Monkie Kid: Embrace Your Destiny

Less than 24 hours until the season 3 special airs, you excited monkie bros?

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>>131020241Special as in a 40-70 minute "movie" ?

>>131020241I fear this thread will die soon as there are not much to discuss for now.But still, thanks for the reminder OP. I actually planned to create a thread tomorrow before the special begins.

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Good for you guys

>>131020241Livestream when?


>>131020241By the way, that tittle screams "end of the show and farewell" . The Bone Demon is a huge threat and the third season set some other stuff looseWonder if this will deal with all of those at once, I hope not. >>131020658I think other specials were around 40 minutes or so. Like the pilot or the Spider Queen.I'm mostly curious with pic related's schedule.

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>>131022878No word for a new season yet so there's a good chance this is the series' finale. what a shame. I thought this adaptation of Journey to the West would have a fuckton of toy and merch potential. is anyone gonna stream? yt uploads are a day late


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>>131020241Monkey Kid is 2000s goodness, maybe superior to the 2000s because of the choreography.

>>131020241What's next on Motorcity's I mean Titmouse's kino list?

I look forward to tomorrow

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>>131020241the synopsis of each episode is already on wikipedia. I regret reading them but at the same time very excited for them to air

>>131020241I am so fucking ready!I'm just glad my monkey paw wish, no pun intended, of the show getting more recognition.

>>131020241Anons, help me out here, I've been wanting to watch this for months.Where the fuck can I watch this show? Tell me we have a mega or a site for it. Kimcartoon's quality is too shit for me to even finish the first episode.

>>131024379I read on /toy/ Lego is planning to keep Monkie Kid until 2023. But of course this could just mean the sets, I don't want to doompost anything before this incoming special though. >is anyone gonna stream?Hope someone does it. >>131027338There was a Mega and Drive will all Chinese and English episodes but I think it was deleted. The whole third season's dub is here

>>131027970>season 3Thanks for the effort but I have a feeling I want to watch the first 2 seasons too... Oh well, shit happens. Maybe someone else will make a mega at some point.

>>131028018Well let's just hope user, I actually want to see the Chinese pilot again.

>>131020241Are those really gonna be dubbed?

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Man I seriously dropped off on this show.Is there a good place to watch Monkie Kid yet? Either on some burger streaming site or Bilibili or somewhere?

>>131030167They're airing in the UK, so I'm going to assume...Yes. Yes they are.

is there still no american release for this?

>>131030698Yeah, they totally redubbed the whole series, everybody has a British accent now. >>131030754No, not yet. Or at least, I don't know there is.

>>131020241Show's good, but why is it lego?

>>131031057I for one am looking forward to find out which of the spice girls voiced Mei.

>>131020241That was fucking awesome, my only complaint is that this special was 60 minutes instead of just 44, feels like they have a lot they can do but in that time, they can only do so much.Also I still don't know if there's gonna be a fourth season, hoping there is.

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>>131020241Fucking hate Sean schimmal

>>131027970>>131024379>>131022878There are conflictive pieces of evidence>the main showrunner is gone but could be replaced>The crew call these "finale" episodes but don't specify series or season finale>crew refers to themselves in the present tense, not in the past sense>bio on their twitter states they're woking on monkie kid and nowhere else>lego sets up to 2023 but that could just be the toys, not the show. >supposeddly does well enough in China to get screenings on Lego Land and a place in the amusement park>terrible release schedule may indicate the company producing it isn't interested in itHonestly we're not going to know. I fear it's a Rise of TMNT situation where they force the writers to not say it's the final episodes until after they're aired, but this show doesn't seem popular enough for that

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>>131027338>>131028018>>131030180All (Season 1) (Season 2) (Season 3)

What will happen to her?

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>>131032483>fuck all info in the filenames>s2 and 3 filesizes screams size over quality encodesreeeI take it JEW never bothered completing the series.

