Jimmy Neutron

Did you like or hate the show, Holla Forums? Personally I thought it was really funny and full of character but I understand why some people don’t like it.

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>>131021115It's a good show. At it's worse, it's not memorable, but it was never outright bad

why was there so much shipping

>>131021115Good showfuck the ant bully

>>131021232it did give us planet sheen, which was terrible.

>>131021356Shhhhh, no need to bring that up>>131021255The ant bully affected Jimmy Neutron?

>>131021481iirc the animation studio that did jimmy neutron did the ant bully as well. ant bully fuckin flopped hard and caused then to go bankrupt or somethin like that

>>131021631yeapi still never watched that movie but it sucks johnny quasar had to get the axe cause of it

>>131021481>>131021631Yes. Jimmy Neutron wasn’t cancelled, it’s ratings never got that low, it ended because the studio went bankrupt due to releasing the ant bully.

>>131022023wait if thats the case howd they make planet sheen


>>131022266iirc, they had an idea for an original show but then put Sheen as the main role instead.

>>131021481Ant Bully flopped so bad the animation studio went bankrupt and the next season had to get scrapped.

bolbi was never funny

hi, i’m paul

>thread has been up for hours>not a single Uck-luck-luck ya! Uck-luck-luck ya! Ooooooh Caribou!!!! what's the point of the internet anymore

She’s a really annoying bch so she deserved this also some say in superhero episode she had a thong but not sure. That sounds a bit much but she seems like she would

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>>131021115I always really enjoyed it as a kid but Jimmy was the least interesting character in the show despite the whole boy genius thing, everyone else was more funny and entertaining. I wish we got more seasons, hearing that they wanted to do something darker and make a Nick a main character in season 4 is so retarded I'd kill to see it

>>131025734> hearing that they wanted to do something darker and make a Nick a main character in season 4 is so retarded I'd kill to see itholy shit thats fuckin hype lol

>>131025585cindy has to be the worst love interest in all of animation

>>131021239Will they won't they plots sell (Football Head and Avatar are proof)

>>131025933The dynamic wasn't that bad, come on.


>>131026299yeah dont see it



>>131021115I like it too but you have to accept the fact that people are entitled to their opinions.

>>131022266Steve Oedekerk just set up another studio and outsourced all the actual animation to India.

>>131021115It was good but Back at the Barnyard was even better.

>>131027861wtf does that have to do with anything

>>131029235He was responding to the question, you lug nut

>>131029349>lug nutoh hey jim.

>>131025734>but Jimmy was the least interesting character in the show despite the whole boy genius thingHow? He's not a Genius Sue like Rick or Dexter. It would've been interesting if they actual developed the genius side of Jimmy more and showed how he felt about the repercussions of his actions.

>>131029563i think he just meant that while all the characters have wacky personalities (sheen’s adhd, cindy’s tsundere, carl’s a weenie) jimmy is kind of grounded even if he has the tendencies of an average 10 year old boy (reckless and sometimes selfish) to counter being a genius

>>131027861b@tb was too wacky

>>131026021I'm pretty sure by the last season they were going toIn fact I think the creator said that's what the plan was before they got cancelled


>>131030679skeet on 4chan???

>>131021115It was okay overall, the repeated scenes of Michael Jackson raping Carl were a bit over the line in my opinion

When it comes to these "super genius kid" shows there's always that one defining episode or moment where you stop and think "there's no way they can be THAT dumb".For me it's that episode where Jimmy makes flying helmets powered by...gold bars. Specifically the Gold Bars Jimmy knew his mom kept in safe keeping in case his dad tried to bankrupt them again. And then he gets surprised when the gold is gone. It set up the need for him to get a job and make the restaurant and all that but still.Like, even as a kid that stopped and made me think "what are you stupid?"

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The episodes went from middling and not really interesting, to meta and self referential.

>>131021115/co/ was all over this show for the past decade.

Was never a fan to be honest. Used to kinda despise it because I guess Nick ran it a bit much. Over the years though I've mellowed a little and sort of just found myself in a position where I don't really loathe it just not a fan really.Guess I don't really like or hate it from that perspective.

