ITT: Cringiest moments in comics

ITT: Cringiest moments in comics

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she should just get a sponsor. fill the hole with the CHEF BOYARDEE™ logo

>>131022734Or the Pepsi logo

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>>131022640Could had been worse.

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>>131022734300 hours in MS Paint.

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>>131022640This was a bit cringe (why would she have a hole instead of a blank panel?) but it's hardly top-tier cringe.


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>>131023207>why would she have a hole instead of a blank panel?Cause then she couldn't show off her tits, USE YOUR HEAD MAN!

>>131022640Would've been slightly better if she was drawn looking like a ditz instead of looking like she's about to cry.

>>131023160>copy-pasted panel four times


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>>131023160>>131023457Why do writers keep doing this? If Batman's never gonna kill Joker, fine. But why keep making scenarios where Batman has to defend him?


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>>131023507It's one part "why the fuck isn't he dead by now" said by a character plus "he can't die, we have a franchise to maintain" which leads to these ridiculous stories. How many comics has batman been in? 1 million? 10 million? If you are going to be writing this junk it's a good idea not to hang a lampshade on the fact that Joker has killed hundreds of thousands of people and Batman hasn't executed him yet.

>>131022640I'll fill your hole, toots.

>>131022640>blowjob mouth

>>131022640I guess I appreciate the attempt but every little thing doesn't have to be that deep. She just as easily could've said she liked showing her cleavage off and it wouldn't have mattered.I think the comic book industry's attempts at getting taken more seriously are draining some of the fun out of the sillier aspects of comics.

>>131025303Jim did... something. In the last issue of Joker. Then there was a time skip, Barbara won't forgive him for something, and Batman is livid. But of course, it's to be continued.


The weirdest part is that this is supposed to be an emotional moment. As if anyone takes Power Girl seriously as a character.

>>131025732It's hard for me to name my D&D characters, but I don't fucking cry about it.

>>131023227Context, please? I don't know any of these characters.

>>131026511That’s the Vulture with some random inmates, i fail to see how that’s cringe, it’s actually pretty badass



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This is actually the worst. If you don't know the context, trust me and don't ask.

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>>131028295>Forced genderingAs opposed to forced cultural imperialism, imposing your own culture's sensibilities onto another without regard for what they think?

>>131028295>Puta americano, keep your nose out of my fucking language

>>131028316No. Gender's a social and cultural construct so forced gendering is inherently cultural imperialism. Gender norms vary across societies and even time periods.

>>131028295man this encapsulates liberals so perfectlya white woman explaining a brown woman's own culture to her like a chiding parent to an ignorant childdont worry you poor sweet unedeucated minority, allow me to take a surface level high school understanding of your language and culture and force you to change your ways to suit my political tastes, you must conform to my culture

>>131028295Justice warriors: so you telling me use the term latinx is ridiculous? Latinos: YES.


>>131028384Genders do not.

>>131027659I would have told her to suck it up and move on

>>131028295Change "mankind" before you decide to force your "latinx" bullshit on other languages.

>>131028424>Genders do not.They actually do though? Not all human societies have only 2 genders. Surprised you didn't know that. You should look it up. Anthropology's interesting.

>>131023155This is not cringe but the exact opposite.


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>>131028480>Not all human societies have only 2 genders.Yes, they do.

>>131023227>Shaved head Toedad We got the worst timeline, thanks a lot Willis.

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>>131028284I'm asking anyway

>>131027659>is that superheroes... helping people? AAAAA HELP ME SNYDER-SAMA I'M GOING INSANE

>>131028295>>131028316Fucking this, all words in spanish have a gender which cunts like this would know if they actualy cared to learn the language. Wanna say Latinx? fine, enjoy sounding retarded in english.


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>>131028529You were warned.

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>>131028578aww yeah, primo cringe

>>131028401It's posted out of context to whine about it.

>>131022955>not Monster EnergyCome on now

>>131028604It sounds like he was wrong, though.

>>131028604that's really not as bad as you hyped it to be

>>131028578>>131023227God I hate comics. The only silver lining is that young white males don't subject themselves to this trash.

>>131028642There has never been a capecuck comic ever produced where posting the preceding or following pages has ever made it less cringe, and the vast majority of the time makes it more cringe.