Embrace your destiny spoilers so far. Scene where red son trains mei, explanation of how the samdi fire works, gag about the universe destroyed as a blue screen cut to Monkey King and Lady bone demon fight, with beautiful animation, some souls leak out of the mayor, Monkey King almost wins when LBD warns Monkey King he'll kill the host holding her. Due to his hesitation, Monkey King gets possessed by the souls from the mayor. things aren't going good, MK gets teleported away from the fight and lands close to where Mei and Red Son are training Due to him landing in a mud puddle, he's mistaken for a mud monster by Mei, who almost kills him with the Samdi fire Meanwhile with the other group, Pigsy, Sandy and Tang, their shipping container van falls through the floor and gets damaged Turns out the area they landed in was a library, complete with satues of the original Journey to the west characters, complete with lampshading with this being a retelling and prophecy Cut back to Mk, Mei and Red Son. Monkey King returns and yeets Red Son into a wall, throws MK of a cliff, and moves on to Mei while Lady Bone Demon monologues Mei tries to fight Monkey King with the Samdi fire, but fails and Monkey King freezes her and teleports away because MK had grabbed onto a rope, he climbs up the cliff, talks to Red Son, and flies away with him cut to MK, Red Son, with the others and the mayor in tow, we then see a scene of Red Son's shadow changing to a monkey shape, revealing it to be macaque, who then agrees with the group in stopping Lady Bone Demon

>>131032281>60 minutesOh boy, I'm not sure whether I should be happy or worried for that time. >>131032483>Can't open any of them. Well damn.

>>131033202no, it's my bad. It is 44 minutes, I meant that I wanted a 60 minute movie for this finale

>>131032518She's the only girl of the team, she'll live.Macaque or Red Son might die though.

>>131033251I see, I'm not reading any spoilers nor do I want to be pessimistic. I'll just be here when the specials starts. Provided someone will stream it.

>>131033291The first 2 parts are already

>>131033299Well, no words. Thanks for sharing kind user.

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>>131033299Gonna wait for 1080p at least. Action shows are enjoyed best in HD, especially styilized ones like these.

Feels like the entire special they wrote it knowing the fandom ships in mind

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>>131032951Oh what I would give for this show to have a normal airing schedule.>>131032951>>131033299So is it half today and half tomorrow? I better catch up on season 3 then

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>>131033857>Oh what I would give for this show to have a normal airing schedule.Yeah, me too. But I'm just glad this show is airing on TV in the west>So is it half today and half tomorrow?Yeah, it should be a whole special but it's being aired in 4 parts.

>>131033917>Yeah, it should be a whole special but it's being aired in 4 parts.It's better that way, it creates hype around it.

>>131033627Dragonfruit is a shitty and predictable ship.

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>>131020241fuck yeah

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Alone in your room again, obsessing over little girls?

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>>131033857>>131033917Ah damn, I wanted to watch the whole special today but I guess seeing part of it won't hurt.

>>131027970Listening to Lady Bone Demon with headphones gives you that 8D audio immersion

Lady Bone Demon? More like Lady Boner Demon, why does she make me so erect?

>"How pathetic, user."

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>>131034552It's because your soul is like the shower drain of a femcel, filthy beyond redemption.

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Princess Iron Who? Oh, that flavor of the month.

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it's cute seeing Mei and Red Son interact with each otheralso Red Son going full Tsundere

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>>131034993>Shipper doesn't know what friendships are likeShocker.

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>>131035072It's being signaled pretty hard, user

>>131035187Ah yes, of course.>Schizophrenia is a serious mental disorder in which people interpret reality abnormally. Schizophrenia may result in some combination of hallucinations, delusions, and extremely disordered thinking and behavior that impairs daily functioning, and can be disabling.Red Son trying to get friends has nothing to do with your delusional desires for romance in every form of fiction you consume like the fat hambeast you are.

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>>131035275>>131035187>>131035072jeez, I just thought they're cute togetherI didn't mean to step on any toes

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>>131035354You didn't do anything wrong. Some people just don't like seeing others have fun.

Oh god here they are

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>>131035352>>131035275>>131035187>>131035072>>131034993All I know is they got called boyfriend/girlfriend earlier, and in kid cartoons that's pretty much guarantee that they are.

>>131034413no, I meant all of them, including Pigsy/Tang which I know for a fact is shipped by the storyboard artists

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>>131033299So, will this special also consist or 4 parts? I assume the second episode will come around 6:30 or so whereas the rest will be out tomorrow.

>>131035853yes, second part airs tommorow

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Oh hell, part two was out for at least 3 hours and I just

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>>131033299Parts? sigh. I thought they were specials without cuts!

