Wreck it Ralph

Dead franchise?

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Fans begged them to make a sequel they didn't want to make, and it sucked hard. Why would they make anything else?

>>131023156>Fans begged them to make a sequel they didn't want to makeNo, real fans begged them to make a racing game, as they should have,

Vanellope? More like Vanilla Pee!

>>131022969I still like her.

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The sequel was so weird that it basically went against everything the first was about. Ralph was clingy weirdo, Felix and Calhoun were stuck babysitting, and Vanellope felt off.

>>131023156I never wanted a sequel in the first place

>>131022969>>131023305why is she so hot?

>>131023355I remember when 1 came out, and everyone was positing on the potential that the Sugar Russians had for episodic misadventure. Somehow the sequel basically ignored them and just became cameo hell.

A real girl like her in a world full of candy would be a lot fatter.

>>131023486her voice

>>131023527Don't eat the roads user, they're dirty.

>>131023511>Sugar Russians had for episodic misadventureWhat do you mean?

The jew voiced bitch was an unused character. Fucking writers for a VIDEOGAME movie did not know what a glitch is.

>>131022969>Cartoon kid>loli OP baitEnjoy your vacations.

>>131023527And have no teeth. Thankfully, she's a character in a cartoon about video games, so there's basically no reason to be realistic.

>>131023560Too big to post. You gotta look for the archives. Hilarity ensued.

Ralph Breaks the Internet really ruined the entire series.

vanellope and i are married and if any of y'all get near her i'll maul you

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>>131022969It's only dead because they want it to be.

>>131023685She's too young to get married.Could you say where the honeymoon is, while I stand with my breast pocket pointed towards you for no particular reason?

>>131023355First Movie>Going Turbo badSecond Movie>Going Turbo goodOf all the problems this movie has, this is the worst. Vanellope gets away with doing everything that Ralph was punished for in the first movie. Hell, at least Ralph had a good reason to want to leave, the Nicelanders treated him like shit, Vanellope just got bored of Sugar Rush.

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>>131022969Yeah. It was clear from the second movie that they ran out of ideas for new stories and didn't care enough to get licensing for different videogame characters again.

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>>131023548Thats why she sucks though. Sarah Silverman sucks and so does her voice.


>>131023552Kids eat dirt for no reason, if it also tasted like chocolate they would eat dirt whenever they could.

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>>131024124she must taste so good

>>131024233You bet pal

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>>131023156Stop pretending like this train wreck is the fans fault when it was completely soulless advertisement and ruined the characters. People's best reaction to it was "that's nice I guess" besides the one scene with Disney princesses. When you're the one actually in charge of direction and whether the movie is even made its on you when it bombs. But no actually the fans totally forced the greedy mouse cancer to make another shitty sequel. Fucking idiot.

>>131023813Nah I thought chibi Sarah Silverman was endearing including the voice. But I don't really know much about her aside from wreck it ralph so that's probably why.

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>>131023355I never watched the second movie. I enjoyed the first one because it felt so genuine - you could tell that the Gen Xers who made it had a true passion for old videogames and loved making a movie based around a fictional old vidya villain.

>>131023156>Fans begged themNever happened.

>>131023569You will never be janny.

>>131025317You never know

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>>131023170Ralph is in sonic all-star racing transformed. That's as close as people were getting. Solid game though

>>131022969Was this ever a franchise? Disney never even considered making Sugar Rush an actual thing, and the sequel was a glorified commercial for all of its other properties.

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>>131026761where does pigeon post his stuff?


>>131022969I fucking hope so. Second film was a disaster.

>>131022969>>131023305>>131023685>sexualizing a toddlerWhy is this board so fucked up?

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>>131027583Full of degenerates

>>131027583>toddlerShe's decades old.

>>131027872Physically she's like 5.

>>131023305>this artistHahahahahaHahaha Oh manYeah he draws a lot of vanellope

>>131027583Even worse, she has Sarah Silverman's voice. I can think of nothing more morally wrong than finding that attractive.

>>131027583If you don't like it, get the fuck out.

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>>131027583>>131028083Vanellope is AT LEAST nine and probably 12.

>>131028083Mentally, so are you.

