Bobs Burgers movie pulls $15mil on opening holiday weekend

>4 day sales - $15mil>budget - $60milONE NOTHING WRONG WITH ME

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>>131012692Forgot the

>>131012692L to the M to the A to the O

>>131012692>$60 mil budgetGenuinely what were they thinking? I don’t hate Bobs or anything but anyone should have been able to see that was an unattainable profit point

Just saw this, it’s actually a really well done movie even if you aren’t a fan of the show. It sucks that these numbers will continue to convince producers not to make movies like this

>>131012692Homer didn't need to die.

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did it feel like a season 1 movie or a season 10 movie?

>>131012743The problem with the movie is Bobs market presence has long since been tainted by how childish the show became. This might have been a major success half a decade ago

>>131012692maybe they should've advertised.

>>131012803They did, constantly. I have been bombarded with ads for it all of May. The problem is none of the ads actually told you anything

Can bob buger outsell morbo?

>>131012765Season 10. The critic reviews that it easily could have been a PG film with a few small changes were not exaggerating.

>>131012824I watch bob's burgers every weeknight and haven't seen a single ad for it. the only reason I discovered it was walking past the cineplex at the mall the other day.

>>131012692>Journalists are mad that top gun Maverick destroyed bob burger >Mad top gun still both pro American and openly anti-communism Why do people pretend to hate Tom cruise again?

>>131012831>opened at $39milThat’s a hell of a hill to climb after your first weekend.

>>131012856On Adult Swim? Because the ads were constant there

>>131012860>The Daily FailTop Gun is a massive critical hit. Nobody is mad about it crushing Bobs Burgers

>>131012692>$15mil in ONE weekendSo next week it’s up to $30mil PLUS whatever is pulled in during the weekdays. It’s on a clear path to success

>>131012831I bet it ends up making less worldwide than Teen Titans go

>>131012931This better be sarcasm

>>131012692This movie really should've came out 5 years ago

>>131012931Even if that’s how this worked, that’s 4 weeks to hit $60mil which is still a certified flop

>>131013038Honestly I thought it was supposed to. I remember hearing about it a long time ago



>>131012824Well for one, Disney waited UNTIL May to start pumping out plenty of promos; there was barely any advertising in the months prior, so a lot of people didn't even realize the movie was a thing till the very last second. Secondly, I think the ads being very vague was due to the film's story being so relatively small-scale. There wasn't exactly a lot of footage of the villain that could be shown without giving away the mystery entirely. Same for the Mole Hill location. After having seen the movie, I can understand why the ads were always so vague, but I still think Disney could've found other ways to build up hype without relying on footage from the actual thing. More cute, spoiler-free posters or bonus animation made exclusively for advertising would've done wonders. It was also a missed opportunity not to present "My Butt Has a Fever" across multiple theater chains and in front of more movies that released prior to Bob's Burgers, like The Bad Guys. This film's advertising was a mess.

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>>131013196This is the saddest looking world premiere.

>>131013196Where is the massive crowd of excited fans?

>>131013196Gene and Louise could be made into soijacks

>>131013196so it's another treasure planet scenario where disney sabotages their own product. got it.

i knew bob's bombed when there was no new porn of it

It came out years after people stopped caring.

>>131013410This is all I've seen. There's barely even been any SFW fan art of the movie. People must REALLY not like the Bob's Burgers art style, which is a shame since the movie looked fucking gorgeous.

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>>131013452Everyone already made all the BB porn they wanted by 2014.

I keep forgetting that the show is 11 years old.

>>131013440This. The movie was announced in late 2017, which was the absolute latest it should've released. The show's popularity has only dwindled more and more with each passing year. I'm glad these guys reviewed the film and championed for more people to go see it, but it says it all when neither of them recognized Grover or Chloe Barbash nor did they remember Tina's already kissed Jimmy Jr. multiple times throughout the series:

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>>131012840They unironically might has well have. I don't have cable but was this movie advertised on kids channels? It should have been. I know the simpsons movie was back in 2007.

>>131013477I miss Ehryel…

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>>131013551She kissed him on the first episode he ever appeared in back in 2011.

>>131013622Fucking this. Something must be wrong if you can't even remember "Sheesh! Cab, Bob." That's one of the more iconic episodes. That particular kiss at least should've rung a bell.

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>>131013598It was advertised alongside Rise of Gru, Paws of Fury, and Superpets in theaters when I saw Bad Guys

>>131013440just like the simpsons movie

I just want to say that the season finale was terrible. They have ruined Tina's character so much.

>>131013860They'll never stop the simpsons

>>131012739>Genuinely what were they thinking?Genuinely it's because of the voice actors. I know what you're thinking "No way is any of them worth that much", and normally you'd be 100 percent right. But the show's been on for 12 seasons now, they get a really heavy paycheck for the movie, like ludicrously heavy.It's the same reason the Simpsons movie cost 70 million, when the around the same amount of time in animation for something on the level of, say, Green Eggs and Ham was just 20 million. SAG contracts are pretty strong.

>>131013920I dunno, I thought the reveal that Tammy's trashy gossip segment stemmed from her own insecurities was kinda sweet. I also loved the simple yet effective resolution of Bob realizing that one troll won't stop people from realizing how god-tier his burgers really are. Didn't need to be a double-length story, but it was alright.

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It's fucking hilarious watching Grover's minor appearances in the show with full context on the character now. But even without the movie, the lawyer of Calvin & Felix Fischoeder is as nervous and on edge as you would expect. Wish we could've gotten more of him. David Wain's the best.

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>>131012831First movie to gross ten Bobillion dollars

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>>131013860That made lots of money though

>>131015901Burgerbros...we're finally home

>>131013196Basically this.Remember the marketing push for the Simpsons Movie? Where are the fast food toys? The t shirts?