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Kek I did not expect the notmayor is going to play an important role in the Bone Demon's defeat. I thought he was gonna be a one-off lackey but the dude truly accomplished a lot like taking out the Spider Queen's henchmen.

>>131037168This season is good at using all the elements of the show so far

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might as well do webms

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>>131020241Going to be honest. I saw some smut and thought it was hot. How's the actual show?

>>131038099Pretty good. Animation is great

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Sex with lego.


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>>131038099Let me guess, Iron Fan?

>>131032483Based and redpilled, thanks user. I'll probably wait for a better version of S2, but in the meantime I can watch s1.Seriously though what is it with this show not being anywhere?

People need to stop worshipping this pathetic toy show.

>>131038954People need to stop gangbanging your mother every night, but they don't for the same reason we don't: They love it.

>>131038931>Seriously though what is it with this show not being anywhere?Accessability. They prioritized the release in the Asian market for obvious reasons, the only official release I know of here in the US is an additional paid service for Amazon Prime. Most potential viewers, even the ones that are willing to pirate, will probably be at a lost to even watch it when even our best source is a Google Doc.

>>131038954>worshippingBarely anyone sees it, fuck off. If anything it should be worshipped more.

>>131038404Unironically looks cool from that webm alone. Thank you.>>131038744Believe it or not, no! The character I like is a dude lul.

>>131035354That’s just the anti cute and canon schizo he seethes in every thread about red son/mei I guarantee he had a mental breakdown when the episode aired like I said he would

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>>131039241>a dudewell the last ep had a jacked Lego dude so enjoy>>131039397If there’s a kiss tomorrow I can only imagine the seething


>>131032483Holy shit, at last I have the second season in Chinese. All that's left is the first season's pilot in Chinese. Btw I thought there was also a version in French but those were subtitles. Quite a shame, but still thanks for sharing these user.

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What is this, chinese ninjago?

>>131039397>>131039517It's cute to watch you femcels jack each other off, I ship you two fags with your moms.

>>131037887>>131037942>>131038065Plenty of action here.

>>131040842More like a superior version of that Yojimbo netflix show

>>131041468No one watches Netflix, though.

>>131041094yeah the show is full of these

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>>131041528someone does for stranger things S4 being all over the internet

>>131035738Is Tang just a scholar>Eternal studentOr what exactly is he?I know he isn't a monk as far as we knowBut considering how he leeches off Pigsy his job either pasta badly or he doesn't seem to have one>Unsuccessful writer could also be an optionAt least we know what the others are doing:Mei is living with her parents and kids going to take over the 'museum'>Are they getting paid by the state or something? Or is it a legit museum?Sandy is a mechanicPigsy is a chefMK is a part timer/wage slaveJust Tang is ambiguous

>>131041586>Stranger Things s4People with psychological disorders don't count, just look at this thread.

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>>131041630Tang is a freeloader, in the pilot he wanted to pay by telling stories, he clearly has no job. He got lucky due to being the reincarnation of an old legend.

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>>131024379from what I remember flying bark's last season is indeed season 3. If lego decides to continue the animation, it will be done by a different studio.

>>131042435>If lego decides to continue the animation, it will be done by a different studio.So it'll either die off or become shit, fantastic. There's enough of an autistically obsessed fanbase that I can see it becoming the next Ninjago/Bionicle. As in it'll be either 10 years worth of toy-pushing garbage or the fujoshits will spawn their own little drama community to create fan content no one gives a fuck about.

>>131040378imagine if that were his penishngh

>>131043193>"STOP PEGGING ME, 'NOODLE' BOY!"


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>>131038538I get it and I acknowledge it's just a simple edit, but the bottom should have some eyelashes or some other small feminine details since plat is allegedly a girl.

>>131041674Oh god, someone webm Meis blahblahblah gesture. It's so perfect.

>>131043562Hairy legs and pictures of underaged girls, since they're a LARPing pedophile.

>>131037942>>131041674Mei has that Miko energy

>>131033299First two parts of how many?

>>131032483Is season 2 and 3 still those watermarked rips?

>>131044159Four, dipshit.

>>131037168from the yt comments, he might know a weakness to LBD's power.I actually forgot about this mayor dude since we last saw him taking macaque

>>131032483Now, don't take my word for it, but I THINK season 2 is of acceptable quality on Kimcartoon. not HD but definitely better than whatever the hell is going on in those drives. So my advice for those wanting to watch the show right now:>S1: Drive>S2: Kimcartoon>S3: YoutubeA bit of a pain but hey, better than not watching.