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>>131028649The Thing not being angry about a bus full of elementary schoolers being murdered and then toasting with other heroes to allowing outcomes like that to happen isn't that bad?Really?>>131028645Explain?

>>131023155Isn't this the second time Kitty said the n word.I can see once but TWICE

>>131028604Lol wtfMarvel """heroes"""

>>131028480This is a cope. The mythical 3rd sex you are referring to is a lower caste of emasculated men who are used by other men as dick-suckers in place of women. No society anywhere has ever had any other sexes than male, female, and dick-sucker. Why on earth would you try to champion this degeneracy? You realize they did this to children too, right? You realize the Chinese cut men's balls off to make them eunuchs, right? You are revising history to try to normalize your mental illness.

>>131028708She's said it thrice actually.

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>>131028578How did white women somehow divorce themselves from privilege and all the terrible shit they did with it? They somehow brainwashed everyone into branding everything bad as the result of a white man. It's fascinating.

>>131028736always love it when white writers write black people going 'its just a word it doesnt bother me one bit :)'

>>131028766pussy passunironically, men have destroyed their brains at a moment's notice for the dick twitch, it's why women have not only had and still have a massive stranglehold on culture despite all their whining about "toxic masculinity", they can tweak any and all standards of said cultures they held up entirely for personal benefit at a moment's notice for more benefit. with the only pushback against such actions sticking at all is usually when (fake) women play their game and get their own bullshit

>>131028273....Although I support burning down wall street and dragging all the politicians, bankers and billionaires out into the street and putting a bullet in the back of their head before dumping the bodies in an unmarked graveHow fucking out of touch do you have to be to think: "yes, the trust fund rich boy who enjoys beating up the poor would have these thoughts"

>>131028295Latin X is actually a pretty good name for a new X Man

>>131028736What's the second S word between wop and faggot?

>>131028295Wouldn't "latine" make more sense than latinx does?

>>131028988spic, a slur that is an intentionally lazy shortening of "hispanic"


>>131028736wait what the fuck i thought that second image was an edit

>>131022955The master!

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>>131027374It's virtue signaling by a woke leftie.

>>131029018>A noun that ends in the letter –e may be either masculine or feminine. If a noun ending in – e refers to an object, it is usually a masculine word, but not always. It is safest to memorize the gender of these words by learning them with an article.Quote from google. tl;dr is 'no'

>>131023155the good times

>>131028273>insurance magically just makes money appearReality is insurance will hardly cover shit. The owners of the business will cut their losses and leave, as will nearby businesses. The locals who relied on those businesses will be the ones who suffer.This is also ignoring the violence that the looting mob will also be committing. Fights will easily break out even among looters as they scramble to steal what they can. That dude on the right looks like he's about to attack the dude holding the TV and take it from him.

>>131027659Disgusting muppet shit

>>131028295I like how the art is so bad I can't tell if it's unironic how retarded they look while spewing nonsense

>>131022640why are her tits so close to her face?those things are going to uppercut her if she starts running

>>131027659>Men are the worst

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>>131028578See, I like to think Hulk just ignored everything that chick said, and that last line was because he heard she was talking about pie.

>>131028519Based father.

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>>131025570Did he do what we're all thinking?


>>131023155I can't believe he would just call her the M word like that. BAKA

>>131028766By being women first, white second.Remember, the USA's civil war and it's ratification of a constitutional amendment to give voting rights to blacks, happened nearly four decades before _any_ nation or territory formally gave women the right to vote in national elections. So yeah, women generally distance themselves from the liability of their countries' histories. Because they had less away than men did. Just how it works.