>>131015361Calvin is amazingly written.He's not a cartoonish Captain Planet villain like Mr. Burns, but he's someone you can spend five minutes with and go, "Yup, this man has genuinely never had to worry about anything in his entire life."


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>>131012895probably FXX or some local station

damn shame for such a cute movieat least we got it

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>>131012692>epic hype trailer mainly consisted of the children either doing obnoxious things (bass drop as tina yells "son of a butt") or are part of a fantasy sequence like Gene's alien thingThis is why the plot should've have been so simple. They weren't able to promote anything worth a ticket.

My dad, sister and I were thinking about going to see it when it hits the cheaper theater near us that plays movies around a month after release.Then we found out that it's just going to be on Disney in a month

>>131016073Yeah FFX aired ones with the cast promoting it,at least i wasn't' the only one in the theater.

>>131016228Basically how I feel. I'm just glad we got the movie, let alone it was good.

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>>131016228>>131016594Dusney cancelled the theatrical Family Guy and American Dad movies, so yeahIn this case just existing is a triumph.Which, in a way, is a very Bob message.

>>131016648>Dusney cancelled the theatrical Family Guy and American Dad moviessauce? i never heard about this

>>131017113No source. Literally just a rumour people keep latching onto. >>131013551>they think Rick and Morty's gonna be the next hit cartoon to get a theatrical film It's possible, but I still don't see it happening. The show is already so high-stakes and cinematic on even a regular episode. Plus it already takes forever for the regular series to be produced. How can I expect the same team to put together a whole movie in a reasonable amount of time? Family Guy's gotta be the next one. I'm sure Disney and 20th Century would be open to it so long as the current writers express interest in pursuing such a project and have an actual movie premise to pitch.

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>>131017113They were announced shortly aftrr the Simpsons Movie hit it big.Then never heard from again.

>>131017180I'm surprised R&M haven't made a movie yet. considering WB shoved them in Space Jam I'm sure WB wants it and know it would be big.

In case you missed out on kino:

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>>131017180Literally how the fuck could you make a Family Guy movieHow could there be stakes

Shame it flipped. Feel kinda bad about seeing morbius for the 10th time instead of this

>>131017180>It's possible, but I still don't see it happening. The show is already so high-stakes and cinematic on even a regular episode. Plus it already takes forever for the regular series to be produced. How can I expect the same team to put together a whole movie in a reasonable amount of time?They still got to get working on episodes for the upcoming years, they could have the A-team to focus on working on a concept for film, and while the B-team will finish up producing the episodes, then again, the show isn't as popular as it used to be since they shat the bed once S3 came about. I mean, it might have a chance, but it's far too complicated to picture it

>>131017305is this another forced meme created by marketeers?

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Manual reminder that there is no credible source that the Bob's Burgers movie cost $60 million to make. They've not reported what the budget of the movie was. The only source for this figure is the site Filmik, which often just makes shit up.

>>131017290Johnny and Tariq had a pretty good pitch: >>131013551 >Another "Road to" adventure, with the rest of the family desperately trying to find Stewie Seems like Stewie Griffin: The Untold Story kind of followed a similar setup, so making Stewie the emotional core could work. The show is so outlandish that literally ANY premise could work. One can also look to the plot of that first console game from the early 2000s. The fact the writers can still come up with episode concepts that keep the series relevant even today means they've gotta be creative enough to craft a feature-length story that could work. It's gotta happen someday.

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>>131012743They should have just been honest with themselves and put it on Disney Plus. This movie was never going to do well in theaters, even before Covid.

>>131017180Chain 4 episodes together like Futurama did. Of course Futurama will have done it better, like everything else on Ricky Martin.

any interesting costumes in the movie?

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>>131013860The Simpsons was at least a cultural phenomenon that would have pulled numbers regardless of when they made their movie, even if they made it now.

>>131017498Just the burger suit I guess. It's nice to get Linda's bare legs, but I would've rather seen her ass.

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>>131012692this is because it is not animated on ones!

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>>131017449Likely a contract issue and they didn't want to get Scarlet Johansen'd again; as the cast of Bob's is much more beloved.

>>131017598Itty Bitty Diddy Comitee's outfits

>>131017277I saw only the segment with the song in it and thought that alone worked enough for a short. I don't know if we needed that setup from before, but Rudy and Bob's "heart attack" gave me a laugh.It's gonna be hard to see the show return to tv limited animation after this and the movie.

>>131016648>Dusney cancelled the theatrical Family Guy and American Dad moviesSource?

>Bob's BurgersIt's time for a new breed to step up. Bob's Burgers stopped being good 10 seasons ago. Reject Bob and his greasy family, embrace therapy animals.

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>>131017901That show is not even good, the same said for The Great North

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>>131017967Thoughts on Duncanville?

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>>131017833The source is we haven't heard about them since their initial announcement and it's been five friggin years>>131017402I'm not trying to cut you down man, but Family Guy is a gag show. I can't name any plots past season 3 that weren't embarrassing awardbait or horrible. Plot in Family Guy is a loose excuse to hang unrelated gags on

>>131018207>blonde hair>black eyebrowsInto the trash plus Amy Poulter isn't funny.

>>131018207It's rather tame to me, some of the characters is alright.

>>131015933>Where are the fast food toysDo they even still do those? I guess they're not advertised as heavily in NYC. The few times I've been to a McDonalds lately I've noticed sloppy drunk people being super belligerent and restrooms that are always out of order, but never any advertising for happy meal toys. It also just might be out of my purview these days.

>>131017180R&M will probably get a movie but on a smaller budget similar to the current AS animated movies ATHF, Metalocalypse, and Venture Bros that are coming out. The only difference is that it may get a theatrical release.