>>131045182My advice is to stop being a cringy poorfag and just watch it on a streaming service.

I can't believe this guy has like 0 porn of him.

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>>131045396They're all too busy jerking off to his wife And kid

>>131045396when he's a bull, does that mean princess iron Fan is a furry?

>>131045372Not on my country, and VPNs make my internet too shitty to watch anything, so suck my dick you filthy burger

>>131045460>Poorfag lives in a shit country and can't VPNEnjoy your garbage quality, sandfucker.

>>131045457They're both demons, you uncultured furfag.

>>131045396Did they put a different team in charge of the bull king? he's animated differently, his eyes are also far more expressive because he doesn't have beady eyes.

>>131045536Dude it's Flying Bark, they did the TMNT Rise cartoon too.

>>131042435Where did you hear this? I just read checked and the showrunner was involved until the last season, but no idea if the story can continue without him.

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>>131042435>>131045762Flying Bark is pretty much the ones doing it, there aint any other studio. Either the show goes on with them or it’s over.My only hope is that the crew still have LMK as present in their bio and it seems to be their current job

>>131045984Well, provided that's the account of one of the people working on the series, I guess that's it.

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>>131045984>Those commentsThe sooner this show dies off and the mongrels stop acting like hormone-riddled spazzes, the better. Social media was a mistake.

>>131046005She’s the series director, check her bio. Though she lists this show as her present job.But yeah, it’s a bad sign.

>>131045984>Amphibia gone, reduced to ashes>Owl House- on hiatus and life support>Arcane 2- far, far away>this show- in its finaleserialized cartoons are dying

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>>131046032Fuck the owl house, I pity the rest

>>131046027Nothing to do if it's really the end, though the title "Embrace your destiny" was already a huge red flag. Still, Monkie had a good run, 3 seasons and 3 specials. I legit thought this was just going to be a one-off special to promote the first wave back then. So I assume the theme will continue until 2023 but the cartoon will cease after these incoming 2 episodes.

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>>131046137There were red flags but that title was not it. That’s just a fitting name for the end of LBD

>>131046137WELCOME TO NEXO KNIGHTS' FATE MOTHERFUCKERGo watch some Unikitty instead.

>>131046159Unikitty is also over

>>131046276Yes, and?

>>131045984Honestly I'm okay with thisLet the show finish on its own terms with the original creative team having written a finale they knew could have been the last episodeThere are far worse fates

If it is over, it's been fun.We had some laughs, we cried, we fapped to porn of a demon MILF, I'm just of glad to shared it with you.

>>131046332I would've preferred not having to interact with any of you but sure, same.

>>131046313Was it on their own terms though, we’ll have to see

reminder to get the parts for monkie kid minifigs on bricks and pieces while they're still readily available

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>>131046602>Faggot doesn't know where /toy/ is/co/omers, not Holla Forumsnsoomers. Also:>Using PaB because you're a cheap poorfag

>>131046645It's more about the space than the money. Have you seen how huge every monkie kid set is? I don't want that quantity of plastic when what I really care about are the characters

>>131046313>>131046415I don't think it was "on their terms", considering it's tied to a Lego toy line. That being said, Monkie Kid has been running for two years/six waves of sets - maybe the sales of the sets aren't as high as Lego higher ups want, so they're axing the line like they did with Hidden Side, Chima, Nexo Knights, and Vidiyo? Or maybe Lego is pulling a Nickelodeon, and any original theme that isn't an immediate breakout like Ninjago or part of a mainstay (City, Trains, Cars, Friends, Creator, Technic, Mindstorm, Architecture) gets axed?

>>131046667>Have you seen how huge every monkie kid set is?Yeah, I own some and I think you're exaggerating a little.

>>131046602did pigsy ever hold a pitchfork, I can't remember

>>131046819Dude, they're toys that barely hang onto canon. That faggot doesn't even have Iron Fan's original staff, probably because B&P doesn't offer the right pieces lol

>>131046776> maybe the sales of the sets aren't as high as Lego higher ups want, so they're axing the line like they did with Hidden Side, Chima, Nexo Knights, and Vidiyo? It’s enough of a hit in China to get areas in Lego Land with its theme, screenings of S3 there and sets til 2023. So it’s weird.