>>131028736>Come up with the term mutie>Use it as an excuse to say niggerAuthor was wildin

>>131030900it was a better time

Comics have been unceasing cringe since 2008ish

>>131025570>Jim did... something. In the last issue of Joker. Then there was a time skip, Barbara won't forgive him for something, and Batman is livid. But of course, it's to be continued.That's lifting from the plot of GRAYSON, sounds like.>>I don't think the screenplay is up anymore, it may be achieved somewhere.Batman is killed, shot. Joker claims it was him but Dick comes out of retirement to investigate, yada yada yada the Justice League are prohibited by law to do anything and so just do performative events and are generally twats. Dick gets their jimmies all rustled and they end up battling themselves, Dick burns up the Flash somehow, Superman (he's still active, just elsewhere in the world) crushes Green Lantern's ring, blah blah blah. Iirc Joker gets sprung from Arkham, beats the shit out of Barbara and kidnaps her and Dick's daughter, then takes her to the circus and up to the wire act stuff. Dick does his origin acrobat stuff, saves his baby, Jokers falls and dies. But in there he lesrns the truth and confronts Jim, who killed Batman. Jim was so pissed and over it that Joker kept escaping and killing people and shit and was about to shoot Joker dead against Batman's wishes. Batman had stepped in the way and I think Jim accidentally fired anyway, the whole point being that only someone Batman would allow so close to him and trusted would be capable of even being in a position to kill him.It was a good screenplay.

>>131029217His grandkid that he dotes on is black, of course he'd be wary


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>>131029018that's at least closer to what actual latinos are doing. using the e to indicate non-binary. latinx is nonsense that originated in the usa and nobody down here uses it.the "e" thing is kinda retarded too anyway, because by spanish rules the o in latino/todos/etc is all inclusive. grammar gender is NOT the same as biological gender and that's what these retards don't understand.

>>131028670he should say, "mansplaining isn't real" before she punches him

>100 replies>no mention of pic related

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>>131028676The problem with the set up of "heroes never kill" combined with "villains always escape" is that largely the only real logical outcome is for all of these heroes to become incredibly jaded. They can't bring themselves to kill the wrong do'ers but they also understand that all of their actions are futile as the villains will break out and kill again no matter what. In this case Ben really should be getting to the point of being suicidally depressed.

>>131032020Any comic about this particular conundrum

>>131031882This looks like some shit Spidey or PlasticMan would do

>>131023160Why can't you swear in comics?

>>131031816fuck that would've been perfect

Don't forget this classic

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>>131031882>Same panel 5 timesJesus.

>>131028642What's the full context then

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>>131025251this was based THOUGH, punisher just soaked the damage out of principle while steve sperged out.

>>131028578Ah yes all of Bruce's privileges such as:1. Being tricked by the government to help make a bootleg super solider.2. Having said government hunt you down when experiment that they tricked you in to doing go wrong.3. Not being allowed to have any strong emotions in fear of becoming a raging monster.4. And this one is my personal favorite having people that you might of considered friends and allies try to get rid of you or straight up kill.

>>131032866Isn't batwank such a fun phenomenon

>>131032866This is just idiotic on so many levels

>>131033121Counterpoint: Bruce keeps getting presidential pardons and his Avengers memberships being renewed no matter what he does.

>>131029038No, that's the first S word. The second one is S___E and I can't figure it out, either.

>>131033266Has to be “slope” (boomer alternative to chink)

>>131025251>Oh no! Frank really really respects Steve and that's cringe!

holy bump

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>>131023507They dont anyone getting ideas in their head permanently solving problems.

>>131034506Only in the land of burgers that someone would unironically think being super hot is a worse fate than being a raging monster

Anyone post this gem yet?

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>>131034933You think Bruce slipped him just a little tongue?

>>131034990that cheek bulge isn't air

>>131032802honestly pretty in character for all of them, all five have had storylines where they try to be redeemed and usually want good outcomes for the world, just done their way

Someone post that America one with the chick that has dyke envy.

>>131031882We posting lazy? What about lazy AND awful?

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>>131031882reads like a tumblr maymay

ALL of Marvel post 9/11.

>>131022640The entire thing

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>>131031882Because this is a thread for future school shooters to whine about politics, not actual stupid comic book shit.

>>131036213well since you're here, which school are you going to shoot up?

>>131023507Preventing people from killing Joker rather than shrugging and going "hey, as long as I don't do it" prevent his principles from seeming hollow. Like a lifeguard watching you drown and saying it's the ocean that killed you. Writers love to purity test characters for drama and contrive scenarios to do so in different ways.

>>131034728>My cousin turns into a rampaging monster, who's been exiled and nearly killed by people who he considers friends because they all consider his changed form too dangerous to be around>Me?>I just gain some muscle and turn green, no rampage at all>He said he would much rather have that happen to him instead of all the horrible things that have happened to him>What an asshole! Can you believe him?!I think this can qualify as attempted character assassination.