>>131016228Ay we dont tolerate no monkey business around here

>>131018207Yeah we need the Duncanville movie where they put a dome over the town and we get to see her climb it from every angle

I went and saw this without ever having watched an episode of the show. Pretty enjoyable and had some really good one liners. But I thought the songwriting was TERRIBLE. I absolutely love musicals, but this would have been better without any musical numbers. I also thought they didn't really know how to write a straight man, and instead of enhancing any jokes, the older daughter just ruins the humor whenever they gave her a line. It's also jarring that they just had an adult man voicing a teenage girl with his natural voice, when basically everyone else is using a character voice. Not sure why they did that.What did you guys think?

>>131019230>the musical numbers suckedKEK.

>>131019230The original character was actually a teenage male in the pilot which they switched to a female for the actual show and kept the same actor. I could see how it might be jarring but I don't even notice it anymore (like I don't notice that Linda's voice is also done by a male). Original

Why did they skimp on the songs? With all the music they shove into the average episode of the show you'd think they'd add more to the full on musical movie than just two and a half actual songs and a credits song.

>>131013196I'm going to take the Tina and no one is going to stop me.

>>131013452>Stavros and Nick Mullen

>>131013064It has been in production hell for a while. You can tell how long the movie took to make by the amount of "production babies" listed in the credits.

>>131019533>not taking the teddy

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>>131012692>60 million for garbage animation like thatokay, this is 100% money laundering

>>131019533Why would I stop you? I'll have my hands full with the Linda.

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>>131019642>money laundering-___-

>>131019675If I see you taking a cardboard burger home I would stop you at least for a minute to ask what exactly you plan to do with it.

So it was "Too little, too late"? Basically what everyone guessed it would be.

>>131019642do you have any idea what money laundering is and how it works?

>>131019713you know full well I'm going to fuck it

>>131014605>>131013920It absolutely did not need to be a two parter and the sub plot was pointless. And quite frankly I don't think the writers ever saw Blade Runner so it failed as a parody too.

>>131019675is this an edit

>>131019642>Garbage animationWhy is there this meme that the movie has bad animations? Did the shadows really piss people off that much?

the scene where the skeleton kept falling on louise and its teeth fell in her mouth, and grover running through the tunnels were actually pretty unnerving

>>131012692USA or worldwide?

>>131020088>>131019642>Did the shadows really piss people off that much?I'm with you. Shadows are legit kind of a pain in the ass to animate and take some skill to do well. I think when people talk about "garbage animation" on /co they usually mean they don't like the character design or the story because they're closet normies. Bear in mind, this guy also seems to think that making a feature length 2d frame by frame animated movie is a swell way to launder money.

>>131012692went into the theatre with a bunch of mcdonalds hamburgers and started throwing them everywhere


>>131019675I'd rather storm Bento Box for a full-figure Linda standee. That burger suit isn't enough for me.

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>>131013452I love posduroo's art, but he'd probably hate the fact that someone on 4chan likes his art. Most likely, he doesn't care.

>>131022088>but he'd probably hate the fact that someone on 4chan likes his art What makes you say that? The guy just chills and posts lewds of the most unexpected male cartoon characters.

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>>131013604Bob's Burgers would attract way more customers if special employee uniforms were enforced

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>>131019542hell yeah, dude.

>>131017277Holy DubsI'm sold on watching this, gonna see it this weekend.

>>131017180>Family Guy's gotta be the next oneBasically have done it with two-parter episodes.

>>131017277When's the song getting added to Spotify?

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>>131013860aside from the obvious of the simpsons movie being a cultural behemoth, the movie itself was also way way better than it had any right to be.I dont' think it would have been as successful if they had come out with movie on the same tier as this bobs burgers movie.not saying the bobs burgers movie is bad but it's just really nothing too special.

>>131015361honestly grover saved the movie for me, it would have been so much better if he had had a much bigger roll throughout the whole film instead of at the end. david wain absolutely killed it.

>>131018714good one user

>>131012692>ONE NOTHING WRONG WITH MEthe fuck does that mean

Where the fuck is the camrip

>>131023979Walk down the hall, take a left, and it should be the second one on the right.

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>>131024014Why doesn't he just have sex with Courtney?

>>131012860If we get into a sanction war with China will we even harm them? Most of our shit is made by China, we'd have shortages in everything and inflation would skyrocket.


>>131013290>>131013196Also the actual list of available theaters wasn't available until like a day before the release. I looked up where it would be showing the weekend prior and the closest theater was 90 minutes away (I live in the country but it wasn't even listed as screening in the top 20 metropolis 40 minutes away).I didn't find out it was actually available locally until I passed the area theater running errands.

>>131024086>China>almost exclusively manufactures>would people cutting off their food and raw resources hurt themYes. We'd feel it first but they'd feel it harder. You can build industry you can't manifest gas/ore/rich soil.It won't happen though. People are too pussy to pull the trigger.

>>131012692It deserves its fate. I stayed on with the series until last season or so when the other Burger shows came out and just showed me the trash humour and writing this time without the veneer of nostalgia or a proper gimmick. Great North and Central Park are like seeing into Bob's soul and I don't like what's in there. I simply cannot give the writing the benefit of the doubt anymore or fool myself into expecting things to pick up at any point.

>>131012692>Release a tiny animated comedy film the same weekend as a fucking Tom Cruise action filmthe fuck were they thinking?

>>131024205It got delayed so much they probably got blindsided by Top Gun. This isn't a Guardians of Gahoole scenario where it purposefully got dropped against goddamn Deathly Hallows

>>131024170So you haven't even given the Bob's movie a try? You're not even a little hopeful that the team might've been more ambitious with the storytelling and jokes for such a huge cinematic project compared to just two more TV shows?