>>131027583Baby fat uohhh. ToT ToT

Cute slut

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y'all are just jealous that we're happily married and you'll never find someone as perfect as her

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>>131027583Go back to Twitter faggot. To put it in your language; this place is a cunny safespace

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>>131023752>Hell, at least Ralph had a good reason to want to leave, the Nicelanders treated him like shit,I wonder what the movie would have been like if Vanellipe wanted to stay in the internet and Ralph just said okay and left.

>>131028750Cute gut! Give this girl some more candy!


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>>131029842not her. she’s bitch

>>131027583>be Holla Forums>have /ss/ threads daily>have loli threads daily>be the only board that unironically defends grooming/co/ has always been a pedo hideout.

>>131028083>>131028083dude physical build doesn't make sense in video games.Everybody is a different size. If ralph was half sized and a child you'd say that hes a grown man.She isn't a toddler in canon age or in the irl age of the arcade


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>>131027583I though she was a grown woman who just looks like a toddler.

Choose your onahole.

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>>131030057>he doesn't practice good hygieneYou need to start showering every day, and make an effort on that beard of yours.

>>131030319reeses cup boy

>>131022969hopefully,yes. The second movie totally shat the bed. A bunch of random references to other IPs does not make a film any better

>>131029842yes her. she's my waifu

>>131030852It made the Rescue Rangers into a relevant property.


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>>131023170There was a 3d browser game based on Sugar Rush.

>>131027583>toddlerWhere's her diaper?

>>131027583She drives a car, how young is she supposed to be?

>>131031019You are a gross man

>>131031128What? If she's a toddler, why isn't she being properly cared for?


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>>131030882that’s fine, you can keep her as long as i get to stay with vanellope


>>131029288Link to the video?

>>131027518>>131030852RBtI was the cannery in the mines that the rot in Disney had become terminal. The segment gloating about all their IPs, the princesses meet up and then the team up save of Ralph, the overly obvious tones of a couple breaking up with Ralph and Vanellope, it just sucked on every level.

>>131031751She literally became Turbo, the opposite of the previous theme of the first film. Fucking retardation

I don't see why people have such a problem with the sequel. It still had the videogame references the first game had and a creative premise of an old arcade using the internet as a desperate attempt to gain customers before they were all unplugged.

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>>131029250How's the sex?


Fix-It Felix prequel featuring Fix-It Felix Sr there's really nowhere else to go with it

>>131031905for a fictional video game character, pretty fuckin good

>>131032835They could just do a third movie that completely ignores the second like Cars did

>>131031889I don't like the movie. I can watch WiR any day of the week. But I'll list my problems.1.Fix-it Jr subplot about adopting the racers is barely touch upon.2. Never look at the comments is a horrible fucking lesson for kids. As well as Ralph makes internet money. Even though he doesn't have an account.3. The end credit scene is the cut scene from the trailer, that's a fuck you for me.I've come around to.the princess scene, I personally don't like it but I'll chalk it up to for kids. I do enjoy the princess save the Day, it's a cool Disney princess power scene.The ending is just fucking terrible. On the surface it's same as the first, but with extra steps for Ralph to reach Vanellope. For Vanellope, it's fucking Turbo. For one we don't know if her game will make it with out King Candy or her, and Vanellope could get deleted by programmers because she's not supposed to be in the game. If she can't because they coded her so that can't happen, than that makes her a virus. On top of that what if the developers make a new game and abandon her game?

>>131027583This hit a nerve huh, pedos?

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>>131033398>never look at the comments is a horrible message for kids t. commenter who really really needs his posts to matter

>>131033441this is such a cute picture of her

>>131028083the only thing that matters is mental maturity so you aren't taking advantage of a naive girl

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I didn't like her song in WiR2. Cringe

>>131033398>Never look at the comments is a horrible fucking lesson for kidsWhy do you think that?

>>131022969Her ass?

>>131033565>54Lolibabas are the best.

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>>131031889>looks like a Street Fighter Alpha 3 sprite>puts it into a SF2 screenshot which looks nothing like the Ralph sprite styleFailed.

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What's her flavor?

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>>131033902peppermint candy

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>>131033923who is this artist? she looks so cute!!

>>131033902>>131033910>Vanellope>but looks like peppermintDisney you fucked up.

