New Bluey short released today. Discuss.

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>>131012850bingo sama... I kneel

>>131012850She didn't wipe and she doesn't wear clothes. I really shouldn't think about the implications of this

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>>131012975I'm glad I'm not the only one who thought about this. Like, the toilet paper is right there, all you had to do was wipe, Bingo!

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>>131012975She was having a fucking wee, not a poo.

You guys deserve to get struck by lightning.

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>>131012850I love her little bark

>>131013261NGL, I thought she was barking for each turd squeezed out at first.

>>131013335It's quite cute. Very excited for more Bingo-centric episodes coming up, and hopefully her little bark as well!

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>>131013072>that filename

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>>131012850I want to fuck Bluey while Bandit watches and faps to it.

>>131013654Fag. You should be wanting Bandit to bury his bone in your ass like a straight man.

Cute video... but why is Bingo singing about men going to mow with their dog in a world where anthropomorphic dogs are the dominant species and there are no humans? Also, why does "PTA" have a frowny face beside it when Calypso, Mrs. Retriever, and the other parents seem like delights to be around?

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New teaser is out! Lines up with IMDB so far, just trying to sub + convert to webm right now.

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You know, I really should be more bothered by the fact that I just spent two minutes watching a cartoon dog go to the bathroom. Perhaps I've stared too long into the abyss.

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Oh to have a loving family like the heelers...

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I'm glad we confirmed in the last thread that Juno's breed is "piece of shit".

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>>131015253 My grandmother used to have one and honestly was it really nice .I don't know what the hell they got such a bad rep

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>>131014546>Perhaps I've stared too long into the abyss.You'll have stared too long into the abyss once you start looking at porn of these poor rectangle dogs. Until then, you're alright.>>131015253Get out of here, user. Juno (and her breed) are queens.

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>>131015429It's one of those breeds that if poorly trained are downright awful.

>>131015605>once you start looking at porn of these poor rectangle dogsI mean I’ve looked up porn of Chili (admittedly with the hope that it’s off model) and I’m not gonna watch this oneUnless you mean of the kids in which case I’d agree

>>131015605>Juno (and her breed) are queens.King

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>>131015682Eh, porn of Chilli's fine. If Bandit is a sex icon among aussie mums, then it just makes sense Chilli would be attractive to people as well. No point in getting with a 9 when you're a 10 yourself.>>131015754Judo gets too much hate, if she *is* spoiled, then I say she deserves to be.

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>>131016195Yeah I really like her... Although the weirdest thing I've seen online is her and Bluey being girlfriends. Is that normal?

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>>131016430>Is that normal?Dunno. Personally, I'm not a big fan. Rather Bluey get with Jean-Luc, and Judo get with me.Just kidding. I can see why people would like it, but it's just not for me.I hope you're not talking about the pics that eventually become porn.

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>>131015605>once you start looking at porn of these poor rectangle dogsCan’t even bring myself to search for that. The characters are too innocent and wholesome.

>>131016547Same here. Unfortunately, it has a habit of popping up in the most random places. Maybe I just care enough to notice now that I gave the show a chance.

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>>131016538>eventually become porn

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You're all autistic retards because you don't want to rock the wholesome boat by admitting you look at poptart dog porn but your insatiable autism won't let you not bring up the fact you do every 5 posts

>>131016757Hey I admitted itFrankly I’d rather the thread stay out of that angle too because it’s too likely to stray into the unforgivable region depending on who the target is (and I’m sure some might argue it’s already there even if it’s of the parents). Considering it does come up occasionally, I don’t think it’s out of line to have the>hey can we not go heretalk early

/r/ bluey and bingo "sfw" lewds. Also, what do you call a fortune cookie camel toe?

>>131014297Took a while, but I finally got the teaser subbed and into webm format. Enjoy!

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>>131016977What does this post even mean

>>131017262I’m guess related to the second spoiler in >>131016538 on the first point and if you don’t get the second point, I don’t want you to lose that innocence

>>131017262Just ignore it, user. Lest Bluey threads get sent to where no child's show recovers. Instead we can discuss the new teaser. >>131017105Looks like Brandy's confirmed to make an appearance with Bluey and Bingo wrapped up in onesies, which is quite nice. I wasn't sure if Brandy was going to be forgotten about after the play or not.

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>>131017436>no child's show recoversOh god no!

>>131013261You still wipe, do you not know how women work?

>>131014038Nobody likes going to meetings. Even with friends.

>>131014038Has Mrs. Retriever shown up in more than just Pass the Parcel? Been out of the loop for a bit

>>131017105You need to make better webms. Drop the resolution or lower the bitrate or something.