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>>131024437I wouldn't be opposed to the film if/when it pops up where I stream shit. In the spirit of being a good sport I will say there were several Central Park songs I did enjoy very much. The story and characters weren't compelling though. I will say busker Teddy was an improvement on the current Teddy archetype. Gene 2.0 is really, really bad. Puffs is so generic as to fade into the background. Her only real personality is liking someone so basically she's Tina 2.0 with Louise's design. The mother and father are forgettable. If that dad wasn't shit on for being such a loser and he was just allowed to be one I wouldn't be so down on him. I'd also like him better if his songs were better. The mother is just quirky Yas queen.Bitsy is generic but I like her dynamic with the shrew caretaker. They overplay it at times but it's not bad.That said, as critical as I am of this cast they DO have dynamics of varying qualities and a constant interplay throughout the narrative. There are episodic plots, B plots and a general theme/narrative pushing things forward. It is competently constructed at least. The Great North is some next level surrealist shit. I cannot fathom how it's been allowed to exist.


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>>131023770God I'm getting old.

>>131013410Maybe it's time for another Bob's Burger live action porn parody to be made.

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>>131024578>The mother and father are forgettable. If that dad wasn't shit on for being such a loser and he was just allowed to be one I wouldn't be so down on him. I'd also like him better if his songs were better. Molly and Cole are boring as hell, but your opinions on the parents is where we disagree. I don't recall Owen getting shit on by anyone other than Bitsy. He honestly gets more wins and ultimately more to do than even Bob Belcher these days. His songs also tend to be some of the show's best. Not sure if you're the same user who hates rap becoming more common in musicals, but even then, Leslie Odom, Jr. still gets a healthy balance of both raps and legit opportunities to put his singing to work. "Hellfish," "Follow Through," and "Die Trying" are fucking god-tier. As for Paige, her quirky jokes really are hit-or-miss, but I do like her character. She's like a more ambitious Linda, with all the silly mom-ness still intact. Really, the jokes in general are where Central Park struggles a bit. I rarely come out of an episode having laughed very much. The cute, mundane stories and music are what I'm really coming back for each season. >The Great North is some next level surrealist shit. I cannot fathom how it's been allowed to exist. Kek, best review I've seen yet. Genuinely can't believe a whole team of people are making such a wet blanket of a show, let alone one backed by a whole TV network. Three seasons is just ridiculous. It has to get knocked off the Animation Domination block, and FAST.

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>>131013228Did you not see the Teachers Pet world premiere?

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>>131015901Morbius made alot of money.

>>131024813If Stephanie Beatriz isn't playing Linda, then I don't want it. Show me a porn star that comes even CLOSE to matching Linda's milfy appearance and energy.

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>>131024926good lord

Who the hell thought Bob's Burgers could carry a movie in the first place? It could have just been a handful of connected episodes.

>>131025336>Who the hell thought Bob's Burgers could carry a movie in the first place? Honestly no one. As a huge fan myself, I asked these questions every day since the movie was first announced back in 2017. How do you make a mundane show with mostly real-world logic suddenly have a much bigger scale? How do you make fucking BOB'S BURGERS look feature-quality? Why is Bob's Burgers of all shows getting a movie, especially after it already peaked in popularity years ago? Still, Loren and his team proved us wrong. They made a damn good movie that doesn't deserve to underperform in theaters. I say they were justified in making this a theatrical film.

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>>131025519I loved it, that's why I'm mad the entire conception was a mismanaged mistake. If it were regular episodes, probably a longer little arc than usual, the only real difference would be it would lack the "shading" line every Cartoon: The Movie has a la that Peter Griffin meme.

>>131017290>>131017402The Star Wars episodes were the Family Guy movies in my heart and mind

>>131012692/co/ has the weirdest relationship with bob's burgers

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>>131025624Whatever do you mean?

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>>131012692I'm surprised it made more than 5 mil desu

>>131013860It's always funny to me when Bob's Burgers fans think their show has the same cultural impact as the motherfucking Simpsons. How delusional, probably just as delusional as the guys who thought making a Bob's Burgers movie would've been a good idea.

>>131028665Sounds like someone is just bitter.

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>>131013410Give it a week.

>>131028979bro it's almost been a week.

>>131029008Yeah I know but it hasn't been fully a week just yet.

Louise x Logan

>>131029261Even if there wasn't the age gap, Logan is a mean-spirited bully. Not just to Louise but to girls in general. But there is that age gap, and anyone who thinks Logan is a good match for Louise probably believes that phrase "If he's mean to you, that means he likes you!" No, it means he's a bully.He goes out of his way to torment Louise, a child much younger and smaller than him, when he takes her ears and when he's working at the restaurant.He likes to bully children and anyone who he thinks is weaker than him, but when they fight back he's a coward and still won't own up to his actions. And in the snowball episode, Louise didn't protect him from being blasted with snowballs and give him a chance to get away because she likes him, she did it because she's the better person and saw him for how pathetic he is.He's the worst. Just because Gene made a quip about them getting married someday doesn't mean that he, or the writers, actually thinks they should get together. Gene always blurts out random things, and often refers to pop culture so he's more likely referencing the "enemies to lovers" trope that's prevalent in romantic comedies (especially the ones from the 90s-2000s) than anything.

i remember going to the movie theater with my old boomer dad to see the batman and a preview for the bob’s burger movie came on and i thought it looked really nicely done but he said “who the hell would wanna see THAT” and i wonder if that’s the overall boomer response

>>131029436Oh no not the baby boomer demographic.

>>131029605well he’s in his 40s so more like gen x but he acts like a fucking boomer so im assuming all older people late 30s and up

>>131029633Anecdotally speaking my dad doesn't see the appeal of the show but my mom loves it.

>>131029374He’s a bully who specially targets WOMEN. We see that in the sledding episode. He honestly strikes me as incredibly misogynistic (especially considering the “manitary napkin” nickname) which is why I have a problem with people romanticizing their dynamic.

this was obviously going to happen when Disney scheduled it for the same weekend as Top Gun and Obi-Wan.

>>131024926That's tragic. Teacher's Pet was a funny and cute little show too. I actually have fond memories watching it as a kid. Didn't see the movie in theaters mainly due to lack of money but I remember getting a bootleg of it though.