>tfw Monkie Kid continues with the series but Flying Bark won't do it>it's the same studio that does Nexo Knights or LC AdventuresWould you still see it? Because I wouldn't.

>>131047218No, but why would they do that? I can believe the show is over more than it being sent to another studio. Sounds like a weird decision instead of just keeping the show they already have going.

>>131047218Why the fuck would I want to watch Monkie Kid in 3D without the action scenes and funny expressions?

Well she called it S3 finale and not series finale on Instagram. Dunno if it’s her lessening the blow for a while or what, but it’s

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>That one faggot who kept cooming to the thought of s4 is now shaking like a leafPoetry.

>>131047218Didn't the animation studio that animated Nexo Knights and Pre-2019 Ninjago go bankrupt a few days ago?If Monkie Kid changed animation studios to that crappy 3D style, I wouldn't watch it anymore, all the charm I find in Monkey Kid is due to the character design and fluid animation.

>>131047332We'll see within a few hours when the episodes come. Though I would fucking be mad if they decide to end this with a cliffhanger; Lego has a penchant to do this with a lot, if not all their themes. But for the time being, I'm taking the director's tweet as the final episode of the series.

>>131046995>It’s enough of a hit in ChinaIs it though? China has enough JTTW media and merchandise as is, I don't see why they would feel the need to consoom some Danish interpretation of one of their most popular stories.>LegolandI think it's more likely that Lego was banking on MK being more successful than it actually was and put all the eggs in the basket, so they start slapping their new IP everywhere before the first sales reports started coming in, only to realize that it underperformed. Or they were going to push it harder, but then diverted funds from MK back into Ninjago, just like they did with Bionicle G2.>Sets til 2023I know the recent wave just dropped yesterday, but I think there were only three sets in that wave (Dragon of the East, Celestial Realm, Team van). Were there more announced?

Wtf I want to breed all the Legos?? Even background girls like that one demon accountant girl are hot as fuck

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>>131047671Dip your dick in kraft glue and stick it in a wasp's nest.

>>131047671>Wtf I want to breed all the Legos??Same, right.I like the design of the scorpion woman, though the English voice of Michaela Dietz really turns me off, I keep thinking of that purple blob from Steven Universe.

>>131047658> China has enough JTTW media and merchandise as is, I don't see why they would feel the need to consoom some Danish interpretation of one of their most popular stories.There’s also tons of merchandise for Marvel and Harry Potter in the world, doesn’t change that those Lego sets sell well. Monkie Kid was the way Lego introduced itself to China, and they made a whole documentary on how they successfully integrates themselves to the country. Lego toys hold an appeal no other toy can, that’s the main difference.> I think it's more likely that Lego was banking on MK being more successful than it actually was and put all the eggs in the basket, so they start slapping their new IP everywhere before the first sales reports started coming in, only to realize that it underperformed.The Legoland prt was announced this year, after 3 seasons of the show were produced>setsThey announced some but not all, they release them in batches.

>>131047629If they’re keeping it vague it’s kind of a dick move, everyone else thinks a S4 is guaranteed and they could have just said the show was ending when the first showrunner left. They would have been upset, but it would be better than the butthurt if these are the final episodes and they didn’t know.I’ve had to say to more than one person that Rise got cancelled, because the way they handled that was embarrassing and if you weren’t on specific twitter spaces, you wouldn’t know. But that had the excuse that TMNT was a big brand and Nick was embarrassed to admit they cancelled a series, LMK is not as big of a brand (at least outside of China)

>Red Son is missing from the special's poster for a reason that's apparently a spoiler>A lot of people are now horny for the mayorThis is fun, maybe we get to see several ships burn out? Oh glorious Catharsis!

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>>131048635>Red Son is missing from the special's poster for a reason that's apparently a spoilerthat is a fan-made poster, not official. The official one is yet to be released

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>>131048674Pretty sure I'm not reading the tweet wrong, though.

>>131048741Is this what you're talking about? Sarah Harper the director calls it a fan made poster on her IG

>>131048789This is the one throwing me off.

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>>131048895it's "spoilers" for people who didn't see S3 because his appearance is meant to be a surprise halfway through it

>>131048902What is this, a gif for ants?