>>131033790>3What in tarnation? Did Crapcom finally drop the never ending Super Ultra Mega Hyper Street Fighter 2: Turbo Gay Niggers With Hats On - Special On Ice Bullshit Deluxe Edition nonsense and moved on to #3?

>>131033979I wouldn't embarass myself if I were you because Street Fighter 3 is the best one and we're soon at Street Fighter 6.

>>131033902Cunny flavor, duh.>>131033943I'm getting some strong Barbucci vibes from some of them. I doubt it's him though.

>>131034025>>131033943Anon should we tell them how to use the internet?Oh right you dont know either.

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>>131034044I do know how to click a searchbutton. That doesn't mean I can be assed to do it.I've never heard of nijie though.

>>131022969reposting my idea for either a third movie or a tv show;>a couple of months after the end of the 2nd movie Sugar Rush breaks again, this time on the software side rather than the hardware end>thankfully it turns out to be a rather simple one to fix, the Sugar Rush cabinet simply has to be restored to Factory Settings>there's enough time between the error being found and the reset being done for all of Sugar Rush's inhabitants to exit the game(and thus avoid being reset)>in the aftermath Sugar Rush is back to working properly and all the inhabitants are able to reenter the game with no major issues>there is two twists however>due to being restored to Factory Settings two characters in the game that had been missing at the time of the reset ended up being restored>one of them is a non-Turbo version of King Candy(Turbo basically stole his skin as a disguise through his modification of Sugar Rush, too complicated of a thing for him to have made out of thin air), guy is perfectly nice and harmless but other characters are wary of him initially>the other is a version of Vanellope, however this one is a Vanellope as originally programmed, so acts like a "proper" princess should, and obviously has none of the original's memories>this obviously really fucks with Ralph's head for a while, though eventually he's able to bond with this Vanellope much like he did with the original>secondary plots would involve continuing the idea of Felix & Calhoun trying to be parents to the Sugar Rush racers, and Ralph starting a relationship with the Sorceress character from the villain support group scenes in the first movie

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Why is Ralph a more memorable protagonist than the recent disney movies?

>>131034200Because noone is relatable anymore. Everyone is a minority, gay, or has superpowers.

>>131024247Holy hell this is incredible. Did this artist ever do more? Hell, who is the artists?

>>131033778>Lolibabas are the best.Undoubtedly so. The dynamic can be really fun. Shame there isn't more of it.

>>131033565technically SHE'S the one creeping on you

>>131034370Yeah, reverse search said it was him but it linked to a dead page on Nijie. I had hoped someone had a link to a page of his that was still around..

>>131023156No one asked for a sequel and fewer actually wanted the first movie.

>>131034195I actually quite like this one. A second Vanellope that's more prim and proper would be a bit of a trip but could be a good amount of fun. Not bad user. If there ever is a third movie I wouldn't mind if they borrowed some thing some ideas from this.

>>131033680Basically like that episode of Kong of the Hill where Bill is in a hot dog eating contest, and Dale gets a flashback to when he was famous at school for eating bugs. This idea of getting famous for people laughing at you, sometimes you need that rude comment to remind yourself that your doing something stupid for people amusement.The videos Ralph makes aren't good, it's just "hey remember that old video game character, here he is making an ass out of himself. The fact that Ralph whores himself out for Vanellope is a very small part of the movie, it's honestly sad if you think about it.

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>>131034448youtu.be/s2VKyZH1AmYMakes you wonder why Vanellope wasn't making an ass out of herself.

>>131034305>>131034370No help for newfags.

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>>131034195>Ralph starting a relationship with the Sorceress character from the villain support group scenes in the first movieYou just like her don't you

>>131033902mint vanillaher ass tastes like butterscotchher sweat like sweettarts

>>131034200He's genuinely sympathetic. He's a big dumb oaf hated by the people around him and he just wants a better life for himself, which really just amounts to not living in a trash heap and having a little respect. It's a humble ambition that endears the audience to him, enough to side with him when he breaks the rules of his world. Ralph isn't a typical noble, heroic, "cool" protagonist, he's a lonely, miserable person that is willing to break the law to get what he wants. He's still a fairly kind and compassionate person beneath this, but these better qualities have been battered down by his low circumstances. Over the course of the movie, he learns to embrace these better qualities by selflessly helping others, instead of focusing on just his own goals. It's a nice, satisfying arc for a character you get endeared to very quickly. Contrast this to anything released in the last couple years.