>>131012739>>131012692It will probably earn a ton of money on the international market. This shitty cartoon is syndicated all over the world. There has to be some 3rd world shithole that actually likes it.

>>131030066AND Stranger Things, the show that could singlehandedly pull Netflix out of the trenches. Memorial Day weekend may have been the most relevant time to release The Bob's Burgers Movie seeing as it canonically takes place at the start of summer, but pitting an already niche & past-its-prime adult cartoon against massive established franchises was never gonna end well. Disney was evil for this. They could've chosen a different date for Obi-Wan, and they DEFINITELY could've given Bob's Burgers better advertising.

Attached: Cara Buono Stranger Things 3.webm (1920x960, 2.79M)

>>131016648>Dusney cancelled the theatrical Family Guy and American Dad moviesProbably for the best. MacFarlane needed to be told no for at least some of his bad ideas.

>>131030251Not to mention that Stranger Things itself is already well past it's prime.

>>131024813>The porn parody of "The Room" is called "The Bed Room"What a time to be alive anons.

>>131015615>>131024742Linda's birthing hips are a thing of beauty~

Attached: laundry.png (434x1031, 277.4K)

>>131013196Haven’t seen it but yeah those ads look pretty manipulative. Anyone who’s seen the show knows how common day dream sequences are and it’s obvious they plucked out a few to show in the trailer.

>>131012692Has there been a leak for this yet?

Attached: bouchard burger.jpg (1361x2048, 498.5K)

Attached: family__zeke_x_tina__by_dorkydisaster_deflr5k-fullview.jpg (1280x1165, 129.06K)

Zeke's the star of the show. Whenever Zeke's not on screen, all the other characters should be asking, "Where's Zeke?"

Attached: Zeke.jpg (1280x720, 222.73K)

>>131030339Season 4 was the best season tho

>>131030339Yeah, it shouldn't be mentioned since the latest season is being hailed as the best one since S1. Stranger Things is currently the biggest show airing at the moment, so I'm not sure how you could claim it's past its prime.

Attached: winona-ryder-ftr.jpg (1240x775, 100.17K)

Does the Bob's Burgers movie having a big box office even matter?It's not like the show's gonna get canceled >Oh no, but what about The Simpsons Movie 2 and Family GuyOh my, zombie Simpsons and Family Guy never movies, how tragic. >But muh western 2D movies in theatersLet's call this spade for what it is, that was never going to fucking happen no matter how well this movie did. And even if by some miracle the Bob's Burgers movie managed to do gangbusters, suits aren't going to see that as a sign 2D is profitable, they're going to use it to greenlit more animated sitcom movies at best.

Attached: 1633047691371.png (553x876, 468.87K)

>>131018207Dunkino movie when?

Attached: 1652474123030.png (800x1000, 122.63K)

>>131033431The only user with any sense in these threads. Thank you for telling it like it is. The Bob's Burgers Movie's box office performance will have no effect on the series at large. And even if it by some miracle DID encourage American studios to produce more 2D features (it won't), we wouldn't see the effects of this for at least another 5+ years anyway. Spider-Verse vibes are still what every major studio is aiming for at the moment.

Attached: Molly eyebrows.webm (820x874, 104.04K)

>>131033431>>131033655The Bob's burger movie existed to get critically praised and in that sense it succeeded.

>>131012692>60 million dollar budget

>>131033988Basically this. All it really needed to do was be a solid animated film that represents the franchise's strengths, and it did just that. I couldn't care less if it grosses a lot of money or even gets nominated for an Oscar. I liked the movie and have a newfound appreciation for the series. Hopefully Season 13 carry on some of that spirit.

Attached: Ruben Hickman.jpg (1080x899, 273.4K)

>>131012739It's even better because there was zero advertising for this shit. Where did the money go?It sure as fuck wasn't the animation.

>>131034090Bruh you'd be lucky if season 13 wasn't canceled after this

>>131034201>It sure as fuck wasn't the animation. Did you not watch the movie? You sure you're not just shutting on the character designs like you guys always do? The actual animation was gorgeous.

Attached: 1649176381826.jpg (2048x858, 392.1K)


Attached: SAND.jpg (1280x720, 39.39K)

>>131012860>>Journalists are mad that top gun Maverick destroyed bob burgerwhat are you talking about

>>131017277damn the animation is real smooth

>>131034201Alec, Shut up

>>131024926How the fuck does Shawn Wallace look 20 years older in that photo than he does now?

>>131024086it would hurt for the west sure, but china would completely and utterly collapse.

>>131018986>>131033632>the Duncanville movieThe show is 2 years old and on its' third season, that's too early to think about the theatrical movie. Give the show enough time to grow the beard.

Attached: skeptical Jing.png (1920x1090, 611.33K)

>>131034286The overuse of shadows unironically triggered a lot of people. They should have done a different approach for the designs like pic rel

Attached: Screenshotter--YouTube--1’05” (1).jpg (1920x1080, 1.13M)

>>131034264Even so the movie is a great send off

>>131035885>Give the show enough time to grow the beard. Assuming it's even given that opportunity and not knocked outta the way so The Great North can continue getting renewed for god knows why. I'm actually offended that Duncanville had to get the dreaded 7:30/6:30c slot on Sunday nights.

Attached: 1452660295845.jpg (601x508, 31.38K)

>>131012692Just got back from the theatre and honestly i thoroughly enjoyed it, I think my only complaint was Hader not voicing Mickey

>>131036253Speakin' of which. I started Barry the other day, and what the fuck. This might be my new favourite show

Attached: nun.jpg (1920x1080, 207.2K)

>>131013951Have no feeears, we’ve got stories for yeeears

So where’s the mega?

>>131036430You get nothing Jon Cocaine!

>>131036430At the Megaplex.

Attached: movie theater.jpg (4800x2700, 2.71M)

>>131036311It really is such a great show

Family Guy is better.