>>131036644It's like they believe that there isn't a single man on earth who doesn't have it better than any women and it's such virulent brain poison they can't actually look at things objectively

>>131028578Isn't Hulk literally going "Haha yeah none of that bitch shit matters but I like you've got something that gets you angry as hell"?And then later she gets a taste of what Banner's life is REALLY like and realizes she was completely wrong, regretting everything she'd said?

>>131036891no, that's just you coping

>>131028604Is there any character the Sentry and his fucking funeral DIDN'T ruin?

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>>131028988Slope, basically another way of saying "slant-eye". It's about asians.

>>131036773It's even funnier that Aaron is trying to make it a feminist thing when the only reason he used Jen and not Bruce is because Ewing had dibs.

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>>131035137shit worst than 9/11 happens every week

>>131032866I like catwoman, but why does tom king worship her like shes God?

>>131022819What is this from?

>>131027659Kate Leth is such a joke.

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>>131034506>>131034728>>131036644>>131036773When did comics become filled with Sex-Negative feminists

>>131035443>6 panels to say "da fuck? you racist bro?!"

>>131037141Thank you

>>131038360"The Dragon Ball spic's guide to being a coping faggot who can't accept that Goku still gets clapped"

>>131037114>Is there any character the Sentry and his fucking funeral DIDN'T ruin?Peter didn't show up for that stupid bullshit.

>>131022640That wasn't cringe

>>131034933>my father was a doctor>he would want me to go out of my way to give mouth to mouth cpr to the deranged mad man who has made a criminal career out of repeatedly killing civilians in mass infinitly sliding timelines with their iron clad status quos are the biggest mark of shame on modern cape comics

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>>131035137The only reason Juggernaut would be upset is that he didn't smash the towers first

>>131040621He did, though, it happened in a story with Spider-Man and X-Force, I think. The towers were successfully evacuated beforehand though.

>>131022640All of Man-Eaters, really.

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>>131028578Ironically this story line does good to punish the bitch for idolizing the Hulk by turning her into a horrific gamma monster herself and she is in agony because of it.

>>131028604>he killed a bus filled with kindergarten kids>that stuff just happens, Ben

>>131040824I mean it does... Man if you imagine how Marvel heroes would respond to real world events, shit gets horrifying.Anyway, the more horrifying part is>I wasn't angry 'cause of the bus.And the then toasting to getting a bus full of children killed in the name of self-righteous bullshit.

>>131028295>>131028384>>131028480>>131028642From time to time I come back to Holla Forums and find shit like this and I just remember how much I hate you and this board

>>131028903Sounds like you're just mad that you were born male honestly.

>>131028578I cant unsee Jim Carrey as the Grinch in the last panel.

>>131028273>Looting rioters stealing TVs>All white and rednecks of course

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>>131041842would Gotham even have rednecks?

>>131031882Is this Bendis ?

>>131043401The comic book writer, Bendis?Bendis the writer who used to work for Marvel?That Bendis?

>>131022640This seems potentially dramatically compelling to me, not cringe, but then again I might have a women crying fetish or something, so long as the framing is right, and the framing feels right enough here.

>>131043583>who used to work for Marvel?And when he left – nothing of value was lost.

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>>131028736Uhh why didn't they censor the word mutie?

>>131043852Disney doesn't care about mute people

>>131028578Grinch lookin ass

>>131028736were they censored in the original?

>>131032802Nigga's not even American.

>>131035137Ameri(kkk)a is not the entire world, hell Doom himself explicitly has his own fucking nation retard.

>>131028766Y'see, in life you get two magic cards that get you out of jail free.The "gender" card, and the "race" card.Some lucky people are born with BOTH cards, while some are unlucky to be born with neither.

>>131044023You can get the gender card with some work at least, if you're willing to put up with some complications.

>>131028604I hate this so fucking much.

>>131028604Lol wtf? I would think that makes Ben 100% right.

>>131035137Juggernaut literally tried doing 9/11 first.

>>131023155Based moments in comics

>>131037857What made you think this was cringe, user?

