Zodd fuck up both Savage and Darkseid? Since both had a stake on the galaxy, Zodd had to defeat them.

>>131041101anyone have a link? I need to jerk off to ghostie and fast.

>>131025563Imagine the footjobs

>>131025563this show has amazing waifus but is unbearably ucking boring


>>131039364>You'll have a huge ass in the phantom zone, as long as you will it.

>>131032283*mating press


>>131040225>>131026294Do not derail topics with anime, zoomers

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>>131042026it's two different observational posts that didn't initiate any conversations, you sperg.

>>131041101Darkseid is sponsoring Lor for some reason. We still don't know what he gains by a bunch of Kryptonians being freed other than potential rivals. I'm not seeing the keikaku here.

>>131041868Full nelson!

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>>131042097MATING PRESS

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>>131042102cute drawing, but >sallow

>>131042124I know I was correcting it as soon as I saw it :/

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>>131042153still cute

>>131026275Get the Legion Silver Age Vol 1 trade and go from there

>>131042153Nicely done. Told you treating her health was good idea.

>>131025689This might as well be. That other thread is just pathetic.


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I want to see more of her personality

>>131040992I want to protect her smile


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>>131037900I canI willI'm not sorry


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>>131025563Why not both?

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Anything happen this week?

>>131045317They jamming an entire season’s worth of action into two episodes after wasting our time with poly fish threesomes, depressed beast boy, and non-binary pansexual muslims. And it’s still shit.


>>131045340>episodes after wasting our time with poly fish threesomes1 lines and a still frame>depressed beast boy,Important to the plot advancement and from season 3>and non-binary pansexual muslims.Feels like a triple negative, but Phantom reunites with the other 2.


>>131025563why she blue in this


>>131047506She blue herself

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>>131042112FULL NELSON!!!!!

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>>131025563More of this new seminar demon

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Reasons why Phantom Girl is cute:>Accent>Bangs>Small>Vaguely goth>Friendly>Wazzo>A little naïve>Butt

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>>131049539>>ButtI require pictures. For research purposes.

>>131049539i LOVE her

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>>131049585from the latest episode. She's smol but shapely

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>>131049539You're forgetting>no lips


>>131049171Have your fill

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>>131049814I want to princess carry her

>>131042026Kill la kill aired on toonami dumb nigger lmao who cares

>>131050320>she blushes and phases out of your grip

>>131049814small and perfect for manhandling

>>131050657Would she phase if I tried to manhandling her?

>>131051154only if she doesn't want it



>>131045340Yes, all that stinks, Tinya! What a waste of time of a show.

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