>>131012856>>131013196>so a lot of people didn't even realize the movie was a thing till the very last secondThis, I'm on my phone for hours a day and I didn't see shit until April, with the number of ads increasing in May.

>>131036813Marketing really fucked up, hell they didn’t even make a kids meal toy for a burger chain, that would’ve been such an easy way to promote it

>>131012692this show was never popular

>>131037349It was kinda popular back at the start of the 2010s. Not enough to earn itself a movie, mind you, but still popular enough.

Attached: SDCC 2014 panel.jpg (1280x364, 123.98K)

>>131025607Oh god I fear the day they start parodying the prequel trilogy

So... Duncanville movie? That or HouseBroken or The Great North. Which one do you realistically see being adapted within the next five-ish years? Also will Famy Guy ever get a movie?

Attached: EWvJIo7XsAAQEU2.jpg (3840x2160, 2.91M)

Good movie.

>>131037636Duncanville is the only one of the three that is actually enjoyable but I honestly just can’t see what the movie could even be about


Attached: Eustace sweat animated.gif (314x232, 1.15M)

>>131034201THere's been ads all over NYC. They painted a fucking subway with it

why is this board full of contrarian fucking retards celebrating a rare 2D-animated film flopping? We should be sad, not fucking laughing about it. And why is everyone shitting on Bob's Burgers so much?

>>131030204You haven't seen how much it earned in foreign sales, have you? It isn't good.

>>131039542There are a couple of reasons why I don't like this show.The character design is ugly.I don't like how Bob keeps insisting on doing burgers his own way when he's supposed to provide for his family, to hell with his pride when you could earn money and ensure that the family is financially stable.The final reason is that I can't stand when female characters are voiced by guys.


>>131012692Nobody wants to watch an hour and a half of current year Bob's Burgers in public

>>131018207The daughter is hot but only because braces are my fetish

>>131018207pretty good! The fortnite episode kind of sucked but it's been a solid season aside from that

>>131040551okay.... thoughts on braceface?

>>131017498You call that doing the thing?

Attached: Different outfit for the movie.png (156x277, 75.28K)

Drinks, from the BB movie

Attached: FUOKmjwUsAEdh59.jpg (1764x1192, 308.49K)

Attached: dGUsC9Xw.png (580x720, 139.21K)

>>131030066wtf, Top Gun and Obi-Wan?>>131034286>>131012692I thought the 60m meant 60 thousandThank God Disney took the punishment and renting movie rooms will extract a bit extra from them, love Bob

>>131042188For me, it's Isabella Kitchen Substitute.

Attached: Bob's Burgers S07E09 1080p Amazon WEB-DL DD+ 5.1 x264-TrollHD.mkv_snapshot_18.03_[2022.06.02_02.09.21].png (1920x1080, 1.52M)

Louise has plenty of soul.

Attached: Bobs.Burgers.S12E17.The.Spider.House.Rules.1080p.HULU.WEB-DL.DDP5.1.H.264-NTb.mkv_snapshot_16.46_[2022.04.11_09.39.44].png (1920x1080, 1.2M)


Attached: Devin Roth.jpg (3840x2194, 2.11M)

Attached: adadverse.jpg (2560x1280, 2.36M)

>>131033431>Does the Bob's Burgers movie having a big box office even matter?Then why release it in theaters to begin with? It should have went straight to streaming to recoup any loses and the fact that Disney decided to put his out to theaters instead of Turning Red means they had some confidence in it. >It's not like the show's gonna get canceledUnlike the Simpsons and Family Guy Bob's Burgers makes no money on merchandise or international streaming and the movie would have been its last shot at relevancy but it came and went like a wet fart.

>>131017277saw this posted in a thread a couple of days ago and then went and saw the movie today! the animation was great and the movie was very cute

>>131037349Compared to the Simpsons mania in the 90s and the Family Guy mania in the 00s it sure as fuck does not compare but it definitely had a peak in 2015-2016 before completely petering out into totally irrelevancy after. I think FOX keeps it alive because its literally the only award bait show they have left because I don't think it garners any actual revenue.

>>131019683>>131019969>make shitty movie for 6M>hey govb, this movie cost 60M!It's moneylaundering

>>131019542Bobs Buttgers

>>131039542For as shitty and lazy shows like Family Guy and Rick and Morty have become there's at least an attempt at humor in them whereas with Bobs Burgers they don't even try to be funny and just coast off being quirky and inoffensive and this makes the show comforting to its audience of middle age lesbians.

>anons shitting on Bob's Burgers nowThis place is unsalvageable

Attached: HankDisgustedSigh.jpg (500x375, 59.25K)

>>131044161The movie is getting a lot of press so your doomer mentality is outright stupid.

Something that caught me off guard in the trailer was the burger icon sign on Bob's place. I always saw the sign from the side in the show but I don't know how many times (or even the last time it happened) that we saw the actual look of it.

>>131036813it wasn't even listed for booking in any of the cinemas near me until like 3 days before premiere

>>131034090Are there comparisons like this for other cartoons with movies?

>>131034286>gorgeousIt's still puppet animation with little in the way of unique acting.

>>131045735Nigger are you serious? The dance choreography was really fucking good.

>>131045829Just the kids bopping along to school was a treat.

>>131045829Someone better get a glass of water for my butt

>>131045735What are you talking about the scene with the kids sneaking past the restaurants back door even showcases that the characters move individually and fluidly

>>131044380/co/-contrarians. I heavily criticize the later seasons of Bob's Burgers, believing that in it's own it's having it's zombie's seasons but even I like the movie.

>>131016487is this true? because if so that's a big get for the series.

>>131012739I agree. Even rerun to fill tv spots or fill the streaming library is not that much worth!

>>131041691if nothing else this movie has helped raise Chloe Barbash awareness to the general public.