>>131033398>Never look at the comments is a horrible fucking lesson for kids.t. terrible youtube commenter

>>131034563mmmmm what i wouldn’t give for a taste

>>131030338what makes any difference if I don't wash myself, I don't go out and don't really interact with anyone else so no sense in doing it. maybe years down the road i'll have reasons to and i'll just start then no harm no foul.

post best girl

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>>131031751>the overly obvious tones of a couple Ironically actual fans would have been fine with this aspect of the movie if it wasn't handled like shit along with everything else.

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>you now remember Gal Gadot

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>>131036034we have been???

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>>131036396I remember being blown away at how shitty a VA she was

>>131028941My nigga that is not any better

>>131036768>4koof. you can just see the movie's age here

>>131034481She was too busy hanging with her grown-up lady friend Shank.

>>131022969>Sequel is a soulless shillfest for a dead service that shits on the originalit deserves to be dead

>>131023156They had a way better idea for a sequel that disney decided to replace with an absolute pile of shit

>>131027583In what possible world does this look anything remotely like a "toddler"?Kill yourself projecting pedo

>>131029288Yes but pedos have never been welcome hereEven oldfag lolicons recognized the difference between stylized cartoons and "children"

>>131036938What dead service?

>>131037098I think he mistook Oh my disney as a service instead of a blog

>>131027583Tod is based

>>131037152Do people even use that site?

>>131036396Ugly gypsie

>>131030319For me?Sticky Nippleshit.

>>131033565BasedEven cops approve of Arby's.

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>>131037098ebay maybe

>>131033398People are passionate about the characters they truly love.

Vanellope was too bratty. I didn't like it.

>>131038725it’s ok to be wrong sometimes

>>131038786No matter how bad she isNo matter how much this movie sucked Disney dick. Seriously like sucking the chrome off a tailpipe.It's still better than Turning Red.

>>131022969Someone please post the screenshot where user thought Ralph’s arm was was Vanellope’s ass.

>>131022969That trash sequel killed it. Pic related is the only good thing to remember from it, and if anything, the movie helped the Disney Princesses more than it did the Wreck-it-Ralph franchise.

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vanellope should get her own movie where it's just her doing whatever for two hours

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Thought the OP was giantess. Disappointed.

>>131039539everything is giantess if you shift the perspective enough

>>131039629So if I pretend she is, she is?

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>>131039629if you're under 6ft then sure


>>131039539she is a giantess in my heart


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>>131041622Sincerely kill yourself

Surprised the OP hasn't been deleted. Mods are really trigger-happy lately

>>131036034I think Sticky Wipplesnit is the cutest. Even though I think she's just a re-colour of Minty Zacki.

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>>131042423Don't jinx it


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I know it would have been a bit edgy and memey, but I do think the ideal villain for a Wreck-It Ralph sequel would have been a Polybius cabinet. Giving the arcade a bad reputation and leaving all of the other games unused by getting kids addicted and ruining their behavior. I have this whole montage in my head, set to Britney Spears' [You Drive Me] Crazy, where Ralph and friends are watching in horror as the arcade goes to shit and all these kids are getting hypnotized into ruining their lives, roaming around dead-eyed, unable to enjoy anything else, attacking their families and stealing money, fedposting, etc.I have a few other ideas for things a good Wreck-It Ralph sequel could have done, but that's the big one my mind keeps going back to. A villain who enables, like, a Jack Thompson's Nightmare sequence.

>>131024898She's the main character in Santa Inc.

>>131022969I would kill everybody in this thread for more art of this qualitySorry

>>131036795or just a shitty actor in general


>>131024898I know Sarah Silverman's a bitch in real life but I really don't give a fuck, I am perfectly capable of detaching her from from the performance. If anything that's just another black mark against her, that she's so bad at living up to the waifu she voices

>>131027583Welcome to Holla Forums! You must be new.

>>131027583Reminder that Wreck-It Ralph is structured like a romance and I'm actually really proud of Disney in a weird way for including some covert DDLG representation in such a prominent place

>>131043554She invited him to live with her.He would have been the only human-like person in her castle and her love interest as a default

>>131043554>>131043830That's why so many people shipped them. The most popular fanfiction is of them as a couple usually with her aged up or upgraded.