For me, it's Bluey + Mackenzie

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>>131016430> You look at illustrated kiddy porn. Caught in 4K. Paedo.

>>131013654I hope you always stay at least 1 mile away from a child.

>>131018707I am shocked and appalled from such accusations

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>>131018433Well she's not going to start dating Rusty, that's for sure.

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>>131018304It's my first time doing this kind of thing. I'll keep that in mind next time I try to make a webm.

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>>131019175Why does that outfit on remind me of the Popstar class from miitopia?

>>131019153What in the hell am I looking at

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>>131019478Funnily enough, that's exactly what the artist meant for it to be. Good catch.

>>131019543Fucking nice now I kind of wonde what everybody else will look like with the other classes

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>>131016195>Bandit is a sex icon among aussie mums

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>>131019594What classes would everyone be? I vote scientist for Bingo.>>131019599See >>130992872 Even Bandit's VA knows it.


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>>131019517S1E41: Mums and Dads, an early sign that Bluey will have issues as a teenager.

>>131019670>scientistYou sure? I thought the cleric would be better for her. But maybe for the hero class that would be Bandit and chili for the thief

>>131012850>Doesn't wipe>Has fur

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>>131019705>as a teenagerPoor Jean-Luc doesn't know whats coming. I would post the Saw parody poster, but I can't find it for the life of me.

>>131019905I beg your fucking pardon a what now????????

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>>131019806I associate her with being smart, but cleric works too since she's got an affinity for nature in general. So long as we can agree that Muffin would be Cat. Because of Cat Squad.

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>>131020007I agree with you one hundred percent. by the way that picture is adorable as. All get out

>>131019517A future roleplay fetish


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>>131020328Why would anybody post this? Anyways fucking make this??? Does somebody have a fucking hate boner for the show??????

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>>131020328I fucking love these parody posters.

>>131018783Why do you fuckers cannot differentiate drawings from real life?

>>131020397Pretty sure it's just a parody, mate. Since it's got Stripe and Pat in the same image, I assume it's for the episode Stumpfest.

>this threadfound where all the bronies went to now mlp is no longer cool

>>131020459Why can't you stop talking about how you want to fuck children?

>>131020461Yeah and the thing whoever fucking did this made it in poor fucking God damn it taste

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>>131020535Oh come on at least we have better class than those immature faggets on /mlp/ the horny cunts.

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>>131020091I love these side pictures put out by the official page every once in a while.

>>131020328Holy shit lmao

>>131020397>>131020562Don't the crew themselves make the parody posters? I'm pretty sure I've seen photos of them hung up on their office wall

>>131020822Yes, Holla Forumsmrades are just sensitive babies. See also: Gadget FLYED

>>131020855Bluey fans are being especially sensitive and weird lately. Don't know what's up with that but I don't like it.

>>131020855>Gadget FLYEDDo not bring that mess into here

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>>131020866It's people awkwardly trying to force a hugbox to make the threads as clean as the show while forgetting they're posting on the asshole of the internet

>>131020549Okay, you're a retard. Next.

>>131020910Well forgive us for trying to get a somewhat Safe Haven from all the bulshit on this website

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>>131021092That filename essentially sums up who took over these threads

>>131021092It’s not even so much about having a safe haven. I don’t mind the typical bullshit from this site. I don’t mind lewding the parents. I just don’t want to lewd the kids


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>>131012850So where's the cub porn?

>>131021206>I just don’t want to lewd the kidsFuck you.I WILL lewd them and you can't do anything about it.

>>131021426So long as you keep it to yourself, I wouldn't care if you shagged the corpse of Queen Elizabeth.

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>>131012850>and his dog wait....

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>>131021634That reaction pic needs a filename


One thing I always wondered about the show that they could possibly do maybe for some of the dogs from different countries they could try to do like a country specific accent? Idk

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>>131012975>She didn't wipeShe didn't even piss

>>131021426>>131020459>They don't know that U.S obscenity laws forbid all sexual depictions of minors as per 18 U.S.C. § 1466A

>>131022963>Imagine a Japanese Spitz, that isn't Queen Wendy, talking like

>>131017105Just to ask, what are the benefits of WEBMs over GIFs?

>>131019153"Baby loves his wankies!"

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>>131024905Fuck, I meant walkies.

>>131024987no you didn't user

>>131020866>being especially sensitive and weird lately.child abuse taskforces are monitoring this thread is why, and rightfully so.

>>131024837Well, usually, they'd have better quality. It's also nice to have a timebar. That's all I can really think of to be honest.

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>>131012850>The uploader has not made this video available in your countryWhy??? I'm Australian, why can't I watch an Australian cartoon???