>>131017277>Louise shaking her buttwhew lad

>>131044380As much as I love the show, it's lost some edge, and suffered from flanderization over the years. Every time I realize an episode is going to be the seasons obligatory story anthology episode I am disappointed. That said I will continue watching the show, and I went to see the movie with friends (Instead of pirating it like I do prettymuch everything).

>>131044380Where have you been? The series has never been a golden child here

>>131046554yeah it was, you need to fuck off with this historical revisionism.

>>131046575No it wasn't. Everyone bails when it's on Sundays

>>131046575>revisionism It was always the least popular of the Sunday lineup after American Dad left

>>131046612>>131046623I call bullshit on you guys. bob's burgers was a popular and well liked show.

>>131046655>bob's burgers was a popular and well liked show.>flimsy floppedOkay


>>131046678>>131046683your argument that the box office is the only thing that can measure popularity is pretty flimsy user.I come from a generation who still has memory span that can last more then 5 years and I can tell you right now Bob's burger was a popular and well liked show.

>>131034201And it's about food, they've could have partnered up with wayback burgers or other mainstream food joins to promo the movie. I believe the PR are just sleeping in the office at this point.

Attached: 68747470733a2f2f73332e616d617a6f6e6177732e636f6d2f776174747061642d6d656469612d736572766963652f53746f7279496d6167652f4357433835625746466554654b673d3d2d3930373438303936362e3136316137336137353061616238376435.jpg (1710x1920, 257.95K)

>>131046747>your argument that the box office is the only thing that can measure popularity is pretty flimsy anonThe Simpsons movie still made Bank long after its peak in popularity and relevance >and I can tell you right now Bob's burger was a popular and well liked show.Why did the film flop then?


>>131046678It hasn’t flopped though, it’s still doing pretty well box office wise especially considering the films it’s up against and with next to no marketing

>>131047139>it’s still doing pretty well box office wiseIs this the new cope?

>>131047139>doing well>15 million on a 60 million budget

>>131047021>Why did the film flop then? Poor marketing; competition with more highly anticipated premieres like Stranger Things, Obi-Wan, and The Owl House; show hasn't been relevant in years. Just because Bob's Burgers's peak popularity didn't come close to Simpsons-mania, doesn't mean it was never popular at one point in its earlier years. Why else would it have 12+ seasons, two music albums, a cook book, a Monopoly game, and not one but TWO spiritual successors airing alongside it?

Attached: bob central north.png (672x1184, 1.02M)

>>131047196>competitionIt was one of two major releases that week and still lost to a holdover from 5 weeks ago. >Stranger Things, Obi-Wan, and The Owl HouseThese weren't theatrical releases. Hell nobody gives a shit about TOH. >>>131047196>Why else would it have 12+ seasons, two music albums, a cook book, a Monopoly game, and not one but TWO spiritual successors airing alongside it?You are grasping for straws hard especially given Central Park and TGN are found terribly

>>131012840>The critic reviews that it easily could have been a PG film with a few small changes were not exaggerating.Shame. A Rated-R Bobs Burger movie could've been fucking hilarious if they leaned into it. Oh well, show has been going downhill since season 3 anyway

>>131047196>the owl house>competitionLmao

>>131047016Regular sized son in law

>>131047289>Hell nobody gives a shit about TOH. Ah, so we're just making up lies then? >You are grasping for straws hard especially given Central Park and TGN are found terribly We're not talking about quality or critical acclaim here. The fact both shows even exist is a testament to how successful Bob's Burgers was to some degree. Central Park and The Great North just unfortunately came way too late to make any kind of impact. The writers on all three Loren Bouchard shows lost their touch years ago, therefore resulting in a lack of demand for more stuff like Bob's Burgers THESE DAYS. I'm sure more people would've been excited had either of the newer series started back in, say, 2015 or something.

Attached: Torionion.jpg (1000x1500, 600.18K)

>>131044380I like the show but it’s definitely been stretched longer than the writers capabilities for good comedy. The movie was good though, so I dunno why people are bitching about that

gee, Jimmy Pesto's movie made $100m

>>131047404>Ah, so we're just making up lies then? It aint a lie, schizos on twitter don’t count as popularity when the ratings on TV and Disney+ are poor. It got cancelled for a reason, and it wasn’t just 1 salty exec, it didn’t make its money back. Even the last season of Bob beats owlshit on ratings even at its least popular.

>>131047359Bob's Burgers didn't start "going downhill" until Season 8 or so. And I'd still argue that even putting aside the softened, more family-friendly vibe of the later seasons, only Seasons 10 and 11 were actually any bad.

Attached: Linda's massive fucking tits.png (1920x1080, 2.15M)

>>131047423I've seen more arguments over the film's box office performance than I've seen of any actual discussion of the film itself. Seems most everyone enjoyed it actually.

Attached: brush brush brush.png (1920x1080, 803.38K)

>>131047139NO marketing. NO commercials.Let's face it.This movie was set up to fail!!

>>131045490Yeah, it's definitely a rare angle to see in a regular episode. I always like whenever we get unusual shots here and there that remind us of little details we might typically overlook. Like shots that really show off the layout of the restaurant or the upstairs home, or even that one episode that answers the question of where the Belchers usually park their car.

Attached: Ocean Avenue Street.jpg (1920x1000, 455.82K)

>>131047404The owl House sucks and the reason it was cancelled was because it legit had no audience

>>131047404>Ah, so we're just making up lies then?user...TOH is canceled and doesn't get good ratings >>131047404>The fact both shows even exist is a testament to how successful Bob's Burgers was to some degree.Or they just needed more content. CP is on AppleTV nobody has or watches that. This isn't like The Cleveland Show which was made in response to FGs massive popularity.

>>131047494>Seems most everyone enjoyed it actually.Why did it flop?