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Ha ha, suffering!

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>>131049528What am I looking at there

>>131020241I'd just like to say that you guys have the best fucking cartoon show of the 2020s together with Green Eggs n Ham.You are one of the last breathable island on the ocean of piss that is this generation of trash cartoons.

>>131049645LBD possessing her current host

>>131049669thanks bud, too bad it might end today

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>>131049669Umm... about that...Seems like the show's ending in less than half an hour, hopefully it ends on a high note.

>>131049645I like how they portray the less-than-child friendly scenes through background shadows.

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>>131049693>>131049713Doesn't matter that the show barely got 3 seasons completed. As long nobody else watched it and I can put it into a compilation together with other great cartoons then it will be excellent for a future streaming channel or a future physical TV channel. There's plenty of other quality out there, like Poet Anderson which only have a 15 minute long special as opposed to a full series.Still sad that trash like Lego Ninjago get 8+ seasons while the quality stuff like Monkey Kid are lucky if they don't get canceled after 1 season like Mao Mao.

>>131049872Yeah the industry is a joke, but I wanna know whatever Sarah Harper is doing next, she’s great

>>131049872Ninjago has a fanbase of girls willing to buy $70 LEGO sets just to get a minifigure of their favorite boy, the show was originally supposed to end after season 3. The main play gimmick of the theme was spinning tops, it never would've survived without the obsessive fans.

>Sandy calling macaque "McQuack">Returning elements such as the MK clones and Pigsy's ping pong paddles>Tang mentioning the adventure started and ended with the staffI am so fucking hyped.

>>131050278Based fujos, yumes, and otomes.

Well it’s on.

Well I was 100% confident that was the end, but then that scroll at the end took me off guard. Though that could be one of those "stingers that never have a payoff" like always.Anyways, kino finale, might be one of the best ones ever made.

>the final villain is defeated by every single character using their powers togetherYou wanna know the funny thing? This is honestly not that common in modern cartoons, as cliche as it is. So many cartoons end with the protagonist and final villain duking it out, and everyone else being completely irrelevant. It's so nice to see this again, I can't remember the last time an endgame cartoon boss was defeated with the combined power of every main character.

Wait is it out? Where?

It's over.All in all, it felt like a epic and conclusive ending to the series, I felt both excited and emotional.Though the scroll at the end, and macaque just leaving felt like they are planning a season 4 and decided to cut it short, due to Lego probably.

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>>131050702>they cut it shortI dunno, to me the scroll could have been cut if there wasn’t going to be a S4. Feels weird to keep it there.

Oh fuck I cannot see the other 2 last videos, what gives?

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>>131050954I guess. The ending scene had this open ended vibe, like "hey kids, our revenue wasn't good enough in China, create your own adventures or better yet, beg your parents for a copy of Journey to the west and adapt the scenes and characters we didn't". I dunno man, I'm kinda butthurt.

>>131051044>The ending scene had this open ended vibeThe thing is it didn't. Everything felt like it was the absolute end to the point of the narration telling the audience "it's over", and out of nowhere that scroll serves as a last second stinger. I dunno, I feel if this was produced as the absolute last episode, why would you add that? Just end a second earlier and there you go, perfect ending.Though it's true other cartoons have ended with stingers that never came back, but Flying Bark isn't incompetent enough to end on a worthless stinger. Even Rise of TMNT had a complete end, and the "stinger" was just a joke.

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For a second I thought they would go too far and have RS tell Mei he "loved her" or have MK forgive Macaque but they didn't. I'm glad they knew some things would be out of character even if it's the end.

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The fuck is this

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>>131051129Guess we'll have to wait and see. What would they even do next?

>>131051242There are a bunch of other JTTW villains they can do. There's a nine-headed monster, evil dragons, lion demons, etc. There's even another edgy female villain called Lady Earth Flow they never tackled.They made two one-off villains the last endgame bosses of seasons 1-3 so who knows what they can do with the rest.

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The whole special is out on

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>Rise TMNTThat's sad. I like this version of Leo and Donnie. Especially Rise Donnie, he's much better than 2012 loser nerd. I didn't like Rise Splinter in the first few episodes, but he became a cool daddy in the last episodes of season 1. Also thank god they never tried to kill him so many times. That's why 2012 Splinter was ruined. I don't mind if they plan to kill a main character, but I hate that his death is cheap.