>>131043830They play Shut Up And Drive over the big Ralph/Vanellope scene. Disney commissioned Owl City to write When Can I See You Again for Ralph and Vanellope. The movie simultaneously invites reads of Ralph as a father figure to Vanellope and a love interest for her. When they attempt to average/cancel these reads out to "just friends", as I understand they do in the sequel, the results speak for themselves in how bad they are.Oh also just because I need to keep babbling about Ralph and Vanellope as a ship, Vanellope immediately checks Ralph out the first time she meets him, and is clearly very impressed by what she sees.

In my headcanon, Vanellope tastes like sweets, not a human being; furthermore, many of her extremities can be painlessly removed and regenerate. The same applies to the other Sugar Rush Racers, with the partial exception of King Candy, who tastes expired at best.

>>131043941Good analysis



>>131044053Also while the filmmakers are careful not to imply too directly that Ralph is a pedo it thematically fits well with his bad guy complex. Even if we take Ralph's character more at face value and only approach the ship from Vanellope's end it's still quite in keeping with the themes of the movie.


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>>131036847Still true.

>>131044445Vanellope is 15 (Sugar Rush came out in 1997 and Wreck-It Ralph is set in 2012).

>>131043901>usually with her aged up or upgraded.Pussies

>>131044453Does she have Candace Syndrome?

>>131043158I know, I think she's hot too

>>131022969It never needed to be a franchise. It was perfectly fine as a standalone movie


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>>131044640I think there's a certain type of aged up Vanellope art that I can appreciate, which is the type where, instead of coming across as drawn by adult men insecure in their attraction to the character, it comes across as drawn by adolescent girls who are identifying with or self-inserting as the character. This type of Vanellope art can ironically actually come across as much younger than a lot of the more soulless art featuring her canon design. That said, I do prefer her canon design, all else being equal; otherwise I wouldn't have become a fan of the character.>>131044777Checked, but why?

>>131046587Candace Flynn has no breasts either.Also, she's fifteen.

>>131046841...oh I thought you were referring to thisen.wikipedia.org/wiki/Female_sexual_arousal_disorder

>>131046852Well, I 'll be hornswoggled!!!There actually IS such a thing!!

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>>131036909Is Vanellope gay? Is Shank supposed to be a love interest?

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>>131047632She just looks cool, it's like talking to the local junkie as a middle schooler because he looks so above the system.


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>>131023752Don't how they played up dying outside your own game was real death but in the second oh hey it's ok, you can just patch your code into the game and no worries. Which then makes you wonder why King Candy never did that

>>131048042The first one didn't have the internet. Also probably just propaganda to not leave your game period. Turbo successfully coded himself into another character for years.I mean it makes sense you don't want to go to an arcade pop a quarter to play street fighter and have the dance dance revolution girl there saying up down left right.

>>131048091It's A Dumb Retcon In A Bad Movie

>>131048107I'm not arguing it's bad. This is probably my 2 worst movie, the top being female Ghostbusters.

A sequel would be good if they actually explored some video game character actually dying and the effect on their game

>>131022969Sarah is Kristen Schaal for people with learning disabilities.


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>>131027583>being this new

what were they thinking giving that damn brat such a sassy attitude?

>>131049124corrections were needed

youtube.com/watch?v=USHi4s_rHqQ&t=135sjust close your eyes and listen

>>131037087Where's the "children" then?


>>131036324What is this from?

>>131036334Why is this happening?

>>131023267>Vanilla PeeHer pee is lemonade. That's canon, it's fact.

vanellope beating up all the perverts tryna get with her when she's already happily married

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>>131051386You and I know that she's into RBC= RALPH BIG COCK

>>131051422that's why she spent the whole second movie trying to get tf away from him

>>131051446She went Turbo, and those are to be punished by being stretched

>>131029683Architect NO

The second movie proved that Candy King was right the whole time:>I'm not against her! I'm trying to *protect* her! If Vanellope wins that race, she'll be added to the race roster. Then gamers can choose her as their avatar. And when they see her glitching and-and-and twitching and just being herself, they'll think our game is broken. We'll be put out of order for good. All my subjects will be homeless.

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>>131051476i volunteer as tribute