>>131044297It's the author's 2nd self-insert coming to the aid of Jen after destroying her reputation.Both the author's self-inserts act as Jen handlers.

>>131035443I find it funny if you imagine Vision girl hates Ms Marvel and looking for reasons to throw shade.


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>>131044408How do you 'misgender'?

>>131037357Can I get some context here? It's not like him being able to turn into a girl form should be much of a surprise.

>>131037357hot. context?

>>131038327Dude's got issues. Pathetic, embarrassing, issues.

>>131023457Right after he sliped on a banana peel.

>>131044431call a tranny there real gender.

>>131030900Claremont is based

>>131038244>shit worst than 9/11 happens every weekCan confirm.Black Bolt literally erased Hell's Kitchen from the map cause he couldn't be assed to take 2 minutes to move his city before blowing it up.

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>>131044267>Juggernaut literally tried doing 9/11 first.And Doc Ock literally tried both poisoning all of New York and ending almost all life on earth.And Magneto literally caused the deadliest disaster 616 Earth has ever survived.And Doom murdered an entire universe while throwing a bitchfit.

>>131044126You really should just learn to believe people when they tell you not to look at shit.I know, you think->It can't be that bad.But it can be. In fact, it can be fucking worse.

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Nu Marvel was a mistake

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>>131034506>No Fun shirtThey're just trolling at this point.

>>131035443>Yes you robo bitch, now use your powers and lighten the fuck up and tell a ghost story.

>>131045718One off gag character and honestly bigger names have stupider powersets and origins when you do deep dives on them.Do you even know how Spider-Man actually walks on walls? It's 3 times stupider than you think. How bout how he aims his webbing? Did you know he can get drunk off caffeine and reacts badly to bug spray due to his radioactive spider blood? Motherfucker can detect certain radio waves for literally no fucking reason.Did you know Spider-Man was the chosen one of the previous multiverse's Lord Order and Master Chaos to keep the influence of Thanos and Death in check and that they empowered him via animalistic spider gods that sent empowered a spider to bite him bestowing magical powers but because it got a fluke irradiating he also got the aforementioned radioactive spider blood?

>>131044408>>131044419And then the Joker appeared and said "YWNBAW"

>>131028670This is based. Man says women shouldn't act like sluts and the Lasso of Truth agrees.

>>131025732It also makes her look dumb as fuck with the "I-I couldn't think of anything :("What? Not even a P? or a PG?


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>>131028295What makes this funnier and how you can tell its a white writer is that latinos/hispanics hate the term latinx.

>>131045961>latinos/hispanics hate the term latinx.Actually most don't give a shit and between those that do it's more liked than hated, albeit not by much.Like I get that it's easy to just spout what you feel like should be true, but this has actually been polled.

>>131028578Who are they trying to appeal to? Their target audience here don't read The Incredible Hulk. So whats the point? Do they legit just pat each other on the back after doing this?

>>131031882why must everyone talk like a disney channel sitcom character now?

>>131028766White women want to believe that they're the most oppressed people. Its why a lot of them, despite being insanely left, are also anti-trans but its only of the reason of "YOU DONT KNOW WHAT ITS REALLY LIKE THE BE A WOMAN, THE HARDSHIPS, YOU GOT A FREE PASS GROWING UP AS A MAN."Its always fun when a black woman calls out a white woman on privelege or racism or how not oppressed they actually are. They flip the FUCK out.

>>131045573heyyy, careful with those pronouns user

>>131031882Is this from the early - mid 2000s. That era has a very specific kind of humor to it. A very "RANDOM" kinda humor.

>>131045852>Did you know Spider-Man was the chosen one of the previous multiverse's Lord Order and Master Chaos to keep the influence of Thanos and Death in check and that they empowered him via animalistic spider gods that sent empowered a spider to bite him bestowing magical powers but because it got a fluke irradiating he also got the aforementioned radioactive spider blood?I have no idea what you're talking about but I want whatever you're on

>>131034506>I had it worse than my brother as I got to be hot while he got to be an uncontrollable monster and hated and feared by everyone :( :( :(

>>131046047>Is this from the early - mid 2000s.This is post-Secret Wars, aka post-2015. What the fuck are you talking about?