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>>131017436>>131019570It still hasn't been ruled out that Brandy is child free.

>>131017436>>131026249It still has not been ruled out that Brandi has no children.

>>131024837Better quality, can be a lot longer, better quality-for-filesize. There is no upside to gifs at all anymore.

>>131020866They're afraid of Bluey threads getting shunted off to /trash/.

>>131024837open a gif and then open a webm and see it for yourself.webms can be better quality or be way less file size.just google webm for retards. and no i am not joking, i used it all the time

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>>131020328I love this shit who's got the one for Dad Baby?

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>>131024837Well, over on the *other* superior chan, it means you can have full video+audio without the filesize heft that it used to have.


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>>131012975>>131013153>>131013261>>131017578Remember in the "Teasing" episode she came out and asked Bandit to wipe her bottom, maybe she was going to do that.

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>>131029228Was it a #1 or a #2, Holla Forums?


>>131030219Well she's too young to yin heat, user.

I know this Probably sounds stupid as hell but honestly I kind of wonder what everybody would look like if they had the outfits from Persona 5

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>>131031118You're right, that sounds incredibly fucking stupid.

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>>131028830Here it is. The Bluey team sure knows how to make promo art for their stuff, that's for sure.

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>>131033020Is this supposed to be a parody of something? If so I have no idea

>>131033241Damn zoomers don't know shit about movies.

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>>131033692It was ahead of it's time, because now in 2022 men can get pregnant.

You know one thing I never understand is why would people are truly horny for the kids it's messed up if you ask me.

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>>131033020You got the one for Granddad? That shit made me laugh for a good minute straight.

Remember, this guy has a PhD in archaeology.

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>>131034739 You can get a PhD in that? Also captcha is drunk rppls

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>>131034739>Dad's job is to dig up bones>Mom's job is to sniff for drugs at airportIt's the little details of the show that make it.

>>131034505Here you are. I'm finding even more posters as I look through, like for Helicopter and See Saw and I'm busting up laughing.

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>>131034739Is Bandit an archeologist because he’s a dog and it’s tangentially related to digging?

>>131035017Oh no furry bait

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>>131034889What did you think “Doctor Indiana Jones” was a doctor in?

>>131035303>predator parody>furry baitDon't tell me, you are the same guy who didn't know Junior existed.

>>131034889He seems to be some hybrid of an archaeologist, a paleontologist, and the canine equivalent of an anthropologist.>>131035099thatsthejoke.jpg>>131034921>You are a jellybean doggo working at the airport on the rectangle pupper planet>Your duty day in and out is to smell all passengers and their luggage for suspicious scents>Your nose is sensitive enough to pick out five grams of cocaine in a plastic satchel buried in the luggage>But the pop tart dog criminals are native to this universe too.>They try all kinds of ways to throw you off.>They bury the drugs under mounds of sweaty gym laundry.>They spray the containers with mixed perfume and cologne fragrances.>They wrap it up in lukewarm lunch meat>IMAGINE

>>131035613>>They bury the drugs under mounds of sweaty gym laundry.>>They spray the containers with mixed perfume and cologne fragrances.>>They wrap it up in lukewarm lunch meatPlease for the name of Yahweh chakravartin Buda and God. Delete this

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>>131035793>as if the real world isn’t any less

>>131035613Do jellybean doggos look at Chili like we look at the intrusive X-ray scanners at the airport? Like is she constantly getting the same dumb>jeeze at least buy me dinner firstjoke from at least 5 dogs a day at the airport?Aren’t dogs smell oriented in the same way humans are sight oriented?

>>131019599He's got a big and beautiful personality and he's an excellent father figure. It's no wonder.

I hope we see them again soon

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>>131016757ok, ok, I looked up Frisky a few times but that's all

>>131035017Kek. I think its the eye shines, they remind me of the girls please face, which combined with the scene is fucking hilarious.

>>131036389Brumm teased the possibility of them having a baby, so maybe!

>>131028610Relax Chili dog. It was a short about that. I was really surprised it took that long

>>131036389Honestly yes probably one of the better pairings

>>131035017>machine gun shooting waterShit, I never noticed that before. Awesome.

>>131019876My dog doesn't wipe, but he doesn't use a toilet either.

>>131035017>LUDO STUIDO

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Once again I must ask for me to depraved your sanity and tell me your sins of the show by the way I'm high as fuck right now

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>>131039596>filenameThe shitposting will continue until morale improves. Very Australian.

>>131027010That is true! Isn't Brandy older than Chilli, too? Would be interesting to see older members of the family, since the Heelers we've seen so far are very young.

>>131038944Sometimes I wish I was a kid in the Bluey universe who's in a relationship with one of the Heeler kids or Judo. Sometimes I imagine a timeskip as well.