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If this is the end, HUGE wasted opportunity in not replacing the end credits Sun Wukong with MK, fully representing his transition into the new hero for a new era.

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>>131051206This show may have had shippers, but they masterfully avoided any real romance vibes. It's about friendship. Which this board could use a lesson from.

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>>131051493I loved that part. So ominous.

>>131051531>TFW you beat the big bad with the power of friendship, hope etc. and she still gets the last word

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>>131050625Yes, seeing every one of the good guys and even Macaque giving it in their all in the final battle was so nice to see. Too many modern cartoons and anime fall victim to MC wank where the main character has to save the world by themselves while everyone just looks on (looking at you Amphibia)

>>131045984It was pretty obvious.In the end, Monkie Kid is just a glorified commercial and it did exactly what it needed to do.

>>131051647>Monkie Kid is just a glorified commercialthen it should get at least 1 more season since the sets are going to be made at least until 2023

Beautiful series, I can't believe a Lego show of all things had this beautiful animation, sequences, characters and great finale. No idea what the scroll and the end meant but I just let it pass. >the last actually was the Monkey Mech vs LBD's Mech Blessed Flying Bark, and not to mention the frienship power needed to kick her ass too. I've been delivered greatly. The Spider Queen and her minions are dead right?

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>>131051634Pic related.>>131051714>SpoilerYES AND IT FUCKING SUCKS REDEMPTION FANFIC TIME

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Prepare your anus.

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It took 3 seasons and a special for LBD to finally become an interesting villain and not just a pure evil creep. But I'm glad she finally did.

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>>131051917>That fucking revealOh god the fangirls will go nuts. If any of them has their OC romancing him I want to read the fic/smut.

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>>131051634I'm glad, that Monkie Kid didn't end with the usual trappings of finales today.No final minute lesbians (because china)No timeskip where are they now endingNo shipping shitNo villain getting an undeserved redemption

Anime references til the end.

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this was a beautiful finale, but I wish there was moreI feel like I've eaten a piece of cake, and it was delicious and all, but it was so small I ate it in one bite

>>131052097>No shipping shitThus so hard. Shippers brfo

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>>131052097>No final minute lesbiansWhile China may be part of it, I think it's also mostly because Mei is the only female character on the good guy's side. All the other female characters are either villains (Princess Iron Fan, LBD, Spider Queen, etc.) or one off characters with no development (LBD's host, Chang'e)

>>131052015So what happened to this dude in the end? Did he also get vaporized among the LBD or he's just still in that temple?

>>131052139Dude, savor the aftertaste and find something new to satisfy your horrifying endless hunger (you unsatiable demon!)

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>>131052097>No final minute lesbians (because china)hah, nice try, girl got the pussy

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>>131052015wait, is that guy still alive?

>>131052139S3 feels like what a great show should be all the time, so I get the feeling. Two more seasons of this type of content would be absolute kino.

>>131052224They're all gone, man. Luckily it's Chinese folklore we're talking about so they'll just reincarnate as something like insects. LBD and her follower reincarnating as moths who ends up as SQ's (who is reincarnated as a spider) dinner in a way of karma. Then her followers (reincarnated as birds) eat her and her offspring. Karma's a bitch.

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>>131052232You had me in the first half, no lie.

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>>131032374>supposeddly does well enough in China to get screenings on Lego Land and a place in the amusement parkDoes that mean anything? Chima got video games and a ride movie. That died pretty quickly.

>>131052329>Does that mean anything? Chima got video games and a ride movie. That died pretty quickly.Dunno about Chima, but this is coming right after S3 started airing, not before. So it wasn't like they putt all that before the show even aired, and then canned it.

Even Princess Iron Fan and Demon Bull King lending their power for the Ultimate Friendship Finisher was pure kino, also the wholesome family dinner scene.

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>>131052385That scene was so kino, it felt like a natural evolution of the scene where MK utterly destroys DBK from the first special.

The last speech was pretty meta with the way they describe the show and the troubles it went by. They even acknowledge "maybe it looks like we went back to square one but everyone changed", that was good.

>>131052738It's he perfect open ending, if you ask me. Kind of fits the JttW style too. All in all they've been really respectful to the actual myths, pity some people always try to stick their genitals in every place it doesn't belong.