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>>131022819literally how

>>131046069In a really old Thing team-up Peter was basically revealed to be a chosen one keeping the balance of life and death in the universe.Also he can get psychic messages from Order and Chaos directing him to defend the universe.This is on top of the spider-totem bullshit.Which is on top of the radioactive spider bite.Peter literally has 3 fucking simultaneous origins like a fucking matryoshka of stupid bullshit.

>>131023155woah he said the word this is the best comic in existencewho wrote it so I can drop to my knees and gobble his nuts

>>131044408This is the comic content that I wanna read. This is what I wanna see in my superhero stuff.


>>131045718To be fair, thats pretty consistent with someone like Marvel Boy.

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When you accidentally alienate the people you're trying to pander to because it turns out they're actually anti-Israel not pro-Israel

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>>131022819Superman got raped in some USSR analog prison?Yo wtf lol

>>131023227You couldn't make this page today. You'd have the you know who crowd threatening to blow up Marvel.

>>131044408Misgender how? By calling her a woman? I mean she looks more feminine and has bigger tits than her entire circle of friends here. What happened?

>>131046342>rapedHe was tortured. Stop projecting your fetishes onto a fictional character.

>>131040824Americans are conditioned to accept their kids being murdered



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>>131023227On one hand, basedOn the other hand, I'd like to see them make this page about an NoI gang.

>>131046514>Make baseless claim>Get called out for lying>BitchOh come on. At least have the balls to just admit you made shit up when you get called out.Here's your reaction image right fucking here.>>131046140Use it next time.

>>131028295White people love doing shit like this. It's called "Reparations". Like how we got rid of Uncle Ben and the Land o Lakes girl and are pushing neopronouns n shit.

>>131046477Eh, accepting the things you can't change is normal. There's not way to prevent this.

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>>131045982>Actually most don't give a shitAre you even a latinamerican living in Latin America? We despise that stupid word, in here the people that uses and promotes that word are the real minority. I would say you are living in a social media bubble if you think those polls are worth a damn with questions probably asked to zoomers or hip millenials who believe they have more in common with gringos than their own latin american roots.

>>131046589that looks like a shitty version of the Babylon Bee

>>131046713>Are you even a latinamerican living in Latin America?It's an American English word. Who the fuck cares about how Latin America feels about it?Also>anecdotal evidenceChuy tittyfucking Christ.>>131046743>not knowing what The Onion is>knowing what the Babylon Bee isYou must be under 75 to post here.

>>131028604Lmfao what the fuck. The absolute jump in logic.

>>131046792You sure sound upset nobody reads your Babylon Bee knockoff.

>>131031675>everyone who I dont like happens to be fat and ugly and effeminate. To be strong and handsome and attractive you must be a good guyFunny how the charade falls apart like this constantly and not even subtly and they're still somehow taken seriously

>>131046826>You sure sound upset nobody reads your Babylon Bee knockoff.Now at this point I'm assuming your trolling.

>>131046792>It's an American English word. Who the fuck cares about how Latin America feels about it?Now this is poor quality bait

>>131046895>BaitI am dead serious. Fuck off.

>>131045899>>131045946Both you and the idiot writer are wrong about the Lasso, it tells the truth on what the person believes, not the objective truth.

>>131046792This is AGAINST UNITED STATES FEDERAL LAW, which SPECIFICALLY PROTECTS ELDERS FROM DISCRIMINATION ON THE BASIS OF AGE. If this is REALLY POLICY IMPLEMENTED BY, you can expect to hear from my lawyers and you had BETTER SUIT UP BECAUSE YOU WILL NOT HAVE A GOOD TIME IN COURT. IHHNE4 mature latina maid large ass video downloads no virusbig butt mature latina maid video HD guaranteed virus freereplacement hearing aids price comparison Atlanta, GeorgiaGoogle downweather outside right now Atlanta, Georgia

>>131028578>Yeah. You were shot INTO SPACE. Instead of just SHOT.They've tried shooting the Hulk, though. It doesn't work no matter what gun or tank or bomb they use.How can you get a job writing comics without ever having read one?

>>131031816the lasso compels truth, not facts

>>131046551I'm the person who posted the Latinx thing. The person you're quoting wasn't me. I can screenshot the (you) to prove it.