>>131047567I mean it definitely was, Disney clearly tried to sabotage the fuck out of the film but despite that it’s still doing well

>>131047675It didn’t though, just because it didn’t do gang busters at the starting gate doesn’t mean it flopped. Through good word of mouth and kids getting out of school it could very easily bounce back

>>131047463>Bob's Burgers didn't start "going downhill" until Season 8 or so.7 is definitely the point it went downhil. Even when it toned itself down in 5&6 it was still great but it just got really stale even the songs suck now.

>>131047669>CP is on AppleTV nobody has or watches that. Ted Lasso and Severance prove you wrong. Apple TV+'s been steadily growing in popularity. Nobody cares about Central Park because it's riding on the coattails of Bob's Burgers years later than it should have. The crew didn't strike while the iron was hot. >This isn't like The Cleveland Show which was made in response to FGs massive popularity. It's exactly this. Bob's Burgers not hitting quite the same highs as Simpsons or Family Guy doesn't mean it was NEVER popular at some point.

Attached: dump truck ass british amazon mommy gf.gif (268x336, 1.43M)

>>1310477207-9 still have plenty of good episodes. Why do you lie? The songs have been getting on the weaker side tho

Attached: Mission Impos-slug-ble.jpg (854x480, 45.97K)

>>131047720>>131047879I dunno, season 11 had the episode where the kids burn the restaurant and had one amazing song in it. That’s the last episode I really loved from the

>>131047720>>131047879Controversial opinion but I liked the episode where Tina becomes a lifegaurd.

>>131047879>7-9 still have plenty of good episodesWhat are they? The last great episode was when Bob was stuck in the bathroom

>>131048119Some good, but not great, episodes from season 7 would be. >they serve horses, don't they?>ex mach tina>ain't miss debatin>eggs for days>zero larp thirty

>>131048119"Glued, Where's My Bob?" has done irreparable damage to Bob's Burgers discussion. That episode had such a strong feeling of finality and one of the most iconic songs in all 12 seasons that far too many people subconsciously view it as the "end of an era" for the series. Yes, it would've worked perfectly as the series finale, but let's not pretend it was the nail in the coffin for Bob's Burgers. "The Silence of the Louise"? "Secret Ceramics Room of Secrets"? The one where Louise learns to ride a two-wheeler? The wedding episode? The Wonder Wharf heist episode with the kids and Mr. Fischoeder? "Bobby Driver"? Patricia's 77 Sandwiches? The one with that corrupt P.T.A. lady? All bangers. Hell, even Season 10 had that tap-dancing episode that brought back Josh. Face it. Even after going soft, the show has still come up with interesting episode premises and funny jokes.

Attached: character roster.png (1920x513, 830.25K)

I went with a friend.The other people there wereA married couple, looked about 30ishAnother married couple probably in their 50sOne guy and his sonA college girlAnd two dudes

>>131048526This reads like a poem.


Attached: Wonder Wharf.png (1777x1080, 549.2K)

Two of my fav end credits sequences:

Attached: happy bob.jpg (300x300, 19.1K)

>>131018714Ay dont exist confirmed.

>>131048438both Hawk & Chick episodes are kino

>>131049010Based. Can't ever go wrong with a Bob & Louise story.

Attached: Chet Phillips Hawk-and-ChickPrintVariant.png (640x901, 1.21M)

>>131012692>No chin, fat, and overall low T show>No one interestedColor me surprised....

>>131049010That's season 5. The other episodes after such dick

>>131049307Huh? The sequel episode was in season 10

>>131024578>>131024907Central Park pisses me off because the premise sounds like it could be cool, but the characters, jokes, and execution of the overarching plot just fall flat. It's not without SOME merit (the songs are good, and the parents and villains have their moments), but the show really is nothing to write home about. It honestly doesn't bother me that the show is largely overlooked.

Attached: 1589383445173.jpg (3840x4319, 3.9M)

>>131047567>>131047680But why try to sabotage your own movie?Is Disney going schizo on us?>>131048644Admit it. You sang this.

>>131048644they definitely do their best to sexualise Linda when they can

Attached: 1594419873932.jpg (600x400, 34.09K)

>>131047359It doesn't need an r rating. But they should have used the one fuck a PG13 movie gets or at least say shit.

>>131050401They could always do more, though.

Attached: bra.png (491x488, 256.44K)

>>131050392>But why try to sabotage your own movie? >Is Disney going schizo on us? Already have. Why release a 60-minute Winnie the Pooh film the same fucking day as THE LAST HARRY POTTER MOVIE? Disney doesn't hide their evil motives very well.

Attached: Winnie-the-Pooh-Harry-Potter.png (430x331, 248.71K)

>>131047196Owl house? Is that a horror movie?

>>131050392I mean they could view it as a lesser film since it began production before Disney bought Fox just look how Disney fucked over Blue Sky, also the film is 2d and considering Disney hardcore abandoned 2d having a 2d movie succeed could mean they’d have to pay more animators

Attached: 20190208-224127.png (1024x576, 354.35K)

>>131050838Oh it wishes

>>131050922Rewatched that episode the other day. It was really sweet. 'Twas nice to see Courtney pop up in the movie, even for a little bit.

Attached: Hot Ham and Cheese Day.gif (500x272, 1.84M)

Keep singing sunny-side-up-summer to myself, lol.

>>131012692Bob's burger movie is as financially successful as Bob's burger itself

>>131051499my fucking sides

Attached: 1533590625317.png (306x306, 121.65K)

>>131051479Same. I really warmed up to all three songs after seeing the movie and processing it all. They done good.

Attached: main movie team.jpg (4000x2486, 1.94M)

>>131047599>that one episode that answers the question of where the Belchers usually park their car.Which episode was that?

>>131052206Bed Bob & Beyond

Attached: BobsBurgers_815_BedBobBeyond_07_04.jpg (1920x1080, 592.01K)

>>131051295How old is Courtney, to have no breasts whatsoever?

>>131047196TBF, Great North was the weakest out of the three, Central Park was bare minimum or just centered.