>>131040546That's understandable user. Especially with how crazy the world as we always have to find a place that we can find the joy

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>>131039596Vaguely reminds me of MM&O. Kinda uncomfortable, kinda funny. Who's the artist?

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>>131039596>>131040666Also like how the artist gave Bingo a nose strip. Nice touch.

>>131040647Thanks, user. Watching Bluey helps, to be honest. Honestly haven't found a show as comfy or as heartfelt as Bluey.

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>>131040686I like the title of the magazine

>>131026750Trying to funnel viewers to iView is my guess.

>>131039596Here's the original by the way, if anyone was wondering. Couldn't find the artist though.

Attached: bingos blueys and bmuffins.png (2731x3626, 2.91M)

>>131041383>if anyone was wonderingthey weren't

>>131041399Well, I was. Didn't even know the one before was an edit, so props for that.

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>>131038944I regret giving my friend the Megas for Bluey

>>131041553Why? What did your friend do?

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>>131036389Globohomo took this away from (You) IRL

>>131041383I did, for the threads actually, but the edit was more popular. As long as it spreads fun about the show

>>131042092Really? Choice art, user. Why did you give Bingo a nose strip (nice touch), and do you got any more Bluey art to share?


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>>131041553>I regret giving my friend the Megas for BlueyLet me guess, your friend either makes fun of you for being into a show for kindergarteners or he's really into it and your friendgroup makes fun of the both of you for being into a show for kindergarteners?Well hey, either way, you should show them your bluey OC. I know you have one. I know you've thought about it, at least once.I know everybody ITT has.

Do they just secretly record the kids playing for these shorts and then animate something around it? It always sounds so natural.

>>131042754He probably got his friend interested in cute and funny by accident


>>131043663No one thinks your "super secret" pedo talk is amusing.

>>131045129>pedo talkWhy do you come to these threads if all you do is accuse people of being pedophiles?

>>131045261Why do you constantly bring up the fact that you want to fuck children?

Mullet Bandit is best Bandit.

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>>131043042If I had to guess, they probably go through the normal process of having them record the song, but they only do one or two takes so they’re not well rehearsed.

>>131038944I own the giant 'My Size Bluey' plush and I spoon with it as I go to sleep every night imagining Bluey's my daughter.

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>>131046867Thats adorable, and depressing.

>>131045268You're pancaking hard, user

>>131038944I vacillate between wishing the show weren't as grounded and lacking magic so it could pander to my fetishes and being very thankful it doesn't.

>>131048616I can't tell if that is cringe or based

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>>131041553A..user why do you regret it is because he became horny for the characters or something worse..

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>>131046867My guy that is absolutely adorable

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I really, really want a theatrical Bluey movie. I wonder how they'd pull it off, carrying a plot worthy of an 80-110 minute production while still keeping the core values of the show intact.

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>>131049035Honestly same here that would be very incredible

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S1 was the only good season

>>131049035They could probably get away with making 4 or 5 smaller "movies" and stitch them together as a compendium.

>>131045632It was sweet that Bandit probably tried to keep a mullet to jog Chilli's memory of him on their youth, but instead played sacrificial goat(sheep) to let her ATTEMPT to rest. It was a while since last "Bandit suffers" episode

>>131045632should have kept it

Attached: Mullet.png (481x734, 401.8K)

>>131039596Shitty unfunny edit.

>>131042680Well there's this

Attached: 1638157104824.png (1590x1210, 440.26K)

>>131049464Why did I laugh at this

Attached: 767dea6f-a793-4f11-b6a4-78e18720362a.gif (350x233, 1.2M)

Thread is dead

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Attached: 1636589491352.gif (498x280, 1.71M)

>>131049035If they can make an hour long play, I'm sure they could figure out something for a movie. It would just be an uncut day at the Heeler residence, rather than just bits and pieces of a whole day as we see in the show. I'm sure the kids get into enough antics for that. Though, I think a movie would be best left as a Series finale, timeskipped to either when the kids are teens, or when they're having their own kids.

Attached: 63711.png (1200x1200, 409.63K)

>>131051839Ah yes, the play about weird hairless ape animals kidnapping Chilli and the girls in front of a helpless Bandit

Attached: 1638230238529.jpg (1192x610, 102.25K)

>>131051982What the hell is this play actually about, jesus fuck

>>131046867This is cringe as fuck>>131048163>>131048894And you two are cringe as fuck for encouraging it.

>>131052133It's a bunch of skits surrounding Bluey learning about Chili's estranged sister and Chili trying to reach out to her.

>>131051606I wish I were Bandit.