>>131023160This looks like Batman decided to just kill Jason instead

the all time classic

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Attached: gdfgd.jpg (520x484, 91.42K)

Attached: 1533024563738.jpg (1304x859, 300.52K)

Attached: 1553126097013.png (492x339, 293.81K)

>>131046942really? Awww


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>>131048287she really is the best superheroine

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>>131036201the goth chick is a bull-dyke right?


>>131046941Oh no

>>131048287so stunning and brave

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>>131043909no.It was probably edited in this pic because it was most likely posted on Twitter and Twittertard freak out over no-no words no matter the context.

>>131048914Why the fuck does Hulk look like Spike from The Land Before Time.

>>131033397anon most likely had no one to look up to growing up so of course something like respect is cringe to him

Attached: Future State- Superman - Worlds of War (2021-2021) 001-014.jpg (3975x3056, 1.94M)

>>131049304luckily they're not hard to find at all

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>>131036891Yes.But Holla Forums doesn't read comics so they just want to be angry for the sake of being angry.A shame, because Immortal Hulk is one of the better comics that came out during the past 5 years.

>>131038408their eyes are always just a bit too wide.

>>131036891>>131049475Nice head canon but that's never even implied or alluded too

>>131046182I know, it's fucking awesome.


>>131028519Just kill both dad.

>>131049475I liked Immortal Hulk, but having her screeching tirade happen on page and only implying that she was wrong was a conscious choice. Ewing went out of his way to support her retarded argument by never addressing it again.

>>131046328>Author cameo in panel 7Every FUCKING time

>>131028914you do that and they call you antisemite tho

>>131035443why in the fuck would anyone want to hang out with someone who uses a word like that?

>>131028480Maybe read a book that isn't written for liberal queers

>>131028519Those couple of weeks on Holla Forums were a fucking trip.

>>131022819How is this cringe ?

>>131028509This is just not true

>>131028604It’s a weird balance. Heroes just killing everyone creates an Injustice style storyline where the heroes go mad with power and become the villains themselves.But sometimes, it’s ok if someone does just shoot the Joker.

>>131028604Fuck that. Kill that son of a bitch and never apologize for it.

>>131038327Literally an incel irl

>>131044408>>131044419>he said a word that hur me, but i'm stronger enough, boohoo>>131045879and then bruce wayne paid millions to save the joker from being thrown in jail for that

>>131035137Magneto and Ock yes. Kingpin probably. Doom a hard maybe but probably not moved to tears by it. Juggernaut, lol no.

>>131046328what is bobby hill doing here

>>131025504>She just as easily could've said she liked showing her cleavage off and it wouldn't have mattered.I think that was her original explanation, that she was confident in herself to not care if people were staring there.

>>131050155That synthozoid pussy has them acting unwise.


>>131032856not Jesus, Bendis

>>131046328>Loki>Bad mama jama>where's my heckin' baconkill me

>>131022640>fill my hole, Superman

>>131047815The hilarious thing is that immediately after this, the other girl stabs America in the back and drops her off a tall billboard as Kate is just sat in the car going “wtf?!”


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>>131028736Is Kitty Pryde /our/girl?

>>131028736Imagine X-Men Evolution Kitty saying all that

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>>131030056This lmao

>>131038360Superman Red and Blue Volume

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>>131050632>Like, are you totally a nigger or what?

>>131023507Yeah it's pretty lame. Batman should be more like he was in Crisis on Two Earths where he still doesn't kill but isn't afraid to let a villain die.

>>131025504Yeah it gets to the point where if you're going that far to justify it, you also have to justify why she wears a leotard in general or why other characters wear silly outfits. If you're taking things that seriously then you have to go full Marvel movies and ditch costumes and/or replace them with armor and "realistic" outfits.

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>>131051018I know this mini is non-canon, written by a self-inserting retard, and can be outright explained away by Mockingbird's memories being fucked with, but seeing the Spider-Man shirt just makes me laugh.

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>>131035443Is she a fucking schizo?

>>131049367she's right desu


>>131046182Those old marvel team up comics with the thing are great

>>131046477That's the whole basis behind letting blacks go free no matter what crimes they commit. Then the 15 times recidivist black supremacist on bail for 100 bucks murders kids in a christmas parade.