Chip x Dale Thread

Post our loved chipmunks becoming closer together. High quality encouraged.

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Who'd look better in a ball gag

>>131019213Who knows.

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>>131019213Dale's nose already looks like one

>>131019471Someone's horny posting

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>>131018128I have a better idea ....

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>>131018128Clarisse , to save this tread ...

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>>131019537>>131019572No. Only Gadget is allowed.

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>>131019537>>131019572Clarice is just Dale in drag

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>>131018128Dale was always more the sex fiend to me than Chip

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>>131019537>>131019572>posting the old modelGet with the times, old man

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>>131019665>>131019695Stop spamming, retard.

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>>131019213>>131019676>>131020185It's true Dale is a stripper in the new movie?

>>131020196Yeah but it seems it was a one-time thing than an actual part time job

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>>131020185Chip would also look good in a bdsm outfit and a leather hat.

>>131020289Its probably a job he does when cash goes low, like the hair selling bit.

>>131020741>hair sellingWhere

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>>131020311He would and I want to see that drawn

>>131021828Do it user

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>>131022747If only I could draw, I'd make so much BDSM art with these twoMight commission one day

>>131023202How ironic that the soulless cgi Dale is actually cuter than animated Chip


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>>131023892Because Chip is soulless cgi too



>>131019638That's a cute Chip.

>>131019537Art of Clarice, Tootsie, and this rando chipmunk girl singing when?

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Why Chip looks so cute when he's angry?

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>>131027983Because he's a cutie.


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>>131018128>watch movie>neither of them have a love interest>neither of them seem to have had any relationships with women>they're always stuck together>explicitly not brothersReally, the film felt like two exes getting back together againor maybe I was just reading too much into it, I just thought it was maybe a little strange, and I am 100% sure the writers knew what they were doing

>>131019726What the fuck

>>131029380What's wrong with the pic

>>131020929When him and chip are walking down main street he says he sells his fur to a wig shop when cash is low. Then the camera moves to show mr. natural with in a chipmunk fur wig shop.Cant be arsed making a webm of it

>>131019726I fucking despise modern animation.

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>>131029740>modern animationThe movie IS modern animation, user.

I demand someone post that new pic by Dandi.

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>>131030090It is lewd?

>>131030149It is.

>>131018128Arent they brothers?


Would Dale be a good bf?

>>131031952Better than Chip

>>131032884Chip would be more stable I think

>>131031952Chip is for a relationship, Dale is for fun while Chip is away.


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Where I could find a bf similar to Chip?


>>131035957A forest

>>131036167There is no such an animal in my country

>>131029289I felt the same way. They could have ended the movie with one of them showing romantic interest and it wouldn't have been that out of place.


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>>131036695I hope this gets more attention to old Chip and Dale shorts.

>>131019213Only right answer is Chip

It helps I have a bottomless fetish.

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If only Disney+ could add more old shorts like Two Chips and a Miss and Chicken in the Rough. Dale is a super cutie.

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>>131030090Kemono hasn't updated since that post is very very recent, so at the latest expect that to show up in a monthThey have other RR art up though

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>>131039290But I want them now

>>131039265He really is>>131039290>They have other RR art up thoughDo you mind posting it, or is it lewd?

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>>131039314You can always pay to support them to get access now and use that to show you want more CnD content

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>>131039395Too cheap for that. Ive been waiting on other KP updates for much longer.

>>131020289I would totally watch him strip. altho it wouldnt be worth it for money considering he doesnt wear pants anyways. hes already half naked. I would pay to watch him jerkoff tho

>>131039805I'd pay to boop his nose

>>131020311what about dale? for some reason mods deleted this before in a C&D thread calling it "furry porn" when there is no porn going on. its just dale in an outfit. mods are haters of C&D. shrugs.

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>>131039821>>131039805Id pay for both.

>>131018128I have no idea why, but I managed to grow up in the 90s without ever giving a shit about Chip and Dale. Maybe its because we were too poor to afford the cable package with The Disney Channel?

>>131039856I grew up in the 90s without giving a shit about a lot of Western shows that I probably wouldve liked to have now. I got into anime instead pretty quickly, which turned to shit.

>>131039382Maybe tomorrow, I got stuff to do so I can't be digging folders.Some might be nsfw and I forget so that might be on an imgur

>>131040013I kinda doubt this thread will still be up tomorrow for one reason or another. Maybe no bumps, maybe random 404.

>>131040086Why do threads randomly 404 lately? There was a Chip thread that got deleted a few days ago for no good reason.


>>131039846At the same time?

>>131040314I've lurked here since last year but I've been posting here since this year. I just caught on when Turning Red came out tho.


Dale's OTP

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>>131040086Yeah but Munkfucker threads are frequent there will be one

>>131041774Alvin x Rescue Rangers crossover when


Chip and Dale are so popular in Japan.


why gadget married a fly ?

>>131044742Yes>>131045767Cute things with Comfy cartoons


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>>131046020imagine the poor asshole who had to design all those characters for just that ONE scene where they will never be seen again.

>>131045776She has a maggot birthing fetish

>>131044742They have good taste

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>>131018128>>131018137Why are so many Holla Forumsfags mad over this? It was always clear in the cartoon that Gadget liked Zipper.

>>131048513We are just talking about our favorite gay ship, Chip x Dale

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>>131048513Developmentally arrested manchildren are taking a cheap twist on nostalgia, a childhood hero never having gotten the girl he was "supposed" to, and making it all about them and projecting their own personal feelings about gadget into it

>>131048874Powerful deconstruction of manchildren.

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>>131050072I want Dale to cuddle with me.

>>131051213He's like 4 inches tall tho. Could cuddle your hand I guess

>>131051404Or his dick

This is a very cute thread indeed. It has brought me a lot of memories. I've seen this short in Youtube, that was one of my favourites in a Donald Duck VHS recopilatory I had, and still have. Nice cartoons, I love the old Disney.

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>>131052416same here

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