>>131021115it was good watching as a kid but as an adult it looks pretty bad

>>131031171its funny when you see people clipping thru objects, mostly in the first season

trip thru the stars… on xanax barz…

>>131030979Jimmy has always been portrayed as smart, not wise. Like, yeah, he has an encyclopedic knowledge, but rarely has any kind of common sense even for a kid his age.

>>131024676He was funny when one was a child

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>>131025933>>131026156>>131025585I though it was cute and the shipping was made since the movie.

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Lets talk about Carl.Was he wrong.?

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Just look at this young fat bastard

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>>131032959>>131033063carl will always be too fucking based even if i dont think jimmy’s mom was that hot


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>>131031171Personally I actually kinda like the dated looking cgi. It gives the show more character, kinda like the difference between cel animation and digital animation.

>>131034367agreed, to me it hasn’t aged well or badly it just looks like i always remember it


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>>131033333Bros...jimmy's mom isn't hot. It's been checked...

>>131035403is he wrong?????? carl still based though

>>131021115The worst thing about the show is that there weren’t enough visual gags. I honestly believe the show could have been live action (don’t get any ideas nickelodeon)

shit show

>>131036753I mean I don’t think it was THAT bad.


>>131025933She is leagues above other love interests because she ended up reciprocating for more than 1 episode

>>131032756Thus the whole salt meme.The mans so obsessed with being the smartest in the room he flat out refuses to do normal thing everyday things.He does things cause he can, not necessarily why he should do it.


>>131025585Not sure why someone would know his but she seems like she would. She’s more mean than other girls

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>>131021115Enjoyed the moviemixed feelings about the show, I like some of the side characters, I like some of the main characters, I like some of the changes the show had during it run.sometimes it was clever sometimes it was rock stupid.whatever good Jimmy Neutron had Planet Sheen smashed with it a rock, honestly that could have just been a space heavy season.

>>131042714the best part of planet Sheen was Aseefawho was basically a better Cindy, who didn't need to replace Libby as sheens love interest.

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>>131021115As a kid I found the movie to be cheap and lowbrow compared to what was coming out of places like Pixar, which in hindsight was probably unfair, but at the time the standard of excellence was so high for 3D films. I wouldn’t say I was a fan of the show and frankly I found Jimmy annoying as fuck, but I did admittedly watch enough of it to find it mildly nostalgic. Basically it was something to watch when FOP or SpongeBob wasn’t on.

>>131041602>>131025585Can’t tell but wow this really got on tv they made Libby look better than usual to

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>>131021115I barely remember a thing about the movie, but I enjoyed the show back then. IIRC they have some special episodes like the one where Jimmy meets up with some secret agent and fight an evil doctor & his hot daughter, that one crossover with Fairy Oddparents and the one where Jimmy & friends get dragged into an intergalactic death game. Haven't seen anything related to Jimmy Neutron in ages though.

>>131044021yea libby was pretty thicc in that episode and i have no idea whyalso i don’t think there’s any art of future evil queen libby which makes me sad

>>131044052I watched the movie recently and I enjoyed it. I was really drunk, seeing double so I had to close one of my eyes to see it, but I thought it still held up.

>>131044128There’s no edits or anything of >>131044021either. For some reason it’s always >>131025585There should be more cause she’s mean enough to deserve it

>>131044128found one

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honestly still remember it cause its odd style.got away with a lot of things i feel like that don't fly these days.but that can be said for same a lot of shows back then

>>131035897Maybe a few episodes but they did plenty to justify it being animated. In fact, I doubt 90% of the science gags could've been done in live action without a ridiculous FX budget


>>131025933You only watched this show then

>Shitposting and memes got Hugh Neutron into NASB before Jimmy...thoughts on this happening? are you excited for Hugh's moveset and his stage?

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>>131035426>is he wrong?Judge for yourself

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>>131044052>the one where Jimmy & friends get dragged into an intergalactic death gameHoly fuck, you just unlocked some hidden memories in my brain. I think they actually even showed some inhabited planets getting destroyed, which was pretty wild for a kids show at the timeI also remember the brain race getting into an argument with Sheen about the human digestion system and how they evolved past the need of taking a shit, for whatever reason

>>131048115hugh is a better character than jimmy so im glad he got inif the game had something like assist trophies i’d love to see goddard

do you think the edgelord season would have saved the company